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Chapter 6
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mommy looked to Bethany almost nose to nose, and tried again to speak to her. "I feel bad getting in your way. And... I feel awkward doing this to him for the very first time. So, what if we do it together? Four hands can rub the cream in better than two, can't they?"

Bethany turned eagerly to the doctor. "Mom?! Please?! Don't totally cock-block me here!"

Dr. Morgan chuckled. "'Cock-block' isn't exactly a doctor's office kind of word. But I suppose that's an agreeable compromise. However, I want to see you both use your tongues, not just your fingers!"

Mommy protested, "I don't know if I can do that! I mean... a part of me can't wait, but I have to work up to that."

The doctor flat out refused to accept that. "You can and you will, right now! You need to get used to it, starting now. If you love your son and want him to cope with being hypersexual, you're going to have to become an expert at pleasuring his cock with your mouth. Daughter, show her the way!"

Mommy covered her red face with both of her hands. "Oh no! I can't believe this is happening! I had no idea today would go like THIS!"

Seeing my mother's continued reluctance, the doctor simply took one of her hands from her face and moved it until her fingers were wrapped around my hot shaft.

She offered no resistance! In fact, within seconds, she had her other hand on it and both hands were sliding up and down my cock!

Bethany was forced to mostly just watch for a while, although she did idly use one hand to play with my balls.

Mommy muttered, "Wow! It's so hot! And alive! I got to stroke him earlier, but that was so frustratingly brief. This seems totally different."

The doctor noted, "That's because you were so excited and nervous then that you barely knew up from down. And it was only for a minute, since he came so quickly. You couldn't truly appreciate it. But now you can! Revel in the joy of being a naked, big-titted, cock-pleasuring mommy! Lean in closer and give in a good whiff!"

Mommy frowned in consternation, but then changed her mind and did exactly that. She smiled blissfully as she kept on sniffing with her nose against the side of my shaft. "Mmmm! It smells so good! So manly! So tasty!"

"If you think that's fun, just try licking it! Do it!" The doctor subtly pushed on the back of Mommy's head.

Mommy's mouth was already only an inch away from my cock-meat. She quickly wound up with her lips pressed up against it. Without hesitating, she stuck her tongue out and started to lick.

I swear, sparks flew at the contact of her tongue on my skin! Well, it seemed that way to me at any rate. It was even more electrifying than anything that had happened to me so far, and that was saying a hell of a lot!

Bethany beamed, and patted her on the back. "There you go! Now, isn't that great?! Forget that you're his mother. Or don't. I'll bet it's more delightfully naughty if you remain VERY aware that you're his mother. But his cock is just so... MMMM! So delicious! How can you not drop to your knees, strip, and suck every chance you get anyway?!"

Mommy shut her eyes tightly, as if trying to shut out Bethany's words too. But she kept right on licking. She even began purring with pleasure as she did so.

Dr. Morgan ran a hand through Mommy's hair. "There, there. It feels divine, doesn't it? Just work on that for a while. I promise you, sucking him will feel ten times better still, but he's so very thick that you need to work up to that. Plus, you offered to share."

With that, Bethany leaned in and began licking my shaft too! But she was very generous and ceded all the best, most sensitive territory on and around my cockhead, at least for a while.

Mommy was lapping on my most sensitive spot with a feverish passion! The sheer stimulation was out of this world, but the fact that SHE was doing it, my divine mother Mary Pepper, was what made me truly delirious with joy!

Then Dr. Morgan laughed. "Oh yeah! Let's not forget the application of the special cream too!"

A couple of minutes later, I found myself in paradise! Mommy had a hand at the base of my shaft, slowing stroking the cream into my skin there. Bethany was fondling my balls after thoroughly applying the cream there too. That was incredible enough. Both of them had already covered the top half of my boner with the cream exceedingly thoroughly.

I don't know why, but the cream made all subsequent contact even MORE arousing! It seemed to have a touch of menthol in it, like Vick's VapoRub, but just a touch, enough to further awaken and stimulate all the nerves without being painful. Plus, it basically greased up my pole, allowing their fingers to slide all over it with ease. And the cherry smell was strong and pleasurable.

But what was even better was that Mommy experimentally licked an area already covered by the cream, and decided she liked the taste and texture. Before long, applying the cream was totally forgotten as both Mommy and Bethany totally focused on lapping all over my cock together!

So wild! So incredible! All my dreams were coming true at once, impossible dreams. I was truly in heaven!

I just about died from too much pleasure the first time both of their tongues reached my super sensitive spot under the inner side of my cockhead. Bethany's tongue got there first, which wasn't surprising since her tongue was twice as long as a normal one, and seemed to be everywhere at once. But it was feeling Mommy's tongue touch the tip of Bethany's right on top of that spot that sent me to the moon! I felt such a rush of pleasure that it was a wonder I didn't pass out altogether!

I think I would have cum on the spot, but Bethany appeared to have anticipated that. She moved Mommy's hand away and squeezed the base of my shaft almost painfully until my urge to cum passed. I remembered how she'd done that once before to me, in the waiting room, and it worked just as well this time.

After that, I lived on Cloud Nine! It seemed the two of them spent most of their time lapping on my super sensitive spot nearly all the time, heedless of the fact that that meant their tongues were in near constant contact. Meanwhile, their hands stayed busy too. The pleasure was well and truly a thousand times better than my solo masturbation, and I had always thought that was pretty great. Consider that at times I felt FOUR HANDS on my cock and balls, plus their tongues working together!

I thought, Man, I can't believe it! The two of them are lapping and stroking freely, like they were born and bred to pleasure my cock! Since I've climaxed no less than four times in a relatively short time, my stamina is better than ever, despite the fact that my fucking MOMMY is LICKING my fucking COCK! And with my teenage big-titted goddess Bethany helping too! Good God! How can both of those things be happening on the same day?!

I'm not sure how much time passed, because I was lost in some blissed out, far off erotic wonderland. But eventually I noticed Dr. Morgan's arm reaching just over my boner to tap on the side of Mommy's face, a couple of inches away.

It took quite a few taps, since it seemed Mommy was deep into some kind of lusty daze too. But finally she looked up and asked the doctor a bit peevishly, "What?!"

The doctor replied, "Now that you've given the cream a test run, will you promise me to apply it to your son's cock as many times a day as necessary, and then stimulate him all the way to orgasm?"

"Yes, of course! With pleasure!"

My heart sang, hearing that!

The doctor added, "Good. I knew you'd say that, because I see how much you love and care for your son. As you'll see, there are more important things than the incest taboo." She smirked, and asked, "By the way, whose pleasure?"

Mommy replied as she shamelessly continued her lapping around my cockhead, even as she tried to maintain eye contact with the doctor, "His pleasure. But my pleasure too. Our mutual pleasure. That's what's so great, that we can both love the experience together!"

Dr. Morgan smiled like she was approving an ace student. "Exactly. Well put. I hear that sort of thing a lot. You'd be surprised how many mothers come to me with problems that can be solved by regularly sucking their son's cocks, and how much it improves the lives of everyone involved."

"Mmmm," Mommy agreed as she kept on with her licking and stroking. The tip of her tongue was constantly bumping against the tip of Bethany's, but neither of them minded.

After a pause, the busty doctor added, "But I've only explained half of your necessary daily regimen."

Mommy was keen to get back to her licking and stroking without any distractions. But that comment got her full attention. "Oh?!"

"So far, we're only dealing with HIS satyriasis. But we need to try to lessen your nymphomania too. To that end, I expect him to apply the cream to your breasts, ass, and vagina at least three times a day. Each time, you need to be fully aroused first. As with his condition, more times, if you get highly aroused more often than that."

Mommy gasped, and complained, "But if I'm going to play with his cock a lot, then I'm definitely going to get horny a lot!"

The doctor couldn't resist grinning. "So be it, then. You two can kind of do it together."

My mother paused in her lapping as she tried to think through this latest news. "If I do that, this will go way beyond just the joy of cocksucking. I'm going to be naked a heck of a lot! Not only that, but he's going to have free reign over my entire body!"

"That's true. But you'll need to get naked each time you use the cream anyway. It's wonderful stuff, but it has one drawback: once it gets in fabric, that sweet cherry smell is almost impossible to get out! The only safe thing to wear is plastic and/or metal high heels, but not leather."

Mommy still kept her tongue from my shaft as she seriously considered all this information.

Meanwhile, Bethany had a near monopoly on my entire erection. She was taking full advantage! In particular, she seemed determined to impress me with all the amazing things she could do with her extra long tongue. It was working, believe me.

My mother asked the doctor, "You keep talking about wearing high heels. Why is that?"

"High heels are a must! You're hardly the first woman to use this cream. Trust me, when you wear high heels around the house, with sexy lingerie or the like, or nothing at all, his cock WILL get stiffer faster and more often, giving you more chances to apply the cream."

Mommy seemed surprisingly docile about that. She just nodded, and said, "Okay. I have some plastic high heels. That should work. But, uh, why does he have to rub the cream into my ass, but I don't have to rub the cream into his ass?"

"Good question. You can if you want. It might help. But studies have shown that male arousal is highly concentrated in his penis, while it's more complicated for women. In fact, whatever erogenous zones you have, it doesn't hurt to have him rub the cream there."

Mommy nodded. "Okay. Boy! My life is going to change so much!" She looked up into my eyes, even as she resumed jacking off a part of my boner currently neglected by Bethany. "OUR lives, I should say. What do you think, Sweetie? Are you ready to give all of this craziness a try?"

I was almost deliciously ecstatic, but I tried to stay at least somewhat calm. "Are you kidding me?! ... Er, I mean, yeah! That sounds great! After all, it's doctor's orders, right? It's not like we have a choice. Not if we want to get over being nymphos and satyrs, or even worse."

Dr. Morgan smiled widely. "Listen to your wise son. Now, we really are running out of time. If you and Bethany can hurry things up, I'd appreciate it." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Maybe you could use your lips too."

Unfortunately, even though Mommy had pulled away for a little while, I was close to the brink already, and Bethany had kept on going. Between Mommy resuming her licking and the doctor making the suggestion about using lips as well, I suddenly realized I was past the point of no return! All I had time to do was shout, "Cumming! I'm gonna cum!"

Bethany acted quickly and even forcefully. She stopped licking, held my boner firmly and used her other hand to move Mommy's head into position, until their faces were plastered together literally cheek to cheek.

That gave me a wide and tempting target. Suddenly though, I felt such a rush of arousal that I went totally out of my mind, leaving me incapable of aiming.

Luckily, Bethany was still holding and stroking my shaft, and knew just what to do. She shouted, "Mary, close your eyes!"

Mommy shut her eyes tight, and just in time.

I couldn't believe I still had any cum left in my balls, given this was my fifth orgasm in only an hour or so. But, incredibly, my cum load turned out to be at least as big as my last one! I guess extreme stimulation leads to extreme results. I just kept on cumming and cumming and cumming! I closed my eyes and saw so many stars that it was like I took my own private tour through the galaxy! Jesus Christ, it was an orgasm for the ages!

The only downside was that I was so overcome by lust that I missed getting to watch my cum rocket onto Bethany's face and especially onto Mommy's face. Still, what an incredible rush!

Unfortunately, another problem happened when I finally finished my incredible orgasm. I opened my eyes to see what I'd missed, and was staggered by the sight of Mommy and Bethany with their cheeks still pressed together. With their faces plastered with a seemingly endless amount of cummy streaks and cum gobs, I literally couldn't take it! I passed out altogether! But what a great way to go!

When I woke up, much had changed. For starters, I felt different - clean and refreshed. I opened my eyes and looked down at myself. I discovered that I was still slumped in the same chair as before, but someone had fully dressed me. My penis had gone flaccid and was safely tucked inside my shorts and underwear. Furthermore, it appeared someone had used handiwipes on most of my body, because all of my cum and sweat was gone. It felt strange, but good.

I looked up and around, and found that I had been left alone in the exam room. But I heard voices nearby.

I had to do a mental double check. Jesus Christ! Fucking hell! Did all of that really happen?! I would say it must have been some freaky dream after I passed out from too much stress during our appointment or something. Except I can feel that isn't true. Especially my penis. It feels... weird. Sore, yeah, but not in a bad way. And tingly!

Hot damn! It's all REAL! All of it!

That gave me a jolt of energy and confidence. I got up and walked to the doorway back to Dr. Morgan's office.

I saw that Mommy and the doctor were also fully dressed and appeared clean and revitalized too. Mommy even had found her jacket and put it back on. The two of them were talking to each other. Just looking at them casually converse, one would have never suspected so much sexual wildness had taken place. Even the constant blush on Mommy's face had finally faded away.

Everything seemed so normal that I almost couldn't believe that all that HAD taken place. I did a mental check list to reconfirm I wasn't dreaming. In addition to the strange feelings in my penis, I decided there was no way I could have mentally created the incredible pleasures I recalled, because they were so far beyond anything I'd ever experienced while masturbating.

I didn't see Bethany anywhere, which was sad. But as I continued to watch the two of them talk, they finally noticed I was there.

Mommy made eye contact with me and immediately blushed and turned her head. That was more good news, since it helped confirm that I hadn't been dreaming.

The doctor, by contrast, was back to her professional ways, including having her clothes all buttoned up. She just gave me a nod and a slight smile, then went back to talking to Mommy.

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I got the feeling that they'd been talking for a good amount of time while I'd been sleeping.

Just as they were wrapping up, the doctor scribbled a note onto a piece of paper, folded it up, and handed it to Mommy. That seemed a strange thing to do, since I could see the note came off a large yellow notepad and wasn't a prescription of some kind.

To make matters stranger still, Mommy stood there holding the folded note for an entire minute, if not longer. It gradually dawned on me that she was struggling with the decision to read the note or not, while the doctor patiently waited.

Finally, she opened the note. She gaped at the doctor in shock, her jaw dropping. Her blush from seeing me had started to fade, but it came back with a vengeance, turning her face cherry red. Then she glanced at me, where I still stood in the doorway, and seemed to get even more embarrassed! She hastily folded the note up and stuffed it in a pocket.

We left a short time later. I briefly said good-bye to Dr. Morgan, but she was fully back into professional mode, and all we did was exchange pleasantries. She did explain that Bethany was with another patient, but wanted to pass on the message that she "couldn't wait" to see me next time.

Walking back into the waiting room, I saw a couple sitting next to each other, clearly waiting for their appointment. Judging from their ages and the way they interacted, it was easy to guess that they were mother and son. In fact, the boy appeared to be around the same age as me. Furthermore, the mother was stacked and gorgeous! And while the boy didn't look like an Adonis, one could see a very sizable bulge in his shorts.

I could only wonder what was going to happen to them. Whoa! Talk about deja vu! What was it Bethany said to me?! Something about how they specialize in nymphos and satyrs, and those who have oversized private parts also have oversized libidos. That makes sense, but what's going to happen to them?! Is Dr. Morgan going to prescribe the "incest cream" to them too?! Somehow, I bet she will!

I looked at Mommy who was also staring at the mother and son with unusual interest. But she remained silent.

We went to the receptionist window to deal with paying our bill. Remarkably, it turned out Mommy's health insurance fully covered us. While we were there, I got another good look at Rebecca, the busty blonde, through the window.

She smiled at me knowingly, and asked, "So, Brian, how did your appointment go? Enjoyable, I hope?"

I couldn't help but reply, "VERY enjoyable!"

She smirked even more knowingly. "I'll bet!" She leaned towards me, and whispered conspiratorially, "I heard screams! And Bethany showed me her face before she cleaned up. Boy, did she look sexy, getting painted like that! I wish I wasn't just a receptionist!" She licked her lips suggestively.

Mommy seemed to want to get us out of there in a hurry after that, like she was getting territorial over me. And the mention of the way I'd "painted" Bethany's face made her own face turn cherry red again.

I barely had time to tell Rebecca good-bye, and for her to pass on a good-bye to Bethany.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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