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Chapter 7
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

We drove home silently. It was a long drive. Mommy was almost defiantly silent, and avoided even making eye contact with me.

Furthermore, I couldn't stop staring at her. The odds were strong that I had a lusty look in my eyes as I did so. How could I not, after what had happened? This made her feel more uncomfortable, and she pointedly asked me to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, she turned on the radio and let the rock and roll play, or things would have gotten super awkward.

I understood her desire to want to process what happened first and only talk about it when she was ready. Frankly, I felt the same way. I was totally blown away.

My penis remained flaccid for most of the ride home. But mentally, I only got more and more aroused as I recalled all of the wild and wonderful things that had happened to me during the appointment.

I must admit that I "cheated" and stole glances at her as often as I could, especially at her outrageously large rack. My head was dizzy from thinking, Chances are, I'm gonna get my hands on her twin mountains soon again, maybe even before the end of the day! And not just for a little while. After all, I've got to thoroughly apply the cherry cream there, right? Sweet!

And she's totally gonna suck my cock! She was so eager about that idea earlier. How could she not, even if she calms down and gets a little shy again? Hell, maybe I'll end up titfucking her while I get to play with her nipples! AND she licks the tip of my dick on top of that! Later today or tonight!


Regardless, great things are going to happen. From today onwards, it's like I'm starting a new life. Both of us are. It's gonna be so great that I can't even think or breathe or do anything! God bless Dr. Morgan and her weird treatment ideas, and Bethany too!

By the time we reached our home neighborhood, I could have used the boner in my shorts to hammer through concrete! I squirmed anxiously in my seat and did my best to hide my arousal, but it was impossible to hide, given the size of the lump in my shorts, which I now knew was nine inches long. I knew my penis was larger than average, but I honestly had never measured, and I'd had no clue that it was considered the "perfect" size!

Once we got close to home, Mommy said, while staring straight ahead at the road, "By the way, I talked to the doctor about many things while you were having your little nap. You may have heard her say that I should apply the cream to you, and you should apply the cream to me. Well... I'm a little bit uncomfortable with that second part, especially when it comes to you putting your hands on my... on my..."

"On your vagina?" I helpfully suggested.

She winced. "Yes. That. So she said we could start with me putting the cream on myself for a while, and see how that goes."

I was seriously bummed about that. But I didn't want to easily give up. I asked, eagerly, "What if we just start with me putting the cream on your breasts?! I touched them earlier. Played with them, even. And you were okay with that."

She winced again. But, after a long pause, she said, "Well... we'll see. Okay? I'm not making any promises."

"YES!" I punched a fist in the air, and started bouncing around in my car seat.

She chuckled, and finally smiled for the first time since we'd gotten in the car. "Did you hear me? I said I'm not making any promises."

"Yeah, but you also said 'we'll see.' That gives me hope!"

She chuckled some more, as I continued bouncing around joyfully. Somehow, that greatly eased the tense mood for the rest of the way home.

As soon as I got home, I raced up to my room to masturbate to what had happened. As usual, I shucked my shorts and underwear off and sat in the middle of my bed, with my head propped up against some pillows and the headboard behind them. It was my usual masturbation position for when I was wide awake in the middle of the day in my bedroom.

Needless to say, I had plenty of vivid images and exciting ideas to masturbate about!

After only a minute or two, I heard some rustling in my mother's room, down the hall. That made me wonder, but I kept going.

Soon, maybe a couple of minutes after that, there was a knock at my door. I just had time to cover my cock and balls with my hand, and barely enough time to do that, because my mother simply opened my door and strolled into my room! She never did that until I told her it was okay to come in.

In walked Mommy, but as I'd never seen her before! Instead of her normal business suit, or jeans and baggy T-shirt, or the like, she was wearing a short summer dress that was way too small for her already petite body. Every curve was hugged. Partly because of the four-inch high heels she still wore from the appointment (made out of plastic, I noticed), her luscious ass pushed the skirt out obscenely in the back, exposing her lovely, muscular legs.

And her breasts! Oh my lord, her gigantic breasts! I could see her bra - a black one this time - peeking out from the dress. Her tit-flesh was overflowing the bra, swelling out over the cups.

"Hi, Sweetie," she said as if nothing was different. She walked to the side of my bed. "We should probably talk a bit about... you know. I hope you don't mind what I'm wearing. I just thought it would be a nice change. Dr. Morgan... well, she told me I need to be a little bit of a sex toy for you." She blushed and shyly turned her head.

I thought her bashfulness was adorable. I reached out for her, even though she was standing just out of reach.

She smiled at that, but held her hands up defensively. "Not to touch! Not yet."

She giggled nervously. "But it's okay if you look at me while I help you out with my hands. And even though we found out that I'm actually a J-cup in the chest area," she said, plumping her gigantic breasts with her hands, "I think you like seeing them in this too-small I-cup bra. You do, right?"

"I really do, Mommy. It's making me super horny!" I still carefully covered my hard-on, but I'm sure she could tell it was stiff as a board just the same.

"That's good, Sweetie, because we need to apply this cream to your penis now. Why don't you take your hands away, and Mommy will kneel in front of you and massage this cream into your huge hard-on? You can look at Mommy's big, swollen breasts while I do that. See how I picked my most low-cut dress?"

She stepped right to the edge of my bed, as close to me as she could get without getting up on it. Then she leaned way forward over me, causing her giant tits to swell towards me. I could see acres of tit-flesh, all the way to the outer edges of her nipples!

Still leaning towards me provocatively, she added, "And when you cum, the doctor said it's okay for you to cum on Mommy's face and chest! Just be careful not to mess up my dress though."

I was all over that like white on rice! "Okay! Sweetness! Let's do it!" I pulled my hands away from my crotch, revealing that I already was as erect as I could get.

Mommy smiled from ear to ear, and stared at my cock with undisguised hunger in her eyes. Her tits were still practically hanging in my face as she moved closer, climbing up my bed.

But then something occurred to me. "Wait!"

She had just knelt on top of the bed, next to my crotch, while somehow still leaning over my chest. "What?!" Her enormous tits looked like they were going to fall free at any second.

"I just remembered! Dr. Morgan said we can't wear clothes! Remember? The cherry smell of the cream can easily get into the fabric, and then it'll never come out."

There was a long pause as she considered that. She frowned at first. But then she said, "Oh, yes. That's right." She still seemed lost in thought.

Thankfully, something else occurred to me. "Plus, when I cum, it's hard to control where it goes. The odds are pretty good that I'm going to get a bunch on your dress. It makes a ton of sense for you to take that off first, and your bra too."

She nodded and frowned again. "Hrm... True... This is... highly embarrassing, but I guess there's nothing to do but follow the doctor's orders. I suppose I'll have to strip for you."

Inwardly, I thought, YESSSS! I wanted to pump my fist in triumph. But outwardly, I tried to keep my cool by staying silent. However, I must have had a smile a mile wide.

Mommy, by contrast, seemed to get even more frustrated and sad. "Son, I'm so sorry. I'm new to this sort of thing. I was just thinking that it would help get you in the mood if I did a little striptease for you first. But I've never done that for anybody before, and I'm just about ready to die of embarrassment! Is it okay if I just take this sundress off?"

"But of course!" I was ready to fly to the moon, I was so thrilled.

"Oh, and by the way, please don't be too shocked, but I'm not wearing any panties underneath!"

I smiled from ear to ear. "Mommy! You naughty girl!"

Her blush turned redder. She explained, "I didn't expect my dress would come off, and... and... I got so wet even before I came in here, thinking about what we had to do. Is that okay?!"

I took a big whiff and smelled her pungent arousal. How could I have missed it before? I told her, "Of course that's fine with me. I'm just so very happy that you're willing to help me like this. I love you so much!"

She smiled almost grimly at that. Then a look of determination crossed her face, right before she closed her eyes. She somehow reached inside her dress and pulled her black bra out of it after just a few seconds. She tried to make a joke out of it, even though she was dying of embarrassment: "Ta-da! Magic trick!" She tossed the bra aside.

I clapped appreciatively. "Woo hoo! Mommy, you rock!"

She smiled briefly, but then went back to her rather grim look. I could almost read her thoughts as she gathered her resolve to take the next step. Then, after she took a deep breath, she suddenly and dramatically brought both hands to the bottom of her sun dress and rapidly pulled it up her torso.

I held my breath in awe and my heart was pounding like a hammer as her bare hips and pussy mound came into view. Not only could I clearly see her pussy lips from up close, but I could see cum glistening off them, and a couple of rivulets running down her inner thighs.

Sure enough, she was soaked down there, even before we started! That was proof that she had to be extremely horny, even though she was trying hard not to show it.

After the silent ride home, I'd been worried that she'd been having some major regrets. But it looked like her true feelings were different than the way she'd been outwardly behaving.

I must have breathed at some point, but I held my breath even more and my excited heart seemed to stop beating altogether while Mommy's struggled to get her dress over her tremendous rack. There was a lot of wiggling and squirming going on, because the dress was so tight. Even though I could see her wet pussy, I was more interested in gawking at her taut tummy, showing off her firm abs.

Plus, that was the place to be looking as the bottom of her round melons started to come into view! Despite having seen her topless earlier, my head spun and my body trembled as her giant tits were revealed in all their bare glory, inch by inch by inch.

I thought that was as visually thrilling as it gets, but then it got better! She seemed to have even more trouble getting the dress up over her head. Her incredible globes were fully exposed and bounced and swayed outrageously, even as her face and head was entirely covered by the dress.

I just about came on the spot! The only reasons I hadn't yet was because I'd developed great stamina thanks to all my daily masturbation, especially by squeezing my PC muscle, and because I wasn't about to cum right before Mommy was going to directly stimulate my cock! I would have rather lost an arm! I struggled with all my might, though I couldn't bear to lessen the danger by closing my eyes or looking away.

Finally, after what must have been at least a minute or two, she got the dress all the way off and put it aside. Her embarrassment was even greater, because she must have realized that she'd put on a sexy striptease of sorts, after all. She was too shy to speak.

I still had my hands over my raging erection. But it occurred to me that if she was brave and bold enough to fully undress down to just her high heels, it would help if I could reciprocate. I moved my hands to my sides and muttered, "Mommy, look! Look what you do to me!"

She looked, for sure. In fact, she was so transfixed that she almost stumbled and fell. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes widened in shock and awe.

Then she whispered almost inaudibly, "My God! My God! Look at that! I'm so horny!"

I couldn't actually hear her, but I was able to read her lips.

She turned around to get the tube of cream while remaining kneeling up on the bed right next to me. That meant that her bare ass was suddenly within my view, as well as my easy reach. It was all I could do not to grasp and fondle it with both hands! It wasn't really a viable option for me though, because my dick was still on a hair trigger.

Mommy turned around with the tube of cream in her hands. Her face was literally tomato red, and it seemed she was about to pass out with embarrassment. But she was bravely pressing on. "Okay, Son, there's nothing to do but do it, so let's get this over with! I'm so nervous. We need to do it before I completely lose my nerve."

My eyes must have been the size of dinner plates! I didn't know where to look, because it seemed every inch of her naked body was orgasmically mind-blowing! She was both voluptuous yet fit and muscular - a rare combination. The mere fact that she still had her high heels on - and nothing else! - practically caused me to hyperventilate.

Mostly to stall for time, I said, "Um, maybe it's better if you get between my legs? You can get closer that way. I can spread my legs for you."

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I'm new to this. And I'm trembling. This is too scary!"

"Don't worry, Mommy. I love you. Everything is going to be just fine."

"I sure hope so," she fretted. "The shame is just about killing me!"

We rearranged ourselves. But when we were done, I looked up and down at her flawless, outrageous naked body as she knelt right up to my crotch, and I found myself even MORE dangerously aroused!

I had to shut my eyes. "Sorry, Mommy! It's no good!"

Her voice was full of concern. "What's wrong, baby?! Did I do something wrong?!"

"No! You're doing everything great! The problem is, you're TOO great! Too gorgeous! Too stacked! I'm soooooo horny! If you so much as touch my penis right now, I just know I'm going to explode!"

There was a long silence. Then I heard her clearly disappointed voice say, "Oh. If you cum that fast, then the treatment will be ruined."

"I know!" I complained in frustration. I certainly don't want to blow it right when I'm on the cusp of erotic nirvana! But what can I do?! Arrrgh!

She went on, "But it's worse than that. When Dr. Morgan talked to me in private, she repeatedly emphasized that each application of the cream needs to be exceedingly thorough! It only takes a minute to cover your cock in cream, but she said I need to stroke and lick and suck it for a long, long time, to make sure the cream gets thoroughly absorbed, deep into your skin!"

Just hearing those thrilling words was keeping me teetering on the brink, despite the fact that my eyes were closed and I was untouched.

I thought, God bless Dr. Morgan! Seriously. This is like a gift from the gods! I need to calm down so we can do it!

I dared to ask, "Are you talking about more than using your hands?!"

"I'm afraid I am. In private, she told me that if I only use my hands, that would be tolerable, but just barely. She said if I'm going to do it right, it's really necessary to use my mouth too! Pretty much every time. Can you believe that?! Yeesh!"

I groaned. Again, the anticipation alone was going to make me cum!

She misunderstood my groaning, apparently. "I know! It's so weird, but what choice do we have?! We have to obey the doctor's orders!"

I realized that the situation was hopeless in the sense that nothing would be able to get me back from the brink of cumming at this point. Even with my eyes closed and total silence, my imagination would run wild. But I came up with an idea. "Mommy, I'm sorry! I'm gonna cum fast, and there's no way to stop that. But I have an idea."

"What's that?"

"You get started on me, just with your hands. No point in using the cream yet. Then I'll cum like a geyser! But don't worry. I'm so extremely worked up that I'm sure that I'll stay stiff, and I'll be a lot more calmed down. So you can proceed with the application of the lotion then."

I heard her ask, "Are you sure?! What if you cum, and that's it? Keep in mind that you came so very many times at the doctor's office. Five times, wasn't it?"

I continued to speak with my eyes shut tight. I could feel her body between my legs, which was beyond frustrating. "Believe me, I remember! But I really can cum many times a day, and you inspire me so much that it's INSANE! Plus, it was a long drive home. I guarantee I'll stay hard, as long as there's no delay and you keep working my cock the whole time."

"Well... okay. If you say so. I guess we don't have much choice. I willing to give it a try."

I dared to open my eyes again. The sight of my nude mother kneeling between my splayed out legs took my breath away and then some! Her gigantic globes were dangling down, like she was getting into position for a titfuck. Her hands were actually hovering close to my boner, as if she couldn't wait to hold and stroke it. My heart was thumping like a hammer.

I gave her a serious, determined nod. "Let's do it! But be ready for, well... lots of cum!"

She nodded almost gravely in return. Then, without delay, she brought her hands together and wrapped her petite fingers around my thick shaft.

I was more than a little bit surprised that I didn't erupt into a cum fountain as soon as she made contact there, but I suppose keeping my eyes closed and trying to calm down for a while had helped.

But then she began to stroke! Holy Toledo! It feels fantastic! Technically, I'd felt much greater sexual stimulation at the doctor's office, but there was something extra special having this happen at home, in private, and even on my very own bed. Both of us knew this was going to happen daily from now on, probably many times at this very spot. Plus, there had been the growing anticipation during the long ride home. All my senses seemed greatly magnified.

A full minute or more of fantastic stroking passed, and I still wasn't cumming. It helped that I was squeezing my PC muscle with all my might, but I was surprised just the same. I could feel her hands were trembling slightly with nervousness, but she was bravely hanging in there. I was beginning to think that I'd be able to avoid quickly cumming after all.

Then I looked up to Mommy's face. That was a mistake, because I saw such an intense expression there. She was fully focused on stroking my boner, like it was the most important thing in the world to her and she wanted to do it right. But the real killer was when I saw her licking her lips hungrily. It looked like she wanted to do more than just use her hands!

That was the final straw. I shouted, "CUMMING!" But I was taken by surprise, so cum began firing out of my cock at the exact same time as my shout.

It seems Mommy was so focused on her stroking that she was taken by surprise too, despite the fact that I'd warned her I was going to cum very soon. She was leaning in close, and my cock was pointed directly at her face. She just barely managed to close her eyes when my first rope of cum smacked her on her nose!

All I could do was sit there up against the headboard and stare in wide-eyed wonder as more and more of my cum flew into Mommy's face. The pleasure I felt was beyond incredible, but I managed to stay fully conscious and even keep my eyes open. I didn't want to miss one second of this insanely arousing facial.

At first, Mommy's mouth opened wide in surprise, but then a goodly amount of cum flew directly into it. She shut her lips tight after that. But then something strange happened. She could have pointed my cock anywhere, even away from her body altogether. But as my orgasm went on, it looked like she was subtly changing the aim, causing my cum to splatter across her forehead, temples, cheeks, eye sockets, nose, chin, and neck!

But then came the clincher that she was "painting" herself on purpose. Even after all that, I still wasn't done, so she redirected the "fire hose" down to her huge, heaving tits and got a fair amount of my cum all over them too, especially around her cleavage. She did that without seeing, since so much cum had landed on her eye sockets.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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