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Chapter 8
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Suddenly, the room was silent, except for the sound of the two of us panting heavily.

When it was all over, Mommy seemed to come out of a deep trance. She let go of my raging boner, carefully wiped her eye sockets clean, then opened her eyes and looked down at her chest. She appeared to be puzzled by all the cum there. Then she put a hand on her cheek and swiped through many cum streaks there, making her even more confused.

She muttered, "Oh my! Son! You came... so much! I thought you'd be close to running out, after everything that happened in the doctor's office."

I was flying high. "What can I say? You inspire me! But don't stop now! I need to stay stiff for the treatment."

She swiped a finger through her other cheek. "But I need to freshen up and get all this cum off me! It's gross!"

I lied, "Mommy, if you do that, I'll go flaccid for sure! Even now, I can feel my lust level crashing!"

She furrowed her brow with concern, and immediately grasped my boner with both hands. She resumed fondling and stroking.

I sighed blissfully as my pleasure soared again. But I tried to console her, "Sorry, Mommy. I know it must feel weird to be, er, painted like that. But if it makes you feel better, I think it makes you look super sexy! And seeing all that cum on you will help me stay stiff!"

She didn't seem happy. She was frowning and her sperm-splattered cheeks were blushing red.

So I added, "Remember Bethany? She kept the cum on her face for a really long time. And... come on. Didn't you find that kind of arousing?"

She shyly nodded. But then she complained, "Even so, it feels humiliating. I'm not brash and bold like she is. It's like, like... you marked me. Like a dog peeing here and there to mark its territory."

I was so horny, especially from seeing so much of my cum on her face, that I just spoke my mind. "Well... maybe I am! I mean, we're going to do this sort of thing a lot from now on, aren't we? We might as well get used to it. I think it's a safe bet that I'm going to cum on your face or your big tits a lot. Probably both, every day, multiple times. After all, where else can it go, except in your mouth?"

She looked down at her sliding fingers. There was a long pause before she said, "I suppose that's true. It's just so... obscene though!"

"So I kind of am marking you, because you're going to smell of my cum pretty much all the time. Oh, sure, you'll thoroughly clean up afterwards, but somehow that won't matter. When other men are near you, they'll know on some subconscious level that you've been marked! By me!"

"SON!" Her hands were slightly trembling around my thickness.

"What?! Is that not true?"

"I don't know. It probably is. But it makes me feel... weird." She was rubbing my cock intently, focusing on the most sensitive spot just under my cockhead. "I mean... this is so far from how a mother should behave! I feel like I'm going crazy!"

I asked, "Come on, be honest. Doesn't it make you at least a little bit hot from knowing and feeling how spermy your face and breasts are?! Can you imagine looking at your face in the mirror right now?"

She shuddered and winced. "Son!"

"What? Come on! Think back to Bethany and how sexy she looked with her painted face. Feel my cum on you. Doesn't it arouse you?"

She shuddered again. She brought a hand to her face, swiped along her chin, and then stared at the cummy mess on the tips of her fingers. "Let's not talk about that or think about it now, okay? Besides, what am I doing here? I haven't even put the doctor's special cream on you yet. Let's just focus on that."

"Okay," I said. Then an idea came to me. "But only if you lick that finger off with your mouth!"

She was still holding her cummy fingers up to her face, while she firmly gripped my boner with her other hand. She looked up at me with renewed shock. "SON!"

"What?! Come on, just one taste. Bethany said it tastes good. Just seeing you do that will help keep me stiff, and I'm in danger of going flaccid due to inaction."

Mommy shook her head, and even glared up at me with annoyance. But she muttered, "One taste. That's it!"


She brought her index finger to her lips and slipped it into her mouth.

I waited with bated breath.

Her face was inscrutable. She furrowed her brow and stared off into space as she tested the taste. But then I got a very good feeling, because she pulled that finger out and cleaned her middle finger instead. She proceeded to quickly lick all the fingers on that hand clean!

As she was finishing with her pinky, I eagerly asked, "Well?!"

She gave me another annoyed look. "You hush. Consider yourself lucky I'm doing any of this. But, if you must know, okay, it does taste pretty good. In fact, it's surprisingly... well. it's downright delicious! Very fruity and sweet. But still, it's cum! It's gross!"

"YEAY!" I raised my arms in triumph and pumped my fists in the air.

She laughed ruefully. "Did you not hear me? I said it's yummy, but gross. Don't expect me to... UGH! You're an incorrigible case!"

She jacked me off with both hands for about a minute after that, to make sure I wasn't going to go flaccid any time soon.

Naturally, it felt great. I told her, "Mommy, that feels incredible!"

She just rolled her eyes and grumbled, "You would say that. I must be insane to be doing any of this. But I suppose it's time to see the rest of this bizarre ritual through."

Then she let go of my erection and picked up the tube from where she'd dropped it on the bed. She squeezed some of the cream out of the tube and onto her hands, then rubbed her hands together. I noticed she rubbed my cum on her fingers into the mix! She had a lot of it on her hands too, since they'd just come from my erection and it was soaked with pre-cum already. It was hard to notice the mixing though, because the cream looked mostly white, but also pearly and slightly translucent. In other words, the cream looked pretty much exactly like male ejaculate!

If she noticed the resemblance, she didn't comment about it. But I didn't see how she could miss that. It was as obvious as the countless gobs of my cum splattered all over her face and chest.

She put the tube back down and returned her hands to my still very stiff cock. She'd used copious amounts of the cream, so her hands were soaked.

I sighed and felt jolts of arousal race up and down my spine when she began stroking the cream into my skin. Somehow, it felt even better than before. As I'd noticed in the office, the cream seemed to have the perfect amount of minty menthol, or something like that, that caused all of my nerve endings to come alive without being painful.

Plus, the cherry smell was very pleasant. I suspected that it wouldn't be long before I'd develop a Pavlovian association and the mere smell of cherries would make me horny. Already in just one day, it had become my favorite flavor.

She seemed to enjoy her stroking more than before too, judging by the smile that grew on her cummy face. And it wasn't long before her fingers were sliding up and down with ease. That felt much better than before for both of us too.

I loved the way her vigorous stroking kept her giant bare boobs in constant motion. I really am in paradise! How can one woman be so fit and firm everywhere, yet so curvy and soft in the most important spots at the same time?!

At first, we proceeded in silence. But after a few minutes, I could tell that both of us were starting to relax and enjoy this more and more. I felt the urge to say something. "By the way, Mommy, I just want to say thanks. I know this is medically necessary, but it just so happens I'm having the time of my life!"

She looked up at me and made a chagrined face. "Yeah, I can see that. This thing is as big and stiff as the Eiffel Tower!" She gawked at her fingers sliding through the pre-cum on my shaft.

"It feels that way," I noted. "I sure hope you'll be able to get your lips around it."

She visibly shivered with arousal upon hearing that.

That encouraged me, I pointed out, "Didn't the doctor say something about putting the cream on my balls too?"

"Oh yes, that's right. Let's do that." She pulled her hands off my hard-on again. Then she picked up the tube and squeezed another large amount of the white cream onto her hands.

Just watching her move around aroused me beyond reason. This is too awesome! Not only are her giant tits in constant motion, but the tops of them are covered in my cum! I can hardly wait to give them a good fucking. That's gotta happen soon, given what we were doing now.

As she continued to smear the cream into her hands, I asked, "Aren't you worried you're going to run out of cream, if you keep using that much?"

She smiled, even as a big gob of cum dripped from the tip of her nose, "That's not a problem. Did you see the bag I was carrying when we left? Let's just say I have enough tubes of cream to cover an army! It can't be bought in stores, but Dr. Morgan says that if I ever start running low, I can just call and another big batch will be delivered to our door."

"Oh." Even hearing that excited me greatly, because it implied this would happen so frequently from now on.

Neither of us talked as she spent the next couple of minutes lathering up my balls with the cream. But as surprisingly good as that felt, I preferred when she was fondling my cock, and it seemed she did too, because she quickly went back to stroking my boner with one hand as she continued to play with my balls with the other one. Then, a minute or two later, she had both hands back on my throbbing pole, all but forgetting about my balls as a result.

I was very psyched, because my recent orgasm meant that I wasn't in imminent danger of cumming, despite the extreme stimulation I was enjoying. Not only was she doing incredible things to my fat boner with her two hands, but the way she was leaning forward over my crotch kept her enormous, cum-splattered tits dangling down in full view. I was in titty heaven!

After a few more minutes, with my arousal slowly but steadily rising, I commented, "I didn't realize you have an entire bag of the cream. Do you know what that means?"


"Nothing, but, it's just... It seems symbolic to me about how often you're going to be playing with my penis from now on."

My mother muttered, "Let's not call it 'playing.' This is a medical procedure." But even as she said that, the excitement and arousal in her blushing and oh-so-cummy face was obvious. She was totally fascinated by my boner and simply couldn't stop stroking it.

I was tripping so high on lust that my confidence was off the charts. I boldly continued, "Whatever. Let's call it 'stroking, licking, and sucking it' then. You're going to be doing that many times a day, until that bag of cream is empty, and then you'll have to get a new one. That's hundreds of times for one bag, probably! Hundreds of facials! And then another bag, and another, and another! Think how many hours that means you'll be spending naked, kneeling, and bobbing on my shaft!"

She gasped, but she kept right on stroking. In fact, she slid her fingers faster and faster. The increased speed caused a few gobs of cum to drip off her jaw line onto her still heaving tits.

I went on, "When will it end?! Maybe never! I can see why the doctor said you need to try to think of yourself as my sex toy from now on, because isn't that what you'll be? You might as well enjoy it and get really good at it!"

"BRIAN!" she complained indignantly. A long dangle of my cum threatened to drip from her chin.

"What?! Isn't it true?!"

"UNGH!" She moaned surprisingly loudly, and very erotically. It was like she had a spontaneous orgasm right then, and maybe she did. Her huge tits quivered, swayed, and shook even more than they already were doing, which said a lot. The cum dangle finally fell, landing on her shelf of tit as well.

Then she surprised the hell out of me, because while she continued to hold my thick pole with both hands, she angled it towards her mouth and dramatically engulfed my entire cockhead in one fell swoop!

Instead of shutting her eyes tightly with shame, her blushing, cummy face stared up at me with something that looked like defiance, or even anger. But regardless of how she was feeling, her lips started slipping and sliding up and down on my hard-on with a vengeance! It was like she was trying to "punish" me for my bold words by forcing me to quickly cum with her mouth!

I realized, This is the greatest moment of my life! At least so far, 'cos this is just the start! It feels even better than when both Mommy and Bethany licked my dick together back at the doctor's office, and that's saying a hell of a lot! Just looking at the intense expression on her cummy, blushing face, with her lips stretched wide around my shaft, is a total mind-fuck. And that doesn't count the incredible physical pleasure her mouth is giving me!

I decided, I have to go all out to make sure this total ecstasy lasts as long as possible! It's a MUST! Given that I've cum six times already, maybe this will be my last orgasm until tomorrow. I might as well try to make it an epic event to remember for the rest of my life!

To that end, I shut my eyes tightly and tried to calm my mind. I took deep, slow breaths to prevent myself from panting. I made a deliberate attempt not to think about all my cum dripping down her blushing face and heaving tits, since those thoughts drove me wild. I also steadily clenched my PC muscle - my favorite trick to delay orgasm.

But perhaps most importantly, I firmly grasped the sides of Mommy's head and did my best to keep her head from bobbing on me more than an inch or so at a time.

At first, she fought my attempt to control her head motion. She really was determined to make me cum fast, and I was frustrating her in that. But after about a minute, she gave in and more or less kept her head still. A few tears leaked from her eyes, apparently due to her struggle dealing with my thickness.

I was surprised though, because at the same time, it seemed that the way I'd "tamed" her bobbing head aroused her to no end! Although her head stayed relatively still, the rest of her body trembled and even thrashed around more than ever before. I could feel her giant knockers bouncing up and down against my thighs. Thankfully, nearly all of my cum was on their upper slopes, which wasn't touching me.

At first, I worried that my head-holding effort had backfired in trying to lessen my arousal, because her tongue went wild in her mouth, and her cheeks caved in as she sucked with much greater suction than before. Her hands flew up and down the rest of my shaft in a near blur too. Although her head wasn't moving much, the overall effect was that she was sucking me closer to the brink of orgasm, regardless.

Then she began screaming! Since her mouth was crammed full of my cock, it came out muffled, but she was screaming just the same. It was easy to figure out that she was having one hell of an orgasm!

That went on for a minute or two. It would have given my boner a respite, except that even her lips trembled and hummed in a thrilling way. It was touch and go, but I desperately hung in there until her orgasm finally faded away.

To my great relief, she was as gentle as a lamb for a while after that. She kept my boner in her mouth, but merely suckled on it for a while.

That gave me some time to come down from my very close call. I forgot all about keeping her head in place, and actually stopped holding it altogether.

From time to time, she opened her eyes and looked up at me with love and even adoration.

I tenderly ran my fingers through her hair. "That was great, Mommy. I love that you're getting such pleasure from this, and we're not even done yet. I can tell you're going to be a great cocksucker. You're already totally blowing my mind!"

She was incapable of speech, due to her mouth being full. I gathered that it was a serious ordeal to get her lips around my shaft, so she couldn't just pull off for a moment or two to say something. But she looked up into my eyes some more and reached up with a hand.

I took that hand and squeezed it.

She squeezed back, firmly.

When she let go, I commented, "I like that. I guess we're going to need to work on our non-verbal communication, since your lips will be so busy sliding up and down my cock so very often."

"MMMM!" Her eyes went wide and she shivered all over. It seemed like my words hit her entire body like an electric cattle prod.

Encouraged, I said more while resuming a stroking motion through her hair. "You like that? Do you like the idea of being my personal cocksucking mommy from now on? Are you thinking of how much time you'll be spending naked and kneeling between my legs with your lips stretched painfully wide, exactly like you are now?"

"MMMM!" That came out as an urgent and loud growl instead of a sexy moan. In a flash, she was even more re-energized.

She immediately resumed her active sucking, but with a different attitude and energy. It was as if some wild beast inside her had been tamed. Her desperate, even angry attempt to get me to cum right away was over. She sensed I wasn't going to cum for quite a while, so she settled down for a more prolonged and relaxed experience.

God damn! I can't use enough superlatives to describe how great it felt! Again, the mere visual stimulation of her cum-splattered face, blushing cheeks, lusty expression, and stretched open mouth was a total mind-blower. Her hands never stopped sliding up and down my shaft. The cherry cream kept it slick, with copious amounts of drooling saliva helping more. Her lips also kept up their steady bobbing and sliding, which was incredible in and of itself. But she also began experimenting more and more with differing amounts of pressure and suction, not to mention varying her angles and depth.

However, the undisputed highlight that even beat all that was the heavenly things she managed to do with her tongue! Bethany may have had an improbably long one, but Mommy had a remarkably dexterous one. Now that she was bobbing a lot slower, that allowed for more tongue work, and she was showing a truly extraordinary natural ability.

After a few minutes, I couldn't help but say, "Mommy! You're so GOOD at this! What your tongue is doing is simply incredible!"

To my surprise, she pulled her lips all the way off to talk, while continuing to jack me off. I knew it wasn't easy for her to pull on or off, but it appeared she needed to give her mouth a brief rest in any case. She smiled widely, as she wiped the drool running down her chin. "You like that, do you?"

"Are you kidding me?! It's the greatest thing in the history of the world!"

She chuckled at that. She got busy licking on my most sensitive spot, with a huge smile on her face. But she talked at the same time. "I feel so utterly ashamed, especially that I had an orgasm while doing this. But... hearing you say that makes me feel so good that it's like... it's like... I can't help myself!" She appeared to be incredulous about what she was saying and feeling.

She adoringly lapped all around my cockhead. She seemed lost in thought, or maybe she was intensely concentrating on savoring the experience.

Then, after another minute or two of steady lapping, she resumed talking. "This is really, really, REALLY tough going! Your cock is just so very thick! I even shed a few tears at first. I just had to stop just now, because this is a total physical ordeal and I'm desperate for a break. But it's kind of... fun too! There, I said it!"

She went back to just licking and stroking for a while, as she rested her tired lips. Then she added, "I've been thinking about what you said, about all those bags full of tubes of cream I'll be getting in the future. That means I'm going to be sucking you thousands of times! Countless thousands! Maybe even thousands of times each and every year, since you cum so many times every single day and I don't think you'll ever stop being hypersexual! So I might as well enjoy it, right? That makes it a really lucky thing that I happen to love it."

She pressed my boner against one of her facial cheeks and seemed to revel in sliding it against her skin. "Mmmmmmmm!"

"Wait! Did you just say you 'love it?'"

"Did I?" She looked startled, and pulled my hot cock away from her cheek. Then several expressions crossed her face. It seemed as if she considered lying, but then changed her mind.

She resumed lapping around my cockhead as she pondered what to say next. "Well, I don't know about 'love.' Let's just say I find it highly enjoyable, even as tough as it is." She couldn't resist breaking into a big smile. She added in an almost giddy tone, "I get so happy, knowing that I'm making you feel really good!"

"You are!" Seeing that loving and enthusiastic smile on her face made my heart soar.

She looked up at me with renewed fire in her eyes. "Are you ready for more? More... cocksucking?!"

"Hell, yeah!"

"Good! Me too!" Her face was brimming with lust and excitement, which almost brought tears of joy to my eyes.

After a few more tasty licks, she engulfed my cockhead again.

I had to let out a long, lusty moan, because it felt so great. "Aaaaaah!" I put my hands back on her head as I tried to cope with another surge of pleasure. I had to close my eyes again for a while, because seeing her cummy, constantly blushing face was sometimes just too much.

Another few minutes of pure erotic joy passed. I started to get closer and closer to the edge, causing me to say some unrestrained sex talk. "Mmmm! Mommy, you're my sex toy now, aren't you? That's what the doctor said, so it must be true. My petite but ultra-busty cocksucking queen!"

That seemed to turn her on, judging from the way she let out a long and lusty moan.

In terms of prolonging the joy, it was a mistake for me to say that, because it was as if she suddenly turned on some previously unknown "turbo power" and began bobbing rapidly, with tremendous suction.

However, I didn't mind that much, because I knew I'd been getting close to an unstoppable orgasm anyway. This just sped things up slightly, and I loved seeing her passion soar still higher.

So far, she'd mostly been keeping her eyes closed, but she stared up at me with a ravenous hunger in her eyes. However, even that ultra-sexy look couldn't begin to convey the cauldron of insanely arousing pleasure I was feeling from all the action taking place inside her mouth. There was no doubt that she had totally surrendered to her lusty desires, and she was loving every second!

Soon, I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I'd reached the point of no return. This time, I had a little more warning, so I yelled, "Quick! I'm gonna cum! Pull off, and pick! Do you want it on your tits or your face?!"

She immediately pulled her lips off again. She completely let go of my boner and sat up. She clutched her huge, cummy tits from below, making them an even more tempting target. Then she excitedly replied, "Both! Can you do both again?!"

The time to reply had run out, since I'd already started firing my cum ropes at her the second she said "Both!" I answered her with action. I started cumming on her tits, because she was holding them up in such an irresistible way. I probably blasted more of my cum there, since most of it had ended up on her face last time. But I still had plenty of cum left to further douse her face before I was done.

She ended up looking like a bukkake victim! (That's where many men cum onto one woman.) However, it didn't look like she minded in the slightest. She was totally tripping on sheer lust, like it was the best drug in the world!

I slumped down slightly, panting like I'd just run a race.

However, I managed to keep my eyes open, and I saw her experimentally rubbing her huge orbs together. The experimental part was because there was so much cum there that she was smearing it into her skin. She seemed fascinated.

I had to close my eyes and tune out for a while, because, again, it was more than one guy could take!

When I resumed looking a few minutes later, she was still kneeling between my legs, like no time had passed at all. She remained completely naked, except for all of my cum glistening on her skin.

My penis had gone flaccid, and she wasn't paying it any attention. Instead, not realizing I was watching, she was furtively sweeping my cum off her cheeks and onto her fingers, and then scooping it into her mouth. Clearly, she was enjoying the taste, or the "wickedness" of doing that, or both.

I decided to give her a shred of dignity, and closed my eyes again. I moaned loudly, to let her know that I was coming around.

This time, when I opened my eyes, she was just kneeling there, acting innocent. But her face was still red with embarrassment, even more than usual (usual since the doctor's appointment began, that is). Upon closer inspection, I could see a lot less cum on her face, including areas where it was almost cum-free.

I smiled at her and reached out for her hand.

She wiped her still very cummy hand on one of her thighs, and then took my hand.

I said, "Thanks, Mommy! That was incredible! One of the best times of my life! No, THE best! By far!"

She beamed and squeezed my hand. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. That means a lot to me. But don't get too carried away with the praise, because this is just... normal now. Right? I mean, we're going to be doing this a lot from now on, so it's good if you can get used to it."

I felt shivers race up and down my spine due to the implications of what she'd just said. "I know. The first of 'countless thousands.' But still, the first time is extra special. I'll never forget it!"

She beamed. She purred, "Neither will I!"

I reached out to her face, but stopped, because she was so thoroughly covered in my cum. I ended up putting my hands on her still clean upper arms. "I wish I could touch you. Kiss you!"

"Hold your horses, mister! I'm still not ready for that, okay? Let's not get carried away. What we just did was... intense! I'm exhausted. I'm going to take a long hot bath, and turn in early tonight."

Then she realized something. "Oh. But first I've gotta call Dr. Morgan. I promised I'd give her an update after our first cream application. I'm excited to tell her it was a total success!"

I furrowed my brow at her "turn in early" comment. "Wait. What? What if I get erect again? As I almost certainly will. Can't you help me with the cream some more?"

She stared at me wide-eyed, going back and forth between my flaccid penis and my face. "AGAIN?! But son! I gave you my all and I have nothing left. You've climaxed so many times today! You can't possibly cum again!"

I said with growing confidence, "I can, and I will! Yeah, today will probably be a record-setting day, but that's because you inspire me so much! Just look at you, all naked and firm and curvy. You're the sexiest thing in the history of the world! Look at your sexy, cummy face and tits. It makes my heart soar. We should take a picture!"

She winced and closed her eyes tightly. "NO! Please! You're embarrassing me! I would just die!" Her blush had faded while I was resting, but it came back quickly. I decided that's how I wanted her stunning face all the time in a perfect world, blushing and dripping with copious amounts of my cum.

I relented on the picture taking idea though. I knew there would be other times for that. "Okay. Whatever you want. But you need to look at yourself in the mirror. You'll have to do that when you go to the bathroom to clean up anyway."

She moaned and groaned with distress, but she got up to go to the bathroom a short time later.

I almost had to smack my own face in disbelief as I watched her bare ass cheeks undulating up and down when she walked away. She looked as good from behind as from in front, especially because I could see a lot of "side-boob" wobbling with each step she took. Plus, I got an extra kick out of seeing her in her sexy high heels.

I kicked back on the bed while she was gone, marveling at my new life. I can't believe things have changed so dramatically for the better in a single day. All thanks to Dr. Morgan and her sexy assistant Bethany! Wow! I literally can't believe it!

Mommy came back to my room a few minutes later. She was clean and refreshed, and was fully dressed in a blouse and skirt, but with her heels still on. Since my door had been left wide open, she walked in without knowing, and said, "Aaaah! I feel much...."

Her voice trailed off and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor, because she saw that I was still in the exact same position as before, still buck naked, and my penis had become fully erect again! It was standing up at a jaunty angle.

She clutched at the sides of her face and squealed in alarm. "SON! What the HELL?! How is that possible?!"

I grinned from ear to ear. "It's you, Mommy! All you! Now, the big question is, do you think you can help me again, or are you too tired out?!"

She calmed down a little, and lowered her hands, but she was frowning intensely. "I honestly don't know! My jaw is really sore. Honestly. My whole mouth is crying mercy. My hands are tired out too! Oh, and my tongue. UNH! Son, I'll admit that I like helping you. Heck, if I'm totally honest, I love it! But it's an ordeal too!"

I told her, "Well, I don't want to force you. I want you to be happy. Maybe we could just start out taking it easy? You could just rub the cream in, and see how things go from there? We're in no hurry..."

"Well... maybe... Okay..." She started to undress, pulling her skirt down her sexy legs.

I couldn't believe my good luck! It was all I could do not to leap around the room.

She grumbled as she stripped, "Good Lord! This is my life from now on, isn't it? Getting naked and serving your cock, over and over again. Like your personal sex doll, but a real human one."

My lust soared. "Yep! That's exactly true! But you can't tell me you don't love it."

She chuckled. "I just said that, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but I know you're not just saying that to make me feel better, because I can see it in your eyes. And I love you more than words can ever say. This will make me love you even more!"

"Oh, Son!" She quickly shed her clothes down to just her high heels. Then she rushed into my arms.

Once we were pressed close together, with her huge knockers rubbing against my bare chest, she purred, "I love you too! So much!"

We kissed on the lips for the very first time! It was my first French kiss with anyone, and boy was it fantastic! My joy was multiplied because I had one hand freely fondling one of her great orbs while my other hand explored her ass cheeks.

I thought, She's mine! She's all mine! After what's happened today, there's no going back! I love her so much, AND she's a busty sex goddess AND she's a cocksucking queen! And she's my MOTHER! Talk about a great day!

In the end, we did start out taking it easy, with our necking session slowly morphing into a mellow handjob. It seemed she simply couldn't keep her hands off my dick!

Her arousal grew and grew at about the same rate as mine. She finally broke the kiss, then started to slither down my body. "Mmmm! I love kissing you so much! I might as well admit that I'm a total slut for my son, because I love all these naughty things we're doing to each other. But I especially love pleasuring you with my mouth. I'm going to see if I can give it another try, but I should warn you I'm so tired out that I might not last long."

She took my cockhead back in her mouth. Within seconds, her cheeks were puckered in again.

Not only did she not tire out, she ended up giving me a blowjob that was even longer and better than last time! And she didn't even try to pretend she disliked it when I ended up cumming all over her face and rack again.

I have to admit that I was more than a little impressed at her stamina and determination. It was clear from the start that she was exhausted from the previous blowjob, but she did her best regardless. In fact, she sucked me even better, as she started to get to intimately learn the unique aspects of my penis. The only noticeable effect of her tiredness was that she needed to take more breaks. But then again, I needed to take more breaks too, to keep from cumming too soon.

Once we were finally all done, she did take that long hot bath she'd mentioned, and she said it helped a lot.

But about halfway through, I walked in and brazenly sat down on the edge of the tub, just to admire her wet, nude body.

To her sheer disbelief, my penis soon got erect one more time! Even I was a little surprised. But she was simply that inspiring.

She basically cried uncle that her mouth was way too tired out. However, she jacked me off while we talked about our doctor's appointment and what we thought it meant. I didn't end up cumming, but it was a highly arousing and fun experience just the same. I loved how she'd already come to be so comfortable with stroking my thick pole.

After her bath, she went to her room and called Dr. Morgan on the phone. She said into the speaker, "Doctor? Is this a good time? You said I should call you just as soon as... I did it."

There was a short pause while the doctor replied, then she said, "Did it go well?! You have no idea! Let's put it this way: I sucked his cock to orgasm TWICE! And I loved it! Then I gave him a prolonged handjob while I took a bath. He didn't cum that time, which means he's still horny. I know that for a fact, because I'm sitting here buck naked on my bed with my son's huge cock in my hand! I can't get enough of it!" She giggled with giddy glee.

Indeed, I was right there listening to the phone call while she slowly jacked me off some more. I'd talked her into letting me listen, since I argued it affected me as much as her. I think she agreed more because she didn't want to get away from my penis as long as it was fully erect!

I didn't hear the doctor's reply, but then Mommy exclaimed, "GOD, YES! Thank you so much! Everything has changed. I'm not even feeling guilty. Even as we speak, my son is lying on top of my helpless nude body with his head between my breasts and his fingers toying with my stiff nipples, and all I can think is 'more, more, more!' You were SO RIGHT! Sucking his cock IS the absolute best! It's even better than intercourse!"

After the doctor said something, she went on, "Sure. I think about tomorrow, and how I'll have to suck him off who knows how many times, and I feel daunted. I mean, five or six times! But more than that, I can hardly wait! I get goose bumps all over!"

The phone call continued in that vein, with my mother so happy that she was practically floating on air. Naturally, Dr. Morgan was very encouraging. In fact, the phone call soon turned into more of a "how to" lesson, with the doctor giving her lots of useful cocksucking tips.

Mommy was so worked up from hearing those that she had to cut the call short so she could try them out right away. Even though she was even MORE exhausted, she sucked me off for a third time, right in the middle of her bed! I kicked back with my head on the pillows while she laid between my legs. Just thinking of the two of us positioned like that was a heady rush for me.

I must admit that this time I didn't last very long. I was pretty exhausted too, and I didn't have the energy to delay orgasm like usual. It was probably for the best. Both of us were running on fumes, pushing ourselves to our sexual limits because we were just that out-of-control horny.

Somehow, we made it through dinner fully dressed and acting normally, while my penis stayed flaccid. We both definitely needed a sexual break. Despite the lack of a sexual mood, we clearly shared a new bond. In fact, it was almost like we were honeymooners. For instance, we couldn't stop touching each other, even if it was just touching hands across the table through our meal. And we couldn't stop staring deeply and lovingly into each other's eyes as well.

At one point during the meal, she said to me, "Son, I can't stop thinking how much everything has changed. Forever! Of course I've always loved you with all my heart. You're my pride and joy; you know that. But tonight... it's like I'm feeling like... I'm... I'm falling IN LOVE with you too! Do you know what I mean?"

I squeezed her hand, since we were still holding hands across the table. "Of course! I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I'm falling in love with you too!"

She shivered all over. "Oh, Son! That means so much to me! I wish I could just rip these clothes off and drop to my knees and suck you for hours and hours, to show you just how much I love you!"

I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively. "Me too! Unfortunately, I'm still down for the count. But maybe after dinner you'll get your wish."

"Mmmm!" She lasciviously licked all the way around her lips.

I had to laugh at that, simply because I was so overjoyed. "You really love 'applying the cream,' don't you?"

Her eyes lit up. "Oh, you have no idea! You know I'm hardly a virgin. I gave birth to you, after all. But it's like all previous sex pales in comparison to nothing. I feel virginal, because everything seems brand new. Because it's with you! My son! My love!"

She let go of my hand and gave me a stern look while nodding at my plate. "Eat up! The sooner we finish, the sooner we can get to your post-dinner surprise!"

My smile was a mile wide. "Let me guess: coffee cake? Rocky road ice cream?"

She growled with frustration. "NO! Think less in terms of 'food' and more in terms of 'naked mommy.'"

I rubbed my chin, pretending to ponder this deep. "Hmmm. I'm stuck. Some kind of naked mommy-shaped ice cream cake?"

"Oh, YOU!" She playfully threw her napkin at me.

Then we both burst into laughter. We resumed holding hands and staring deeply into each other's eyes.

She had come to dinner dressed very conservatively, with even her arms and legs completely covered. But before we finished eating, she unbuttoned the front of her blouse more and more, in hopes of getting an early start on reviving my erection. By the time the meal was over, she was unbuttoned down to her belly button, and giving me all sorts of flirty come-ons, in a way she'd never done before.

Unfortunately, despite all that, my penis still wouldn't get erect. Mentally I was raring to go, but I'd cum too often in a short time period for my penis to be able to comply.

She was visibly disappointed, if not downright crushed. She admitted to me that despite her continued tiredness, she wanted to play some more with her "new toy."

However, all was not lost. When she came to check on me about half an hour after dinner finished, I got erect again in a hurry.

I was sitting at my desk and typing on my laptop, trying to work on some homework, but without much success. Needless to say, I had other things on my mind.

Then she strolled in wearing absolutely nothing but a smile and her red high heels!

Whoa! I just about had a heart attack.

There was no hesitation or guilt on her part. She sashayed across the room in a sexy way that I'd never seen her do before, her bare hips swaying outrageously from side to side. Then she spun me around in my desk chair on rollers and dropped to her knees between my legs. Her hands were visibly trembling with excitement as she unzipped my shorts and then pulled my shorts all the way off for good measure.

She still hadn't said a single word to me, but she gave me a saucy wink right before she took a big breath and engulfed my entire cockhead into her mouth!

Remarkably, her fourth blowjob that day was even better and much more prolonged than the first three. She was getting better at an impressive rate, and whatever reluctance she had was fading away. Most of all, it was her sheer enthusiasm that made it so pleasurable, for both of us. She was truly in her element, reveling in her sexual desires with no inhibition whatsoever. It was damn inspiring!

She's always been a shy and retiring type, never cursing or doing anything she deemed immoral or improper. I loved her dearly, but she was tightly wound. However, once she got naked and bobbing on my cock, it was like she became emotionally liberated. She let her hair down and lived in the moment in a way I'd never seen her do before. It was all I could do to keep up and try my best not to cum too soon.

When that blowjob ended and we were both recovering again, she sat between my legs, with her face and tits splattered in cum once more. She stared into my eyes, and said, "Would you look at me?! Boy oh boy! I suppose I'm going to have to get used to this, because this is our new life now."

I asked her, "What do you feel about facials and pearl necklaces now?"

She frowned in confusion. "What's a 'pearl necklace?'"

"That's when a guy cums on a woman's tits. Think of the white splats like a pearl necklace hanging down your chest."

"Oh! Well, I wish I could say that I object to that sort of thing. Demeaning to women, blah blah blah. But who am I kidding?!" She broke into a big smile. "As long as it's YOUR cum, I love it! I wish I could thank Dr. Morgan a thousand million times for helping us love each other in this new way. AND it will keep your 'hypersexual' tendencies in check to boot!"

She looked down at her own "pearl necklace" and beamed with joy. She swiped up a particularly big cum gob and slipped it into her mouth. "Mmmm! Yum!"

She went on, "I can only imagine how tomorrow's going to go. You'll wake up with a big, fat, hot, raging erection. I'll have to strip naked and bob on you until my jaw hurts. But when you come down for breakfast, you'll see me walking around and you'll get fully erect again! And I'll have to get naked and take care of you again! And then it'll keep going like that, all day long!"

Her eyes bugged out as she thought more vividly of what tomorrow would bring. "After school, you're going to be soooo very stiff and needy! I'll probably have to suck you off twice just to get back to normal. Heck, who knows? I might spend most of the afternoon naked and kneeling, steadily bobbing away! Thank God that you're still going to school, or I'd get no rest at all!"

I asked her, "Does that bother you?"

She smiled lovingly up and me, and then crawled up my body until we were face to face. "What do you think? Can we kiss again, even though my mouth is slightly cummy, and my face is VERY cummy?"

I answered that by planting my lips on her lips. We were in love!

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