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Chapter 9
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

What Mommy predicted would happen the next morning was exactly what happened. She showed up in my room wearing nothing but a see-through teddy, plus her high heels. Soon, even the teddy was gone. She sucked me off twice before I had to leave for school, once before breakfast and once after.

She never put any clothes on all morning, except for a sexy apron while she cooked the meal. Even when she saw me off with a kiss, we had to do it with the front door still closed, because we made out for several minutes while she was completely naked and I was fully dressed.

Needless to say, she was taking to her new lifestyle like a fish to water! I couldn't believe my great luck.

Then, when I came home, it seemed she spent the entire afternoon bobbing naked between my legs on my bed. And then some more after dinner! All the while, she was improving her technique and stamina. Her dedication and determination to serving my cock was simply breath-taking!

I don't know how she managed, but somehow, she was always ready and willing whenever I got another erection.

At some point in that heavenly afternoon, she gave me my first titfuck in order to rest her mouth. What a joy! Both of us enjoyed that nearly as much as the blowjobs.

And so life continued like that. Over and over again for the next week. She would frequently dutifully rub the cream into my cock and balls, but that was just the warm up for her hot and hungry mouth. Luckily, we both loved the cherry smell and the way the cream served as lubrication to help her hands and lips slide up and down my shaft.

So much cocksucking and titfucking! When she'd wake me up in the morning. At the breakfast table. Before I left for school. When I got home from school. Later in the afternoon. Before dinner. After dinner. While watching a movie together. Before going to bed. And so on. Admittedly, it wouldn't happen every single one of those times every single day, but it would happen at most of them!

I could honestly say she soon became completely addicted. She loved it as much as I did, or even more!

I'd been cumming five or six times, on average. But once Mommy started helping, I orgasmed about seven or eight times a day! It was incredible!

And most of the time, Mommy would start out dressed in some different, insanely erotic outfit, before eventually stripping naked for fear of getting some of the cream on her clothes. It wasn't long though before it became clear that we were both doing it for the sheer joy of it, and the cream was only a small part of it.

I loved how excited she would get for my penis. Sometimes when I came home from school, she would greet me at the door with a chaste kiss on the lips, push her enormous breasts into my chest, and immediately begin massaging my boner through my shorts. Soon, my stiff cock would be out, her clothes would be completely off (except for her sexy high heels), and she would be stroking my hard-on with the cream. Often, I wouldn't even make it past the foyer by the front door until I'd shot my cum load all over her.

At first, it was all about the cream and the cocksucking. It was like she literally couldn't get enough of her mouth on my cock, to the point she wasn't interested in anything else. But, by and by, we started to vary things up. But before long, she learned that titfucking was just as much fun for her, if not more so, because she could suck on my fat knob while the titfucking was going on, effectively giving both of us "two-for-one" joy. Plus, I could also play with her huge tits all the while.

By and by, titfucking became even more common than cocksucking. A big part of that was that she soon trained herself to take my entire cockhead and then some into her mouth and bob on it with ease for surprisingly long amounts of time. It really was a two-for-one joy.

My ultra-busty mother had turned into an unabashed sex freak, and I was the main beneficiary! I was walking on air nearly all the time. Even when I wasn't with her, I usually had a grin on my face from thinking about her.

We soon developed a routine we both loved. Typically, she'd start things off with a sexy striptease to get me fully aroused, even though I was almost always stiff as a steel bar already. Then, I'd get some cream and rub it into her gigantic globes while she rubbed more cream into my cock and balls. After a few minutes, once the cream was thoroughly massaged into my privates, she would switch to titfucking, or cocksucking, or her favorite and mine, a cocksucking-titfucking combo. I'd still play with her tits, so long as they were within reach. Often, mere minutes later, I'd be cumming all over her face and body. But other times, the two of us would revel in how long she could suck and stroke at a slower, more relaxed pace.

It was amazing how long the two of us could go at it sometimes. Dr. Morgan had suggested that her helping me out would give me more time for homework, but that didn't turn out to be the case at all. In fact, I clearly spent more time in sexual bliss than ever before!

Still, Mommy didn't seem to care, and I didn't either. However, I did work harder at other times to do better on my homework, just to make sure she'd never have a good excuse to limit the time on our sexual fun. Luckily, it was near the end of my senior year in high school, so grades didn't matter much at that point

Bit by bit, other barriers came down. For instance, for the first few days, she was reluctant to engage in French kissing, even though we somehow did it a fair amount anyway. She claimed that it was "romantic" and not in any way related to helping with our treatments. I didn't like that, because I could tell she was feeling torn and guilty about that part.

Luckily, I sensed that Dr. Morgan was on my side, which was the side of letting our sexual inhibitions run wild. So I had Mommy call her, and the doctor assured her that kissing, even French kissing, was all part of the "general treatment regimen." She argued that anything and everything she could do to get my cock stiff and keep it that way was "therapeutic" for me, because the more times I climaxed each day, the more that would "clear my mind" the rest of time, allowing me to do better in school and other mundane things.

After that, it was like we couldn't keep our lips off each other, or our hands off each other during our necking sessions. That helped us fall even more in love, seemingly falling deeper every single day.

My favorite time of day was after dinner. Typically, she'd wear something highly titillating, and we'd flirt shamelessly all through the meal. Then we'd get naked and cuddle on the love seat in our living room. At first, we'd just make out and fondle. But before long, she'd wind up on her knees between my legs, and she would get serious about pleasuring my cock. The rest of the evening would be a blissful blur of kissing, fondling, cocksucking, and titfucking, with both of us cumming and cumming.

Slowly but surely, other taboos fell by the wayside. Pretty much her entire body became my personal sexual playground. I grew to love caressing her ass and especially her ass crack almost as much as playing with her great tits, because she thought her ass was "extra naughty" and any ass play would get her hot and bothered.

Anal sex was out of the question though, due to the sheer size and girth of my penis.

Dr. Morgan continued to be my ally. Within a matter of weeks, the idea of Mommy being my "sex toy" went from an arousing but shameful "sex talk" fantasy for her to something she was serious and actually proud about. Although we hadn't gone back for a second appointment yet, Mommy talked to the doctor on the phone a surprising amount. It was clear they had "clicked" and were becoming good friends, not just doctor and patient.

Dr. Morgan increasingly emphasized that it was healthy if Mommy "let her submissive desires flow" and think in terms of "serving" my cock with all her love and devotion. She told her that our relationship could never be a normal one, or even close to normal. There could be no "balance" or "equality." Instead, Mommy would be even happier if she would embrace her "sex toy" status with open arms.

Surprisingly, Mommy had very little resistance to these ideas. She told me that she found it comforting as well as highly arousing to think of herself as my personal busty sex toy. In fact, more and more, she openly thought in terms of "What would a good sex toy do?" She often asked me what she could do to better sexually serve me. Needless to say, that always worked out fantastically for me!

Dr. Morgan and Mommy got on surprisingly well, to the point that it soon became clear they'd gone from just being doctor and patient to being good friends. After a few weeks, they wound up talking on the phone almost every evening. It seemed the spent most of their calls talking about sex in one way or another, usually to help Mommy adjust to her new "sex toy" life, allowing her to become yet more sexually liberated.

The only downside to this I could see was that Mommy was getting so much good advice from the doctor that we didn't have much need to come in for more appointments. I especially couldn't wait to see Bethany again.

However, despite all these positive developments, Mommy still maintained one taboo: no vaginal fucking! No matter what I said or did, she wouldn't budge on that. She claimed it was "real incest," and immoral, and against the law, and all sorts of other things.

For several weeks, she resisted letting me play with her vagina, worrying that would be a slippery slope that led to fucking. But I must admit I was devious and "accidentally" touched her there more and more. I had plenty of opportunities since we were naked together so often every day. Eventually, she gave in and let me touch her clit and slit as much as I wanted, so long as I promised not to fuck her. I could even fingerbang or lick her pussy sometimes, when she got really hot.

But actual vaginal penetration with my cock was still strictly forbidden. That was extremely frustrating, believe me, because she was the perfect "human sex doll" in every other possible way. And we were falling deeper in love. I longed to fuck her more than I'd ever wanted anything in my entire life!

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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