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Chapter 10
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

This all happened within the course of only one month. One month was a big marker, because that's when we had our first follow-up appointment with Dr. Morgan. (Despite all the phone calls between Mommy and Dr. Morgan, the doctor said there were some things that just couldn't be done over the phone.)

I couldn't wait.

I was hit by a big disappointment once we got there. I was dying to see Bethany again, and she happened to be out sick. She sent her regards to me but, apparently she was sick as a dog for the entire week.

I at least wanted to see the receptionist Rebecca and talk with her some. Heck, I was hoping for some heavy flirtation, or even more, given what had happened last time. But I was disappointed again in that we were ushered in to see the doctor as soon as we walked into the waiting room.

Still, merely getting to see Dr. Morgan was like an erotic dream come true. She was dressed professionally, just like last time, but she looked totally hot just the same, especially with her stunning platinum blonde hair. She often wore a sly smile that made me think she would be a ravenous tigress in bed, if only I could get things started with her.

The highlight of the meeting was that Dr. Morgan asked us to demonstrate how we typically applied the cream, to "make sure we were doing it correctly." Mommy tried to act relatively restrained at first, given that she knew the doctor would be closely watching. She was wonderfully sexually uninhibited at home, but that was in private. We still acted completely "normally" whenever we were with anyone else, without even a hint of flirting. Mommy had gotten pretty hot and bothered talking to the doctor on the phone at times, but that was on the phone. Letting go in person was a very different matter.

But once Mommy got completely naked between my legs, with my thick cock in her hands, her libido had a mind of its own. We started sitting side by side on a couch while the doctor sat behind her desk writing notes on her notepad. It wasn't long before Mommy was naked and kneeling on the floor in front of where I sat, bobbing and slurping on my cock like her life depended on it! Having the doctor watch and silently judge her seemed to only send her lust soaring, and she channeled all that energy into sucking me off like a crazed succubus.

The doctor didn't say much, and stayed restrained and fully dressed in her usual business suit. But I could tell that she'd gotten more than a little sexually worked up from watching us. She couldn't entirely stop her body from writhing in place as she watched.

I was hoping for more of that, a lot more. For instance, she'd touched and stroked my penis last time. Certainly, she would do that again, no? I even had visions of a steamy threesome.

Instead, Dr. Morgan acted just like a professional therapist the whole time, without touching my body at all. Even while Mommy loudly slurped on my cock, the doctor carried on asking me questions, just like it was a normal medical appointment.

She asked, "So, Brian, how are you enjoying the changes in your life over this past month?"

I was incredulous. "Are you kidding me?! Just look at me!" I waved my hands in the air. "Even as we speak, the woman of my dreams is blowing me, giving me such extreme pleasure that I can't even put it into words! And it's like that all the damn time! The whole month has been one non-stop perfect, living dream. I swear, I literally can't believe it! I keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop, but it never does. It's all awesome!"

The doctor smiled approvingly. "That's good to hear. Are you satisfied with your mother's oral efforts?"

Again, I had to gesticulate with waving hands, because I was so incredulous. "Seriously?! Seriously, you have to ask me that?! Don't you have eyes to see?"

I tried to calm down, and ran my hand down my mother's shapely bare back, all the way to her ass. "You know what they say, that any blowjob is a good blowjob. That's definitely true. But just look at her. What physical perfection! She truly is my dream woman. Just getting to see her naked and caress and fondle me all over to my heart's content has been a dream come true. But on top of that, she's an incredible cocksucker!"

The doctor asked me, "How can you say that for sure though? Your only point of comparison is when Bethany blew you last time, and I'll bet you were so excited that that was happening at all that you weren't paying close attention to her technique."

"That's true," I admitted. "However, I could just tell from the get-go that Bethany has to be one of the very best of the best, right? How could she not be, especially with her long tongue? Isn't that what you hear?"

The doctor conceded, "I obviously can't know directly, but that's my general impression, yes."

"Good. Well, that day, Mommy wasn't as good. There's no shame in that; she simply didn't have the experience. I noticed the difference. But ever since then... MY GOD! She works so hard to get better! She sucks me so much, and for so long, that she's bound to get better simply due to all that practice. But she's constantly asking for feedback and trying new things. She says she wants to be my 'perfect personal sex toy!' And SHE IS!"

Hearing that clearly excited and aroused Mommy. She began bobbing faster, and with even more suction than usual. The loudness of her slurping doubled.

It was increasingly hard for me to talk, or even think, but I pressed on. "Everything she does shows how much she loves me and loves serving me. I mean, just look at her!"

I still had a hand on her ass, and I gave it a playful slap. "Look here at her tan, for instance. Just in the last month, she's been tanning in the nude while I'm at school, and her tan lines have faded away. With a richer tan, she looks even hotter than before! Plus, she's been exercising like a demon possessed. It's already having an effect, in my opinion."

Dr. Morgan nodded. "That is impressive. You're right; she looks even better. I think her body is firming up some more."

I nodded. "And it's not just that. She still hasn't been able to really deep throat me, but it's not for lack of trying. She's been doing some trick of rubbing the back of her mouth with a toothbrush to get rid of her gag reflex. It took most of the month, but that reflex is gone! Now, she can take me a couple of inches deeper in her mouth with ease, and she does that all the time! It feels awesome! She's still having trouble getting my cock down her throat, but she works on it every single day, and practices more when I'm not around."

The doctor said, "Interesting. Mary, would you mind demonstrating your progress on that for us right now?" (Over the past month, thanks to their frequent phone calls, she had taken to calling Mommy by her first name.)

Mommy simply nodded. She'd gotten good at getting air through her nose, so she took some deep whiffs. Then she started going down on me.

I knew an all-out pleasure blast was coming. I had to pull my hand back from her ass and brace myself, with both hands on the sides of her head.

Sure enough, the sounds of intense struggle ensued, with lots of choking and gagging. It wasn't long before tears were profusely rolling from my mother's eyes. Sometimes, she would have to pull back up to breathe. But she wouldn't give up.

After a couple of minutes of this, I said, "See?! She can get a couple of inches down her throat, but I'm just too thick. She has to pull back and try again. But she's so determined! She just keeps trying and trying! It makes me love her even more than before!"

Even as I spoke, Mommy was continuing her loud and teary struggle.

For once, Dr. Morgan was the one who looked shocked and bug-eyed. She muttered, "WOW! That is impressive! I've heard all about it through our phone calls, but to see it is something else altogether!"

I'd been paying full attention to my mother's bobbing head, but I glanced over at the doctor sitting not even ten feet away behind her desk and I realized with a start that one of her hands was below the edge of her desk. I couldn't see what that hand was doing, but the way the arm was positioned, plus how it was rhythmically moving up and down, made it clear that she had to be rubbing her pussy!

My lust soared even higher from seeing that, especially because Dr. Morgan was such a sultry, stacked babe. Not like a typical doctor at all!

I wanted to call her out on it, maybe in hopes of pushing her towards that threesome, but I grew shy. All I could say was, "Listen to the sound of her struggling. Isn't that hot, all that choking and gagging? It shows such desire! She NEEDS my cock, all of it! More cock! Deeper! Deeper! She won't give up! She's got practically my entire cockhead lodged in her throat right now, and it feels incredible! You know what I mean?"

The doctor was getting carried away from her masturbatory pleasure. I could tell by the far off stare in her gaze and the flushed look on her face. She was startled to realize that she was expected to answer my question. It took her some moments to gather her wits. "Uhhhh... Yes. Uh, I do. I must admit, uh, that does sound pretty, uh, hot. Er, mentally stimulating, I mean."

"Exactly," I said. "So getting back to your question about her oral talent, yeah, I don't have much to compare it with, but can there be any doubt that she's great?! She tries so damn hard! All she wants to do is please me, like a true sex pet. And it pays off, big time! I'm so grateful. So in awe. And so in love! How can I not love her more and more every day, when she goes all out for me like this?!"

Dr. Morgan belatedly realized that I'd been looking at her arm motion. It wasn't hard to miss, since she was pumping that arm up and down in an increasingly blatant way the longer Mommy continued with her loud gagging deep throating efforts. She reluctantly stopped and put both hands on her desk to prove she had stopped. She looked somewhat embarrassed, and wouldn't make eye contact, but it was also obvious that she wasn't about to admit what she'd been doing.

Instead, after taking some deep breaths to try to calm herself, she said, "Okay, Mary, I think that's enough. If you're trying to impress me with your oral skills, well, I must say... I'm very impressed! Why don't you sit up and take a little rest? You deserve it!"

It took another minute, but Mommy eventually stopped her oral exertions. She pulled her lips all the way off my cock and returned to sit on the couch next to me.

I muttered, "Love you, babe!" and wrapped my arms around her.

She wiped some of the tears from her cheeks, and muttered back, "Love you too!"

Then the two of us shared a scorching French kiss. Naturally, as usual, her hands went to my cock and she kept right on jacking me off. I returned the favor by fingering her sopping wet pussy.

I don't know how long Mommy and I made out and fondled each other, but we had to stop when the doctor gave us some loud coughs.

Dr. Morgan said, "It's touching to see you two so intimate with each other. But unfortunately, my time is limited and I have other patients waiting. Mary, may I ask you some questions?"

Mommy reluctantly pulled her lips from mine, but we remained entangled on the couch, and her hands certainly never stopped stroking my boner. She finally managed to look the doctor's way. "Certainly."

The platinum blonde knockout of a doctor smiled at her. "After your little deep throating display, I have to say I'm forced to agree with your son. If you weren't a great cocksucker already, you must be by now!"

"Thank you!" Mommy beamed. She briefly kissed my lips again.

"How does that make you feel? What drives you?"

Mommy looked to the doctor as she answered, "It makes me feel like the queen of the world! Like I'm walking on sunshine or walking on rainbows. I'm so happy all the time. Deliriously happy! As for what drives me, boy, where to begin? For starters, the love for my son!"

She turned her head and stared deeply into my eyes as she continued, "I love him so very much! And it seems that every time I take his cock into my mouth, or deep into my cleavage, or both at once, our love only grows stronger and stronger! I get to show the intensity of my love for him by the sheer amount of effort I put into serving his cock!"

I said with all the heartfelt passion in the world, "And I love you so much for it. You make me the happiest guy in the world. Literally!"

"Mmmm!" Mommy leaned her head in and we resumed necking.

Dr. Morgan chuckled. "Okay, you two. Please, if I let you kiss like that, we'll never finish our conversation. Mary, I noticed you just mentioned 'serving his cock.' Why do you use the controversial word 'serving?'"

Mommy broke the hot kiss to answer, "Sorry, I didn't get around to answering all of your last question. The love we share is just one reason I love serving his cock so much. There are many others, such as the sheer joy of the physical act. Or the satisfaction of succeeding with a difficult challenge. And it's a serious struggle, every single time!"

She went on, even as she stroked my boner and I fingered her pussy, "And yeah, I do use the word 'serve' deliberately, and proudly. I've come to see myself as his personal sex toy, or sex pet, or sex doll. I love all those terms, and more! Doctor, you've really helped me see that there can be no balance or fairness in my relationship with him, nor should there be. I love that he has all the power, and my role is to submit and serve and obey!"

She continued with emotion, "It's so liberating! It makes everything simple and easy. There can be no power games or any of the usual high maintenance bullshit I used to play with my ex-husband or other previous lovers. I LOVE that if he snaps his fingers, I need to drop to my knees and brace for an incoming cock-meat missile!" She giggled. "I wouldn't want it any other way!"

The doctor couldn't resist smiling widely. "My goodness! That certainly is interesting. You know, it's funny. Brian, you may not be caught up on all the things your mother and I have talked about on the phone. But, as you know, I specialize in problems that are helped with sexual solutions. If that's not the case, I'll refer them to someone else. I've explained to Mary that nearly all the mothers who see me end up sexually intimate with their sons. And, interestingly enough, pretty much all of those end up sexually submitting to them and greatly enjoying it. It makes my job easy. Basically, all I have to do is give them the okay to overcome their taboos, and the rest happens naturally."

This didn't surprise me at all, since Mommy had talked to me some about her many phone calls with the doctor.

My mother said to her, "You've helped me so very much to realize that it's okay to dedicate myself to keeping my son's cock throbbing with pleasure all day long! Mmmm! Even as we speak, it feels so hot and alive in my hands! But anyway, you're right, I didn't need much convincing. Somehow, it seems perfectly natural. Who better to submit to than the boy I love more than anyone else in the world? Every time I make him cum... GOD! I feel like the queen of the world all over again!"

She looked down at her outrageous, fully exposed chest. "Furthermore, I feel like I've been gifted with this body and especially these breasts so I can arouse him with ease. It seems that every time I so much as bend over, or stretch, or lick my lips, his cock engorges with the speed of a rocket ship! And then the slurpy, spermy fun begins for me all over again!" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

I noticed that one of Dr. Morgan's hands had slipped under the desk again, and the tell-tale arm motion had resumed, although less obvious than before. I decided to let that slide.

Mommy unexpectedly disengaged from my embrace and slid off the couch. I was surprised, until I realized she was repositioning between my legs for more blowjob action.

As she did that, she said, "Doctor, do you mind if I resume doing what big-titted mommies do best? All this talk about the joy of serving my son's cock, well, needless to say, it's got me hot to suck!"

The doctor chuckled. "I can see that. But I do need to keep talking to you. What if, instead, you lay face down on the couch with your face in his lap, and just lick it? That way, you can maintain eye contact with me."

Mommy didn't have a problem with that, so she repositioned as requested. She began happily lapping up and down my shaft while stroking it too.

Dr. Morgan resumed talking. "Everything is going so swimmingly with you two that you hardly even need my assistance. You've made more progress in one month than most of my mother-and-son patient teams make in a year! That said, there are some tricky issues still to address. Mary, you know I've talked to you about this next one with you on the phone, but I think it's good to discuss it with Brian present: what do you think about him seeing other women?"

Mommy kept right on licking my boner as she carefully replied, "Well, that is a tricky issue. Doctor, you and I have talked about how it's important that he date girls around his own age, and I agree. He and I will never have a normal romantic relationship. I will always be his sex pet, worshiping and adoring his cock at every opportunity, instead of, you know, dancing with him at his senior prom or something like that."

Surprisingly, Dr. Morgan let her professional demeanor slip briefly as she suggested with a naughty grin, "Although, if he were to come home alone from that senior prom with a bad case of blue balls thanks to some bitchy date who wouldn't put out..."

Mommy's eyes up. "Oh boy! I'd be naked and kneeling in a heartbeat! I'd console him by squeezing his cock with my pillowy tits and sucking it from the top until every last inch was feeling loved and well taken care of! And I wouldn't stop until his balls were completely drained dry, and withered down to the size of raisins!"

She and the doctor shared a hearty laugh at that.

Then Mommy added more seriously, "But, getting back to what I was saying, the mere fact that I'm his mother makes it impossible for me to be his girlfriend or even his wife."

This startled the heck out of me, because we'd never talked about this so far. I protested, "But Mommy! I love you so much! And I'm IN LOVE with you! We've fallen in love!"

She had been trying to look towards the doctor as she licked from her prone position but, with that, she tilted her head up and smiled at me. "And I'm in love with you too, Son! I wouldn't be such a dedicated big-titted sex toy if I didn't love you with all my heart. But Dr. Morgan has explained... Oh, shoot! Doctor, can you please tell him? I have something I need to do! All this love talk makes me too hungry!"

With that, she unexpectedly crammed my cockhead in her mouth and started fervently bobbing on it!

I had been groping and caressing her shapely bare back all the way down to her ass, but I was forced to sit up and focus my attention on simply not cumming yet as a great surge of arousal washed over me. I clenched my teeth and raised my hands into fists as I hung on for dear life!

The doctor chuckled. She continued to not-so-secretly play with her pussy just out of view under the table edge. She said with amusement, "Sorry, Brian. But when your mother gets hungry for your cock, it looks like we've just gotta roll with the punches. Let's wait a minute or two to see if things settle down before I attempt to keep the discussion going."

I put my hands on my head and shut my eyes tight. It felt like an "ice cream freeze" in my head, except instead of an overwhelming rush of cold and pain, it was an overwhelming rush of pure sexual pleasure. Still, it was something I had to "endure" without cumming.

Somehow, I made it through. It helped that my stamina was getting lots of daily training, with so many great blowjobs and titfucks.

Once Dr. Morgan noticed my heavy breathing calm down, relatively speaking, she resumed talking, even though I still had my hands on my head and was flying high on Mommy's continued awesome cocksucking work.

"Brian, as your mother requested, let me tell you what we've been talking about. I know you and her are deeply in love, and that's great. But remember that I've had many, many other mothers and sons come through this office, just like you two, so I know a few things. There are dangers of getting too attached, because you ARE technically committing incest many times a day, after all. The ideal situation is if you can find a nice girl roughly around your age who you fall in love and lust with AND who knows your mother is your personal sex pet yet is perfectly okay with that."

I was incredulous. "Well, yeah! I'd love a tree that grows dollar bills too. But what are the odds of that?! The first part is tough enough - I've never had any success with girls, period. I get too shy. But the second part is downright impossible! What girl in their right mind would possibly be okay with that?!"

The doctor gave me a curious, inscrutable look. "You'd be surprised. Remember my experience helping with these matters. By the normal rules of social behavior, yes, that would be well-nigh impossible. But you've already gone way past those rules. The key is that there are many, many, many beautiful, wonderful girls who are naturally submissive. In fact, I'd guess that most beauties are like that. It's just that they don't know it because they're never been tested in that way, or if they are aware, they fight it with all their might because it's seen as scary and socially unacceptable."

I complained, "I don't know if there are that many. But, on a practical level, it sounds like it doesn't matter, not so long as they're keen on fighting it."

"Yes, you would think," the doctor continued, while still furtively playing with herself as she watched Mommy's lips sliding up and down my thick shaft. "But that's assuming you passively accept the status quo. The truth is, you're an incredible catch! With your enormous, thick cock and your non-stop sexual stamina, you've got what it takes to satisfy an entire harem if you want!" She was breathing rather heavily as she said this, causing her huge rack to rise up and down inside her blouse.

I surprised even myself by saying, "I don't want! I'm in love with my mother and she's all I could ever want or need."

Mommy cooed happily upon hearing that. As a kind of a reward, she began using some of her most effective oral tricks on my hard-on.

The doctor nodded. "I understand. It's your choice. I'm just pointing out the option is there. You don't have any idea of your sexual power or appeal yet, but you will in time."

She paused, then made a decision. "Look. Brian, let me be frank. I'm going to tell you something I normally wouldn't say unless you'd been a patient of mine for a year or more. But you two are extraordinary, exceptional cases, so I'll take the risk. As each day passes, you and your mother are falling deeper into a mutually satisfying symbiotic relationship: you are learning to better dominate her, and she's learning to better submit to you. It's just a matter of time before you become an expert dominant, whether you realize it or not. Once that happens, you'll be able to win most any girl or woman you want."

"No way!" I protested.

The doctor smirked knowingly. "Yes way."

"Not every woman is naturally submissive."

"That's true. But you'd be surprised how many are. Many or most don't even know until they get seduced by some stud like you. I've seen it a thousand times. Literally. Remember how many other cases I've seen just like yours."

"Yeah, but I'm totally sexually satisfied as it is. And emotionally satisfied too. Mommy is all I could ever want or need." I tenderly ran my hand through my mother's long hair.

Mommy cooed contentedly as she continued to suck.

The doctor smirked. "I'm sure you are satisfied. But believe me, it can get even BETTER for you! When it comes to mothers and sons alone, in virtually every case I've been involved with, the son is pleased as he can be with his mommy pet, yet he eventually finds a suitable girlfriend too. One who knows all about the incest and is not only okay with it, but takes part in hot threesomes on a daily basis."

I flopped my hands in the air in confusion. "But how?! That's just so impossible!"

"Yes, and one month ago, you thought getting your mom to suck your cock was an even more impossible dream. And now look. She's expertly blowing you even as we talk, and that's become your new normal. So please don't tell me what's impossible. At least keep your mind open to the possibility."

I felt strangely defeated. "Well, you've got me there about my expectations on what is or isn't impossible. And you have seen way more than I have, so you're probably way ahead of me. But even if you're right, I'm totally happy the way things are. I'm in love with Mommy, and she's in love with me, and we spend all our time together having so much fun. Cumming and cumming all day long. Any change would only mess things up! Right, Mommy?"

My mother realized an answer was needed. She slowly but surely pulled her lips off my shaft. She continued to lap my most sensitive spots as she said, "Right. I totally agree that we're living the dream. Except, Son, couldn't it be even BETTER for you if you had a girlfriend too? Think about it. We do need some sort of cover, or people will eventually start to suspect. And further down the road, who is going to bear your children? And I do want you to have children!"

I confessed, "But Mommy! I was thinking that could be you! If I could ever talk you into fucking, that is."

"Awww! Son!" My mother looked up at me with shining, loving eyes. "That's so sweet! You're going to make me cry! But we need to be practical. Incest is a problem. We haven't even fucked yet due to my issues about it, as you know all too well. Besides, can't you imagine how much MORE FUN we could all have if there were two hot tongues lapping up and down your cock all the time?!"

"Well, yeah," I admitted.

Her eyes lit up. "Remember when Bethany and I briefly shared your cock at the last appointment? I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I've been talking about it with the good doctor a lot as well. She tells me that two mouths is way better than one!" She started writhing in place. "UNGH! Just thinking about it... So HOT!"

She dramatically engulfed my cockhead again and resumed bobbing on it.

I had to pause for a minute to adjust to another pleasure blast while also trying to think this issue through.

Unexpectedly though, Dr. Morgan said to me, "That's enough about that topic, I think. You don't have to make any big decisions on it today or even anytime soon. But just try to keep an open mind about it, okay? Your mother and I have discussed it a lot over the phone, and we agree it would be for the best, if you find the right girl. But, obviously, nothing need happen unless and until you're on board with the idea."

I said, "But Mommy! Wouldn't you feel jealous, having to share me like that?!"

The doctor replied, "Let me answer for her, since she's having such a ball slurping on you." She snickered at that. "I know what she'd say thanks to our phone calls. Yes, she IS going to feel jealous. Very jealous. But she loves you so very much that she's willing to overcome that. It helps that I've explained how so many other moms have been down the very same road she's starting down, and they've all wound up living the dream of a big-titted sex pet to their son, even when he has other girlfriends, mistresses, concubines, and/or wives. There's a joy of sharing in the pleasure of total submission to cock that she hasn't even started to explore yet. Trust me, as great as it is for you and her now, it gets even better with three. Or four, or more!"

I clutched at my head, feeling mentally overwhelmed. "Whoa! Seriously?! That's too much for me to handle!"

Somehow, the discussion petered out after that, maybe because Mommy got even more worked up, causing me to become too breathless to be able to keep talking.

Dr. Morgan wound up just sitting and watching, and still not-so-secretly masturbating, until I climaxed onto Mommy's face and tits.

I had hoped that was just phase one of a longer meeting, but as soon as I recovered from my wonderful climax, the doctor sent me back to the waiting room so she could have a private chat with my mother.

I was seriously disappointed, because the blowjob / discussion had only taken about thirty minutes, and we had an hour appointment. Sure, Mommy's oral work had been wonderful, as usual, but we did that at home all the time.

I resigned myself to sitting alone in the waiting room for the rest of the hour.

Even the sexy and busty blonde receptionist Rebecca was busy with actual work. She was very apologetic and said she wished she could get to know me better, but she had no time to chat with me. It seemed that since Bethany was sick for the week, Rebecca was running ragged, forced to do her job too.

While I waited, I thought over the whole previously undiscussed issue of me getting a girlfriend. I realized that my thoughts were very confused on the matter. On one hand, I've been keen to go to this very appointment in hopes of seeing Bethany again, and getting to enjoy her talented mouth and long tongue again. Failing that, or maybe on top of it, I've also had vague hopes of getting sexually intimate with Dr. Morgan and/or Rebecca. So I haven't exactly been averse to the idea of getting sexually involved with other women.

But on the other hand, when it comes to long-term romance and commitment, I only have eyes for Mommy. She's ideal in every way. Sexually, obviously, she's a living dream. But we've loved each other deeply even before that part started. We've been best friends since forever. Who could be a better mate than her? Nobody!

I guess I have to admit that I'm interested in playing around some, if the circumstances are right and Mommy approves, but I have no real interest in seriously dating anyone my age. How could I? No mere girl could come close to holding a candle to my mother, certainly not physically, but also not in any other way.

My thoughts went back to Bethany. Again, it's too bad she's not here. If there's a girl worth dating, it would be someone like her. Or, hell, her! I'd be psyched to date her, for sure! In a heartbeat! But she wouldn't be interested in me, not in more than a sexual way. She's three years older, for starters. At our age, that's more like ten or twenty years.

Huh. Dr. Morgan says that a guy like me is bound to get a girlfriend who is in on the incest eventually. I don't have any reason to doubt her. She knows her stuff. I guess it is possible, if I keep looking high and low for a long, long time. And yeah, that would be better all around, if it was somebody really great and Mommy was totally on board with it. But so many ifs! I'm not going to worry about it right now. That's putting the cart way before the horse.

When Mommy finally came out to the waiting room after our hour was up, she was very tight-lipped about what had been discussed. That left me even more disappointed.

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