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Chapter 11
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

However, things got a lot more interesting when Rebecca saw that Mommy and I were leaving.

She looked up from her paperwork and spoke through her window to us. "Wait! Don't go yet!"

We waited while she left her little room and walked through the back rooms until she was out in the waiting room with us.

She walked right up to me with a sultry smile on her face, but she spoke to my mother. "Ms. Pepper, the doctor has been keeping me appraised in a general way of how well you and your son have been doing. I'm very happy for you both! Congratulations!"

"Why, thank you."

Rebecca looked anxiously to Mommy. "Is it okay if I congratulate your son with an extra friendly kiss? On the lips?"

Mommy put her hands on her hips. "Hrm. As I recall from last time, you cleaned his penis with a tiny little towel."

Rebecca started to get embarrassed. "Er, yes."

"While his penis was fully erect, mind you. And you started stroking him with two hands even before you got the towel. Then you kept rubbing his best spots with your free hand even after you got the towel. I was there, you know, so don't try to deny it."

Rebecca began blushing. "Um. I guess that's all true."

"That sounds VERY suspicious, now that you made me think of it. Isn't that against your workplace rules?"

Rebecca confessed, "Very much so. To be honest, your son pretty much turned this whole office upside down last month. We've never seen anything like it before or since. And I've been working here for four years, so I know."

Mommy stared at her sternly and suspiciously, with her hands still on her hips. "May I ask you your age?"

"Sure. I'm 23. To answer your next question, I've been working here since not long after high school because I couldn't afford to go to college. It pays very well." She wound up gawking at Mommy's gigantic boobs. Like most people, she was too fascinated to look away.

"I see," my mother said, with a mysterious look on her face. "Hrm. Since you asked me to be the decider, I'm going to make full use of my power. I'm leaning towards letting you kiss him, but only if you answer some questions first. It so happens that your timing is good. I'm trying to get my son to see that he should start to date girls roughly his age. I guess you're a little too old for that, but it would be good for him to see that kissing a total knockout like you isn't exactly torture."

Rebecca straightened up and smiled, managing to resume eye contact. Her nervousness lessened thanks to those promising words. "I'll be glad to help in any way you like."

"Good. You can start by giving us your measurements."

Rebecca's smile widened. Clearly, she was proud of her body, and had good reason to be. She stepped back and struck a more provocative pose. "No problem. I'm five foot seven, and 38-24-38." She turned around to show off her backside. "My blonde mane goes all the way down to my waist, as you can see. Anything else? Oh, I'd tell you my weight, but you know women don't share that." She turned back to face us, and gave a saucy wink.

I'd been dying to find out Rebecca's bra size, and I saw what was probably my one and only socially acceptable chance to ask. "Um, if it's not too rude, can I ask your bra size too?"

She grinned at me. "That is a bit personal, but for you, I'll tell you. These are G-cups!" She proudly thrust her chest out, and then even briefly cupped her tits from below.

Mommy narrowed her gaze, looking almost annoyed. "No. No, they're not. You wear an F-cup at most." Her hostile attitude was highly unusual for her, since she was unfailingly kind and loving.

Rebecca got defensive. She put her hands on her hips too, just like Mommy. "I'm telling you, it's G."

Mommy challenged, "Okay, then prove it! Let's see what it says on your bra!" She held her hand out, like she expected Rebecca to hand the bra to her.

Rebecca looked nervously all around the waiting room. "You want me to take my bra off? Here?!"

"Yes, I do. And keep it off! As I remember, you 'cleaned' my son's cock quite extensively last time, in this very room. If you want to give my son a proper good-bye kiss, you need to do it topless! Oh, and let's make it more interesting: bottomless too!"

I was staying out of this as best I could, but my lust soared to the stratosphere! Not only was I thrilled at the prospect of hugging and kissing this exceptional bombshell while she was naked, but I got an extra kick that Mommy was trying hard to make it happen.

The blonde beauty kept looking around even though the room was empty. "Not here, please! I could get fired! And anyone could come in at any time!"

Mommy smiled almost wickedly. "That makes it more interesting. And look: my son approves." She glanced down to my crotch with a knowing smirk.

I looked down too. I didn't realize it until just then, but I saw my penis had fully engorged again and was lewdly tenting my shorts. Then again, considering how thrilled I felt, it would have been shocking if I hadn't gotten erect already. It made no sense for a sex goddess like Rebecca to be a mere receptionist.

Rebecca bit her lip. "Oh shit! I know the next mother and son couple is due to come in at any moment! I'm so screwed! I'm going to be exposed, for sure!"

Mommy just folded her arms under her massive rack and waited. She was driving a hard bargain.

Rebecca came to a decision. "Okay, but only if I get to play with his penis some too! If I'm getting busted, I might as well go for broke! And I get to keep my panties on!"

My jaw dropped. Did she just say that?! That's a deal I can get on board with!

My mother counter-negotiated, "Yes to the handjob. That should help him realize dating other girls can be lots of fun. But no to the panties! My son will want to play with your body without any hindrance, I'm sure. However, you can keep your high heels on."

Rebecca gave her a chagrined look. "Gee, thanks."

To my great surprise, she tacitly agreed to the deal, because she began stripping on the spot. "Fuck! I can't believe how this has gotten out of hand already! I'd better be fast!"

Mommy casually unzipped my fly and whipped out my now fully erect cock. Naturally, she began stroking it.

Rebecca was taking her clothes off with startling speed, like it was a timed race.

But even that was taking some time so, as she did so, I asked her, "I've got a question for you. Earlier today, you barely even gave me the time of day. You said you were piled under with paperwork. And now, this! What gives?!"

She already had her blouse unbuttoned. She explained, while dramatically yanking the blouse all the way off, "Tell me about it! I AM piled under, since Bethany is out for the week. So I could get totally busted for this! But I thought back, and I had soooooo much fun cleaning your cock last time you were here, and it occurred to me, 'if not now, then when?' I'm not going to see you for a whole 'nother month, and I'd never do this with any other patient!"

She mysteriously added, "I have a situation at home, and well... It's complicated. But let's just say I can't just normally date. So this is a rare opportunity for me to have some fun."

I had no idea what the heck she was talking about, and I don't think Mommy did either. Only later would I discover what her very important "situation at home" was. At my age, it never occurred to me to check her hand for a wedding ring, especially since there were so many other stunning parts of her body to look at.

As she talked, she took her bra all the way off. She tossed it to a nearby chair, the same as she'd already done to her blouse. She paused in her undressing and proudly cupped her tits from below. "You see? G-cups! 36-G's! If you don't believe me, check the bra tag."

Mommy eyed her critically while speaking to me. "I don't know. And I don't believe in tags, because she could be wearing the wrong size. Son, I'm afraid you're going to have to conduct a tactile inspection."

I was surprised my mother could keep a straight face for that. She knew as well as I did that the "tactile inspection" was just code for "play with her huge tits to your heart's content!" Which I definitely planned to do!

Rebecca yanked her skirt and panties down in one fell swoop, stepped out of them, and tossed them to the chair as well. Then, obviously scared out of her mind to be naked in the waiting room, she rushed to me and wrapped her arms around my upper torso. At least her front side wouldn't be exposed if our bodies were pressed together.

Mommy let go of my cock. She stepped back, still with a victorious smirk on her face.

As soon as Rebecca was in my embrace, I locked lips with her. I could feel that she was trembling with nervousness, and her face was tomato red from blushing. I figured some comforting kissing and fondling would help calm her down.

Apparently, she also was horny as all get out, because within seconds of starting to kiss me like her life depended on it, her hands found my boner and she began frantically stroking it. She was so worked up that she was exciting me more than I was calming her down.

Caught up in the frantic spirit, I brought my hands to her huge, bare G-cups (and yes, they had to be that large), even though they were mashed against my chest. They were so massive that there was plenty to play with from the sides, and I'd become something of an expert at doing that lately, thanks to all my practice with Mommy.

She looked down towards my cock in her hands, though I didn't see how she could see much, what with her immense tits pressing against me. She said, "I can't get over how BIG you are! Even by the standards of the satyrs who pass through here. And, good God! Compared to my... my..."

"Your what?"

"My... Uh... the guy I'm with... Compared to him, your penis is twice as long AND twice as thick! Well, just about!"

I had a feeling that I was missing something important about what she was saying, but I couldn't figure out just what. I was highly distracted, to say the least.

Technically, Rebecca and I were supposed to be kissing, and our lips finally met. She all but attacked my lips with a desperate passion, and I responded in kind. She was extremely nervous, but it was clear to me that her shame in being buck naked in the waiting room had her hotter than an oven.

I figured that our time could be limited, because who knows if she'd chicken out and run off, or we could get interrupted somehow. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and push her past the point of no return, where she would do anything. As a result, I soon took my hands from her huge tits and brought one to fondle her ass cheeks. But my real go-for-broke move was that I brought my other hand to her pussy. Within seconds, I started vigorously fingerbanging her.

She broke our kiss to gasp out, "What are you doing to me?!" But before I could even respond, she plastered her lips back onto mine and kissed me with even MORE intensity than before!

A few seconds later, I could feel she was having an orgasm. I was surprised, because I felt I'd only just begun with my ass and pussy play, but it seemed the rapid pace of events had overtaken her. She moaned and groaned into my mouth, but she wasn't so far gone that she couldn't keep jacking me off all the while.

Mommy looked pleased as punch by the whole situation. Standing to the side of us, she actually put a hand on my back and a hand on Rebecca's back. "Just look at the two of you! Son, see what I mean? Variety is the spice of life. Wouldn't you like to have a girlfriend much like Rebecca here?"

"Bethany is going to be so disappointed that she's sick and is missing out."

Mommy, Rebecca, and I all froze with alarm. Those words couldn't have been spoken by Rebecca or me, since we were still engaged in a sizzling lip-lock, and the voice wasn't coming from where Mommy stood, and didn't sound like her either.

The three of us looked around. Rebecca started to pull away from me, but then apparently decided it would be less embarrassing to keep our embrace going, since that still covered up much of her front side.

It turned out the voice belonged to Dr. Morgan. She stood at the door from the waiting room into the inner offices, with her hands on her hips and an amused smile on her face.

I had two fingers in Rebecca's pussy. I pulled them out and covered her ass with both of my hands instead. Or at least I tried to - her bare ass cheeks were larger than what my hands could completely cover

Rebecca let go of my boner and kept it pointing up against her lower abdomen, trapped between our bodies so it would be hard for it to be directly seen from any angle. She turned in place somewhat, effectively using my body as a shield so the doctor couldn't see much of her nudity from where she stood.

Then she wailed in distress, "Oh SHIT! Dr. Morgan! Oh no! I'm so, so very sorry!"

The doctor looked dead serious. "This IS a violation of my office policies, you know."

"I can explain!" Rebecca started to say.

I wanted to hear that, because what acceptable explanation could she give? Would she claim her clothes fell off and she was huddling against me for warmth?! I wasn't too concerned that the doctor would be mad at me, at least not after the initial shock, based on her previous sexually permissive behavior. So I felt I could watch this almost as an innocent bystander.

I noticed Mommy was taking a similar attitude. She took a step or two back, but otherwise seemed unperturbed.

Dr. Morgan somewhat defused the situation by holding her hands up and telling her receptionist, "Don't worry, I'm not mad."

"You're not?!" Rebecca's face was getting red from blushing.

"No. In fact, I'm very glad and encouraged! Given your home situation, I've been rooting for this very thing to happen for a couple of years now. Actually, I've been pushing you so much that I'm wondering what's caused you to take the next step with Brian, given that we have so many tempting, young, and well-hung satyrs pass through here every day."

I could feel Rebecca's body relax against mine. However, she continued to hold me tight and position me as a shield from the doctor's point of view.

The nude receptionist said, "I don't know. I guess it just all exploded last month, when I saw Bethany take Brian's super thick cock in her mouth and have so much fun with it. I figured, 'Hey, if she can do it, why not me?' Then, I don't know if you know, but I cleaned his cock for a couple of minutes."

Mommy snickered, She told the doctor, "She had this tiny little napkin of a towel, and she used TWO hands on his fat boner. It was a handjob, plain and simple."

A red-faced and ashamed Rebecca admitted, "Yeah, I guess it was. And Bethany saw it all, and she and I have been talking about Brian a lot in private ever since. She really sings his praises, and I kind of got swept up in that, wanting more of him. Then, I just... I don't know! I see so many women pass through here living in sexual paradise, serving big cocks, having such fun. It's finally kind of broken me!"

"Well, good!" The doctor clapped. "It's about damn time, I say!" She walked further into the room until she stood right next to Rebecca and me, but on the opposite side of Mommy.

I still had both hands on Rebecca's ass, and I must admit there was something about how helpless and embarrassed she was acting that was turning me on something fierce. With the doctor coming close, I realized I was not only holding her ass cheeks, but fondling and even kneading them too!

I tried to do the right thing. I took my hands from her ass and put them in the middle of her bare back instead. Since her long blonde mane reached down to the top of her ass, I found myself stroking her silky hair.

The doctor started closely visually examining us. She told Rebecca, "Let's see what we have here. It looks like you've been jacking him off. Don't stop on my account. I was just passing down the hall to check with you on who the next couple is and if they were late. I noticed your office was empty, and I'm so glad I did. Now I can help you out. What are you waiting for?" She nodded towards my crotch.

Rebecca was incredulous. "You want me to resume jacking him off?"

"And resume kissing him," the doctor said, while trying to peek between our bodies. "I see the lipstick smears."

As soon as I heard those words, and still figuring I wasn't in the doctor's firing line, I resumed fingerbanging Rebecca while also fondling one of her great melons.

Dr. Morgan saw that and snickered. "There you go! That's the spirit! Now, you too, girl. You've worked here long enough to know what a busty babe such as yourself should do to a stiff, superior cock."

Rebecca's embarrassment was still soaring. But she took my erection back in hand, even as it stayed pressed tightly against her up towards her tummy. She muttered shamefully, "She... she... always pleasures it.. and... and... serves it!"

"Exactly. And don't forget the kissing. Let's see a really steamy lip-lock." The doctor stared expectantly until Rebecca resumed making out with me while also getting into a good handjob rhythm.

I glanced over at Mommy. She flashed me a toothy smile and gave me a thumbs up. There was no sign of jealousy whatsoever.

The doctor seemed satisfied and unthinkingly nodded with approval. She told her receptionist, "Consider this the start of YOUR therapy program, free of charge, since I'd love to see you solve your problem, with Brian's help. I wish you would have told me about that secret handjob you gave him last month. Then I could have-"

Her talking came to a sudden halt, due to the sound of a door opening!

Mommy, Rebecca, and I all froze again.

I took my hands off Rebecca's pussy and breasts in a heartbeat, and she did the same with my penis. I wound up with my hands back on her ass cheeks, trying to cover up there.

Even Dr. Morgan seemed startled. But luckily, she had a quick mind and was used to being in command in her office. She barked, "STOP!"

I didn't see what was happening, because someone was entering the waiting room from the outside hallway, not from the inner offices. I happened to be partially facing that direction, but I shut my eyes tightly before I could see anything more than a partially open door. In the panic of the moment, I must have been acting as if I couldn't see them, they couldn't see me.

The doctor quickly strode across the room to the door.

One could have heard a pin drop, except for the sound of excited breathing from Rebecca and me, and Mommy too.

With my eyes still closed, I heard Dr. Morgan say, "Good day, Martha and Trevor. Would you mind waiting outside for a minute? We're having kind of a therapeutic breakthrough in the waiting room with one of the other mothers. She, uh... she's finding she gets off on sharing her son with, uh, his other busty sluts."

A female voice, presumably Martha's, said, "Oh, so the clothed one is his mother and the nude one is one of his girlfriends?"

Dr. Morgan reluctantly replied, "Yes."

I hadn't been that perturbed even by the latest arrivals, once the initial shock wore off (again). After all, I was fully dressed, except for my erection sticking out of my fly, and that couldn't be seen from where the others were standing. Rebecca was in a much more precarious position, since she was buck naked except for her high heels. But I must admit I was startled and disturbed to hear Martha's comments, since I had hoped and even assumed the doctor had moved fast enough to stop Martha and her son Trevor from looking in.

Curiosity got the best of me and I took a careful peek. The door was only open about a foot, and Dr. Morgan was standing in the way to prevent the two strangers from opening it further and coming in. But both mother and son were being shamelessly nosy, sticking their heads into the room to check out the scene.

I'm sure Rebecca would have been mortified to be identified by them. As the office receptionist, she had a reputation of never getting involved with any of the patients, and this would blow that all to hell. But she also had to be aware that since she happened to be facing away from that door, they wouldn't be able to see her face.

Martha said, "Oh my goddess! This is exciting! Is it okay if I meet-"

Dr. Morgan interrupted, "Ms. McCoy! Please! This is a delicate situation and I'd rather you not meet anybody, or come in, period. The, uh, girlfriend, she's new to the submissive slut life and she's very shy."

"Oh. I see. I understand," Martha said. "I remember when I was like that too."

I continued to peek through narrow slits. I couldn't see anything of Martha and Trevor McCoy but their heads. Both of them looked to have stereotypical Irish or Scottish complexions: pale skin, rosy cheeks, green eyes, and reddish hair. From Martha's face alone, one could tell she had to be a total stunner, despite having what I considered a frumpy name.

Trevor looked to be around my age. His jaw as practically hanging to the floor, since he was so psyched and aroused by the sexy sight he was witnessing. He was equally interested in looking at Mommy - since she was so very stunning and her tits were so extraordinarily large - and Rebecca. I imagine he would have naturally ogled Rebecca more due to her total nudity and remarkable beauty, except that she had her back turned to him and he couldn't see much. Even her ass cheeks were mostly covered with my hands, and her blonde hair covered most of her back.

Dr. Morgan told the McCoys, "To minimize embarrassment, why don't you two wait outside for a few minutes? I'll talk to the others and smooth things over. Then I'll let you in, okay?"

"Sounds reasonable," Martha said. "Sorry to cause trouble. This probably all happened because we were a little late."

The doctor shooed them away and closed the door.

Then she walked over to us. "I'm sorry about that. What awful timing. I guess our main problem now is how to get you out of here" - she meant Mommy and me - "without them realizing that Brian's 'girlfriend' is actually the receptionist!"

Rebecca was still clinging to me for dear life, with her arms wrapped around my back. She asked, "Is there any chance they recognized me already?!"

"None, I'm sure. All they could see is that Brian is hugging a voluptuous woman with fair skin and long blonde hair. Nearly all my female patients have the same outstanding hardbody hourglass figures. Your height and weight are nothing unusual around here. The only truly distinctive feature is your hair."

"But that's the problem!" Rebecca wailed unhappily. "My hair is so straight and long; not a lot of women have hair like that. And they already know 'the receptionist' has hair like that."

My raging boner was still tightly pressing against Rebecca's bare skin, but I was trying my best to ignore that.

The doctor told her, "Yes, but remember that I only take extraordinary beauties as patients. Blondes are way more common here than in the outside world, and very long hair is common too. Off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen current patients who would look exactly like you from the back, complete with your fabulous and firm bubble butt. Don't worry. All you have to do is quickly dress, wipe that blushing look off your face, return to your office, and pretend like everything's normal."

Rebecca complained, "But I can't wipe my blush away; I'm dying of embarrassment! I feel like a total slut, Brian's naked slut! And what about my clothes?! They were looking into the room for so long that they probably saw them on the floor. Then they'll see me wearing the same clothes through the window!"

"Hrm. That is a problem, I must admit." Dr. Morgan furrowed her brow. "But luckily, I've got several changes of clothes in my inner office for various emergencies. Since we have pretty much the same exact figures, you can wear some of my clothes. That'll make them way less likely to realize who you are. Come with me." She started to walk away.

But then she remembered Mommy and me, and stopped. "As for you two, we could hide you in another room for a while, or you can just leave."

I pointed out, "If we leave, the McCoys are waiting out in the hallway, right? We'll run into them for sure."

"That's true," the doctor agreed.

Mommy said to me, "Don't worry, I've got his. We can stop by and make some small talk. I can refer to your 'girlfriend' by another name. Oh, say, 'Summer.' That'll throw them further off track."

Rebecca asked, while still clinging to me, "That sounds good, but what about me?! If I don't leave with them, then what will they think happened to this Summer?"

Dr. Morgan shrugged. "We'll just tell them you were super shy so you left by a back door."

"But there is no back door!" Rebecca pointed out.

"True, but they don't know that, and they're not going to know. Trust me."

So Rebecca walked off with Dr. Morgan into the inner offices, after picking up her clothes.

It happened so quickly that she and I hardly had a chance to say good-bye. Right as she was about to leave the room, she paused at the door, clothes bundled in her hands, and said, "Bye, Brian! I'm sorry about getting caught like that, but I'm not sorry about kissing you. Can we keep this kissing tradition going when I see you in the future?"

I gave her a big smile. "Sure. I'd really like that."

"Okay. Bye! And good-bye, Ms. Pepper."

Mommy made a friendly wave.

My dick had stayed fully erect. Despite the lack of sexual activity, just standing there with my boner pressing tightly against Rebecca's flawless naked body was plenty arousing for me. Naturally, I zipped up before we left, but I couldn't will my erection flaccid again.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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