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Chapter 12
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mommy and I ran into the McCoys as soon as we left the waiting room. We did our best to act cool and collected, like everything was normal. There were handshakes and greetings all around.

Martha asked straight away where my girlfriend was.

Mommy, replied for me, giving the cover story of "Summer" leaving by a back door due to her embarrassment.

Then Mommy and Martha chatted for several minutes as if they were old friends already. I suppose they had a powerful natural bond, since they were both admitted big-titted, submissive mommy sluts.

Meanwhile, Trevor and I stood and waited. We normally would have wanted to talk to each other some, but what the two mothers were talking about was plenty entertaining. For instance, even though they'd just met, it wasn't long before they were talking about all the different ways they loved to pleasure their son's cocks.

Plus, I enjoyed the opportunity to simply gawk at Martha, and I'm sure Trevor felt the same about gawking at Mommy. Martha was so smoking hot that just being near her kept my cock like a steel bar in my shorts.

I found myself thinking, Where does Dr. Morgan FIND these women?! Holy cow! Including the doctor herself, Rebecca, Bethany, and now Martha, they ALL at least compete with Mommy in terms of sheer beauty AND breast size! Like Martha here. Her boobs aren't as big as Mommy's, but only a couple of bra sizes smaller is still way off the normal scale, especially coupled with her hardbody and sexy, wanton face. Are ALL of the doctor's female patients like that?! If so, how?!

The conversation between Mommy and Martha morphed into the two of them talking about their own feelings about being naked and performing sex acts on their sons in front of the doctor. It turned out Martha had been a patient of Dr. Morgan's for over a year and had only just started doing that. She was fairly shocked by how much "progress" Mommy had made for only her second appointment.

They chatted away like close friends for about five minutes or so, with much of it focusing on their mutual love of cocksucking, including talking about their favorite techniques. They probably would have gone on much longer, except Dr. Morgan peeked her head out into the hallway and told the McCoys that it was time for them to come in and start their appointment.

(Mommy would later find out from talking to Dr. Morgan on the phone that Rebecca successfully dodged a bullet. The doctor quickly led the McCoys through the waiting room without saying a word to Rebecca, while she sat just barely in view with her head down, pretending to be buried in paperwork. There was no sign the McCoys even suspected that she was my naked so-called "girlfriend.")

Mommy and Martha got on so well that they exchanged telephone numbers and promises to keep in touch. Martha had just started to explain to Mommy all the difference ways a blowjob could be improved with some whipped cream, and promised to finish her explanation on the phone.

Trevor and I hardly said a word to each other, but we shared a few knowing looks, as if to ask, Can you fucking believe our incredible luck?! We both especially knowingly grinned at each other when the two mothers gave each other good-bye hugs and kisses. The sheer combined tit power involved was mind-blowing!

Dr. Morgan's clinic was a small building all by itself in the middle of some woods pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure that was on purpose, for maximum privacy. Since there were no other offices in the building, it was a short walk down the outer hallway to the outside parking lot.

Mommy and I walked hand in hand to her car.

She was in a great mood. "Well, that was nice! Aren't they a great couple? I'm so glad things worked out that way. I don't feel ANY guilt doing what I do to you, because I love it so much. Still, sometimes it's tough knowing we're going against the grain of normal society. It's nice to meet another buxom cocksucking mommy to know we're on the right track."

She added, "Oh, and wasn't that great, with Rebecca? Nice 'kissing' tradition you got started there with her, stud!" She looked at me with an extra big smile and squeezed my hand.

I nodded, but I was distracted. I asked her about the gorgeous receptionist, "What do you think the deal is with her? I got the feeling that something's going on that I don't understand. For instance, Dr. Morgan mentioned how happy she was to see her fondling and kissing me because she wanted to help her 'solve her problem.' What do you think that problem is?"

We had reached Mommy's car. It was one of only four currently in the parking lot, and I was confident I'd seen the owners of the other three cars in the last ten minutes or so. She and I unlocked and opened our doors and took our seats in the front.

As we were doing that, Mommy replied, "Oh, I think that's pretty obvious: she has some sort of sexual intimacy issues. Some kind of lingering reluctance to really let go and bask in the joy of serving superior cock. As she should, by the way, given the body she has. So, on top of everything else, I think you did her a good turn!"

"Wow. Are you jealous at all?"

She flashed me a toothy smile. "Let me answer that in my favorite way. Unbuckle your seatbelt, please."

I did so, right as I noticed she'd just unbuckled her seat belt, which normally went into place automatically.

My heart started to race, due mostly to the hungry look on her face.

She smirk-smiled. "Oh, and please unzip your fly and tug your shorts down."

"What's going on?!"

She giggled, with a knowing and naughty look on her stunning face. "What do you think?! Mmmm... I'm so hungry... Mommy needs to SUCK!" She undid her blouse and dramatically pulled it all the way off. She quickly got rid of her bra too. Then she started wiggling out of her skirt and panties for good measure!

I gawked at her undressing, with my mouth hanging open. "Here?! Outside, in the open!?"

"We're hardly out in the open," she said breezily as she worked on getting out of her skirt. "We're at the end of a long private road, surrounded by woods. It's almost as if Dr. Morgan specifically picked this place precisely for some slurpy, spermy, head-bobbing parking lot fun. In fact, now that I think about it, I'll bet hundreds of sexy, busty mommies have blown their sons in their cars here over the years. Isn't that exciting?!"

"Jesus H. Christ!" I muttered, as I finally got into gear and began working on my shorts. It felt divine to release my almost painfully aroused hard-on.

I realized she almost certainly was right about blowjobs and other sex acts in the parking lot. I could easily imagine other incestuous couples getting extremely worked up either coming or going from seeing Dr. Morgan and thus craving some immediate sexual relief.

Once Mommy was down to just her high heels, she took my boner in hand and bent over, dropping her head into my crotch. "Aaaah! Now, this definitely hits the spot!" She took a few loving licks on my cockhead, while stroking my shaft. "Anyway, this is my answer as to whether I was jealous watching you dominate Rebecca's incredible naked body. Yes, I was, but that was nothing compared to how totally damn HOT it's made me!"

With that, she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my cockhead.

What followed was a cock pleasuring for the ages! Using her mouth and tits, Mommy seemed intent on proving herself to be the best mommy pet on the planet, better than Martha or anyone else. She played me like a fiddle, repeatedly bringing me right to the cusp of climax and then easing up or taking a brief rest. More than once, she used a special squeezing trick around the base of my shaft when I'd accidentally started to cross the line.

It was incredible! I could have fretted how I was unworthy, which was true. Hell, nobody was worthy of her and her oral talents. But I was out of my mind with lust, and unable to have any negative thoughts whatsoever.

After a while, even Mommy could get tired from her non-stop adoration of my cock, especially since she'd gotten so good at keeping me hanging on the cusp of cumming seemingly indefinitely. Luckily, we'd run into this problem before, and I'd developed some "counter-measures" to help give her a second wind. My main "weapon" in such a situation was simply talking.

That's what I did this time. Luckily, the unique location and situation gave me lots to say that I knew would inspire her. As she continued to slowly slurp on my thick shaft, I tenderly ran my hand through the hair on her bobbing head, and purred to her, "Mommy, do you feel part of something bigger today? I do. Think about Martha and her son Trevor, for instance. They're so similar to us, don't you think? Martha is seriously sexy! And, of course, she's uncommonly busty. I'm sure Trevor had a big, thick penis. Can you picture them hanging out at home, with Martha kneeling naked between her son's legs, endlessly choking and gagging on his thick one, probably crying from the sheer effort of trying to deep throat him again? I can see it in my mind so clearly."

Already, my words were having a noticeable effect. Mommy revived right away, as if she had to do her best because Martha was right there in the car with us and watching her every move. Her tongue started flitting here and there on my shaft like a hummingbird, while she achieved a tight lip-lock and sucked me deeper and harder. One of her hands got busy fondling my balls as well.

I had the good idea to simply tell her my latest thoughts, and elaborate on them. "Hey, can you imagine if Martha was watching us this very minute? I'd bet she'd be impressed at what a good and loving mother you are. And I'm sure she'd get all horny watching you fully submit to your son's cock!"

Mommy moaned loudly and approvingly.

Increasingly inspired, I went on, "And it's not just you! I'll bet she'd get to thinking about the hundreds of other mommies and sons who have had sexy fun in their cars in this very parking lot either coming or going from seeing the good doctor. It's like we're part of some greater scheme, some flow of history where mommies learn to take their love for their sons to a whole new level. Not just here, but all over the world!"

Mommy was so excited to hear that that she had to pull her lips off my boner briefly to say something. "Oh my gosh! Son! That's too exciting! We are part of a movement, a historical movement! I feel so proud! Like I'm an early pioneer! So many busty, nude mommies, worshiping their son's fat cocks with all their hearts!"

With that, she engulfed my cock again. I soon realized I'd kind of created a monster in the sense that I had probably inspired her a little too much. For the next ten minutes, I rode a wild roller coaster ride.

Eventually, it was too exciting for all my orgasm-delaying tricks, and I blasted a load right down her throat. But I must admit that I'd excited myself a lot too, so I stayed stiff and the roller coaster ride continued with almost no let up whatsoever.

Eventually both of us settled down to a more sustainable pace, including an emphasis on titfucking to help rest her tired mouth some. But now I knew the sorts of things to say that would easily set her off like a firecracker.

Mommy spent so much time blowing and titfucking me in the car that we were still at it nearly an hour later when another car pulled into the parking lot. It was a roomy four-seater, like ours.

Just one glance at the passengers in that car confirmed that they were another mother and son couple, roughly the same ages as Mommy and me. As with the McCoys, the familial resemblance was uncanny, even though both of them were wearing dark sunglasses.

After seeing Martha McCoy, I'd wondered if all of Dr. Morgan's female patients were that gorgeous. Seeing this other unnamed mother, I thought, Yes, yes, they are. They must all be like that! It's like nothing but beauty contest winners are even allowed here. And she's seriously stacked! Holy shit!

There were over a dozen empty parking spaces the other mother could have parked in, but she chose to park in one right next to ours. At first, I thought that was rude, like another guy using the urinal right next to yours when all of the others were empty.

Mommy and I tried to act like they weren't there. I was sitting up and had nowhere to go, other than ducking down, which seemed shameful and silly to me. So I just shut my eyes and hoped they'd be gone soon. Mommy was in the middle of her cocksucking bliss. She kept going like she was oblivious they were there, even though there was no way she could have missed hearing them, especially since our windows here partially rolled down.

I listened carefully for sounds of doors opening and closing, talking, and/or walking, so I could sense when they were gone and the coast was clear. But I didn't hear any of that.

Instead, after a few minutes, I heart a surprisingly loud sexual slurping sound. I peeked through narrow slits and saw nothing but a young guy who looked a lot like me, kicking back in the front passenger's seat with his seat tilted way back, his hands behind his head. He wore a smug look on his face with his sunglasses pushed up his forehead and his eyes closed.

Then I leaned more that way to look closer, and saw a little bit of blonde hair moving up and down in his lap.

I was so tickled pink that I laughed out loud. I whispered to Mommy, "They're doing the same thing we are! She's sucking him off!"

Mommy gleefully muttered to me, "I know already." That came out clearly even though her mouth was full with my pulsing cock.

I felt foolish from seeing how comfy the other boy looked, because I'd been in this seat for a long time and I hadn't thought to do what he was doing. I tilted my seat back and then put my hands behind my head in a way that deliberately mimicked the other boy's pose.

Gentling stroking Mommy's dark brown hair, I thought, Good fucking God! This is what I call living! How awesome is this?! We really ARE part of some kind of movement. I wonder how many other boys are getting their dicks sucked by their gorgeous moms today, thanks to Dr Morgan. Hundreds, I'll bet. I swear, I don't know how she does it, but she should win some kind of Nobel Prize for total awesomeness!

Our car windows were partially open because it was a hot afternoon and we'd had no idea anyone would intrude on our privacy like this. It was the same for the other car. As a result, we could clearly hear just what was happening to them, and it had to be the same for them with us. It wasn't long before the two busty moms were "competing" to make the loudest, lewdest sexual noises. Both of them resorted to lots of choking and gagging.

There wasn't a clear winner, unless one were to argue that both the other boy and I were endlessly winning from all the extreme pleasure! Although it looked like Mommy was "winning" a lot too, in that she kept fingering herself to orgasm.

At one point, I had to quietly share some of my thoughts with Mommy. I whispered to her, "Remember what I was talking about earlier, with Martha and Trevor, that we're all part of a movement? Seeing and hearing what's happening in the car next to us kinda proves that, don't you think?"

"MMMM!" Mommy enthusiastically replied, while sucking her cheeks in mightily.

I had to gasp and even clutch my fists in the air, because what she was doing to me felt so incredible.

After another minute, I managed to calm down just enough to talk some more. Looking to the other car, I said to Mommy, "I wish you could see what I can see. All I can really see is a mass of blonde hair bobbing in his lap, but that's enough, don't you think? And you should see the look on his face. He's so smug! Clearly, he's fully tamed his mother. He knows he can count on her sweet sliding lips whenever his dick so much as feels a tingle of arousal! Does that excite you?"

At first, Mommy just responded with another muffled yet hearty "MMMM!" But then, after another minute or two passed and it became clear to her that I wasn't going to say anything else (for fear of arousing her too much), she actually pulled her lips all the way off my hard-on just long enough to say, "More!"

I chuckled, but also tried to play for time by asking, "More what?"

She whispered eagerly, "More of that talk! Tell me more about all the naughty things that boy sitting right over there is doing to his huge-titted mommy!"

I was dangerously close to cumming already, but I got swept up in her excitement. I could resist whispering some more, "Chances are, she's married. But does that stop her from doing what's most important? NO! I'm sure she sleeps in bed with her son every night while her poor husband has to sleep on the couch, listening to the sounds of her screaming her head off getting royally skewered over and over again!"

Mommy looked up to me with a particularly intense fire in her eyes. Her jam-packed mouth moaned around my shaft, "MORE!"

I glanced over to the other car, worried the boy might be able to hear. He seemed lost in his own blissed out world. In fact, his teeth were tightly clenched and he was panting hard. I knew I was flirting with orgasmic disaster since Mommy was liable to get carried away. If I had another climax, the parking lot fun was probably going to be over. But, once again, I simply couldn't resist.

I put both hands in Mommy's hair in hopes of controlling the vigor of her bobbing. Then I quietly whispered, "And you said, she has huge tits. She does! I'm sure that when she serves her son dinner, she serves him dinner, titfucking him naked under the table while her hubby sits across the table burning with jealousy and frustration! She feels bad, but she's part of a movement. For busty and beautiful mommies all across the land, serving their son's cocks comes first!"

Those words just about drove my mother completely insane! Sure enough, we took off on another wild roller coaster ride. But at least I was more prepared this time. Thanks to the way I firmly clutched her head, I was able to keep her in check just enough not to erupt in orgasmic ecstasy. It helped greatly that I'd climaxed not that long ago.

As it happened though, she never really did settle down again after my latest words got her so worked up. I rode that "roller coaster" for another five minutes or more. But Mommy had been working on my cock for a long time before the other couple showed up, and my endurance could only last so long in the face of her enthusiasm and talent. I tried to hold out as best I could, but I eventually lost my willpower and blasted another cum load directly into Mommy's mouth.

Mommy was happy as a clam after she came down from the euphoria of her simultaneous orgasm. She hummed contentedly while apparently swirling my cum around inside her mouth.

She was still flying so high that I'll bet she would have been delighted to keep going like that all afternoon! But it was clear that my penis was done for a while after two climaxes, so there was nothing to do but get ready to leave.

She generally stayed low while putting her clothes back on, but it didn't matter much since the boy remained lost in his own erotic bliss, still leaning back with his hands behind his head.

I leaned towards that car again and saw a mess of blonde hair continuing to bob in the boy's lap. Clearly, he wasn't in danger of cumming any time soon.

Before we'd started seeing Dr. Morgan, Mommy had been shy and demure, and she generally was still that way when it came to interacting with strangers. So it surprised the heck out of me when, after she was fully dressed and ready to drive away, she reached out of her driver's seat window and knocked on the window on the passenger's side of the car next to us!

That was the side where the boy was sitting. He was close enough that Mommy could have stretched out, stuck her arm through his window, and touched him.

The boy came out of a deep erotic reverie and looked around in shock and confusion. He was even more startled when he saw Mommy and me sitting in our car and looking his way.

Mommy said to him with a knowing smile, "Hey, there, young man. Are you having a nice day?"

He relaxed and broke into a big smile. "Very nice! The best!"

"Good! Remember, don't be late for your appointment. Oh, and tell your mom that I think she's great!"

He frowned with worry, and started to say, "How do you know she's my moth..." But then she changed his mind and resumed his smile. "Duh! Of course you know. Sorry, I'm a little out of it. I'll tell her, but I'm sure she heard anyway. Oh, and, uh, same to you! I was enjoying the sounds of you slurping up a storm. Your son must be a very lucky guy."

"Thanks!" Mommy briefly turned my way and gave me a loving smile. "He is!"

I nodded emphatically at that.

The boy looked past Mommy to me and we shared a knowing look. We also gave the thumbs up sign to each other.

Then my shy mother surprised me with another not so shy move. She raised herself up in her seat until she was almost standing up on it. Clearly, that was so she could have a better view looking down into the other car. She already had a better view than I did, since her seat was closer than mine was. But rising up like that, she was liable to be able to see everything.

She maintained that position for a few seconds, then sat back down. She smiled from ear to ear, and muttered "Nice!" to the other boy.

He smiled back, but he already seemed highly distracted from whatever his mother's mouth was doing to his erection.

Mommy finally drove away. As we left the parking lot, both of us looked back. The boy was back in the same pose as before, complete with closed eyes, hands behind his head, and a wide smile.

Mommy smiled even wider. "Boy, that warms my heart, knowing that mommy is on cloud nine from orally serving her son's big cock. Have I told you how much I love this place? Or how much I love Dr. Morgan? And especially how much I love you! And I love what you said about there being a secret movement. I think you're right! I have this feeling like we're part of something big, something special and exciting! It's like the doctor has started her own little social revolution!"

I nodded in awe, because it was a pretty mind-blowing concept. I muttered, "Yeah, I guess that's true, though only for the very lucky few who look a certain way and are nymphos and satyrs."

"That's true," she nodded as she drove. "I thank my lucky stars many times a day that we're part of that lucky group!"

After a pause, I couldn't resist asking, "So... what did you see when you rose up to peek down into their car?"

She glanced my way and grinned knowingly. "What do you think?" She winked. "It was exactly what I expected: lots of sexy sucking. Mainly, I just wanted to confirm that she was completely naked, and of course she was. That makes me feel so good and tingly inside. It helps confirm that we are part of something bigger. Oh, and I'm not completely sure, but I'm pretty sure she was deep throating him too! I couldn't directly see the action, but her face was buried so deep in his crotch!"

She looked my way again. Her eyes were flashing with renewed lusty fire. "Just you wait, Son. Just you wait until I get really good at taking you all the way to your balls. You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" She laughed joyfully, then focused back on driving the car.

I thought, Holy shit! What a life!

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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