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Chapter 13
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Back at home that same evening, Mommy entered my room wearing just one of her J-cup bras and a tiny pair of panties. Her breasts looked bigger than ever on her tiny body. Plus, of course, she was wearing high heels. That had become such a standard that it was rare for me to ever see her without them. Sometimes, she'd even wear them when we played around naked in the shower!

She sat down on the edge of my bed. I was already sitting against the headboard with my T-shirt on but my shorts off. (I rarely wore anything to cover my crotch anymore, since Mommy wanted easy access to my penis.) As had become her habit, she put her hand on my penis, even though it was flaccid.

She stared earnestly into my eyes. "Hi, Sweetie. I have something very important to tell you, which is why I'm keeping my undies on."

I reached out and cupped the underside of one of her immense boobs. "Just for now, I hope?"

She grinned almost wickedly. "Yes, just for now, of course. I'll go back to being your naked and naughty mommy pet shortly. But first..." - she reluctantly moved her hand away from my crotch - "...the doctor told me some very interesting things after you went back to the waiting room. For instance, did you know the cream we've been using can actually make a woman's breasts grow larger?!"

That got my attention. "No way!"

She nodded. "Apparently, it happens sometimes! Not all the time, mind you, but sometimes. I got measured at the office, and mine were about the same size as always, but these are still very early days. She recommended that you spend even more time playing with my big titties! Er, I mean, rubbing the cream into them. Do you think you can do that?"

I gulped. "Hell, yeah!" My penis started to suddenly engorge, thanks to this great news.

She grinned widely, and started stroking my dick. "I thought you'd say that. Anyway, I have an idea. As you know, either your or I have to rub the cream onto my pussy every day, and of course I have to rub it onto your cock many times a day. Not that I mind in the least!" She chuckled, then looked down at her sliding fingers.

Already, I was fully engorged.

She noticed. "Wow! Such a BIG boy you are!"

There was a prolonged silence. She simply stared at her hand pumping up and down my erection as she gathered courage to say more. "Dr. Morgan gave me a suggestion... I was thinking... to save time... what would you think if I masturbate you with the cream, but then you apply the excess to my vagina with your big cock?"

She blushed shyly and turned her head. But she added, "We could sort of kill two birds with one stone, as it were."

I didn't know what to say. Holy Toledo! Did I hear that right?! Here is my insanely voluptuous, almost naked mother, her body twitching with horniness, basically begging me to put my erection in her vagina. In her vagina?! Is she asking me to fuck her or is there some misunderstanding?! She's been so against even the talk of real fucking that I fear to hope! I don't know what she means exactly, but I'm up for it, whatever it is!

My heart started thumping a thousand miles an hour. But I tried my best to play it cool, for fear of freaking her out. "Okay, Mommy. I can do that."

Her entire body rocked up and down a little bit, causing her chest to wobble and shake. "Goody! We should start that tonight, don't you think?"

"Definitely!" I thought, Pinch me, I'm dreaming! The one grey cloud is moving away. I'm finally going to get to fuck her!

She beamed brightly, her radiant smile filling the room. "Agreed! Now, first I'm going to play with your fat cock a little bit - I mean, apply the cream. As usual."

She covered her other hand in the cherry cream, then rubbed her two hands together. She licked her lips hungrily as she began slathering my stiff pole with both hands. "Mmmm... It's so big tonight, Sweetie! It seems even bigger than usual. I'm so proud of you. Are you staring at Mommy's breasts?"

"Yes, Mommy, I'm staring at your giant breasts."

"Good boy." She momentarily took her hands off my engorged cock, got up, and removed her giant bra and little panties.

As had become her habit, she put on a sexy show as she stripped. For instance, she bent forward and pressed her massive knockers together with her upper arms as she wiggled the bra off. As her nipples came into view, she purred, "Aaaah! Son, I love coming to you with clothes on, only because it's so much fun for me to take them off! It gives me such a submissive thrill! Every time, it drives home that I'm your exclusive busty sex pet!"

With that, she dramatically stood up straight with her hands on her head. Then she cocked a hip and struck a classic cheesecake pose. "You see? My body was made for you. To pleasure and please you!"

My heart leapt to my throat. I was so overcome with lust that my boner stood up straight like a flagpole and twitched repeatedly, as if it was a living creature.

She saw that and giggled. "Oooh! Is that all for me?! We're going to have even MORE fun with this new and better way. I can't wait to have you all the way inside me!"

She bent forward dramatically and started pulling her panties down her legs.

I just about passed out, thanks to that "all the way inside me" comment! I literally had trouble breathing. For a moment, I was so worried that I would start hyperventilating that I was forced to shut my eyes and try to gather my wits, despite the fact that she was putting on a sexy show just for me.

When I opened my eyes a few moments later, there she was, totally naked yet again but for her sexy heels, striking another titillating cheesecake pose. She spent so much time naked with me that sometimes I wondered why she bothered to wear any clothes at all.

She was bursting with excitement. "Now, you get to apply some of that cream to my breasts. My huge, swollen breasts! But let's do it our favorite way." Her face shone with delight, and there was a lusty fire in her eyes.

She knelt in between my legs again, took my cock back in hand, and began to move it gently across her breasts, over her nipples, around the sides, until they were fully coated. She rubbed and stroked my cock the entire time, and usually fondled my balls as well. She spent even more time applying the cream to her cleavage with my cock, which was identical to me titfucking her.

It took a while to get the inner slopes of her huge tits thoroughly covered, as usual, but I wasn't in a hurry. I figured whatever would happen would happen. Besides, she'd gotten so good at pleasuring my cock that I knew pretty much anything we did together was going to be a great time.

I "helped" her by fondling and caressing the outer sides of her mighty globes. Actually, it wasn't any help at all in terms of spreading the cream, but it was a lot of fun.

Normally, the titfucking was accompanied by her slurping on my cockhead. She'd gotten so good at doing that during titfucking that she could slide her lips all the way down to my super sensitive spot nearly the entire time. But this time, she just held her fun bags in place, squeezing them tightly and sliding them up and down, because she needed her mouth free to talk some more.

She said coyly, "I'd bet you'd like to know some more about what Dr. Morgan and I talked in private today, wouldn't you?"

"I sure would!" I admitted.

"Mmmm! So many things! Really nice things. She made me feel a lot better about my new lifestyle of serving your cock. She said she's proud of me for having fully embraced the 'sex toy' or 'fuck doll' label. But even more importantly, she's proud that I'm walking the walk and not just talking the talk. She told me that it sometimes takes some of her other mommy patients two years or more to fully accept the fact that they're their son's personal sex toys, whereas you and I did it in only one month!"

I muttered, "I remember her saying something similar in the appointment today, but she only said one year, not two."

"Oh, that's because sometimes it takes a busty mommy up to a full year before she even starts sucking or titfucking his cock on a regular basis, if you can believe it. What a shame! Then it can be another year or so for the mommy to fully accept her personal sex toy fate. She said we're some of her best patients ever! Isn't that nice? She said that our rapid progress is further proof that we're both 'hypersexual beings,' whatever that means."

I was very thrilled to hear this, but all I said in response was a grunt. I must admit, I was more than a little distracted by the titfucking going on. I couldn't get enough of seeing my cockhead repeatedly popping through the top of her tit tunnel. It was unusual for me to get a clear view of that, since her head was usually craned down for the added cocksucking action.

She went on to tell me that, "Unfortunately, no matter how much we apply the cream, our libidos may never go down. And even if it works, it only goes down some. Given that you've been cumming seven or eight times a day, I guess we'd be lucky if we got it back down to five or six, like it used to be."

I grunted again. This time, I was thinking, I wouldn't consider that "lucky" at all. I love cumming so many times a day. I would cum more, if it was physically possible. All I want to do is have sex with Mommy all day long! I want to keep her face and tits splattered with my special "paint" 24 hours a day!

She continued, "So she said that you and I were basically stuck in our highly sexual conditions for life, or at least until old age. We just have to cope with it. And the easiest way to do that is if I fully accept that I truly am your sex toy and you own me on an even DEEPER level, just as if I'm your sex slave!"

She started panting heavily, even though the titfucking action remained steady. Clearly, that idea aroused her greatly.

"Also, she said I should obey ANY order you give me, and if I don't, then it's your right to spank me! And furthermore, maybe you should regularly spank me even if I haven't done anything wrong, just to remind me who's boss! Can you believe she said such outrageous things?! What do you think?"

"Well, uh..." All those things blew my mind, especially that a professional doctor would recommend them. But I didn't know what to say.

Luckily, Mommy quickly went on, "Naturally, I told her I would try even harder to please you and pleasure your cock. I'm trying to obey your every order and whim already. The more I do that, the more orgasms I have, so both of our 'hypersexual urges' are satisfied." She grew strangely shy, and even paused her titfucking rhythm. "That said, maybe we should try out her spanking idea. What do you have to say to that?"

I spoke my thoughts out loud. "I honestly don't know. I've never thought of that in a serious way. Although I have been playfully slapping your ass some, and that's been fun."

She wiggled her eyebrows approvingly. "Great fun!" She shyly added, "I don't think I've told you just how much I enjoy that. It sends shivers down my spine pretty much every time, because it's such a vivid reminder that you're in total control of my body."

I felt a mental rush just from hearing her say that. After a long pause, I said, "I can easily see enjoying spanking you. But what do YOU think? I don't want to do it if you don't like it."

"Thanks for asking. That's a good example of why I love you so much." She flashed me another brilliant smile. "As for my opinion, I agree with the doctor that it would help reinforce that you're in charge and my role is to obey and serve you. So I want to try it out for that alone. You have no idea how much it puts a spring in my step all day long just from knowing that I totally belong to you. I'll never have to hassle with dating or worry about getting remarried or any of that bullshit ever again!"

She tilted her head down to lick the tip of my fat knob as she kept talking. "But on top of that, she says submissive beauties like me love getting spanked! She said pretty much all of her female patients do it, and they have some of their biggest orgasms that way!"

I sighed with relief, since that settled a tricky issue. "Let's do it then!"

"Great!" As if to seal the deal, she craned her head down more and spent the next couple of minutes bobbing on my cock. As usual, even though the active titfucking continued, she was able to keep all of my cockhead in her mouth, allowing her lips to tightly slide against the most sensitive area just below.

I swear, every last inch of my entire erection was getting actively stimulated all at once!

Eventually, she pulled her lips back off and went back to "mere" cock licking and titfucking. "But... now we have to get to the most important thing she and I discussed, which I brought up earlier. She told me there's one area I've failed you as your sex toy mommy, and that's my 'no fucking' rule."

My interest soared sky high upon hearing that! What did the doctor recommend, then?!

But instead of explaining, she pulled my throbbing erection out of her cleavage. Then she got up, her massive, shiny breasts wobbling as she did, and stood up above me. That practically put her pussy in my face, since I was sitting forward and she was leaning in.

She brought both hands to her pussy mound and parted her pussy lips slightly. "If you apply the cream to the insides of my hot cunt, it'll be just like fucking! In fact, I'm on two kinds of birth control, so while you're at it, you can deposit your own special 'cream' inside me too!"

I was so excited, and I was panting so hard, that it was a lucky thing I didn't pass out for lack of oxygen!

She laid down on the bed that I was sitting on. "Now, get in front of me and put your huge cock at the entrance to my vagina!"

A-ha! So that's what the doctor told her to do! Duh! Man I must be really slow on the uptake. I can't believe we're actually going to do it! We're going to FUCK!

As if her meaning wasn't obvious enough, she spread her legs invitingly, and gave me an expectant smile.

I was shaking all over as I did what she told me to do. I climbed up on top of her and positioned my hard-on an inch or two from her drooling slit.

There was still plenty of cream on my cock, but Mommy reached over and squeezed some more out of a nearby tube, and re-applied it to my stiff pole. "Now push it inside of me, Sweetie! Put your cock inside of Mommy!"

I couldn't help but warn her, "You know, if we do this, it's going to be a lot like fucking."

She laughed. "Son, it's going to be EXACTLY like fucking! My longing for you to penetrate me and own me this way too has been growing day by day until I could hardly stand it! So, go ahead. DO IT!"

I did! I pushed in slowly but steadily until my bulbous cockhead was all the way in her.

We both groaned in utter satisfaction. It was the day I had been dreaming of. Of course, my fuck need had been especially acute in the past month, as it became more and more of a real possibility, but this was something I'd been fantasizing about for years!

It had taken a minute or two just to get that far in her. Sweat was starting to trickle down my brow, and she was both tearing up and sweating too. But she was determined, and was clearly doing her best to hide her initial pain.

As a concerned son, I had to ask, "Are you okay! I see tears."

"I'm very okay! Never better! These tears are tears of joy! Yes, some of them are from the struggle and the pain too, but I know from sucking you and, especially, all my deep throating efforts how quickly the pain turns to pleasure and even accentuates it. Don't be shy! Fuck your mommy!"

The words "fuck your mommy" inspired me like nothing else, practically turning me into a wild animal. But I kept the animal at bay, at least for the moment, for fear of hurting her. I pressed in deeper, steadily, but slowly.

She encouraged me, "That's it! But you're only covering a little bit of my insides. Push in deeper! Much deeper! All the way in! I want you balls-deep!"

My heart was thumping like a big bass drum as I steeled my resolve and pushed in deeper.

Her eyes bugged out. "That's it! That's it! MORE! Mommy's cunt is built to take all your cock, I'm sure of it! Every last inch!"

I pushed in still deeper. Unexpectedly, I slid in another two inches all at once.

She screamed loudly, in what seemed to be a combination of ecstasy and agony.

The tight squeeze felt so fantastic that I kept going. I knew she was in pain, but the look on her face showed great erotic joy as well, plus lots of love.

She kept on screaming off and on for a couple of minutes until I was truly balls-deep in her.

With that, I took a little rest, in order for both of us to adjust. I had to stay fully sheathed in her, since her cunt felt practically as tight as a vice.

I was content to lie on top of her. Since her J-cups were so ridiculously large, my hands naturally drifted to those soft pillows to squeeze them a little.

She ran a hand through my hair and playfully ruffled it a little bit. "How are you feeling, kiddo?"

I lifted my head enough to look down into her eyes. I could see tears streaming down her cheeks, but there was a giant smile plastered on her face, so I knew she couldn't be in too much pain. "I think I've died and gone to Heaven! No, I'm on a rocket ship shooting way past Heaven to an even better place! I'm looking back at all the angels on their clouds and yelling at them, 'Suckers!'"

She laughed. "That good, huh? I'm right there with you! I'm just so overjoyed that your cock is all the way inside me! Even if it hurt worse than breaking every bone in my body, I would love it because it's bonding us that much closer together, forever!"

She grew more earnest. "And I do mean 'forever.' Son, as far as I'm concerned, I'm yours until the end of time, as your mother, lover, best friend, personal cocksucker, sex pet, and any other way you'll have me! Plus, starting today, your exclusive fuck doll!"

My heart swelled with joy. "Oh, Mommy! That's so sweet! How can I love you more, but I am loving you even more than before! We're going to be together forever, just you and me!" I dropped my head down and planted my lips on hers.

The kiss we shared was possibly the best one yet, which said a lot since we made out practically every time our faces got close. It was totally electric! And, as it went on, it got even better because she started rhythmically squeezing my cock with her cunt walls.

I quickly caught on and began slightly churning my thick pole inside her. It wasn't quite a full-on fucking motion yet, but it was close.

As we kept that churning going, that kiss was broken. She held my head in place just above hers and stared up into my eyes. "I couldn't agree more on the 'together forever' part, my love. But not the 'just you and me' part. Remember what the good doctor said about you taking at least one girlfriend? That's a must, in my book."

I griped, "Mommy, let's not worry about that right now, okay? I just want to revel in this timeless moment."

"Fair enough." She panted, "Now pull it out and push it back in! We want to make sure you get all that cream all over the inside of Mommy!"

That made me laugh out loud, and she laughed too. At this point, it was abundantly clear that the application of the cream was just a ruse, but it was a ruse we were both having fun with.

I started to thrust in and out. It felt even better than the subtle churning and squeezing we'd been doing. Way better!

I could tell her pain was being overwhelmed by her pleasure, if only by her increasingly lusty and enthusiastic moans and groans. There still were fresh tears leaking from her eyes, but I surmised those were tears of joy.

Already, I felt the cum welling in my balls. "Mommy, are we fucking now? Am I fucking you?"

Mommy paused, breathing heavily, and looked me in the eye. She then grabbed both of her massive tits, pushed them together up against my chest, and screamed, "Yes! Yes, you are fucking me, Sweetie! You are fucking your big-titted Mommy! Your personal sex toy! It's what you do to sex toys; you fuck them! So please don't stop! Please keep fucking me until you cum inside me!"

Talk about inspirational words! I picked up the pace, and also pulled out further and thrust in deeper with each pass. Before long, I had about four or five inches of cock sliding in and out each time.

Mommy was over the moon. She tilted her head back and the eyes rolled into her head as a nice orgasm hit her.

Then she squealed, "Oh, YES! Son, I've been such a FOOL! Why did I wait a whole month to start fucking?! Hell, why didn't I submit to the power of your cock way before then?! We need to make up for lost time! I need you to fuck me all night long! And tomorrow! And all the time! I want to be your suck toy AND your fuck toy forever and ever!"

My arousal and inspiration rose higher and higher. I began fucking her still harder and deeper, and faster too. I knew that put me on an unsustainable path - surely I would cum before long if I kept it up. But I was ready and eager to blast a load of hot cum deep inside her cunt for the very first time, and I sensed she longed for that to happen soon too.

I did try to prolong the joy as long as I could, even with the frenzied pace. But after a couple more minutes, I finally gave up and yelled, "GONNA CUM!"

She eagerly screamed back, "CUM! CUM INSIDE ME! OH, BABY! KNOCK ME UP!"

On some rational level I might have realized I couldn't "knock her up" since she'd told me earlier that she was on two types of birth control. But in the heat of the moment, I thought I was going to impregnate her there and then! It was even more thrilling, and even delightfully scary!

I blasted a copious cum load inside of her with all the energy and emotion I had. Pregnancy or not, I was deeply grateful that we weren't using a condom, because the joy of freely releasing my cum all the way inside her simply couldn't be matched.

She must have felt the same, because the two of us screamed and screamed like stuck pigs! It was the best orgasm I'd ever had so far, a worthy first fuck for us to treasure and remember the rest of our lives.

Then it got even better, because after we both came down out of orbit, we realized that my cock was still erect and balls-deep in her. We were too exhausted at the moment to resume our thrusting, but just remaining fully sheathed inside her felt fantastic. Plus, we knew more great fucking would happen soon.

Mommy knocked me out with another sizzling kiss just as soon as both of us had recovered our breaths.

By the time that electric French kiss ended, she already was starting to churn her hips slightly on my stiff pole. She said, "Son! Son! I'm so in love with you! So in love with being fucked by you! Cherry cream or not, we need to do this ALL THE TIME! Don't you agree?!"

I smiled from ear to ear. "I agree in spirit. In the flesh, there are some, er, practical problems." I chuckled.

She giggled. "Okay, technically, maybe not all the time. Let's say half the time then. Because the other half is for cocksucking and titfucking, plus both of those combined!"

I started to assist with the fuck-churning by moving my hips in time to hers. "What about sleeping? Or eating?"

"Fuck sleep! Sleep is for losers!" That was shocking, since she so rarely cursed. But she giggled some more, showing that she knew that demand was wildly impractical.

Or was it? At least for that night, we tried our best to fuck each other to death. The sheer duration and intensity of our coupling was astounding. It was like we discovered the best mind-altering drug in existence and needed to stay high on it every single minute.

For what seemed like hours, we fucked. I came inside her at least five or six times! I honestly lost count after a while! Mommy had who-knows how many orgasms, but it was a lot more than I did.

It was like some kind of marathon. We sweated copiously and shamelessly, and burned up who knows how many calories from all our passionate thrusting. I was pretty proud of myself that I rose to the occasion and was fit enough to keep going that long.

But she put me to shame with her endless energy! Later on, it became harder and harder for me to get erect yet again. (Keep in mind I'd already cum on her and down her throat six times earlier in the day, not knowing we'd be having a fuck marathon for the ages that evening.) So she resorted to reviving me with her mouth, and once she got started sucking, it was like she couldn't stop. We spent nearly as much time with our usual sucking and titfucking as fucking. She later told me this was mainly because her pussy could only take so much "abuse," since it was "out of practice."

Afterwards, she passed out on my bed, with my cum dripping out of her slit.

I stumbled to the bathroom, and I do mean stumbled. I could barely make it there. God DAMN! Mommy is a relentless sexual dynamo. And she talks about me taking a girlfriend too. HA! As it is, I'm lucky if she doesn't fuck me to my grave!

I managed to empty my bladder and washed my hands. I began staggering back to bed. But something in my mother's bedroom caught my eye as I walked past. It was the paper Dr. Morgan had given her at the end of our appointment, placed on the middle of her bed. I hadn't seen it since the appointment, even though curiosity about what it said drove me to the point that I'd searched all over her room for it. She must have taken it out to give it another read before we fucked, or maybe she just wanted me to find it.

I picked it up. All it said, in large letters, was: "The cream does nothing! The only 'cure' is that you need to become your son's petite sex toy! Forever! Our future appointments will be all about helping you become the best sexy slut for him that you can possibly be!"

I just about passed out! I'd had my doubts about the usefulness of the cream from the get-go. We'd never even been given a plausible explanation about how the cream was supposed to lessen our sexual urges. Furthermore, since we'd started using it, both of us were cumming more than ever before, which suggested it had no effect, or even an opposite effect. But still, seeing my suspicions confirmed in the doctor's writing was shocking.

I thought, The most shocking fact of all is that it means Mommy knew the cream was useless since the very first day! And that didn't deter her in the slightest! Whoa!

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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