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Chapter 14
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Oh my goodness!" Rebecca found herself gasping out loud. She openly gaped at the massive bosom in front of her.

Those breasts - amazingly round, enormous and taut, belonged to Mommy. She wasn't wearing a business suit for this appointment. Instead, she was wearing a body-hugging blue Lycra workout suit, under a sweatshirt and sweat pants so as to not cause a public scene on the way to Dr. Morgan's office. Her breasts were giant spheres, her nipples hard and visible, and her body tiny but tight with muscle.

I was very happy to see that the receptionist was Rebecca, the same busty blonde that had been there at our two previous appointments. From her face, it looked like she was excited to see us again. She especially loved to marvel at Mommy's figure. She'd mentioned to me at the last appointment that she had seen hundreds, if not thousands, of seriously busty women in her time at the unusual clinic, but that my mother "takes the cake."

Mommy entered the room first, while I trailed behind her. She peeled the sweatpants off, revealing the bottom half of her skin-tight Lycra outfit.

"Sweetie," she said, turning to me as I was openly staring at her body, "would you help me out of the sweatshirt? You know I always have trouble getting stuff over these." She gestured at her enormous bust, puffing it out even farther.

I nodded my head vigorously and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. I slowly peeled it up, as my mother put her arms up into the air. Soon, I was struggling slightly to get the shirt over her cartoonishly massive bosom, but I was ultimately successful and revealed the most voluptuous yet petite body one could imagine. Tit-meat bulged out of the incredibly tight top.

"Thank you, Sweetie," Mommy said, smiling warmly at me. She arched her back, making her mind-blowingly large chest swell forward even further.

She walked to the receptionist's window, and said to Rebecca, "Mary and Brian Pepper, here to see Dr. Morgan."

"You... you can take a seat," Rebecca sputtered, still gawking at my mother's outrageous curves. "And there's no need to formally state your names. As if I could ever forget who you two are! Good grief!" She shook her head in wonder.

Mommy smiled at that.

After a pause, Rebecca added, "By the way, please behave! I've seen how hot you are for each other."

Mommy just looked back to her and grinned. "We'll try. Kind of. Maybe." She winked playfully.

Rebecca rolled her eyes, but she smiled widely too.

I started to walk to a chair, but Rebecca looked my way, and said, "Wait!"

I stopped and turned back to the long-haired blonde beauty.

The receptionist struck a cheesecake pose, including a sexy pout. "Is that how it is? You're not even going to say 'hi?' After the way we kissed good-bye last time, I was hoping at least for a similar greeting. I thought we were starting a nice tradition."

I felt abashed. "Sorry!"

Rebecca leaned out as far as she could through the open window between her room and the waiting room. Her big tits hung just above the flat shelf below the window.

I turned to Mommy. "Can I? Should I?"

Mommy smiled almost wickedly, with some kind of strange motherly pride. "Can you? A total stud like you takes what he wants! As for should you, heck yeah! I want to see you spread your seed and share your sexual gift with worthy busty beauties. Rebecca definitely qualifies. Knock her out with your best kiss! And who knows, if she likes it, maybe you'll inspire her to do more."

I thought back to my previous appointments. Rebecca had given me one very brief handjob under the guise of cleaning my erection. Then she'd given me another handjob while she'd been standing fully naked, though again that had been frustratingly short, due to us getting interrupted. But, given that history, the odds of our kissing turning into something more looked very good!

I'm sure Mommy was aware of those same previous interactions, and she was rooting for us to go further.

Rebecca coyly told me, "You heard her, kid. You wouldn't want to disappoint Mommy." She held her arms open wide in open invitation, and puckered her lips again.

I walked up to the window and reached through it to wrap my arms around her. I must admit that my heart was beating fast. I had incredible sexual fun at home every day, especially since Mommy and I had started fucking, but I hadn't kissed another woman since the last time I'd kissed Rebecca, at our last appointment here.

My lips met hers and one of my hands wound up on the back of her head, while my other hand found the middle of her back. We started to seriously swap spit. Thankfully, I was "tongue-dueling" with Mommy every day, so I felt confident with my kissing skills, even with this blonde goddess.

Mommy walked up right behind me and pressed her great tit pillows into my back. "That's it, Son! Kiss her good! And what are you doing with your hands? This lovely lady has the hots for you. Would you rather hold her back and the back of her head, or play with her big breasts?"

I broke the kiss to look at Rebecca for approval.

Rebecca smirked at me. "Like I said, listen to your mother!" She laughed. Then, to make sure I wouldn't chicken out, she brought both of my hands to her ample rack and left them there. "Trust me, I never allow this with ANY other patients, but considering what you and I did last time... Besides, Bethany and Dr. Morgan can't stop singing your praises. I have to find out more of what the fuss is all about."

I frowned in confusion, even as I started to explore her impressive twin knockers. "Dr. Morgan?"

Rebecca chuckled, while looking down with approval and amusement at my wandering hands. "Oh, not from direct experience. But she talks to your mom on the phone so much, I get to hear bits and pieces. She considers you two her 'model patients,' you know. You're like the 'golden boy' around here. Believe me, we've heard all about what this thing can do."

Right as she said "this thing," she reached out the window and angled an arm down so her hand could reach all the way inside my shorts! My penis was already fully erect before we entered the office, if only due to anticipation of the great fun likely to take place there. Before I knew it, she was blatantly jacking me off!

I opened my mouth to say something, although I didn't know what to say. But as soon as my lips parted, she locked lips and we were off to the races again!

Mommy laughed. She was still right behind me, with her huge tits mashing against my back. "That's the spirit!" She reached into my shorts as well, and put her hand on Rebecca's. But instead of pulling it away, she found an unoccupied spot a little further down my shaft and joined in the handjob action!

I was shocked. What if someone else comes in?! Hell, I didn't even have time to take a good look around the room, since I've been ogling Rebecca from the start. What if some other patients are in here right now?! Oh, hell. Fuck it! I'm too damn horny!

I gave in to lust. My hands had never left Rebecca's ample globes. I began eagerly fondling them through her blouse. I also kissed back with more passion. Feeling emboldened, I started unbuttoning her blouse so I could directly play with her incredible globes. True, they weren't as massive as Mommy's, but it was a rush to play with another seriously stacked woman's knockers.

A minute or two later, Rebecca unexpectedly broke the kiss and disengaged. She took her hand out of my shorts and stepped back. Since she was on the other side of the window, I couldn't step forward.

She wagged a finger at me with a playful tease. "There, there. I think that's a friendly enough greeting. Other patients could come in at any time, and I'm sure you remember the close call we had with that last time!" She laughed. "Plus, I wouldn't want to upset your mommy by monopolizing you too much."

Mommy still had her hand inside my shorts, and slid it up my shaft to rub the most stimulating parts just under my cockhead. She told Rebecca, "Thanks for that consideration, but if you ever want to kiss my son like that, you definitely have my permission. In fact, you don't even need my permission. When it comes to busty beauties such as yourself, he does what he wants. I'm just his mommy pet and I have no say in such matters."

I felt obliged to protest, "Mommy!" She made it sound like I seduced women of Rebecca's caliber all the time, when I'd never seduced anybody ever. In truth, I was painfully shy, and only behaved differently with the likes of Mommy and Rebecca because they were so encouraging and friendly.

"What?" My mother finally took her hand out of my shorts, and gave me a lopsided grin. She ostentatiously licked up some of my pre-cum from her fingers, making a provocative show of it for Rebecca. "Is it not true? Am I not your personal cock pleaser?"

I was flustered, "Well, uh, no... but... you've never said that kind of thing out loud in public before!"

I nervously looked around the room. To my immense relief, I confirmed that there were no others in sight.

Mommy said confidently, "This isn't 'in public.' Right, Rebecca?"

"Oh, definitely," Rebecca said with a sultry smile. "Your secrets are safe here with me."

"You see? Let's go sit down." Then, looking back to me, Mommy wiggled and jiggled her completely on-display body and sat down in a chair. She patted the seat next to her and motioned for me to come over, her gigantic tits shaking as she did.

Of course, I was no dummy. I did as I was told. My big dick was painfully stiff and needy as I sat in the chair she'd suggested.

Rebecca had one parting shot to me before getting back to her work. "Oh, and I'll expect a similar good-bye kiss when you leave!"

Mommy laughed. "Uh-oh, Son! You're in for it now!"

Mommy began by rubbing my crotch with one hand and lightly tweaking one of her magnificent nipples with the other. Biting her lower lip, she stared into my eyes and smiled, then she pulled my head toward hers. She whispered, "Now, kiss me like you just kissed your new big-titted slut!"

I thought, Rebecca is far from my "new big-titted slut." I know next to nothing about her, except that she's totally hot and seems sexually interested in me, for some strange reason. Surely she sees plenty of mothers and sons like Mommy and me most every working day, so why me?!

But I must admit my mother's words further inflamed my lusty desire.

Mommy and I began to kiss, slowly at first, then more aggressively, like two young love-struck teenagers. Soon, we were all over each other, with Mommy's hand inside my shorts, directly stroking and rubbing my increasingly excited and erect cock.

At the same time, I fondled her giant-titted yet little body to my heart's content. To me, it was like something out of a fantasy, except this was my everyday life.

Occasionally, I glanced through the window to Rebecca. Apparently, she didn't have any urgent work to do, and was just staring at us. It was unnerving, but flattering.

She seemed a bit chagrined. Was it because we were being so bold in the waiting room? Or because I was kissing Mommy instead of her some more? Or something else? I couldn't be sure. Regardless, she gave me a smile each time, letting me know that it was okay to continue.

After a while, Mommy instinctively began to obscenely thrust her hips lightly into the air, as if fucking a cock. My cock, of course.

A few moments later, Mommy suddenly got up, leaving me moaning in my chair. She walked back to Rebecca, her ridiculously curvy body jiggling and twitching all the way.

She told the hourglass-shaped receptionist, "Um, excuse me. I know you have some unusual rules here... I'm wondering if it would be okay if my son and I make love here in the waiting room?"

Rebecca gave her an even more chagrined look. "'Make love?' Seriously? You mean 'fuck?'"

Mommy blushed and nodded slightly.

"So you want him to just up and drill you with that big, fat, perfect cock of his? Right here? Right now? Heedless of who might come in and see?"

Mommy nodded much more eagerly.

Rebecca sighed, and brushed some of her long blonde hair behind an ear. "Can't you content yourself with a titfuck or blowjob?"

"Normally, yes, of course. But right now I'm feeling so very, very horny!"

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "From what I hear, you're always feeling 'so very, very horny.'"

Mommy giggled. "True! And I love it. But right now, I feel this aching need deep inside my pussy. Do you know what I mean, when you just HAVE to have it, all of it, balls deep? I really, really want him to make love to me!"

She began fondling a giant breast with one hand and rubbing her crotch with the other. "And I think he wants to make love to me too." She giggled and pointed at me, specifically at my erection poking up outrageously in my shorts.

Rebecca's jaw actually dropped. "Damn! That looks absolutely massive when it's sticking up like that!"

Mommy beamed proudly. "It is! He's been fucking me nearly all the time lately, it seems. I love it so much! It's kind of part of our therapy, too."

Rebecca furrowed her brow. It was clear that she was undecided about giving permission.

Nevertheless, Mommy was so horny that she added another request, even though her face was turning redder and redder from thoughts about fucking in the waiting room. "And, um, if you don't mind, I'd like to get totally naked first. It's kind of become a habit that I always get completely naked no matter how I pleasure his cock, thanks to the danger of the cherry cream getting on my clothes. Well, except for my high heels, of course. Please?"

It was clear that very little flustered Rebecca in her job. No doubt, she saw wild, sexual things take place in the waiting room most every day. But my stunning young mother's request took her aback. "Um, Ms. Pepper, blowjobs are okay in this room, and actually they're fairly common here. Ditto with handjobs and titfucks. I always turn a blind eye, since it's a sign the patients are making progress. But actual fucking?!"

She frowned and bit her lip, while looking back at the outrageous tenting in my shorts. "I just don't know. I'd like to say yes, because this is progress too, but we could get in trouble if some newbies come in. Some of them are fairly new to things like the cherry cream therapy, and they could get TOO shocked. I'll have to check with the doctor."

She was interrupted by another voice. "It's fine, Rebecca. Ms. Pepper can get fucked by her boy."

Mom and me both looked over. We recognized the young woman standing in front of us, though it had been two months since we had last seen her. My heart skipped a beat, because it was Bethany, Dr. Morgan's gorgeous daughter!

It looked to me like she was wearing the same revealing white nurse's uniform as the last time we here, but a couple of things were different. For some reason, she was wearing her brown hair in pigtails, making her look far younger than her 21 years. But belying that was her chest. It was significantly larger than before.

I thought, with my heart thumping fast, WHOA! Such a BABE! So stacked! If she was a F-cup during our last visit, she's clearly a G-cup now!

"Hi, Brian!" she said, swaying towards me in her four-inch heels. The way her hefty tits wobbled inside her nurse's outfit made me guess that she wasn't wearing a bra. They would have swayed much more except that her outfit was so tight.

She added, "I told your mommy on the phone that I couldn't wait to see the two of you! Especially you." She gave me an extra-sultry smile. "You both look like you've really benefited from treatment."

I stood up for a hug.

To my very pleasant surprise, not only did she give me a big hug, we kissed on the lips too, and with plenty of tongue. In fact, before long, she had a hand on the bulge in my shorts while we continued to make out.

Mindful that both Mommy and Rebecca were watching, I tried to keep my hands in the middle of Bethany's back. But the kiss was so passionate that I kind of lost track and wound up firmly gripping her ass cheeks through her clothes with both hands. At least I stopped myself from playing with her firm boobs, tightly pressing against my chest.

Bethany broke the kiss and looked down at my bulge, and then over to my mother's insanely, illogically voluptuous body, standing a few feet away. "I mean, you both look really nice," she said, staring back at me. "I kinda missed you two since your last visit. But I especially missed you, Brian!"

Mommy showed no signs of jealousy, despite the fact Bethany had clearly started fondling my erection through my shorts. In fact, both the hot young woman and my gorgeous mother were beaming at me. Even Rebecca was smirking and smiling.

I blushed. Then I spoke bashfully. "I missed you too. I was really bummed that you were out sick the last time we were here."

Bethany groaned in frustration. "Tell me about it!"

Mommy spoke up. "Girl, what are you doing with your hand on my son's bulge?!"

Bethany was taken aback, and pulled her hand off in a flash. "Oh! I'm so sorry!"

But before she could apologize more, Mommy broke into a big smile, and clarified, "You can stroke it so much better if you stick your hand INSIDE his shorts. That's what Rebecca did when she gave him a welcome back kiss on the lips a few minutes ago."

Bethany breathed a big sigh of relief that she hadn't offended anyone. She grinned wickedly, then looked over to Rebecca through her window. "Oh, really? Interesting!"

My heart went to my throat. Would Bethany get upset?!

Now it was Rebecca's turn to be embarrassed. She held her hands up as if in surrender. "Guilty as charged!"

Bethany wagged a finger at her though, again, she looked more delighted than upset. "We'll talk later."

Then she returned all her attention back to me and gave me a knowing, naughty smile. She boldly stuck her hand inside my shorts and immediately started stroking my boner directly. "Aaaah! That's better. I see so many big cocks here, every day. But they all remind me of yours. Sometimes, I get seriously tempted to suck off one or another of the really well-hung and/or handsome patients. But I've kind of made a pledge that I'm saving my mouth just for you!"

I secretly let out a big sigh of relief that she wasn't upset that I'd just been making out with Rebecca.

Mommy smiled benignly. "Awww! That's so sweet! Did you hear that, Son? It sounds like she's interested in being your girlfriend."

Bethany got very embarrassed. She turned her head away and blushed, though she kept her hand pumping up and down my shaft. Finally, she said, "I wouldn't presume... I know you two have a really special thing going..."

Mommy said, "That's true. And that's not going to change for all the tea in China, believe me! I'm my son's sex toy mommy, now and forever! And that's at your mother's professional recommendation, mind you."

"Mmmm," Bethany easily agreed, with her fingers sliding up and down my boner. She was writhing in place some too, causing her huge tits to move against my chest.

Mommy suddenly changed tone though. "That said... he does need a girlfriend closer to his own age, as well. Your mother is strongly encouraging it, as I'm sure she'll tell you. Partially for appearance's sake, but also because I think two sexy sluts could take much better care of his cock than just one. He and I have talked about this a lot lately. Unfortunately, he's been strangely reluctant about the idea."

I shyly nodded to confirm that.

Bethany frowned with concern.

Mommy went on, "But not me. Sure, I'd get jealous, but I've increasingly warmed up to the idea. I think it could be a big improvement with the right girl." She added teasingly, "If any sexy, fun, and busty girl knows about our incestuous secret and is still willing to share him with me, well, who knows what might happen!"

Bethany bit her lip and excitedly looked back and forth between Mommy and me. Her fingers kept on sliding up and down my pre-cum soaked shaft. She finally remembered to say, "What about me?! I would be willing to share! So very willing!"

Mommy chuckled. "I thought you might say that. I've been talking that very idea over on the phone with your mother lately. She's given me a few hints to help that along, including explaining about your powerful feelings for him."

That's news to me! How could she have "powerful feelings" for me when we only met once? Although... what a meeting! Gaawwwd! I still remember the way she sucked my dick with that freakishly long tongue of hers. Yeow!

Bethany seemed to get even more embarrassed, to the point that she hastily tried to change the subject. She asked both of us, "Um, I hope your therapy is going well?!"

Mommy stepped closer and answered that. "Oh, it's going wonderfully! It used to be much more about sucking his cock. In fact, it kind of became my whole life. I love it so much! And titfucking it too. Or both at once."

Bethany said, "I heard something about that. My mom says you've really mastered the art of sucking and titfucking him at the same time."

Mommy said proudly, "This is kind of my specialty lately. I love it! But lately, we make love... um, fuck... all the time, it seems!" She bent over and unzipped my fly, making it easier for Bethany to stroke my shaft.

With the zipper unzipped, my shorts slid down to my knees.

"I hope you still suck and titfuck him a lot too," Bethany said, looking down at her sliding fingers. "A powerful cock like his needs a lot of variety."

"Oh, I do! Believe me, I do! We still spend most of our time together with my tongue slurping on his thick pole, for sure, usually while his shaft is also buried in my cleavage. But I love having his big cock deep inside my pussy, balls deep! It's the best feeling in the world! And he spends so much time groping and suckling my tits. I swear, all of his attention on them is actually making them grow a little bit. At least, I hope so. Speaking of which, your breasts are much bigger since last time, aren't they, Bethany?"

Now it was Bethany's turn to blush even more, even as she stared at her own hand sloshing up and down my increasingly pre-cum soaked pole. "They are. I grew A LOT in the past couple of months. I kind of hoped they'd stay just... big. But not, like, super big. No offense intended, of course."

Mommy said, "None taken. And I think that growth spurt is great! I'm sure my son loves it. Can you please step back so we can have a good look?"

Bethany still had her hand on my fully exposed boner and was energetically stroking away. But she completely disengaged from me, stepped back, and stood up straight. She was still a bit nervous, but she did her best to strike a sexy pose for my benefit that showed off her ample chest to good effect.

In the past few months, I'd grown more assertive while my mother had grown more sexually submissive. But that was with Mommy; I was still shy with everyone else. So I surprised even myself by telling Bethany, "Nice! Very nice. They definitely are larger. But let's see them in all their naked glory."

Bethany looked around nervously. Her eyes locked on Rebecca's through the receptionist's window.

Rebecca just waved a hand dismissively. "What are you doing looking at me for? Yeah, it's risky, but this is the chance to impress him that you've been waiting for. Go for it, I say!"

Bethany glanced at both doors, on either side of the room. Then she shut her eyes tightly. She undid her bra first under her tight top, somehow. (I was surprised she was in fact wearing one, given all the wobbling I'd witnessed.) She handed it off to Mommy, with her eyes still closed. Then she dramatically pulled her top up to her armpits, fully revealing her larger, improved breasts.

I was in awe, and my heart thumped fast. I sputtered, "I think... your breasts look AMAZING, Bethany! They look... well, just really beautiful! Like the rest of you, including your kind heart. All of you looks beautiful, inside and out!"

Bethany's face turned red with embarrassment in a matter of seconds. She finally opened her eyes. She was beaming with pride, and yet nearly teary eyed, for some reason. She gave me a stare that was so sexy and sultry, it nearly knocked me over.

Then she looked to Mommy.

I don't know exactly what non-verbal understanding passed between them, but Mommy said, "I'll go use the restroom. To, uh, powder my nose." As she walked out, she passed right by me, and stopped for a second to whisper in my ear, "This is the perfect moment to ask her out! Do it!"

She looked back to Bethany, and told her, "By the way, you look gorgeous!" Then she kept on walking out of the room.

Once she was gone, Bethany walked up to me and tugged my shorts down some, causing them to slide to my ankles.

I stepped out of them altogether and left them on the floor.

She moved in close, causing her huge, and now fully exposed, tits to press against my chest.

Then she took control of my erection with both hands. As she resumed stroking it, she looked up into my eyes. "You're so sweet, Brian. I love what you said about me having a 'kind heart.' I don't know if I've ever liked a boy as much as I like you. Of course, I'm in lust with your huge cock, and I constantly think about sucking it and titfucking it! And sitting on it, impaling myself down on it, and churning on it!"

She began stroking my turgid pole faster and more intensely, still with both hands.

My hands had been at my sides, but I finally couldn't resist, and brought my hands up to fondle her wonderfully bare tits.

She smiled at that. "Aaaah! That feels good! I know I'm older than you, but... I don't know... I think you're funny and cute. And I keep hearing stories from my mom about how you treat your mom. You've really taken charge with her! You're the man of the house, and her new role is to serve you and pleasure your cock. Period! It's all so... hot!"

I asked quizzically, "You approve of that?"

"Oh, yeah! Definitely! I especially love how you took control of her in record time. That's how I want my boyfriend to treat me, someone who's not afraid to be bossy with his girl." She looked down between her huge bare tits to her hands pumping on my shaft.

I couldn't resist saying, "Really? Most girls would find that offensive."

"True. But most girls don't work here. I see it here over and over, every day. The kind of relationship that works best is when the boy takes total control of his woman. And the sexual chemistry? My God! As much as I'd love to drop to my knees and suck your cock all on my own initiative, I would turn into a wild, insatiable animal if you ordered me to do it!"

I thought, Come on! Man up! I need to get over my shyness, and fast. I'm never gonna have a more clear opportunity to ask her out. I already thought she would be the ideal girlfriend, and this stuff about her wanting me to boss her around is almost too remarkable to be believed! Although it does make some sense. Her mom has encouraged my mom to be my "sex toy," and she works in this very unorthodox clinic with her, so it stands to reason that her sexual attitudes would be a little... unusual.

I gathered up my courage, and asked, "Bethany... Would you like to go out with me?"

I was very, very shy about this sort of thing, but the fact she was topless and jacking me off with two hands certainly helped!

She looked up at me and beamed like a searchlight. "Like, a date?!"

"Yeah!" I was beaming too. I was cupping her massive tits from below, freely fondling them.

Her fingers slid up and down my shaft faster and faster, reflecting her growing excitement. "I'd love to, Brian! I'm totally sick of boys hitting on me - I can tell they are just looking at my chest and assuming - well, whatever. Probably that they want to fuck my tits and cum on my face. It only annoys me. But with you... I want you to do all of that to me... and MORE! You're so sweet and kind with me, and yet I can see how you decisively control your 'sex toy' mommy. It's such an intoxicating combination! I never thought I'd go out on a date with a boy three years younger than me, but yeah, I really, really want to. With you!"

"Great! Why don't we do it tonight?!"

She frowned. "Tonight? I won't have time to get ready. It's already late afternoon."

Hearing her agree to the date sent my confidence soaring. I didn't consider myself a really dominant guy; it was more that Mommy was the perfect submissive slut. But I'd caught on to what Bethany wanted in a man, so I tried to play the role. I gripped her stiff nipples firmly and twisted them a little bit as I said, "Okay, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you then. It's happening tonight."

I had no idea how she'd react to that. Did I completely misread her?

Thankfully, no! There was a pause as she processed that, then a lusty fire took flame in her eyes. She growled, "Oooh! I like that!" She took a hand off my boner to wrap one of her arms around my back and pull me in close for a kiss.

We necked for the next minute or two. Our kisses were sizzling hot! She continued to jack me off with at least one hand all the time, as I continued to glory in exploring her huge bare boobs.

Also, she had started the kiss still clothed from the waist on down. But halfway through, I reached for her ass and felt nothing but bare flesh! Some further exploration revealed that she still wore a thong. But I was feeling so aroused and emboldened that I tugged that down too, until it was well below the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

I worried I might have gone too far, but her impassioned moaning into my mouth encouraged me that I was on the right track.

After a while, I was so very excited and confident that I brought my hand fondling her bare ass cheeks around to her front side and started diddling her clit and pussy lips. Boy, was she wet!

She apparently approved, because she responded by pressing my exposed cock right up against her pussy mound. Soon, we were fairly close to fucking, with my boner repeatedly sliding up against her clit and slit!

My cock-meat was getting wetter and wetter with her copious pussy juices. I was tempted to simply readjust slightly and fuck her standing up, but I wasn't that bold. Especially since we were in the waiting room, of all places, with Rebecca looking on.

I'd forgotten all about Rebecca until I had those thoughts. I'd generally had my eyes closed while losing myself in the bliss of our necking and fondling, but I briefly tilted my head between kisses to see what the blonde goddess of a receptionist was doing.

Rebecca hadn't been expecting that. She was startled, like she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Except it was more like she had her hand in the "pussy jar" - due to the window between rooms, I couldn't directly see any part of her body below her waist, but I could see the way her arm angled to her pussy mound and the way it was rhythmically moving up and down. Furthermore, she was pinching a nipple through her blouse with her other hand.

I thought, If she isn't masturbating, then she's scratching a poison ivy itch right on her pussy lips! OF COURSE she's fingering herself!

Her face was flushed already, but she blushed profusely on top of that. She smiled sheepishly at me and quickly put both hands on the shelf at the bottom of the open window.

I just gave her a friendly smile, to let her know that I wasn't bothered at all. I went back to making out with Bethany, while alternating between fondling her tits, pussy, and ass.

When our kissing finally ended, Bethany breathlessly asked me, "Since we're going to date tonight, can we start the date early? Maybe around seven?"

"Sure! But why?"

"You're so adorable to ask. It's because there's so much I want to do to you, and with you! I haven't seen you in two full months, and all kinds of needs have built up. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to keep your hands off my huge breasts, and I don't want you to!"

We both looked down at the way I happened to have both of my hands on her tits, so I could roll her nipples between my fingers. We shared a good laugh over that.

She went on, "And I'm going to have to touch and taste your cock! A lot! And suck and slobber all over it! A lot!" She giggled.

I thought, Jesus Christ! If we're having this much fun talking about our date, how much better will it actually be?! I might even get to fuck her!

She added in an extra sultry purr, "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I spend MOST of our date with my lips locked around your thick shaft! Is that what you want in a girlfriend? One who spends lots of time on her knees, with her head bobbing up and down?! A hot and sexy slut who has an insatiable oral craving for huge, thick cock?!"

My head seemed to swim, I was so overcome with lusty anticipation. Fuck me! That sounds too awesome! Especially considering her long tongue!

With anyone else, I would have figured that she was asking a trick question. But given the intense fire in her eyes, plus the way she was behaving overall, I just grinned and said, "Yeah! You'd better buy some kneepads!"

Her smile lit up the room. Clearly, that was the answer she wanted to hear. "Cool! Trust me, that's exactly what I want too. Heck, I probably WILL need kneepads!" She laughed. "I know from my mom what a great cocksucker your mom is, and I want to prove to you that I can at least hold my own with her. She's got the experience edge, but I have my own secret weapon. You want to see?"

"Um, sure."

She dramatically stuck her tongue all the way out. Way out!

I just about passed out. I know she had a long tongue already, but... good GOD! That's positively freakish! Like a lizard! But, damn! That's gotta be the perfect cocksucking tongue!

She seemed pleased by my startled reaction, and flashed a toothy smile. Then she went on, "I still remember that one time I managed to deep throat you, and I can't wait to try it again! I believe that it's essential any good girlfriend is a talented deep throater. Don't you?"

"Of course!" I was flying a few inches off the ground. I couldn't believe this young sexpot was saying such things to me, even as she stood basically buck naked in the middle of a doctor's office waiting room!

She beamed at my response. "Of course you do. Most any other guy, he'd be perfectly satisfied with normal cocksucking, but I know that with a total stud like you, no deep throating is a deal breaker. Don't worry, I can't wait to prove myself with that!" She stuck out her freakishly long tongue enticingly again.

Then she went on even more eagerly, "And I want you to fuck my tits, which you have NEVER done before, which is a crime! And I want to give the titfuck-blowjob combo that your mom is so good at a try or two, for starters, so I can get really good at it too. There are so many things I want to do with you! Not only that, I have a feeling that I'm going to want you to fuck me! Maybe tonight!"

That took my breath away.

She must have seen the surprise on my face, and got shy. She still had a hand pumping up and down my shaft, but slower than before. "Is that okay? Is it too much pressure for a first date? Can you imagine what a date would be like if we couldn't get naked? Or even touch each other in intimate ways? I don't know if I could stand it!"

I was trembling with lust. "It's totally fine. Seriously, totally fine. Actually, it sounds like a great date." I thought, Understatement of the year!

"Good!" she said, kissing me softly on the mouth again.

We necked for another minute or so while we fondled each other. At some point, she let go of my erection long enough to yank her top all the way off her head and toss it aside. Even though it had been hanging up above her great breasts, she seemed to think it was an affront to be wearing any clothes at all!

I was able to briefly glance down her hardbody while she was doing that, and noticed that I didn't see any sign of her thong down her thighs. She was nude from the tip of her head down to her tottering high heels!

Seeing that I was checking her out, she took a step back to give me a better look. But then she reached back to my crotch to resume fondling my cock and balls. Within seconds, her huge boobs were pressed against my chest once more, with my hands back on her ass cheeks.

She tilted her head, and bashfully asked, "I know I have some unorthodox ideas. When I think about you, and your perfect cock, I have all kinds of ideas. Like the two of us showering naked together. Gaawwwd! I'd want to do that all the time! And then, once you'd had your fill of rubbing sudsy soap all over my nubile body, you'd just silently push my head down so I can get to work bobbing on your cock. Because that's what a good girlfriend does most of all: serve her man's cock!"

She was getting increasingly worked up, which could be seen by the way her entire body was writhing up and down mine. We truly were just about fucking standing up! In fact, maybe the only thing stopping that from happening was that she had both of her hands sliding up and down my thick pole.

She seemed to worry that she'd gone too far too fast with her words. She shyly added, "My sexual, er, attitude... Does that make me too much of a slut?"

I surprised myself again by saying, "It makes you a slut, yes. So does the fact that you're jacking me off in the waiting room right now. While completely naked, mind you."

She frowned, and all but stopped her cock stroking.

I hastened to add, "But that's NOT a bad thing! It's actually a great thing. I'm a slut too, or a satyr, or a mimbo, or whatever you call it. My mother is a slut. I just take that to mean someone who has a very ravenous sexual appetite, not a person who will sleep with just anybody. That deserves another name, like a tramp or a skank, maybe."

"Oh! Cool!" She grinned at that, and resumed vigorously jacking me off. "Then, yeah, I'm a slut! And tonight, I want to be YOUR slut!" She stared at her hands as they resumed sliding up and down my thick shaft. "I'm going to have soooo much fun with this thing!"

I joked, "And who knows, maybe we'll even find time to eat dinner and talk some."

Happily, she took that the right way. "Maybe! But who needs food when I've got much better things to consume!" She licked her lips hungrily. "In fact, all this talk of cocksucking... I don't even care where I am or who sees! I can't hold out any longer!"

She started slowly sliding her body down my body. She playfully joked, "Aaaargh! Help me! A tractor beam of sexiness is pulling my mouth down to your huge cock! Help!"

I put my hands on her head as she lowered more, and gently pushed her further down. "Sorry, I can't help there." I laughed with pure joy.

She purred, "Mmmm! I love how you take charge! I hope you push my head down to your cock a lot tonight."

"I will!"

"UNGH! Yessssssss! You'd better! Like Mom always tells me, a good girlfriend must be a good cocksucker, first and foremost!"

I thought, Holy Toledo! Is her attitude great, or what?! But I could totally see how she gets that from her mom. I gather most every woman that walks in here ends up becoming a dedicated cocksucker for her man!

Bethany settled down on her knees. She looked down at herself and smiled at what she saw. "Mom has also often told me that the best way to suck cock is when you're wearing nothing but high heels!"

I didn't know what to say to that. But it was further evidence of Dr. Morgan's strong influence and highly unorthodox sexual ideas. Obviously, Mommy had come to feel the exact same way.

Once that was done, after taking a few long licks around my cockhead, Bethany said, "You must think I'm such a total slut! I spend my job fluffing up big cocks, and I've totally fallen in lust with your huge, perfect cock!"

My confidence was still soaring. "Yes, you are a slut, but I'm going to make you MY slut!"

She looked up at me, her eyes wide with excitement and lust. "Oooh! Shivers! I love that answer! I can tell you're going to be the kind of boyfriend to keep me on my heels with your sexy commands - literally! And that gives me goose bumps all over. You're gonna keep me on my knees, working your cock until I'm exhausted, probably with your naked mommy by my side!" She pressed her ample tits together with both hands, creating an even more titillating vision than before.

I was panting heavily. What a lusty fox! And could her submissive attitude work out any better for me? NO! Ha! Maybe her mother has kind of brainwashed her into having some bizarre beliefs, but I'm not about to complain!

She added, "I think you need a serious reward for knowing just what to say!" She followed that dramatic pronouncement by engulfing my cockhead. She started fervently bobbing on it.

I practically had to scream out loud, but I screamed in my own head. JEEEESUS! HOLY FUCKING FUCK! That feels so GREAT!

I clutched at the sides of her head, trying to control the sudden rush of intense arousal I was feeling. There wasn't really anything I could do though except enjoy the ride and steadily squeeze my PC muscle in an attempt not to cum.

After a couple of minutes, the initial surge lessened.

She slowed her sucking style as she settled in for a more prolonged blowjob. I thought back to the last time Bethany had blown me. That had been my very first blowjob, so I didn't have anything to compare it to. Plus, I was so utterly astounded that the whole experience was kind of a vague though wonderful blur.

Now, I could compare her sucking technique with Mommy's. Clearly, she didn't have to worry about holding her own. She was a true sucking queen! Her extra-long tongue was definitely an advantage, and she knew just how to use it. But the main thing was that she had the same lusty passion Mommy did. It was clear in everything she did that she loved her "work."

At first, I just stood there with my hands still on her head. But as my imminent urge to cum eased, I was able to pet and stroke her hair instead of clutching the sides of her head.

As more blissful time passed, it finally occurred to me that I was getting blown while still standing in the middle of the doctor's waiting room! I opened my eyes and looked around. I didn't see anyone else at first because I was rather disoriented, but then my eyes locked on Rebecca's, through the receptionist window.

The beautiful blonde was caressing her own very sizable breasts through her white blouse as she stared at Bethany's energetic bobbing. It so happened that Bethany and I were standing at a side angle from her, so she had a good view of just how far down Bethany was bobbing on me.

Once my eyes locked on Rebecca's though, she let go of her big tits and gave me a friendly smile. Then she even gave me an approving thumbs up.

Despite that encouragement, I was a bit panicky. "Rebecca! Um... is it okay that we're doing this here?! Doesn't Bethany have to go back to work?!"

Rebecca waved a hand dismissively. "She does, but I've informed the doctor what's happening, and she says this takes higher priority. She's very happy for both of you that you're going to date. She's been rooting for you all along."

That took me by surprise. "Oh. Cool. But, uh, what if some other patient comes in?"

Rebecca immediately glanced at a spot in the room somewhere behind me.

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