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Chapter 15
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I turned my head to see what Rebecca was looking at, and discovered Mommy standing there!

I quickly realized that my mother had located a good spot to watch Bethany's cocksucking without being seen by me. It looked like she was very approving of the situation too, judging from the way she was looking and acting. She was still wearing her skin-tight Lycra workout suit, except she'd pulled the top up to her shoulders, allowing her to freely and directly fondle her giant tits with one hand. Her other hand had slipped down inside her Lycra shorts to her pussy. I could see a lot of rubbing going on there.

I smiled widely and exclaimed, "Mommy!"

Now that she'd been discovered, she walked around in front of me to make conversing (and gawking) easier. She kept right on playing with her fantastic body with both hands.

I glanced to Rebecca again. She was back to playing with her immense breasts as well, although still through her blouse. I figured she was probably playing with her pussy too sometimes, like before, but she was switching back and forth from time to time, since she only had two hands.

She briefly gave me another thumbs up and an encouraging smile.

"I see you two got reacquainted," Mommy told me with a happy smirk, causing me to look back her way.

"How long have you been standing there?!" I asked her.

"Pretty much the entire time!" She chuckled. "Actually, the entire time. I never really had to go to the bathroom, and I just opened the door and stayed on this side when I closed it. I couldn't resist watching my big boy asking his first serious girlfriend out on a date. I hope you don't mind."

"Uh, no, that's okay. But we can't call her a 'serious girlfriend' yet."

Mommy looked down at Bethany's steadily bobbing head, and said gleefully, "I beg to differ! She's a seriously talented cocksucker, at the very least. I can see that much!"

I looked down at Bethany too, and ran my hand through her long brown hair some more. God DAMN! It's hard to deny that something special is happening between Bethany and me. At the very least, we have some powerful sexual chemistry! What an endless rush! It's like she's born to suck cock!

However, as much as I adored Bethany, there was nothing more important to me than my relationship with Mommy, and I didn't want to cause problems there. "Um, Mommy, can I talk to you for a sec? In private?"

Mommy said, "In private? Son, there's nothing you can tell me that you can't say while Bethany is slurping on your fat cock. In fact, I much prefer it that way." She snickered with glee.

Before I could think up a response to that, Bethany pulled her lips off my boner. She suddenly stood up, and wiped the drool from her chin.

My jaw must have hung open from seeing her in her naked glory all over again. I mostly stared at her bare pussy. I was fascinated by all the rivulets of cum leaking from it - proof of just how aroused she had to be.

She said, "That's okay, Brian. This is a good time for you two to have a private chat because, unfortunately, I really do need to get back to work. Mom would let me take a long break out here, it sounds like, but I'm trying to be a real, professional nurse, and I know I'll get to see plenty of you later tonight. Right?"

"Definitely!" I said. "Say, around seven, like you said?" I reached out and fondled her impressively large and round tits, now that they were within easy reach again.

That made her let out an erotic groan. She arched her back and thrust her tits forward. "Oh GAAAAWWWD! I love it when you do that! You like my tits in their larger size? I know they're not half as big as your mom's..."

"I love 'em! You should know that by now. They're the ideal size for you." I fondled and kneaded them even more possessively.

"UNGH!" She moaned still more erotically. "That makes me so happy!" She brought both hands back to my crotch and resumed jacking me off. "I thought so much about calling you in this last month especially, but then I thought, 'No, better to wait until my breasts finish this growth spurt. I need to make my best impression next time.'"

"You sure did that," I said, in the understatement of the year. "We're gonna have a great time tonight, I'm sure."

She wiped off some drool and/or cum that had rolled down her chin. "Cool! I'll call you as soon as I get off work. We'll make more detailed plans then. Already, I can't wait!" She kissed me on the mouth one more time, then spun around to leave the room.

I gasped loudly as I saw her bare ass suddenly thrust up towards me. Without thinking, I reached out and grasped it with both hands. It felt as good as it looked!

She chuckled at that. "Aaaah! Feels nice. I like a guy who isn't afraid to take what he wants, without asking."

Unfortunately, I had to take my hands away as she moved out of reach.

She picked up her skirt, bra, and top from where they had fallen to the floor. But she merely held them in a bunch as she walked away.

I must have gawked like a clueless rube as Bethany swayed her ass towards the door to the other rooms of the office. I loved the fact that I could see plenty of side boob, since she was still topless and her two huge tits had grown wider than her upper torso.

She glanced back to us, and said, "You two feel free to get VERY comfy! Mommy, since I can't help him right now, I want you to take VERY good care of him, and finish off what I started!"

Mommy stepped towards me, with hunger in her eyes. "Oh, believe me, I will!"

Right as Bethany put her hand to the door to leave the room, I noticed her torn thong still lying on the floor. It was easy to miss, because it had been carelessly tossed under some of the other chairs. I said, "Wait! Your thong!"

Bethany grinned wickedly. "Keep it as a prize. The first sign that you're making me yours. Of course, that means I'll have to work the rest of the day 'going commando.' But that's okay, because I'll be constantly leaking down there anyway, thinking about you and our date." She licked her lips ostentatiously. "Consider what I just did to you a little taste of the wild suck-fest to come!"

I continued to simply gawk at her.

Bethany bit her lip. "Gaawwwd! It's so hard to walk away. I just want to drop back to my knees and... UGH!" She clutched her head with both hands in frustration. "Later! Tonight! Just you wait! It's all finally starting to happen. I'm going to prove myself to you, just you wait and see!"

She gave me one last smile over her shoulder and then walked out of the room.

I pulled my mother close, until her enormous bare breasts were pressed tightly against my chest.

My big stiff cock was hanging free, soaked with Bethany's saliva. It wound up rubbing against her body, tilted up above her pussy.

Mommy responded by stroking my face with one hand and my boner with the other. She put her mouth just inches away from mine. "Congratulations with Bethany! You know, I really, really LIKE that girl! She's got the right attitude."

I responded with wide-eyed awe, "You could say that again!"

Mommy giggled. "'Wild suck-fest to come.' That sounds so hot! This is a big day for you, isn't it?"

"It is."

My heart was still thumping fast. I thought about Bethany, I can't believe my good fortune. I literally can't believe it! I know she is mainly interested in my "perfect cock," but I don't have a problem with that! We can build off that, I hope.

Mommy still was smiling from ear to ear as she thought more about Bethany. "Wow! Like I said, I really do like that girl. Her mom raised her right. She's exactly the kind of girlfriend you need, the kind that knows that oral adoration of your massive cock is the key to a good relationship!"

I shook my head in wonder. It's all too crazy, especially since it's clear Bethany isn't putting on a front. Obviously, her mother has passed on all her wildly unusual ideas about sexual submission. I would feel conflicted about that, except I could benefit so very handsomely!

My mother seemed to snap back out of her Bethany-focused reverie, and remembered that I'd asked to talk to her alone. "What do you want to talk to me about, baby?"

"Mommy... You know I love you more than anything in the world, right? You know I'd do anything for you."

"Of course, sweetheart. I love you too. I'll always love you. And I'll always want you to make love to me. I never want our 'therapy' to end. As far as I'm concerned, I'm your sex toy mommy from now until the end of time!" She brought the hand caressing my face down to my privates to fondle my balls.

I smiled widely at that, even though she'd said similar things to me many times recently. My heart beat faster just from knowing that she was willing to say all that despite knowing that Rebecca had to be overhearing every word.

I told her, "You know how much I love you too. But, uh... Well, I was kinda hoping... maybe, it'd be okay if I ... I hope you don't mind if..."

She was smiling from ear to ear as she stroked my cock and balls with both hands. "You want to make sure that I'm okay with you going out with Bethany, right?"

I sighed with relief that she seemed to understand and accept where I was going with this. "Exactly! I don't ever want to stop our therapy either, but I really like her a lot, and I can't believe she likes me too. She's so pretty and... "

"Has such huge, young breasts?" Mommy asked, giggling. She briefly stopped jacking me off, but only to take my hands from my sides and bring them to her incredible rack, so I'd get a clue that she wanted me to fondle her tits some.

I immediately got the message, and started my usual caressing and even kneading.

I sheepishly said, "Yeah, I kinda noticed that."

She chuckled. "Good! I love her perfectly shaped G-cups. I would hope and assume that any girlfriend you have would be super stacked and all around gorgeous, like her. I would want nothing less for my precious baby!"

She eased back slightly so her tits weren't pressing so tightly against my chest. She went right back to her two-handed cock stroking. She added, "I'll bet you can't wait to slip your fat sausage in between her twin watermelons. Am I right?"

I couldn't resist letting out a loud and lusty moan, which was a clear answer, even though it was partly caused by what Mommy was doing to me.

Mommy chuckled. "Good answer!" She chuckled some more. "Believe me, I fully approve. Plus, don't think I didn't notice her impressively long tongue. Did you see when she stuck it out of her mouth all the way?"

"You saw that?!" My memory of recent events was a blur, since it was all too much to take in.

"I saw everything. You two were practically fucking standing up. How can I not adore her, especially after all she said about a good girlfriend belonging on her knees with a mouth full of cock? I wish I'd been that enlightened at her age."

I knew it sounded absurd that she would call that "enlightened," but then again, she'd never been as happy as she'd been since she'd started frequently sucking me off.

She added, "So, if it isn't clear enough already, Sweetie, OF COURSE you have my full approval to go out with Bethany. I don't mind at all. I helped set things up for you to ask her out, remember?"

I thought back, including to how she'd (supposedly) left the room at just the right time. "That's true, you did. So you're not jealous?"

She said, "I'm VERY jealous! But don't worry. I've given this lots of thought." She paused to show how serious she was.

She stared earnestly and deeply into my eyes as she kept on jacking me off. "It's not fair that I keep you all to myself. I'm twice your age. You need a hot, busty, submissive slut around your age that you can show off to your friends and such. Bethany is perfect for that. Her very own mother agrees that you two are an ideal match, and she's a professional doctor, so she should know! I really like her, like I said. I'm sure you two will get very serious very fast, and she'll be your dedicated slut in no time. She has the right attitude about how a girl should treat her man. That's very, very rare in this day and age."

I thought, Her extreme attitude must be rare in any day and age. Good God!

I frowned as I pictured Bethany in my mind. She's so incredible, maybe too incredible for a normal guy like me. This just can't be!

I said, "I don't know about her and me lasting very long. She's older, and so gorgeous!"

Mommy said as her hands steadily pumped on my thick shaft, "Trust me. Of course she likes you. Your foot in the door is that you have an unusually large and THICK cock for your age... or any age. As the doctor's measurements proved, it literally is the perfect size! She's already fallen in lust with it. I know exactly how she feels, and trust me, those feelings won't fade. My own lust just grows stronger and stronger. It's like an addiction!"

She looked down at her hands. "See? I can't stop stroking you to save my life. It's too much fun!" She giggled. "Plus, she's naturally deeply submissive, and craves a dominant guy like you to rule her."

"But I'm not really that dominant," I confessed.

"Oh, you are! Believe me. It's just that you're kind too. That's a great combination. You're still coming into your own in terms of fully discovering your dominant powers, but that's fine. Plus, you've got plenty of other great qualities. You're funny, smart, caring, and much more. Gosh, if I were her, I'd want to be with you all the time. Not that I don't do that now."

She giggled, and looked down at her stroking hands again.

Suddenly, she decided that a handjob wasn't enough. She dropped to her knees in a flash. She pulled her top the rest of the way off, apparently feeling bothered that her shoulders were still covered. But she went further and started squirming her way out of her Lycra shorts too.

I couldn't help but glance over at Rebecca again. I remembered how she had been busy with paperwork most of the time at our last appointment. That clearly wasn't the case today, because she was still blatantly playing with herself! In fact, now she had one hand inside her blouse, while her other hand was angled out of sight towards her pussy.

Maybe she was getting used to being caught by my glance, or maybe she was getting too horny to care much, or both. But she just smiled and waved at me, then kept right on playing with herself!

I shook my head. Man! I love this place. This crazy, crazy place! What if someone else comes in? Oh, but who cares? I'm too fucking horny!

I looked back to my ridiculously curvaceous mother as she wiggled out of her Lycra shorts, slowly revealing her shaved pussy mound, I said, while feeling increasingly distracted, "But it's really important to me that you and I keep... that we keep up our... therapy. I don't want Bethany to change that one bit!"

"Oh gosh, baby," she said. She was bending way over and finishing working the shorts down her legs and off her feet, causing her bare J-cups to dangle dramatically. "Of course! I NEVER want to stop our therapy! Even if the doctor says we don't need it, I'm gonna need your cock inside me a lot! In every orifice." She opened her mouth wide and swirled her tongue around her lips.

Then she added, "My body belongs to you, now and forever. Like I always tell you, I'm your sex toy mommy until the end of time! And that's true no matter how many other sluts I have to share you with."

I smiled widely. "You're the best!"

She finally got her shorts all the way off, and tossed them to a nearby chair. Since she wasn't wearing any panties in the first place, that left her buck naked except for her red high heels.

She spread her legs dramatically, striking a provocative pose.

Seeing her wet pussy reminded me to take a whiff of the pungent sex smell in the air. It was a heady smell that made me dizzy.

She took my erection in hand, then she glanced over to Rebecca through the receptionist's window. "Is this okay?"

I glanced over to Rebecca's sultry face as well. She was the same as the last I'd saw her, with one hand inside her blouse and the other angled down to her pussy. However, her blouse had opened up even more, and her bra was long gone. I could nearly see both nipples on her impressively large and round tits.

She knew we could see her masturbating, but she didn't seem to give a fuck anymore. She smiled at us as if all of this was perfectly normal doctor's office behavior. "Not really, but it's not like I'm going to stop you."

Realizing that still left us uncertain, she added, "Go for it! It's fine! Plus, it's totally hot! If there's any problem, I'll smooth it over."

Mommy flashed her a big smile. "Thanks!"

Rebecca then said, longingly, "Believe me, if I didn't have to man the fort here, I'd be over there in a flash to help in any way I could!" She boldly let her blouse slip off one shoulder, and then the other, fully exposing her huge breasts!

Mommy saw that, and said, "By the way, nice rack!"

"Thank you!" Rebecca replied. "And the same to you, times two, since you're twice as endowed!" She laughed. That would have caused her tits to wildly wobble, except she was back to fondling them with both hands.

My sexy, nude mother looked back up at me, even as she started lapping her tongue around my cockhead. "Where would we be without our therapy? I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get to start the day in your bed, waking you with my mouth slurping hungrily on your cock. I need it like I need air to breathe! And I'd just cry if I didn't get to shower with you every morning... and you know how that always ends up!" She chuckled.

I felt a giddy rush as I thought back to our daily showers. Rebecca was totally forgotten for now, despite her impressive bare-chested display. Mommy and I always started our showers relatively calm, since we inevitably had just climaxed together back in our bedroom. But after lots of sudsy soaping up (with edible soap), and lots of French kissing, I wound up with my cock in her mouth, her cleavage, or her cunt, every single time. Sometimes all three, one after another!

Mommy was somehow both smiling widely and licking my cockhead as she went on, "Or what about the way I like to suck you all through breakfast? Isn't that fun? Or how you like to bang me on the front door right before you leave for school, leaving me with a red, sore, and sperm-filled cunt? Not to mention all the other fun things we do all day long!"

I said with passion, "I don't want any of that to change! Never ever, ever!"

Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, with her tongue lapping right above her slipping and sliding fingers. "Trust me, it won't! I'm your sex toy mommy! Your big-titted fuck doll! My sole purpose is to love you and serve you! With Bethany, we'll have all of that, and MORE!"

She was forced to stop talking, because she suddenly engulfed my cockhead.

I felt such a surge of arousal as she began a deep bobbing rhythm that I felt a bit dizzy. Luckily, I could clutch at her head to help me stay standing until things settled down somewhat.

A few minutes later, once we were in a steady cocksucking groove, I glanced over at Rebecca again.

To my mild surprise, she'd taken her blouse all the way off. To my greater surprise, she was so hot and bothered that when she saw I was looking her way again, she stopped masturbating in order to heft both of her big tits together. Clearly, that was done just to further titillate me.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed to her in lusty delight.

Rebecca replied shyly, "Yeah, well, what can you do?" She laughed. "I'm technically not supposed to do any of this, but you and your mom are just so fucking HOT with each other that I can't help myself! I'm just standing back here, totally naked and cumming and cumming!"

I couldn't visually confirm that she was totally naked, due to the size limitations of the window she was looking through, but I had no doubt. She was hot to trot!

I had to ask, "But don't you see lots of blowjobs in this room? I remember you saying that."

She responded while continuing to hold her huge tits together. "It's true. It happens at least once a day on average, I'd guess. But this is different. It's so much hotter, for starters. You're just such a dominant STUD! Especially just after seeing you get blown by Bethany. And your mother is completely naked! That pretty much NEVER happens here. But she needs to suck you that way, and she doesn't give a fuck if it's in a public place! I remember when you got me naked for a good-bye kiss, in nearly the exact same spot. I was way too scared. Your mom is so brave!"

"That's true," I admitted. "Although I think it's more sheer unstoppable lust than bravery. Thanks to the whole thing about the cream ruining clothes, we've kind of got a tradition going. We've had some pretty crazy adventures in public sometimes. Some close calls."

Rebecca laughed. "I'll bet!" She was still hefting her bare breasts up to put on a good show, but she was rubbing them together with orgasmic delight on top of that. "What about the cream getting on YOUR clothes?"

I looked down at myself. I was still wearing my T-shirt. I muttered, "Oh yeah. For some reason, we've never really had a problem with that."

Rebecca laughed some more. "I'll bet! I think it's TOTALLY HOT when a dominant guy like you forces one of his sluts to suck him off while he's fully dressed and she's completely nude. Especially when he's standing and she's kneeling. Don't you agree?"

"Um, yeah." I looked down at Mommy, who happened to be loudly choking and gagging on my cock, perhaps in hope that Rebecca would get more turned on by her lewd noises. I realized we were exactly in the situation Rebecca had just described, except my shorts had come all the way off and I certainly hadn't "forced" Mommy to do anything.

I realized, Jesus! It sounds like Rebecca is totally into female sexual submission too. I guess that's no surprise, considering that she works here. If Dr. Morgan was foolish enough to hire anyone who didn't have that attitude, they wouldn't last for long. Worse, they could go to the authorities and get everyone in trouble.

Rebecca enthusiastically added, "You two are so great! I could cum hard right now just from listening. It sounds like she's trying to deep throat you to the root, which is too hot! You go, girl! But what I want to know is if and when I'd get a crack at playing with your monster cock again. I got to stroke it a little bit here and there, but we kept getting rudely interrupted. I thought you two were exclusive, but now that you're dating Bethany too, does that mean I might get a shot too?"

"What, you mean, like, dating me?!"

"Oh no! Not that! I'm married, actually, but my hubby is into the cuckold lifestyle. Do you know what that means?"

Her words shook me up. My gaze darted to her hands and I saw a sparkling wedding ring! Whoa! You're kidding me, right?! I feel like a fool for not noticing before, or even thinking to check. And she's given me two handjobs already, brief though they were.

I was so shocked that my excited heart started to race a lot faster. I hated cheaters. I didn't want to help break up someone's marriage.

I simply answered, "No." I knew "cuckold," but not "cuckold lifestyle."

I got increasingly nervous from hearing that she was married. Good Lord! I was just French kissing her earlier! And we were seriously fondling each other! I don't want to be a cheater.

She explained, "It means he gets off on seeing me have sex with other men!"

I was shocked all over again. "Are you serious?!" I kept staring at her wedding ring, like it was a loaded gun. That thought made me think of angry husbands holding guns.

She said, "Of course! I have the perfect job for him, because all day long, handsome and well-hung boys like you pass through and I get to flirt with them. Every time he and I have sex, it starts with a talk about one of those boys flirting too heavily and things spiraling out of control. He can't even get erect without thinking of me with someone else. Except it never happens - I'm all talk but no action. Bethany gets to do all the fluffing of the cocks. Except with you, that is! Especially today! Boy, is he going to ravage me tonight when I tell him what you and I did together!"

I was even more shocked. There are actual, real husbands like that? How bizarre.

That revelation started to make some mysteries clear for me. Last time I was here, I remember some cryptic comments about Dr. Morgan wanting to help her get over her problems at home by giving in to have sexual fun with me. I'd thought that was a reference to her having trouble enjoying sexual pleasure or something like that. In retrospect, it seemed she was having trouble acting on her husband's cuckold fantasies instead of just role-playing about them.

I nervously asked, "He... he wouldn't be upset at me? Like... try to beat me up or something?"

She laughed freely, while provocatively running a hand through her long blonde hair. Then she went back to fondling her bare boobs. "Oh, no! Just the opposite. He'd be fawning and deferential towards you. Bizarre, I know, but that's how it is. You'd be surprised at how common his fetish is. He's part of a large on-line community. But anyway, I'm not talking about something serious with you and me, just... having fun!" She licked her lips suggestively.

I looked down at my gorgeous mother, happily bobbing away. Then I looked back to Rebecca's wedding ring. "Well, uh, that sounds fantastic, but... uh... I wouldn't want to risk changing things..."

To my surprise, Mommy suddenly pulled her lips off my boner. She looked Rebecca's way, and spoke to her. "We haven't talked about it yet. I'm not big on sharing him beyond Bethany. There are all sorts of potential problems there, including potential pregnancies and sexual diseases. But you already know about the incest. And I like the whole cuckold situation. That's safe, and limits the emotional commitment."

Her voice grew more excited. "Perhaps we could make an exception or two, with you, if it's part of our therapy here at the office!"

Rebecca's eyes lit up. She was aggressively pinching her stiff nipples. "Oh my goodness! What do you mean by that?!"

Mommy just smiled enigmatically. "We'll see. All I'm saying is never say never, especially if we're talking about you helping me suck him. Two mouths are better than one!" With that, she engulfed my cockhead again.

Rebecca squealed with delight and clapped her hands together. "Ohmigod! That sounds perfect! I've NEVER shared a cock with another woman! But I would soooo love to do that with you, Ms. Pepper!"

The stacked blonde pushed her exposed tits together again, apparently to better tempt me. "Brian, what do you think?! Already, you and I are starting a tradition where we kiss on the lips to say hello and good-bye. What if that's just the warm up, and every time you come in for an appointment here, your mommy and I work on your big fat cock together?! Slurping and sucking, our hands slipping and sliding on all that thick, hot, pulsing cock-meat! OH GOD! That's so very hot!"

My head was spinning. I was trying to cope with listening to Rebecca and ogling her firm body while Mommy drove me absolutely wild from sucking me off.

Somehow, slowly, I managed some coherent thoughts. I can't believe an hourglass-shaped BABE like Rebecca would be so interested in me. With Mommy, we're family and best friends. With Bethany, we've had a strong emotional connection from the very start somehow, and we're closer to the same age. But with Rebecca, her interest in me seemed to be 100 percent about lust.

God dammit! Mommy's mouth feels so divine! What a trip!

But anyway... Back to Rebecca... Why me, when she has a parade of satyrs passing through here? She's so far out of my league! I wonder if it has to do with Bethany claiming that I have the 'perfect cock.' Probably. Boy, am I getting a lot of mileage out of that!

Rebecca's comments seemed to have inspired my mother, because she began bobbing and licking with even more passion and energy.

I had to close my eyes, clench my teeth, and squeeze my PC muscle as I tried to ride out that wave of intense stimulation.

Rebecca wasn't done talking, though it seemed she was more talking to herself and no longer expecting an answer. "Or what about titfucking?! Damn! Your mom is so stacked! But I'm pretty well endowed too, if I do say so myself. We could take turns titfucking you while the other one sucks from the top! OOOOH! UNNNGH!"

I couldn't see anything, since I was forced to keep my eyes closed as I struggled with all my might not to cum just yet. But I certainly heard it when Rebecca started screaming in orgasmic ecstasy. The sound wasn't that loud, because she put a hand or something else to her mouth to muffle the sound. Probably, she didn't want her boss, Dr. Morgan, to hear. But I could hear, and it was sexy as hell!

Thankfully, after a couple of minutes, things calmed down enough for me to relax again. I opened my eyes and looked back to Rebecca.

She was in a much calmer mood, since she obviously had gotten her rocks off with that big orgasm of hers. But she was still watching and masturbating, with her blouse still no longer in sight. Damn, she has an impressive bare chest! So stacked! And her blonde hair, and that face... FUCK!

I glanced again at her wedding ring. But this time, for some reason, it aroused me more than it scared me.

Seeing me look her way once more, she gave me a naughty grin, and said, "You lucky son of a bitch!" She rested her round tits on the deck at the bottom of the receptionist's window. That caused them to swell forward and look even bigger.

I couldn't resist asking her with a knowing grin, "Did you have a nice cum?"

She brushed her long blonde hair back in a flirty manner. "Hell, yeah! The best in ages! And what's really great is that I know I'll have some fantastic sex tonight, reliving every moment with my cucky hubby. Actually, my stories from today will probably keep him and me sex-mad for weeks, at least, because for once they'll be all true!"

I didn't know how to respond to that. I still couldn't wrap my head around the willing cuckold concept. Besides, Mommy's talented tongue and lips had me lingering on the cusp of a powerful climax.

Rebecca started to say, "By the way, congratulations about you and Bethany. She talks about you all the time. You really made a big impression on her. I'm sure you two will..."

Her voice trailed off as something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.

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