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Chapter 16
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Rebecca's voice trailed off, because just then, two people walked out of the inner offices into the waiting room.

I'd never seen them before, but just one glance their way made clear that it was another mother-and-son pair. Their physical resemblance was uncanny, especially since both of them had the exact same shade of light blonde hair. The son was about my age, or maybe even a year or two younger. The mother was beautiful and seriously busty, though not in Mommy's league when it came to chest size.

I was caught flatfooted, to say the least! True, at least I was wearing a T-shirt, but I was standing in the middle of the room getting my cock sucked from my mother! And she was completely naked! Plus, I didn't even know where my shorts had wound up.

Surprisingly, the mother and son were so absorbed in a conversation that they didn't even notice Mommy and me, at least not yet. The son was saying, "You see, Mom? I told you. Dr. Morgan says there's no such..."

However, after just a few seconds, his voice trailed off and his eyes bugged out as he first saw me, and then looked down and saw Mommy's flawless completely bare backside, with her head at my crotch. He muttered, "Oh SHIT!"

His mother started to chide him, "What did I tell you about cursiii..." She too trailed off, not even finishing her word, because she saw me and then looked down to Mommy, just like he had done.

Luckily for Rebecca, they hadn't looked towards her receptionist window yet, or she would have been caught in a very unprofessional condition. She quickly scrambled to stand all the way up and put her white blouse back on. No doubt realizing that would take some time, especially to button the blouse up properly, she took several steps to the side until she could no longer be seen through the window.

The mother's jaw just about hit the floor as she stared at Mommy and me in disbelief.

I stared right back at her. My face must have turned red, fast, but I bravely kept my eyes open. I muttered, "Hey there," and gave a half-hearted wave.

I thought Mommy would stop her cocksucking and try to make herself presentable. But no! She did seize up in surprise at first, and she managed to turn her head just enough to see who'd entered the room without having to pull her mouth all the way off my throbbing boner. But then she just turned back to her previous position facing me and resumed her sucking, and her obvious stroking too!

After an exceedingly long and awkward silence, the unknown mother practically yelled at me, "What the HELL is happening here?!"

Luckily, by then, Rebecca ducked her head back into view from one side of the window into her office. I don't know if she had her blouse all the way back on or not, but she tried to act normal as she said, "Don't worry, Mrs. Adams. That just... happens sometimes. They're patients, just like you. You suck off your son every day too, do you not? Many times a day, am I right?"

Mrs. Adams glared at her. "Yes, of course, but... In the waiting room?! That's outrageous!"

Rebecca bravely stood her ground, even as she curiously was only showing her head, and part of one arm - which was covered by her blouse, thankfully. "Trust me, it's not that unusual. I know you're relatively new here. This is what, your sixth appointment?"

"Our seventh," Mrs. Adams testily corrected.

Rebecca nodded, even as she doubtlessly continued to try to calm herself down and look normal. "Right. As you keep returning here in the months to come, assuming that you do, you'll see this sort of thing from time to time. That's Brian Pepper and his mother Mary. They're using the cream-based therapy, just like you."

The Adams son spoke up to his mother. "Why are you so freaked out? So what if she's sucking him off naked? You always get naked before you suck me off. Not counting your high heels, of course. So what's the difference?!"

Despite the somewhat panicky situation I was in, I couldn't help but grin at the "high heels" aside. I thought, Dr. Morgan strikes again! I don't know how she does it, or why, but she definitely has a sexual dogma of sorts that seems to be spreading like wildfire!

Mrs. Adams put her hands on her hips and glared indignantly at her son. "We do it in the privacy of our own home, for starters! Plus, I've warned you to NEVER talk about that sort of thing in front of strangers! Never!" She looked around the room with renewed worry.

The boy defiantly said, "Sorry. But, to be honest, I don't see much difference. They're just doing what we do all the time. Heck, are you already forgetting how you got so worked up from thinking about our appointment here today that you had to pull the car over by the side of the highway halfway here in order to blow me?"

Mrs. Adams was similarly defiant. "Hush your mouth! You're just making matters worse! That's OUR private business!" She hesitated, then added, "Besides, that little incident was YOUR fault because you got so stiff and tempting, and then you unzipped your fly while I was trying to drive. How could I resist?!"

She blushed some more as she realized what she'd just admitted to, but it was too late to take it back.

Rebecca finally moved into view through the window, with her white blouse thankfully all the way on. I surmised that she'd hastily finished buttoning up while the mother and son were talking to each other. She said, "Relax! Mrs. Adams, you're not 'in public' here. This is a safe space. All of the other patients today are mothers and sons, just like you. There's no judging here, because who can throw the first stone? As I said, what you're seeing here is fairly common."

"In the waiting room?! Come on! I can't get over that part!" The irate mother glanced over at Mommy's steadily bobbing head. She stared in fascination, then turned back to Rebecca.

The patient receptionist continued, "Don't be so surprised or shocked. When mothers and sons come here for their appointments, the sons are almost always excited and horny. Imagine sitting next to your son for half an hour or longer while his stiff erection threatens to rip a hole in his shorts. Would you really want to do that without orally helping me some?"

"Well..." The mother frowned with new uncertainty. She bit her lip and briefly glanced towards her son's crotch.

Rebecca asked her, "If there's a long wait, why not just bend over into his lap and give him a little suck? Remember, this is a safe space. No one would mind, especially me!"

The son said enthusiastically, while alternately looking at Mommy's bare butt and her bobbing head, "Yeah, Mom! Why not?! In fact, I'm seriously aroused right now! I could use some help!" He looked down at the bulge in his shorts, and even framed the bulge with his fingers to make it look more prominent and tempting.

His mother was clearly startled to see that bulge there. "Again?! You're erect again?! But you just climaxed THREE TIMES in front of the doctor! Plus once on the way here, which you couldn't help just telling everyone here, to my eternal shame! My tummy is full of your sperm, and my pussy is leaking too!"

Her eyes went wide as she realized what she'd just admitted to in front of three strangers. She clamped her hands over her mouth, as if she could belatedly trap those words before they left. Yet the horrified look on her face showed that she knew it was too late.

Rebecca leaned forward through the window, and reached out to touch Mrs. Adams' shoulder, startling her slightly. "Relax! Like I said, this is a safe space. VERY safe. The Peppers have been through everything you've been through, and then some. Do you really think they're scandalized by what you just said?"

Mrs. Adams looked back at my face and then down my mother's bobbing head again. She bit her lip once more, as she further gazed up and down Mommy's bare backside, all the way to her high heels.

I gave them another shy wave. Yikes! Talk about awkward! I wanted to run and hide, but Mommy was bobbing on my cock like her life depended on it. I think knowing the other mother and son were in the room and watching (plus Rebecca!) was turning her on something fierce.

The son complained, "Yeah, Mom! Geez! Why do you have to be such a prude about this when you're my naked cocksucking mommy pet at home pretty much all the time?!"

Mrs. Adams stiffened up. "For God's sake! Don't call me that in public! EVER!"

Rebecca interjected again. "It's okay! We're all on your side, like we keep saying. 'Mommy pets' are very common here. I happen to know that Mary over there proudly considers herself her son's 'personal big-titted mommy pet,' and his 'human sex toy,' and his 'busty cocksucking mommy,' and much more besides."

My mother didn't stop her sucking in the slightest, or even try to turn her head to make eye contact. But she took one hand off my cock and held it up dramatically, making a thumbs up sign.

"You see?"! Rebecca implored. "We're all friends here. We're all on the same side. This place is all about helping you and your son coming to grips with your mommy pet lifestyle and learning to love it."

Mrs. Adams pondered all that while staring at Mommy's bare backside, and especially at her rhythmically bobbing head. Finally, she let out a long, defeated sigh. Her shoulders slumped too. She muttered, "Okay, okay. Good point. It's just that this new lifestyle is taking me some getting used to. Home is one thing, but... in public..."

The son looked at her with love and understanding. "That's cool. I understand. But consider the plus side. All this open talk about you being my mommy pet has really turned me on!"

Then he took her nearest hand and brought it to the bulge in his crotch. When he sensed she wasn't going to pull her hand away, he let go of it.

She stared in wide-eyed wonder at her hand holding his bulge. She grasped it firmly, and then started stroking it up and down, although it was through his shorts. She stared at her hand with an agonized look on her face, as if she couldn't believe her lack of willpower.

The son said, "See, Mom? That's not so tough, is it? Feels good, doesn't it? Admit it. I know from your blushing face that this talk is embarrassing you, but it's turning you on something fierce too, isn't it? When you look at that mom over there, don't you wish you could be doing what she's doing?"

The mother's mood had changed, and even her voice softened. Clearly, lust was taking over. But still, she complained, "I'm so weak!"

Luckily, Rebecca forcefully pushed back against that idea. "No, you're not! Mrs. Adams, I've seen many mothers come through here like you. The weak ones are the ones who are afraid to let their sexual side come out, who run from their naturally submissive natures. What you're doing is BRAVE! You're brave and bold to dare down the path less traveled. But it's the one with incredible rewards and incomparable sexual pleasures at the end!"

Rebecca could tell that her words were having an effect. She added, "Just look at Ms. Pepper over there. Can't you imagine the incredible thrill she's feeling right now, with her mouth crammed full of hot son-cock? Don't you wish you were in her place?"

Mrs. Adams unthinkingly nodded. But she muttered, "But the humiliation..."

Rebecca finished that thought for her. "...Makes the pleasure twice as intense! You know it's true!"

Her son chimed in. "Yeah, Mom. Don't you want it? Isn't your mouth salivating like crazy right now?"

She fondled his bulge with growing enthusiasm. "Oh, Son! Of course it is. You know how much I love your cock! I can't believe it's this stiff after you came straight down my throat or my face three times in the last hour! I'm so impressed!"

The son was triumphant. "Yeah, that was pretty great, wasn't it? Four, if you include the car incident. That's a new personal record! It's because you inspire me, especially with the sexy doctor watching. Why don't we make it five?!"

He put a hand on the top of her head and started to push her down to her knees.

Mrs. Adams started to go down, but then she glanced over to Mommy and me, and then back to Rebecca, and she freaked out. "NO!" She suddenly jerked back and up, twisting out of his reach. She let go of his bulge too. "Not here! Please! I'm not ready for that!"

The son complained, "But Mom! I'm soooo horny!"

She whined unhappily, "I know! Now, I am too!"

He asked, "If not here, how 'bout in the car again? We have tinted windows!"

She looked all around, and bit her lip again. Then she said with clear relief, "Well... okay! The car! Quick! Let's go! I'm horny as fuck too!" She grasped his hand and started pulling him out of the room.

The son laughed gleefully. Clearly, having fun in the car was perfectly fine with him. As he was hustled out of the room, he gave another look at my cocksucking mother, and asked me, "Hey! This is the life, isn't it?"

I smiled from ear to ear. "It sure is!"

As the boy reached the door, he paused, even though his sexy mother was tugging at him to leave. He asked me, "By the way, what's your name?"

"Brian. What's yours?"

"Evan. We should get together and compare notes. I can't tell any of my friends ANYTHING about my new lifestyle. It drives me crazy."

"Yeah, good idea!" I enthusiastically replied. I had the same problem.

Rebecca spoke to all of us, because Evan was literally being pulled through the door into the hallway. "I have all your personal information. I'll call both of you later so you can share phone numbers, okay?"

Evan and I said, "Okay!" at the same time.

Mrs. Adams tugged at her son Evan even harder, causing her big tits to sway. "Come on! Now that you've got me started, Mommy's really hungry! And... and... I need a creamy facial too!" Her face was cherry red from admitting such feelings.

Evan stopped resisting, and thus practically flew out the door, "Later, man! Have fun!"

"The same!"

Once the incestuous couple was gone, I heard Rebecca snickering. I looked her way.

The busty blonde smiled at me. "That was fun, wasn't it? I love my job!" She started unbuttoning her blouse again. "That sort of thing happens a lot. And you and Evan will become good friends, I'll bet. You're both nice guys of about the same age, but mainly, you're both satyrs with your own personal big-titted mommy sluts. There's a lot you can learn from each other and talk about when it comes to taking good care of your slut."

I nodded. "I'm sure." I looked down at Mommy, and muttered, "Man! This is so crazy!" I ran my hands through her long dark brown hair. "Mommy, I can't believe you didn't stop or even slow down with your sucking, through all of that."

She just snickered, right through her tight lip-lock.

I looked back to Rebecca. She had her huge tits all the way out and she was keeping them on the shelf at the bottom of her window again. However, she kept her blouse on enough for it to cover her shoulders, probably so she could get presentable faster if there were further surprises. She already resumed masturbating some more as she gawked at us, fondling her heavy tits with both hands.

I thought back to Martha and Trevor from the last appointment, as well as the unnamed mother and son that parked next to us in the parking lot. I asked Rebecca, "So, I noticed those two are mother and son, and I've seen other mothers and sons pass through here. Are all your patients like that?"

"Technically, I'm not allowed to speak about other patients, but I guess I can speak in a very general way, since you're one of my favorites." Rebecca flashed me a big smile, and ran a hand through her long blonde hair in her usual flirty manner.

She said, "As you know, we specialize in nympho-satyr pairs. Mothers and sons are the most common, and we get lots of fathers and daughters too. But we get all kinds. For instance, siblings, or aunts and nephews, or same-sex couples sometimes, or various threesomes. And more! Just yesterday, we had a boy in here about your age who's turning his mother and his two older sisters into his little personal harem. Oh! And yesterday we also had a college-aged kid who's turned his mom and his aunt into his sex slaves. Like I said, all kinds."

I just nodded. Mommy was really going to town on my boner, so I was too out of it to continue to carry on a serious conversation. I was tripping out, imagining a world where the incest Rebecca was talking about was commonplace.

Then a question came to me that I just had to ask. "Do all of your patients have some sort of taboo relationship, er, to them?"

"Sure. Because if they're just friends or classmates or the like, why can't they get together in the normal way? We help people who belong together but are in denial about it."

Rebecca added, "We tend to schedule blocks of similar types of patients. Today actually is another all mother-son day. That often leads to new friendships and other pleasant surprises. In fact, Mary, if it's okay with you, I'll give you Amber's phone number later. That's Mrs. Adams' first name. Does that sound good?"

"MMMM!" Mommy muttered approvingly as she continued to slurp and stroke.

"As you can see, you're further along into the lifestyle than she is, even though you're a relatively new patient too. In fact, they've had over twice as many appointments as you, but you've leapfrogged them in a big way. Mary, maybe you could help show her the ropes on how to be a better sex toy mommy."

Mommy nodded. But since that was nearly exactly the same as her bobbing, she gave her the thumbs up sign and another "MMMM!" to be extra clear.

I closed my eyes and resumed running my hands through Mommy's hair. I was ready to bliss out on her talented cocksucking for a while. But then I opened my eyes in near alarm as I belatedly realized something. I asked Rebecca, "Wait! MRS. Adams?! She's married?!"

Rebecca was unfazed, and didn't even pause in her tit fondling. "Yeah, that happens sometimes. We don't condone cheating, but you'd be surprised how many husbands of nymphos get off on being cuckolded. Especially by their sons."

"Like you and your husband?" I asked.

"Exactly. Although we don't have any children, and we're too young for teenage kids anyway, so we've gone a different route. Usually, the husbands have known for years that they can't keep up with their wives' great sexual appetites, and they get the idea that someone else should help his wife find sexual pleasure. Then things go from there, often to the point where the husband has NO sexual contact with his wife, and likes it that way.".

I shook my head in disbelief and disgust.

She saw that and added, "I know, it's weird. But it's real. You should talk to Dr. Morgan about the psychology of it all. The bottom line is, Mr. Adams fully approves. He's been here to talk to the doctor about it too, so I know."

"Ah, thanks," I just said. I was getting close to the edge, and still was in no shape to talk much.

After a long pause, Rebecca asked me, "You seem doubtful about the whole cuckolding thing, right?"

I merely nodded. I was even more dangerously close to the edge, so any sort of talking was becoming a problem. For the same reason, I was forced to keep my eyes closed, even though I would have loved to watch Rebecca play with her big, bare boobs.

Rebecca explained, "It IS a real puzzler. I don't fully understand it myself. With my own husband, I've decided that he's just a naturally sexually submissive guy. Unfortunately, we love each other a lot, but we're a horrible match sexually, since I'm submissive too. He knows I need a dominant man to truly bring out my sexual side and make me go wild. Since he can't really get the job done, he loves to watch and/or hear about someone else who can do it."

She continued, "A lot of Dr. Morgan's patients have that cuckold aspect going on. We've NEVER approved of going behind someone's back. If the woman is married, we make sure the husband is on board from the start. In fact, the husband usually is the one to make the first appointment here. In Mrs. Adams' case, I'm sure the first time she sucked her son's cock, her husband was right there in the room, watching and jacking off, or at least peeking through a spy hole. That's our standard procedure."

Even though I was nearly delirious from such fantastic stimulation, I blurted out, "You can't be serious!"

"Oh, but I am. Heck, my husband would KILL for me to be willing to suck someone's cock where he could watch or even just hear about it later. But I've been too chicken. We haven't been married that long, so I'm kind of new to the lifestyle. Maybe me taking this job is my way of helping myself get over that hump, from seeing so many others who have successfully done it."

I didn't reply to that. My face was straining with the struggle of delaying the urge to cum a little longer.

Rebecca chuckled. "Sorry for my rambling. I can see you're a little.... distracted... so I'll let you be."

I couldn't reply to that either. In fact, I clutched at the sides of my head as if my brain was in danger of exploding. I was tripping out on a total lust overload!

Mommy kept on with her slurping and sucking for another five or ten minutes, until I finally erupted into her mouth. She took my load straight down her throat in order not to make a mess.

I was thankful that no other patients came through the waiting room. Even though Rebecca was treating us like we were much more experienced with that sort of thing than the Adamses, we actually weren't. I'd just about had a heart attack when I saw the Adamses come into the room! We were definitely still getting used to our new lifestyle too.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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