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Chapter 17
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Compared to our waiting room adventure, our actual appointment with Dr. Morgan was relatively tame in comparison.

When Rebecca ushered us in, she didn't even bother to have us dress first (although she carefully put her own blouse and bra back on, in case the doctor would see her). Not one minute after Mommy and I sat on the couch, Mommy was lying flat on her tummy with her face in my crotch, so she could alternately lick and/or suck my cock while sometimes talking or at least looking towards the doctor.

Mommy's nudity was sharply contrasted by the fancy dark blue jacket and skirt Dr. Morgan was wearing, with a white blouse on underneath. The blouse was buttoned up a middling amount, but she still put on an impressive cleavage display. She looked beyond gorgeous, as usual, especially with her arresting, flowing platinum blonde hair.

The doctor sat behind her desk, as usual. She seemed to be on the verge of a smirk much of the time, while staring at us with her penetrating blue-green eyes.

The discussion went much like last time, with Mommy and I updating the doctor about all we'd been doing together since our last appointment. Actually, I did nearly all the talking, since Dr. Morgan already knew most everything about Mommy's perspective due to their continued relatively frequent phone calls.

Plus, Mommy's mouth was nearly always busy with my hard-on! She much preferred sucking on me to licking, so she was put out every time she was forced to say something.

At one point, I asked, "Doctor, is it typical that you keep in such good touch with your patients on the phone, like you do with my mom?"

She replied, "Definitely NOT normal. I do take a lot of phone calls in the evening for various emergencies or big news updates, like when a mother gets fucked by her son for the first time. But I have so many patients, I can't keep up with them all in a close, personal way."

She went on, "I guess from the start I've felt a very special connection with your mother. Partially, I must admit, it's based on looks. Quite simply, she's my physical ideal! So very busty, so very beautiful. And her breasts... they aren't just exceptionally large... they're so perfectly shaped... so round... and firm..."

The doctor stared at Mommy's breasts, even though they were partially covered up due to the way she was lying on the couch. She seemed so transfixed that her sentence slowed down and then petered out altogether.

Just when I was beginning to wonder about Dr. Morgan having a desire for my mother, she snapped back to attention and resumed calmly talking to me. "And you're my ideal too, especially with your perfectly sized cock. So I've had an extra interest in seeing you two succeed, due to that alone. But, on top of that, it turns out your mother is pretty much my ideal when it comes to her attitude. Heck, if every mom took to submitting to their sons with the zeal she's shown, I would only need to work one day a week!" She laughed.

I looked down at Mommy. She had her eyes closed, and I wasn't even sure if she was paying attention to the conversation, because she was so intently focused on sucking me off. As usual, it felt beyond incredible. I definitely could see the doctor's point about her zeal!

Dr. Morgan continued, "So that more than doubled my interest, right there. Then, it turns out she and I have a lot in common as well. We're so like-minded that it's uncanny. We've gone from talking about 'professional advice' to just, well, everything! So that's all a personal first for me. And then, on top of all that, she and I are in total agreement that you and Bethany are just about made for each other. We're plotting and scheming to make sure you two hear wedding bells one day!" She smirked knowingly, and even winked.

That took me aback. "Are you serious?!" I looked over to my naked mother, all the way down to her bare butt, just out of reach. It was bizarre, to say the least, to think of her plotting for me to get married, especially when she seemed so addicted to my cock pretty much all the time.

The doctor said, "Just kidding about the 'wedding bells' part. Although... you never know!" She laughed again. "But we're definitely plotting to get you two to start dating. Which is why I'm simply flying over the moon about today's big news!"

She was referring to the fact that I'd asked Bethany out on a date for later this same night. It turned out Bethany had told her mother all the details before our appointment even began.

I asked, "Okay... That's cool... But why are you so keen on us dating?"

Dr. Morgan just grinned enigmatically. "That's for me to know, and for you to find out!"

I rolled my eyes, although I was enjoying how the normally stern doctor was showing a more playful side. "Come on. Can't you give me a little more to go on than that?"

"Let's just say that every mother wants the best for her children. I've seen a lot of boys your age come through here. In fact, we kind of specialize in that age, since we don't want to get into issues about people having sex when they're too young. Out of all those guys, there's nobody else I think who could make my daughter happier than you, both in and out of bed. Pretty simple, actually."

"But why me? I'm not that great."

"That's one thing I like about you, that you're modest."

I was baffled. I was modest because I figured I didn't have much to brag about, except for the size of my penis, and that was a genetic stroke of luck. But I let the issue slide, and the conversation moved on. I was tripping out on oral pleasure so much that it was a struggle for me to ask questions anyway.

Dr. Morgan mostly wanted to know how I felt about fucking my mother, since that was the big new development since our last appointment. Needless to say, I couldn't have expressed any more enthusiasm about it.

But apparently that wasn't enough to satisfy her, because she wanted to see it with her own eyes.

Thus, only ten minutes into our meeting, I went from getting my cock sucked by Mommy on the couch to royally fucking her while she was bent over that very same couch!

The rest of our appointment was more or less a non-stop fuck-fest. From time to time, Mommy and I would take breaks, and then Dr. Morgan would resume her questioning about this or that issue.

One obvious theme that came up was that she was trying to encourage me to have a serious girlfriend who approved of the incest with Mommy. In fact, she was not too subtle in suggesting that Bethany would exactly fit the bill. One point she repeatedly emphasized was that I could find many gorgeous, buxom girls, but Bethany was highly unique in that she'd taught her the "proper role of serving her man with all her heart."

I couldn't disagree with that. Clearly, Bethany had an amazing and highly unusual attitude about what her girlfriend role should be. I wasn't going to find that anywhere else, unless maybe it was with one of the doctor's other patients.

But mostly, the rest of the meeting was just lots of fucking, with heaping helpings of cocksucking and titfucking too.

I noticed early on that the doctor sat behind her desk which allowed her to furtively masturbate with her hands out of sight. She played with herself pretty much the entire time, and she wasn't even that subtle about it either!

In fact, she was so obvious that about halfway through the appointment, I called her out on it while Mommy and I were taking a prolonged break just after I'd had my first climax. I started by asking her, "Tell me, do you always masturbate while you watch your patients have sex with each other?"

She said with amused chagrin, "Darn it. You noticed, huh?"

"How could I not?! You're still doing it now, even after I just brought it up. Your arm motions are totally obvious."

"Shoot. I thought I was more subtle than that. Anyway, no, I don't. It's kind of like how your mommy and I have become close friends because I discovered a special connection with her. Thanks to that friendship, my feelings about you two are greatly magnified, so I get way more aroused. I'll admit I do masturbate to some other patients, but only rarely, and very carefully."

The doctor's enthusiasm soared in a visibly obvious manner. "But with you two, it's like I can't control myself! The more I see her go deeper into the lifestyle of serving your cock, the more pleasure I see on her face, the more excited I get! I can practically taste the... well, let's just say I can kind of vicariously experience things through her. And then I think about how you're going to be dating my daughter tonight, and I get even MORE excited!"

"Me too," Mommy chimed in.

She could talk freely since she and I were resting for the moment. She was sitting on my lap with her back resting against my chest. I was idly caressing her huge tits from below but, other than that, we were behaving ourselves.

Dr. Morgan asked us, but mainly me, "Since I've been busted, do you mind if I take my jacket off? Heck, and my bra too?"

I happily replied, "Sure, why not? What about your blouse? Take that off too."

"Oh, no. I couldn't do that. I have to maintain a certain professional demeanor. I have my own self-imposed rules, weird though they are. In fact, I shouldn't even do this much, but I get so worked up thinking about Bethany kneeling naked while you stand there all powerful and demanding and thrusting your thick organ down her throat that I MUST at least pinch my nipples through my blouse!"

"Me too, again!" Mommy added once more. "I wish I could be a fly on the wall for their entire date! I just know she's going to fall heads over heels in love with serving his cock! She'll probably spend the whole time lashing it with that freakishly long tongue of hers. If it's not buried deep in her perky tits, that is!"

"Mmmm!" Dr. Morgan said blissfully. She already had her jacket and bra off (taking the latter off from inside her blouse somehow), and she was pinching her nipples through the fabric, just as promised.

Mommy continued, "And sucking my son's cock is like a gateway drug, believe me. Once she gets addicted, she'll never get enough! Then she'll fall for the rest of him too! Deeper and deeper! Into sexual bliss! Into love! Into total adoring sexual submission!"

"Mmmm!" the doctor moaned again, with even more lust and bliss in her voice. "God, I sure hope so!"

Mommy's hands drifted down to my crotch. My penis was flaccid, but she started stroking it back to life. No doubt, this talk was turning her on in a big way.

I said to the doctor, "I just have to ask: why are you so in favor of that? 'Total adoring sexual submission.' Is that really what you want for your daughter?"

Dr. Morgan gave me a slightly peevish look. "I know that sounds strange to you now, maybe even very bizarre, but you don't know what I know. I specialize in helping a certain kind of woman find happiness with a certain kind of man. All my patients are VERY carefully pre-screened with extensive psychological tests and by other means to make sure they fit the profile. And it just so happens that Bethany fits that profile."

She went on, "If she ever had a 'normal' boyfriend, it would never work out. It would be a problem in any case, but the fact that she's so self-aware about her condition makes it completely impossible. She knows that she needs a guy who can sexually dominate her in order for her to be truly happy. I know it too. So why would I try to force her to be someone that she's not?"

Once again, I didn't know what to say to that. That seemed to be happening to me a lot lately, due to so much sexual strangeness in my life.

But bizarre was my new normal. As a case in point, Mommy and I soon got back to fucking. And now that I outed Dr. Morgan's masturbating, she played with herself even more overtly than before, although she was careful to keep her blouse on the whole time.

Stranger still, nearly the whole time, Mommy and the doctor chatted away about all the things they were fantasizing Bethany and I would do together on our date. They went on and on about it almost like I wasn't there, even though I was humping and churning, seriously fucking my mother the entire time!

Then, to top it off, after I came a second time, right as it was time for our appointment to end, I wanted to see Bethany again before I left the office. But she wouldn't see me! She passed the message through her mother that it would be bad luck and bad form to see each other in person right before our date. Plus, she claimed she wanted to build up my anticipation.

I wondered about that. I was rueful of the fact that I'd just spent the last hour fucking Mommy into oblivion. It was great, but would it leave me any energy to impress Bethany later that same evening? At least I'd sexually abstained nearly the entire day leading up to the appointment, on doctor's orders. That was a lucky coincidence, if indeed it was a coincidence. (Maybe she'd been part of a plan to get the date started?)

So not seeing Bethany again was a big disappointment for me.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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