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Chapter 18
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Yes, it was a disappointment not getting to see Bethany again before having to leave. However, getting to "say good-bye" to Rebecca more than made up for it!

I'd barely even stepped out of Dr. Morgan's office (after already being given the bad news about Bethany) when Rebecca met up with me in the hallway that led to her receptionist office and the waiting room.

She was dressed in her same white blouse and dark skirt from earlier. The blouse was dramatically unbuttoned in front though, all the way down to her belly button. That was more than enough to make clear that she wasn't wearing a bra.

She looked fantastic! I felt shivers race down my spine, and my hear started to thump fast. I even repeatedly licked my lips, imagining the pleasure of making out with her once more.

With my mother fully dressed beside me (for once!), and with me fully dressed as well, Rebecca simply walked right up to me in the middle of the hallway and wrapped her arms around my waist. She pressed her enormous tits into my chest and said in a pouty, playful manner, "Leaving so soon? I'm not going to let you get away without a proper good-bye kiss!"

I looked over to Mommy.

My loving mother was all smiles. "What are you looking at me for?! Kiss the woman already! You know you want to. She's a total babe!"

I stalled for time, musing, "Every woman around here is a 'total babe.'"

"There's a reason for that, you know," Rebecca said. She pulled back slightly, apparently so she could unbutton her blouse the rest of the way.

"What's that?" I asked, like a lamb to slaughter.

"Think about it," she replied, while starting to work on her buttons. "We're a VERY selective clinic. No woman gets in here to be treated unless she's a 'perfect ten.' And that's just one of many prerequisites."

"And why is that?" I asked, feeling genuinely curious.

She explained, as she continued to slowly and seductively unbutton her blouse, "Millions of people live within driving range of our office, even if many of them have to drive for hours to get here. Since Dr. Morgan only has a relatively small number of new patients every year, she can be very choosy. Plus, we only deal with nymphos and satyrs. They're almost always very attractive, with greatly exaggerated sex organs to go with their supercharged sex drives. It would be weird to employ someone who didn't fit the profile."

"That's true," I muttered. I wasn't able to say much, because I was in awe at what I was seeing as more of her fantastic globes came into view. I felt like drooling and shouting "So hot!" or "Huge tits!" or the like.

Rebecca finished unbuttoning all her buttons, but paused to build up anticipation, with her erect nipples already in partial view. "Plus, and this is just between you and me, I've noticed over time that Dr. Morgan favors patient couples that include a woman a lot like the doctor herself. The more like her, the better. And you know what a goddess she is! She even picks out an uncommon number of blondes, due to her own platinum blonde hair."

Having finished her explanation, the nurse dramatically opened her blouse wide in front. The blouse was left barely clinging to her shoulders.

I knew what was coming, but I had to gasp in awe just the same. True, her tits weren't as large as Mommy's, but they weren't that much smaller, and they had the same firm, high, and round shape. And who doesn't love some variety?

Then, before I could speak or otherwise react, she kissed me hotly on the lips!

I couldn't resist kissing back with lots of lust and feeling, despite the fact that my penis was flaccid since I'd climaxed into my mother's cunt not ten minutes earlier. Maybe a lot of it was the thrill of the new, but Rebecca aroused me in a very powerful way. I knew my penis wouldn't be able to stay flaccid for long, if we kept kissing like this!

Mommy put a hand on my back and gave me an encouraging rub there. "That's the spirit, Son! Rebecca is married, but that doesn't stop you, does it? No, sirree! Nor should it! She's a sexy and stacked blonde bombshell, and she's hot for your big, fat cock! You need to take full advantage! Make her suck you off, at least!"

Rebecca moaned loudly into my mouth immediately after that last comment, but I couldn't make out her words, even if she was trying to speak intelligibly. All I could tell was that she had a powerful emotional reaction to the blowjob suggestions.

At first, I thought, Why not? Why not have her suck my cock? Everything here is so sexual and so great. It would be kind of rude NOT to.

But even as our kissing got hotter and hotter, I found myself thinking, Oh no! That's right, she IS married! But she's got that weird willing cuckold thing going on with her husband, so doesn't that make this okay? In fact, maybe she's using me for more cuckold story fodder for him. Heck, I could actually be improving her sex life with him! So why feel guilty?

But I still felt guilty. Or at least my mind did - my hands had other ideas. Before I consciously knew it, I wound up with my hands full of soft and warm tit-flesh. It felt so good that even when I realized what I was doing, I couldn't stop.

To make matters "worse," my penis somehow revived, despite the fact that I'd climaxed for a second time in an hour just a short time ago. Again, it had to be that thrill of the new. Plus, Rebecca was just that hot and curvaceous. Even her sexy feminine smell overwhelmed me. I was one lucky son of a bitch!

And Mommy certainly was no help! First, she helpfully pulled Rebecca's blouse all the way off her shoulders and arms and put it aside somewhere.

It seemed Rebecca approved, or at least didn't disapprove, because she made no move to stop her while she and I kept on kissing and kissing. She repeatedly moaned erotically into my mouth, suggesting that she was getting quite worked up.

Then Mommy got to work on Rebecca's skirt.

I didn't even realize what had happened with the skirt until I brought my hands down to fondle Rebecca's excellent ass cheeks for a while, for variety's sake, only to find no skirt there! And no panties either!

But I didn't have time to think about that, because Mommy unexpectedly unzipped the fly of my shorts and then yanked my shorts way down my legs!

That was too much for me, especially because right at that moment I belatedly thought of Bethany and our date plans. OH NO! Again! Things are spinning out of control, and with a married woman!

I rather insistently broke off the necking and gasped for air. I asked Rebecca, "What's happening to our clothes?"

Rebecca replied with a naughty grin, "I don't know. It seems an uncommonly curvy little sex elf is helping out."

Mommy raised a hand for a high-five and Rebecca gleefully slapped it. Then they shared a conspiratorial laugh.

At the exact same time, Rebecca took my newly stiff cock in hand and started stroking it. She overwhelmed me by also asking, "What's the matter? Aren't you enjoying our good-bye kiss?"

I exclaimed, "This is a lot more than a good-bye kiss!"

"Mmmm! It is!" Rebecca replied dreamily. "I have a confession to make. I couldn't resist putting my ear to the door and hearing the sounds of you fucking your mommy in the doctor's office. It got me too hot to resist you! Maybe you can cool me down with a creamy cum load on my face!" She started to slip down to her knees.

But I aggressively grasped her bare shoulders, forcing her to stop going down on me. "Wait! Wait! We can't just do that! We have to be responsible!"

She raised a curious eyebrow, even as she continued to jack me off.

With my heart pounding with arousal, I urgently asked, "For starters, what about your husband?!"

She smiled at my concern. "Oh, that. How nice of you to ask. Don't worry. I called him up while you were with the doctor and gave him an update about our hello kiss earlier and other such things. He just about completely flipped out!"

"Uh-oh!" My heart was thumping wildly with fear and lust.

"No, I mean that in a good way. A very good way. He already knows you from before."

"Wait! What?!" I wasn't thinking clearly, especially because she continued to jack me off while my mother just stood by, for once, smirking with glee.

Rebecca explained, "I'm talking about our good-bye kiss from your last appointment. Remember that, complete with an all-too-brief handjob? Plus the way I jacked you off for a couple of minutes under the ruse of cleaning you off with a towel from the time before? Oh, and if you didn't realize already, that 'cleaning' definitely was a ruse so I could get my hands on your incredible cock!"

I had to roll my eyes, because Rebecca and my mother shared another gleeful high-five.

Still, my heart was pounding hard and fast, and I was nearly delirious with arousal. God DAMN! Just look at her. How could a blonde bombshell like her be so hot for me?! I know I've got a big dick, but I'm hardly the only one.

Rebecca continued, "As I was telling you earlier, my husband has been dying to get me to be sexually ruled by a bull, but I've been too shy to go ahead with it just yet. That nude 'good-bye kiss' last time was the most exciting thing I've done to cuckold him in real life and not just fantasy since he and I got married. By far! He hasn't been able to stop talking about it, and you, ever since."

I had to ask, "A bull?"

"Oh, sorry, you don't know your cuckolding lingo yet. That's the guy who 'hangs the horns,' meaning he regularly fucks the cuckold's wife. And he generally owns her sexy ass, forcing her to satisfy his every sexual whim! Kind of like how you're owning my sexy ass right now!"

I realized she was probably referring to the way I was rather insistently kneading her firm ass cheeks. Rebecca was a classic "hardbody," even more muscular than Mommy, and her ass felt divine.

Mommy was panting with excitement. She asked me, "Did you hear that?! Wouldn't you like to own her ass? And the rest of her?! I heartily approve!"

But I was freaking out too much to even allow myself to think about that. It all sounded too incredible to be believed, especially given what a jaw-dropping knockout Rebecca was. I reflexively pulled my hands away and left them hanging in the air behind her back.

Rebecca pouted, "Now, why did you do that? Anyway, the bottom line is, I told him I was planning to ambush you like this. He's already rushed home from work and he's frantically beating his meat as we speak, I'm sure! His mind is going wild about all the things a 'superior' man like you is going to do to my helpless, sexy, naughty body!"

She arched her back and tilted her head back like she was having a big orgasm. But she didn't cry out, so I don't know if she actually had one or was just emotionally overcome.

I felt hands taking control of mine. It was anatomically impossible for Rebecca to be doing that, since both of her hands were actively sliding up and down my boner. I realized the two new hands had to belong to Mommy.

Sure enough, my mother gently but firmly brought my hands back to Rebecca's bare ass cheeks and left them there.

I was too horny to resist, especially with the fucking arousing way my own mother was helping me seduce another woman. (Or was Rebecca seducing me?)

Rebecca calmed down some, and continued, "Tonight, he's going to fuck me to death! Well, as best as he can, with his tiny little pecker. Oh, that's another thing about willing cuckolds: they often have small penises."

I blurted out, "Why the hell would a total bombshell knockout like you marry a guy with a small penis?!"

She laughed. "Boy oh boy! I can't wait to tell him this conversation, word for word! He's going to love it! He especially gets off on being humiliated about his penis size, you see. Anyway, true love goes where it goes. A marriage is a complicated thing. It's not all about penis size."

"But it should be!" my mother chimed in teasingly, overcome by lust in her own way.

Rebecca laughed some more. "Easy for you to say, Ms. Personal Sex Pet to the Perfect Cock!" She laughed still more, and kept on jacking me off. "Speaking of which..." She started to sink to her knees again.

But I gripped her shoulders and stopped her, exactly the same as before. "Wait! Wait! It's not just your husband, although that's super weird. What about Bethany?! I'm trying to go out with her. I have plans for this very night, for crying out loud! My God! She must be somewhere here, really nearby! We have to stop now, before she sees us!" I started to forcefully disengage.

Then I heard a feminine voice from someone who wasn't either Rebecca or Mommy. Thankfully, it didn't sound like Bethany either, or I would have had a heart attack on the spot.

The voice said, "Relax, already. She went home an hour ago, at least. I let her off early, specifically so she could start getting ready for her big date with you."

I realized who the voice belonged to before I realized where it was coming from. It had to be Dr. Morgan. I looked all around, and finally noticed her standing in the open doorway to her office. She'd been easy to miss, because although she was only five feet away, that doorway was behind me.

I craned my head around. (I couldn't turn my whole body because Rebecca had plastered her naked body up against mine again.) "You?! Doctor, what are you doing here?!"

She looked fabulous with her platinum blonde hair, white blouse, and matching dark blue skirt and jacket, the same as earlier.

She chuckled. "I work here, remember? The better question is, what are you doing taking advantage of my receptionist? And in my own damn hallway, no less!"

Rebecca finally realized the implication of her boss walking in on us. She disengaged from me in an instant, like I was a giant hot potato. She held her hands up defensively. "Dr. Morgan! I can explain!"

Then she thought better of where to put her hands, and covered her pussy with one and crossed her other arm across her stiff nipples. She suddenly blushed as she became ashamed of her total nudity.

Dr. Morgan just smiled her way. "You relax too! Sorry to yank your chain. I'm just giving you a hard time. I was going to tease you some more, but you're freaking out too much. Please proceed! I'm totally in favor!"

Rebecca frowned in confusion while still keeping her privates covered. "You are?!"

"I am." The doctor stepped closer, and more into my forward field of view. She had her hands on her hips.

Rebecca asked, "But... what about the rules against sexual interaction with our patients?!"

"You pretty much blew past that with your earlier hello kiss of him, not to mention the good-bye kiss from his last appointment."

Rebecca furrowed her brow as she thought back. "Okay, I momentarily forgot you were there with what happened last month. But how'd you know about today's hello kiss too?"

"Dr. Morgan knows all and sees all." The sex goddess doctor played that up with a smirky smile on her face. "Like I said, relax. Brian is a very special case, even compared to all our other sexually extraordinary patients. The usual rules don't apply to him."

Incredulous, Rebecca had to ask, "But, but... what about Bethany?! Brian has a good point there that had totally slipped my mind. I don't want to get in the way of her and her hot date with him tonight, if that's what happening!"

"It is. And yet... here you are." Still smirking, the doctor folded her arms under her very ample rack. She added, "So close to that huge, perfect cock. I can tell how much you want to get it in your mouth, and even down your throat!" She seductively licked her lips.

Rebecca was still freaking out, and didn't know how to respond to that. She was blushing as red as a cherry tomato. Yet she repeatedly licked her lips as well, despite her frowning face.

The doctor relented. She sighed. "Don't worry, already! Relax! I'm just yanking your chain some more. It's too tempting to resist. I know you talked to her about what happened last time, as well as the hello kiss earlier today. She talked about it with me briefly before she left. That's how I know about the kiss."

Rebecca only calmed down slightly, and her brow was furrowed with worry. "Yeah, but now that I think about it, today I only talked to her about the kissing tradition. I didn't know about her date plan for tonight at all! Maybe she and I talked before he asked her out?"

Dr. Morgan waved a hand impatiently. "Probably. But it's good. It's all good. I'm your boss AND her mother, and I say it's okay." She glanced over at my crotch. "In fact, I'll be downright upset if you don't polish his pole with your sweet lips and tongue until it gleams and shines."

My uncovered erection was sticking almost straight out, without anyone up close to me to block the view.

She pointed at it. "Would you look at that? Brian, you really are hypersexual. How you're managing to stay erect through all this drama is beyond me. Rebecca, how can you NOT take all that hot cock-meat in your mouth and orally love it? For God's sake, drop to your knees already and give him a good suck before he starts to go flaccid!"

Rebecca reluctantly dropped her hands from her privates, and longingly licked her lips again. But there still was a worried frown on her face. "Really?! You're not just saying that? You're not trying to trick me as an excuse to fire me or something?"

The doctor put her hands on her hips and said even more impatiently, "If I wanted to fire you, I would have had ample reason already, especially after I caught you 'saying good-bye' to him last time he was here."

The receptionist shuddered all over. It was likely she was thinking about my last appointment, when Dr. Morgan caught her jacking me off while she'd been standing buck naked in the middle of the waiting room.

The doctor added with a lopsided grin, "Come on, already! I'm going to fire you if you DON'T start sucking his delicious cock right away! That's an order!"

Possibly more afraid that aroused, Rebecca quickly dropped to her knees and took my cock back in hand. Then, after taking a deep breath and shutting her eyes tightly, she engulfed it into her mouth with startling speed.

I had to gasp. It felt like my brain was blown into a million pieces, because I couldn't believe the remarkable sensations I was feeling. I felt like I had to be going insane that a blonde bombshell like Rebecca actually had willingly put my dick in her mouth.

Maybe it was because she didn't give herself time to mentally prepare herself first, or take a deep breath, but she had much more trouble with getting all my cock-meat into her mouth and keeping it there than Mommy or Bethany ever did. In fact, after just a few moments, her eyes opened wide and even bugged out. Worse, she started to tear up.

She valiantly struggled for the next minute or so, and even swallowed all of my cockhead.

I was flying high on sexual ecstasy, mainly due to looking down and seeing that it really was Rebecca slurping on me.

But it didn't get easier for her. She was forced to pull all the way off and pant for air.

She exclaimed in dismay, "Jesus fucking Christ! It's even thicker than I'd imagined! Good Lord, Mary! How the hell do you manage to bob on this fat fucker for hours every day?"

Mommy had faded back, trying to turn into wallpaper in order to avoid Dr. Morgan's possible ire. But she instantly flipped modes to a concerned helper. She dropped to her heels next to where Rebecca was kneeling, and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "There's a simple answer to that: practice, practice, practice. The more you suck it, the more you'll love it, believe me. Is it true that your husband has a small penis?"

Rebecca nodded. "Not, like, tiny, but slightly below average, yes. About five inches long, if you must know."

"That's too bad. So you're not used to a thick, superior, monster cock, obviously. But I wasn't either, and I took him into my mouth without your trouble from the very first time. The main thing, I think, is determination! You have to want it more! MORE!"

Rebecca complained, "But I DO want it! Just looking at it up close like this is making my heart race and my mouth water like you wouldn't believe. I've never felt so aroused and so excited about ANYTHING, ever! Since his last appointment especially, I've been fantasizing about him all the time. Bethany and I talk about orally serving it nearly every chance we get. And since last month, my husband and I role-play about him dominating and using me, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else."

She was panting hard as she looked down at herself and especially at my boner in her hands, still only inches from her mouth. "Look at me kneeling naked here, my hands trembling and my face red with shame. And look at this fat monster almost at my nose. It's so perfect, so delicious! This is a dream come true for me, literally. I've dreamt this very thing so many times! I'm practically obsessed!"

I was startled to hear all that. She is?! That's so fucking weird! I guess she said that kind of thing before, but I can't really believe it. Aside from the freaking bizarre cuckolding thing, it feels like the hot homecoming queen pining for the dweebiest, ugliest nerd in school. I'm so not worthy!

Mommy spoke emphatically. "Then prove it with your mouth! Remember, this is not an ordinary cock, like your husband's."

The doctor chimed in, "Your attitude has to be completely different."

My petite yet voluptuous mother took part of my boner in hand and started lightly stroking it while pointing it directly towards Rebecca's mouth. "That's right! This is a superior cock! A powerful cock! Treat it like royalty! Don't just suck it; worship it with every fiber of your being! Consider yourself damn lucky that you even get a chance to so much as kiss it!"

Mommy leaned in and planted a small kiss on my cockhead. "Mmmm! Yum!"

Rebecca leaned in closer, with rapt interest. She licked her lips hungrily yet again.

Then Mommy went on, as she ostentatiously stroked the shaft further down from where Rebecca's fingers still grasped it. "So what if your lips stretch and it hurts like hell? So what if it feels wrong to have your mouth crammed that full? Those are GOOD things, not bad! And so what if you shed some tears? Think of those tears as a badge of honor! Every big-titted submissive sex pet feels those things and learns to love them! This is your chance to go 'full slut' and totally submit to a boy, and a cock, worthy of your great busty beauty! Now, fucking DO IT and make us all proud!"

Rebecca was suddenly all psyched up, thanks to Mommy's inspirational mini-speech. She smiled from ear to ear. "Yes, ma'am!" She took full control of my shaft with both hands, as Mommy's hands fell away.

Then, after taking a proper deep breath this time, the hardbodied nude nurse lunged her head forward and engulfed all of my cockhead and then some in one fell swoop.

She got busy bobbing on my thickness, like her prior attempt, but the difference between that and this was like night and day. Before, she'd been afraid and hesitant. Now, the fire in her eyes showed her sheer determination. Her cheeks were still blushing red, but she didn't let her embarrassment deter her.

I'd enjoyed her earlier effort because, hell, it was Rebecca blowing me! How could I not love that, no matter how much she struggled? But this was on an entirely different level. All of a sudden, she was practically as inspired and energetic as my mother!

Mommy noticed the difference right away. She heartily patted Rebecca's bare back several times. "There you go! That's the spirit!"

Rebecca just kept on with her loud slurpy noises. Her eyes were almost comically wide open, like she couldn't believe what was happening to her.

Mommy's back patting turned into more of a sensual back rubbing. "Look at you! You're starting to feel what it's like to be dominated by a huge cock! Just think of your husband, how happy he'd be to see you like this!"

The hot nurse shivered all over and let out an especially impassioned moan. I could feel her lips trembling around my shaft.

Mommy added, "Now, mind you, it doesn't get any smaller, or easier. It's a non-stop challenge! You probably will cry some more, since all you know are small penises. But don't give up! It IS worth it, I promise you! The greater the ordeal, the more you'll cherish the cum load he squirts on you or in you. One drop of his cum is more precious than a gallon of your husband's, I'm sure."

Somehow, I could sense Rebecca's enthusiasm step up another notch or two. She lunged forward with her next pass and managed to slide her lips another inch down my thick pole.

"All right!" Mommy cheered. She was stroking Rebecca's long blonde mane down her back. "Better! But what about your tongue?! That's the key."

Rebecca began her first tentative efforts to get her tongue involved. It still was nothing like Mommy's active tongue in her magic mouth, but she was trying, and her energetic effort counted for a lot.

Mommy continued to advise, "And don't just hold the shaft. Stroke it too! You can't coast on your stunning looks. Not anymore. Not with him. Think of the competition. You're in the big leagues now!"

Rebecca belatedly started trying to follow that advice as well. Again, her efforts were crude compared to what I was used to, but she was getting an 'A' for effort. The strain was clear on her face as she struggled to take my thickness a little deeper.

Mommy advised her, while still stroking her hair, "I'd be happy to help you, but I want you to learn to do it all yourself. Remember, if you find yourself thinking of pulling off, I do this to him for a total of three or four hours, every single day! Sometimes less, but sometimes even more! And it's soooooo worth it!"

Rebecca glanced Mommy's way, as if to double check that she was being sincere. Her cheeks repeatedly caved in with every bob.

It was clear Mommy was as sincere as she could be. She continued, brimming with enthusiasm, "Think about all the busty hot moms who pass through the waiting room all sad at first, but soon find new life and purpose from constantly serving their sons' fat cocks on their knees! That can be you! Tamed by a young but powerful BULL! That should be you, submitting to a bull who fucks the living daylights out of you in any hole whenever he feels like it, your husband be damned! But first, you need to find your cocksucking bliss! Oral adoration is the KEY to serving your new master!"

I must admit that I was getting off on Mommy's words, which were driving my arousal still higher. But I twitched with surprise when she said "new master." I worried she was getting carried away with her submissive enthusiasm and Rebecca would be offended.

However, Rebecca didn't seem to mind at all. She paused in her bobbing, then gave a brief nod in Mommy's direction to make clear she understood and agreed to all that. She'd been keeping her eyes open so far, if only to better pay attention to Mommy. But now she shut her eyes tight, refocused, and then resumed slurping and sucking up and down my shaft with even more resolve and passion than before!

The effect on me was immediate. Somehow, my pleasure soared still higher, even though her overall efforts remained worse than Mommy on her worst day. She definitely had the right spirit, but she needed to get used to my size, plus she needed more experience in general.

Still, even an "okay' blowjob from the likes of Rebecca felt awesome for me! The mental thrill I was feeling alone made it way, way better than okay.

She'd already been shedding some tears, but tears were soon freely flowing down her cheeks. Clearly, my size was a bigger problem for her, especially my thickness. Perhaps she had a smaller oral cavity than Mommy and Bethany did. Sometimes her moaning sounded like suffering more than pleasure. But she didn't pull her lips off, not even for a moment. She kept right on plugging away.

I had all but forgotten that Dr. Morgan was there, since she'd been standing silent and out of view. But I was reminded when she walked up right behind Mommy and reached down to put a hand on her head to get her attention. "Mary, have I told you lately how much I like you? That was beautiful! I wish I'd recorded your speech so I could play it to all my new mothers, right when it's time for them to start to suck their sons. It makes my heart swell with pride, and gives me confidence that my controversial techniques are spot on. Vitally important, even."

Mommy stood back up, satisfied that Rebecca was doing well enough not to require close supervision. She didn't look back at the doctor, but the two of them wound up standing side by side holding hands. They stared down at Rebecca's sliding lips and newly tear-soaked cheeks like approving parents watching their child become a sports hero.

I was wowed just seeing both of them together like that, looking fantastic from their varying hair colors down to their high heels. So fucking sexy, even with both of them fully dressed! And Rebecca's sliding lips are multiplying my enjoyment of the stunning view many times over. This is paradise!

After a long pause, Mommy replied to the doctor, "They are! I believe in your techniques with all my heart! They changed my life, for sure. And just look at Rebecca go! Look at the tears sliding down her cheeks! Doesn't that emotionally move you? She's not just sucking my son's cock; she's adoring it and worshiping it, just like I told her to! You can see the joy written on her face, along with the struggle. She's throwing her heart into it, showing him with her tightly sealed sliding lips and busy tongue that she's worthy of being a busty slut who adores superior cock."

Dr. Morgan just murmured approvingly as she stared down at Rebecca's active lips and teary cheeks. Then she added, "So true! I'm so very happy for her. When I hired her, I didn't just want a good receptionist; I wanted to help her get over her issues so she could fully cuckold her hubby. She was one of my very few failed patients originally."

"Oh really?" Mommy asked, while staring just as transfixed at Rebecca's bobbing face and her rhythmically caved-in cheeks.

"Yeah. Long story. She had some unusual barriers to overcome. But the upshot is that I knew from the first time I met her that she was meant to serve superior cock, as we can both see from just watching her loving life with every loud and sloppy slurp right now. I knew the receptionist job would help slowly break down her barriers as she met more and more mothers and sisters and such who found their joy with total oral submission, and all the rest. And it's finally happening!"

"Nice," Mommy said with a big grin. "Total oral submission is definitely where it all began for me. And it's still the core of our new relationship. Even now, with my son fucking my cunt raw every day, I still keep coming back to the simple joy of shamelessly worshiping his cock with my mouth about as much as I can physically stand it. Naked and kneeling, of course, just like Rebecca here. She's even got the high heels for it, thank goodness."

Both women glanced at Rebecca's feet and nodded approvingly at the sexy high heels Rebecca was wearing.

Mommy resumed gawking at the oral action. "Aaaah! Just look at her go! I swear, I know exactly how she feels. I can practically taste the pre-cum dripping off his hot skin, and feel my jaw and facial muscles straining with the constant effort to keep him deep inside my mouth. Aaaah!"

She went on, enraptured, "But more than that is the endless rush of being dominated and humiliated. Magnified by the sheer shameful joy of being completely naked in front of two other fully dressed people! Look at her, basking in the joy of REAL sex, submissive sex, for the very first time. I'm sure she already knows she can never go back, that 'normal' sex with her hubby will never fully scratch her itch ever again. It almost brings tears of joy to my eyes!"

"Me too!" a surprisingly emotional Dr. Morgan. said. "Me too!"

Rebecca must have heard every word, even though they were talking like she wasn't able to listen. And whether intentional or not, those words clearly were helping to inspire her to step up her cocksucking game again and again.

Time passed, with the two MILFs just silently watching and holding hands.

Given what a big cock novice Rebecca was, I was surprised and impressed at how quickly she started to get a better hang of things. She slowed down and stopped trying to lunge so far down my shaft each time. Instead, she discovered that less was more, in that a slower approach allowed her to get more active with her tongue, as well as add more variety to the rhythm and action of her lips.

The improvement after just ten minutes was obvious to me. I found myself having to constantly fight to urge to cum. But I was used to teetering on the brink of orgasmic release.

Clearly, Dr. Morgan and Mommy noticed too.

Mommy was the first to say something, after many minutes of the two of them just silently staring with approving eyes. "Look at her now. See the difference? She's starting to get the hang of it."

"She sure is," the doctor agreed. "This is one of the favorite parts of my job, when I get to see the woman at the exact moment she discovers the true joy of serving big cock. She's working soooo hard to get him to cum! Then she's gonna have a huge cum herself, I'm sure."

"Mmmm!" Mommy said. "It's making my mouth water like you wouldn't believe. She's addicted to big, thick cock now, for sure. Tonight, I'm gonna have to slurp and bob on my son for AGES as I relieve all of this in my mind. I wish her husband could see this. Are we on a security camera or anything like that?"

The doctor raised an eyebrow and rubbed her chin. "Actually, now that you mention it, we are! And with sound too! Every room is covered, even a hallway like this. What an excellent idea. Maybe her husband WILL be able to enjoy this later!" She smirked with an almost wicked delight.

Rebecca had been keeping her eyes closed as she concentrated intensely on her cocksucking task, but they opened wide with surprise. She apparently tried to say something. "MRPMPTH! WAANOR MAGAMAARRG!"

Mommy glanced to Dr. Morgan. "Did you catch that?"

"Not at all." The platinum blonde doctor grinned, clearly delighted that her employee was unable to make herself understood.

Mommy asked me, "What about you, Son?"

I was startled to even be addressed, since they'd been talking like I wasn't in the room. But I cleared my throat, and said, "No, not a clue."

"Too bad," the doctor said to me. "I'd love to hear her thoughts, especially on how much she's enjoying orally serving your big cock." She reached down and tapped the top of Rebecca's head, to make sure she had her full attention.

Rebecca had already resumed her bobbing, completely with tight lip-lock, but she looked up towards the doctor as best she could.

Dr. Morgan asked her, "What do you think of that? Would you like your husband to watch a tape of this? Maybe someday soon?"

Rebecca tried to speak again, but all that came out was more "MARNAGANTTTH!" She let go of my cock and flopped her hands up and down in frustration.

The doctor suggested to her, "Maybe it's time you take a break. I'll bet your mouth is dying for relief. There's no shame in that. Even Brian's powerful cock needs to take a break from time to time too, especially since I can see you've got him riding right on the brink of cumming. Now that you've got the spirit, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. Trust me."

Rebecca pulled her lips all the way off with startling speed. Apparently, she really had been needing a break, but she'd been pushing herself to the limit, and beyond. She sat back and closed her eyes, trying to mentally and physically recover.

Mommy squatted down next to her again and put a comforting hand on her bare back once more. "Good job! I'm VERY proud of you! VERY impressed! Believe you me, I know just how tough it is. I suck him many hours a day, and it doesn't get any easier. His cock certainly can't get any thinner, and if the stretching of one's lips increases, it's only a tiny fraction of an inch. That said, you'll learn to love the sheer difficulty of it."

Rebecca finally spoke. She opened her eyes and looked to Mommy with a face soaked with tears. "Really?!"

"Really. Trust me. Do you love it now?"

Rebecca vigorously nodded her head, sending her gorgeous long blonde hair in motion. "Oh God! You have NO idea! SO MUCH! I'm in heaven! But that's despite the pain and difficulty."

Mommy chuckled. "Believe me, I have some idea. But trust me, part of the reason you love it so much is BECAUSE of the difficulty. I could NEVER suck a normal-sized cock again. Not even a slightly smaller one. Why ever settle for any less than the very best?"

Rebecca nodded in full agreement while wiping her chin free of drool. Then she gasped, and brought her hands to her mouth in shock. "Oh my God! What about David?! That's the name of my husband, if you don't know. I still suck him off sometimes!"

Mommy gave her a sad yet sympathetic look. "You won't anymore, unless maybe it's a rare pity suck. But that's okay, isn't it? That's what he wants and what you want, that you'll totally submit to a sexually superior bull. Right? Doctor, correct me if I'm wrong because I'm mostly just guessing, but pleasuring one's bull is mostly about oral servitude, isn't it?"

Dr. Morgan, still standing, answered, "I'm not so sure about in the wider world, but when it comes to my patients, most definitely. Oral servitude is always the main element, as you know, Rebecca. You know what I tell all the moms."

Rebecca repeated from memory, "'A good mommy pet is first and foremost a good cocksucker.'"

To my surprise, Mommy joined in, word for word, from the very start. It seemed to please her to say that in perfect synchrony with the nude receptionist.

Rebecca appeared to get off on that too. She muttered, "Oooh! Goose bumps!"

"Right," The doctor said with an affirmative nod. "I think Mary is right. Rebecca, I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll ever feel sexual pleasure going down on your husband again. In fact, any sort of sex with him will be a pale shadow of what you'll enjoy whenever you sexually submit to the likes of Brian."

"Oh no!" Rebecca still held her hands over her mouth in alarm. "I didn't mean to go this far! I just meant to test the waters with Brian. I figured he was already taken, so I could experiment with some light cuckolding without going all the way in. When I stroked his cock before, it was great, but it wasn't THAT big of a deal. Then, today, I only planned to give him a longer and better handjob, plus more kissing and fooling around. But things somehow got out of control."

Her teary and sweaty face reddened once more as she looked down on her total nudity in the hallway.

Dr. Morgan said, "Yes, but cocksucking is VERY different. If you do it right, with the proper submissive attitude, there's a kind of deep bonding that takes place. I believe you've crossed the point of no return."

Rebecca was even more distressed. "No! Say it isn't so! I love my husband!"

I was feeling awful for her. I wondered if I was at least partially to blame. But I was still so very aroused (with my raging erection poking out towards her face) that it made it hard for me to say or do anything to help. Plus, I had no idea what would help, if anything at all.

Mommy took my cock, which hadn't flagged at all, and started lightly stroking it. But, at the same time, she lifted up one of Rebecca's hands and brought it up until she was holding and then stroking it too. Then she let go, leaving all my thick cock-meat to Rebecca.

As Mommy did that, she said to her, "I think the doctor is right. But look on the plus side. Life is about change. You close one door and open another. You'll lose that joy of having sex with your hubby, but you'll discover a much, much greater one serving superior cock, starting with your mouth. You KNOW that it's your fate, don't you?"

Rebecca just bit her lip, looking uncertain.

Mommy went on, "Come on. You see what happens to all the mommies and other busty beauties who pass through this office. You're meant to be one of them, for sure. And it'll actually improve your marriage! Chances are, you'll never give your hubby another blowjob again."

"Oh no!" Rebecca fretted.

But Mommy said soothingly, "Don't worry! That's a GOOD thing, even for him. In fact, from what I understand, if your husband is a true willing cuckold, he'd get off on not having sex with you at all. Isn't that so?"

"It is," Rebecca admitted. "I'm sure he'll love all of this. He even wants me to put his penis in a 'cock cage.' If you don't know, that's exactly what it sounds like: a small cage that prevents him from playing with himself or ever having an orgasm while he wears it. But I just can't do it. It seems too cruel."

Mommy insisted, "But this is what he wants! He wants you to serve a bull, not him. And you can see why, can't you? It's ten times better, at least. Don't you love sucking my son's cock?"

Rebecca had been frowning with dismay, even though she was still holding and idly stroking my cock. But upon hearing that, her face lit up with joy. "Oh God! So much! It's the absolute best! I've only just started, and I haven't even made him cum yet, and it's already a MILLION times better than giving my hubby a blowjob! And it's not just the physical aspect, although that's great. You're so right, the sheer difficulty of it is somehow deeply satisfying. But the mental aspect is even better!"

"I know!" Mommy said with much emotion. "Believe me, I know. Every single time I kneel naked before my son, like I'm bowing before some easily angered and mighty Mayan god, I feel such a RUSH! Even though I'm his mother and supposed to be in charge, I'm submitting to HIS power! It gets me every time. Shivers all over! It never gets old, trust me. And the whole time I suck him off, I love to revel in the injustice of it all. It's just so WRONG, especially for a woman with MY looks, plus the fact that I'm his mother and I should be in charge. But that makes it oh-so-right! You know what I mean?!"

"Do I ever!" Rebecca was so excited by those words that her head lurched forward and she engulfed my cockhead all over again. She resumed her bobbing, possibly with even more feverish intensity than before. And she definitely had more energy after her brief rest.

Dr. Morgan bend down and said to Rebecca, "I know you must be listening to me. Before you get too upset about your marriage being 'ruined,' think about all the women who come here who have willing cuckolds for husbands. Not to mention the sisters whose bulls are their brothers, the mothers serving their sons, and so on. Think about what happens to them. As you know, we have a near 100 percent success rate, with everyone involved ending up much happier than before."

She went on, "Mary is right: things will change for you, but for the better. You'll end up having frequent INCREDIBLE sex serving a well-hung young bull, and your marriage will be stronger and happier for it. Plus, you'll be happier 24 hours a day, knowing you've finally found your proper place in this world. Trust me."

The sex bomb doctor's huge tits were nearly falling out of her blouse as she leaned way over to get close to Rebecca's head. "So suck Brian's cock with wild abandon! Completely surrender to your lust and the power of his cock! Because this is your fate. Your life. One could even call it your natural destiny, as a gorgeous, buxom woman, married to a sexual wimp. Of COURSE a bull like Brian will claim you and tame you and own you. And there's no going back! What do you think of all that?!"

We all closely looked at Rebecca's face to gauge her reaction. But this time, it was almost impossible to tell how she felt. She just kept on bobbing steadily on my boner. A constant stream of muffled yet lusty moans came from her mouth, but she'd been vocal that way already. There were copious tears streaming from her eyes, but it was impossible to be sure of their emotional cause.

Despite the lack of a clear response from Rebecca, I felt a lot better after hearing the doctor's words. She obviously knew her stuff. In fact, she almost certainly was the world expert in improving the lives of dominant satyrs and submissive nymphos. If she said it was going to be an improvement for both Rebecca and her husband, then I believed it. Plus, it sure was working for me!

Dr. Morgan chuckled while standing back up with her hands back on her hips. "So much for more conversation, I guess. And I never even got to ask her about showing the videotape to her husband, which was the whole point of freeing her mouth to talk in the first place."

Mommy stood back up and curiously resumed holding the doctor's hand. She was smiling widely. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Rebecca, I know you're listening. If you think it's a good idea for your husband to watch a video of this very event someday, your discovery of your addiction to superior cock, moan just once. If you disagree or don't know, moan twice."

"MMMM!" Rebecca moaned.

"See?" Mommy asked the doctor.

Dr. Morgan smiled from ear to ear. "Mary, you're too much. I think I should hire you as my assistant. Or second doctor, even."


"I wish. Unfortunately, you wouldn't have the schooling for either of those things."

I'd been silent for a long time, minus one or two brief comments. I decided to speak up. "Hey, can I say something?"

"Please." Dr. Morgan looked at me expectantly.

I spoke with growing concern. "What about my date with Bethany tonight? Like Rebecca was saying, she didn't plan for more than some handjob fun with me, but things got out of control. Look at how she's going down on me now! It's gotten super intense!"

That was true. I found it hard to believe I'd been thinking her oral efforts were just "okay" earlier.

The doctor raised a curious eyebrow. "Do you disapprove? Is she not up to your usual high standards?"

"Just the opposite. She's great! What she lacks with talent gained from experience she makes up with sheer enthusiasm."

"Then show her how you feel! Don't limit yourself with just words, but put your hand on her head and pet and stroke her hair, like you do with your mom. I have yet to meet a nympho cocksucker who doesn't greatly enjoy that."

Mommy chimed in, "Son, she's so right. Every moment you do that to me, I feel extra loved and appreciated, not to mention extra dominated. And my pussy gets extra tingly!"

So I put a hand on Rebecca's head and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair.

Sure enough, the nude blonde immediately began purring contentedly, on top of her continual erotic moaning.

Dr. Morgan snickered. "You see? She's probably going to cum, just from thinking about being your sex pet."

I don't know if Rebecca came just then, but she shut her eyes tightly and stopped her bobbing for a few moments, as if she was trying to cope with something. Then, even as she resumed her sucking, I felt her lips tremble around my shaft in a delightful manner for a good minute. That made me strongly suspect she was cumming, though I had some doubt since she remained remarkably quiet through it all.

I tried to get back to what I'd been wanting to say, but it was tough. It was as if I was deep in an erotic fog, thanks to feeling so much great and constant sexual stimulation. But my feelings for Bethany were strong, so I pushed on through.

Finally, after the trembling of Rebecca's sliding lips subsided, I said, "Getting back to Bethany, I feel bad. I should be going home to get ready for my big date tonight... with YOUR daughter! Don't you want that? Instead, I feel like I'm cheating on her."

Instead of answering me, the doctor turned to Mommy and gave her a big smile. "Isn't that precious? Even as Rebecca is having her breakthrough erotic moment feasting on thick, delicious cock, her new bull is thinking about ANOTHER hot, busty slut he's planning on seducing! Talk about putting her in her proper place!"

Mommy was all smiles. "I know! It's adorable. I think he just won her forever!"

The doctor nodded approvingly.

I was totally confused. It didn't help that the blowjob pleasure was so intense that I couldn't think straight. I protested, "It's not like that!"

Dr. Morgan said, with more sly amusement, "It IS like that, but don't worry about it. You're doing fine. First off, you're NOT cheating on Bethany. You haven't even had your first date with her yet, so how can you be? And before you say you feel like you're cheating on her in spirit, remember that she already knows she doesn't have any exclusive rights on you. You're not even close to 'going steady.'"

"That's true," I admitted. "But I still feel bad. I mean... even as we're talking, I'm getting blown by her coworker!"

"That's sweet of you to be concerned. But also keep in mind that she knew about Rebecca starting the hello and good-bye kissing tradition with you, and she fully approved. It's true she probably didn't expect THIS to happen today, but she knew about Rebecca's handjob fun with you and she approved of that too. She knew this would inevitably follow before long."

It dawned on me that all of that was almost certainly true. However, it didn't make much sense to me. "But why would she agree to all that, if she's trying to be my girlfriend?"

"Several reasons. First, she knows Rebecca isn't really a threat in a permanent girlfriend way, since she is happily married. To a cuckold, yes, but still married. Plus, she and Rebecca have become very good friends in the time they've worked together, and she wants Rebecca to get over her resistance to truly cuckolding her hubby just as much as I do or anybody else in the know does. Especially HIM! You're the ideal guy to help with that."

All this talk of cuckolding reminded me to look down for Rebecca's wedding ring. It was easily visible on her top hand holding and stroking my shaft. I must admit I got an extra erotic rush from seeing the shining gold there.

The doctor went on, "Also, and this is probably the most important thing, my daughter is VERY sexually submissive. That means she thinks about sexual matters differently than you, in ways that probably will baffle you."

I struggled to stay focused and ask good questions, despite Rebecca's tight lip-lock and loud, slurpy bobbing. "What do you mean? Can you give me an example?"

"I'll give you the most relevant example. If you can get Rebecca to suck your cock, my daughter is going to totally love that! It's further proof that you're a super stud, someone worthy of her to not just date, but to fully submit to. She's been looking for someone worthy of her sharp mind and extremely sexy body for a long time, and nobody has cut the mustard. Since Rebecca IS sucking your cock as we speak, if you don't believe me, tell Bethany all about it near the start of your date. I guarantee she won't storm off in a huff. Just the opposite. Don't do it in a restaurant or some public place like that, because she'll immediately go wild for you and want to suck your cock like she's been possessed by a succubus!"

I furrowed my brow in confusion. I looked to Mommy. "Is she right? What do you think?"

"She's totally right! Son, the mere fact that you're calmly having this discussion with me and the doctor while Rebecca is crying tears of effort and joy and loudly slurping on your thick pole is driving ME totally wild right now! There's something about having another woman suck you off that's like the greatest aphrodisiac imaginable! I know you must feel some of it too, the thrill of taming more than one busty bombshell at once. How is it you're not cumming already?!"

I had to ponder that, even though it was probably a rhetorical question. I realized I wasn't even teetering on the brink. I decided, It must be was because, as much as Rebecca's efforts are improving, they still aren't up to the level of Mommy's magical mouth that I've gotten used to. Plus, Mommy and I always enjoy the extra thrill of breaking the incest taboo together. That NEVER gets old. Talk about being utterly spoiled rotten!

My mother continued without waiting for my answer, "You're setting my entire body ON FIRE without even touching me! I can scarcely believe that I'm managing to stand here fully clothed. The only reason I'm restraining myself is because I believe it's vital for Rebecca to experience her first true blowjob completely solo, so she knows all of your pleasure is 100 percent due to HER eager mouth. That's going to boost her confidence with serving superior cocks like you wouldn't believe."

She added, "And by the way, yes, I know she said she sucks her hubby's little penis sometimes. But this is her first TRUE blowjob just the same. You can see it in the fresh tears that continue to stream down her face."

I looked back down at Rebecca. I hadn't been paying attention to her face for a while, but, sure enough, she was silently crying some more (with her eyes closed), and just as much as earlier.

I winced. God! What a physical ordeal this must be for her! She's a perfect ten, with an hourglass figure and a stunning face. Plus, she's kneeling naked in total humiliation in front of two other people. Why would she put up with this?!

Mommy was one step ahead of what I was about to say. "Don't feel bad. Yes, she's suffering some, but those tears are a badge of pride, like I was telling her before." She gently tapped on Rebecca's head. "Isn't that right, you sexy slut?"

Rebecca enthusiastically moaned, "MMMM!"

That tap reminded me to resume stroking Rebecca's lovely hair, so I did.

The contented purrs of the buck naked nurse immediately resumed, like I'd pressed a button to play a song. I could feel her huge tits light slapping against my thighs.

Mommy stepped forward and held my free hand. "Son, I know all of this is very hard for you to understand. You feel like you've stepped into a sexual Twilight Zone every day. I get that. Don't over-think it, just enjoy it. Trust me, Bethany WILL flip her lid when she hears Rebecca is on the path of total addiction to orally serving your cock."

"Wait!" I exclaimed, barely able to think straight. "'Total addiction to orally serving my cock?!' That's a VERY different thing than what we've been discussing up until now!"

Dr. Morgan stepped closer to me and chuckled knowingly. "Your mommy is right. Didn't you hear what she said about how once she had the best, she could never settle for anything less? Why would Rebecca feel any differently? I think you're just going to have to suffer through her giving you very, very special hello and good-bye greetings every time she sees you. Plus who knows what!" She flashed me a grin, and then lasciviously licked her lips.

Mommy smirked with glee. "Agreed! Especially on the 'who knows what' part. And my son and I are going to have to come here much more often from now on, don't you think?"

"Oh definitely," the doctor said, smirking even more. She put a hand to her forehead, as if she was receiving a message directly into it. "I feel... I feel some kind of complicated problem coming on. I don't know what it is yet, but it's effecting you two and the only possible cure is if you both come in for appointments once a week. No, wait. Make that twice a week!"

Mommy was so excited that she bounced on her heels, causing her huge tits to wobble up and down inside her top. "I love it! I love it!"

Even Rebecca let out a loud and lusty moan of approval at that idea.

That moan reassured me that she had to be feeling more pleasure than pain, if she seemed keen to do this sort of thing again, and even do it frequently.

The doctor added, "Of course, it wouldn't be fair to charge your insurance company for all that time, especially since I don't even know what the problem is. So we'll have to do it right at the end of regular hours, and I won't charge a dime. Unfortunately, that means Rebecca will have to go home late. Her sad hubby will sit at home alone, waiting for her to come and cook him dinner, and all the while she'll be kneeling naked in front of you, probably with your mother naked at her side, and the two of them will have sperm-splattered faces as their tongues race up and down your thick cock endlessly, trying to coax yet another delicious cum load out of you! Then, when she comes home, she'll kiss her hubby on the mouth with spermy breath!"

Rebecca abruptly moaned so loudly that it sounded like she'd been stabbed in the gut. And that was even with the sound muffled from her lips so tightly sealed around my shaft. Her eyes opened wide, and her hands briefly left my shaft so she could flail them around in the air like she was swimming in place.

I couldn't fully understand what Rebecca was feeling, but whatever it was had to be intense.

My mother bounced up and down even more. "Good Lord! Too hot!" She asked the doctor, "Is that just a great fantasy, or are you talking for real?!"

Rebecca kept on with her loud moaning. It became increasingly clear to me that she was experiencing a major orgasm, especially since I could feel her lips trembling around my hot and throbbing hard-on. That made me feel even better, as it was proof she was enjoying herself.

I very nearly slipped over the orgasmic edge myself. I probably would have, except that I wanted to impress the others, especially my sultry platinum-haired doctor. She held me up as some kind of "hypersexual" ideal, and I was trying hard to live up to the praise.

Dr. Morgan waited a minute or two until the orgasmic noises petered out and Rebecca was able to resume her bobbing. Then she stared deeply into my eyes, almost transfixing me with her penetrating blue-green eyes, like an irresistible hypnotist. She smirked knowingly as she finally answered Mommy's question, "I'm not sure. It all depends. Especially based on what our resident perfect-cocked stud here wants."

The conservation died out after that, mostly because Mommy had to leave the room. She claimed she had to get away because she was too worked up, to the point that she was tempted to tackle me to the ground and have her way with me. The only problem with that was she was determined not to ruin Rebecca's first "true blowjob" experience.

She must have really meant it, because she didn't return. I would later find out that she spent most of her time patiently waiting for me in the waiting room, naturally enough.

Dr. Morgan seemed to plan to stay for the duration, but she also had to leave shortly thereafter when some voices were heard coming from the same waiting room. It turned out more patients had finally arrived, or at least they'd been there a while and eventually started to loudly speak out, probably after wondering what happened to the receptionist and everyone else. The doctor left to deal with them while also making sure they wouldn't leave the waiting room, since Rebecca and I were in the hallway only a few feet away from that door!

That made me wonder what exactly those other patients were hearing, and what they possibly thought about it. I had previously noticed that all the rooms in Dr. Morgan's clinic were soundproofed, probably deliberately so due all the sexual activity.

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