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Chapter 19
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

With Mommy and Dr. Morgan gone, that left me with just Rebecca and her passionate mouth. But even that soon changed, because her mouth simply wasn't used to a very prolonged sucking effort, whereas I had developed a seemingly impossible sexual stamina. That was especially the case when it came to "enduring" blowjobs, thanks to Mommy practicing on me for so long every day.

The blonde beauty was forced to pull her lips off a mere minute or two after Dr. Morgan left, but she was far from finished with me. She had the very good idea of switching to a titfuck instead. That gave her mouth a rest yet kept my arousal level sky high.

Needless to say, I was totally psyched! Her titfuck felt fantastic, and it was an extremely arresting visual delight!

The switch also meant that her mouth was free to talk. She was shy to speak at first, or even look up to make eye contact. In fact, she didn't say a single word for a long time, and let her titfucking do all the "talking."

She spent the next ten minutes fully preoccupied with getting the basics of how to pleasure a cock my size mainly using her huge tits. Luckily, they were as similarly oversized as my penis, so there was plenty of tit-flesh to keep my boner in a soft-yet-tight squeeze.

At first, she stared intently at my cockhead with a furrowed brow, concentrating intently as it repeatedly poked up through all the tit-flesh. But it wasn't long before she relaxed and had a big smile on her face.

That helped me relax and smile too.

She also quickly caught on to licking around the top of my cockhead while keeping the titfucking action going (though she was nowhere near capable of engulfing my entire fat knob like Mommy regularly did).

More time passed.

I was fine with not speaking, since, as usual, I wasn't sure what the right thing to say was in such a time anyway. Besides, I enjoyed hearing her constant heavy breathing.

I'd learned my lesson about the value of providing feedback and encouragement through petting or stroking her silky blonde hair. I did that nearly all the time, and it kept her purring contentedly. I also was vocal with my lusty moans to let her know when she was doing something particularly effective. Plus, I clutched at her head and did my best to slow her down whenever she brought me too close to the edge of climax.

Eventually, she found her courage to talk to me, even though she kept her eyes closed or looking down at the titfucking action.

She started out shyly, and quietly. "You must think I'm really weird."

I'd been lost in a reverie, basking in the erotic joy. I had to ask, "What?" due to trouble hearing her over the wet and squishy titfucking noises.

She spoke louder. "You must think I'm really weird."

"No, I don't. Why would you say that?"

She suddenly found her voice, due to wanting to vent her concerns. "Because I AM weird! Being married to a willing cuckold, for one. Which definitely is weird. I knew he was that way even before we got hitched, believe it or not. He actually wanted some other guys to fuck me on our wedding night! For real! I had a hell of a time keeping them out of our hotel room. And our marriage has only gotten stranger since then. But I really do love him. We were best friends since forever. And I do get off on cuckolding him. A lot! I've gotten really good at coming up with hot stories about things that supposedly happen to me. It's just that I'm having trouble moving from fantasy to reality."

"Huh." Once again, I was stumped on what to say, especially since she was titfucking me all the while. "That's, uh, tough."

"It is. And then I'm weirder still 'cos of me having this job. I know this is no ordinary medical clinic. Obviously! If the authorities ever found out what we really do, we'd all be in serious trouble. But I really, really love it here. It makes me feel totally psyched to see these couples or threesomes or what have you come in at first so clearly frustrated and unhappy. You can always easily tell they're deeply in love and lust with each other, but they're resisting their urges with all their might."

She kept speaking as one huge tit went up and the other one went down, and vice versa. "Dr. Morgan is brilliant. I don't know how she does it, but she gets them to release and express their true feelings physically. Especially the women, learning the profound joy of sexually submitting to and pleasuring their men. Especially orally! Mmmm!"

She paused in her speaking and tried her best to engulf my cockhead in her mouth. She only managed about an inch, but it felt great all the same.

However, she couldn't maintain that for long, since she was keeping the titfuck going. Soon, she pulled her lips off and resumed talking. "And everything follows from that like a living dream! You should see those same couples a year or two later. It's like they've been reborn! They wind up even MORE in love with each other, by the time they graduate from needing Dr. Morgan's help. Time and time again, cocksucking is the essential bond."

She briefly looked up at me with fire in her eyes, then got shy and went back to lapping on my cockhead with her head tilted down.

I looked down and almost grew weak in my knees from seeing her nude busty beauty. Whoa! I've gotta watch out, or I'm going to fall to the floor. That keeps happening to me most every time I looked down at her. She's just too hot for the likes of me!

After a couple of minutes, I had to ask, "Does the incest taboo bother you?"

"In the 'real world,' yes. But Dr. Morgan screens her patients so cleverly. These are the ones who are meant for each other. You can just tell. Especially the moms. Boy oh boy! Usually, they've been around and have been beaten down by life some, with divorces and heartbreak and crushed dreams and all the rest. Then they discover the simple, pure joy of sucking their son's cocks. WHOA! Stand back, Wonder Woman is coming through! They're generally even MORE reborn than most, such as the sister sluts."

She briefly looked up into my eyes. "I didn't really understand how they truly felt though, until today, with you. Sucking your cock! GAAAWWWD! And titfucking it. I've done these things with my hubby, but it's completely different with you. Night and day!"

I wanted to ask, "Why?!" But I tried to let it go.

She shyly looked back down at the on-going titfuck. Then she paused her talking for a minute or two to try to swallow as much of my cockhead into her mouth as she could. She made more progress this time, because she largely gave up on the simultaneous titfuck. She sucked and slobbered on my cock for a good while.

Then she went back to mainly titfucking so she could resume talking. "MMMM! So satisfying! I get it now. Your mom is very wise. I already can feel in my heart that she's right, there is no going back! How can I go without feeling this feeling?"

I had to ask, "What feeling?"

She frowned, as she struggled to find the right words. "I can't explain. Something about... being dominated. It's so demeaning, but... MMMM! Intoxicating! It's like... an endless heady high. I'm yet another sexy big-titted slut who belongs on her knees in just her high heels, serving superior cock! Mmmm!"

I had to wait even longer for more words from her, because she engulfed my entire cockhead and then some this time, and gave up the titfucking altogether for the next few minutes.

I thought, I'm not so sure about her latest comment. It sounds demeaning that she's calling herself "yet another sexy big-titted slut." How can she enjoy that? But it turns her on something fierce, and it looks like it's giving her a second wind. God DAMN! Just look at her! She bobbing with such suction and intensity that fresh tears are flowing from her eyes yet again. Fuck, this is awesome!

However, she had more to tell me, because she eventually switched back to titfucking plus licking. She went on, "Mmmm! That was even better! It's so, so satisfying making you moan with pleasure. Gaawwwd, I love this so damn much! I felt jealous of your mommy. I could do this all fucking DAY! Mmmm... Like she does..."

Her voice trailed off, because she slurped most of my cockhead into her mouth and sucked on it while stroking my shaft.

But she soon freed her mouth enough to resume, "I wonder if my hubby will really end up watching a video of this someday. I hope so. It's so hard to explain how I feel. This... this... erotic ecstasy! I don't see how I could convey my feelings to him. But if he sees the tears of joy streaming down my face, hopefully he'll get it too."

"Wait. I thought those were tears of struggle?"

Her huge tits steadily slid up and down each side of my boner. "Oh, that too. Especially at first. But, somehow, crying opens the floodgates and makes it easy for me to cry for another reason. It started as tears of struggle, but it's eventually turned into pretty much ALL tears of joy! I could turn on the waterworks at will right now, because I'm still so ridiculously overjoyed! The titfuck is a dream come true too. In fact, I think I will!"

I didn't know what she meant with the "I think I will" comment at first. But she was silent for the next minute or two, intently lapping on my cockhead while perfecting the moving tit-tunnel.

I finally glanced down and got another great shock to see fresh streaks of tears streaming down her face.

I exclaimed, "Whoa! You weren't kidding about the crying part!"

She smirked with delight at my reaction. "No! And these are ALL tears of joy. And that's just with the titfuck. I love this, but I love sucking your cock even MORE, because the sheer difficulty of it makes it way more emotionally intense!"

I pointed out, "For my mom, I think they're both equally intense, because she always tries to swallow my cockhead whole when she's titfucking me."

"OH!" Rebecca looked back up at me in surprise, like I'd just shared with her a winning lottery number. "Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? She can do both at once? Full-on?!"

"She can, but I've gotta warn you, it's not easy. It's taken weeks of daily practice on me for her to master that."

Rebecca's face turned in a mask of determination. "Hold on! I'm going to prove myself to you. Just you wait and see!"

All conversation died out again, because she was suddenly obsessed with learning how to suck while titfucking. I'd kind of created a monster. But it was much more pleasurable for me, as well as more of what I had become accustomed to, so I certainly wasn't going to complain. Unfortunately, she was nowhere near as talented at it as Mommy was. She couldn't get all of my cockhead inside her mouth even once, much less keep it there and go down another vital inch or two to the really sensitive spots.

Still, it was the thought that counted, and her great passion inspired the both of us. Although taking an extra inch of cockhead into her mouth off and on didn't add that much extra physical pleasure for me, it seemed to do wonders for her, because it made into a nearly impossible struggle that she seemed to enjoy from the sheer difficulty of the extra cocksucking effort. If nothing else, it kept her tears flowing, and that seemed to open the emotional floodgates and keep them open, helping her completely give in to her lusty desires.

More time passed. I'd been standing in the middle of a hallway for a long while. I looked down at her yet again, and asked, "I'm starting to get tired from all this standing. Would you might if we move to somewhere with a chair?"

She paused with her licking, though not the steady titfucking, and made a rare glance up towards my face. "Could we please just stay like this? Please?! The whole symbolism of you standing clothed with me naked and kneeling is very important to me. I've been working here for four years, and I've heard so much about it, and see so many dozens of women do it. I tried to do it with my hubby, but I only felt a little weird. I didn't like it. I didn't get it at all. It felt wrong. Now, I know just how wrong it is, with him."

She was frowning from those thoughts, but her face turned joyful in a flash. "But with you... WOW! I feel this non-stop humiliation that's almost like an endless orgasm! I want to remember this time forever!"

I said, "If it means that much to you, it's the least I can do."


She took a deep breath, signaling that she was about to resume some serious cocksucking.

But before she could do that, I had to ask, "Um... before you get going... what do you think about being naked? Especially in a place like this?"

She was miffed at first at having to delay her oral action, but she grinned widely as she considered the question. "I hate it! But I love it even more!" She surprised me by looking up into my eyes, something she was usually too shy to do. "The way I figure, as long as I'm completely naked with you, that means I'm your helpless... helpless..."

She struggled to find the right word. Then it came to her: "Sex toy!" She flashed a toothy smile. "Yes, that's it, 'sex toy.' You could do ANYTHING you want to me, and how could I resist you, because I've already given my body over to you. You could up and fuck me right now! Even in the ASS!"

Her eyes went wide with alarm as she seemingly considered that as a real possibility for the first time. But she steeled her resolve, and went on, "Yes, anything. Even that! And I wouldn't dare stop you. How could I?! I've seen what happens here. I don't think there's a single female patient who's come into this office who I haven't seen buck naked at one time or another, usually while they're sucking on cock. So, believe me, I know what nudity means. GOD, what a RUSH, that I'm in their place right now!"

She closed her eyes and went right back to doing her thing.

I thought, Man! Her submissiveness is super hot. Especially because she's such a total fox. But at the same time, it's kind of daunting. Her feelings for me are really intense, thanks to her cocksucking epiphany or whatever it is. What'll that mean for her and me in the future?! No offense, but I want Bethany as my girlfriend. Rebecca would be insanely awesome too, except that she's married!

I decided to worry about all that later, and just bask in the erotic pleasure for now.

After who knows how long, maybe another ten minutes, she switched back to regular, full-blown cocksucking. I don't know if she considered the titfuck a respite that allowed her to recover, since she wound up getting so oral with that too, but whatever it was, she came at it with yet another renewed burst of energy.

In fact, she was so very inspired, plus I was starting to flag myself, that after another five minutes or so, I gave up the struggle and decided it was time to cum.

I thought, I'm gonna feel slightly bad about letting go, because that's gonna mean less cum and sexual energy for my big date with Bethany later. Why do both great things have to happen on the same day, so close to each other?! But I feel I have no choice in the matter. Rebecca would be crushed to end our "good-bye kiss" without getting the cummy reward that she's worked so hard for. Plus, I really need to cum, right now!

When the time came, I simply told her, "Okay, it's time! Get ready! I'm gonna cum on your face!"

She gave my thick pole a few last frantic bobs. Then she pulled all the way off, sat back, shut her eyes, and braced for the cum blast. She used her hands to hold her massive tits up and squeeze them together.

I'm happy to say that I didn't disappoint when it came to cum volume. I pretty much covered her face with a particularly copious load. I had so much cum shooting out of me that I was able to aim the second half of the cum explosion at her ample chest. I shot an equal amount of what I'd deposited on her face in or around her deep cleavage.

When it was all done, I wasn't sure what would happen next. Normally, Mommy fingered herself to an orgasm at just the right time, so we always shared a mutual orgasm. It didn't look like Rebecca thought to do that. Would she be disappointed, or guilty, or what?

I was left befuddled, because she looked down at her cummy tits and just stared in seeming disbelief for a minute or more. She held her hands up and away from her body like my cum was suddenly untouchable.

Then, even more strangely, she abruptly stood up and silently rushed out of the hallway! She hurried back into her small receptionist office, of all places.

Oh, great. I have no idea what to do now. Should I rush in after her and comfort her? I remembered the voices from the waiting room, as well as the open window to her receptionist office. I decided that the prudent thing to do was pick up my shorts and put them back up to at least make myself presentable first.

Just as soon as I'd done that, and then started tentatively walking towards the receptionist's office, she came rushing back out of it, still gloriously naked, with her huge globes bouncing freely. But she rushed right past me, again without a word! Then she went to the door leading to the waiting room and opened it just enough for Mommy to slip through!

My confusion only increased when she and my still fully dressed mother began hugging each other while also bouncing up and down excitedly, as if they were celebrating the announcement of a pregnancy or wedding. Stranger still, it seemed they were extra careful to do all that wordlessly and very quietly.

I put my hands on my hips and complained, "Can someone please tell me what's going on?!" I kept my voice down since they were being so quiet.

Mommy remained in a loose embrace with Rebecca. I noticed she was carefully pushing Rebecca's immense tits up from below with both hands, so all the cum on Rebecca's top slopes wouldn't smear into her own even larger, clothed breasts. She said to me, "We're celebrating her first facial from a REAL man!"

Seeing the continued baffled look on my face, she added, "You're not a submissive busty slut, so I'm sure you don't understand. Trust me, it's a VERY big deal! Not to mention her first real blowjob! AND titfuck!"

The look on Rebecca's face could only be described as "euphoric." But I asked her, just to be sure, "So, you're not upset by what we did?"

She passionately answered, "Upset?! Are you blind?! This is the greatest day of my life! I was trying to tell you before. I get it now! I know what I want now. No, I know what I NEED! I need to be ruled by a bull! Preferably by YOU!"

Maybe I should have known better, but that surprised the heck out of me. "Me?! Are you serious?!"

I noticed Mommy smirking triumphantly.

"Why not?" Rebecca completely disengaged from the loose hug from Mommy and struck a provocative pose, with her legs out straight and wide and her back slightly arched, causing her huge tits to thrust forward. She put both hands behind her head for good measure.

It was a breathtaking sight, especially with all my cum on her face and rack. Even the sexual smell coming from her soaked pussy was enough to knock me over.

She asked me boldly, and almost defiantly, "Am I not good enough for you? I know you have very high standards. I can't possibly match your mom. Nobody can! She's inhumanly sexy! But compared to normal women, I know I'm a 'perfect ten.'"

She brought her hands down and cupped her hefty tits from below. "And don't you like my breasts? Again, I can't compare with your mom. I hear she's a J-cup. That's crazy! But I'm a G-cup. Compared to virtually anyone else, that's almost absurdly large!"

She still didn't mention it, but on top of all that, the fact that my cum was splattered all over her face and tits was driving me wild with desire.

I said, "It's not that. Not at all. You're a knockout! But you're married too!"

"That's a GOOD thing!" she insisted, still maintaining that lewd pose. "Remember, I don't want all your time or all your cum. You've got your mom sleeping in your bed every night for that. I just want to help her out from time to time. Would that be so bad? And don't worry about Bethany either, if she becomes your serious girlfriend, which I'm sure she will. I'd be happy to be your number three. Your married mistress, if you will."

I shook my head, not in disagreement, just in shock. "Number THREE?!" HER?!

Mommy stood behind her and even took over holding her big tits up from below. That allowed her to resume the more sexy pose of keeping her hands behind her head.

Mommy told me, "That's a good offer, Son. You should take it! Look at her pussy. See how it's all swollen and wet? That's 'cos she's lubed up to take you deep! Don't you think it would be a blast to fuck her every time you see her?"

The idea of fucking Rebecca even once in my life nearly made me lose my balance and stagger to my knees. I had to shake my head to stop myself from staring wantonly at her inviting slit.

I finally managed to rouse myself from my lusty stupor to ask, "That's not the point. She's married!"

Mommy couldn't stop smirking and smiling. "Like she said, the fact that she's married is a good thing, because it means she can't afford to spend too much time with you to steal most of your cum. That means I approve. And look at this body of hers. I mean, come on! How can you resist?!"

Mommy let go of Rebecca's tits and slowly drew her hands down Rebecca's tummy towards her pussy. "You already know what a naturally talented cocksucker she is."

Rebecca added earnestly, "And that's just my first try with a real cock! I'll get a lot better, I promise!"

"She will too," Mommy said, with her hands sliding closer to Rebecca's pussy lips. "Because she's learned from Dr. Morgan. She knows submission starts with total oral submission."

Rebecca chimed in some more, "It does. Whenever I fantasize about you, I'm almost always kneeling and bobbing in just my high heels. Just thinking about how I was actually doing that for real nearly makes me delirious! I need a lot more of that in my life. And I'm totally cool with sharing! In fact, I'd prefer it! Can you just imagine what the doctor was describing before, your mom and me endlessly pleasuring your cock together? Why not?!"

Mommy nodded. "Why not?! Son, you rule the roost! Take what you want! WHO you want! Bethany is great, I know, but don't limit herself to just her. You need to play the field! And what about this?"

Her fingers finally reached Rebecca's pussy lips. She spread those lips wide. "Don't you want to fuck her? Because she needs you to fuck her!"

"I do!" Rebecca agreed. "I need it! Sadly, my hubby will never really sexually satisfy me again, not after today. Not after you." She stared intently into my eyes.

I actually took a step back, almost frightened by the sexual possibilities, as well as the intensity of her feelings for me. "If I do that, then there really will be no going back! You'll end up even more hooked on me!"

"Probably true," Rebecca agreed again. "Almost certainly true. That would make you my bull, for sure. But just think! You could have your mom, Bethany, AND me too!"

Mommy nodded emphatically.

I clutched at my head, which I tended to do when I'm stressed. UGH! That sounds fantastic in theory, but I doubt I could handle it in reality. I only have so much cum to give, and all of it belongs to Mommy! Well, almost all. Bethany would take care of the rest, I'm sure, if things work out with her.

I griped, "I don't know. Don't make me think about this right now. I feel like events are spinning out of my control. I'm due to date Bethany for the first time tonight, for crying out loud! This is all backwards!"

Meanwhile, Mommy let go of Rebecca's pussy area and took a step back.

Rebecca seemed to come to a decision. She nodded. "You're right, that is strange. I can see why you're confused. I'll tell you what. You go on that date and rock her world. Enjoy her saliva bath all over your hot pole, because I'm confident she'll spend most of her date on her knees, as she should when dating Mr. Perfect Cock."

She grinned impishly at that. "We'll talk sometime later, okay? But don't forget about me."

I nodded wearily. The great sexual temptation somehow left me emotionally exhausted. My heart was still racing wildly just from looking at her flawless voluptuous naked body, and especially at my cum dripping down her sultry face.

Mommy hugged Rebecca from the side. "Come on! Let's find a spare room and talk all about your first facial! And of course the cocksucking that led up to it!"

"Okay!" Rebecca was suddenly giddy with glee. "But don't make me wash it off just yet!" She playfully swiped a cum gob off her chin and sucked it into her mouth.

"That's not going to happen. At least not until we can take some pictures," Mommy replied. She also wiped a cum gob from Rebecca's face, right from the tip of her nose, and consumed it. She giggled, as if they were making a cake and playing with some icing.

Rebecca was ecstatic. "YES! Pictures! What an idea! And I can show them to my hubby, as proof!"

The two of them practically skipped off down the hall, until they reached a door and went into that room.

I was left alone, more confused than before.

Lacking anything else to do, I went to the waiting room to sit down.

As it happened, there was another mother and son couple there, sitting and talking with Dr. Morgan. The mother was unusually stacked and sexy, though maybe not unusually so compared to the type of women who normally came through this office. She had ivory skin and very long blonde hair. Her son had the same complexion and hair color, except he had a buzz cut.

The three of them were fully dressed and engaged in deep discussion, except that the boy's fly was undone and the mother was slowly jacking him off! His stiff dick seemed quite long, maybe even longer than mine.

When I opened the door, Dr. Morgan sensed I was there without turning around and quickly repositioned her chair to block my view of the handjob, but I'd seen it already.

I realized that the doctor was holding a meeting in the waiting room since she couldn't go through the hallway to any of her usual rooms, due to Rebecca and me blocking the way. Furthermore, I glanced at the mother's face and saw that she was unusually embarrassed, even mortified, because she could tell I must have witnessed her incestuous handjob action before Dr. Morgan had been able to block my view.

Plus, it looked like her blouse was fully opened in front and she wasn't wearing a bra. Her massive boobs were jutting forward, totally exposed! I had enough time to notice how erect her nipples were.

I pretended to be confused, and tried to avoid eye contact. "Oh, sorry. Wrong door." I quickly closed the door. I walked down the hall to the bathroom at the end of the hall, just to have somewhere to go. I waited inside there a few minutes, and ended up deciding I actually had to pee.

When I came back out, I was much more careful. I noticed the door to the receptionist's office was partially open, and of course Rebecca couldn't be in there since she was down the hall in another room, presumably still buck naked and talking excitedly with my mother about facials and such. So I peeked inside and confirmed it was empty.

Then I peeked through the open window into the waiting room to confirm that it was empty too. Only then did I go back through the hallway so I could finally sit in one of the waiting room chairs.

I didn't know where the doctor, mother, and son went to, but they were gone.

As I waited, I had a little time to chill out and think. Man, I'm not even going to try to figure out what the hell just happened with Rebecca. Too fucking strange! That was one hell of a blowjob, though, especially for her "real" first time. Not to mention all the titfuck action too. Phew! But she's married! And my mind should be on Bethany now anyway.

Jesus. What a mess I somehow stepped into. An embarrassment of sexual riches!

I looked around the waiting room. And what about this place? Dr. Morgan must be a magician or hypnotist or something. How does she get all these incredibly gorgeous women to come here and want to have sex with their sons or other relatives?! Just a few minutes ago, some total fucking blonde fox was sitting in that seat over there and casually giving her son a handjob like it was perfectly normal. And I'm sure for her it was, if her home life with her son is anything like Mommy's home life with me. Which I'll bet it definitely is, though maybe they're not as far along as we are yet.

And what about Mrs. Adams and her son? What's his name? Oh yeah. Evan. Same deal. Uncommonly stacked and gorgeous. AND clearly her son's sex pet! And then there's Martha and Trevor. Not to mention the mom and son in the parking lot. Whoa! I'm gonna need to recalibrate my idea of what feminine beauty is when it comes to the women who come to this clinic. Every mom I've seen so far looks like a classic full-figured beauty, like Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, or Jane Russell. Only even MORE stacked than any of those stars!

I don't know whether to be bummed that Mommy and I aren't unique, or to be psyched that we're part of some kind of secret growing underground movement! I suppose the latter. But it's freaking wild, either way.

After another five minutes, Mommy came to the waiting room alone, still fully dressed. She gave me a big hug and kiss. We directly left the office.

She was in a great mood. As we walked to the car, she teased me, "Sorry, I was going to have Rebecca come out and give you an actual good-bye kiss, but you know what would have happened next. We would have spent at least another hour trying to separate her mouth from your stiff cock!" She giggled.

I thought, The crazy thing is, she's probably right! It's all so nuts! I need to stay humble.

I pointed out, "You seem pretty happy about that."

"Damn straight! My son is the BEST! Just look what you're doing. That office is used to a parade of well-hung, handsome studs passing through every day. But after just a few appointments, you're turning the entire place upside down. You're well on your way to taming the super stacked receptionist, AND you're about to date the doctor's sex bomb daughter! Yep, I'm pretty damn smug and happy!"

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