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Chapter 20
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

It was a half-hour car ride from the doctor's office back home. I felt so emotionally worn out, not to mention totally sexually satiated, that I immediately fell asleep in the car and slept like a log the whole way home.

Dinner passed rather uneventfully. Mommy and I were fully dressed - which was highly unusual inside our house lately - and we kept the flirting and sex talk to a minimum, even though we had a lot of new developments to talk about.

This was deliberate for both of us, due to my upcoming date with Bethany. Mommy and I were on the same page: I'd used up a lot of my sexual energies at the appointment, and I needed time to recharge my batteries so I could impress Bethany on our big date.

As a result, after dinner, Mommy left me and my penis alone for a while, which was highly unusual in our new sexual life. But I appreciated the chance to chill out and recover some more.

However, an hour or so after that, our resolve to keep our hands off each other before the date pretty much totally broke down. The two of us got emotionally worked up about the imminent date. Eventually, I found myself busy making out with Mommy on the living room couch, each of us feeling up the other's body.

It had been three months since our incestuous joy began, and I still couldn't believe how gigantic my mother's breasts were. For a boy like me who loves large tits, she's a walking dream. Spongy yet firm J-cup breasts, bursting off her curvy, teenage-like body.

I ran my hands all over her, and we kissed passionately.

I was wearing a dress shirt and pants for my date, and she had a yellow sun dress on. It was highly unusual that we'd keep our clothes on while playing around with each other, but I was insistent, due to my evening plans with Bethany. However, it probably didn't matter much, because the fly on my pants was unzipped and Mommy was going to town jacking me off, while the straps to her sun dress had slipped down just enough to give me full access to her bare breasts.

Still, we were trying to restrain ourselves compared to our usual behavior. For instance, she was using a lot of restraint in only stroking my cock instead of sucking or titfucking it.

Technically, we were doing one of our doctor-prescribed treatments, but it had been so many minutes since she'd rubbed the special cream into my cock and balls, and I'd rubbed it into her massive tits, that the strong cherry smell of the cream had faded away.

After a while, I asked her, "Mommy, what'cha thinking about?"

She answered, "Funny you should ask. I was just thinking about how much I want my handsome, well-hung son to fuck me silly."

I laughed. "You're always thinking about that!"

She flashed me a toothy smile. "Because I love it so much! But that's not all. Thinking about how you're going to rock Bethany's world tonight has me hotter than an oven!" She kissed me long and hard yet again.

But then she pulled back, and said, "Sweetie, are you sure you don't want to fuck Mommy, right now? Maybe it's best if you start your date all calm and relaxed, like you get after a really big orgasm. I can feel how hot and needy your big cock is. Gosh, I can feel it throbbing so much that it's making my cunt gush like a river!"

I chuckled. "You're only saying that because you want to get fucked!"

She grinned, knowing I'd caught her. She said in a little girl voice, squeezing and stroking my rock-hard cock. "It's true. Mommy wants to get fucked so very badly! I've been almost insanely aroused all day, ever since the doctor's visit, and especially what happened with Rebecca AND Bethany. Having to restrain myself is TORTURE! I need your cock in me, baby!"

I almost came on the spot, thanks to her sheer lusty enthusiasm and her fingers sloshing up and down my shaft, not to mention memories of how incredible it felt to fuck her, every time.

Unfortunately, I had to say, "Mommy, I really, really want to." I was staring at and squeezing her massive tits, and it was tempting to stop there and get busy fucking. However, I continued. "But you know I have my date with Bethany tonight. I just... I just want to store up my cum for her, to help make it extra special for her."

Mommy looked a bit sad and frustrated, but she said, "I understand. I know how excited you are for this."

I nodded.

She replied, "Okay, no fucking... for now. You do need to save your cum for Bethany. She's a very attractive and very lucky young lady. I can't wait to see her face dripping in your seed. Plus, she knows our incest secret and is willing to share you with me, AND her mom has trained her well on how a busty slut should behave. I'm rooting for you to win her, big time!"

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

I gulped, and my heart started to race. I knew who that had to be.

My scantily-clad and insanely voluptuous mother was still jacking me off. She whispered, "Don't worry, you'll be fine." Then she tilted her head down and gave my cockhead a kiss while continuing to stroke the shaft.

That gave her an idea. She shouted towards the door, "Hold on! Just a second!" Then she engulfed my cockhead and started frantically bobbing up and down on it!

It felt great, as usual, but I had to quietly complain, "Moooooooommy! Not now!"

She reluctantly pulled her lips off and sat back up. "Darn it. You're right." She stood up and then jiggled to the door. She pulled her shoulder straps back into place as she went.

I looked down and realized my hard-on was still sticking out through my fly. I quickly zipped up, and just in time, right as Mommy opened the door.

Sure enough, it was Bethany. She took a step into the house and closed the door behind her.

She said "Hi!" to Mommy.

She was looking radiant, but also more than a little nervous. She was wearing a dark blue miniskirt and a soft red sweater. It had blue suspenders on either side of her huge chest, making her breasts seem even larger and rounder. She also had her arms pinned behind her back, a shy gesture that also drew even more attention to her remarkable G-cups.

All in all, it was a fairly casual outfit. However, that was belied by the shiny red high heels she was wearing, which looked to be five inches high, at least. It was a wonder she could walk in them. They were an inch or two taller than the red high heels Mommy currently had on.

I loved the fact that their high heels almost matched, especially due to their very similar shades of red.

"Hi, Bethany," I said from where I sat on the couch, I was reluctant to get up from the couch at first, since I still had a raging erection from playing around with my mother's incredible body. The sight of two gorgeous and seriously stacked women standing side by side, one a former cheerleader; the other my very own mother, didn't exactly calm me down.

However, there was nothing to do but stand up and be polite, so I did. I walked to the front door to give her a hug and a kiss. I knew my nine-inch long erection had to be tenting my pants like crazy, especially since I wasn't wearing any underwear, but I didn't dare look down to check.

Bethany wasn't so reluctant. Her eyes immediately darted down to my crotch. She smiled as she gawked at the large bulge there. She joked, "Brian! Did you smuggle a stolen, oversized cucumber out of the grocery store, or are you happy to see me?"

"Oh!" My mother exclaimed, seeing my large erection through my pants. "Um, Bethany, Brian and I were just doing one of our... treatments." She paused, then added, "But he didn't, um, finish. Or, I should say, I didn't finish him. I hadn't even started to use my mouth yet, much less my pussy. Oh gosh, I should just stop talking." She giggled nervously.

Bethany turned to Mommy and laughed. "Oh, it's fine. So, you mean you were just playing with his cock when I rang the doorbell, giving it a good stroking?"

"Yeah." Mommy shyly answered, as she started to blush. "Are you offended?"

Bethany laughed some more. This discussion seemed to be relaxing her. "Not at all. I'm sure you two spend a lot of time on treatments. As you should."

She walked over to Mommy and looked down at her lovely face. Bethany was a good five inches taller than my tiny mother, with both of them wearing high heels that added another inch to Bethany's height in comparison. "It's good to see you again, Ms. Pepper."

"Oh, please, call me Mary, like usual. Don't get all formal with me just because you're in my house. It's good to see you too, Bethany. You look lovely. Brian's very excited for your date."

She giggled, twisting her upper body in a little-girl kind of way that made her breasts sway. Looking to my crotch, she ran her fingers up and down the bulge in my pants. "Obviously!"

Both buxom ladies laughed heartily. That seemed to ease more of the nervousness that had appeared when Bethany showed up.

"Mommy!" I complained. I didn't mind the lewd talking, but I thought her fingering my bulge right in front of my date was too much.

Mommy pulled her hand away, reluctantly, but she said to me, "Oh come on, it's true. And it's only right that you should be quite worked up. Look at how very pretty Bethany is," she said, brushing Bethany's long brown hair.

Bethany stood straighter, like she was a soldier on parade. She still had both hands behind her back. She even arched her back slightly, causing her huge tits to thrust out still more.

Mommy brought her hand to Bethany's face and started caressing it here and there. "What a stunning face! It could be on the cover of a magazine! Son, look at her sultry, shining blue eyes. Mmmm... and these lips." She touched Bethany's lips, causing them to part.

She went on, "Perfect, full, red, cocksucking lips. Son, does it excite you to think that, one way or another, your big cock is going to slide into this sexy mouth of hers tonight, and spend a lot of time plunging in and out of it?"

She boldly stuck three clumped-up fingers into Bethany's mouth.

Bethany was surprisingly unfazed by that intrusion. In fact, she seemed to welcome it. She stared intently right into my eyes even as she ostentatiously sucked on Mommy's fingers.

My mother liked that a lot. "Aaaah! What suction! Son, she's going to make you feel soooo good! I'll bet you're thinking about the last time she sucked you and her active tongue, plus the tight seal of her sweet, full lips."

Needless to say, I was thinking about all that, and more! I couldn't believe how audacious my mother was acting, or how acquiescent Bethany was acting.

Mommy directly addressed Bethany, and pulled her fingers out of her mouth. "And of course I know about your unusual long tongue. May I please see it again?"

Bethany's face lit up. "Certainly!" She stuck her freakishly long tongue all the way out.

Mommy gasped. "Oh my goodness! Son, she's a keeper! Wow! That tongue is even turning ME on!"

Bethany continued to impress us with her tongue length by running her tongue around her lips, and then trying to touch the tip of her nose with it. She just barely made it!

Mommy was even more impressed. "OH MY! Son, can you imagine the kind of pleasure a tongue like that could give your cock?! Actually, you can, since she's blown you already. But just think about what she'll do to you later, with no time limits!"

Bethany replied to my mother, but seemed to really be delivering a message to me. "My body's heating up like a furnace. Mary, I love how you crammed your fingers into my mouth like that, because I'm soooooo ready to suck!" She stared right into my eyes as she said that.

Then she looked to Mommy and continued, "As I've been getting ready for this date, I've had a one-track mind: I want to prove to your son what a talented cocksucker I am! I want to show him how much I LUUUUVE to slurp on a really fat slab of hot cock-meat!"

Mommy pretended to fan herself. "Oh my goodness! Girl, you're making my mouth water! My 'furnace' is starting to heat up too! No, make that I'm positively SLOBBERING!"

Bethany moaned like she was experiencing a small orgasm. "Mmmm! I love that word, 'slobber.' I can't wait to coat every last inch of your son's fat cock with my saliva!"

I could see Mommy's arousal level soaring higher by the second. She hungrily licked her lips. Then she shyly yet excitedly asked, "Um, Bethany, would you mind if I said hello in a more... intimate way?"

Bethany's eyes sparkled with delight. She asked, "Do you want to kiss me, Ms. Pepper? Er, I mean, Mary?"

Mommy giggled again, nervously. She looked down at her feet (or, more accurately, her giant rack) as her shyness got worse. "I guess I do. I'm not that way, but I'm just so curious to see what it would be like to kiss a tongue like that. And you're so very beautiful..."

"Sure thing," said the huge-breasted girl. "I think you're really pretty too. Gorgeous, actually. Brian, do you mind if your mommy and I kiss a little?"

I could only grunt out a response that kind of sounded like "Yes." I did everything I could not to grab my throbbing cock through my pants.

Bethany paused and then leaned down and kissed my beautiful mother on the lips. Naturally, their massive racks had to make contact.

Mommy was momentarily taken aback, but soon she was fully engaged in the kiss, drawing her curvy, little body toward the young lady.

They began making out, kissing tenderly, then more passionately.

Bethany was obliged to bend slightly, to make up for her additional height and taller heels.

Mommy, who looked more like a sex toy than ever, with her tight sun dress and high heels, began to grind her body into Bethany's, causing their giant breasts to mash together.

Needless to say, witnessing this from close up did nothing to help me control my erection. I'd never had any clue that my mother was sexually attracted to other women! I was sure this was the first time my mother had ever French kissed another woman, especially since the kiss went on and on and grew more intimate and sexual all the time!

I couldn't see what was happening inside their mouths, but their heads tilted this way and that, showing a lot of action was taking place as they strove to take better angles with each other.

Meanwhile, the meeting of Mommy's J-cups with Bethany's G-cups had to be one of the greatest "clashes" of gigantic racks in history! And I got a front row seat to the spectacle. Although they were both fully dressed, seeing them rub their racks together in an increasingly overt and sexual way was better than just about any professional pornography I'd seen.

Then Bethany brought her hands to the undersides of Mommy's giant knockers, while Mommy did the same to Bethany's at almost the exact same time. They used their hands to increase the amount of tit rubbing, probably including rubbing their erect nipples together.

I just about freaking lost my mind! I clutched my hands at my side, not in anger, but in a desperate attempt to control myself. I wanted to tackle them both to the floor and start a three-way!

Finally, after about two minutes, the two bombshells disengaged from their kiss. Both of them were panting hard.

Mommy sheepishly said, "Sorry about that, Bethany. You just look really pretty, and I'm pretty much always, um... "

"Horny?" asked Bethany, smiling. She wiggled a little bit, no doubt enjoying the fact that her enormous rack was still tightly pressing against Mommy's even larger one.

"Yes. It's part of my... condition. Our condition," she said looking at me. "It's not easy being a 'hypersexual being.'" She looked down at the epic meeting of their massive racks, and realized she was still holding my date's G-cups up with both hands. She let go.

Bethany said in an extra sultry voice, "True, but it does have its... extraordinary pleasures, doesn't it?" She was still holding Mommy's tits from below, and appeared to have no intention of letting go.

Mommy beamed at that comment. "That, certainly, is true!" She turned her head to me, while I was nearly shaking with lust, "I apologize to you, Son. Bethany is your date, not Mommy's girlfriend. You should be doing more of the welcoming her to our house." She disengaged from the epic tit rubbing, and stepped back.

I stepped in closer and touched Bethany's hand. "It's great to see you, Bethany. My mother is right, you really do look beautiful tonight. You took my breath away!"

"You look great too. Look at you, all dressed up to go out for a night on the town!" She asked Mommy, "Gosh, how did you raise such a sweet boy?"

Mommy smiled at me. "He's as sweet as he is handsome. Trust me, he's a keeper too."

"I'm sure he is!" Bethany leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. It was strangely tame, given the sorts of things we'd done to each other already. But then she pulled back, took my slightly trembling hand in hers, and leaned back in. This time, we shared a sizzling kiss on the lips.

Mommy beamed at us.

Bethany pulled her head back from mine, but she left her huge breasts pressed up against my body. My erection was firmly lodged against her stomach.

She giggled from noticing that. She reached to it with her free hand and gave it a squeeze through my pants.

I almost came right there! In terms of sexual activity, this was nothing compared to the sorts of things I did with Mommy every day, but the fact that it was happening with my date Bethany made all the difference, especially after witnessing their hot lesbian make-out session.

I lowered my hands down to her ass and firmly squeezed her ass cheeks through her clothes.

She let out a little squeal of delight.

Mommy smirk-smiled at my ass grab. "I'll go get you kids some drinks. You two, please get more comfortable with each other." She jiggled out of the room and into the kitchen.

As soon as she was gone, Bethany rested her twin peaks on my chest. She boldly stuck a hand into my pants and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. "Oooh! No undies! I like!" She giggled.

I was still feeling somewhat daunted that I was on an actual date with one of my longtime fantasy girls. But at least I had my hands on her ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks through her miniskirt a little more.

Feeling uncommonly nervous, I tried to make some small talk. "I made a reservation at the nicest restaurant in town. I figure we'll go top class all the way, because you're worth it."

"Brian," Bethany said softly, as she started to directly stroke my boner, "That's really sweet. It sounds lovely. But... I have a confession to make. I really want to spend time getting to know you better, but right now, I'm feeling like I don't want to go out in public tonight at all."

"Really?" I squeaked excitedly, guessing what was coming next.

"Well, after seeing and... feeling you... I kind of was thinking we could stay in." Her fingers pumped faster and faster up and down my shaft, perhaps to help me agree with her.

I didn't need much convincing. "Sure! Um, that's fine with me."

She smiled brightly at my response. She explained as she continued to jack me off, "Some other night, let's definitely do the fancy restaurant thing. But tonight, we can get to know each other in a different way first. Brian, I'm really smitten with you! I can't believe I'm so deeply in lust with a boy three years younger than me, but you're just so great. I think about your huge cock pretty much all the time. Remember how we measured it in my mommy's office, and she said it pretty much had the perfect size?"


She looked down at her hand disappearing into my pants. "Well, that's true! From the first time it slid into my mouth, I knew it was 'the one.' I see and touch all sorts of other penises as part of my job, but now they almost make me laugh."


"Yeah, I think, 'I guess that's an okay one, but it's not like Brian's.' And then I get so hungry, thinking about the way yours perfectly fits my mouth, and the way you make your gorgeous mom spend all her time on her knees!"

Her hand began pumping up and down my shaft faster and faster. She unzipped my fly because it was an annoyance. That allowed her to get her second hand involved in the stroking too. "I can't wait to suck it some more! A lot more! I want to deep throat it again too! The whole journey here, I could hardly drive because I was thinking so intently about throat fucking it! I AM going to do that again tonight, I'm making a vow right now!"

I gulped.

"But I also totally love how you treat your mom. Most of the sons who come into our clinic, they have a lot of trouble taking firm control of their mothers. And of course the moms put up all kinds of resistance over the role reversal upon finding out they've become their son's fuck toys, or sex pets, or whatever you call it. My mom does a lot of therapy along those lines, helping mothers and sons adjust to their new roles. But Mom told me it's like you two are three years along after just three months! You put your mommy in her proper place so fast that she had no chance to resist! I think that's totally hot!"

"You do?!"

Her fingers were sliding even faster on my cock-meat. She used her other hand to push my pants down enough to get better access to my balls as well. "I sure do! Ungh! Just feel these balls! So large, so full of cum! I've been looking for a well-hung and kind yet dominant young guy to fully submit to for a long time, but nobody really thrilled me. Nobody seemed worthy. At least not until you came along."

"Wow!" I had no idea what to say to that. But it sounded fantastic!

She let go of my balls and took my hand. "Will you do something for me?" Her other hand kept on jacking me off.

Before I could answer, she placed my hand on one of her massive, young breasts. "Would you feel me up while you kiss me some more?"

I was happy to comply. We began kissing again, as I squeezed - kneaded, really - my date's big breasts through her sweater with both of my hands. Then I had a better idea and brought my hands under her sweater, only to find that was all she wore underneath. No bra, no shirt, nothing!

I was so thrilled that I pulled her sweater up to her armpits. Thanks to her suspenders, the sweater was easily pinned in place.

My mother walked back into the room immediately thereafter, carrying two glasses of iced tea. She took a look at the way Bethany had my fly unzipped, my pants sagging down slightly, and her two hands on my cock and balls, then to how I'd already gotten my date effectively topless. She could have frowned with jealousy, but she didn't.

Instead, she smiled with genuine warmth. "Wow! Look at you two go! I'd better leave you alone for a while, so you two can feel free to have more fun." She put the iced tea down on a nearby table.

Bethany said, "Actually, Mary, it's totally okay with me if you stay and watch. Brian and I are just going to get to know each other a little better, physically, before we think about going anywhere tonight." She gave me a devastating "come hither" look and licked her lips suggestively. "That is, if we go out at all."

She looked beseechingly into my eyes. "Is that okay, if your mommy stays?"

"Um, yeah, I guess that's fine. If it's cool with you, Mommy."

"Sure! I'd love to watch you two go at it." Mommy sat down on the couch right in front of where we stood, as if she was about to watch a live show from the best front row seat.

Bethany took my hand and led me to the couch, and we sat down right next to my mother. I wound up sitting in the middle, with Mommy on one side and Bethany on the other.

I couldn't see my mom, since I pivoted as much as I could to face my date, but the couch was small enough so that her massive chest brushed my back.

I thought, I need to date more often. I feel like my whole body is throbbing with horniness, and we're just getting warmed up. And this is my first "official" date ever!

As we repositioned, Bethany took advantage of the lull in the action to take her sweater all the way off, and let her suspenders fall away too. That left her in just her miniskirt and high heels.

I similarly slid my pants off my ass, exposing all of my privates in front.

Bethany resumed jacking me off, while fondling my balls too. "Brian, have you been looking forward to our date as much as I have?"

"Well, I only asked you out a couple of hours ago," I pointed out. I cupped her newly bared G-cups from below and resumed exploring her fulsome chest.

She pouted, "I know, but I've been waiting for you to ask me out for TWO MONTHS!"

"Damn! I wish I'd known! Of course, I'm excited. I mean, my life has changed so much since I first, um, saw Dr. Morgan and you. I was... I didn't feel good about myself, you know? But now... Mommy and I have gotten so much closer. I loved her with all my heart already, but now that she's my fuck toy, it's like that love has grown more than words could say!"

I turned for a moment to face my mother.

Mommy had such a loving look on her face that it brought my heart to my throat. She looked like she might cry. She mouthed the words, "I love you too, Sweetie!"

I smiled at her and turned back to my date.

Bethany spoke while still stimulating my cock and balls. "That's so hot, that you casually call her your 'fuck toy' like it's an undeniable fact. And Mary, it is, isn't it?"

Mary replied matter-of-factly, "Oh, for sure. And not just 'fuck toy.' I'm his 'personal, exclusive, big-titted fuck toy mommy!' That means I'm not allowed to so much as touch another man, but of course my studly son can do whatever he wants with the likes of you. A fuck toy thinks only of serving her man, especially keeping his cock throbbing with pleasure nearly all the time!" She was practically bursting with pride as she said this.

"UGH!" Bethany groaned erotically. "That's even hotter!" With her fingers dancing up and down my turgid pole, she asked me, "And do you make good use of your fuck toy mommy?"

"Sure. I cum in or on her seven or eight times a day. Sometimes more! But I have to admit, I've been thinking about you a lot too. Especially lately, since your mom has helped me warm up to the idea of having a girlfriend."

"I've thought about you too, as you know, but more than I've ever admitted before!" Bethany said, her fingers relentlessly rubbing and sliding all over my thick shaft. "Now that we're dating, I need to tell you that I fell for you the very first time you came in. I was kind of giddy over how cute you were, even before I saw your huge, perfect cock. You were so nervous." She giggled.

I blushed.

"No! It was cute. Really. And seeing you ejaculate so many times. Your cock is really amazing! I think about it a lot too. And then of course you crammed your cock into my mouth on your very first appointment, and that was all she wrote! I knew then that no other boy would do!"

She leaned forward and looked over her huge bare tits down to my crotch. "Look at how my two hands are holding it, and there's still room left over! Room for Mommy's hands, if she wants! Remember the time she and I licked and stroked it together?!"

I heard my mother gasp slightly under her breath. Then I felt her hands running up and down my back. That sent shivers down my spine.

I groaned lustily. "Oh, yeah! That was the best!"

"I'm so obsessed about sucking it," Bethany said, now blushing herself. "I think about that all the time! You know that I have a pretty unusual job that causes me to touch and even stroke penises every day. Most of them are big, since oversized body parts tend to go with oversized sexual appetites, and we're all about treating the latter. Some of them are easily as big as yours, or even bigger, if you can believe it!"

She continued, "But I'm fiercely loyal to you and yours. I was actually seriously dating a guy when I first met you, and sucked you, but I broke up with him about a week later and I haven't sucked a cock since. He has a big cock and I used to be his suck queen, but I lost all interest, because he wasn't you. Hell, I haven't even gone on another date since then. I've been saving myself for you!"

"Wow!" I exclaimed, truly impressed. I was completely incredulous that she was so into me, but she seemed sincere.

I had to ask, "What was wrong with your boyfriend?"

"Well, he was sexually impressive in lots of ways, but... normal. Let's just say he doesn't have his own personal mommy pet. I realized I can't date a guy like that, someone who hasn't been one of my mom's patients and thus doesn't know how to properly treat a woman."

She paused. She looked down at her sliding fingers. "You may think I'm all about the sucking, and I am, but there's so much more! For instance, I long to feel your great thick meat inside me too. I haven't been fucked in three months either. And that's been driving me crazy!"

I noticed that, like my mother often did, Bethany was subtly moving her hips back and forth, her horniness causing her to involuntarily fuck an imaginary cock.

I said, "Double wow! Why didn't you call me up or something?!"

"I told you that I wanted to, but I've been waiting for you, dummy!" She took a hand off my cock to reach up to my face and slap it. But it was more like a love tap. "I'm very traditional that way. The guy is supposed to ask the girl out. He's supposed to take control, all the way." She placed particular emphasis on "all the way."

She leaned over to the side, to look past me and make eye contact with Mommy. "Don't you agree?"

"Oh, definitely!" Mommy replied. "I've never been so happy as when my son takes total control and makes me his helpless little fuck pet! He skewers and drills me, making me scream in ecstasy until my voice is hoarse! I completely submit to his sexual power. It's the best feeling in the world. I end up a rag doll, a wet noodle, a sweaty mess, totally FUCKED in every sense of the word! And that's the best feeling too!"

"There you go!" Bethany giggled. "I've seen it over and over again at work. Busty beauties who only discover true bliss when they learn to fully submit. I've got it all worked out, of how I want things to go in my life. It's my great dream to be the best slut for a big-cocked, dominant master I can possibly be!" She looked deeply and meaningfully into my eyes as she said that.

The intensity of her gaze gave me shivers.

She continued, while looking back to Mommy, "The only problem is finding the right guy to submit to. I tried to get my last boyfriend to man up, but he never got it. He was too worried about hurting my feelings." She rolled her eyes and spoke in mocking tones when she said "hurting my feelings."

I had no clue what to say to that. So, to avoid talking at all, I leaned in and planted my lips on hers. However, I thought, Note to self: get more aggressive with her, or you'll lose her!

After she and I started to kiss, Mommy scoffed. "What a loser! Good riddance to a guy like him. You'll see the difference with Brian. Even though he doesn't often give me a direct order, the mere way he looks at me makes me feel helpless and owned all the time. I'm sure it'll be the same for you."

Bethany moaned lustily into my mouth. Apparently, she really liked those comments.

Bethany and I necked for the next few minutes. It was fantastic, especially since Bethany continued to jack me off and I continued to explore her unclothed upper body all the while.

The only problem was that I felt Mommy was being neglected. She couldn't even see much from where she was sitting.

Luckily, Mommy wasn't the wallflower type, at least not anymore when it came to having sex with me. She got up off the couch and disappeared for a minute or so. Then I felt her settling back on the couch behind me. She unbuttoned my dress shirt in front and then pulled it up to my armpits, leaving most of my back bare. She quickly followed that by pressing her huge tits against my back. I could feel her skin on skin! I couldn't see when it happened, but she must have gotten topless.

Furthermore, she'd put more of the therapy cream on her huge globes, because they slid back and forth on my skin with ease. I could tell what kind of cream it was from the cherry smell.

But she didn't stop there. She wanted to lay claim to all of my backside, and my ass was fully exposed since I'd pulled my pants down my thighs. Normally, she was a bit squeamish about playing with my anus unless she was wearing a glove. I found out why she'd briefly left the couch, because I felt gloved fingers starting to explore my ass crack!

It wasn't long before she'd homed in on my anus, even as she continued to slide her creamed-up tits against my bare back. Luckily, she only poked into it a little bit, because I knew from experience that if she stimulated my prostate for very long, I was helpless to stop myself from cumming fast!

Eventually, Bethany pulled away from me entirely and sat back to show herself off. In doing so, she was able to look past me, over at my mother. She obviously had to have noticed that Mommy was topless and sliding her massive tits all over my back, if she hadn't realized it already, but she showed no sign of minding that at all. In fact, she gave her a big smile.

But Mommy seemed abashed. She said, "Um, Bethany, I hope you don't mind, but I got too excited from just watching. I figured I could help out a little. Is that okay with you?"

"Oh, sure!" Bethany said breezily. "I can't see much. What are you doing to him back there?"

"I've got a glove on one hand and I'm poking into his anus a little bit."

"Oooh! Kinky! I like it!" Bethany's smile was a mile wide.

Then my "new girlfriend" repositioned a little bit, causing me to pay more attention to her body.

Seeing I was looking at her chest, she said, "Brian, you probably noticed that I went through a little... growth spurt." She gestured to her huge bare breasts, then pushed those globes in from the sides. "When I first met you three months ago, I was still a F-cup. Remember? You saw them!" She giggled.

My hard-on was tingling with pleasure as I fondly recalled that time.

She commented, "Well, they are bigger now. Not nearly as big as your little Mommy's gigantic breasts, mind you." She looked past me and smiled warmly at her.

Mommy smiled back, but modestly didn't say anything. However, seeing that my privates were currently completely untouched, she reached around my upper torso with her un-gloved hand and took over jacking me off.

A few seconds later, she remembered to ask, "Um, Bethany, is this okay? I don't want to take over your date. But I'm thinking he can enjoy looking at your impressive tits more this way."

"No, it's fine," Bethany replied. "I appreciate it. And it's exactly what a good sex toy mommy should do."

Bethany stretched her arms up high, to show off her boobs in a different way. "But still, I'll immodestly say mine are really big for a girl my age. Well, any age, for that matter. I know how much you love big tits, so I hope that makes me the kind of girl you're looking for."

She lowered her hands and used them to cup her tits from below. "Brian, I'm a G-cup now! 32-G! I have this pretty thin torso..." - she shook her chest for emphasis - "...and these improbable G-cup breasts. Does my body please you?!"

I couldn't stop myself from gushing, "Oh, for sure! You're like my ideal dream girl!"



She sighed with great relief. "Do I have the kind of body that's worthy of being your long-term girlfriend?"

I didn't even hesitate. "For sure!"

She let out another relieved sigh. "Thank God you said that! I've been so worried!"

"What? Why?" I couldn't understand why she'd have any doubts about her looks. She could stand toe to toe with any Playboy centerfold, without any exaggeration.

She flopped her hands up and down in frustration, causing her massive globes to rise and fall too. "Look at your mommy! I may be a 'perfect ten,' but if I am, then she's a '20'! I can't compete with her in any way. I feel so unworthy!"

"No, you can't," I started to say.

She looked crestfallen.

But I hastened to add, "But you don't have to! This isn't a competition. You're totally sexy and amazing, but in a different way. It's not all about sizes and measurements. I remember you saying that, as part of your job, you've come across penises that are even bigger and thicker than mine. So why not just date the guy with the biggest penis you can find?"

"That would be stupid," she started to say.

I cut in, "Yeah, it would. You see? So don't worry about breast size or anything else. Your tits are in my Goldilocks zone: not too big, not too small, but just right for me. Mommy's are too. End of story. I like you as a person too and I think we naturally click. I believe the more we get to know each other, the more we'll like. So yeah, you're totally potential long-term girlfriend material."

It seemed I'd said the exact right thing. She squealed and clapped her hands. Her smiling face beamed like a searchlight. "Oh, Brian! That makes me so happy!"

She threw herself at me. We hugged and shared an extra hot and electric French kiss. As we did that, she seemed to make a point of rubbing her bare tits up and down against my chest.

At some point during our necking, her hand went down to my crotch and she discovered Mommy's hand was still there and still stroking up around my cockhead. She just lowered her hand a bit more and did her best to slide her fingers all over the lower half of my shaft.

I was pretty blown away by everything. Look at me! I'm making out with my dream girl on our first date, while she and my mother jack me off together! And the night is still young!

Eventually, the kissing ended. It looked like Bethany had something serious to say to me.

Mommy must have sensed that, so she finally withdrew her hand from my boner. But she kept on playing with my ass crack and anus with her gloved hand.

Bethany slid her fingers up and took over rubbing my most sensitive spot just below my cockhead. "I know it's just our first date, but..." She turned her head away and blushed.

I asked more urgently, "What is it, Bethany?"

"It's going to sound silly. I just really, really like you. My mom has told me more about you and your mom than you realize, probably breaking some patient confidentiality rules along the way. But it's just... sometimes you just know when something feels right, you know what I mean? And I'm kind of hoping you'd want to go out with me."

"Aren't we on a date right now?!" I asked in confusion.

"Yes, of course! And it's awesome! Best date ever already, because it's so real. We're letting our lust flow instead of playing mind games and beating around the bush. There's no BS about 'equality' and 'fairness.' Your eyes tell me that I'd damn well better do a good job serving and pleasuring your cock, even if it takes all evening, and that's exactly how I want all our dates to go. But I'm talking about something much more serious than just dating around."

She blushed cutely, even as she leaned back to better show off her enormous tits. She shyly looked down at her fingers slipping and sliding on my hot pole. "I'm thinking, like, um... if you'll be my steady boyfriend... If you are, I'm totally ready to pledge myself to you!"

I heard my mother behind me squeal. She had her huge tits on my back already, obviously, but she leaned up until her mouth was right next to one of my ears. She quietly whispered in my ear, "I knew it! Oh Sweetie, I'm so proud of you! You're such a lucky boy! Please do tell her 'yes!'"

I didn't need Mommy to prod me, since it was such a no-brainer. Bethany was awesome, in all sorts of ways! I exclaimed, "I would love that!"

Bethany leaped in her seat a little, her huge breasts bouncing as she did. "Yeay!" She let go of my cock and wrapped her arms around my back so we could hug and kiss some more. My chest was enveloped by her soft tit-flesh.

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