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Chapter 21
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

However, my mother spoke up. "Wait!"

Bethany broke the hug and sat back in confusion.

Mommy took her glove off, then reached around my torso until both of her hands were on my boner. As her fingers started sliding up and down it, she rested her chin on one of my shoulders, allowing her to make eye contact with Bethany.

She said, "Bethany, before you go to the next level, are you fully willing to share him in every way?"

"Yes, of course!"

Mommy added, "As his mother, I consider myself his number one slut. Always. Forever. Can you handle that too?"

"Sure! That's how I see it too. You two have a very special thing going on. I just want to be a part of it."

As Mommy continued to ostentatiously stroke my erection, she said, "And I assume you understand it won't be a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. You'll need to be totally loyal to him, including not touching any strange cocks at work anymore. You shouldn't even kiss or hug another man. Your body belongs to Brian, period! Meanwhile, he can play with or even fuck whomever he wants!"

I stiffened up. I thought Mommy had gone too far.

But Bethany was still unfazed. "Of course to all that too! I'm so glad you said that, because that's how I've always envisioned my dream man. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way, including having to share him with you and with other hot sluts. If he's not the dominant sort of man who knows how to keep me in my place, he's not the guy I'm looking for."

Mommy smiled from ear to ear.

Something occurred to me. "Oh shit!" I blurted out.

"What?" Bethany and Mommy asked at the same time.

I explained to Bethany, "I've been meaning to tell you since our date started, but I got distracted and forgot. As I was getting ready to leave your mom's office today, I ran into Rebecca in the hallway. She said she wanted to give me a good-bye kiss. Well, one thing led to another and... um... she, uh, lost all her clothes, and. uh... and she kind of ended up sucking my cock. A lot. Until I came on her face." I lowered my head like a convict facing the hangman.

Bethany frowned and waited for more. "So... what? Is that it?"

"Isn't that enough?!" I sadly asked. I hardly even noticed how Mommy was still stroking my boner with two hands. "Oh, and she titfucked me too, for even longer."

"What's the problem?" Bethany asked me, still confused. "I already knew she had given you two handjobs, though sadly not all the way to completion."

"Yeah, but that kinda felt just like playing around. Ya know? This felt different, really different. For one thing, both of those previous times were brief, but this was, like, way longer. The better part of an hour, even. And it was really emotionally intense."

Bethany broke into a huge smile. She truly looked overjoyed. "I think that's GREAT!"

"You do?!" I was genuinely baffled.

"Sure! Well, not if it's just anybody. I assume you have some standards. But Rebecca? Wow! That's really great news for her!" She stared off into space, probably imagining what Rebecca did to me. "By any chance... did she suck you and titfuck you while she was completely naked?"


"Except for her high heels?!" The excitement in her voice was rising.


"And were you wearing clothes?"

"Um, I had a shirt on, so yeah, I guess."

She squealed with glee. "And were you standing while she knelt in submission before you the entire time?!"

"As a matter of fact, yes."

Mommy and Bethany looked at each other like I'd just announced they were co-lottery winners. Mommy briefly took a hand from stroking my cock to high-five my new girlfriend. They even let out some whoops and hollers.

I had to chuckle at their extreme reaction. I wanted to ask what they were so excited about, but I decided that silence was more prudent.

Despite my silence, Bethany could see from my face I looked somewhat confused. She explained, "I know it may seem strange to you, but that's fantastic news on all sorts of levels! For one thing, that's the ULTIMATE way to serve cock! I'm so psyched her first real sexual experience was so perfect, and it was with you! I'm sure she'll be imprinted on you in a big way from now on, which is awesome!"

Mommy and Bethany shared another high-five. Then Mommy resumed her wrap-around handjob.

I thought, "Imprinted?!"

Before I could think that through, Bethany went on, "But also, my mom and I, we've been trying every trick in the book to get her over her hump so she can fully cuckold her hubby in reality and not just in fantasies. You know about that stuff, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think she told me the basics." I felt my heart race faster as I recalled seeing Rebecca's shining gold wedding ring on the hand of hers that had happened to be jacking me off at the time.

That reminded me to look down at Mommy's two stroking hands. Jesus! I'm so fucking horny! I could cum at any time. This whole conversation and situation is surreal!

Bethany nodded firmly. "Good. I already knew how she'd started the hello and good-bye kissing with you. She asked for my permission for that because she knew my feelings for you and, of course I said yes. I thought it was totally cute, and a really positive step for her. And I was even more psyched when she got to jack you off a little bit those two times. But this is a waaaay bigger step! Sucking your cock is like... a religious experience! Sorry if that sounds corny, but I don't know how else to put it. 'Transformative,' maybe. There's no going back for her now!"

Mommy chimed in, "You nailed it on the head. My son is modest, or maybe he just doesn't understand his effect on women. I was there, and I saw it all. It's even better than you think. Rebecca didn't just suck his cock; she WORSHIPPED it, for nearly an hour! Tears were streaming down her face nearly the entire time! Tears of joy AND struggle! She even admitted later that there was no going back. She considers him his bull now, even though he doesn't."

"Oh, WOW!" Bethany exclaimed with wide eyes and even a wide open mouth. It took her a long moment before she recovered enough to speak some more. "That is big news! Really big news! That's even better! Way better!"

I was incredulous, both about Bethany's attitude and Mommy's shocking claim that Rebecca considered me her "bull" now. "Are you serious?! We were just talking about going steady!"

Bethany corrected me, "No, I said 'I'm totally ready to pledge myself to you.' ME to YOU. Not you to me! That would be silly! You're a total fucking stud! Like your mommy told me a few minutes ago, 'You'll need to be totally loyal to him, including not touching any strange cocks at work anymore. You shouldn't even kiss or hug another man. Your body belongs to Brian, period! Meanwhile, he can play with or even fuck whomever he wants!' Don't worry, I've memorized every word."

"And you'd agree to that?!"

"Of course! I told you I wouldn't have it any other way! God, if you insisted on some sort of going-steady-both-ways bullshit, then I'd know I was all wrong about you and you're not the man for me. I need a man who's going to put me in my place, every single day! Including by making me burn with jealousy when he fucks other hotties. I want to be part of the fuck toy or sex pet lifestyle, just like your mom! Exactly like her, in fact!"

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I decided I'd better stay silent before I said something to fuck things up.

I must admit her extreme submissiveness turned me on a big way though. It seemed too good to be true. She was like a luscious fruit ripe for the picking.

Mommy took a hand off my hard-on and reached out for Bethany.

Bethany took that hand and tightly clasped it. Apparently, the two of them shared a moment.

Then Bethany let go. But her hand was newly wet from having held Mommy's pre-cum soaked hand. She brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sensually sucked them clean, one by one, while staring intently into my eyes.

Mommy saw all that. As she continued to slide both her hands up and my throbbing boner, she quietly whispered into my ear from behind, "She's the one, Son! Trust me, she's the one I most want to share you with. You can't do better!"

I didn't reply to that, but it was easy to see why she felt that way. They clearly were of the same mind when it came to their sexually submissive beliefs. There was no way Bethany could be putting on an act about this, especially since Dr. Morgan was her mother and she worked at the clinic.

I finally gathered my wits enough to ask my new girlfriend, "So you wouldn't mind if I keep having sexual fun with Rebecca?"

Bethany seemed almost confused by the question. "'Mind?!' Of course I don't mind! What you told me about her is great news, because not only is that a breakthrough for her and her cucky hubby, but she and I will be able to share you and have so much fun together! She's one of my favorite people, and I'm sure she'll be a worthy slut for you. I can't wait to feel her tongue sliding alongside mine as we lick your cock as if we're one! It'll be a great bonding experience, every single time!"

I felt woozy thinking about Rebecca and Bethany licking my shaft together. How much better could life get?!

Mommy's head was resting on one of my shoulders. I heard her moan in lusty approval. She even sensually licked one of my ears (while continuing to jack me off, of course).

I had to ask Bethany, "But how far does this attitude of yours go? What if I seriously want to seduce other women too?! For real?!"

She shrugged. "That's above my pay grade. That's YOUR prerogative, and I can't say no. I'm just one of your sex pets. Or at least I will be, if you want me. You're the stud. As your mommy said, you get to fuck whomever you want. I just hope that you and I will really get along and get closer and closer, so you'll want to spend most of your free time and your precious cum with me. Well, me and your mommy, of course."

She bit her lip, and then plunged ahead. "I'm rashly putting all my cards on the table, but here it goes: my big dream is that, if all goes well, your mommy will be your number one fuck toy, and I'll be your number two! And not just for a month or a year, but maybe forever!"

Her face turned red from saying that. Having confessed that much, she bashfully added, "I'm the kind of girl who wants to pledge herself to just one guy. That's why I've been waiting and waiting. Now that I've found you, if you want me, I can't imagine ever betraying you or leaving you. Those aren't the values my mom taught me. A sex pet's loyalty to her man is absolute!"

Mommy was still erotically licking one of my ears. As she did so, she quietly whispered into it, "Gosh! This is some first date, isn't it?! Son, just look at her! She's a keeper!"

I took a good look at Bethany, from the top of her head down to her tottering red high heels. She was still dressed from the waist down, which was rather odd given everything that had happened on our date already. But that just directed more of my attention to her awesome bare G-cups.

Seeing that I was staring at her chest, she cupped her knockers from below and hefted them up and out seductively. At the same time, she shyly bit her lower lip.

I thought, Best first date ever! And it's just started. Whoa! I'm really in the driver's seat here. Of course I love it all! But it's all TOO easy. I need to be careful and ask questions to make sure I get the best deal without any misunderstandings.

I asked, "What if Rebecca wants to be my number two?"

Bethany shrugged that off, even as she started temptingly sliding her massive orbs against each other. "She can't. She's married. If you're her bull and she's your secret mistress, that's cool with me. I figure you'll be fucking around a lot regardless, because studs like you love to spread their seed. If you're going to fuck anyone else, not counting your mom, I'd rather it be her than anybody else. So it's win-win for all of us!"

Then she had another thought, and added, "But, once I pledge myself to you, it doesn't really matter what I want. A sex pet can't make any demands on her master. If you decide Rebecca is your number two, I'll just have to try that much harder every day to love you and serve you!"

Those words shook me to the core, especially because I could tell she was completely sincere. Holy hell! Her mother has fully indoctrinated her into this mindset, and I'm the beneficiary!

Mommy still had her bare tits on my back and her two hands on my cock. She'd been going slow with stroking my boner because all her attention was on the conversation. She leaned in closer to my ear which she was sometimes licking. "Son, if you don't tell her right now that, yes, you'll accept her pledge to you, then you're the biggest fool in the world! She's perfect! I love her! Say yes, or I'll kill you!"

Obviously, the "kill you" was a joke, but it was a sign of the strength of her feelings.

I was about to fall over myself in my eagerness to tell Bethany yes, but then I had a better idea. I remembered how she wanted a dominant man. I needed to assert myself more.

So I told Bethany, "I'm definitely intrigued by your offer. But before I agree, I need you to prove yourself a little more. For starters, what are you doing still wearing any clothes at all? I like my sluts buck naked."

She looked down at her own body and saw her miniskirt still around her waist. She seemed aghast. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" She started to quickly yank it down.

But I said, "Whoa! What's the rush? A good slut doesn't undress in front of her man; she strips."

I didn't know where my sexual confidence to say that sort of thing was coming from, but I liked it a lot. I guess all the daily sex with Mommy was changing me.

Bethany took a deep breath, and realized she was rushing things too much. Her mood changed to seductive. She smiled with lusty desire. She put her hands on her hips, and flipped the front of her skirt up. "Look! No panties! And see how wet I am?!"

Sure enough, there were rivulets of cum dripping down her inner thighs, nearly to her knees! Plus, her pink pussy lips were swollen and soaked.

Mommy switched to resting her head on my other shoulder, probably so my other ear could get equal time with her sexy licking. She quietly whispered in that ear as she started to lick it, "Son, that cunt belongs to you now! It's YOURS! Maybe forever! I hope you give it a good, solid fucking tonight. Make her beg for mercy AND beg for more! Then it really will be yours forever! And she will be too!"

Those words gave me such a rush that I unexpectedly started to cum! I hadn't even realized I was that close to the edge, since there wasn't that much "action" going on compared to what I was used to, but the overall situation was just too arousing.

Luckily, Mommy was one step ahead. She firmly grasped the base of my shaft and squeezed it tightly until my urge to cum passed. Then, after only a brief pause, she resumed jacking me off and licking my ear. But she stroked me at a much slower pace, knowing I'd need to recover a bit after that close call.

I doubt Bethany even noticed my near "accident," because she was really getting into taking her miniskirt off. She slowly slid it down her hips. She bent over lewdly as it reached her knees, causing her huge tits to droop forward dramatically.

I continued to watch her sexy striptease until the miniskirt was all the way off and tossed aside. She stood back up, making sure to spread her legs straight and wide. She even pinned both hands behind her head and arched her back to highlight her round G-cups.

My jaw hung open in amazement. WHOA! Just look at her! My own young submissive centerfold! What a firm, flawless body. Yet so curvy. She's a living dream!

As she maintained that obscene pose, she said, "Aaaah! Brian, this is EXACTLY how I was hoping our date would go so far. I've been dreaming and masturbating about this, every night for weeks! The details are a little different, but the overall thrust is the same. I knew I'd end up naked and helpless, standing for inspection when your mommy jacks you off, and that's EXACTLY what's happening right now! I'm so HOT and WET! You don't even know!"

Mommy teased her, while licking my ear, "So... better than your last boyfriend?"

Bethany snorted with derision. "Please! Don't even remind me! He'd be totally freaked out if I acted like this. But Brian, he expects it and even demands it. That makes all the difference!"

Somehow, she stiffened up more proudly while maintaining that outrageous pose. "Okay, Brian. Do you have more questions for me?"

I scrambled to come up with something. I wanted to project the aura of dominance she craved. But it was hard to think, especially after my orgasmic close call, and Mommy's continued stroking of my hot shaft.

Luckily, I managed to say, "Yes, I do. How do I know you're really all you say you are? For instance, when it comes to cocksucking, are you just a long-tongued wonder, or do you have what it takes to go the distance?"

She stiffened up, arching her back to better thrust her tits forward. She also lowered her arms and resumed holding them from below and slowly rubbing them together. "I have what it takes! I promise! You'll see! I'm been practicing and dreaming. I want to be just like your mommy: the perfect sex toy!"

She certainly looked the part, especially with her legs spread out straight and wide on her high heels, like she was on the verge of doing the splits. I could see how hot and bothered she was by the fresh cum leaking from her pussy, even though there was no touching there. Her face was blushing red, and I surmised she got off in a big way from the humiliation of being "forced" to pose like this.

"That sounds promising," I said, pretending to play hard to get. "But I'll want you to prove your oral skills to me all over again tonight, Including your stamina."

She eagerly licked her tongue all the way around her lips. "YESSSS! I can't wait to get started! That's why I said we should skip dinner at a restaurant. I want to spend the whole evening bobbing between your legs!"

My head reeled, because I could tell she was completely sincere. That's actually going to happen! Right now, tonight! Fuck me!

But I remembered I needed to play hard to get, to strike a better deal. So I just nodded knowingly, and went on, "Also, I haven't fucked you yet. We might not even be a good match that way. Hell, my cock might not even fit. I'm willing to call you my girlfriend now. One of them, at any rate. But before I make a deeper commitment, we need to make sure we're fully sexually compatible. I'm hypersexual, you know. I have big needs."

I had a gut feeling that I'd said the right thing. She seemed impressed by my restraint, almost in awe. I could see a new determination in her eyes. She was going to redouble her efforts to please me!

She said, "That sounds fair. In fact, now that you put it that way, I totally agree. But don't worry, I WILL rock your world! You'll see! I'm going to make you proud to call me one of your fuck toys!"

She pinned her hands behind her head again, apparently because she felt even more submissive that way.

I was surprised that my mother was staying silent. I took that as a sign that I was on the right track and she didn't feel the need to correct me. I also sensed that my words aroused her, because she began stroking my hard-on with both hands in a much more active way, as well as lapping on and around my ear.

Bethany leaned in towards me and puckered her lips. "Brian, would you kiss me now?"

I leaned in too.

She finally had to break her splayed out pose and step closer so we could make out.

I began to hug and kiss my busty and nude new girlfriend. Thanks to her high heels, her lips were at about the same level as mine, which made necking easy.

She took one of my hands and placed it beneath one of her large tits. She non-verbally encouraged me to squeeze it.

I resumed feeling her up while we made out. I even diddled her clit some with my other hand.

Meanwhile, my mother let go of my boner and pulled both of her hands away from my crotch. She even backed off from me entirely, taking her soft tits from my back.

That surprised me, because I could sense she was hot to trot, thanks to seeing the start of Bethany's enthusiastic submission to me.

But she wasn't done with my cock, not by a long shot. She quietly got down on her knees in front of me, right between my legs.

Bethany had to break off making out with me to make way. Surprisingly, she didn't seem upset. She didn't even stop smiling.

I hadn't been able to see much of Mommy's body for a good while, since she'd been sitting directly behind me. I looked down and was startled to see that not only had she gotten topless, she'd gotten bottomless too! All she had on were her high heels. That made my heart thump a lot harder and faster.

She reached up and began tugging my pants further down my legs.

Realizing what she was doing, I shuddered with lusty need. I was rather amazed I still had the pants on me at all.

Bethany stopped in closer, so her legs were up against Mommy's back. She put her hands on my shoulders and smiled. "Looks like your Mommy is taking your pants all the way off. I guess that means I'm going to get to see another woman suck your cock on our first date!"

My mother pulled my underwear off while piping up in a little-girl voice, "That's right! Son, Mommy is going to suck on your cock while you kiss Bethany. Oh, I should ask."

She looked to Bethany. "Is it okay if I suckle on my baby's cock while you two make out? I'm just so horny, it's all I can think about!"

"Of course, Mary," Bethany said happily. Again, there was no sign of jealousy or even annoyance. She leaned down slightly and grasped my cock with one hand. She wiggled the rock-hard cock toward Mommy's face, encouraging her to put it in her mouth.

As she dangled my erection there temptingly for her, she said, "I wouldn't have it any other way! It feels so good and so right that my new boyfriend is putting me in my place right from the very start! I still haven't been able to suck his cock tonight AT ALL, but I've gotta watch you do it instead! Even though I've put my heart on the line and fully submitted myself to him, I'm STILL denied! God, that's so fucking HOT!"

Mommy moaned erotically, like she was getting fucked. "Mmmm! It is! Girl, I love the way you think! I can already tell we're going to make a great team! I can hardly wait until we're lapping on it together all the time, our faces sticky with his pearly goo! There's just SO MUCH COCK for us to please. I swear, it never gets flaccid!"

Mommy leaned her head in closer and began to lick just the tip of my fat knob.

Bethany groaned in frustration while still holding and stroking my shaft. "Ooooh! Mommy, please, don't be a tease! You can do better than that! Suck him deep and hard! With lots of suction and lewd noises! Please!"

I was so overcome by lust that it was a wonder I somehow caught the fact that Bethany had called my mother "Mommy" instead of "Mary," probably for the first time. Just hearing that sent shivers down my spine.

My sex pet mommy still took her time, despite Bethany imploring her. She swirled her tongue all the way around my cockhead several times before she finally slid the tip into her mouth.

Bethany practically cried in frustration, "What are you waiting for?! Take him deeper, please! Take it all! I want to hear you choke and gag, like a true shameless slut! Show him that serving his cock is the most important thing in your world!"

Perhaps those words made Mommy impatient, because she suddenly engulfed all of my cockhead and then some.

Bethany shrieked like she was watching someone score the winning goal in a playoff game as time ran out. "YES! YESSSSSS! Fucking finally! Gaawwwd, how I wish that was my mouth getting fucking stuffed to the brim!"

I was bursting with confidence. I told her firmly, "Your turn will come soon."

Apparently, those simple words pushed Bethany over the edge. She frantically reached to her bare pussy mound (located directly behind Mommy's head) and urgently rubbed her wet labia and clit. She started cumming, causing her to scream and squeal some more.

I lost track of Mommy for a minute while I watched Bethany's body shiver and writhe through her orgasm. I also had fun heightening my girlfriend's arousal by twisting her nipples. However, I definitely was enjoying my mother's oral talents as she went to town bobbing on my shaft.

When I finally looked back down at my busty bombshell of a mother, I saw her eyes looking up longingly at my face. Her head was twisting this way and that as well as sliding forward and back, since she was varying her movements along with her tongue work, like the serious cocksucking expert that she had become in recent months.

Luckily, I had "trained" with her. I had essentially gotten to be an expert in getting my cock sucked. I could handle a great amount of stimulation without having to cum. But I knew I was going to be repeatedly pushed to my limits tonight.

I looked beyond Mommy to inspect Bethany as well as I could. Once again, I took note of her shiny red high heels spread wide of either side of Mommy. I was secretly amused that they were now "dressed" in identical "outfits," since red-colored high heels were the only things both of them had on after losing all their clothes.

Seeing that I was looking back in her direction, she stretched and preened provocatively. Then, since she was within easy reach of me, she began to run her hands across my chest and kiss the side of my face.

All the while, my own mother continued to use a great amount of suction on my rock-hard pole.

"Aaaah!" Bethany purred, as I fondled her ass with one hand and one of her massive tits with the other. "It feels so good to be naked and fondled! THIS is what I've been dreaming about, ever since I first sucked you three months ago: teaming up with your mommy to serve your cock, the perfect cock, together!"

I asked, "Really? Mommy figured in your dreams?"

"Oh, for sure! The way I see it, you two are an inseparable pair. I want to be a part of the special thing you share, to ride that wave. I think I told you that half of the reason I've fallen for you so hard and so fast is seeing how you took ownership of your mommy from the very start. You're a natural! That's how I'm feeling now: OWNED! Owned by the guy I'm meant to serve! It's soooo good!"

She tilted her head way back, apparently luxuriating in the way I was fondling her tits and ass at once.

I was so blown away by her comments that I didn't know what to say.

Luckily, my silence only impressed her more!

She wiggled her ass as I firmly gripped it. "This is what I've been missing with all my lame boyfriends. They tried to be all macho and manly, but they didn't get it. No doubt, they'd try to say something tough, like, 'You'd better believe it, bitch.' Their efforts to impress me were just pathetic. But you, you own me without even trying! You say more than they ever could by staying silent, taking your control over me as a given! It's just in you, like an inner fire!"

I had no idea what she meant by that "inner fire." I didn't even know what to do to encourage that impression. I decided, I'd better simply keep being myself, because whatever I'm doing, it sure as hell is working!

She and I began to make out again. I used all my willpower not to blow a wad into the mouth of my hugely busty mother, who was performing some great tongue work while wiggling her horny little body beneath me.

After a moment or two of this, with my mother still fervently sucking my cock, Bethany withdrew her face from mine and suddenly looked just a little shy.

"What is it, Bethany?" I asked, noting to myself how bizarre it was to have a conversation with my naked, stacked girlfriend while my naked and even more busty mother kept on expertly sucking my cock.

I realized I still had my dress shirt on, hanging up around my armpits. I pulled it down in order to unbutton it all the way.

She looked down at my mother's bobbing head. "I don't know how to say this. I don't want to sound greedy or demanding. But... I just want to suck your cock so very, very, very, very much! Seeing and hearing your mommy do it so enthusiastically is driving me to the point of true insanity!"

"In general?" I asked.

"In general, yeah, that too, but I'm talking about my need to cram it in my mouth this very instant! I can't stop salivating and licking my lips. It's a real problem. Can I pleeeeeeassse have a turn?! Please?!"

She brought her hands to her huge tits and folded them in a begging pose. "I promise, I'll be soooo good to you! Ever since the first time I saw you, when I got to suck you a little bit, I've been thinking and dreaming about all the things my tongue and lips could do to your thick pole! Please?! I know I'm not as talented a sucking slut as your mommy is, but I just need it so much! I'm begging you!"

I was so overjoyed that I felt I could truly fly. I'm the king of the world! Bethany, my dream angel, is standing naked before me and literally BEGGING to suck my cock! How can I say no to that?! This is crazy! I'm so unworthy of her. But it's happening! I need it too!

But, then again, playing aloof and hard to get seems to be a winning strategy. And Mommy is really outdoing herself. Hmmm... Oh! I know! I'll split the difference!

I said, "I'll tell you what. Since this technically is your date, it's not fair if Mommy monopolizes my cock all evening long. But it would be rude to interrupt her at this point. What if you two share my cock for a while, kneeling side by side between my legs?"

She brought her hands to the sides of her head and clutched tightly as she screamed and shook her head. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!"

"What?" I asked when she'd at least stopped screaming.

"It's just... that's even better! You have no idea how often I masturbate while thinking about that very thing! That's my favorite fantasy, your mommy and me kneeling naked between your legs and pleasuring your cock as a team! When I dream about being owned by you, this is always what comes to mind, what we'll do the most! And now, it's all coming true!"

She shook her head some more while still clutching the sides with both hands. She squealed some more too.

Them she looked down at Mommy's head in my crotch. She practically yelled, "Just look at you! You're casually talking to me about this while she's fucking blowing you like she's some kind of fucking demoness or succubus, out to steal your soul! She's so great! But you're cool as a cucumber! Do you know how that makes me feel?!"

I grinned, and guessed, "Horny?"

"Hell, yeah!" She lowered her hands and seemingly took some deep, slow breaths, just to calm down.

Then she added, "This is what my mom talked about to me for so many years, the joy of submission and service. I've seen so many sexy sluts come through Mom's office with that special look in their eyes. And now it's finally MY turn!"

I felt shivers race down my spine, because her enthusiasm was so powerful and genuine. I just hoped I could hold up my end of her fantasy. I asked, "Will this be the first time you've ever shared a cock?"

"For sure! I've SEEN it lots of times. You'd be surprised how many of my mom's patients end up in threesomes or foursomes or the like. Usually not at first, but after a year or two, it's the usual pattern. For instance, sons with mommy pets almost always end up getting serious girlfriends, just like what's happening with you and me. So my mom has them all come in later in the therapy process and helps them learn to get along and share their master's cock harmoniously. So yeah, I've seen a ton of it, and it's almost become my ultimate fantasy! That alone is why I can never go normal."


"You know, outside people. In other words, dating guys who aren't my mom's patients at some point. But 'the real world' is so fucking boring! Nobody, absolutely nobody, is in a genuine, lasting threesome out there. And all the so-called 'dominants' do it all wrong. They think acting like an asshole makes you a man."

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