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Chapter 22
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Bethany started to scramble off the couch. "I need to shut up. I'm rambling. Make me stop talking already so I can get in position to SUCK!"

I didn't have to make her do anything, because Mommy was listening and she was already making room for Bethany to kneel right next to her.

I swear, my heart stopped beating for what felt like a minute while I watched Mommy and Bethany press their busty, nude, and ridiculously fit and curvy bodies together side by side in preparation of sharing my cock!

Mommy pulled her lips off and pointed my cock towards Bethany's face. "Here, quick! Talk later. You need this!"

Bethany ravenously gobbled up my cockhead until she had all of it plus an extra inch or two in her mouth. She immediately began swirling her exceptionally long tongue against it inside her mouth. Then she added her sliding lips, with an almost painfully tight lip-lock, and extra suction.

Mommy saw all that, and exclaimed, "You GO, girl! Wow! Impressive!" Seeing that Bethany wasn't using her hands, she said, "If you don't mind, I'm gonna hold it and take care of the rest."

Bethany gave her the thumbs up sign, since she was unable to talk.

I thought back to the trouble Rebecca had initially with my thickness. Bethany wasn't having that trouble at all. She was going at it like a pro, right from the very start. Not surprisingly, it felt incredible!

Mommy tilted her head down and started by licking and fondling my balls. But she could talk while licking, so she said to Bethany, "Girl, I told you before I really, really like you. But I changed my mind... I think I'm falling in love!"

Bethany's lips froze when Mommy said "I changed my mind," then burst into relieved, muffled laughter when she finished her sentence. Her eyes sparkled with delight as she gleefully resumed her slurpy sucking.

Mommy went on, "Unless you're putting on an Oscar-worthy pretend performance, you're EXACTLY the kind of girl I want my son to date! So many girls your age are high maintenance drama queens. They demand 'balance,' like 'I won't suck your cock if you don't lick my pussy.' But look at you! You understand a good girl serves her man unquestioningly! You know the greatest joy a busty beauty can enjoy is the pleasure of being OWNED!"

"MMMMMMMM!" Bethany emphatically agreed.

Mommy went on, "More than that, I'm impressed at how well you're bobbing on him. You've been practicing a lot, haven't you?"

Bethany nodded emphatically. But she also flopped her hands up and down in the air, frustrated that she couldn't explain things clearly.

Luckily, Mommy understood her well. "Don't worry, I know you're not talking about practicing on other cocks. That would be disloyal, ever since you decided in your heart that Brian is the one. I'll bet you've been practicing with your mother's help, using a fat dildo so you'd get used to his thickness. Am I right?"

Bethany nodded emphatically, even as she kept on sucking me with caved-in cheeks.

Mommy went on with renewed passion, "Show him! Show him what you've learned! Show him that you'll make a good sex pet. That you're worthy of his cock! That you're the best of the best! Then we'll get to share him every night!"

"MMMMMMMM!" Bethany agreed again, possibly even more forcefully than before.

The talking died out after that. Mommy was the one of them who could talk to begin with, and it seemed she wanted to stay silent so Bethany could prove herself without distractions.

And, man oh man, did Bethany prove herself! I can't even begin to describe the things she did to me with her mouth! She was a relentless demoness! Plus, Mommy was always right there, assisting with her hands and mouth, usually focusing on my balls.

My new girlfriend orally monopolized my cock for the next ten minutes. She played my raging erection like a fiddle, steadily working me up into a lather until I was helpless to resist the urge to cum, despite the great stamina I'd build up in the last few months with Mommy.

Sensing the inevitable was imminent, I announced, "I'm ready! I wanna cum on your face!" Then, remembering my helpful mother, I changed that to, "Both of your faces!"

The two of them sat back and pressed their heads together, until they were literally cheek to cheek. They shut their eyes tight and opened their mouths wide.

I let go with a loud, feral roar. I usually wasn't that vocal, but Bethany's sweet lips and her freakishly long tongue inspired me, taking my pleasure to a rare, lofty plateau.

The rest of my climax was a bit of a blur for me. Chances are, I may have passed out for a few moments. At the very least, I literally saw stars! That was rare, even with Mommy, who had turned cocksucking into both a science and an art. She was still the best, but Bethany was close, and the thrill of the new was an extra kick.

Unfortunately, I was so physically and emotionally overwhelmed that I drifted in and out of consciousness for a little while after that. Sometimes, I could hear joyous female voices, but I wasn't paying enough attention to make out words. On some level, I knew I was missing out on the sight of both Mommy's and Bethany's faces thoroughly splattered with my pearly cum. But I was heartened to think that there would be a lot more of that from now on, maybe even later tonight.

By the time I roused myself enough to sit up and look down, things had changed. Most of the cum on their faces had disappeared. And I could tell where it went, because they were swiping cum gobs off each other's cheeks and chins and then French kissing! There was a lot of hot snowballing going on, for sure! In fact, I surmised they'd been happily doing that for a while, maybe ten minutes or more, judging by the pace of their cum consumption and the fact that their faces were mostly clean.

I was happy to just watch and recover for a while without them realizing I was up and looking. It was a treat to see how much they were enjoying themselves without me having to lift a finger.

I couldn't see much of their gorgeous figures, due to the way they were wedged in between my legs and pressed up near the couch. But I could see enough of their upper bodies to know that they were freely playing with each other's hefty racks too, even though there was no cum-sharing excuse involved there. I'd shot all of my cum just at their faces, since I had two faces to "paint."

I certainly didn't mind watching the mutual tit play. Actually, I loved it. I figured we were a de facto threesome now, so the more intimate they got with each other, the better that would be for all three of us. And the tit fondling sure looked fucking hot! In particular, Bethany seemed to all but worship Mommy's gigantic yet flawless J-cups, and she couldn't keep her hands off them.

I thought, I had no idea Mommy was bisexual before tonight. Actually, she probably wasn't. Maybe she's just got a "Bethany-sexual" exception. Or maybe it's mostly about loving my cum, and the joy of sharing it. It could be. But Bethany's way into it too. I should ask her if she's bisexual. It's funny that I still know so little about her. But sexually, whoa! We're such a match!

What a joke, my pretending that I'm still undecided until we fuck. There's no fucking way I'm not going to accept her pledge to me, even if she has a Venus fly-trap instead of a pussy. She's fucking amazing! Mommy's right: she's the ideal girlfriend. It's true there are lot of girls who even have her looks and maybe even her huge tits, assuming one looked far and wide enough. But how many have her attitude, thanks to her mom's weird, submissive ideas? She can't wait to live the sex pet life! For ME!

That said, I sure as hell am going to fuck her before I tell her the news. Why not fuck her tonight?! I had to wait for what seemed like years to do that with Mommy, but why should I wait another hour with my new girl, if she's willing? And I'm sure she's willing!

After more minutes of cum cleaning and snowballing, Mommy happened to look up and saw my eyes were open. She did a double take, then started blushing in embarrassment as she realized she'd been busted acting in a "lesbian" way.

Before she could get too freaked out about that, I told her, "Hey, there. I've been sitting here and watching. I love what you're doing with each other. It's sexy!"

Bethany was startled too. She immediately took her hands off Mommy's immense tits and tried to disengage completely. However, she couldn't do that, because there wasn't anywhere for her to go unless she tried to stand up, which she didn't. One side of her body was pressed closely against Mommy's side, and there was no wiggle room, due to my legs boxing them in.

A concerned Bethany was the first to regain her voice. She asked, "How long were you watching?!"

"Long enough. I'm making a new rule: Bethany, I don't know what your 'official' status with me is yet, but whatever it is, you're going to be serving my cock a lot. And Mommy will probably be with you most of the time, sharing the fun. Whenever that happens, I expect you to kiss and snowball and generally fondle each other."

Mommy asked me with surprise, "You like that?!"

"Oh, hell yeah! What's not to like?! It brings us all closer together. And if I'm ever in need of having to get erect again, I can't imagine a sight more inspiring!"

Mommy and Bethany both seemed secretly relieved that I wasn't upset. Clearly, they were still feeling their way with their lusty feelings for each other, as well as my feelings about it.

Trying to make light of the situation, Mommy teasingly told me, "I guess we're not very good at that, then, because just look: you're as flaccid as a popped, wrinkled, old balloon."

It was true my penis had gone flaccid. But I could sense that I'd be able to engorge just as soon as I mentally let it happen. I'd been holding back to make sure my penis got a decent rest.

I said, "True, but here's a challenge: I want to see the two of you directly face each other, so you can really get into the tit rubbing and fondling, and even some pussy and ass play, if you want. Then, I want you to take most of what's left on your faces and have a kissing and snowballing extravaganza! Right here between my legs. I guarantee that by the time you're done, my penis will be proudly sticking up like a flagpole."

It took a little more convincing that I actually really wanted them to do that, and that it wasn't somehow "wrong." But, a minute or two later, they got in position and pressed their gigantic bare racks together.

They remained like that for some long moments, hesitant to take the next step. They stalled for time by swiping cum gobs off each other's faces.

Their faces drew closer, but they were still hesitant to go wild right in front of me, now that they knew I was fully awake and aware.

I could see the lust and desire in their eyes as they shared a deep, soulful look.

Bethany spoke up, perhaps to stall for a little more time. "Whoa! Mary, I knew this date night would be epic and wild, but I certainly never expected we'd wind up like this!"

"Me neither," Mary replied. She brought her cum-soaked fingers to Bethany's mouth and slowly fed her.

Bethany sensuously sucked my mother's fingers clean, one by one. It looked even more intimate and sexual than before. It was downright romantic.

Mary asked, "By chance, are you bisexual?"

Bethany waited until she finished sucking the last finger clean before replying, "No. Not at all. Honestly! Well, not before tonight, that is. I wasn't planning it or even hoping for it, but when you kissed me on the lips when I first came in, I dunno... That really triggered something inside me. I'm not into women, but I am into you!"

Mary eagerly replied, "That's EXACTLY how I feel! I'm not bisexual either, not the least little bit. But it's different with you. If my son is too fucking stupid not to accept your offer to be his sex pet, let me know and I think I might take you up on that!"

"Oh my God!"

The two of them shared a delighted giggle.

Then it was Bethany's turn to bring her cum-covered fingers of one hand up to Mommy's mouth. She carefully fed her fingers in, one by one, and Mommy sensuously sucked them clean.

The "come hither" look they were sharing the entire time was seriously intense! I would have been jealous and worried they were falling for each other instead of me, except that I knew better.

Apparently, they kept most of the cum they'd been fed on their tongues. Then they had no choice but to start French kissing, before the cum faded away.

Like the last time they'd Frenched, I obviously couldn't see what was happening inside their mouths, so I could only guess what they were experiencing and feeling with that. But I could see the passion on their faces, as well as the way they finally started rubbing their bare racks together.

I don't know how they could have been any hotter for each other! Clearly, their barriers had come down and they were simply letting their lusty desires run wild.

As the minutes slowly passed, they went from merely rubbing their tits together to fondling them and deliberately handling them in ways meant to arouse. There was a lot of nipple pinching and other nipple play, at least when their nipples weren't pressed deep into another tight tit rubbing.

I couldn't directly see what was happening below breast level, but I doubted I was missing much because both of their hands were generally in view. I figured they probably were still shy about direct pussy play. But hopefully that would come later.

By the five minute mark, my penis had fully revived. I didn't even need to touch it to help it along, because the kissing, snowballing, and tit play was that smoking hot.

I needn't have worried that they would get so into each other that they'd forget me. Mommy soon noticed my erect condition out of the corner of her eye. Without breaking the lip-lock with Bethany, she reached out with one hand to jack me off.

Seconds later, Bethany saw that movement and reached out to help with one of her hands too.

Watching the rest of their little lesbian show was much more enjoyable, once they were stroking my cock in tandem!

By and by, their interest in kissing each other lessened and their interest in my cock increased. Before long, they found themselves directly facing me again. Mommy leaned in first to start lapping on and around my cockhead, and then Bethany did the same.

It seemed obvious that another long double cocksucking session would ensue. I was all on board!

Sure enough, after just a minute or two of their combined licking, Bethany paused and shyly asked Mommy, "Er, uh... Mary... I hope I'm not being too pushy here, but would you mind if I... well... if I monopolize the top half of his yummy cock for the next minute or two? You see, I totally love licking it, but I really, really, REALLY need to suck on it some!"

Mommy chuckled good-naturedly. "Sure thing, sweetie. I can totally relate, because I feel that way nearly all the time. I'll tell you what. You suck him for a minute while I lap around his balls and lower shaft, and continue stroking him too, of course. Then we'll trade places."

Bethany's eyes lit up, as if she'd just been given a million dollars. "Really?!"

"Of course! After all, we're going to be doing that a LOT from now on. Probably every day. So let's get started. And by the way, I appreciate you being polite."

Bethany could only nod in reply to that, because she was so eager that she engulfed my cockhead even more Mommy finished talking.

The resulting bliss I felt was way, way off the charts. Bethany had already shown an ability to suck my cock nearly as good as Mommy's, and she certainly was showing just as much passion and energy, which was saying a lot. But my pleasure was multiplied, because at the same time she slurped and bobbed like her life depended on it, Mommy went to town on my balls with just as much fervor. She didn't just lick them, she took turns sucking them, one by one.

Then, after a few minutes (definitely more than one or two), they finally switched. And the pleasure was just as great with Mommy unleashing her mouth on my cockhead while Bethany took over slurping on my balls!

They switched back and forth like that a few times. I'm not sure how much time passed, because I was transported to some kind of erotic nirvana land. As good as it felt in the here and now, and I was even more jazzed to consider that this almost certainly would become the "new normal" for me! They loved to lick and suck my cock together, and of course I loved being on the receiving end, so why not do it all the time?!

But eventually Bethany had another idea. After her latest turn monopolizing the upper half of my boner, she pulled her head back, wiped the drool from her chin, and looked up at me. "Um, Brian?"

"Yes?" I prodded.

Mommy also stopped sucking and licking my balls and lifted her head to see what was going on. (She and Bethany kept their handjob motion going though.)

Bethany continued, uncertainly, "I know this has been kind of an odd first date, to say the least! I don't know exactly what got us here, but, um... as much as I would love to lick and suck your cock more, a lot more, especially sharing with your mommy... So much more! I sure hope we'll do just that for most of the evening. But first, there's something I want to do even more than that! Something I NEED to do!"

"What's that?" I had no idea.

She seemed to gather her courage, then blurted out, "I really, really want you to fuck me!"

I felt like I'd been slapped upside the head. What a great idea! Duh! I've been having so much fun getting my dick soaked in their mutual tongue bath that I forgot all about that!

She looked down at my mother, non-verbally asking for approval.

Mommy stared back at the lovely girl and smiled. Clearly, she was on board.

Bethany gazed up at me beseechingly. "I'm sorry if I seem so demanding tonight, but you've gotta realize I've been fantasizing and dreaming about this for three months now. Dreaming of getting stuffed like a turkey with your big fat cock! I just can't stand it anymore! I want you inside me. No, I NEEEED you to take me and claim me as yours! Please?!"

Mommy shook her head in wonder. "Bethany, you continue to amaze. Once he starts fucking you, I'm sure he'll wind up fucking me a lot less. There's only so much stiff cock to go around, even for him. But I actually don't mind, because I just know it in my bones that we're going to have even MORE fun overall by sharing him!"

"Oh, I hope so!" Bethany said earnestly. "That's my big dream. Mom always tells me that you two are like the 'Platonic ideal,' her prize patients. I completely agree. I just want to be part of your special magic."

Mommy told her confidently, "You are already. It's happening here and now. And you're multiplying the magic. Sharing is way better!"

The two of them leaned in and shared another sizzling French kiss.

I was a little impatient to get fucking, now that Bethany had brought it up, but I was okay with waiting.

Luckily, they didn't kiss long. Apparently, they were keen for the fucking to begin too.

The three of us had been in the front living room even since Bethany's date had begun. We'd hardly moved from within arms-length of the couch. But we finally got up and moved together to Mommy's bedroom. That's where I slept with her each night these days, since it had a much bigger bed.

A couple of minutes later, we were repositioned. I laid in the middle of the bed, face up and with my legs splayed out wide.

Bethany was sitting up on me. She had requested that we fuck in the "cowgirl" position for our very first time, so she could control the speed of the insertion. I was fine with that. To me, any position would be great.

Mommy laid to the side with her face near the joining of our crotches, so she could have a "front row seat" to the action.

Mommy positioned my cock to point straight upwards, as if to beckon Bethany to impale herself on it.

Just as we were about to get started, Bethany asked me, "So... have you fucked Rebecca yet?"

"What?!" I was startled.

"Didn't you hear me? I'm curious if you've plowed her married pussy yet."

I was incredulous. "What kind of time is it to ask that question?!"

"Sorry. I'm just curious. I'm kind of hoping that you'll say yes. I think it's super hot that you're making her one of your sluts! But I also feel jealous. But the jealousy makes me even MORE aroused somehow! Like, like... you can fuck whomever you want and I can't stop you!"

I reluctantly told her, "Like I told you, she sucked me off and also titfucked me today. But that's it."

"Oh." There was a pause as Bethany pondered that. "So... does that mean I'm going to be your second, after your Mommy?"


"Cool!" Her face lit up with joy.

Mommy reached over and squeezed her hand. They shared some kind of moment as they smiled at each other.

Then, without further comment, Bethany swung her naked body over mine. Her huge breasts wobbling right in front of my face as she did. Without waiting, she slowly lowered herself down onto my massive erection.

But, just as her pussy lips made contact with my cockhead, she froze. It seemed her body was suspended in mid-air in a difficult pose, but that's how she stayed. She said, "Um... before we go any further, there's something you both need to know: I'm a virgin!"

"WHAAAAT?!" I sat up and did a double take, my head snapping back and forth like a comic book character.

Mommy was nearly as shocked. She slapped hands on her cheeks and her jaw hung open wide.

There was a long silence. Bethany shifted positions slightly to get more comfortable. She knew we'd have to talk this out first.

I asked, "Are you serious?!"

"Why would I lie?! I'm very serious! Oh, I don't have a hymen, so you won't see blood. I lost that long ago to a dildo."

I stuttered, "But... b-b-b-but... you told me you've had a bunch of boyfriends. Guys who tried to act like macho assholes and all that. You even said your last boyfriend was pretty serious."

"That's all true," she replied. "But I love Mom dearly and I follow all her advice. She told me in no uncertain terms that I should save my virginity for that 'special someone.' So I did. That's a big reason why I'm a really good cocksucker, because that's how I kept my boyfriends happy. And with my looks, and breasts, and my long tongue, I could set terms."

Mommy found her voice. "I could see all that, but still! In this day and age, that's remarkable!"

I added, "Yeah! Especially given your looks and your sexual enthusiasm. And why me? Why now? This is our very first date!"

Bethany sighed. "I know we're just getting started, but in a way I feel like we're having a thousand dates in one. Why take it slow, step by step by step, when it's so clear that you're meant to rule me and I'm meant to serve you? I feel it in my heart, in my soul! This is my destiny! This is all I want, to be one of your sex toys, with your mommy, of course, plus Rebecca and who knows who else to come."

She went on, "I told you earlier that on your very first appointment with Mom, when I sucked your cock for the very first time, I sensed then and there that you were 'the one.' That feeling has just grown and grown since. There's nobody else I'd want to lose my virginity to than you!"

Mommy switched into a cautionary mode. She put a hand on one of Bethany's knees, and said, "That's very touching. I think I'm loving you even more, so my blockhead son better damn well feel the same!"

She and Bethany shared some nervous giggles over that. The overall mood was still tense though, because the virginity declaration had raised the stakes.

Mommy continued, "But keep in mind that no matter what he decides about making you one of his busty sex pets or not, there's something very emotionally powerful to losing your virginity. You'll always feel a special pull, a special bond, with the man who deflowered you. Consider what happened with Rebecca when she sucked him for the first time earlier today. Her mouth basically 'wed' itself to his cock. She'll always be his willing cocksucker, no matter what, because he basically 'deflowered' her mouth with his superior size and sexual power. He's her bull now, whether he's willing to admit that or not! Expect a similar effect, only much more intense!"

I thought, Is she serious about this Rebecca stuff?! What the hell have I gotten myself into?! What's rousing sex talk, or wild fantasy, and what's reality?! I don't have a clue anymore. But, given how crazy things always are at the doctor's office, not to mention what I do every day with Mommy, what if this ALL is reality?! What if even Rebecca really is somehow "mine" from now on?! WOW!

Bethany said impatiently, "I know all that already. The exact same thing happened to me when I sucked his cock too. But that's why he needs to fuck me tonight! I'm already his exclusive sex pet in my heart! I've been that for a while now, it just took me time to admit it to myself. But he still doesn't realize it, and he says he won't even consider accepting my pledge to serve him until we've fucked. I need to show him that he's won my heart! AND my body! AND my soul! I'll never be happy again until I'm TRULY FUCKED! And OWNED! And stuffed to the gills with the big fat cock of the boy I love!"

Both Mommy and I were stunned into silence by that emotional declaration. Personally, I was reeling and giddy from, well, all of it, but especially hearing her call me "the boy I love!"

While we were still reeling, Bethany took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and repositioned her pussy lips at the tip of my cock. Then, before I could figure out what to say or do, she simply and slowly sunk herself down.

Within seconds, my entire cockhead disappeared inside her.

She grunted and then cried out as if she'd been stabbed in the gut.

I looked up at her perfect nude body, and especially G-cups hanging up high, seemingly defying gravity. Then I looked lower to where she'd just impaled herself on me. I almost swooned at the sight of just my thick shaft in view below her split sopping wet pussy lips. Virginal pussy lips!

But she didn't stop or even slow down to give me more time to absorb what was happening. Inch by inch, she settled down on me. She used the power of gravity to make it happen much faster than it otherwise would have. It was obvious now why she'd chosen the cowgirl position, so she could end the virginity issue on her own terms.

By the time she had about half of my thickness in her, she was screaming and wailing as if someone had just hacked her arms off. I was sure we would soon see blood trickling out, because how could this not be injuring her? But the extreme pain seemed to only give her more resolve to push down the rest of the way, to finish the deed in one fell swoop.

I had to close my eyes. I couldn't bear to watch, because I felt like it was a slow-motion train crash. She was suffering too much! The last I saw, tears were streaming down her face and her arms were flailing helplessly in the air.

Mommy would have done all she could to help, but she didn't know what to do.

But then it was done. I felt her bottom out, and I knew she was fully impaled on me.

Mommy finally sprang into action. She moved quickly and wound up wrapping her arms around Bethany, as well as helping to hold her up. "Oh! You poor dear! That must have been awful! What a nightmare! But the worst is over! The worst is over!" She began trying to wipe away the tears, as well as kissing them away, but fresh ones kept streaming down my new girlfriend's face.

I felt terrible. But I didn't know what I could have done. She was so determined, and once she started sinking down, it didn't seem possible to physically stop her without perhaps making matters worse.

Several minutes passed. I could feel my stiff cock tightly sheathed by her pussy walls, and it was an extremely tight fit indeed. That had to be the main reason it had hurt her so much. But I couldn't enjoy the squeeze because I kept hearing her sobbing, as well as the sounds of Mommy cooing and whispering reassuring sweet nothings. I kept wincing, with my eyes closed.

Eventually, after maybe another five minutes, I heard the sound of sobbing lessen. I opened my eyes and dared to look at where we were joined. I was genuinely surprised not to see any blood there, given the way she'd been screaming in agony.

I looked up to her face, only to be hit by surprise and see her looking back at me. I shyly told her, "I'm really sorry..."

She spoke with a startling amount of conviction. "'Sorry?' Why should you be sorry? That was all on me. And I'm glad! Some people, when they step in a cool pool, they take it slowly. I'm the kind to dive right in. The shock is much greater, but then it's over in a few seconds instead of many minutes. That's what I did here."

Mommy was holding her face to face, almost nose to nose. They were both so ultra-busty that their tits were mashed together. She purred, "That... works. Personally, I would have done it the other way, but what's done is done. The main thing is, how are you feeling now?"

I added anxiously, "Yeah. How are you feeling?!"

Bethany was crying, but just a little and not sobbing like before. "I'm okay. It still hurts like hell! HOLY FUCK! But I can feel the pleasure too."

She experimentally churned her ass on me a little bit. It was only a few seconds, but it was enough for her to say, "Yeah! That's more like it! I think I'll be fine in a few minutes."

Mommy counseled her, "Well, thank God that a cunt is very flexible. It's not like your mouth. My mouth can't get any larger, no matter how much I suck him. But the longer you rest here like this, the more your cunt will adjust. And so long as he keeps fucking you on a regular basis, your cunt will stretch, so it'll be waaaay easier, if, say, he fucks you again tomorrow."

Bethany tried to make light of that. "Did you hear that, stud? According to Mommy, you're pretty much required to regularly fuck me from now on, or I'll be in too much pain!"

I tried to play along, even though I was still feeling too concerned for her to be very jovial. "Well, then. I guess I'm stuck. Sounds like I'll have no choice but to make you my young fuck doll."

She joked again, "No, I'm the one who's stuck! Believe me!" She bounced a little on my boner, as if trying to free herself.

That got a big laugh from all three of us, and helped to ease the tension.

Then Mommy said brightly, while still staring into Bethany's eyes from inches away, "By the way, congratulations! You're no longer a virgin! Instead, you're a full-on sexy, big-titted, submissive slut!"

"I am!" Bethany seemed heartened by that, and even managed a big smile. "And not only that, but I'm bonded to your son forever! You said it yourself."

"That's true," Mommy agreed. "There's a very special bond. Why, given how you feel about him already, I wouldn't be surprised if his cock is the ONLY cock that will ever plunder the depths of your cunt!"

"Oh, you can take that to the bank!" Bethany said with even more confidence. "Like I said, I'm all about finding the one guy I want and sticking by his side, serving him faithfully, for life! He doesn't know that yet, and I'm sure he thinks we're talking crazy. But I'm going to prove it to him, starting by getting him to accept me as his second fuck toy!"

Mommy said with similarly growing enthusiasm, "You know I'm rooting for you all the way! Show him what a good slut you can be! Show him that you're ready to totally submit!"

Bethany nodded vigorously. "To be OWNED!"

"Exactly!" Mommy was getting even more worked up.

Suddenly, Bethany was almost manic. "To obey! To serve! To endlessly pleasure his superior cock with my lusty, busty body!"

"MMMRPH!" That was all Mommy could say because their lips were suddenly and irresistibly drawn together. They began to make out like they'd been possessed by out-of-control succubi.

It seemed as if I'd been completely forgotten, but that wasn't true. In fact, as soon as the lesbian kissing began, not to mention some vigorous tit rubbing between their impossibly large bosoms, Bethany began bouncing up and down on my cock!

It was subtle at first, only an inch or so each time. But it didn't stop. In fact, as the necking went on and on, and intensified in passion, that passion got channeled down her body, causing her to bounce even more.

The "bouncing" wasn't that bouncy at first, since it was slow going, due to all the tight friction. It was more like a slow up-and-down impaling. But time passed - five minutes, and then another five. Bit by bit, the friction lessened, and she was able to raise and lower herself a little more.

After at least ten minutes had passed, I still hadn't heard another word from either of them, because they continued to kiss nearly non-stop. But I had no doubt that Bethany's pain had been swamped by pleasure. If nothing else, I could hear it in her voice. Although she wasn't speaking words, she was constantly moaning into my mother's mouth, and the sound of that grew increasingly erotic and excited.

Naturally, Mommy responded in kind. She sounded every bit as passionate.

Their hands also began to get very active. It seemed they were exploring each other all over at once, as if two hands just weren't enough.

Not long after that, they had to stop kissing because Bethany especially was getting winded and needed her mouth free to breathe heavily.

As soon as I saw that happen, I asked, "Bethany! How are you feeling now?!"

"Oh my fucking GOD! Soooooo much better! It's like night and day! I'm still feeling pain, a lot of pain, but the pleasure is like ten to one!"

After a few more bounces up and down my throbbing cock, she remembered to ask me, "How are YOU feeling?!"

"How do you think? I think 'oh my fucking GOD!' says it for me too!"

She laughed at that.

I added, "This is really great! I guess the 'dive right into the pool trick' is not a bad way to go."

Mommy cut in, "Bethany! Girl! That's good, your constant bouncing is good. But I think it's time to take it to the next level. A good fuck is just like a good cocksuck: you've gotta keep him guessing by constantly varying it up. Start by instead of going up and down all the time, do some churning too."

"Like this?" As Bethany said that, she started churning and grinding her hips on my throbbing shaft.

"YES! Exactly like that!" Mommy asked me, "How does that feel, Son?"

"Fantastic! More churning, please!" I couldn't even begin to deserve how incredible it felt. The only thing I could compare it to was fucking Mommy!

Naturally, Bethany began focusing on the churning, while also testing out what moves felt the most pleasurable. "Uhhhhhhh!" she moaned. "That's so good! I've wanted this for so long!"

After a couple more minutes, Bethany went back to slowly bouncing up and down on my erection, except the bounces were even more exaggerated and thus more pleasurable for both of us. She squealed, "Please fuck me! Please fuck your new girlfriend!"

Then she began to wail, almost like a police siren. It grew louder and louder, like a police car coming near. But it was her orgasm coming, bringing her to a fever pitch. She wound up screaming with utter abandon.

I was already going out of my mind, and just doing my best not to cum too soon. But knowing that I was helping her have an epic orgasm like that made me feel like I was on top of the world, even if I wasn't doing much more than acting as a human dildo.

She never really stopped her bouncing all through her prolonged orgasm. Then, as soon as it ended, she started right in again with the churning and more. It appeared she had boundless energy.

Then things got even better for me when my mother disengaged from hugging Bethany and sat next to me instead, up near my head.

"Sweetie, would you like to suckle on Mommy's gigantic breasts while you fuck your new girlfriend and generally plow her into permanent submission?" She cupped her breasts and offered them towards my face.

I double-checked the situation. Bethany was doing fine on her own. Even though she was a virgin, she had a natural knack when it came to varying up her churning and grinding with bouncing. Plus, she seemed to have endless energy. Although she was moving around very vigorously, my upper body was essentially still, so I surmised some suckling would be safe.

I began to suck on a nipple, causing Mommy to moan in pleasure. I loved caressing both of her boobs at the same time. They were extra fun to play with when they were dangling down and only lightly resting on me.

We continued like that for another five minutes or so. But then, between the gorgeous 21-year-old energetically bouncing up and down on my erection and my insanely top-heavy mother feeding me her giant breast, I knew I couldn't hold out any longer.

"I'm going to cum!" I yelled between sucks, and soon I was, filling Bethany's pussy with my hot, sticky seed.

I could sense that Bethany was on the edge. I was relieved when I heard her yell back, "I'm cumming too!"

Then another wailing scream-fest issued from her mouth. I was learning that she was a very vocal lover when it came to cumming, even more so than Mommy.

Bethany wound up lying flat on my chest once her latest multiple orgasm finally petered out.

Mommy had just stopped the suckling anyway, and carefully moved to the side to make room.

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