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Chapter 23
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I closed my eyes and drifted off to a very happy cloud for a while. I managed to stay awake while luxuriating in the feeling of Bethany's athletic yet voluptuous naked body lying on top of me. At the same time, I could sense Mommy was sitting nearby from the way she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

I was blissing out to memories of how good it felt to blast my cum deep inside my new girlfriend's cunt when I had such a startling thought that it caused my entire body to jolt like I'd just been shocked. I opened my eyes in alarm.

Bethany sensed something was wrong from the jolt sensation below her. She opened her eyes too, and looked down at me. "What's wrong?"

"I just realized! We didn't use a condom!"

Bethany relaxed, and smiled. "Oh, shoot. It's that time of the month for me. I guess you're going to be a daddy."

"SERIOUSLY?!" My body seized up in panic.

She couldn't resist giggling. "No! Not seriously! Sheesh! Gotcha! You should have seen the look on your face!" She laughed more heartily, and Mommy joined in.

I wasn't entirely mollified. "Yeah, but... we didn't use a condom. I dumped, like a gallon of cum inside you!"

"It sure feels that way!" She sat all the way up on me so I could see it when she patted her tummy. She tried to make it bulge out, as if she had an instant baby belly. (My penis had gone flaccid and fallen out of her.)

Seeing the concerned look on my face, she hastened to add, "Don't worry. I've been anticipating this. The day after your second appointment, I asked Mom to put me on birth control, and she did. Two kinds at once, so you're covered."

I thought back. "But... that was the week you were sick! I didn't even see you."

"True. I was soooooo bummed that I was as sick as a dog. But boy oh boy did Mom come home with stories about you! For instance, you know she watches moms suck their son's cocks most every working day, sometimes many times a day. But she said that there was something different about you two, something extra passionate and inspirational. I remember she even used the word 'magical.' She said she was 'absolutely astounded' that your mother not only valiantly tried to deep throat your remarkably thick cock, but she was having some success with it!"

She added, "And that was the first time she suggested that I should consider dating you! That was huge for me. I mean, she sees hundreds of boys around your age each year, and she NEVER made a suggestion like that to me before. You'd already become my main masturbation fantasy after your first appointment, but that's when I started to think I could and should really fall in love with you!"

"Wow!" was all I said. I thought, There she goes again, talking about love! How great is that?!

She said, "Plus, that was the first time you gave Rebecca an 'extra special good-bye kiss.' You'd already been her main fantasy man since your first appointment, when she got to jack you off a little bit. But after that second incident, watch out! She couldn't stop talking about you! In fact, looking back, even back then I sensed it was inevitable that you'd become her bull."

I grumbled, "Would you stop saying that? I never agreed to be her bull. I don't even know what that is."

Bethany snickered, "Yeah, whatever. Try telling her that. But let me explain being a bull this way: her heart still belongs to her cucky hubby, technically, at least, but her body belongs to you. If you call her up and tell her to come over to suck your cock while you watch a movie, she'll come over with lightning speed, even if she's in the middle of an anniversary dinner with her hubby."

Mommy commented, "That sounds really hot!"

"I know!" Bethany agreed. "And he wonders why I approve of him taming her today. Can you imagine if he actually did that?!"

Mommy excitedly suggested, "Better yet: he's at a fancy restaurant with you and me, and sees them celebrating their anniversary at a nearby table. He calls her over to suck him off then and there, under the table! With her hubby watching, his heart breaking, along with everyone else!"

"Oh, YES!" Bethany groaned erotically. "MUCH BETTER!"

The two of them shared another giggle session.

I complained, "Would you cut that out? That's just mean. Especially the 'heart breaking' part."

Bethany said, "That's only because you don't understand. I've talked to Rebecca a lot about this. We're really good friends. If that happened, David, her hubby, would hate it AND love it! Mostly, he'd get aroused like crazy! Overall, it would be the highlight of his life! Willing cucks get off on humiliation and emotional torment like you wouldn't believe!"

I griped, "Maybe so, but can we change the topic?"

Mommy couldn't resist adding, "He'd probably spontaneously cum in his pants as he peeks under the table and sees the gleam of your golden wedding ring while her fingers pump up and down her bull's thick shaft, just below her passionately sliding lips!"

Bethany giggled gaily. "Oh, definitely! I know them both well, and I can guarantee you that would happen for sure!"

Mommy's eyes were shining with lust. "That sounds seriously hot!"

"Way hot! I can't wait to see that sort of thing happen! It's win-win all around."

I groaned. "Let's change the topic already. How did we get from a condom scare to that?"

Mommy teased me, "Speaking of condom scares, that was thoughtful of you to remember about the condom... AFTER you'd deposited your gallon of extra fertile seed pretty much directly into her cervix! If she hadn't taken precautions, you'd be a daddy right now!"

I moaned in dismay. "Thanks for reminding me. That is NOT the plan!"

Mommy turned into her motherly advice mode. "No, but it's a good lesson. Think of that before you just up and fuck some other busty and beautiful woman. Now that you're starting to discover your sexual power, you need to learn how to use it wisely. For the time being, it's safer if you just fuck your new girlfriend and me. Oh, and Rebecca, of course. She's safe."

Bethany raised her fists triumphantly. "Hear, hear! That's the best idea I heard all night!" She giggled. "Fuck me an extra bunch, just to be extra safe!" She giggled even more.

I couldn't resist smiling. "So I take it you enjoyed losing your virginity?"

She rolled her eyes, even as she couldn't stop smiling. "Geez! What do you think?!" She dramatically repositioned, getting up on all fours, only doing it directly above my body. She did it in a way so her huge tits dangled down towards my face, actually resting against my neck up to my jawline on each side.

Then she said with a smirk, "I'll give you two guesses: either 'I loved it' or 'I totally loved it.' Oh, make that three. You can also pick, 'I totally fucking loved it!'"

I smiled widely. "Hmmm. I think I'll have to see what's behind door number three."

"Smart man! I was starting to worry about you!" She giggled.

Mommy repositioned, while Bethany stayed in that position. She said, "Girl, you have no idea how damn sexy you look, up on all fours like that! I have visions of him making you crawl around the room before he lets you feast on another spermy snack!"

Mommy wound up lying face down between my spread out legs, with her head at my crotch. She'd noticed that seeing Bethany in that provocative pose had caused my penis to start engorging. She took it in her mouth to help it along.

Bethany said, "Ooooh! I like the sound of that! Of course, he'll have to make you crawl too. And Rebecca. Can you picture the three of us all on our hands and knees, side by side by side, in nothing but high heels? I can! And then we'd suck him off together!"

That vision was secretly arousing me too. I could vividly picture looking down at three bobbing heads, with Mommy's dark brown hair, Bethany's brown hair, and Rebecca's blonde hair all in a row.

But I complained, "Can you stop mentioning Rebecca already? She's married. I'm not her bull, whatever that is."

Bethany rolled her eyes dramatically. "Whatever!" she huffed. But then she giggled, showing she was just playing a pouty pose. She started swaying her entire body back and forth slightly, apparently for no other purpose than to further turn me on. It caused her tits to move on my neck, but in a pleasant way.

I was mentally overcome as I looked up at her flawless naked teenage body hovering over me. Jesus fucking Christ! Between her and Mommy, I have to be the luckiest guy on Earth! And I'm not even going to think of Rebecca too, because nobody gets to be THAT lucky!

I reached up and grasped her ass cheeks with both hands. "You, girl, are a real case!"

She teased me, "And you, sir, are a real stud! I can feel the hair on your mommy's head tickling me between my legs, which tells me she's starting to suck! But, hey, Mommy, er, I mean Mary, before he gets fully engorged, speaking of Rebecca, do you think we should send her some of our pictures?"

I interrupted, "We're not speaking of Rebecca. And what pictures?!"

Since I wasn't fully erect yet, Mommy switched to just stroking and licking my cock for a bit so she could explain, "You know when you passed out after our first ever double blowjob?"


"We were so excited about our matching facials that we decided we just HAD to take some pictures before we ate all your cum away."

Bethany interjected, "Oh, and I don't think I've told you yet, stud, but your cum tastes absolutely delicious! Or maybe it doesn't, and I'm just hopelessly biased. But either way, I love it, and that's what counts!"

"Same here!" Mommy agreed. She explained to me, "We used the self-timer with my really good digital camera so we could take pictures of the two of us kissing and snowballing your cum and whatnot. They look amaaaaazing, if I do say so myself!"

Figuring she was done talking, she went back to sucking my cock. She slurped extra loudly to let Bethany know what she was doing.

Bethany explained, "I totally wanted to send at least one of them to my mom. We could trust her, because she's seen and knows everything. Plus, she's my mom! But your mommy warned me now that we belong to you, we need to ask your permission before doing something like that."

Then she added, "But I'm thinking just now that Rebecca would really love one too! Now that she's sucked your cock AND taken a heavy load on her face, she'll know exactly what that means, how it feels like, and how hard we worked to earn that reward!"

Mommy added, "Since her mouth is wedded to his cock, I can't imagine anything that could give her more joy. Short of her getting to take his thickness back inside her oral lip-lock, of course. If you send her the pictures, she could masturbate like crazy while her hubby looks on in frustration, unable to touch her."

"Oooh! Sounds sexy!" Bethany was on fire with lusty eagerness.

I growled, "No more talk about Rebecca tonight. That's an order! And Mommy's right, don't send pictures to anyone without asking me first. Furthermore, I'm fully erect. Let's see you put your mouth to good use and give my mom some help!"

Bethany giggled with delight. "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!"

She'd still been on all fours above me, preening and swaying while I fondled her ass. But she quickly scrambled into position, lying face down next to Mommy between my legs.

Bethany took a few slurpy licks on "her side" of my shaft, while Mommy did the same on the other side. But then my goddess of a girlfriend stopped and looked up at me, "Before we really get into this, I just have to announce that I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life! This is what I call 'living the dream.' I've just been given the fucking of a lifetime. I already know that my cunt has been wed to your cock, Brian. I feel so ecstatic, knowing that I waited until you came into my life so you could take my virginity and be the only man to EVER fuck me until the day I die!"

She stared up into my eyes with such intensity and sincerity that I had to believe she really meant that.

She went on, "Furthermore, my pussy feels soooo damn sore, but it's the good kind of sore. The best kind! And I have your huge, hot cock in my tiny fingers and your sexy, wonderful mommy is naked beside me, holding and stroking it too. Best of all, we've got hours and hours ahead of us! This is going to be a jawbreaker of an epic evening, and I love it! Ever since I set my heart on you, my mom has helped me train my already quite talented mouth so I could go the distance on these suck-a-thons."

She looked into my eyes with an almost apologetic concern. "But even so, I know I can't hold a candle to your mom. So please, be patient with me. I'm all about orally pleasuring your thick pole. It's my absolute favorite thing to do next to getting fucked by you, and my cunt can't handle any more of that right now. But as much as I love it, I need to warn you that I'm probably going to run out of endurance long before your mom does."

I thought about what to say. My first inclination was to gush over how I wasn't worthy to even have her as a girlfriend in the first place. But I remembered that she wanted a dominant boyfriend, not an awed one. So I gathered my wits and said, "As long as you try your absolute best. That's all I can ask."

It seems those were just the sort of words she was looking for, because she responded by greedily gobbling down as much of my erection as she could cram into her mouth!

Mommy smiled tolerantly at that, then directed her attention to licking my balls.

A very, very prolonged double blowjob session ensued. It was even better than the last time, as Bethany grew more familiar with what my dick "liked" the best. Plus, this time, there was more equitable sharing. They generally took turns sucking me off for a couple of minutes each time, though they weren't religious about it. There was plenty of "freestyle" double licking as well.

Incredibly, they went at it for a solid hour, if not longer. There were many times when I reached the end of my rope and gave into the urge to cum, only to have Mommy use one of her tricks to "reset" my orgasmic need.

Eventually though, my desire to cum became so extreme that those tricks didn't work anymore, or maybe they weren't applied in time. Either way, I finally blew my load. Naturally, I squirted all over both of their faces.

That led to yet more lesbian kissing and snowballing while I laid there like a dead man. And the sight of them doing that was so arousing that I somehow got erect again about ten minutes later.

I could see a pattern developing. They would suck me together for ages until I finally came. Then the cleaning of the cum would be such a sexy sight that I'd get stiff again and we'd repeat the whole process again. Since all three of us enjoyed the dual cocksucking so much, why the hell not do that over and over until we dropped from exhaustion?!

Eventually, after still more licking and sucking, Mommy asked Bethany if her pussy was ready for more fucking, and Bethany admitted that it was.

Bethany begged off, saying that it was Mommy's turn to get fucked next.

However, Mommy insisted that tonight was Bethany's special night, since this technically was still all part of our first date. So she absolutely put her foot down that I should only fuck my new girlfriend, at least as long as she could handle it.

And fuck her I did!

Over the next couple of hours, Bethany and I fucked in a variety of positions: on the couch, with my huge cock plowing into Bethany's vagina from the front; with Bethany bent over an armchair and me fucking her from the back; and in missionary position, with the two of us kissing and whispering things like "This is amazing" and "You feel so good" to each other.

All the while, Mommy was right there with us. She urged us on, positioning my cock, rubbing Bethany's huge breasts, posing for me in lewd positions that emphasized her massive tits when she knew I was on the verge of cumming, and so on.

After the second time I blasted a cum load into Bethany's cunt, it was clear that fucking Bethany some more would be off the menu for a while until her pussy had another prolonged chance to recover.

Naturally, the logical thing to do to "pass the time" was yet more dual cocksucking, and/or maybe some titfucking.

However, Mommy got even more selfless and insisted that she would just watch so Bethany could do the honors of sucking my cock until it was fucking time again.

However, Bethany had more fun sharing, and she came up with a clever trick to get around Mommy's new attitude without having to argue with her. She claimed that she'd climaxed so hard that she nearly passed out, and she needed a "long time" for her entire body to recover.

This "forced" Mommy to suck me off for a while. She reluctantly agreed, saying it was necessary to keep my boner "stiff and warm, and ready for action."

But Bethany was just playing possum. Once she saw Mommy was fully engaged with the oral fun, she "revived" with startling speed and declared that "two mouths could keep my cock even stiffer and warmer."

Mommy knew she'd been tricked, but she was too far gone in her blowjob lust to complain. Besides, she clearly was enjoying the sharing of my cock anyway. She would later tell me that she felt she was working with a clone of herself, and whenever Bethany would make me moan lustily, it was as satisfying to her as if she'd caused it herself.

They spent the next half an hour or so orally pleasuring me as a team. This time, it was nearly all freestyle. Generally speaking, one of them would bob on my cockhead while the other one licked and stroked the rest, but there was no pattern to it, and oftentimes they would both lick together, with their tongues often meeting directly over my most sensitive spot.

The oral sharing finally came to an end when Bethany decided she needed to get her "cunt stuffed one more time" before the night was over.

Needless to say, I was happy to oblige her.

At one point, during one of our breaks, the two sexy vixens talked me into letting Mommy email a photo of Mommy's and Bethany's cum-splattered faces pressed together to Dr. Morgan. Then they immediately called the doctor up, not caring about the lateness of the hour, to make sure she got it and get her reaction.

I stayed off the phone because I was resting at the time and needed to calm down from the emotional roller coaster. But judging from the way Mommy and Bethany carried on excitedly, it seemed Dr. Morgan thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

As I watch my two buck naked and cum-splattered goddesses gleefully share a phone, I thought, Holy Toledo! What a great first date! To say it exceeded my expectations... Well, let's just say I couldn't even have fantasized it would go this well. Especially the part about Bethany permanently pledging herself to me.

I know that's crazy on our very first date, but I also understand it. When it feels right, it feels right, and nothing has ever felt more right. It already feels like the three of us have been doing this for years. It feels so natural, like this is some kind of shared destiny!

After the phone call with Dr. Morgan ended, Bethany and Mommy just cuddled up against me for a while, because we were all still recovering. We talked some, even as we kissed and fondled some too.

Bethany seemed keen on talking about Dr Morgan. She told me, "You know, I owe all of this to my mom. She's so great. First off, she raised me with the right values. She taught me from way back that the greatest pleasure a busty submissive slut can have is pleasing her man, especially by pleasuring his cock. Of course, she couldn't be more right about that. I felt some of that with my previous boyfriends, but that was just a pale reflection of the intense feelings I've been having with you tonight."

She stared lovingly into my eyes from mere inches away. "I feel such a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging. It's just like she always told me it would be. I've seen it happen to countless women passing through mom's clinic. It was soooo frustrating! I thought I'd literally turn green with envy. But now, it's happening to me! Finally! I can't tell you how overjoyed I feel!"

She was so emotionally worked up that a few tears actually came to her shining eyes. She turned her head to Mommy. "And you. You! Sharing it all with you makes it not just twice as good, but ten times as good. At least! I don't even mind waiting my next turn to suck him because I'm so happy just watching you work your magic with your lips and tongue."

Mommy was all smiles. She teased, "That, and the fact that there's still plenty of hot, thick cock for you to play with while you wait, plus his heavy balls to have fun with."

Bethany laughed. "You got me! That too." She laughed some more. "God, it's all so good! Can we please do this all the time?! Like, every single minute of the day?!"

Mommy chuckled at that. "I wish! You know there are limits, practical limits. But don't worry, I know exactly what you mean. I promise you, you'll get so much of my son's cock that your cunt and your mouth will be permanently aching!"

My teenage bombshell sighed longingly. "Oh God, I hope so!"

The conversation ended for a while then, because the two of them had a prolonged make out session with each other even as they cuddled into me with their faces almost on my chest.

The great sex marathon continued. The two of them took turns titfucking me, then they managed to both titfuck me at once by trapping my boner between the sides of their tremendous racks. That was fun, but not ideal. The three of us enjoyed it more when one of them vigorously titfucked me while the one one sucked my cockhead from the top.

By and by, we got so sweaty and cummy that we decided to take a shower together. That was even more fun, if such a thing was possible. Mostly, it wound up being another prolonged double blowjob session, but with warm water cascading over us all the while. We eventually had to stop when the hot water ran cold.

At some point, we even managed to eat some dinner. Mommy whipped up something quick and easy in the kitchen for all of us during one of my long fuck sessions with Bethany.

I sat in my usual dining room chair and Bethany sat on my lap, facing me while fully impaled on my thick pole. We spoon-fed each other like we were deliriously in love, which was becoming more and more true with each passing minute. All the while, Bethany slowly churned on my shaft, and/or rose and fell on it.

I felt bad that Mommy was being left out of the dinner fuck fun, and I told her so, since she was always there in the room with us.

Once again, Mommy explained much as she did earlier: "Son, I really appreciate you wanting to include me. I truly do. But this is HER night. You and I have been fucking every day and every night for many weeks now. This is the night that she's going to remember first and foremost when she's old and grey."

Bethany passionately interjected while staring deeply into my eyes, "And still one of your sluts!"

Mommy smiled at that. "Yes. Let's hope. Not only is it the night you deflowered her, it's the night you took total ownership of her. For sure, I'll expect you to fuck me a lot tomorrow and beyond. But for now, I'm overjoyed simply from watching her ride your cock and share your food and your love. I know exactly how it feels, believe me, so when you're fucking her, it's like you're fucking me at the same time."

That made me feel a lot better, and I could tell that it helped Bethany's attitude too.

After dinner, the fucking and sucking continued. Even though Mommy was trying her best to be selfless, she really didn't miss out on that much, since there was a lot more sucking than fucking, and there was no reason why she couldn't always help with her mouth. Bethany's cunt could only handle so much, but her oral stamina already was very impressive.

I lost all track of time, but we were at it until late into the night. Dr. Morgan was so supportive that she told her daughter should could come how as late as she wanted, or not come home at all.

Finally, Bethany and I were done, spent, lying on their backs on my bed. We were side by side and holding hands.

My nude mother sat in a chair. All during the latest round of fucking, she'd been masturbating herself and tweaking one of her swollen nipples. She was still idly playing with herself, even though the "fuck show" was over.

Bethany, with her face flushed, sweaty, and splattered with a relatively fresh load of my cum, asked me, "Brian, that was incredible, but I think we're all crying mercy. How many times did you cum, all in all?"

"Five times, I think. But that's not a big deal. I can cum a lot ever since Mommy and I started our regimen. The bigger physical limitation for me is all the vigorous activity I do with all the thrusting and fucking. That really works up a sweat. How about you?"

Bethany giggled. "Oh, I lost count. Countless smaller orgasms. And at least a dozen big ones, maybe more! And I mean BIG, as in the best orgasms I've ever had! It definitely has been the best time of my life, bar none!"

I smiled from ear to ear. It really made me feel good to know I'd made her feel that good. She had a skewed idea of submitting to me, but I figured it was all balanced in the end in the sense that we both got lots of sexual pleasure out of it. It was exactly the same with how things were between Mommy and me, and I'd long made my peace with her submissiveness.

Bethany asked me, "And how many times did you cum today, before our date?"

"Oh God. I don't even know. Let's see. Twice in the morning, with Mommy, of course. Then a long abstention that your mom told me to do to get me worked up for the appointment. Then twice in your mom's office, also with Mommy, while your mom watched. Then once in the office hall with Rebecca, while my mom watched. AND your mom watched, now that I think about it. So five."

"WOW! That's ten times in one day! That's so impressive! I definitely have the best boyfriend in town!" She squeezed my hand.

I was secretly surprised and proud at the orgasm count. Even with all the daily sex with Mommy, I'd never cum that many times in a single day. I didn't want to boast, but I figured that had to be a lot even for a male "hypersexual being."

I pointed out, "I don't think boyfriends are measured by the number of times they can cum in one day."

"No, not usually. But I'm a nympho who has to share you, so it's a little different. It is just one thing, but you're great at that and all sorts of other things too!"


"Plus, I'm totally impressed at how you spread your seed around with your mommy, me, and Rebecca, all in one day! That's super hot, because the two of them are just about the sexiest women I've ever seen, and you know I see a lot. It's like a Miss Universe pageant every day in my mom's office, though maybe it's more like Miss MILF Universe or Miss Mommy Universe, if they have those."

I thought, Now that I think about it, this has been a day for the ages. Between what happened with Rebecca, and now this, it's probably the most important day of my life so far! Well, second, maybe, after the first doctor's appointment with Mommy.

She went on, "My point is, I know you're packing a super weapon between your legs. You can seduce any woman you want with your perfect cock and your hypersexual energy. And yet you want ME as one of your first personal sex toys! That makes me feel so good about myself. You have no idea!"

I thought that it was weird anyone would see being someone's "personal sex toy" as an ego boost, but I kept that to myself.

Instead, I said, "Don't sell yourself short. I think you're pretty damn amazing, on the inside and the outside."

"Thanks! That means so much to me, coming from you. I'm all goose-bumps and tingles right now!"

I added, "You definitely passed all my sexual tests tonight. The way things are going, it won't be long before I'll have to accept your pledge to serve me. You're making it impossible for me to say no."

"NO WAY! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" She let go of my hand and bolted up in bed, seemingly totally re-energized in a flash.

I sat up too. "Very serious."

"What more do I have to do?!"

"Just be yourself. You're doing great."

She pouted, "Then why the delay?"

"It's too soon to make that kind of commitment on one very first date, no matter what the circumstances, don't you think? We need to get to know each other better in other ways too."

She considered that, then sighed, deflated. "Okay. That's true. Fair point. But still... damn! Now I'm going to be waiting like a kid counting the minutes until Christmas morning is coming, hoping you say the word, that I totally belong to you! I won't be truly happy until you own me!"

I thought, That's the idea! This playing hard to get thing really works.

After we collected our strength, Bethany got dressed. She could have stayed the night, but it seemed she wanted to go home in order to share with Dr. Morgan all the details about what had happened. Clearly, they were closer than most mothers and daughters.

Mommy and I walked her to the door. There was no need for either of us to put on any clothes, so we didn't.

"Well, that was a really unusual first date," Bethany laughed.

"Yeah," I said with a big smile, "but really fun."

"Definitely," she said, leaning in to kiss me. "I like you a lot... obviously. And not just as the boy with the 'perfect cock.' I really needed a royal fucking like that. Gaawwwd! And all the cocksucking! That I got to share with you." She stared lovingly at Mommy. "You helped make it so special."

Mommy smiled from ear to ear, and took her hand. "No, you made it special. You were so very considerate, and not too selfish. I feel we make a good team. There's nobody I'd rather share slurping and bobbing on his cock with than you."

Bethany positively beamed. "Me too! Oh God! I'm feeling goosebumps all over, from just thinking about it. My jaw is soooo sore right now. But I already know that tonight I'll be dreaming of orally serving his cock with you, maybe as much or more as dreaming about the incredible fucking!"

Mommy kept her wide smile. "That's good. Like your mother always tells me, a busty slut must have an endless desire to suck. I promise, we'll do a lot more of that from now on." She glance my way. "Right, Son?"

"Of course!" I thought, Talk about a no-brainer! Good grief!

Bethany let go of Mommy's hand and redirected all of her attention to me. "But, Brian... as great as the sex was, I want to get to know you as a person too, since I hope we're going to get really serious and long term. I already told you that I think I'm falling in love with you, and it's like those feelings are getting stronger minute by minute! Even as we speak, I have this great desire to drop to my knees and take you back into my mouth to show you just how much I already love you. Except that we're all wiped out and I couldn't lick another lick. But you're right, we need more time together before we can even start to talk about ownership, or official sex toy status. Can we have a regular date next time? Maybe dinner and a movie?"

I thought, She just said "talk about ownership, or official sex toy status." And in such a matter-of-fact way. I think she means that in a very serious, literal way! Fuck me! So incredible! I've found a pure diamond!

Even though my heart was doing backflips, I managed to sound calm. "You bet. You know I like you a lot too, and I want to get to know you a lot better as well. But let's not make our next date TOO normal. We can still have some sexual fun before it's over."

Her eyes lit up and she gave me a mischievous smile. "Oh, totally! I'm one step ahead of you there. For instance, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I don't suck you off a little bit in the movie theater? A bad one, in my book!" She giggled.

Then she added, "Not to mention, I hope you're good at driving a car while there's a head bobbing in your lap!" She giggled some more.

Mommy beamed. "Son, what did I tell you? She's a keeper!"

The girl turned to my shorter, smaller mother. She reached out and squeezed her two massive bare breasts from below. "And thank you, Mary. That was super fun. You raised a really sweet boy. AND you taught him how to make love really well!"

Mommy blushed, but pushed out her chest to give the girl easier access. "Thanks. I'm so glad you had a good time."

Bethany made to leave.

But I said, "Wait! You can't leave yet." I explained to their confused faces, "What about the good-bye kisses? Starting with you two French kissing each other. And yeah, I'm making that a tradition from this time forward, for hellos and good-byes."

Their faces lit up. My mother and my girlfriend then proceeded to not only kiss on the lips, but seriously make out for a couple of minutes!

Naturally, there was lots of vigorous tit rubbing too. I think they did it with an eye towards putting on a sexy show for me. Bethany started out fully dressed in the clothes she came in while Mommy was buck naked, but it wasn't long before Bethany's G-cups were exposed, to make the tit rubbing that much more enjoyable, not to mention visually thrilling.

When they finished, Mommy turned to me with a big smile. "How'd you like that?"

I just groaned. "Too sexy!"

Then it was my turn to kiss them. Bethany was still effectively topless. I started with her, and focused just as much on playing with her bare breasts as the kissing. But I was careful to keep the rest of her clothes on, or it was likely she'd never leave.

At least, that was the plan. But Mommy got tired of waiting for her turn, and the two-way quickly turned into a three-way. I wound up trading steamy kisses with both of them, and they even shared a few more scorchers with each other.

My penis wasn't even flaccid, and we weren't extremely aroused like we'd been practically all evening, but we had a great time just the same. We could have kept going for a long time, but I fingered Mommy to a small orgasm, and that marked a good breaking point.

Bethany tugged her clothes back into place. Then she shyly asked me, "Speaking of dating, when can I see you again?! I don't want to be too pushy, but... how 'bout tomorrow?! Say, tomorrow morning?!"

I smiled and looked to Mommy.

She smiled too, and said, "Don't look at me. You're the big-cocked stud now. I'm happy to see more of her anytime. A lot more of her."

I thought things over. I realized that cumming ten times in one day wasn't sustainable, especially considering all the energetic fucking we'd done. I was sure I was going to sleep in until noon. Even then, I'd need more recovery time to be at my best.

So I said to Bethany, "I want to see you too, but we should pace ourselves. How 'bout dinner tomorrow night? We could start off with a nice long double blowjob session with Mommy to take the edge off, then go out to a fancy restaurant for real."

Her whole face lit up. "Okay! Great! I'll be counting the minutes." She turned shy. "But... can I ask one thing?"


"Can we come back here after dinner for more suck and fuck fun? I'd feel bad if I monopolize you all evening while your mommy sits at home alone. Plus, I really mean it when I say the sex is at least ten times better as a threesome. I can't wait to see you fuck your mommy while I'm right there, and she and I have soooo much more double cocksucking to do!"

Mommy smirked gleefully. "That is true." She looked to Bethany. "You and I are going to have to work as a seamless team to completely drain his balls before your next date is over."

Bethany actually squealed and bounced on her heels. "Oh my GOD! Too much fun! I can't wait!"

She forced herself to calm down, then looked back to Mommy. "Meanwhile, you take good care of his cock, you hear?"

Mommy's smile grew. "I will. But not too good. We've gotta save up a lot of his cum for the evening."

"Oh, hell yeah! I like how you think!"

And with that, Bethany turned and walked out of the house.

As soon as the door closed, Mommy leaped toward me and enveloped me in a hug, her giant chest pressing against me. "I'm so proud of you!" she exclaimed. "You've got a gorgeous new girlfriend who already can't wait to start dedicating herself to serving your cock! What a start to a night of fucking!"

"Start?" I asked. "Mommy, I fucked her for a couple of hours. I came in her or on her five times already."

"I know," Mommy said, reaching back to unleash her immense breasts from her bra. "Especially since a couple of those times, you splattered your hot cum all over her face and mine." She smiled in fond memory.

I went on, "And then I came five more times earlier in the day. Add that all up, and that at least ties my personal record."

"I know that too. In fact, I think you beat your record. But that doesn't mean you're done for the night. Watching the two of you got me really horny, and it was kind of torture for me to see all the fucking and not be on the receiving end. So now you have to fuck your Mommy at least once before we go to sleep, okay?"

She was so determined, she didn't even wait to make it past the middle of the living room! My cartoonishly top-heavy mother stepped out of her panties and laid down spread-eagled on the carpeted floor.

I sighed wearily and took off my pants once more. "Okay, I'll try, but let's at least go back to bed."

"Yeay! Victory!"

I laughed.

Two minutes later, back in bed, I laid down on top of my mother, who was again wiggling her horny body. Somehow, my penis was erect again, no doubt because she was simply too voluptuous and sexy to ever resist.

I sank my cock into her tight, tiny vagina, while staring directly at her massive, jiggling breasts.

As I slowly filled her up, she exclaimed, "Oh boy! Do I ever need THIS! I tried to be selfless and let you fuck just her, but that's built up such a fuck need in me that I'm sure this will be our best fuck yet!"

"If you say so, Mommy. But let's take it really slow and easy, okay? Bethany wore me out. I'm running on fumes."

"Certainly... at first!" She giggled.

I don't know how, but after a lot of mellow fucking that was more like cuddling with my cock balls-deep in her, I somehow managed to rally for one final vigorous fuck session before I blasted a spermy load deep inside her.

As soon as I finished ejaculating into her tight furnace, I collapsed in bed and slept the sleep of the dead. What a night!

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