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Chapter 24
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

My first "date" with Bethany hadn't been much of a real date, seeing as we'd spent nearly all of it fucking like bunnies all over the house in front of my mother. The second date the next evening turned out to be much the same. But then she stayed that night, in bed with Mommy and me, and were with us most of the next day. In fact, within a matter of days, she practically became inseparable with us.

Not even we could have sex 24 hours a day, so that gave us time to get to know each other in other ways. The more that happened, the more we realized we were made for each other, in every way, including physically.

Bethany may not have received the same "hypersexual" diagnosis as me and my mother, but she had an extremely high sex drive that at least made her a "mere" nymphomaniac. Plus, she had a wildly erotic body, she knew about the incest secret, and she didn't mind sharing me with my sexpot mother, who "needed" to be fucked by me multiple times a day.

The fact that we were all meant for each other was so evident so fast that within days of our first date, Bethany quit her job at her mother's practice and moved in (to home and bed) with Mommy and me.

She was able to find another job at a "normal" doctor's office right away that was closer to Mommy's house. She was sad not to work with her mother anymore, but her job had involved touching and even stroking penises many times a day, and she wanted me to have complete confidence that she didn't even face that sort of temptation at work anymore.

Two weeks after our first date, it was like the three of us were family and had been family forever, but with the huge added plus that we were also extremely sexually intimate with each other. I'd already felt like my life was a non-stop euphoric honeymoon with Mommy, but now that went equally so with Bethany. And the two of them got along like a house on fire too, including being sexually hot for each other.

So, two weeks after, it was no surprise that Bethany and I went out shopping together. Perhaps the surprise was that Mommy wasn't with us too, but there were times when even sex-mad people like us needed to do errands and chores.

Bethany and I were at a woman's clothing store. It was a lot like Victoria's Secret and focused on lingerie and swimwear and the like. But it was a "mom and pop" shop named Stephanie's. We were there because Bethany wanted to buy a lot more highly sexually arousing clothing to better titillate me, and she wanted my feedback to get a sense of what lingerie and such appealed to me the most. We were still in the "getting to know you" phase, so there was a lot about my tastes she didn't know yet.

Stephanie's wasn't the nearest store of that type by any means. In fact, we had to drive pass some Victoria's Secret stores and other similar places to get there. But Bethany was keen to go there for one very key reason: she was friends with one of the employees, a woman in her mid-20s by the name of Tabitha. Furthermore, she knew Tabitha because Tabitha had been a patient of Dr. Morgan's until recently. She'd come in with her brother for two years, and graduated about a year ago after finding total contentment as her brother's personal sister slut.

This was helpful to our shopping trip for two reasons. One, as a friend, Tabitha could give Bethany a 10 percent discount on all purchases, so long as she was the one ringing them up. We'd double-checked with her to make sure she would be working there when we came by.

And two, being part of a loose association of sexy sluts associated with Dr. Morgan's clinic, Tabitha was more than willing to turn a blind eye if Bethany and I got a little bit frisky in the changing room. In fact, Tabitha had been told in advance of our plans, and she fully expected us to get very frisky indeed.

I'd never met Tabitha before, nor her brother-lover, but as soon as we arrived, Bethany took me straight to her and made the introductions. Tabitha was very friendly to me, though of course in a non-sexual manner, since she was her brother's personal sex pet and wouldn't think to even flirt with another guy.

What really struck me about her was her looks: she was remarkably gorgeous, and seriously busty too! You'd think by now I wouldn't have been so surprised, because I was discovering that every single female patient of Dr. Morgan's was a "perfect ten." But I couldn't help but drop my jaw to the floor whenever I actually saw one of them in person. Tabitha had the typical (for the clinic) voluptuous hardbody and gorgeous face. What struck me as different was her long, straight, luxuriant chestnut red hair, and her sparkling green eyes.

Bethany and I had only been in the store for a few minutes and were still talking to Tabitha when another customer across the store caught my eye: Rebecca! Bethany noticed too, and we quickly cut our discussion with Tabitha short to go see how Rebecca was doing.

I hadn't seen or heard from Rebeca in the last two weeks, despite the intense physical intimacy we'd shared in my last appointment at the clinic. She'd made clear through both Mommy and Bethany that she was "dying" to see me again. However, I was still weirded out by her whole "married to a cuckold" situation. I knew that she and I had a lot of unfinished business, and I was excited by the prospect of having more sexual fun with her, even with the marriage issue. She was just that extremely hot!

I'd passed a message to her through Bethany that I needed some time to adjust before seeing her again. I felt I needed to take things step by step, and the entire last two weeks had been about welcoming Bethany deeply into my life in almost every possible way. That had been such an emotionally intense and sexually satisfying experience that I hadn't had much mental energy left over to think about Rebecca much.

However, in recent days, things had stabilized, especially with Bethany quickly changing jobs and completely moving in with Mommy and me. So the timing of accidentally running into Rebecca seemed very fortuitous.

I wouldn't learn until later that this "chance meeting" was no coincidence!

As Bethany and I made our way over to where Rebecca was looking through a selection of see-through, skimpy teddies, I noticed a man standing near her, wearing a blue polo shirt and tan khaki pants. This was unusual, because all the other customers in the store were female, and it was probably highly unusual to have one man in the store, much less two.

As we drew closer, it became clear to me through some subtle non-verbal interaction between Rebecca and this man that they were linked to each other somehow. Then it hit me: HOLY SHIT! That's her HUSBAND! What's his name? Oh yeah, David. That's DAVID!

I was so startled by this realization that I stopped in my tracks.

If I'd had my choice, I would have immediately turned around and gotten out of there. I had no desire to meet David, ever. Talking to him would be all kinds of weird, especially since I'd been told that he knew all about the fact that his wife had given me two handjobs and one prolonged (and awesome!) blowjob and titfuck. Just looking him in his eyes would be way too awkward for me.

But by the time I figured out who he was, we were already practically upon them. Rebecca noticed us, and then David did too. It was too late for me to back out.

When Rebecca saw us, she gave us a big smile. Mostly, it was directed right at me. "Brian! Bethany! Hey, what a great surprise to see you here!" She stopped what she was doing and walked to me with her arms open wide.

I was caught like a deer in headlights, as if I'd lost the ability to move. So I offered no resistance when Rebecca wrapped her arms around me and kissed me! Right on the lips, with tongue. With her husband less than five feet away!

Part of the reason I was stunned into inaction was because Rebecca looked so very attractive and arousing. She was wearing a light yellow top that showed off a startling amount of cleavage for a public place. It covered about the same as a bikini top, with her shoulders bare, except that her tummy and lower back was covered. Plus, just from watching the few steps she took towards me, she wasn't wearing a bra. Given the sheer size of her G-cups, that was positively obscene! She could cause a riot in the shopping mall!

Additionally, she wore a white miniskirt that showed off her fabulous tanned legs, which were firmed up due to her five-inch high heels.

She was like a walking orgasm. No wonder that I could only stand there dumbstruck as she started making love to my mouth with her tongue and lips. I was so blindsided that I couldn't kiss back with my usual vigor. I was half expecting her husband to exclaim, "Hey! Get away from my wife!" or even try to pull us apart or hit me.

But no. Rebecca just kept on making out with me, right there in the middle of the store! Her only concession to public decency was that she kept her hands around my back.

I did the same, pretty much. At first, I tried to keep my hands off her body altogether. But I quickly gave in and wound up with one hand in the middle of her back and another on the back of her head.

My heart was racing a million miles an hour, and my face must have been flushed. I was sweating bullets! On some primal level I was enjoying the tongue dueling, but I was kind of miserable at the same time, from feeling too nervous and awkward.

Then, after about a minute of increasingly passionate necking, I heard Bethany say, "Hi there. I'm Bethany. I've heard so much about you. For years!"

A male voice standing right next to me answered, "Hi, I'm David, but you must know that. I've heard a lot about you the past few years too."

My eyes were shut tight in a vain effort to try to at least limit my embarrassment. But I took a peek through narrow slits and saw Bethany and David shaking hands and smiling, like two strangers meeting at a party.

David was definitely NOT behaving like a husband who was standing next to his wife making out with another man! He was staring at the lip-lock between Rebecca and me with rapt interest, almost to the point of being rude to Bethany. I couldn't quite figure out his facial expression. A confused daze, perhaps. But there was no hint of him looking angry. If anything, he seemed giddy.

It struck me that David was an uncommonly handsome man. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, like his wife, and was in his physical prime, with a solid, athletic physique. He was also over six feet tall, which made him significantly taller than me. In short, he could easily kick my ass! He looked like a man, whereas people still called me "boy" because I was still growing into my body.

To make things more embarrassing for me, I was still in high school! True, it was the very tail end of senior year and I would be done in a month. But still, that meant I technically still was a boy, whereas David was a man.

And his face was startlingly attractive too. He reminded me of a typical cowboy actor from the old "Marlboro Man" advertisements, complete with dark brown hair, a mustache, a decent tan, and a slightly rugged look. Rebecca was a jaw-dropping fox, so he seemed exactly like the sort of healthy, muscular, and charismatically handsome kind of guy a raving beauty like her should be married to.

And yet... I was making out with his wife while he just stood by and talked to Bethany! I still was too flabbergasted to kiss Rebecca back with gusto. On a gut level, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, even though on a logical level I knew he was supposed to be a willing cuckold.

I felt Rebecca's hands slip down to my ass cheeks. I started to slide a hand down her back to her ass too, but caught myself just in time and went back to stroking her long blonde mane.

I continued to secret peek through narrow slits. I heard Bethany say to David, "As I'm sure you know, this is Brian."

David chuckled nervously. "Yes. Yes, I know. Believe me, I know!" He opened his eyes wide, like he'd just bumped into a famous movie star.

Bethany giggled easily. "I'm sure you do! I'll bet your wife talks about him all the time."

"That she does."

My make-out session with Rebecca was getting more outrageous all the time, especially with the way her hands were running over my body. Yet we were standing in the open in the middle of the store, as opposed to hiding in some corner behind clothes displays.

I was careful to keep my hands safely on Rebecca's back and also prevent my urgent bulge in my shorts from pressing tightly against her body. Even so, I felt naked and increasingly nervous. If David was too much of a cuckold to act like a husband should, would some employee come and tell us to knock if off?

Then I remembered how Tabitha was in the know about Dr. Morgan-related matters. She wasn't the only employee on the floor at the moment, but presumably she would have some say in giving us protection if there was trouble.

That realization raised the sexual heat for me, because it seemed possible nobody was going to stop us! And I have to admit that kissing Rebecca right in front of her husband was turning me on an incredible amount, especially now that I had to sense he wasn't going to say or do anything. I finally began kissing back with much more passion.

Rebecca approved and moaned sensually. Our heads kept tilting this way and that and we varied up our moves. It was incredible that this was technically just a hello kiss!

David kept talking to Bethany while staring nearly exclusively with great fascination at the obviously increasingly lusty kissing. "So... I hear that you're seriously dating Brian now. Rebecca has told me all about it. Congratulations!"

"Thanks!" Bethany replied breezily. "Although, since you know all about what really goes on at the clinic, let's just call a spade a spade: he's made me one of his busty sluts!"

That was such a shocking thing to say to someone you'd just met, and in a public place, that even the bizarrely sanguine David was taken aback at first. He tore his gaze from his wife and stared in surprise at Bethany. "Oh! Uh... I suppose... congratulations on that, er, too."

"Thank you! These last two weeks have been a whirlwind, but so exhilarating! Did she tell you that I've moved in with him so I could fully devote myself to being his number two personal sex toy?"

David seemed rattled by her direct honesty. But he quickly recovered, and said, "Er, yes. Yes, she did. Congrats again. He's a lucky guy."

Bethany giggled. "Yes, he is! Hey, why don't we interrupt the lovebirds for a minute? I'm sure he'd like to formally meet you."

Right as Bethany said that, Rebecca brought a hand from my ass to my crotch! Then she pulled away from me slightly. That allowed her to clearly show her husband that her fingers were wrapped around my erection through my shorts!

I thought, Fuck! No! If she's trying to give me a heart attack, it's working!

Rebecca kept her other hand on my ass. She briefly let go of that hand and waved it in the direction of David. "Brian, meet David, my cucky hubby."

David nervously smiled at me and held his hand out for a handshake. While he could clearly see his wife was holding onto my bulge and starting to slide her fingers up and down it!

Talk about a "Twilight Zone" moment!

I was so astounded that I had no clue what to say or do. But some kind of "default mode" kicked in. Since he was offering a handshake, I reached a hand out and rather limply shook his hand.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that David was freaking out just as much as I was. His blushing was very red, probably even redder than mine, and it looked like he was gasping for air. He could have tried to secretly crush my hand, but even though his grip was stronger than mine, he appeared too frazzled to even think of doing something like that.

Rebecca and Bethany seemed calm and as pleased as punch though.

David gawked at his wife's hand moving on my bulge even as he told me, "Brian. Wow! It's an honor to meet you."

I felt downright embarrassed to hear that. I thought, Come on, dude! Buck up and show some spine!

If he'd done so it would have been bad for me, but the whole willing cuckold thing was too strange for me to wrap my head around.

Rebecca said to all of us, "This is so exciting! What great luck! What a big moment! My hubby meeting my bull. I'm so happy that I could just die!"

She slid her fingers up and down my shaft even more ostentatiously than before. The exact shape and size of my boner could be clearly seen, especially since I wasn't wearing any underwear, (Giving that I was living with Mommy and Bethany, I had quickly come to learn that it would just come off soon anyway.)

I frantically looked around. Between the way Rebecca's fingers were playing on my bulge and the words that were being spoken, not to mention the just-concluded prolonged make-out session, I was fairly amazed the other customers hadn't closely gathered around us to be further entertained by our antics. But in fact, nobody else seemed to paying any special attention to us at all. Maybe they'd gawked already and I'd missed it, but all the customers I could see were in their own worlds, busy looking at clothes, usually out of sight or with their backs turned.

Even so, my heart was about to thump right out of my chest. I nervously asked, "Um, could we move to somewhere with a little more privacy?"

"Great idea!" A bubbly Rebecca said. "Come on. This way!" She pulled me along with one hand on my ass and the other still on my hard-on.

I let myself be led, like a lamb to the slaughter.

David broke the handshake with me and followed along with Bethany.

Rebecca only took me a few feet away, but that brought us to an aisle that had lingerie displayed up against short walls on either side. Our heads were still in view to those outside the aisle for anyone who cared to look, but from the neck on down we were okay, unless someone else walked into our aisle. Even then, the four of us wound up standing close together, so that gave us some more cover.

Rebecca was flying high - the lust and euphoria was clear on her face. As soon as we were repositioned, she said, "Ah, this is much better." She casually reached under her yellow top and pulled her bra out. She handed it to her husband to dispose of, like he was hired cleaning help.

He looked at the bra in his hands like he was holding a live hand grenade.

Rebecca had pulled her top up to help take her bra off, and she briefly flashed her huge bare boobs at me before reluctantly pulling her top back into place. She gave me a hungry, lusty look, and licked her lips for good measure.

Then she glanced at her husband with apparent condescension. "Hey, Davey, guess what? You finally get to see the huge cock that's going to rule my life!"

She looked into my eyes, apparently searching for approval from me to show off my erection.

Once again, I was so blindsided that I didn't know how to react. I was a loss for words. Heck, I was still reeling from her flashing her bare tits at me.

She took my silence for tacit approval. Before I knew what had happened, she'd unzipped my fly and whipped my erection out! She held it with her sliding fingers, pointing it directly towards David.

It seemed that David and I were in a competition to see who could feel more astounded and befuddled. It was a close call, but it seemed he was "winning." The look in his face was one of sheer agony. Yet, for the first time I also really noticed just how great his arousal was. He was panting harder and harder, and even though the agonized expression, it appeared he was on the verge of cumming.

Rebecca knew him and his moods much better than I did, and showed no alarm. She smirked, and said to him, "Oh, so you like that, don't you? Pretty impressive, wouldn't you say? So much larger than yours!"

I felt that if David had even a lick of sense, he would punch me in the face and then drag his wife out of there and straight to a marriage counselor's office. And I would have deserved that punch and then some!

But no, he just stood there gawking and gaping.

Rebecca asked him, "Davey, is your little penis all stiff and excited?"

He nodded shyly, his face burning with shame.

I'd been hit with too many surprises to be proactive. I was still playing catch up. I would have done better, but the fact that this was all happening in the middle of a store sort of fried my brain, temporarily. Mommy and Bethany and I played around a lot, but never in a public place like this, so I felt like I was in uncharted territory.

As a result, I stood there helpless for the next minute or two while nobody spoke and nothing happened except that Rebecca stroked and fondled my exposed cock with both hands while everyone else watched!

Finally, the strangeness of the situation got to me. I looked at David in confusion, and blurted out, "Can't you see what's happening?! How can you be okay with this?!"

He flopped his hands up and down in agitation. "I don't know! I've asked myself that question a million times. I know it must seem insane to you. All I know is, whenever I so much as think of my wife with another man, I got so excited that I can't even begin to explain it!"

I asked him, "But don't you get at least a little jealous and upset too?!"

He stared at Rebecca's hand sloshing back and forth on my fully exposed boner. "Hell, yeah! More than you can imagine! I'm feeling that way right now. But somehow, the emotional angst mixed with the lust, that's what I crave! I want the shame and humiliation! It's like a drug. I can't get enough!"

I could only shake my head. I was left just as puzzled as before, if not more so. I realized that his way of thinking and feeling was so alien from mine that I probably never would understand.

However, I could increasingly understand things for the flipside position, of being the "bull." Simply put, having sex with a goddess like Rebecca was intoxicating and wildly arousing, and doing it right in front of David multiplied the intensity of my emotions.

I simply couldn't fathom that I was standing in the middle of a clothing store enjoying a handjob. Even though we were partially protected where we stood, we weren't fully protected. Anyone could enter our aisle at any time.

And then someone did!

Only a few moments after David gave me that explanation, a female stranger entered our aisle. She could have entered it from my back side, which might have given me some time to make myself presentable. But no, she entered head on. As soon as she walked into view, her gaze locked on my fully exposed erection, and Rebecca's hand sliding all over it. David and Bethany were standing partially in front of me, but she was able to look right past them.

She didn't seem upset or even surprised. She walked right up to us with a knowing smile, and said, "Hey, Rebecca! Bethany! How are you two doing?"

The eyes of Rebeca and Bethany lit up in pleasant recognition. Bethany was closer. She exclaimed, "Linda!" Then she opened her arms wide and gave Linda a hug once she moved within range of her.

I asked, "You know each other?! All three of you? What are the odds?!"

Linda broke the hug with Bethany, and said to Rebecca with a smirky smile, "I'd give you a hug too, but it looks like your hands are busy with more important things."

Rebecca snickered, "That's true." She blew her an air kiss. She brought a second hand to my hard-on and stroked it even more overtly than before.

Linda then said to me, "You must be Brian. Nice to meet you. I'm Linda, as you can guess. Oh, and you must be David." She shook David's hand, since they were standing close to each other.

David seemed as amazed by this new arrival as I was, while Rebecca and Bethany seemed utterly unfazed, and even amused.

LInda then looked to me, while occasionally glancing down at the handjob action. "To answer your question, stud, the odds are actually quite low. I'm a recent graduate of Dr. Morgan's excellent therapeutic practice. So of course I know these two from the clinic."

I'd been so frazzled from this strange woman walking up to us as if the handjob wasn't happening that I hadn't taken the time to give her a good look. Plus, she was dressed all in black, in conservatively cut clothes. But, upon closer inspection, I realized I was foolish for not realizing already that she was or had been a patient of Dr. Morgan's. She was simply gorgeous! She had the face of a movie star, with blue eyes and blonde hair. I couldn't clearly see much of her body in her black outfit, but I could see enough to know she had to have an hourglass figure and a tremendous bust.

Women simply don't look like that in "real life." But ALL the women I've seen associated with Dr. Morgan's clinic look like that. It's astounding! Somehow, she must have picked the very most outstanding beauties for hundreds of miles around!

Linda further explained, "True, it's chance to meet outside the clinic, but the best odds of a run-in are here. Brian, you may not know it, but this store specializes in underwear and lingerie for VERY well-endowed women. I dare say they'll even have some items in stock for your ultra-busty mother. Plus, most of the employees who work here are associated with Dr. Morgan's clinic in some way. The owner is too."

Something she'd just said hit me. "Wait! You know about me and my mom?!"

"I do now!" Linda chuckled. "But seriously, I was talking to Tabitha a few minutes ago. She kind of gave me the scoop on all of you and suggested I should come over and introduce myself. But don't worry, Brian, your secret is safe with me. After all, I'm owned by MY son." She grinned knowingly. "In fact, I'm here to pick up some lingerie to help keep his big cock constantly throbbing with pleasure. It's a never-ending challenge."

Bethany got all excited about that. She said with wide eyes, "Linda, we need to talk! I'd love to pick your brain on what you do to be a better sex pet. I'm just starting out, and I have so much to learn."

Linda smiled at her. "Oh, sure. I'd be glad to help. Rebecca, you have all my contact info, I'm sure. Please feel free to pass it on." She shook Bethany's hand. "And by the way, congratulations! Wow, a big-cocked stud has finally snagged the doctor's daughter."

She refocused her attention on me. "And look at you, openly cuckolding Rebecca's cucky hubby too. Brian, you must be something extra special."

"Oh, he is!" Bethany said with pride. She cuddled up to my side and gave me a hug from there while leaving my front side open.

She was obliged to hug me like that, because Rececca was still jacking me off all the while! It was happening in broad daylight and nobody was batting an eye about it, except for poor David, who was continually staring at his wive's sliding fingers, and constantly freaking out.

Linda had been glancing at my crotch here and there, but now she looked down there in a much more prolonged and obvious way. "Well, he certainly has quite the cock! Why, I think even my son wouldn't mind making a trade. And his is a real mouthful, if you know what I mean." She chuckled.

Bethany and Rebecca chuckled and giggled as well.

Bethany wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "I do, believe me, I do! I've found such great joy in total oral submission. I've even been working on trying to deep throat him, though I haven't fully succeeded yet."

Linda whistled in appreciation. "Wow, with his thickness?! Impressive! Keep at it. My son throat-fucks me every day, and I think it's my favorite way he dominates and uses me!" She stared off into space, briefly lost in fond memory.

Rebecca said to her, "Sadly, I've only sucked Brian's cock one time, but it was easily the sexual highlight of my life! Sorry, babe." She briefly took one of her hands off my boner and patted her husband's nearest shoulder while giving him a sympathetic look.

He just nodded mutely while continuing to gawk at the on-going handjob.

Then Rebecca brought that hand back to resume the two-handed action. She added to Linda, "That said, I'm going to make up for lost time. I must have masturbated to thoughts of sucking his huge cock a thousand times in the last two weeks alone. Well, it feels that way, anyway!"

Linda chuckled with understanding. "Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. Women like us, we were made to serve superior cock. Even David here can see the truth in that."

David nodded in sad defeat.

Linda looked around at each person in our group, and especially at David's blushing and humiliated face. She resumed ogling Rebecca's ten fingers sliding up and down my exposed shaft, and then said, "Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I should probably go. It looks like there's some serious cuckolding going on, and I wouldn't want to ruin the fun."

I had to ask, "And you're okay with that?!"

She chuckled, "Okay with it? Young man, I'll have you know I'm happily married to a cucky hubby! Not only is my son my master, he's also my bull! It more than doubles the fun and pleasure. And the three of us couldn't be happier. I highly recommend it."

David had been staring endlessly at the handjob action, like everyone else in our group. But he turned his head to Linda and shyly looked at her face. "Um... ma'am, would it be okay if I could get in touch with you too?! Actually, what I'm really interested in is talking to your husband. I'm part of a vast online cuckold community, but I've never met another one face to face."

"Oh, for sure," Linda replied. "He'd love to meet you and talk, no doubt. And through him, you can meet a few more of your kind, who also are all connected to the good doctor's clinic. Sometimes, we even have small parties where us mommies strip naked and suck our son's cocks in a line while our pathetic little hubbies watch and serve us food and drinks, with their sad small penises stiff and twitching with unfulfilled need. It's lots of fun!"

David gasped and make a curious "URK!" sound. His body twitched and then he almost doubled over. His eyes practically bugged out of his head.

Linda looked to his crotch and smirked condesendingly. "Uh-oh! It looks like David just had a boo-boo in his pants. Did your little pee-pee just have a boo-boo?"

David shamefully nodded while looking down at the growing wet spot over his crotch. He miserably muttered, "Yes, ma'am." He was panting hard and heavy.

It was obvious that he'd just had an orgasm. From the way his body was reacting, such as his heavy panting, it must have been an unusually powerful one.

Linda chuckled. "Oh, this is such fun! But I really should get going. This little chat has made me even more eager to buy some sexy clothes and then put on a sexy striptease for my son while my hubby watches. I have a feeling this afternoon is going to be an epic suck and fuck session for my master and me. But then, what's new about that?" She chuckled some more. "It was nice seeing and meeting you all."

After a little more in the way of good-bye pleasantries, Linda walked away to resume her shopping.

I was mentally reeling from the whole situation. I could emphasize with David cumming. I was so extremely aroused that I was dangerously close to doing that myself. It was only the fact that we were in the middle of a store and I didn't want to jizz all over the merchandise and floor that gave me the extra impetus to desperately hold out a little longer.

And after our run-in with Linda, I grew even more nervous about other customers walking in on us. In fact, looking around, I saw a couple of women who were standing just one aisle over. They weren't looking our way, but I could have made eye contact if they did, since we were only covered on either side up to about neck-level. But worse, I realized they were within hearing range.

I spoke to the others in our group in a hushed voice, "We need to get out of here! Look at those two women over there. They're going to get wise to us at any moment. And they look like normal women with normal figures; not nymphos connected to the clinic!"

I waited for someone in our group to say something reasonable, such as, "Yeah, that's a good idea. We're too exposed here." But nobody did. I looked around and saw just how much the others were panting heavily, the same as me.

I glanced at David's crotch. His penis may not have been as long or as thick as mine, but it was big enough to make a sizable tenting in his pants, showing that he'd definitely gotten erect again, if he'd ever gone flaccid in the first place.

I noticed the two women in the aisle over were on the move, and coming even closer to us. I spoke, quietly but forcefully. "I'm making a command decision here. I'm zipping up and moving. You can follow or not, but I'm going!"

Rebecca seemed to come out of a deep erotic fog. "Oh! I know just the place: the dressing rooms! And we need to go there anyway, because I have some things to show you."

She let go of my boner and looked around. Within seconds, she found what she was looking for: a pile of clothes that she had apparently picked out before we'd run into her.

I immediately tucked my erection away and zipped up. It was touch and go that I was able to do that without easing up on clenching my PC muscle too soon and thus cumming inside my shorts, just like David's wet spot showed he'd climaxed inside his pants.

Rebecca held up one of her selections, a see-through pink negligee. She said to me, "It's so brilliant that you happened to come along exactly when you did. I was just in the middle of buying a whole range of sexy items for you, and now you can see what you like so I'll know which ones to purchase!" She picked up her pile of selections and started walking away.

She turned back, and said to me over her shoulder, "I'll see you there." She gave me a knowingly, sultry smile, and resumed walking.

I furrowed my brow and looked to David and Bethany in confusion. "Wait! What the hell just happened!?"

Bethany laughed and gave me a hug from the side. "I think she's trying to say she likes you. A lot!" She laughed some more.

I must have come across as slow, but I wanted total clarity about what was going on. I asked David, "You're her husband. Why wouldn't she be buying sexy items for you?"

He answered with more agony written on his unusually handsome face, "I think we all know why. But don't worry, I'm not mad at you. Let's go see what she's chosen." Then he walked off too.

Bethany took my hand in hers and started leading me off in the same direction. "Come on, stud."

I let myself be led. Even though I was feeling confused and conflicted, Rebecca was simply too hot to resist. To be honest, I couldn't want to see what she looked like in that negligee, not to mention the other things she wanted to try on.


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