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Chapter 25
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

On the way to the dressing rooms, Bethany and I saw Tabitha standing behind a cash register. She'd just finished ringing up a customer, a "normal" woman who was walking away.

Tabitha saw us and intercepted us along our way. As she came up to us, she asked me, "So, Brian, how are you enjoying your shopping experience?"

I clutched the sides of my head as if I was stopping it from exploding. "Don't even ask!"

She chuckled, "That good, huh? By the way, I hope you didn't mind me sending Linda your way, but I heard that Rebecca's cucky hubby is new to being cuckolded in the real world and not just fantasy, and I figured she could help hook him up with some other cucks."

Bethany still clung to my side. She happily replied, "Thanks! She did hook him up. And she's going to help me too, with some general advice on how to be a better submissive sex toy."

Tabitha said, "Oh, well, why didn't you ask me? I'd be glad to help with that too. Us big-titted, submissive sluts need to stick together." She winked at my girlfriend.

"Oh, wow! Sure!" Bethany replied. "That would be great!"

Tabitha then told her, "Here's a tip: it's impossible to pleasure your man's big fat cock enough. Of course, a good slut pretty much lives on her knees, choking and slurping on his thick cock-meat. So if circumstance means you can't use your mouth, at least use your hand."

Bethany replied, "I don't mean to be rude, but... duh! Of course I know that. My entire life is oriented around sexually serving him!"

"Really?" Tabitha looked unhappily at the bulge in my shorts.

"OH! Right! I see what you mean now." Bethany hastily stuck a hand inside my shorts and got busy jacking me off. Only after she did that did she look around to find out if anyone was within view. It appeared we were in the clear, but she blushed profusely just the same.

Tabitha smiled approvingly. "That's better. Now, let's go to where you can do that - and more - in privacy."

We resumed our walking to the dressing rooms. We had to go rather slowly, because Bethany kept stroking my boner inside my shorts all the while. Luckily, our destination was only a short distance from the cash register Tabitha had been at, and behind it. So we didn't run into any other customers.

As we walked, I asked Tabitha, "So, do patients and former patients from the clinic make up a lot of your customers?"

"Oh, dear yes! There's hundreds of 'em! We like to think we've pretty much cornered that market, probably thanks to how we cater to the super- and ultra-busty sizes. We're very easy about giving out discounts to them, like the one I'm giving to you today, but that's not a problem for the store. Our owner Stephanie was one of Dr. Morgan's first graduates, and she very much believes in the cause. Helping her fellow big-titted sluts serve their men is more important than gaudy profit. Don't you agree?"

"Um..." I started to say.

But apparently it had been a rhetorical question, because Tabitha changed the topic right as we passed through a door into the dressing rooms. She made sure to close the door behind her. "Here we are! As you can see, this area is set up for your typical customers to do the typical dressing room thing. But then, go through this door..."

So far, I could see four dressing rooms coming off the hallway we were standing in. Each one just had a green curtain that parted in the middle for a door. But Tabitha walked to the end of the hallway and opened another door, ushering us inside.

After she closed that door behind us, I was able to see that there was a ninety-degree bend in the hallway. After the bend, there were three more dressing rooms, again with green curtains for doors.

Tabitha explained, "Now, THESE are for our more adventurous customers, who are interested in, oh, shall we say, more interactive feedback." She gave me a knowing smirk. "Why, I do believe we have one in use already. It's my favorite, the one I use to 'entertain' my brother whenever he stops by for a visit."

She walked to the most distant changing room, which also was the largest, and boldly parted the curtain without warning.

We found Rebecca and David standing inside. That was no surprise, since they'd said they were going to a changing room. But Rebecca had already changed into the pink see-through negligee she'd been holding up, and seeing her ridiculously voluptuous and sexy body in it just about knocked me over! It was the same with her as it was with Mommy and Bethany: whenever I saw one of them naked or partially naked after being away for a while, it was a heart-thumping shocker! Such sights never, ever got old.

David was standing next to Rebecca, still dressed in his blue polo shirt and tan khaki pants. It was unfortunate he didn't happen to wear much darker pants, because the wet spot on his crotch was obvious, as was the tenting of his erection. He was just finishing making some adjustments to the back side of her negligee.

However, when he saw Bethany and me, especially me, he stepped away from Rebecca as if she were a hot stove. He held his hands up defensively. "I'm sorry, sir! I didn't want to touch her, but she ordered me to do it!"

That was so bizarre that I practically had to shake my head to try to cope with the insanity. I thought, What the fuck?! David, you're her husband! Fucking grow a spine already!

But then I thought, Wait a second. This is his world of being a cuckold. This is what he wants. I can continue to try to resist it and shake my head in confusion. There's no fun in that. Or, I can run with it as best I can. Step into the role of being a "bull," at least for today. Why fucking not? Everybody wants me to, and it'll be a thousand times more interesting and enjoyable!

So that's what I did. I resolved to turn over a new leaf on the spot. But it wasn't easy, because I wasn't used to thinking that way. I had to ask myself, Now, what would a bull say here?!

I looked around the changing room. I was surprised to realize the curtains had been closed behind Bethany and me, and Tabitha had disappeared without saying good-bye. Apparently, she wanted to hurry back to her job.

I noticed benches on two sides of the room, covered on top by cushiony fake leather, plus some throw pillows on top. Each bench was unusually wide. On the surface level, they just looked like good places to sit. But it also seemed obvious that they could make good beds for fucking! I remembered what Tabitha said about entertaining her brother in this very room. Clearly, it was designed to be a comfortable and private place for sex!

I told David with a new surly attitude, "Damn straight you shouldn't touch her!" I pointed to one of the benches. "Sit! And behave! Or else I'll have to kick you out!"

David nodded earnestly, like a dog eager to obey. "Yes, sir!" He moved to the bench I'd indicated at double speed.

I had to resist the urge to shake my head in disgust. I didn't what to be cruel to him; I just wanted him out of the way.

Then I walked forward to Rebecca.

She smiled approvingly at my treatment of her husband. She held her arms up, with her hands behind her head. "'Sir.' Mmmm, I like the sound of that! Sir, how do you like my outfit? Does it meet your approval?"

I gave her a good look-over, from head to toe, while Bethany stood by my side with her hand still inside my shorts and jacking me off. Rebecca's negligee didn't cover much at all, at least not the important parts. It essentially was a short dress that went from the bottoms of her huge tits down to a few inches above her pussy lips. So, it was a very, VERY short dress, and a see-through one for good measure!

I stepped forward and felt her massive globes from below. For some reason, I was feeling unusually possessive towards her, even though we hardly knew each other and we'd only taken part in three sex acts so far, two of them brief and interrupted.

As I caressed and fondled her bare boobs, I growled, "You're MINE from now on, you hear? MINE!"

"Yes, Sir!" She shivered with lust to such a declaration that I could feel her tits trembling in my hands.

I was extremely curious to see what David's reaction to that was. I'd said it because a moment of intense passion overwhelmed me. Only then did I remember her husband was there and listening. At first, I wasn't going to look his way at all, as that would be a statement in and of itself.

But curiosity got the best of me. I thought, If he wants me to play the role of the bull, then I'm going to be that way with him too! I briefly looked his way and stared menacingly. "You got a problem with that?"

David was wide-eyed and nearly panicky. He managed to stammer, "N-n-n-n-no! No, Sir!"

"Good," I growled some more. "Stay there sitting on your ass, with your mouth shut, unless someone speaks to you. And I don't want to see your damn penis, period!"

"Yes, Sir!"

I redirected my attention to Rebecca. I kissed her lips while she submissively kept her pose of her hands behind her head. I continued fondling her huge tits, but also began roaming my hands elsewhere. The negligee only covered the top half of her ass to begin with. It was easy for me to push it up and away entirely, so I did.

Bethany wasn't content with just jacking me off. She undid my shorts and pulled them all the way down my legs and off me. Then she knelt down and engulfed my cockhead. She managed to bob on it without getting much in the way between me and Rebecca by angling in from the side.

Rebecca saw what Bethany was doing, and tilted her head back in ecstasy. "Yesssss! Bethany! Oh my God! Suck him good! Oh GOD! UNGH! Together, you and I, and with Mary... we're going to take SUCH good care of him!"

I was feeling a rush of arousal thanks to Bethany starting to work her oral magic. But I was amused, because as much as I was enjoying the situation, it seemed Rebecca was enjoying it much more! She seemed lost in some delirious rapture, mostly due to watching my girlfriend suck me off.

It was clear to me that Rebecca had some plan to tempt me by modeling her lingerie. However, it also was clear that plan had been thrown out the window when she abruptly dropped to her knees next to Bethany. I'm not sure how they non-verbally arranged it, but a few seconds later, my throbbing boner was fully trapped in Rebecca's cleavage, with her lingerie tugged off her shoulders and sliding further down her tummy.

But Bethany wasn't left out: she leaned over from the side and engulfed all of my cockhead and then some.

All of a sudden, between the two of them, literally every last bit of my hard-on was either inside Bethany's mouth or Rebecca's cleavage. It was fantastic!

Normally, I would have started petting and stroking Bethany's hair, or Rebecca's, or both of them. I'd learned that giving feedback was always very appreciated. However, I was so overcome by erotic stimulation that all I could do was clench my fists in the air while shutting my eyes tightly and clenching my teeth.

For the next minute or two, I felt like I was riding on a roller coaster, although it felt even more like I was riding on a careening rocket. It was all I could do to stand there with my fists flailing around while I struggled with all my might not to cum yet.

Just when I felt I was starting to handle the situation, I got a surprise. David stood up and began pumping his fists even more frantically and purposefully than I was.

For a second, I worried that he'd belatedly found his spine and he was going to punch me!

But instead, incredibly, I saw a smile on his pained, emotive face. "This is so MOTHERFUCKING HOT! YESSSSS! Oh, Becky, my darling Becky! Pleasure him with your huge fucking tits! Oh God! As part of a team! You and her, the two fucking hottest foxes I've ever seen!"

Rebecca had her mouth free, since Bethany was the one bobbing on my cockhead. So she shrieked in response, "Oh, Davey! It's happening! All our cuckolding dreams are coming true! How does it feel to be bested by Brian?!"

David brought one hand down and stuck it inside his pants. From his arm motion, it was clear he was frantically jacking off. He exclaimed, "I HATE it! I'm in AGONY! But I love it so much too! It's the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen!" He continued to punch a fist in the air with one hand while jacking off inside his pants with the other one.

His bizarre behavior was distracting me and helping me "survive" the combined sexy efforts of Bethany and Rebecca without cumming quite yet. I had to ask him, "How can you say that?! How can you enjoy being 'in agony?'"

That gave him enough pause to at least stop pumping a fist in the air. But he continued to masturbate to the sight of the titfucking and cocksucking as he answered me, "It's not really 'enjoying' it. I don't know! Why do people go to horror movies just to get scared out of their minds? Doesn't that sound stupid on its face? But millions do it."

I had to admit to myself that he had a good point there.

He went on, "Besides, just look!" Using his free hand, he pointed incredulously at the action on my cock. "Is that not the hottest thing in the fucking universe?! Your dick is twice as long as mine and twice as thick! I could only wish in my wildest dreams to be that endowed! And look at how they're loving it! Adoring it! And they're so fucking SEXY! It's just all... too much!" He briefly pulled his hand out of his pants to gesticulate wildly with both hands.

I looked down, as if to gauge how accurate his comments were. I was glad that Bethany was still fully clothed, for once. I was uncomfortable with the idea of David seeing her private parts. Even so, she did look incredibly inspired and erotic with the way she was feverishly bobbing on my cock. Her lips repeatedly slid down until they met Rebecca's tits. More often than not, one couldn't see any of my erection whatsoever, since part of it was engulfed in Bethany's hot mouth and the other part was enveloped in Rebecca's deep, tight titfuck. David's praise of my penis size must have been based on what he'd seen of it earlier. Admittedly, there had been plenty of that!

Then there was Rebecca. I couldn't directly see any of the titfucking action, due to Bethany's head being in the way. But her head was tilted back to make room for Bethany, and the look on her face was truly rapturous.

I remembered from earlier conversations with her that she'd been married to David for four years, and he'd been pushing her to cuckold him for their entire relationship, including trying to push her to sleep with someone else on their honeymoon! She'd been wanting to do this for years, but she hadn't had the nerve, or the right situation hadn't come along, or both. Now it was finally happening, and she had a look on her face as if four years of frustrated desire was coming out all at once.

I felt bad for David, but I couldn't feel too bad since this was something he clearly wanted. If he enjoyed doing something idiotic, such as punching himself in the face, it wasn't up to me to stop him. If he was so dead-set on getting cuckolded and I flat out refused to take part, it would happen with some other "bull" anyway. Besides, I was so extremely aroused that I could barely think straight in the first place.

Another minute or two passed in relative silence, with just the sounds of everyone panting hard plus the slurping of Bethany's hungry lips. Rebecca whispered something to Bethany, but I couldn't make it out, since their heads were right next to each other. Then Bethany took over holding Rebecca's huge tits in place, sliding them up and down my throbbing shaft.

At first, I just thought that was a sexy thing for them to do. But then I realized Rebecca wanted her hands free, because she reached out towards her husband, and asked, "Davey, honey, are you SURE this is what you want?! There's still time to back out. I don't want to lose you!"

David sat back down on the bench so he'd be more at her level. Then he reached out and just managed to hold her hand. He said earnestly, "I'm sure. Very sure."

Rebecca asked, "I know you're high on lust right now, like I am. But what if you have regrets later?"

"Oh, I'll have regrets," he said with certainty. "I'll kick myself over this constantly. But that's part of my cuckold fetish. I crave to see an alpha male dominate you! I need to see you reach your full sexual flower, your ultimate ecstasy, serving superior cock! I love you, and want you to be happy. This is what fulfills you; I can see it. This is what you need!"

Still holding David's hand, and with my boner trapped between her enormous tits, Rebecca said, "It's true, this IS what I need. But I worry. Our lives are going to change so much. Now that I've started down this road of serving Brian's cock, who knows where it'll lead or just how far it'll go?!"

He squeezed her hand. "I know, but isn't that exciting?! Don't worry about me. You know how Dr. Morgan declared me ready for the full cuckold life two years ago. It's YOU that's been holding us back. This is what needs to happen! You have the exact ideal body for the sex toy life! God, you're so beautiful! It would be wasted on me. Plus, it's your ultimate fantasy. So follow your dream! But remember, it's OUR dream!"

Rebecca nodded, while looking very emotional. "I love you!" She squeezed his hand back.

"I love you too!" he replied, almost teary eyed. He gave her hand one more squeeze and then let go of it.

Rebecca went back to holding her own massive tits and sliding them up and down my shaft, with one usually going up when the other one went down, and vice versa. But she whispered something to Bethany, and that caused Bethany to pull her lips all the way off and sit back slightly.

That "cleared the field" for Rebecca. She immediately engulfed my cockhead while still valiantly keeping the titfucking motion going.

I nearly went cross-eyed as another surge of extreme pleasure hit me. But I clung on. I wanted to be worthy of all the "superior cock" hype.

Once I more or less recovered enough to cope, I looked down to Bethany to see what she was doing. She was starting to take her clothes off. But I also caught sight of David beyond her. Not only was he back to masturbating, but he had unzipped his fly and was directly jacking off, skin on skin. I couldn't see much of his erection, but what I saw suggested he had a normal-sized penis. It wasn't anything to be ashamed of, except perhaps in comparison to a "hypersexual" one like mine.

I didn't want David to get to see Bethany's naked body. I realized what he'd just started doing gave me the perfect excuse. I barked at him, "HEY! David, are you deaf? Did you or didn't you hear me when I told you to keep it in your pants?! I don't want to see your damn dick!"

He sheepishly muttered, "Sorry," and started to cover up and then zip up.

But I said, "That's not good enough. If you want to do this cuckold thing, you need to learn your place. Plus, the less you see of Bethany's privates, the better. So, go!"

He blanched. "'Go?!'"

"Yes. Leave this room. If you want to go just outside and listen through the curtain, I don't care. Just get out of my sight!"

Upon hearing that, he went from looking distraught to strangely pleased. He actually smiled. "Yes, Sir!" He stood up and shuffled through the curtains and out of sight without ever fully zipping up.

I had to shake my head. Pathetic! God, I'm so glad I'm not him!

I was nearly 100 percent certain what he'd do next: he'd keep on jacking off while listening through the curtains. Heck, it would be surprising if he didn't at least have the balls (or the uncontrollable lust) to part the curtains slightly so he could peek in on us too. I had a feeling that he might even prefer doing that to being in the room with us. I didn't understand his mindset, but it seemed like the cuckold thing to do.

Once David was gone, Bethany took all her clothes off and stood up. As Rebecca continued her combined titfuck-blowjob, Bethany plastered her huge globes against my chest and whispered in my ear, "WOW! I love the way you're hanging horns on that poor cucky hubby. And then the way you're taking control of Rebecca! A married woman! It makes me so HOT for you!"

I didn't get a chance to reply, because she aggressively kissed my lips.

I must say, there's nothing like making out with one big-titted beauty while getting one's dick sucked by another one. It was a pleasure I had become very familiar with in the last two weeks, with Mommy and Bethany giving me the treatment multiple times a day. It was ever more thrilling with Rebecca taking part, and titfucking me at the same time.

Time passed like a heavenly dream. Rebecca was so full of passion and desire that she only had one mode, and that was going all out on my cock. It wasn't long before she was crying profusely, because keeping my entire cockhead in her mouth while maintaining the titfuck was very physically taxing for her. She would have to pull her lips all the way off about every minute or so, try to quickly recover, and then engulf my cockhead yet again.

She was exceptionally noisy. All that pulling her lips off and then back on again was very noisy. Plus, when she was sucking me, she was choking, gagging, and slurping nearly constantly. Whenever she was taking a break, she gasped for air. Even her titfucking made a lot of squishy noise, because my shaft and her massive tits were soaked with pre-cum, not to mention saliva, which continually drooled out of her mouth.

On top of all that, Bethany was very vocal with her kissing, always moaning loudly into my mouth.

The end result was that David must have had a lot to listen to. That was bound to keep him energetically masturbating, even if he somehow resisted the temptation to peek through the curtains (which I highly doubted anyway).

We continued like that for several minutes, with Bethany and I making out while Rebecca continued her tear-inducing combo effort. I had to hold the sides of Rebecca's head nearly all the time, and she and I had some struggles as I physically forced her to restrain her bobbing. It was the only way I could avoid cumming, though I was hanging on the edge non-stop.

Rebecca had several orgasms. There was no way to miss that fact, because she was exceptionally loud and physical each time, usually screaming her head off while continuing to steadily bob on my shaft.

Bethany seemed less aroused, but whenever I could take my hands off Rebecca's head, I tried to finger my girlfriend's pussy a little bit. That helped her have a couple of climaxes, though evidently they were less intense than Rebecca's.

From time to time, Bethany would whisper sweet nothings in my ear. They generally were comments about the overall situation and how very aroused it made her. She said things like, "You realize you're Rebecca's bull for sure now, right? Whether you like it or not! Mommy and her and me - we're going to have SO MUCH FUN sharing you!" and "I think you're gonna need to spank Rebecca a lot to remind her who REALLY owns her ass! Then send her home with burning red ass cheeks so her cucky hubby can take care of her!"

I was just about floating on air, I was so incredibly aroused from all the sights and sounds around me! Even thinking about poor David behind the curtains increased my excitement.

Eventually, Bethany dropped to her knees to resume cooperating with Rebecca in sucking me off. It was just as arousing for me, but less stressful, because Bethany was becoming an expert on my arousal level, and she took responsibility to make sure Rebecca didn't get carried away, even if that meant physically restraining her sometimes.

A couple of minutes after they began licking and sucking me together, I finally gave up the struggle and climaxed. It was an extra big thrill for me, because I got to paint both of their faces together, for the very first time!

Given how things were going, I knew it definitely wasn't going to be the last time. I'd been reluctant to take on the role of Rebecca's bull, but my resistance to that idea had been completely obliterated. She was simply too sexy to resist, no matter how weird matters were with her and David.

Regarding David, I'd completely forgotten about him for a while, ever since he'd left our changing room. It was "out of sight, out of mind." But after I splattered my cum all over the stunning faces of Bethany and Rebecca, and the two of them lustily rubbed their cummy cheeks together, David made a series of moans and yelps that were impossible to ignore. It sounded clear to me that he'd reached his own limit and climaxed again.

However, I continued to ignore him, and nobody else said a word.

Soon, things settled back down. I fell back to the bench behind me to take a little rest. Bethany and Rebecca lovingly licked my cum off each other's faces and into their mouths in the exact same way Bethany and Mommy did at home every single day. It wasn't long before the two of them were French kissing and snowballing too, as well as rubbing their huge racks together. Again, just like home.

It seemed David got off on that sight, because after another couple of minutes, I heard him breathing heavily and moaning lustily.

I realized he had to be peeking, because there wasn't much to get excited about if he was only eavesdropping. I looked towards the curtains, and sure enough, I saw a gap of about an inch between parted curtains, and a dark shape indicating his face was right up against that gap.

But then my own arousal began to return. Once my dick was fully erect and my two insatiable sluts were lapping on it together some more, I put David out of my mind again.

At least I did for a few minutes. But then he came back to my attention in a way that couldn't be ignored when I heard a female voice exclaim, "What the hell?! Pervert! Billy, don't look at that man's penis!"

I didn't recognize the voice, but I heard David's panicky response. "Wait! Wait! Don't go! It's not what you think! That's my wife in there! This is fully consensual!"

There was a pause, and then the female voice asked, skeptically, "Your wife?! Seriously?!"

David said, "Yes! She's not deaf. She can hear us. Rebecca, please, say something!"

Rebecca happened to be the one bobbing on my cockhead while Bethany was taking a turn titfucking the rest of my shaft. Rebecca pulled her lips off with a loud, satisfied smack, and said, "Yes, Tina, relax. It's me, Rebecca, from the clinic. The man you're speaking to is my husband David."

Tina's voice sounded shocked. "Rebecca?! Oh my God! Is that really you?! And how do you know it's me?!"

Rebecca continued to lap around my cockhead in a calm manner as she said, "The fact that you mentioned your son's name Billy was a vital clue. I figured you had to be one of Dr. Morgan's patients in order to be using one of these secret sex rooms. Then I thought back and recalled your voice."

Suddenly, Tina was on the defensive. "'Sex rooms?' I don't know what you're talking about! We were just, uh, we wanted some extra privacy."

Rebecca chuckled. "Don't worry. Come take a peek through the curtains."

"Can I?! No, I shouldn't. But... oh, hell! I'm kind of dying to find out what's going on. If your husband is out here, what's all the slurpy noises coming from in there?!"

The double oral action on my boner hadn't stopped at all. Indeed, both Bethany and Rebecca were being extra loud with my cock, probably to show off a bit for Tina.

There was a short silence. I kept an eye on the gap between the curtain. I couldn't see much of what was behind it due to the lighting, but I saw one body move away, presumably David's, only to be replaced immediately by a shorter body, presumably Tina's.

Then Tina exclaimed, "OH MY LORD! Rebecca! And is that... Bethany?! It is! And... and... who's the handsome young man you two are servicing together?!"

Bethany spoke up, because Rebecca had taken most of my cockhead back in her mouth. "Hi, Tina! I'd rather not say, because we don't want rumors to go around. But suffice to say that he's my boyfriend and Rebecca's bull. Can you and Billy please keep this a secret?"

"Oh, certainly. But... GOOD GOD! I had no idea... And the two of you look soooo incredibly sexy! And his cock is so... extraordinary! All that pearly cum on your faces!"

Bethany chuckled. "Yeah, it's pretty great! Now, go into one of the other two changing rooms back here and give your son that blowjob you've been dying to give him. Use the sight of our cummy faces to inspire you to serve his cock with great passion until he cums on YOUR face!"

Tina's voice sounded uncertain. "Um... what makes you think..."

Bethany chuckled some more. "Relax! You're with friends! We're all about serving superior cock."

Rebecca pulled her lips off my cock to add, "Exactly. Tina, I happen to recall that you've been your son's sex toy for at least the last year. In fact, you're close to graduating from needing the doctor's help. If you don't get into the next changing room and give him a good, long suck, I'm going to consider you a very naughty mommy!" She giggled.

Tina giggled too, and seemed to relax. "Don't worry, you got me. That's what we came here for. But... I feel awkward with your husband out here in the hall."

Rebecca went back to lapping on the top of my fat knob. `"Oh, don't worry about him. He's a willing cuckold. Use the stall that's one over. I promise you he won't peek on you. We can see his shadow peeking in on us."

"Okay," Tina said. "Gosh, I'm glad I ran into all of you! This is so exciting. I feel like I'm part of a movement!"

"You are," Rebecca said confidently. "You are." As soon as she finished saying that, she went from mere licking to fully engulfing my cockhead again.

And that was the last of that conversation. I never heard any more from David after his initial comments. And I never heard a peep from Billy. I also didn't get a chance to see any of Tina or Billy, despite the fact that Tina peeked in on us. However, I'd had enough experience with Dr. Morgan's other female patients to know that she had to be extremely beautiful as well as seriously stacked.

Bethany, Rebecca, and I spent a long time in the changing room. Not long after the conversation with Tina, Rebecca got so worked up that she all but demanded that I fuck her cunt... so I did!

Part of me was so extremely aroused that I couldn't think straight. But another part of me was aware that this was a very big moment in my life and Rebecca's life too. I remembered how I'd been told that her mouth had been "wed" to my dick after that epic blowjob she'd given me. If that was true, then she'd be even more wed to me after we'd fucked.

However, I figured we'd already crossed the Rubicon. It was going to happen eventually because both she and I wanted it so very much, so why wait? Let the chips fall where they may. I'd deal with all the cuckolding weirdness and the rest later.

So we fucked!

And it was great, of course. How could it not be, when she had a body built for fucking, just like Mommy's and Bethany's?

Rebecca's cunt was just as tight and fuckable as theirs were. It turned out she had been anticipating this for the past two weeks, at least, and had been intently working on her Kegel muscle control like never before. She'd never done that for David, but apparently she felt she had to up her game in order to compete with my two other women. Her pussy was already seriously skilled at squeezing my shaft, and she promised she would only get better and better with more practice.

All the while, David continued to pathetically peek in on us while openly masturbating in the hallway. Yes, it was freaking bizarre, but I must admit that it gave me an extra ego boost. I think it increased the arousal level of all of us, especially Rebecca.

I tried to simply ignore David as best I could. I kept thinking what it would be like to be in his shoes, so I didn't want to increase his humiliation even more.

However, Rebecca had other ideas. She liked to say things to him through the curtain that increased the intensity of his cuckolding even more. The most important comment she made was once I was balls-deep inside her. She turned towards the curtains, and said, "Davey, are you watching this? He fills me up so much! More than you can possibly imagine! I'm sorry, but... UGH! You have to understand... my cunt belongs to him now! HNNG! You'll never... never... EVER be able to fuck me again!"

David didn't respond at first, but his loud grunting, moaning, and panting was a clear answer that he was reaching up to an orgasmic peak.

After another minute or two, once I'd started to slowly thrust in and out of Rebecca, David finally managed to say, "I understand, babe. This is what I've been expecting. It's what I want! You look so radiant! But... what if we want to have kids someday?!"

Rebecca grunted. Tears and sweat was pouring down her face from the intensity of the tight fuck-squeeze. "Sorry, hon! I think you know the answer. Obviously, my bull will impregnate me if that's what he so desires, since my body will be his personal playground from now on. There's no way I could use birth control if he doesn't want me to. You know that's how this works, right?"

He grunted reluctantly but affirmatively.

She went on, "You know what Dr. Morgan says: when a busty slut submits to her master, she can't be halfway about it. Whether she's married or not! But don't worry, you'll get to raise the child, who'll call you 'Daddy.' Bulls... UNGH! Bulls can't be bothered with that sort of thing! Oh GOD! Brian! Fuck me HARDER!"

Apparently those words pushed David over the edge. He let out a wordless cry and ejaculated. We would later find out he came on the curtain, which would force him to take part in a humiliating clean up.

But I couldn't blame him, for once, because hearing Rebecca say that caused me to lose control too. I started blasting a load deep inside her, even though I'd only just started fucking her with long, satisfying thrusts in and out.

I didn't cry out much more than my usual erotic moaning and groaning. But once she felt my cum squirting into her, she yelled, "OH LORD! David, it's happening! His fertile seed is filling me up! Maybe... maybe he's knocking me up right now! Oh God! UNGH! Master! Take me! Own me! I'm yours forever! AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!"

Thanks to that sort of talk, I kept cumming and cumming into her until I felt all of my life force had been utterly sapped away from me. I knew on a logical level that she was on birth control and I wasn't impregnating her at that moment. But on an emotional level it sure felt like I was. Plus, the fact that she was so thrilled by the idea was a major turn-on.

I thought I was down for the count after that. But with Bethany and Rebecca working on me in tandem, I got erect again after only a five-minute break. Then I was able to "finish the job" of giving Rebecca a thorough fucking.

Bethany was very understanding. Far from acting jealous, she cheered me on and repeatedly welcomed Rebecca to "the team."

I don't know how long we spent in there, but it was a hell of a long time. Tabitha even came by to check on us and give each of us bottled waters to help us keep going.

Eventually though, I reached a point where I couldn't get it up again. I might have been able to after another break, if I really pushed myself, but I wanted to save some of my sexual energy for Mommy later in the day. No matter what, she would always be my number one, and Bethany and Rebecca had to understand that.

As we rested, I had to marvel while staring at Rebecca's naked body all in a tangle with Bethany's and mine. Wow! It wasn't that long ago when I thought Rebecca was just a super hot and super stacked blonde receptionist. So far out of my league that she was in another galaxy. That was even before I knew she was married. And now... this! I would say "don't believe your lying eyes," but I can see her and feel her and smell her and even taste her. This is real! This is fucking real! I'm her bull now. I still don't know what that means exactly, but I know it's awesome!

When the three of us left (with David staying behind to clean his cum off the curtains), I couldn't avoid hearing the sound of sexual noises coming from the two other "secret" stalls, Feeling cavalier, I let my curiosity get the best of me and I briefly peeked into them. Each one had a gorgeous and seriously stacked naked woman sucking on the cock of a well-hung young man.

I walked on without incident, because I didn't want them to know I'd been spying on them. But once we were out of the store, I asked Rebecca about them, since she knew all of Dr. Morgan's patients. She didn't give me names, but it turned out one pair was a mother and son (and they weren't Tina and Billy, who had already left), and the other was an aunt and nephew.

I was secretly thrilled, because I felt even more than before that I was part of Dr. Morgan's secret movement or crusade.

Back home, Mommy made a mistake by immediately asking how things had gone with Rebecca as soon as Bethany and I walked inside. That allowed me to finally put two and two together and realize that the "accidental" meeting with Rebecca and David was no accident at all. In fact, it had been carefully planned by Mommy, Bethany, Rebecca, and Tabitha. But by the time I figured it out it was a done deal and I could only be amused at how I'd been "tricked."

Plus, I was relieved that Mommy wasn't upset and was even the "ringleader" behind bringing Rebecca into our sexual "team."

My only problem was wondering how even a "hypersexual being" such as myself could keep up with three incredible, insatiable nymphos!

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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