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Chapter 26
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

One month after my last appointment, I once again found myself sitting in Dr. Morgan's waiting room, ready for my next appointment with her. This time, though, I was flanked by not one but two huge-titted fuck sluts.

On my left sat my girlfriend Bethany, an achingly beautiful young woman, with an immense G-cup rack that jutted out obscenely from her tall, hourglass-shaped frame. Though she was actually three years my senior, at the moment she arguably looked younger, with her brown hair up in girly pigtails and her voluptuous body clad only in a tight T-shirt, along with an extremely short cheerleader-style shirt that flared out, showcasing her toned legs. Plus, less in tune with the rest of her casual outfit, she wore a pair of bright blue high heels on her feet. That was all she had on, since she never wore underwear whenever she was with me.

This sort of outfit was not unusual on her these days. Symbolic of how our relationship had evolved in just one month was the fact that her tight white T-shirt had the words "Brian Owns Me" written across it in big red letters. Those words were impossible to miss, especially due to the way they provocatively stretched out between her jiggly twin peaks.

On my right was my mother Mary, an unparalleled beauty, with a delicate face framed by long, wavy, dark brown hair that went halfway down her back, and bright green eyes that routinely took my breath away. Though barely more than five feet in height and light enough that I could hoist her onto my rock-hard cock by simply grabbing her around her amazingly slim waist (something I regularly did), she was easily the most top-heavy woman I had ever seen.

Just that weekend, Mommy and I had gone shopping for some new clothes for her -- which were getting sluttier by the week. (One result of me having a new girlfriend was that Bethany and Mommy were fighting to "out-slut" each other, and I was always the winner!) Having watched her try on obscene outfit after outfit, I knew that her narrow waist was offset by breasts so massive that the girl at the lingerie shop almost fainted at the measurement: 36-J.

My voluptuous mother had tried on teddies, bustiers, and other outfits for me -- and she was bursting out of all of them. It was all we could do not to fuck right there in one of the shops. We'd had to limit ourselves to her giving me a secret hummer in one of the dressing rooms, but that had seemed to only whet our sexual appetites. We'd ended up buying a bunch of custom-made bras, lingerie, and other items.

Happily, we'd chosen to shop at Stephanie's, the same lingerie shop where I'd had my wild shopping adventure with Rebecca and Bethany about a week earlier. It was the only store in town that carried bras in Mommy's size, so we didn't have much choice anyway. Tabitha had been there, so we'd gotten another discount, as well as protection for the dressing room blowjob.

Then Mommy and I had gone home. As soon as we got through the door, we'd fucked like animals on the shag carpeting of our living room. But that had just been for starters. We'd fucked all over the house until we were too tired to stand. I have a particularly fond memory of drilling her into the side of the couch, with her legs hoisted into the air as I rammed into her, making the dishes shake on the dining room table.

Sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Morgan's clinic, I had to marvel over how Mommy wore one of her newly purchased custom bras, with a simple white button-down blouse over it. It was absolutely bursting at the seams, with her tit-meat bulging out and threatening to blow the whole thing open. She wore a black jacket over that, with no hope of it ever closing over her gigantic bust below. She finished off her outfit with a tight, brown pencil skirt and her usual four-inch high heels (black, this time).

As usual whenever we were waiting in this room to see Dr. Morgan, Mommy squirmed in her seat, constantly fidgeting from horniness. As our "treatments" had progressed, she'd found herself hotter and hotter pretty much all the time - in just about all the connotations of the word "hot." Her body seemed constantly swollen, though more at certain times than others. In fact, her "swelling" was the main reason we were visiting the doctor this time.

However, there was a problem if we wanted to get frisky, because we weren't the only ones in the waiting room! As always, the gorgeous blonde receptionist Rebecca was visible only through the receptionist window.

What had happened between me and her lately was a whole other story!

Things had definitely changed since the encounter I'd had with her and her husband David at Stephanie's, when I fucked her for the first time in one of the dressing rooms. Since then, I didn't get to see her every day, or even every other day. But that meant that when I did get to see her, it was extra intense, not to mention arousing.

I'd finally accepted that I was her bull, possibly permanently. The benefits I got from that role were simply out of this world!

Let's just say as one example that before I could take a seat in the waiting room with Mommy, I had to go off to the bathroom in the doctor's inner offices, where Rebecca gave me a private and very intimate hello kiss greeting.

She'd wanted to "greet me" all the way until I came on her or inside her, but there hadn't been time, due to her having to man her receptionist position. However, she was so overwhelmingly passionate and needy that I let her give my penis a "special kiss" as well. That involved her stripping down to just her high heels and orally servicing me right there in the bathroom until I was on the cusp of a great climax. Luckily, she was so fervent with her tight lip-lock that it only took me a few minutes to get to that condition.

The only way I could get her to stop and put her clothes back on was to promise that I'd have a lot more fun with her before leaving the office.

Getting that "friendly hello" for Rebecca had gotten me hot to trot. Normally, with Mommy and Bethany there, we could have gotten it on right there in the waiting room with Rebecca watching and approving.

But the snag was that there was another couple sitting side by side in chairs across the waiting room. They hadn't said a word since the three of us had arrived, except for some quiet whispers to each other. But looking at their faces, it was clear they were unnerved by our presence, while we were stymied by their presence.

I had no doubt they were mother and son, even if I didn't already know that all of Dr. Morgan's patients were mothers and sons on this day of the week. For one thing, they were both African-American, with unusually dark brown skin. They also had similar faces. Even the styles of their black hair was similar, with her having almost as short a haircut as he did, though done in a feminine style. Plus, their ages fit, with the mother being about Mommy's age and the boy being about my age. Their non-verbal interaction somehow came across as familial as well.

The boy was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, just like me. The mother was in a long, flowing green dress that didn't hide the fact that she was seriously stacked - though not as much as Mommy, of course. Her bra size was more in Bethany's league - around a G-cup - which was still outrageously large by "outside world" standards.

Mommy was acting as if they weren't there, despite the fact she clearly had seen that they were. Without even trying to keep her voice down, she leaned into me, with her chest pressing into my arm, and began to massage the bulge in my shorts. "Sweetie? Can I suck on your cock while we wait? Please?"

I whispered back, "Ssssh. Patience."

She grudgingly lowered her voice. "I know Rebecca didn't finish the job in the bathroom, did she? In fact, she was more of a tease." She looked down at the bulge in my shorts and frowned. "She's left you with a big, fat boner, and that's just mean! Personally, I think it's an outrage. What good is it having not one but two personal fuck pets sitting next to you, and another one standing by, if you have to sit there with painful blue balls?!"

I realized she had a point. I was uncomfortably aroused. Just a couple of minutes ago, Rebecca had really worked me up with her fantastic oral loving, not to mention some titfucking fun too.

I couldn't help but grin widely as I thought back to the titfucking, because that had left her free to speak, and she'd said the most arousing things. I could still recall some of her words she spoke as her massive tits slid up and down either side of my throbbing shaft: "Sir, I've missed you SO MUCH! I know it's only been three days, but that's an eternity for me! You're in my heart and my thoughts all the time. Please tell me that your other two sexy sluts have been taking good care of you and especially treating this big fat cock of yours the way it needs to be treated!"

She'd gone on like that for quite some time. Sometimes, heck, most of the time, it was hard for me to fathom that she was married, because she certainly didn't act like it.

I tried to refocus on the problem at hand, the potential danger of having sexy fun in the waiting room. I whispered to Mommy, "What about them?" I subtly nodded towards the mother and son on the other side of the room.

My lusty mother actually raised her voice slightly, now that she wasn't mentioning Rebecca's name. "Oh, don't worry. I'm sure she's a mother who loves to suck her son too. I'll be really quiet, so they'll hardly notice. I promise to swallow all of your cum, so we won't make the usual sperm-faced mess either."

She whispered in her little-girl voice. "Please fuck Mommy's mouth, sweetheart!"

I looked to the black couple to see how they'd react. I couldn't tell if they'd overheard us. Regardless, both of them were staring at Mommy open-mouthed, even as I saw the mother glance at her son and hiss, "Reggie! Don't stare!"

He whispered back, but with enough excitement for me to hear, "Sorry, I can't help it! God, she's so HOT! And so stacked! How can a woman with a body like that also have a sultry face like that?! I've never seen anything like it!"

Knowing that he was talking about my mother, I couldn't disagree with him there!

The mother then grumbled, "Hey, what about me?! Am I chopped liver?"

Reggie quickly realized his faux pas. "Sorry, Mom! You're the best and I love you with all my heart. You're super sexy too, and an awesome cocksucker. No one else can deep throat me like you do, and that's a fact. It's just that... well... you don't see a woman with curves like that every day. Not even here."

The mother seemed mollified, but she grumbled some more, "I guess that's true."

Bethany was sitting on my other side, and she didn't want to be ignored. She pressed her curvaceous body into mine and started gently stroking my short dark brown hair. She said, with the slight whining tone of a teen not getting her way, "Please fuck MY mouth! I want to feel your cum shooting down my throat. And speaking of throats, I need more deep throating practice! The only way I'll ever get better is if I practice, practice, practice. You can feel up your Mommy's huge breasts while I suck on you. Please?"

The truth was that nowadays Mommy, Bethany, and I had become a nearly inseparable threesome, with Rebecca joining in occasionally. The sex I got to enjoy on a daily basis was truly beyond belief! Many times a day I literally couldn't believe what was happening to me, especially on those special occasions when my three beauties all licked my boner together. We were all either "hypersexual beings" or "mere" "nymphomaniacs," which meant we simply couldn't get enough of each other.

But, it wasn't all just sex and orgasms. Bethany in particular had become a big part of my life in a startlingly short time. I'd fallen deeply in love with the gorgeous young woman I had lusted after from afar during high school. And she'd fallen in love and lust with me, in a deeply submissive way.

Furthermore, Rebecca was rapidly becoming my de facto third sex toy, even though I saw a lot less of her due to her living with her husband. Her marriage also meant that there was a barrier between us growing emotionally closer... at least in theory. In reality, the intense sex we had every few days also emotionally bonded us more and more. I was trying to fight it, but I was slowly falling in love with her too, and I think she felt the same about me!

Rebecca looked up, smiled sweetly at me, and looked back down at her notes. Then, while still looking down, she joked, "I'm the Sgt. Schultz of receptionists. I didn't hear anything about blowjobs. And if one starts to happen, I'm literally going to look away and not notice. Well, some of the time, anyway!" She laughed.

My two ladies and I laughed too. We loved her understanding attitude. We also appreciated that it had to be especially hard on her to pretend that we were just like any other patients when she secretly had to be desperately eager to join in any sexual fun we might have right there in front of her.

I was sorely tempting to let something happen. However, I was still concerned about the couple sitting across the room. If Rebecca had heard the blowjob talk from all the way from her receptionist booth, then they must have heard it too, even though they were politely trying to act otherwise.

I asked Rebecca, "What about them?" I glanced at the mother and son to make clear who I was referring to.

Rebecca responded by asking me, "What about them?"

"Well, I don't want to offend," I said sheepishly. It was weird to talk about the couple as if they weren't there.

Rebecca explained, as if the couple couldn't hear us, "That's Janet and Reggie Jordan. They've been here plenty of times. They're on the cream therapy regimen, the same as you, so they know the deal. In fact, if you do have some oral fun, as I recall, this wouldn't be the first time they've witnessed a waiting room blowjob, although they've been too timid to take part in one themselves so far."

Janet decided to stop hiding behind her silence. She complained to Rebecca, "Yeah, but when we saw that, it was just a normal mother and her son. This is... extreme! He's got his girlfriend with her too! And both of them are... well, just look at them! They're incredibly gorgeous and busty! How am I supposed to compete with that?!"

Rebecca patiently replied, "First off, Ms. Jordan, there's no competition here. But even if there were, you're a very impressive woman yourself. Just look at you! You have an outstanding face and curvy figure, and of course you're remarkably stacked! And your son sings your praises. He says you're an obedient and dedicated mommy slut!"

Trying to help, Reggie chimed in, "It's true, Mom. I'm so proud of you and how dedicated you are at serving me."

Rebecca added, "And, a minute or two ago, we all heard him proudly call you the best deep throater in the world. That's not just talk either. I know from your previous visits that he's had lots of girlfriends but he's always maintained that you're the best cocksucker he's ever experienced, by a mile! So what are you worrying about?"

Janet was looking indignant, but all those compliments took the wind out of her angry sails. "Well... thank you, I guess. But still..."

Rebecca went on, "I remember last month, or the month before that, he was waiting alone here while you had some kind of special one-on-one meeting with the doctor, and he got to talking to me for a while. He said you've come so far in the last year. He's VERY proud of you! Like how you unfailingly wake him with a nice long blowjob, and always titfuck and suck him through breakfast. And that's just for starters!" She flashed Janet a big approving smile.

Again, Reggie chimed in. "Mom, that's so true too. I love you with all my heart!"

Janet blushed at the praise. She turned to her son and shared a loving smile with him. Then, looking back to Rebecca, she muttered, "Yes, well, that's nice, but... That doesn't mean that, uh, in a place like this..."

Reggie chuckled. "Mom, quit while you're still ahead. Here, I know what always makes you happy." He took her nearest hand and brought it to the bulge on his crotch.

But Janet was not that easily pacified. She took her hand away and gave her son a sharp look. "Sweetie bear! Not here! You know how I feel about helping you in that way in public!"

Reggie pointed out, "This waiting room isn't really public. You're seen what goes on in here sometimes."

She huffed, "It's close enough!" She winced, and reluctantly admitted, "It's true that I'm rather... eager... to give you one of my special hummers as a reward for you saying all those nice things about me."

Reggie sat up stiffly and eagerly in his chair. "Oooh! You mean one of your deep throat specials?! The kind where you do that cool vibrating thing while I fuck your throat?!"

Janet looked around in embarrassment, painfully aware that the rest of us in the room were listening to every word. But she bravely kept on as if they were alone. "Er, yes. But you'll just have to wait until we get back to the car, at least. Besides, I took care of you just before we left home, and then again in the parking lot. I still have a lingering taste of your seed in my mouth, for crying out loud."

He looked down at the bulge in his crotch. "Yeah, but I'm horny and stiff again!"

She gave him an exasperated look. "You're always horny and stiff. Just hold your horses!"

Reggie sighed and looked back in our direction. Clearly, he'd gone through this kind of situation with his ebony goddess of a mother before.

I turned to my own goddess of a mother. She'd just taken her jacket off while she was waiting for me. I felt greatly emboldened after what I'd just seen and heard. I figured if they'd witnessed one waiting room blowjob already, there was no harm in having them witness another one.

I said loudly and commandingly, "Mommy, please kneel down in front of me and begin to masturbate yourself."

Mommy squealed with delight and immediately began squeezing her giant breasts, as she often did when excited.

Bethany groaned in disappointment.

I turned to my girlfriend. "Don't worry, Bethany, you can split the task," I said, smiling.

She looked up at me and, after biting her lip in that little-girl way that made my heart skip a beat, she said, "Okay, love. I'm going to take out your big cock for your mommy to suck on, okay?"

I nodded. I was careful not to look at the African-American couple, even though they were sitting directly across from me, because I didn't want to be daunted by any disgruntled looks from Janet.

Bethany began to undo my shorts. Suddenly, she was so into it that I doubt she had any further thought to the incestuous couple across the room.

Mommy also did as she was instructed: kneeling between my legs, giving me an amazing view of her bulging cleavage. She hiked up her tight skirt in front and put one hand between her legs.

I thought, To think: just a few months ago, I was a shy 18-year old virgin. Now, I'm brimming with confidence, thanks to fucking and playing with the two sexiest ladies I've ever seen so very often. And now they're going to take turns sucking on my cock in the doctor's waiting room! While my super sexy slut Rebecca gets to watch! Plus, another hot mother-son couple will do so as well. I feel invincible!

Bethany pulled my now rock-hard cock out of my shorts and angled it toward my mother's mouth, which was wide open, awaiting its prize.

I heard Janet mutter under her breath, "God dammit! That thing is a monster!"

Mommy began to coo at the large cock, rubbing it on her face and kissing it lovingly, as she pulled aside her panties and started to rub her throbbing clit. "Such a pretty cock," she whispered. "But it's such a mean and scary monster too!"

Clearly, she'd heard what Janet had muttered as well as I did, and she was having some fun with it.

She looked up at me with her bright green eyes. "I love you so much, Sweetie. Will you fuck my helpless little mouth now with your gigantic cock-monster, please?"

I simply nodded.

Bethany caressed the petite, busty mother's luscious dark brown hair and then pushed her head down onto my pulsing member. "Time to suck your baby's cock, Mommy! Show Janet just what you can do!"

Mommy moaned as she engulfed my cock with her mouth. Only seconds later, as she masturbated her dripping cunt, she shuddered in orgasm.

But that didn't stop or slow her down. She began to bob her head up and down on my prick.

She was ready to suck like a demoness at any time, day or night. But I figured that she'd be extra motivated with the other couple watching, especially after all the praise Janet got for her sucking skills.

I glanced over at Rebecca. I knew this would be very difficult for her, because with the other couple there, she couldn't let on that she was anything more than a receptionist to me, even though our relationship was evolving into something much greater. To make matters worse, she had to watch Mommy finish off the blowjob that she'd started in the bathroom. It was no surprise that there was pained expression on her face.

I also noticed her arms angling down towards her pussy mound. I couldn't see what her hands were doing, since I only had a limited view of her through her open window, but I was almost certain that she was starting to masturbate already. Hopefully, she could at least vicariously enjoy this without being too obvious about it.

Then I glanced over to the mother and son across the room, to see how they were taking it.

It was going a lot better than I'd expected. Janet still looked upset. But it seemed that Reggie had tried the trick of putting her hand on his bulge again, and this time it appeared to be working much better. He still had a hand on top of her hand, but she wasn't attempting to move her hand away. That meant she had to be aroused already. And since she was a natural nympho, like all the other mothers who were patients of Dr. Morgan, she was very, very easily arousable.

Happily, she kept her hand there on her son's bulge even when she saw that I was looking at her. She looked highly embarrassed. (I surmised her ebony skin was probably too dark for a blush to be seen.) However, instead of complaining, she just closed her eyes and turned her head away without moving her hand from Reggie's crotch.

I turned to my girlfriend, stared directly at the "Brian Owns Me" message on her distended T-shirt, and said to her, "I want to play with your breasts now."

Bethany proudly stuck out her huge rack and plumped her breasts slightly, presenting them for me. She said with a big grin, "Of course, sweetheart. You do own them, after all. Along with the rest of me!"

Reggie couldn't resist blurting out, "Mom, did you hear that?! He owns her!"

Janet responded with a wry, chagrined voice, "I kind of gathered as much from her T-shirt already."

I knew from recent experience that submissive talk like this really got Bethany's engine running, even if the words came from her mouth. I certainly wasn't going to complain! I'd discovered that arousing her at any time was a piece of cake. All I had to do was "take charge" in any way and she would go wild on me.

Unlike my mother, my girlfriend was not wearing a bra. Despite their great size, her tits were so firm that she didn't really need one yet, and she liked to constantly titillate me by going without in public. I began to tweak her rock-hard nipples, pulling up her obscene and very tight T-shirt to get direct access to them.

She moaned with pleasure and moved my head toward hers.

I was mildly annoyed at the thought of Reggie looking at my girl's bare breasts, but since he was across the room from me, I figured all he could see was her backside and imagine what he was missing if he could be on the other side of the room. It was the same for his view of Mommy's blowjob action.

Bethany and I began to make out, our tongues dancing in each other's mouths, while my mother's tongue danced around my throbbing cock.

After a while, I couldn't resist breaking the kiss and looking past Bethany to see how the couple across the room were handling what we were doing to each other.

I was happy to see that they were getting seriously worked up too. Reggie's fly had come undone and his very sizable erection was poking through. Janet was intently staring at it as she steadily pumped a hand up and down it, skin on skin. Her hefty tits were heaving up and down inside her green dress in time to her stroking.

Reggie, by contrast, seemed visually focused on what was happening on my side of the room. As a result, he immediately noticed that I was looking his way. This time, he was emboldened enough to speak to me. "Hey, man! Nice ladies you've got there!"

"Thanks," I replied with a smile. I put my hand on my mother's head and possessively stroked her hair. "And your mom is a real hottie."

"Thanks." Reggie asked, "I know that's your mom, but is Bethany your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, she is." I thought, Technically speaking, I guess that's true. Although if she was asked, I'm sure she'd proudly declare that she's my "number two personal sex pet." God, she's great!

I thought back, and didn't recall her name being mentioned, so I asked, "How do you know her name?"

"Oh, man! I know her really well. I've seen her most every time I come in here. She even jacked me off a few times to get a sperm sample. She's such a babe! So STACKED! Even slightly more than my mom!"

Reggie reached to his mother's nearest breast and gave it a quick caress. Then he decided to keep his hand fondling her there. "But the story was that she never, ever dated anybody. How the hell did you win her?!"

Hearing a reminder of what she used to do to other guys in her job made me feel a twinge of jealousy. But I could put it out of my mind fairly easily, because that was then, and she didn't do that anymore.

I shrugged in response to Reggie, honestly puzzled by how things had come to this. "Hell if I know! It's like what happened with my mom. One day you just look around and are amazed that you're living the dream!"

He laughed. "Yeah, man! I know that feeling! But Brian, hey, sorry for interrupting you."

"No problem." Then I did a double take. "Wait. How do you know my name too?! The receptionist Rebecca said your name, Reggie, but I don't remember anyone saying my name out loud."

He smirked. "Her 'Brian Owns Me' T-shirt was a little bit of a clue." He looked knowingly towards Bethany.

I chuckled. "Oh yeah. That."

I thought our conversation ended at that point, because Reggie pushed his mother's head down to his cock sticking straight up in his crotch.

Janet growled in apparent displeasure at his aggressiveness in a public place, but it seemed her lust for cock was greater than her annoyance. Plus, it was clear that she was profoundly embarrassed, and maybe she found it easier having her face in his lap so she wouldn't have to talk or make eye contact. She engulfed his large boner and began bobbing on it.

I could tell right away that Reggie's talk about her being an expert cocksucker wasn't just idle boasting. I obviously couldn't see what was happening inside her mouth, but all the outside signs suggested Reggie was going to be in for a wild ride, such as the way her cheeks repeatedly caved-in, plus the talented movement of her supporting sliding fingers on his shaft, as well as the intense look on her still partially open eyes.

I continued to gawk at Reggie and Janet. Reggie tilted his head back, apparently trying to ride out the extreme pleasure of the initial blowjob surge without cumming. I knew that feeling well, since it happened to me many times a day.

But even as he closed his eyes while coping with the extreme pleasure, he asked me, "By the way, is it true?"

"What?" I asked.

"That you own her?! Because that's pretty fucking awesome, man!"

I carefully replied, "Kind of, but not really. You know how it is. I mean, I'll bet you call your mom your 'sex pet' or the like, but that's not literally true. But it's fucking arousing!"

Reggie smiled widely as he luxuriated in his mother's oral attentions. He was casually running his fingers through her short, black, kinky hair. He muttered, "Yeah, I call my mom my 'suck toy,' because she's so orally focused. She's like a human cocksucking machine! She totally loves it!"

"Cool. I can see that. And hear it." I added "hear it" because Janet was becoming increasingly vocal as she let her inhibitions run wild. She was slurping up a storm, and lightly choking and gagging on him too.

Janet's lewd noises were raising my arousal level, and I'm sure they were having the same effect on my two sluts.

I went back to kissing my gorgeous girlfriend. Not surprisingly, my mother had never stopped steadily sucking my dick. In fact, almost as if she was in a sexual sound competition with Janet, she was becoming increasingly and uncommonly loud and slurpy too.

She also had just started mewling unhappily. I tried to figure out what her problem was, and then I realized it. I told Reggie, "By the way, my mom is super orally focused too. She's my 'human cocksucking machine' too." I petted the top of her head approvingly.

Mommy moaned with lust and contentment. It looked like I'd said the right thing.

Groping Bethany's huge exposed tits while we made out while my even more endowed mother mouth-fucked my cock was too much for me to handle for long: I knew I was going to blow my wad soon if we kept it up. The fact that I had an audience of three others was making everything twice as arousing.

I briefly thought of Rebecca in particular. However, I didn't dare look her way, for fear that she was doing something too arousing, such as masturbating in a blatant manner. I was too close to the edge. I hoped at least she was enjoying our little show.

It was tempting to spurt my ropes of cum into my mother's mouth, but I had another plan. Breaking the kissing with Bethany, I said firmly, "Mommy, stop."

My buxom mother pulled her lips off with a loud smacking sound. "Oh, Sweetie, I was enjoying that so much," she said, while wiping the drool off her chin. She continued to stroke my cock with one hand while still masturbating herself with the other.

"I know, Mommy, but it's time to switch. Remember, sharing is caring. Bethany, please kneel, remove your T-shirt the rest of the way, and take over sucking me off."

Bethany squealed in delight. Then she gave me a playful salute, and barked, "Yes, sir!"

"Mommy, sit up here and remove your top -- bra included."

Mommy had just sighed in distress, like she was a toddler and I'd taken away her favorite toy. But hearing me tell her to get topless put a toothy smile back on her face. She knew more sexual fun would surely follow.

Now that she was sitting up, she glanced over at the other couple. She knew what they'd been doing from Janet's extra loud slurpy noises, but she smiled brightly to see Janet's head bobbing with her own eyes. I figured that Mommy shared some sort of unspoken camaraderie with Janet and all the other moms being "treated" by Dr. Morgan, who had come to love the "mommy pet" lifestyle.

Then, following my instructions, my mother unbuttoned her blouse. As she lifted herself onto the seat next to me, her massive tits bulged out of her straining, heavy-duty bra. She reached behind herself, arching her back and forcing her chest out to jut out even further as she did so. When she undid the hooks, her gigantic tits sprung free.

Although I had seen those tit-mountains uncovered the vast majority of the time for a few months now, I gawked at them as if for the first time. They never failed to impress, not just for their size, but also their flawless, gravity-defying shape.

But she wasn't done yet. She proceeded to wiggle out of her tight skirt, leaving her in just her high heels. She'd really developed a skill of provocative stripteasing, thanks to undressing before my eyes several times each day.

I glanced over at Reggie and Janet. I'm sure Reggie would have loved to see Mommy's' bare ass wiggle into view, but he had his eyes closed due to him trying to cope with the intense oral stimulation he was experiencing. However, ironically, Janet was getting to watch Mommy strip. Even though she remained busy expertly blowing her son, she was leaning over from the seat next to him, and her angled head allowed her to peek towards us out of the corners of her eyes.

I wondered what she was thinking. Possibly, she was pondering how both she and my mother could get so hopelessly addicted to sucking son-cock that they'd even do it in a place like this in front of people they'd just met. At least, that was what I was thinking. Multiple times a day, my mind was blown thinking how much my life had veered from normality and how much sexual pleasure I got to enjoy. It wasn't fair, but I couldn't let that bother me.

Bethany struggled to get her T-shirt over her own huge tits, or maybe she just knew I'd enjoy the sight of her squirming helplessly while her huge tits wobbled around her chest. Eventually, she pulled it off. Then, taking inspiration from Mommy, she kept stripping until she was down to just her high heels as well.

She muttered to me, "I love getting completely naked for you! AND I get to do it in a public place, with witnesses! AND with the sweet sound of another big cock getting sucked in the background! AND in my former place of work, no less!"

Then, kneeling as if worshiping at my crotch, she took my cock in her hand, plunged her mouth over it, and began to suck.

Several highly stimulating minutes passed for me. I kicked back with my hands behind my head to fully bask in the joy of my girlfriend's talented oral efforts.

By and by, even as I was enjoying that, my thoughts returned to the mother and son across the room. I wanted to check again on how they were reacting to our increasingly outrageous behavior. While they wouldn't be able to see Mommy's awesome breasts, they would get a great look at her similarly jaw-dropping bare ass. Plus, of course, I wanted to see what they were up to.

It turned out my timing was excellent. Janet's head was steadily bobbing up and down, as expected. Unfortunately, even though she was sucking her son from the adjacent seat, her head was tilted in a way that blocked me from directly watching her lips sliding on his shaft. But from what I could see, I surmised she was down enough to be deep throating him.

However, right as I was watching, Reggie, with his eyes closed, fumbled with his hands on the back of her green dress until he found a zipper there. Then he tugged the zipper down, all the way to the top of her ass.

Janet let out a series of loud, distressed moans, though they sounded muffled since her mouth was stuffed full of black cock.

Reggie brought his hands back to the top of her head and resumed running his fingers through her short hair. He muttered, "Come on, my sexy suck toy, you know what I want. I need some help here. Haven't you been listening? Brian has his two sluts completely topless now. I want you to be proud of your huge tits too. You're just as sexy and stacked as they are! Show me what you've got!"

Janet moaned some more, but in a more resigned and sedate manner. As her head continued its steady bobbing, she reached behind herself with both hands and gradually tugged her green dress down until her back was completely bare. That caused her dress to fall down off her front side too, although not by much due to one of his legs being right underneath. Then she got to work undoing her bra in back. Once the clasp came undone, she let her bra fall to the floor, forgotten.

I longed to get a good view of her tits, because they were quite large, about Bethany's size, and they had the novel attribute (for me) of being very dark brown. However, she undoubtedly was feeling extremely humiliated. She positioned one of her arms just so to block the sight of her bosom from my angle.

With her body uncovered from the waist up, she turned her full attention back to her cocksucking. Although she'd sounded reluctant to get topless, doing so much had turned her on even more, because she began bobbing on her son with renewed vigor. She was almost frantic about it.

In fact, the change in her sucking style was so obvious that Reggie laughed about it, and commented, "Okay, Mom, settle down! Remember, you're in it for the long haul. Behave, or I'll have to take your dress all the way off."

That last comment backfired in a spectacular way. Janet moaned much, much louder, and began bobbing up and down on him twice as fast as before! She got so carried away that she forgot to protect her privates, and exposed a good view of one of her full, dangling breasts when she moved her arm to fondle one of his balls.

I was highly curious and aroused. I'd never seen the bare tits of an African-American woman before. I was surprised at how dark her erect nipple looked like. It reminded me of a Hershey's Kiss.

I watched as Reggie had to clench his teeth and moan and groan in distress, no doubt fighting the urge to cum with all his might. I could also see that he'd switched to clenching the sides of her head, no doubt struggling to get her bobbing motion back under control.

I had to chuckle to myself, and think, That's the story of my life! I thought that because I had similar "overenthusiasm" problems multiple times every day. I felt almost giddy for Reggie, because I knew exactly the sort of extreme arousal he had to be feeling at the moment, even greater than the "standard" level of blowjob pleasure I was currently enjoying.

Then I mused more generally, God, it's so good to be a satyr son with a nympho mommy. God bless Dr. Morgan! I wish I knew how many hundreds of moms and sons she's liberated over the years, not to mention all her other kinds of patients! She's like the angel of sexual awakenings! And her daughter is pretty fucking awesome too!

I would have liked to keep watching Reggie and Janet, especially to see if he managed to "win" the battle to get Janet to calm down before he was forced to shoot off. Plus, I was still curious if she was deep throating him or not - I usually couldn't see her mouth action directly, so it was hard to tell. However, I turned my attention elsewhere, because Bethany did something unexpected.

My buxom brunette girlfriend was happily bobbing away on me when she suddenly stopped, pulled her lips off my shaft with a satisfying smacking sound, and sat up. She continued to stroke my boner, but looked over to the receptionist's window. She spoke in a breezy tone, "Hi, Rebecca!"

Rebecca was still dressed, mostly, but she'd unbuttoned her blouse all the way down in front to get direct access to her huge breasts. She had one hand inside her blouse, and there was no sign of any bra. Her other hand looked like it was positioned over her pussy.

Rebecca chuckled and waved back. Seeing as she'd only been caught out by us, and Reggie and Janet were still in their own blowjob world, with Jane's face in his lap and his eyes closed, she didn't even bother to try to cover up.

She said with a happy smile, "Hi, Bethany! Nice boyfriend you've got there!" She winked.

Bethany seemed to glow from the praise. "I know! Right?! I'm so lucky!" She paused, then added, "You should get one just like him. I'd highly recommend it." She winked knowingly.

Rebecca rolled her eyes, due to the unspoken subtext. She groaned. "Tell me about it! Too bad I'm married. Or I'd definitely want a boyfriend like yours. Pretty much EXACTLY like yours, in fact."

Her voice turned increasingly sultry and passionate as she directly looked at me. "I would totally devote myself to serving him, even if it means sucking and fucking right in front of my hubby inside the changing room of a clothing store! Gaawwwd, I'd love him so much! There's NOTHING I wouldn't do for him, especially if it involves pleasuring his perfect cock! I'd want to move in with him so I could be with him 24/7 and make him feel good all the time!"

There was even more unspoken subtext to unpack there, since she had to talk cryptically, for fear or Janet and/or Reggie listening in. Rebecca still loved her cucky husband David (in an increasingly platonic way), but she was frustrated that she couldn't spend more time with me. She could only be with me two or three times a week, mostly due to the fact that she lived over an hour away and she had a full-time job. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and whenever she was with me, she made the most out of every moment. She was a totally uninhibited slut!

Bethany appeared to try to figure out how to respond to that without saying anything that could reveal Rebecca and I were sexually intimate. However, it seemed she came up empty, and figured silence was best. Instead, she just muttered, "We'll have to do something to help with that soon," then tilted her head back down and engulfed my shaft again.

I sighed contently as I enjoyed the sensations of Bethany's renewed cocksucking. I closed my eyes to luxuriate in the joy.

However, apparently, my petite Mommy was feeling neglected. She tapped on my thigh until I opened my eyes again.

When I looked her way, I was greeted by a breath-taking sight.

She cupped her J-cup-sized tits for me, saying, "Here are my huge breasts, Sweetie. Are they to your liking?"

I responded by grabbing one, raising it to my mouth, and beginning to suckle on the nipple.

She moaned, but lifted my chin up. She kissed me hard on the mouth, then brought her giant teat up to her own mouth and began to suckle on herself.

I groaned lustily and began to thrust my think and needy cock deeper into my willing girlfriend's mouth.

All the while this was happening, I could hear the sound of slurpy sucking from across the room, as well as heavy breathing and erotic moaning. Maybe Janet was trying to show off, or she was simply extremely worked up, or some combination of both, but she was very vocal, all the time.

I'd been delightfully distracted, but a particularly loud erotic groan from there caught my attention.

I looked over and saw Reggie with his head tilted back. No doubt, he was tripping on great arousal, because his mother was still leaning over into his lap from her seat and fervently bobbing up and down on his thick shaft. He had a hand on Janet's head, but it seemed he wasn't so overwhelmed that he was trying to slow her down.

After his surge of pleasure ended, he opened his eyes and looked in my direction. Our eyes locked. He commented to me mirthfully, "Man! It's good to be king, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah!" I enthusiastically agreed. I looked all around the room. It's pretty sweet seeing his mother bobbing in his lap, as well as Rebecca mostly topless and fondling herself. But still, I figure my two nude hotties are the stars of the "show."

Looks like he hasn't noticed yet how Rebecca's blouse is wide open in front. I wonder what he'd think if he knew I'm fucking her too! I don't even want to tell him. It would just make him feel bad.

Reggie said, "This is a pretty epic moment for me. Mom sucks me off four or five times a day at home, not to mention all the other sexual stuff we do, but we live alone. This is the first time she's done anything like this in front of strangers, unless you count the doctor."

I said, "Congrats! Pretty cool. But wouldn't it feel even better if she's fully naked and kneeling between your legs? I know my mom always takes her oral efforts up a notch when she's like that."

His eyes lit up. "YEAH! Great idea! Mom, you heard him! Assume the position!"

His mother Janet pulled her lips all the way off his black cock and looked up at him. "Son, please! I'm dying of shame here! I can't believe you tricked me into doing this much. Can't you have mercy on me?"

He replied, "You know we're here today mainly to talk to the doctor about your hang-ups holding you back from being a better mommy pet. Instead of talking, let's see action! That'll change your attitude faster than anything."

She seemed uncertain, torn between lust and fear. She griped, "But I can't just get completely naked; I'd feel too ashamed!" With her mouth off her son, she was able to sit up and look our way. She either was heedless about the fact she was topless or resigned to it, because I got a much better view of her bare tits this time, and both of them.

I decided that moment was a good time for us to put on a show, to help inspire Janet to get more wanton and wild as well. Mommy continued to suckle herself as she leaned into my chest, and that was great. But I grabbed hold of my girlfriend's pigtails and, using them as handles, plowed even harder into her willing mouth.

Bethany's blowjob was turning into more of a face fuck. That wasn't unusual. I had gotten more and more aggressive with her mouth as the days had gone by. Initially, I had been hesitant for fear of hurting her, but I'd learned that she could take it, and in fact she preferred being treated that way. It fit in with her notions of a girlfriend needing to be a "willing, obedient slut at all times."

I slammed into her mouth over and over, making her huge tits shake wildly.

Popping her nipple out of her mouth, Mommy alighted at the sight. "Goodness, Sweetie! You're fucking her mouth so hard!"

Mommy asked Bethany, "Do you like that? Do you like how my son fucks your mouth in front of strangers?"

Bethany could only let out a lusty moan that Mommy assumed was a yes. She was especially unable to speak because she began to orgasm simply from the mouth-fucking. Soon, her whole body was quivering in pleasure.

Mommy glanced over at the mother and son across the room.

I did too. I surmised that Reggie had said some things to convince his mother to get completely naked while my attention had been directed elsewhere, because I watched Janet stand up and pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and then wiggled out of it until it slid all the way to the floor.

I could only see her backside, but it was an impressive, thrilling sight just the same. I was intrigued by the dark brown color of her skin, as well as how uncommonly fit and muscular she was, maybe even more than Mommy or Bethany. She was a very full-bodied woman. Her waist wasn't narrow, but her hips and shoulders were wide.

It soon became apparent that she hadn't been wearing panties to begin with. That quickly left her buck naked but for her high heels. Her bare ass was just as dark as the rest of her.

I know it's a stereotype that black women have "booties" that are larger and plumper than most, but in her case, the stereotype definitely fit! Her bare butt was a sight to behold!

She squealed and covered her nipples and pussy, as if losing her dress was a surprise instead of something she'd just done herself. "Son! You're so mean. Look what you made me do! I'm NAKED!"

He seemed heedless of her words, and just motioned with his hands for her to stop covering up.

She reluctantly dropped her hands to her sides. But she complained, "YOU! You know I can't control myself once I get to snacking on your yummy chocolate cock. You're taking advantage of my addiction!"

Mommy decided to try to help. "Janet?!"

The voluptuous mother twisted around in place, showing us her face and her ass at the same time. She was so very humiliated that a reddish blush could be seen on her dark brown face.

Now that she was mostly facing us, and standing up naked, it was even easier for me to see how very stunning she was. Her breasts were about G-cups, I estimated, but that wasn't quite as visually impressive as it first seemed, since she was about six feet tall. That made her almost a foot taller than Mommy! She also had wide, muscular legs, like Tina Turner's.

She reminded a bit of the 1980s model and singer Grace Jones in her prime, although her face didn't look harshly angled and intimidating. But she was similarly dark-skinned and hardbodied, and she had a face worthy of a professional model. However, of course, her tits were much, much larger.

Janet seemed horrified that Mommy had called her out, and she stood there silent, trembling in shame. She finally realized what she was showing and quickly covered her privates again, with an arm across her nipples and a hand over her pussy mound.

But Mommy told her, "Relax! And don't worry! This is what we do! We're big-titted mommy sluts! What's more important than serving your son's big cock? Nothing! Quit trying to fight it and keep some dignity for yourself. We have no dignity. When he gives you an order, you must obey!"

Janet sighed in apparent relief that Mommy was encouraging her, not criticizing. She turned around some more until she was almost directly facing us, while careful to keep her privates covered. "I know! I try to be a better slut for him, I really do. There's nothing I want more. But I can't get rid of my inhibitions! For instance, look at me right now." She looked down at her hands. "I'm so humiliated!"

Mommy said, "Humiliation is a GOOD thing! You don't think I feel humiliated every single minute of every day about the fact that I've become my son's busty sex toy, his personal fuck doll? I do! And I'm forced to share him with his hot teen girlfriend to boot! Oh, and he has a secret mistress on the side too."

Janet was startled by the "mistress" revelation. "Really?! That's... impressive!"

"I know!" I'm sure it took all of Mommy's willpower not to glance towards Rebecca in her office to give a vital clue as to who the secret mistress was.

Nobody was paying attention to where I was looking, so I did glance at Rebecca.

The bombshell receptionist was masturbating so intently that she was hunched forward, with both arms disappearing down towards her crotch. Her blouse was wide open in front, causing her own impressive G-cups to dangle forward and down.

It was remarkable that so much else was happening in the room that apparently nobody else but me had noticed her toplessness yet.

She saw me looking and gave me a special, knowing smile. Then she looked down towards Bethany's mass of brown hair bobbing in my lap and ostentatiously licked her way all the way around her lips.

I glanced around in fear that someone else had noticed that, but it still seemed that nobody was paying any attention to Rebecca at all. I felt bad for her, that she was so close and yet so far from the action. Probably she felt the open window she was standing behind was like a cage.

Mommy continued to talk to Janet, "But knowing that he's put me in my place makes me so very hot and horny! And that makes me serve him with more passion and love! Does your son put you in your place?"


"Do you love it or hate it?"

"I like it." Janet straightened up as her lust and confidence surged.

"Come on. Just like it? Or do you love it?"

Janet couldn't help but grin. "Okay, you got me. I love it!"

Mommy grinned at that response. "I love it too! Isn't it electrifying when he shows you just how dominant he can be? For instance, if he holds your cocksucking head with two hands and forces you deeper down his throat?"

That seemed to hit a bullseye for Janet, by the way her whole face lit up. "Oh, yes! I absolutely love it when he does that!"

Encouraged, Mommy continued, "Think back to all the times you've sucked your son's cock. Don't you love it the most when you're naked and kneeling in total submission and humiliation?"

Janet answered, "That, or when I'm on all fours." She grew even more embarrassed at that confession, but seemed strangely prideful too.

Mommy moaned erotically in agreement about the "all fours" part. She cheered her, "So don't fight the humiliation! Revel in it! Savor it! Why aren't you on your knees already, where you belong? BE his suck toy mommy with all your heart!"

Janet seemed astounded, like she'd just had an epiphany. "T-t-thank... thank you!"

Mommy added enthusiastically, "Drop your hands! Show the world what a fantastic body you have!"

The ebony goddess dropped her hands, slowly and shyly at first, but then with resolute determination. She was showing off her fabulous body for Mommy, but that meant she was effectively showing off her nakedness for me too. I was surprised to see she had a black bush, neatly trimmed into a "landing strip" shape.

I definitely reveled in the sight, admiring her from head to toe. God, she's a major babe! It's a wonder I don't blast a cum load into Bethany's mouth here and now!

I could tell Reggie was feeling uncertain about this latest development. No doubt, he didn't like the fact that I was getting to look at every inch of his mother.

To reassure him, I said, "Hey, Reggie, damn, man! Your mother is a Nubian goddess! I say that as a distant admirer, of course. I'd never try to touch her. But of all the other moms I've seen in Dr. Morgan's office, I'd say she's the hottest!"

That cheered him right back up. "Thanks! Your mom isn't exactly ugly either! Nor is your girl!" His eyes opened wide as he watched Bethany's head bobbing in my lap. "God damn, you're a lucky son of a bitch!"

"I am!"

We shared a good laugh at that.

Janet also appreciated the compliment, judging by the way she proudly straightened up, almost like a soldier on parade. She was still blushing profusely, even with her nearly black skin, but she was smiling widely too.

Mommy wasn't done with Janet. She barked, "Now, turn around and show off your fantastic nude body to your son! Your master!"

Janet turned around. She seemed to tremble slightly from being given an order like that, or maybe it was the use of the word "master," or both.

I was impressed to see Janet spread her legs wide and put her hands on her head. Clearly, lust had taken total control of her. If she even remembered that she was in a waiting room and anyone could walk in at any time, she wasn't letting it limit her behavior one bit.

Her voice was dripping with desire as she asked Reggie, "Son, how do you want your 'Nubian goddess?'"

I was tickled pink that she liked the phrase I'd mentioned enough to use it herself. It was a good example of how we were all inspiring each other to greater and greater erotic heights.

Reggie flashed a toothy smile. "Mom, I think you know the answer. Kneel!" He pointed to the floor between his legs, making clear it was time for her to get back "to work" on his cock in the kneeling position.

I was too fucking horny and distracted to pay much attention to the Jordans after that.

Bethany obviously couldn't see anything that was happening, since her face was buried in my lap, but she had ears to hear, and what she heard was like throwing gasoline onto her sexual bonfire. She was slurping and stroking my cock like a woman possessed!

I had to put both hands on Bethany's head to try to get her to slow her bobbing. I also was forced to close my eyes and squeeze my PC muscle as I struggled hard not to cum.

Luckily, Mommy saw my condition and took it easy on me for a while.

However, after about a minute or two, I recovered enough to open my eyes again.

I looked across the room, and saw Janet was on her knees. Since she was facing directly away from me, I couldn't directly see the action, but the way her head was bobbing up and down on her son's crotch made clear what was happening. So was the way Reggie was writhing in his seat, moaning loudly with his eyes closed. It looked like he was right on the verge of cumming, the same as me.

I thought I'd calmed down just enough to be able to have a second wind for a while. But seeing Janet giving her son his first "public" blowjob pretty much shattered my willpower to hold out much longer. Plus, the sight of Janet's firm yet plush bare "booty" and her wet pussy between her legs was driving me crazy. Even her muscular back looked super sexy.

Sensing that my ability to resist was crumbling by the second, I issued my next command. Yanking Bethany's head back by her pigtails, I pulled her off my throbbing prick.

It exited her mouth with a loud popping sound, making both my mother and girlfriend giggle.

I turned to my topless, giant-titted mother. "Kneel down next to Bethany, Mommy. I'm going to cum all over both of you now!"

The two women shrieked in delight. Cumming on both of them at once had become a tradition that we all adored. It happened at least once a day, but often much more.

My gorgeous mother got onto her knees, her massive breasts swaying erotically as she did. She hoisted them up, presenting them for my pleasure; my girlfriend followed suit.

In front of me were two stunning women, pressed together shoulder to shoulder, each plumping and squeezing their huge breasts in order to stimulate me to orgasm.

I knew that wouldn't take long. I began to stroke my cock, which was plenty wet from the two blowjobs I had just received.

My women began to tempt me in their high-pitched, little-girl voices.

"Please cum on my face, sweetheart," my mother begged. "I need your cum all over me!"

"Don't forget to paint my tits too, love!" Bethany added. "You know how much I love it when you cum on my big ones!"

That did it. With a roar, I began to ejaculate. "I love you so much!" I yelled to both of them.

My cum spurted out in ropes, first hitting my mother squarely in the face, where it dribbled down onto her gigantic tits. Then I turned slightly, and more cum splashed onto my girlfriend. I aimed downwards and coated both of their chests with yet more cum. Slowly, the deluge subsided.

Panting hard, the two women immediately began to lick my cum off each other's faces, necks, and chests. It was all part of a ritual the three of us had enacted many times over, often several times a day, though usually in our own home.

I took one more brief glance across the room. I saw Reggie with his head tilted back and his teeth clenched. It looked like he was on the verge, but still hanging on for dear life. Janet's head was relentlessly bobbing up and down, like a bouncing ball.

I slumped down in my chair and shut my eyes, feeling totally spent.

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