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Chapter 27
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

It took me a couple of minutes before I recovered enough to open my eyes. I looked down and saw Mommy and Bethany happily licking my cum off each other's faces.

That was no surprise. In fact, they loved eating my cum off each other so very much that I would have been shocked if they had been doing anything else. Normally, there would have been a lot of French kissing and snowballing of my cum too, but apparently they were reluctant to "get lesbian" in front of the others.

I knew that would keep them busy for a good while, based on our usual daily traditions. So I looked up and around to see what else was happening.

Not much had changed with Reggie and Janet since I'd seen them last. Janet remained completely naked and kneeling between his legs, giving me a great view of her uncommonly large and round ass. Her head was steadily bobbing away over his crotch, a lot slower than the last I'd seen of her, while he was petting and stroking her short black hair.

I was impressed that Reggie still hadn't climaxed. Or, if he did while I'd missed it, he'd kept right on going. It seemed they had settled in for a long sucking session and he wasn't in danger of an imminent orgasm.

He had been gawking at my two sluts, which was no surprise, because they were rubbing their massive, cummy tits together while on their knees in front of me, as well as kissing and licking each other's faces clean. But when he saw me looking, he got my attention. "Hey! Uh, Brian, right?"

"Right. From the T-shirt. And you're Reggie."

"Yeah. I'd shake your hand to formally meet you, but, you know." He chuckled.

"I do know. No way am I about to get up!"

We both laughed at that.

He asked me, "Hey, this is pretty fucking insane, isn't it?"

I laughed with sheer glee. "It sure is!"

He asked more thoughtfully, "How the hell did this happen to us? I mean, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what kind of place IS this clinic? We've been going here for over a year, and I've seen nothing but totally hot moms and their sons! And all the moms have breasts out to here" - he held a hand far in front of his chest - "though yours takes the cake."

I just nodded.

He continued, "And I don't know about you, but we started out being told by Dr. Morgan that our nymphomania could be cured, but somehow Mom turned into my personal slut instead and we're having way more sex than ever before!"

I chuckled knowingly. "Yeah. The exact same thing happened here. It is pretty weird when you think about it, but I try not to think about it. Why not just enjoy it all?"

Rebecca spoke up. That was unexpected, as was the fact that she'd just come out of her receptionist's room and through the hallway directly into our waiting room in order to better speak to us.

She was wearing a white blouse and white skirt that went down to her knees, but the blouse was unbuttoned down to her belly button and there was no sign of a bra. Obviously, she could have easily buttoned up before joining us, but she must have figured that everyone else had seen her bare-breasted and masturbating in the last while, so why bother? Besides, all the other women were completely naked, and Reggie and I only had our T-shirts and socks still on.

She stood midway between Reggie and me, but to the side so she could look between us without having to turn her head a lot each time. "If you don't mind, I'd like to address that. I feel like you're questioning the doctor's motives, and I want to defend her."

I said, "I'm not, at least. I'm happy as a pig in a poke!" I looked down and put a hand on Mommy's head and another on Bethany's. My penis was flaccid and there was no sexual activity going on, but I guess I was symbolically reasserting my claim to them.

Reggie said, "Yeah, I'm not implying anything bad at all either. I wouldn't change a thing. This is paradise!" He had been appreciatively ogling Rebecca's fully exposed G-cups. But he too looked down, where his hand was already petting the top of his mother's still steadily bobbing head.

Rebecca said, "Even so, I feel an explanation is needed. You see, there is no cure for certain sexual appetites. All that can be done is learn to live with it as best you can. Dr. Morgan is an expert at making all of her patients happy, even deliriously happy sometimes, and isn't that the most important thing?"

"Sure," Reggie replied. After a pause, he asked, "But since you're answering questions, I'm curious: how is it that EVERY woman I see come in here is a totally hot mom, with jaw-dropping breasts?!"

Rebecca answered, "Dr. Morgan is very, very, VERY selective. As you know, people come here from hours away sometimes, which means we cover some major cities. Some even fly in from other parts of the country. But they're not just moms. You probably know that we have similar patients scheduled on the same days, so for instance today is another mother-and-son day. That's the most common, but we have lots of other kinds of patients too."

Reggie spoke while staring at Rebecca's huge tits. "I knew that already, but still, it's uncanny! I mean, look at Brian's mother over there. I have NEVER seen a woman with those dimensions in my entire life! Not even in professional porn films. She's even more stacked than my mom, yet nearly a foot shorter!"

Rebecca said, "That's no surprise, really. One of Dr. Morgan's theories is that the people with the most exaggerated sexual organs have the most exaggerated sex drives. So you can work backwards from appearance. If a woman has J-cup sized breasts like Brian's mother Mary does, the odds are excellent that she'd be one of the very select few to qualify for the doctor's special therapy program. Women with more normal dimensions are redirected to other, more conventional therapists. Ditto if their male partners are anything less than remarkably well-hung. The doctor is in extremely high demand, so she takes nothing but the 'one in a million' couples that she's most interested in."

Reggie muttered, "I see." Then he looked my way. "Your mom has J-cup breasts?! Jesus Christ! And she's, like, five feet tall! That's insane! How does she not topple forward every time she stands up?!"

I chuckled. "That is one of life's great mysteries. It helps she has a big, wide ass as a sort of ballast. Though I must say, your mother's ass is out of this world!"

Reggie smiled at that. He leaned forward and reached out just enough to caress one of Janet's bare ass cheeks as she kept up her steady slurpy bobbing. "Thanks! It is pretty special. I guess we've all won the genetic lottery to even be here."

He looked up and over to Rebecca again, and even managed to make eye contact with her this time. "Including you. What's your deal? You look exactly like the kind of woman who should be one of the doctor's patients."

Rebecca started to say, "It's funny you should mention that, because when I first..." But she suddenly stopped speaking, because the door leading from the inner offices opened up.

Who should walk through the door but Evan Adams and his mother Amber! I'd first met them the last time I'd been in this waiting room, one month ago, only a few minutes after I'd asked Bethany to go on a date. At the time I'd seen them, Mommy was busy bobbing on my shaft. But Amber had been too shy to do that to her son in the waiting room and had dragged him back to their car to do it there instead.

I figured they had just finished their appointment with Dr. Morgan. They moved to the side, because Rebecca was standing by that door too.

Evan's face lit up when he saw me. "Brian?! Hey! Cool! Good to see you again. And your mom. And that's, uh, Bethany, right?"

"Right," I replied. My flaccid penis was in full view, since Mommy and Bethany were still kneeling between my legs but not touching me or doing anything but resting. I considered covering up, but he seemed cool with everything, so I decided not to bother.

It was no surprise Evan knew who Bethany was. He and I were supposed to get together and compare notes about handling our sex toy mothers, but we hadn't done so yet. The problem was that, as Rebecca had noted, people came from far and wide to come to the clinic, and I lived half an hour away in one direction and he lived an hour and a half away in another direction.

However, we'd had some good, long phone calls instead, and I'd talked to him at great length about my budding romance with Bethany.

He knew exactly who she was since he'd told me he'd seen her a couple of times as Dr. Morgan's assistant before she'd changed jobs. The odds were great that she'd given him at least one handjob in order to collect a sperm sample, though if that had happened, he was too diplomatic to mention it to me, and I didn't want to ask. I was keen to turn the page and try to forget that she'd ever regularly done that as part of her job.

Before we could say more, he noticed there were others in the room. Rebecca was no surprise, since she was only a few feet from the window to her receptionist room. He might have been excited to see that she was bare chested, but her back was turned and from his point of view all he could see was her blouse covering her back.

So he focused his attention on the other couple. "Hey! Reggie! Nice! And Janet's sucking you off out here in the waiting room! VERY nice!"

Janet started to lift her head to disengage from her cocksucking, probably because she was deeply humiliated by the additional eyes on her bare backside and wanted to flee.

But Reggie took charge by putting both of his hands on her head and keeping it in place. "Hey, Mom. Before you get up, consider that you're completely naked and there's nowhere to run to. It's probably easiest if you just keep your eyes closed and your mouth busy. That way, you can pretend you're somewhere else. And you're actually about as covered up as you can get, kneeling between my legs."

Janet apparently silently considered that. She actually was much more covered than if she tried to stand or do anything else. Only her back and ass were completely exposed.

She'd just pulled her lips all the way off his boner, but she engulfed it again and resumed her bobbing.

I couldn't directly see her face and was guessing what she was doing from the positioning of her head. But I was sure she had to have her eyes shut tight and a very red (though dark) face.

It looked like Evan and Reggie knew each other well, because Reggie replied, "Hey, Reggie! Nice to see you too!"

Then Evan took a few steps over to Reggie and they gave each other a high-five, without Reggie having to get up.

Evan's mother Amber, by contrast, looked very uncomfortable. She gazed all around the room, as if she was planning on making her escape. She was oddly out of place, being the only woman in sight who was actually fully dressed.

I asked the other two boys, "You two know each other?"

Evan replied, "Oh, sure. In, oh, I'd guess our last five appointments here, Reggie and his mom were in the waiting room two of those times. So we got to talking." He looked around some more, and added with a chagrined smile, "Unfortunately, while our moms stayed seated and fully dressed."

Rebecca spoke up to explain, "When I schedule appointments, I try to pair similar patients together. So it's no coincidence if you keep crossing paths. In fact, Brian and Evan, I scheduled you two back to back, since you'd expressed an interest in becoming friends."

"Nice!" Evan said to her. "Thanks!"

I noticed that Rebecca really just didn't give a fuck, because she still hadn't bothered to button up her blouse in front, or even just pull it closer together. Although she was supposed to maintain her cover as a receptionist without any sexual relationship to me, I suspected she'd gotten tired of just watching and masturbating through the open window and wanted to be more directly involved in the fun.

Just then, the door from the inner offices opened again.

I glanced over just in time to see a stunning Asian woman in a tight white nurse's outfit gasp and bring a hand to cover her wide open mouth. In so doing, she dropped a clipboard she was carrying. She stared at the wild scene, going back and forth between the two on-going blowjobs, and squealed, "Oh no! It's happening again!"

I got a good look at her as she stood there gawking. I'd never met her before, but from her outfit I knew she had to be Chun, the replacement to Bethany's nurse job. She looked exactly as I'd expected for anyone working at this clinic: jaw-droppingly beautiful, and with very large breasts.

I knew a little bit about her from Bethany, so I knew she was ethnically Chinese. She looked it, with long black hair done up in a ponytail and dark oval eyes. But she defied the stereotype of Asian women having small breasts. I'd already heard from Bethany that she had F-cups, which was especially remarkable considering that she was only about five foot three, about the same as Mommy.

Chun was extremely embarrassed by what she was seeing, and her face blushed in a hurry. Trying to avoid eye contact with anyone, she bent down to pick up her clipboard. It was a challenging task, since her outfit was so very tight on her.

While she was bent over, I noticed that her skirt rode up her ass, revealing all of it. That briefly allowed me to notice that she wasn't wearing any panties! I was briefly able to see her pussy before she managed to pick up the clipboard and stand back up. I considered that quite curious, considering how shy and easily embarrassed she seemed to be.

She hurried back out of the room, closing the door behind her, without saying another word.

We kept on like before. In fact, nobody had really stopped their sexual fun in the first place. Neither Bethany nor Janet had even stopped their steady bobbing long enough to look up and see Chun was there (though they'd certainly heard her).

As soon as she was gone, I asked Reggie, "I take it that's Chun, the new nurse?"

He shrugged. Clearly, he'd never seen her before.

Rebecca spoke through her window. "I can answer that. Yes, that's Chun. Reggie probably doesn't know her yet because she's only been working here for a week."

"Oh, that's right," I muttered. I'd temporarily forgotten how recently Bethany had been replaced. "So what's she like? Does she give handjobs to get sperm samples, like Bethany did?"

"Of course," Rebecca said. "That's a big part of the job."

Reggie was listening, and he asked, "So does that mean I can look forward to a handjob from her?"

"Probably not," Rebecca answered. "That's only for the new patients. As you probably suspect, it's not really about collecting the sample, but sexually shocking the mother and son, or whatever combo they are, so they'll be more receptive to everything that follows."

I nodded to myself. I'd figured that out long ago.

Evan also was listening. He asked, "So what's she like? Sexually, I mean."

Rebecca said, "She comes across as very shy and easily embarrassed. But don't be fooled. She's hot to trot! Naturally, she's a graduate from Dr. Morgan's program. She's her brother's sex pet. But he gets off on seeing her have fun with other guys, which is why she's perfect for her job. If you play your cards right with her, and she's not too busy with work, you might get her to give you a bonus handie, or even suck you off. But with you boys, it seems like you're pretty well covered with that already!"

She laughed as she looked from the sucking action in my lap to the same in Reggie's lap.

Reggie started to say, "That's true, but you know what they say about variety being-"

He suddenly stopped, because the door to the inner offices opened yet again.

Except this time it was a much more serious interruption, because it was Dr. Morgan who stood at the door.

That caught everyone flat-footed. Nobody had been bothered by Chun. One look at her and one could tell that she was meek. But Dr. Morgan could be very stern and intimidating.

It looked like there would be a mad scramble for people to get presentable. It was even worse for Rebecca, who both needed to cover her partially open top and also needed to get back to where she was supposed to be working.

However, the doctor stopped all that fast by shouting, "FREEZE!"

Everyone froze, almost like statues.

Janet even froze with her lip`s still wrapped around her son's big cock.

I'm proud to say that Bethany only stopped sucking me for a few seconds, due to the shock. But when she resumed, she was careful not to bob her head in a visibly noticeable manner.

Then Dr. Morgan said with a smile, "What do we have here? It's like all my favorite patients are having a party, and nobody invited me. Except for Chun, that is. I'm so glad she tipped me off to come look."

That comment eased the tension some, but only some.

The commanding doctor took control of the situation. "Janet, do NOT stop your sucking! I'm glad to see you're doing that here. This is a big breakthrough for you. Congratulations! So please, keep at it."

The rest of us remained frozen, except for Bethany, who already was bobbing on my shaft like before. Then Janet's head resumed its bobbing too, though slower and quieter than previously.

The doctor continued to talk to Janet, "This is a great surprise. We've been planning to spend today's session talking about how you can lose your inhibitions to be a better mommy slut, and yet what you're doing now is more valuable than any amount of words. Please keep at it as long as you can, until he cums. Then I want you to stay naked. Understood?"

Janet nodded, apparently, t`hough it was hard to tell since a nod looked the same as a particularly big bob up and down her son's cock.

Reggie couldn't resist crowing a little bit, since he'd offered nearly the exact same advice earlier. "See, Mom? What did I tell you?"

His mother didn't verbally answer. But she cooed contentedly when he ran his fingers through her short hair as she kept on slurping and bobbing.

The doctor then looked to Rebecca. She definitely noticed how her blouse was unbuttoned, even though Rebecca had at least just tugged her blouse closed in front so she wasn't actually showing much at the moment.

The doctor pursed her lips disapprovingly, but she didn't say anything about what had to a blatant rule violation. Instead, she gave an order to her employee: "Please confiscate Ms. Jordan's clothes and keep them until she and her son are ready to leave."

Rebecca nodded and went to pick up Janet's green dress from where it was hanging on a nearby chair,

Dr. Morgan then said to Rebecca, "Once you're done with that, please get back to your room and resume your duties."

Rebecca looked distraught. "I'm so sorry that-"

The doctor cut her off with a wave of her hand. "Don't worry about it. We'll talk about your disobedience later, but I'm not that angry. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably come out here too, where the action and the big cocks are. Just remember that no sexual contact with our patients is allowed for you in your job here. Ever!"

She said that knowing full well that I had become Rebecca's "bull" in recent weeks. She knew, as part of that, Rebecca would do things like blow me in the office bathroom, since Rebecca had already specifically asked for permission to do sort of thing with me. However, all that had to go unsaid in front of the other patients. It was evident she was specifically talking about what behavior was allowed in front of the others.

"Yes, doctor." A chastened Rebecca pushed past Dr. Morgan while holding Janet's dress, on her way back to her usual spot behind the receptionist's window.

The doctor then looked to Reggie. "I'm not sure how this started, but remember that it takes two to tango. Remember how we've talked about your desire to act more assertive. This is a good opportunity for you. Keep in mind that your mother is your sex pet. Treat her like one!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Reggie said.

Wanting to show that he was making progress, he bent forward just enough to reach Janet's ass and then gave it a playful smack. (It probably wasn't a wise idea to give it a harder smack while she had all of his cockhead in her mouth.) Then he said, "Hey, Mom, you're doing great, but where's your famous deep throating? I want to see a lot more of that!"

The platinum-haired doctor waited until she heard some loud choking and gagging noises coming from Janet. I couldn't see how deep she was going down from my angle, but I presumed the doctor could and that Janet took her son's cock into her throat, because the doctor smiled approvingly.

Dr. Morgan then turned her attention to Evan and Amber, who were standing together. "As for you two, I know you're on your way out, but not so fast! This is a good opportunity for both of you to work on your issues too. Evan, I want you to make out with your mother. As she heats up, bring her hand to your crotch so she can stroke your erection."

She frowned, and added to Evan, "Assuming you have one, that is? You did just cum inside her twice in my office, with one of those mere minutes ago."

Evan said, "I didn't... until just now, thanks to your suggestion!" He chuckled.

The doctor smiled at him. "Good. Then, after you do that, see how far you two can go. This is a good opportunity to explore letting go of sexual inhibitions, like we've talked about. For instance, take your mother's clothes off, if you deem that she's hot and bothered enough."

A wide-eyed Amber asked with worry, "All of them?!"

"Of course! Look at Brian's mother Mary, as well as his teenage slut, who just so happens to be my daughter Bethany. And then there's Janet. They're all completely naked, not counting their high heels. If they can do it, why can't you? And you don't have to feel so afraid, because you've got the example of Reggie and Janet in the same room. You two have been having the same issue as them."

Amber gulped and clutched at her prodigious bosom. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she looked back and forth between the kneeling naked women.

The doctor went on, "Amber, you've told me of your great desire to be a more uninhibited slut for your son. You've got to push yourself out of your comfort zone to get where you want to go. Ideally, I'd like to see you suck him off right here before you go home. And I know that's scary, so just see how far you can push yourself. If you get too scared, that's okay. We'll work on it some more next time. But please, at least try."

Amber sighed heavily. "I'll try."

"Good." The domineering doctor stared expectantly at Evan and Amber until they wrapped their arms around each other and started making out. Within seconds, their hands slid down to grip and fondle the other's ass cheeks.

They both seemed to relax some as they got lost in their lust and love for each other.

Then Dr. Morgan finally turned her full attention to me and my two sluts. "Now, as for you three, you naughty kids!" She laughed good-naturedly. "Please get up and make yourself semi-presentable, because it's time for your appointment. But DON'T get dressed, since you're just going to get naked again anyway."

"What about me?" I asked.

"Up to you," she shrugged.

I decided to put my shorts back on instead of taking my shirt off, even though I knew I wouldn't stay dressed for long. Somehow, I sensed that's what the doctor wanted me to do, although I wasn't sure why.

Rebecca handed the doctor two towels through the window. (Her blouse appeared to be fully buttoned up again, though it was hard to tell if her bra was back on as well.)

The doctor walked towards me and gave me the towels.

I passed them to Mommy and Bethany so they could wipe their cum clean.

Most everyone in the waiting room was busy doing something now, except for the doctor. She stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips, looking gorgeous and voluptuous as usual, but also professional and in total control.

She seemed to muse out loud, "Hmmm. This has been very instructive for me. Intriguing. I've always treated my patient couples as separate entities, and kept them apart from other couples, for the most part. But maybe I've been doing that all wrong, at least with my more advanced patients. Hey, everybody, what would you think to having a group therapy session in the near future?"

I had already pulled my shorts up and tucked my flaccid penis away, so I had nothing to do at the moment. I asked, "What do you have in mind, exactly?"

She replied, "Basically, to continue the good work started here. I'm thinking we could get each of you mothers to strip and suck your sons in front of the others. I know it's no different than what you do in front of me, and every day at home, but I think there's value in doing it in front of strangers, to further break down inhibitions. There's another mother-son couple or two who are at a similar stage whom I might invite as well."

I replied, "That sounds great! Just so long as there's no swapping. The way I look at it, my mother belongs to me and me alone."

"That goes without saying," the doctor said.

"Then I'm all in!" Reggie said enthusiastically. He glanced at me. "Sorry, I don't share either."

Evan broke his latest French kiss with his mother to say, "Me too! No sharing. The rest sounds great!"

Bethany was standing up by now, while still toweling off her fabulous nude body. "What about me? Can I take part too?"

The doctor furrowed her brow. "Well, we'll talk about that in private later. It might create a certain imbalance. We're focused on getting rid of mother's inhibitions. You're already plenty uninhibited."

Bethany grumbled, "Darn it! That sounds super fun!"

Reggie, still enjoying his mother's oral effort, said, "It does! Maybe we could even make a game out of it, like a blowjob contest or something." He leaned down and whispered to his mother, but still loud enough for me to hear, "Mom, I know you'd win. Gaaawwwd, this deep throating is fantastic. You're the best!"

The doctor put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm. Possibly. Maybe in a future session, though. We'll see how comfortable your mothers are first. We don't want to push too hard."

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