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Chapter 28
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After finishing cleaning up and saying our good-byes to the others, Bethany, Mommy, and I followed Dr. Morgan into her office. We sat down on the plush velvet chairs there.

My mother sat on one side of me and my girlfriend on the other. Both of them cuddled into my side. It felt strange that I still had my shirt, shorts and socks on while they were wearing nothing but their high heels, but I kind of liked the feeling.

The doctor turned first to her daughter Bethany. "Well, it's nice to finally see you again, young lady. Nice outfit!" she said with a wink. "By the way, interesting T-shirt you've got there."

Although Bethany was naked, she'd brought her clothes in with her, and since the T-shirt had been on top, the doctor had noticed the "Brian Owns Me" message on it.

"MooooOOOOoooom," the young woman whined, rolling her eyes like a teen that had been told to clean her room.

Dr. Morgan asked, "When you walk down the street in that T-shirt, probably bra-less, with your huge titties wobbling and swaying with every step, does it ever cross your mind what other people will think? Or what your own mother will think when you get here, for that matter?"

Bethany whined, "Mom, what are you saying?! You're the one who taught me that a big-titted slut's main purpose is to serve and pleasure her man. I'm so proud that Brian owns me. I've never been happier, living to serve his cock with Mary as my sexy partner and new best friend. Now you're talking like that's a BAD thing?"

The doctor said, "That's not what I meant. Of course I approve all that. I'm just worried what OTHER guys will think. A good slut can only serve one man. You know that."

"I do. And I'd NEVER dress like that unless I have my man right by my side. I do it for him, because I do everything for him! As far as I'm concerned, Brian DOES own me, although he says it's too soon to formally collar me as my official master. I'm working on him, though!"

Dr. Morgan nodded. "Okay, fine. Just be careful what you do in public around others. You might want to take it down a notch."

Bethany sighed. "I suppose you're right. It's just that I get so excited about arousing him." As she continued to cling to my side, she felt at my crotch to see if I was showing any signs of getting erect. Unfortunately, I wasn't yet.

The doctor said to her daughter, "I admire your enthusiasm. Your boyfriend is a VERY lucky young man." She briefly glanced at me and gave me a knowing smile. "You know that I approve of your new lifestyle, and I couldn't think of a better guy to own you than Brian. Like you, I just wish he'd make it official." She gave me a wink.

She was referring to the fact that Mommy, Bethany, and I had started talking about having some kind of ownership ceremony, where I would collar them both. That would be kind of a marriage ceremony, officially enslaving them to my cock for life. But it seemed premature to me, given Bethany and I had only been intimate for a month. I already believed that she was "the one," but I wanted to wait a little longer just to make sure before making a life-long commitment.

Bethany griped, "Tell me about it!" She brought her hand to her neck and caressed where the collar would go. "I drop big hints daily about how much I'd love to be officially owned and collared. Such as my T-shirt. I'll admit that was out of hand to wear in public, but it's really a message to him. I long to see and feel his sweet cum splattered all over my slave collar! And yes, I just used the 'S' word!"

She playfully stuck her tongue out at me, because she knew I had issues with that.

She resumed complaining to her mother, "But he stalls for time. What more have I gotta do?!"

The doctor said patiently, "Sweetheart, you are a sex goddess. I know I shouldn't talk about my own daughter like that - especially in front of two friends who are technically still my patients - but I have to acknowledge it. You are stunningly beautiful."

Bethany squirmed in her seat, happy, embarrassed, and turned on. She rubbed her bare thighs together and cuddled herself, pushing up her huge breasts with her folded arms.

The doctor added, "I can't help but think you are the most sexy creature I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother."

She looked up and down Bethany's naked body in a very unmotherly manner. "You're gorgeous! Your body is so curvy. You have absolutely huge breasts. And yet you're slender and tall. In very non-medical terms, you are extremely fuckable." She smiled at her daughter.

Bethany looked at me and emphatically added, "And let's not forget my love of cocksucking! Mom, you always taught me that a good slut must first and foremost be a GREAT cocksucker! I love it so much! Mary and I spend so much time on our knees happily lapping and slurping and gagging and sucking, and I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Dr. Morgan smirk-smiled at that. "There's that too. I'm very proud of you. And you too, Mary."

Mommy lightly bounced in her seat with delight, sending her massive globes wobbling. The doctor's opinion meant the world to her.

Then the doctor pointedly looked at me with impatience. "Your future master is no fool. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he'll claim you and collar you."

"Thank you, Mommy," Bethany said. "I love my new lifestyle so very much! I just want to get more and more into it. It's been super fun wearing slutty clothes for him, making his cock hard... and then working like a randy succubus to make it soft again!" She giggled. "I really love it when it seems like he can't stop himself from fucking me. And when Mary and I team up on pleasuring his cock... that's like heaven on earth for me! She and I have this saying: two cock-hungry mouths equals quadruple the fun!"

The doctor smiled. "I like that saying, and I'm sure it's true."

Then she redirected her attention to me and my naked mother, still cuddling into me from the other side. "And then there's Brian's mommy."

She directly addressed my mother. "Mary, I've told you since your first appointment with me that you're a hypersexual being. Every time I see you, I become even more convinced that's the case. You know I treat busty, sexy mothers and their well-hung sons more than any other type of patients. But I've never had a patient like you. For a boy like Brian, a horny, virile boy with a long, fat cock that always seems to be erect, you are simply a dream fuck toy come to life! Seeing you and your gravity-defying breasts always takes my breath away, especially when you're topless!"

Now it was Mommy's turn to squirm in her seat. She began to lightly massage her huge, round breasts. That was something she had come to do regularly at home in a completely absentminded way, whether at the dinner table or while watching a movie. I knew the look on her face, a flushed face, slightly contorted with lust. I had no doubt that her pussy was soaked, especially since I could smell it quite pungently.

The doctor pulled a file out and held it in front of herself. "By the way, Mary, I have something I think you'll find very interesting. In the first form your son filled out before coming here, he wrote about his ideal woman. It was the woman he had been masturbating about for many years. Given my experience with incestuous patients, I knew right away that he was describing you, but I didn't deem it right for you to know that then. However, I see no problem in sharing it with you now. Shall I read it?"

Mommy looked up at me and shyly smiled. She was still visibly turned on. "I'd love to hear it," she said, licking her lips in anticipation.

The doctor began to read: "'My 'dream girl' is sweet, lovable, and kind. Incredibly pretty. Soft, round face. Soft, full, kissable lips. Sweet eyes, green, shining, and wet. Dark brown hair that goes halfway down her back and falls in front of her face in a way that drives me crazy. A short, tiny body, with a thin waist. But fit and athletic, yet so very curvy. Wide hips. A cushy, round ass. And extremely top-heavy. In fact, she has the largest, roundest breasts I've ever seen. Plus, she should be older, in her mid-thirties.'"

Dr. Morgan paused in her reading. Even though she already knew the answer, she asked Mommy, "What's your age again?"

My newly blushing mother answered, "Thirty-six."

The doctor couldn't resist smirking and smiling. "Hmmm. Sounds like 'mid-thirties' to me."

She added, "Let me share his next answer too, when he was asked what he'd like to do sexually to his ideal woman. He wrote, 'Everything! For starters, I would get her completely naked and then run my hands all over her body!'"

"Wait!" Mommy exclaimed. She stared lovingly into my eyes, and took one of my hands and brought it to the underside of her nearest tit. Then she took my other hand and brought it down to her nearest thigh. Smiling widely, she told the doctor, "Okay, you can continue."

The amused doctor went on reading: "'I'd be happy to fondle and kiss her for hours, and especially caress her enormous breasts! I'd love her with all my heart. But, eventually, she'd drop her head to my crotch and pleasure my penis with her mouth. I think about her going down on me so much that I must be obsessed. But I'm just as obsessed imagining her giving me a boobjob, sliding my erection between those same large, luscious breasts!"

The doctor paused to explain, "By 'boobjob,' he means a 'titfuck.'"

Mommy had unzipped my fly and was checking to see if I was starting to get erect, but it was hard going because my penis was exhausted from recent events.

Dr. Morgan resumed reading: "'That's not all though! I also fantasize about fucking her! There, I said it! God, I would fuck her hard and long! I want to make her cum over and over again. Epic orgasms! I have this vision of her riding cowgirl style up on top of me and grinding and churning up and down with her hips. I have another vision of her up on all fours in her bed and looking back at me coyly, eager for me to take her doggy style! I would! I'd drill her deep! I have many more visions like that. There's so much more I could write about, but I'm running out of room on this paper. Basically, I want to do everything with her, forever! I love her with all my heart, and I'm in love with her too!'"

My mother blushed even more. She was squirming in her seat and clutching at her giant breasts from below. It was all true, of course, and she knew that I knew it. But hearing the words I'd written back then made her weirdly self-conscious.

She was almost teary-eyed. "Oh, Son! That was beautiful! I 'want to do everything with you forever' too! Thank you, doctor! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thanks especially for helping me overcome the taboos and false pride of my dignity, allowing me to revel in the joy of being my son's personal sex toy!"

The doctor smiled widely. "You're welcome! That's what I'm here for. It's moments like this that make it all worthwhile for me."

Mommy was writhing even more, not less. "Oh, God! I'm so horny!" She brought a hand back to my now open fly to check on my penis.

I was starting to finally get aroused, thanks mostly to hearing those words I'd written.

She sensed "blood in the water" and began rubbing my penis vigorously.

The doctor watched my penis stiffening as she said to her, "Do you understand, Mary? You're the embodiment of your son's every sexual fantasy, and have been for years! You ARE a human sex toy, a living fuck doll for your own son! It's so beautiful. And for a boy who seems obsessed with large breasts, your breasts couldn't possibly be more perfect!"

Mommy's face got redder and redder. She looked down and caressed her bare J-cups even more overtly and passionately, though only with her one free hand. "Er... thank you!"

The doctor seemed to be getting increasingly aroused herself, judging by the tone of her voice and the way her own huge tits were heaving up and down under her white blouse. She looked down at her chest, and apparently tried to make light of her obvious arousal. She muttered to no one in particular, "Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?"

"It is." The fact that everyone could see my penis steadily engorging in Mommy's hand was good evidence of that. I boldly suggested to the doctor, "Why don't you make yourself more comfortable?"

She gave me a long and very curious look, complete with a raised eyebrow. Finally, she responded, "Maybe I will." She brought her hands to her collar area and started unbuttoning the top closed button on her blouse. She already was showing off a fair amount of cleavage. But after undoing that button, I could see a lot more of her creamy breasts.

She even showed enough for me to see parts of her bra, which was lacy and black.

However, despite doing that, she returned to her professional demeanor, and more or less succeeded in calming her breathing.

While that was happening, Mommy decided that my dick was mostly erect, and leaned her head down into my lap to help it along the rest of the way.

But Dr. Morgan saw that, and exclaimed, "STOP!"

Mommy stopped.

"As much as I enjoy you watching you blow your son, we are here for therapeutic reasons."

Mommy reluctantly sat back up. But she tugged my shorts down some, enough for my balls to be fully exposed. Then she resumed jacking me off.

Without saying anything, Bethany reached over to my crotch from her side and started fondling my balls.

The doctor said, "We're going to do some new tests today, all three of you, but especially you two." She said that while looking at Mommy and me.

She went on, "I'm particularly fascinated by you, Mary. I'm very excited that my daughter has fallen for your son. And I feel the need to study this situation. But I have to be honest. I really want to see you get - and this is again not medical terminology - seriously fucked!" She laughed.

Mommy cleverly asked, "Since I'm 'hypersexual' and all that, you know I can't really sit next to my handsome and well-hung son when he's erect without wanting and needing to suck him. While we're doing whatever, do you mind if I bob on it a little bit?"

The doctor coughed, sounding strangely nervous. "Er... actually, I do mind, this one time. We're here for serious therapy. You can do that at home any time. I need your full attention and your mouth free to talk."

"Oh, shoot!" Mommy sighed heavily. Still stroking my now hot and throbbing hard-on, she asked, "Can I at least lick it some? I promise I'll pay full attention and maintain eye contact with you."

Now it was the doctor's turn to sigh. "I guess that would be okay." She grumbled, seemingly mostly to herself, "I can never say no when it comes to the pleasuring of superior cock. UGH!"

Dr. Morgan's conflicted attitude confused me. I knew she saw many sexual acts between her patients all day long, every day. Plus, she was the one who'd insisted that Mommy and Bethany start the appointment naked already. She'd had no problem witnessing my mother and I fuck and suck in her office in the past. So her nervousness about some mere cock licking this time seemed odd, to say the least.

Then I noticed how much the doctor's huge tits were heaving up and down, as well as the fire of lust in her eyes and the flush on her face. I realized from the way her hands disappeared below the edge of her desk that she was almost certainly masturbating, probably with both hands.

Even all that had happened with us in her office last time. But somehow she seemed more openly emotional, and twice as aroused as ever before. It occurred to me, Maybe she's worried about losing her cool?! She's always in control and just watches. But it seems Mommy and I have a special connection to her, and of course Bethany is her own daughter.

I looked directly at the doctor's immense rack. It was heaving up and down, and I could see even more of her lacy black bra than before. And when I suggested she should get more comfortable, she unbuttoned a good ways down her blouse!

Before I could continue my thoughts along those lines, I got distracted. Just then, Mommy leaned over and started lapping swirly patterns around my cockhead, while steady rubbing my most sensitive spot just below the fat knob.

Bethany still had a hand on my balls. But seeing that Mommy was getting to do more with me, she brought her other hand over and used it to run her fingers up and down my lower shaft.

The doctor just stared and stared, and licked her lips several times. It was quite a sight, given that there were now three hands and one tongue working on my erection.

Then, realizing the silence was growing awkward, she got serious again. "Er, anyway, Mary... You said on the phone there was something you wanted to talk to me about in person. Here we are. What was it?"

Bethany answered that, possibly so Mommy wouldn't have to be distracted from her more important cock licking. "We think Mommy has another new hypersexual symptom. One that may surprise you. It surprised me."

(Since I called my mother "Mommy" so much, Bethany had picked up that habit too, at least when we were in private.)

"Hmmm! Interesting!" Dr. Morgan was startled and excited, but she remembered her professional protocol. She said to her daughter, "Before you tell me what it is, let me ask you a few questions. I have a rough idea from talking to Mary on the phone a lot, but I'd like to hear the latest, from your point of view. How often do you and Brian fuck these days?"

Bethany pondered that while idly fondling my balls. "What do you mean by fucking, exactly? That's so hard to define. Does that mean any serious, prolonged sex session? What about quickies? Or is it every time he sticks his big cock in my pussy? Or every time he cums? What about titfucking? Or throat fucking?"

"Those are very good questions." Then the doctor did a double take. "Wait! Did you say 'throat fucking?! With HIS cock?! Mary never mentioned anything about THAT! I've known you've come close, and you used the toothbrush trick to get rid of your gag reflex. But are you actually deep throating his thick monster?! Not just a couple of extra inches, but all the way down your throat?!"

Bethany frowned. "Yes... and no. I'm trying really, really hard, every day, but you know how thick he is! I spend so much time choking and gagging on him every single day, and my gag reflex IS totally gone!"

"Mine too!" Mommy said proudly, her two hands slipping and sliding all over my hard-on.

Bethany continued, while glancing repeatedly at my mother's hands and lapping tongue, "So I'm pretty psyched about that. I can take him a couple of inches deeper than ever before, and I'm even more psyched about that! That IS deep throating, definitely. But it's not what I really want, which is to cram his cockhead all the way into my throat and swallow every last inch of it until there's an enormous bulge at the front of my neck! Then I'll be able to literally fuck him with my throat muscles while licking and sucking him with my mouth!"

Mommy cheered her, "Right on, girl!" She and Bethany shared another meaningful look, even as she swirled her tongue around my cockhead.

Bethany had gotten herself all worked up, but added more calmly, "Mommy and I are working on that, but it's slow going. She can actually get his cockhead into her throat sometimes and keep it there for up to a minute! True deep throating!"

The doctor was wide-eyed and increasingly aroused. "Really?!" She folded her arms under her hefty rack and pouted, "Mary! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Mary took her mouth from my cock and sat all the way up, to make sure she made amends. "I've been wanting to keep it a surprise, so I could show you in person. In fact, I was thinking we could do it today!"

Dr. Morgan's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "What an idea! That sounds... good! Let's do it! I'm so excited for you!" She wanted to hug Mommy in celebration, but she was sitting behind her desk and unwilling to move, since that gave her the fig-leaf for her secret (or maybe not-so-secret) masturbation. Mommy also wanted to do the same, but didn't want to go far from my cock. So instead they reached their hands out towards each other, although they were a bit too far apart to touch.

Meanwhile, Bethany dropped down from the side and took over lapping on and around my cockhead.

Mommy still had a hand there, but she slid it down my shaft to make room.

The doctor ogled all the action at my crotch as she excitedly exclaimed, "MARY! Do you know what this means?! Deep throating a cock that big and thick is very rare! But if you can do it, with practice, then Bethany can do it, because I happen to know your throat sizes are exactly the same! That means both of you will be able to take your devotion and adoration of your master's cock to a whole new level!"``

"I know!" Mommy said, bouncing excitedly on the couch now that she was sitting up. Her huge tits swung freely. "It's kind of already happening! Just in the last week, she and I have been practicing it a lot more! There have been times I've been able to take him almost all the way to the root! You should see the bulge in my neck!"

The busty doctor looked astounded. "GOD! That sounds SO FUCKING HOT! I can't even IMAGINE what it would be like to take a cock THAT thick THAT far down MY throat! It must be the ULTIMATE in cocksucking submission!" She spoke far more passionately than usual.

She also unthinkingly rubbed the front of her bare neck while staring at Mommy working my raging boner.

That gave me goose-bumps, because it was obvious she was thinking intently about what it would feel like to take my thickness down her throat!

Bethany glanced up from my cock and said suggestively to her mother, "Well, there's only one way to find out! Try, try, and try again!" She waved an inviting hand at my rigid pole, which was sticking nearly straight up in her hand and one of Mommy's hands too.

Dr. Morgan gave her a disapproving look, even as she was panting hard, her immense tits heaving more than before. "Watch what you're saying, young lady. It sounds like you're offering for me to suck your boyfriend's delicious cock-meat! And I know you don't mean that!"

"I AM! And I DO mean it!" Bethany said with sudden great excitement. She stopped licking and sat up to make better eye contact. She slowly and temptingly slid a hand from the tip down to one of Mommy's hands at my balls, and slowly back up. "Why not?! He's kind of taking over the office staff. He's fully tamed me, and he's Rebecca's bull. Why not you too?! Why shouldn't we all get to enjoy the perfect cock?!"

The doctor sat back in dismay. She clutched at her huge tits from below. Her fingers were visibly wet from the cum in her pussy. "ME?! No! You know I can't do that!"

Bethany spoke with lots of lusty passion. "Why not, already?! I don't understand! Just look at it! It IS the perfect cock, you said so yourself. And it's stiff and ready all the time. You know you want it! You can't wait to get your lips around it! I know, because every time I so much as mention my boyfriend, you get wetter than the Amazon River!"

"BETHANY!" Dr. Morgan protested loudly. "Shut your mouth! I do not!" Her cheeks started to redden, and she shyly looked away.

"You do too! I can smell your arousal, every time! Just like I can smell you now! I've heard you and Mary talking on the phone nearly every night. It's exactly like phone sex, because she goes into EXPLICIT detail about what she and I did to Brian, pretty much blow by blow, lick by lick! I dare you to tell me that you don't masturbate as you listen, while you fantasize that you're the one with your lips tightly sealed around his incredibly thick, hot cock-meat!"

The doctor's face got a lot redder in a hurry. She actually covered her face with a hand, as if that would hide her from being seen. She whined, "Bethany! Stop! I order you to! And Brian, don't listen to this! Please!"

But Bethany smelled blood in the water and didn't stop. She could see from the way her mother's huge tits were heaving, even with a blouse and bra on, that she was striking a chord.

She continued, "I know you see big cocks all day long, but how can you not love this one, the very best?! And it's so very delicious. Mmmm! Yum! It's, like, the Platonic form of cocks! It DEMANDS to be served!" She was still slowly and tantalizingly sliding her fingers up and down most of my shaft, except for the very bottom part held by Mommy.

Then Bethany remembered to look to Mommy's face. "That is, if you're in favor of sharing him with her too!"

Mommy was just as excited by the idea. Her bare ass writhed on the couch as her fingers roughly fondled my balls. "Oh, I think that's a GREAT idea! Doctor, you've become one of my best friends and I'm concerned about YOU! Look at you, in your sexual prime, but without a cock to serve. You always tell me that big-titted beauties find their greatest joy by submitting to superior cock, and I've come to see just how true that is. But what about you? Why don't you practice what you preach?!"

"Yeah!" Bethany giddily agreed.

Mommy went on, "It would even be good for your business! After all, how can you understand our struggles with 'the perfect cock' if you don't experience them yourself?"

Bethany giggled at that, and gave Mommy a high-five right in front of my face. "Nice!"

The doctor took her hand from her face. She licked her lips and stared longingly at my boner jutting straight up, as well as Mommy's hands on it. It was like she was watching a tennis match, except her eyes were going up and down instead of back and forth.

But then she seemed to snap back out of it and resume her professional demeanor. "Very funny. You two are playing an elaborate joke on me. Enough, already! This is the problem of having my daughter in the role of a patient. She knows how to push my buttons."

"I'm definitely NOT joking!" Bethany said emphatically. "I want you to join us! As much or as little as you want."

She added to Mommy, as if they were alone in the room, "I have this image of my mom naked and kneeling with Brian's big fat cock all the way down her throat! Tears streaming down her face! What an ordeal! But she's trying SO HARD! She NEEDS a good choking and gagging session on a magnificent slab of man-meat, and she knows it! It's been way too long for her! She talks so much to her busty and beautiful patients about the need to submit to their man, but she's busty and beautiful herself, and when-"

Dr. Morgan interrupted her loudly and sharply, "Okay! That's ENOUGH, Bethany! The problems of my private life are not up for discussion here!"

I'd been trying to stay out of this, but when nobody else asked, I did. "'Problems?'"

The doctor just moaned unhappily.

Bethany explained, while her mother glared at her, "My dad was a great man AND a great, naturally dominant master. I know he kept Mommy collared and loved and pretty much deliriously happy and well fucked all the time. But he died about ten years ago in a tragic accident. Since then, as far as I know, Mommy has been in mourning for him, saying no one else could ever replace him. Which means she NEVER has sex! Or even companionship! I don't think she's even sucked a single cock since he died, the poor thing. Instead, she lives out her sexual fantasies by telling her patients what they would do, just as if she was in their shoes! When SHE should-"

The doctor barked, "BETHANY! THAT'S ENOUGH!"

I was very intrigued by all that information. I was surprised the doctor let her daughter talk as long as she did.

Things about this clinic started to make sense to me.

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