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Chapter 29
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Bethany cowered a little bit at the angry look her mother was giving her. "Sorry, Mom. But it's true. You've built up a wall around yourself, and it's sad. You've helped so many other wonderful women like yourself live the great submissive sexual lifestyle you used to have with Dad, which is awesome, but what about YOU and YOUR needs? Your job has become your entire reason for being, even though you still have a 'perfect ten' body. You're so formal and distant with everybody that I'll bet I'm the only one left who even knows your first name is Evelyn!"

That confirmed just about all the pieces I'd been putting together mere seconds earlier. It makes total sense. And I finally got to find out the doctor's first name!

Dr. Morgan groaned in frustration. She shut her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose, apparently trying to contain her anger. She let out a loud sigh, twice. Finally, she griped, "Did you really have to share all that?! Is nothing private anymore?!"

Mommy couldn't resist asking her, "Your first name is 'Evelyn?!' I had no idea!"

I thought back, and realized that although Mommy talked about the doctor a lot, she'd never mentioned a first name. I'd kind of stopped thinking of her as someone who had a first name.

Dr. Morgan opened her eyes and replied, "Yes, it is, but I prefer 'Eve' with my friends. I guess you can call me 'Eve' now, If you want, since we've grown so close. It's unprofessional to allow that, but what the hell." She let out a heavy, defeated sigh.

She glanced at Bethany's fingers still slowly and temptingly slipping and sliding all over my boner, and quietly sighed again. Then she longingly licked her lips some more. She continued to clutch at and even fondle her huge tits through her blouse and bra.

Mommy smiled widely. "I'd like that... Eve. Actually, I like that a lot! You've given me so much confidence in myself, and in my body. Especially in my breasts!" She took her hands off my balls just long enough to gleefully cup the undersides of her enormous globes, and then set them jiggling.

She resumed jacking me off, sharing my pole about equally with one of Bethany's hands. "You've set me free to live and relish the submissive sex toy lifestyle and, for that, I'll always be eternally grateful. I can't even imagine going a single day without feeling my son's thick pole pulsing in my mouth or filling up my cunt. But it's not just that. I know you try hard to keep your calm professional demeanor so you can help all these people as best you can, but underneath all that, I can see a passionate, feisty, and VERY sexual woman wanting to get out!"

"No!" Eve said, with conflict and dismay in her eyes.

Mommy added, "Yes! It's obvious that you're a natural nympho. And submissive, too! You help so many mothers and other women live the submissive, sexual life that YOU secretly desire more than all the riches in the world!"

"No!" Eve protested again, but this time it came out more like a whisper. It was clear as day from her increasingly meek reaction that what Mommy was saying was true.

Bethany cheered, "It's true! Tell her, Mary!"

My mother continued, "The simple fact is, even though you're my therapist, you're also the mother of Bethany. Given how things are going between her and my son, that pretty much makes you family. I hope we all can become closer and closer with each other. Stop putting up this professional front all the time! Take off your doctor mask so we can know you as just another big-titted submissive nympho with your own fears and hopes and dreams!"

Eve smiled back with surprising warmth. "Oh, hell! I'm supposed to be your therapist. This shouldn't be happening. But in for a penny, in for a pound. I'd like that too! We'll just have to stay in our lanes. Here in the office, I'm your therapist, not your friend, okay? In the outer world, I'll try to let my hair down and get to know you one sexy mother to another. We kind of have no choice, now that our kids are falling deeply in lust and in love."

"Okay. Sounds great!" Mommy replied. Her entire naked body bounced eagerly on the couch.

"That goes for you too," the doctor said to me, startling me. "Like your mother said, the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if you end up being my son-in-law, of sorts."

My entire body jerked in surprise. "WHAT?!"

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not talking about marriage. A big-cock stud like you needs to spread your seed and can't be tied down. But when your collar Bethany, then you'll officially own her, and the master-slave bond is even deeper and more profound than marriage! Speaking as a former sex slave myself, believe me, I know. So you'd be much like a son-in-law to me. It's only natural if we become friendlier, as much more than doctor and patient."

I looked to Bethany.

She smirked. "What are you looking at me for?! You know I feel that way already."

Before I could figure out what to say to that, I had to look back to Eve some more, because she resumed talking.

She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, "Although... I guess it would be more like 'master-in-law,' given the way you're effectively turning my daughter into your willing sex slave..."

Bethany giggled. "Nice, Mom! Nice!"

Eve's constant titty bouncing due to her heavy panting had calmed down some. But her hands had also disappeared below the desk edge again. Her subtle arm motions made clear that she was masturbating some more, if she'd ever actually stopped.

She stared longingly at my erection jutting up high, as well as a hand from Bethany and Mommy each sensually stroking it. She seemed to zone out for a few long moments while she licked her lips and salivated.

But then, after another needy glance at my stiff pole, her professional mask returned, much like an actual mask falling over her face. "Anyway, where were we? We keep getting seriously sidetracked here. These sorts of things can be discussed more outside the office, later. Brian, please disregard some of the things you heard, especially the wild speculation over what I was thinking and feeling. I'm a professional doctor, first and foremost!"

I noticed that she didn't really deny what had been said, though she tried to give that impression. I decided it was best to stay silent, for now.

She stared intently at her daughter's face, trying hard not to look at me or especially my crotch. "Bethany, let's get back to the number of times you and your studly boyfriend fuck each day. How would you define what counts as a sex session? We haven't sorted that out yet."

Bethany put her free hand to her chin. "Hmmm... I'd count every time I have a big role in making him cum, definitely. Now that I've started living with him and Mommy, I have lots of opportunities. We have little quickies here and there. For instance, he might stroll into the bathroom while I'm there, and I'll give him a little titty fuck while he's brushing his teeth!" She giggled.

Eve's eyes grew very wide upon hearing that, for some reason. She fanned herself, and then undid another two buttons on her blouse. She'd been showing lots of cleavage already, but with those buttons unbuttoned, her blouse opened all the way in front! She still had her lacy black bra on, or I would have had a truly mouth-watering sight.

She whispered almost breathlessly, "That's... extraordinary! It's as if... between the two of you, you're pleasuring his cock 24 hours a day!"

My hot girlfriend went on, "Pretty much! Can you imagine how much fun we have?! He's erect practically all the time, and if he is, we're there to help. But it always takes a prolonged sex session to give him the big climax that we're all working for. Mary and I, that is. We really have to work hard for our cummy reward every single time, which is something I totally love!"

She looked to Mommy, and they shared a knowing smile.

Mommy had forced herself to calm down some, but not much. She'd settled in for a prolonged handjob session. That was unusual for her, since handjobs almost always quickly turned into something else like a titfuck or blowjob. She even remained sitting up, despite having permission to lick as well.

It seemed clear to me that Eve was struggling to stay on track with an actual productive therapy session. She seemed to be heating up more and more. By now, she was staring at the two hands stroking my cock nearly constantly, no matter who was talking. She kept on licking her lips as well. There also was an uncommon lusty fire in her eyes.

But she doggedly pressed on with her line of questioning, asking her daughter, "Okay, by that definition, how many times do you have sex with him then, on average?"

Bethany turned to me. "Five? Six? It varies. The thing is, it's almost always with Mommy. Er, I mean Mary. She's in charge of taking care of his cock, and I help out as I can. We usually wake him with two tongues on his cock, and spend a long, long time slobbering and slurping all over his fat pole, and his balls too! It's the absolute best way to start the day! Then, the shower fun! Oh boy, the shower fun!"

Eve's professional mask slipped again. She was almost giddy as she asked, "What's 'the shower fun?!' Mary's never mentioned that to me." She stuck her tongue out with a playful pout in Mommy's direction. "It sounds really hot!"

Bethany eagerly explained, "Oh, it is! Since there's three of us, it can be anything or everything! A titfuck? Double titfuck? Another awesome double blowjob, with the water raining down on us?! We can't get enough of those. And Mommy's found this special edible sudsy soap that makes whatever we do in the shower such fun! UNGH! We're his two BUSTY SLUTS, just serving his cock with unbridled joy! It's so HUGE! HNNNG! I want it in my mouth right now!"

She stared down at her and Mommy's sliding hands on my raging boner, with fire in her eyes. It was clear she wanted to suck, but for some reason she was restraining herself.

Eve asked her with even more obvious lusty excitement, "Is that all that happens there?! Or does he fuck you in the shower too?"

Bethany lit up like a searchlight, she was so keen to answer that. "OF COURSE he fucks us in the shower! Pretty much every morning! That other stuff is just the warm up. We have SUCH high water bills these days!" She laughed. "The big question is: HOW will he fuck us?! Will I plant my hands on the wall while he fucks me doggy-style? Or will he do that to Mommy? Or both of us, going back and forth with a few thrusts each?! So many sex positions!"

She went on, "It's like we're living inside the Kama Sutra, but with lots of water pouring down on us!" She laughed at that. "You never know what'll happen in the shower, except it'll involve his massive cock dominating our helpless, sexy, busty little bodies! But that's just the start of the day! It just gets better from there!" Bethany giggled.

The doctor sighed longingly while still staring at my exposed boner. "That sounds so... heavenly! Gaawwwd! Sometimes, I lie alone in bed and..."

Her voice faded as she remembered her professional role. "Sorry. Forgive me. I guess I'm having a little trouble dealing with our evolving roles. I can't let myself get carried away." Despite saying that, she hungrily licked her lips some more and kept staring at the two-handed action on my cock.

She coughed to bide time, then stiffened up and redoubled her effort to look and sound professional. However, she couldn't hide the flush on her sultry face, or the way her huge bra-clad tits were still heaving inside her open blouse. Her face turned pouty, "Mary, why haven't you ever told me about all that shower fun?"

Mommy sheepishly replied, "I'm sorry. It wasn't intentional. It's just that most of that happening in the morning, and you and I always speak late in the evening. By then, so much else has happened. It seems like ancient history."

The bombshell platinum blonde doctor reluctantly nodded. "I see. Don't worry about it. But one of these days I'd love to hear about your morning routine in detail, especially including the showering part."

Mommy burst into a big smile. "With pleasure! I promise to share every last thrust, kiss, fondle, and suck, until you can see the beads of sweat and splatterings of his cum on your skin and feel like he's plundering YOUR sexy body!"

Dr. Morgan smiled widely too. "Excellent!" But then she remembered I was there, and wiped the smile from her face. She tried to maintain her professional demeanor. "Anyway, let's get back to the issue at hand. Er, Bethany, in how many sex sessions a day does his cock actually enter your vagina?"

Bethany seemed to smirk a little at her mother's lusty trouble. "Why don't you take your bra off, and I'll tell you?"

"That's blackmail!" But Eve looked amused and happy instead of upset.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Bethany said unrepentantly.

Eve seemed tempted, and even started to reach for her bra. But then she reconsidered.

Bethany furtively nudged my side.

I realized what she wanted to do. I said, "Doctor, fair's fair. Look at us. Why is it you always stay fully dressed while we have to get naked? Taking off your bra isn't asking much. You'd still stay fully dressed. It's a good faith effort that shows we're all friends here."

The consternation and conflict was written clearly on her face. "I... I don't know. I can't! I... I have to remain professional!"

Maybe it was because I was feeling so extremely aroused watching the sex bomb doctor with her big tits heaving in her blouse while I felt a tongue and various hands all over my cock, but I felt strangely emboldened. I said impatiently, "Come on, already! Bethany isn't going to answer your question until you do it. So... DO IT!"

Eve grumbled something about ungrateful daughters as she hastily reached inside her open blouse and undid her bra.

Once she pulled it out and set it aside, her blouse opened still wider in front, even sliding down her shoulders some. That left her effectively completely topless in front. Not only could I see all of her stiff nipples, I could see all of her fantastic round breasts, period!

I was secretly shocked, not to mention insanely aroused, since she could have easily taken her bra off and then closed her blouse back up. I really had thought she would put up a lot more resistance to that suggestion, but she'd hardly resisted at all. That was further evidence than her lust was overwhelming her usual strong self-control.

"There! Bethany, now, you've made me show your boyfriend all this." the doctor huffed, grasping her huge tits from below and hefting them up. "Happy?!"

Bethany smirked. "Very."

Eve growled, "I know what you're trying to do. You want me to suck your boyfriend's cock! But I'm not going to go that far, because that would open a can of worms. I'm just a little... overheated."

"But you want to," Bethany claimed.

Eve spoke with surprising force and passion, while gawking at the on-going action at my crotch. "Of COURSE I want to! I'm not blind! I see what great fun you two have with him all the time, including right now as I speak. I'm burning with envy, okay?"

She was still holding her bare breasts from below. Perhaps without consciously realizing it, she began sensuously fondling them too. "But I can't EVER touch ANY of my patients like that! If I did, this whole clinic would fall apart, for all sorts of reasons! And then what would happen to the countless naturally submissive busty beauties who count on me to show them the path to true happiness?! There's too much at stake, so don't try to tempt me!"

I was fairly staggered by all that, and I'm sure Mommy and Bethany were too. We'd struck a nerve.

Eve tried to calm down. She brought her hands out from below the table edge and rested her elbows on the table and her face in her hands as she took some deep and slow breaths.

I noticed the glistening cum on her fingers. I also was impressed at the way her bare breasts were still heaving up and down. Of course, I had equally large or larger bare busts within easy reach on either side of me, but the forbidden fruit is always the most tempting.

Eve put her hands back out of sight down towards her pussy, and addressed her daughter. "Anyway, now that I called your bluff, you have to answer the question!" She tried to stare only at Bethany's face, and especially not at my face or crotch.

Bethany happily replied, "You want to know how many times my future master's enormous and perfect cock impales my tight little cunt on a typical day?"

"That's right," Eve replied, still valiantly trying to keep things professional. "Though it doesn't have to be 'impales' per se. Any time he slips it into you."

Bethany smirked again. "Trust me, it never 'slips' in. GAAAWWWD! He's so thick! Getting it stuffed inside me is an ordeal every single time, but in the best possible way. He has to pound it in, and drill it in, just like a jackhammer! It hurts so good! I scream my head off in total ecstasy! Sometimes I cry tears of joy even when I'm not close to cumming, simply because I'm so euphoric that I'm being skewered and pummeled and owned by my loving master!"

She tilted her head back. "Gaaaawwwwd! Mom, I wish I could tell you how fantastic it is to get royally fucked into unconsciousness by my man! It feels just like you said it should be! The joy of total submission! I'm sure it's just like when you lived the high life as Daddy's collared sex pet! Except I'll bet it's twice as good as you ever had with Dad, because I get to share the entire experience with Mommy. It's almost as much fun watching her get fucked as getting fucked myself! I wish I could share it all with you too! You need a big cock to rule you!"

It finally dawned on me, This isn't just some sexy teasing during another highly erotic therapy session. Bethany is on some sort of campaign to get her mother fucked... by me! Of course, I'm all in favor, if only because Eve Morgan is so damn fucking sexy, buxom, and gorgeous! But the best thing I can do for now is play it cool and see how things develop. Cross my fingers!

Eve was continuing to fight to maintain some sort of professional demeanor. Since her daily job involved talking to nymphos and satyrs, often while they took part in some sort of sex act with each other, she had to be very, very used to temptation. Yet it seemed she was seriously frazzled and uncommonly aroused.

After a long pause, she said, "Enough of that sort of talk! Please! Just answer the question! What's the number, already?"

Bethany replied, "Fine. Be that way. I don't know exactly how often his magnificent cock penetrates my helpless and needy vagina each day. Three, maybe? Four? But that's almost always part of a series of different sex acts that eventually leads to getting him to cum. He almost always fucks me in the morning, and drills Mommy too. Usually in the shower, like I was saying earlier. She and I kind of need a good fucking to get our day started."

She continued, "If you were one of his busty sluts, you would understand. You might still be a high and mighty doctor here at work, but at home you'd gladly crawl naked on all fours and lick his feet to feel his incredible, perfect cock pounding away deep inside you! You would completely lose your mind, just like you always tell your patients to do, fully surrendering to the power of your man! Your master!"

Eve eagerly leaned forward over the table, causing her immense tits to swell down while also causing her blouse to slip further down her arms. She alternated between pinching her erect nipples and caressing the fullness of her boobs.

I half-expected her to pant something like, "More! Tell me more!" But instead, she somehow managed to at least attempt to keep her questioning going. "So... is that... that... the, uh, only time he'll fuck you?"

"Are you kidding me? No way! That's just the warm-up! Then he'll bang me like a cheap screen door a couple more times over the course of the day. The more we obediently serve him, the more he rewards us with simply UNIMAGINABLE pleasure! It's the best win-win you could imagine!"

Eve unthinkingly nodded emphatically while she continued to fondle her impressive bare rack. She was panting heavily and her face was flushed.

Bethany went on, "You have to be in 'slut mode' constantly! He could decide to fuck you at any time, anywhere! You never know what hole he's going to fill you in next! Maybe he'll snap his fingers and bark, 'Kneel!' Then you've gotta get ready for a face fuck or titfuck! You really ARE a human sex toy, and the best way to deal with it is to embrace your humiliation with both hands! Don't fight it! SERVE that cock! It makes you feel so helpless and submissive, but that feeling becomes the biggest turn-on of all! Mmmm!"

Surprisingly, Eve let out a long, blissful sigh. She was smiling while seemingly staring at my boner in a distracted daze. She almost whispered, "Why do you have to say that?! It's like... it's like you're describing my old collared life... to a 'T'!"

The horny doctor moved her hands from her tits and back out of sight. She was definitely masturbating some more, with two hands down by her crotch. It couldn't have been more obvious. She was so worked up that I don't think she was even thinking about trying to hide her arm motions anymore.

Bethany added, "Oh! And I didn't finish. At night, that's the BEST! The three of us usually have a nice long cuddle and fuck." She turned her head and smiled warmly at Mommy and me.

Eve continued to stare at the steady handjob action on my cock. She managed to look at her daughter's face long enough to ask, "Why is that the best? The rest of the day sounds... simply incredible!"

Bethany explained, "It IS! Mommy, I wish you could join us! You'd love it! You're still young. You're still a 'perfect ten.' I'm sure he'd love to collar you and add you to his collection of busty sluts. Mary and I would love to share him with you too. And he has so much cum to give."

Eve looked like she was on the cusp of losing all willpower. But she griped, "Please! Enough of that! But... what's so great about the night?!"

Mommy had been steadily lapping on my throbbing boner while sharing the stroking of it with Bethany. But she finally engulfed my fat knob and started bobbing on it.

I was surprised she'd held out that long. It felt even better than usual, since I was especially worked up from watching Dr. Morgan slowly succumbing to her lust. We definitely were in uncharted waters.

Bethany rolled her eyes and huffed petulantly. She was squirming on the couch. "Isn't our night fucking exactly the sort of thing you and Mary often talk about in your phone calls?"

"Yes, but I want to hear it from you. For, uh... professional reasons."

Bethany smirked triumphantly. "Okay. At night, it's not like usual fucking. It's a special, intimate time. For instance, he and I might read for an hour in bed while we're both naked and he's balls-deep inside me! It's soooo sexy! I might squeeze him with my pussy walls off and on - I'm getting really good at that! But mostly, I just revel in the feeling of being fully filled and totally owned!"

Eve stared off into space. She sighed longingly. "Why do you have to say that?! I remember when your father and I used to do that. Those nights really were the best!" She switched to staring deeply into my eyes, as if looking for something inside of me.

It was unsettling for me. I tried my best not to be cowed by the stare challenge. While I stared back, I also enjoyed the sight of all of her body that I could see above the table. Her hefty tits were bouncing steadily in time to her heavy breathing, as well as the rhythm of her moving arms angled towards her pussy.

Bethany added, "I can imagine how it used to be for you, now that I'm finally living the submissive slut live I dreamed about for so long. But I'll bet this this is even better, due to the power of the threesome! Because after he does that to me, then he might do the same to Mommy. Back and forth! Mmmm! He can go for hours and still not come close to emptying his balls into us, at least not until it's time to sleep. We usually ramp up for a big blow-out cum blast then. It's wonderful!"

The doctor nodded. "Interesting." She appeared to be trying to stay calm and professional, despite of the way her hefty, round breasts kept heaving up and down, with her open blouse doing nothing to conceal or contain them. In fact, that blouse had slid all the way off both shoulders, and she didn't seem to notice or care. It was clear some serious masturbation was taking place just out of sight under her table edge.

Surprisingly, Eve looked searchingly into my eyes again. "Do you like that, Brian? Do you like it when you're lying in bed with my gorgeous daughter and she's repeatedly squeezing your big, powerful cock with her tight little pussy? Can you really read a book like that, or are you too distracted playing with her full teenage tits and generally dominating her naked body?!"

I didn't know where to begin answering a series of questions like that. I tried to help her lose her mind to her lusty desires while sounding normal and keeping a poker face. "I certainly do like that! Eve, you do have a VERY beautiful daughter who has a VERY tight and talented pussy. She can do that rhythmic squeezing thing so much that it kind of blows my mind. It feels like we're seriously fucking when it looks like we're both not moving at all! We've only been dating for a month, but I'm already staggered on a daily basis how determined she is to serve my cock! It's like it's the top priority in her life!"

Bethany huffed in frustration, "It IS the top priority!"

Eve seemed on the verge of losing control, right on the cusp of cumming hard. "YESSS! That's how I raised her! Good girl! A busty sexpot is never happier than when she's serving superior cock! That's what my husband taught..." She suddenly caught herself, and shook her head like she was trying to shake herself out of some kind of mental possession.

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, causing her huge tits to soar up and down even more than before. That made the arms of her blouse slide down below her elbows.

Finally, she opened her eyes with her professional face and professional voice again, somehow. "Sorry. That was very inappropriate of me to start to discuss my own personal life in a therapy session. It won't happen again."

Eve turned to Mommy. "Now, I have a question for you."

I butted in, "Wait! I wasn't done answering your question."

She looked back at my face, but ended up staring at the hands from two different women sliding on my boner again, not to mention Mommy's busy mouth. "That's enough... of that. I think I get the general idea. Although... I'm curious if you do actually get to read very much."

I sincerely answered, "Some days, it's more like something we're aiming for, if we can get better at multitasking. To be honest, I usually end up reading the same paragraph over and over again. But on other days we're really mellow and I do get some reading done."

I paused, and then added, "I guess I'm getting to be really good at multitasking. I mean, look at me now, talking to you while my two sluts keep pleasuring me together."

"I see. Thank you." For some reason, Eve seemed eager to stop talking or even looking at me. She stared down at her table as she muttered, "That is an impressive skill you're developing. Again, it reminds me so much of my, er, husband. My... my... master!"

She seemed to catch herself, and shook her head aggressively. She appeared to make a renewed effort to damp down her erotic fire burning inside her. She put her hands on the table and kept them there. She even tugged her blouse back up over her shoulders - while keeping it wide open it front.

She looked back up towards Mommy and stared into her face with renewed resolve. "And you, Mommy. Er, I mean Mary. Actually, it should be 'Ms. Pepper' when we're having a therapy session in my office. Sorry. I'm a little out of sorts." She winced.

My buck naked mother reluctantly pulled her lips off my pulsing boner in order to speak, but she kept her mouth within licking distance. She insisted, "No, I really like it if you could call me 'Mommy.' Here, there, or everywhere. Bethany already does, as you know, and I would be deeply touched if you would too. That's a sign of the kind of close friendship I'd like to have with you."

Eve looked conflicted. "I'd like that too, very much, but... Well... we'll see. To be honest, I'd have a hard time calling you that even outside the office, because... because..."

Bethany playfully interjected, "Because you have a stick up your butt!" She giggled, but added, "I kinda mean it, too. You take this whole 'must maintain my role as therapist at all times' thing way too seriously. Lighten up!"

Eve sighed. "You're right. I'm trying, okay?"

"Try harder!" Bethany insisted. "Starting by taking the stick out of your butt right now!"

Eve was confused. "What do you mean?"

"Stand up, turn around, and show us you pulling that stick right out! I know there's no real stick, but symbolism could help your attitude."

Eve furrowed her brow. There was a long silence, with only the sticky sounds of fingers sloshing on my stiff cock, as well as Mommy's lapping tongue. But then she said, "You know what? I will! I want that stick out of my butt, and I want it now!"

She started to stand up, but was hassled by her blouse, since it had slid down both shoulders as she got up and then got trapped halfway down her arms. "Arrrgh!" she complained. "I'm going to start by getting rid of this fucking annoyance!" She tugged the blouse all the way off, then tossed it aside.

The other three of us all let out a hearty cheer. Now, she truly was topless down to the waist, and she looked fantastic.

Encouraged by that response, she turned so she was mostly facing away from us, then bent over and pulled her skirt way up, all the way over her ass. The resulting sight was further proof that she'd been continually masturbating, because her panties were already far down her thighs and her pussy was absolutely sopping wet!

She reached back to her ass crack with one hand and pretended like she was slowly working a stick out of her ass. But it looked more like she was sensually fucking her anus with an invisible dildo!

Bethany muttered, "God! That's too hot! Mom, what an ass! I can't take it!"

It was true - Eve really did have a great ass. I shouldn't have been surprised, since she was well-built all over, but it showed that she must have worked hard to stay in tip-top shape.

Eve quickly finished pretending to pull the stick out, and then further mimed like she tossed the stick out. "There!" she declared. "And stay out!" Then she turned back around to find out what Bethany was doing, since her "I can't take it" comment was said in a way that sounded like she'd just gone past some breaking point.

Mommy and I were the only ones who could clap this time, because Bethany had swung her head back into my lap and she was bobbing up and down on my thick cock with feverish intensity! Mommy had been forced to withdraw her head and even her hands from my crotch entirely, because Bethany was "attacking" me so aggressively using both hands on my cock and balls too.

Eve stood there with her skirt yanked up around her waist, still boldly showing off her sopping wet pussy as well as her huge tits. She put her hands on her hips with chagrin. "I should have figured. Brian, how the hell haven't you climaxed already?! She's really going to town on you!"

I put my hands on Bethany's head and rather forcefully slowed the vigor of her bobbing somewhat. At the same time, I explained, "I don't know. Except I guess you can become used to just about anything with enough practice."

The doctor shook her head in amazement. "Incredible! I've seen countless well-hung studs show their stuff on the very couch you're sitting on, but you're something else altogether!"

She sat back in her chair. She obviously resumed her masturbating, and it didn't look like she bothered to tug her skirt back down either. "Okay. Now that I'm properly 'stick-less'" - she smiled widely - "...let's get back on track. Mary, how many times do you have sex with your son each day, on average?"

Mommy had sat all the way back up so she could cuddle her head against my shoulder. She replied, "Pretty much every time he cums, I want to be involved in some way." She was staring down at Bethany's bobbing head on my cock, all but forcing Eve to look there too. "I arrange my daily schedule so I can be near him whenever his penis starts to stiffen. I consider it my role as his sex toy mommy to always be there for him and give him the biggest and best orgasms he can handle!"

Eve couldn't resist grinning. "Well, that certainly is a healthy attitude." She appeared to be back in full-on professional mode, but I wasn't buying it. Her huge tits were still heaving, even more than before, and her face was still flushed. Plus, with her sitting back in her seat and the blouse gone, she looked like she was completely naked.

Mommy further explained, "Thanks! Lately, that means I help him with about seven or eight of his orgasms a day! Since it usually takes an hour or more to get him to cum each time, it really is like a full-time job. Only this is one job I can say I truly love, especially as my 'pay' is in delicious cum!"

Eve sighed longingly. "That sounds so... UNGH! ... GAAAWWD!" She closed her eyes and seemed to focus on fingering her pussy for some long moments.

But then she snapped back to attention and asked, "So, uh, how many orgasms is it for you each day, then?"

Mommy shrugged. "I don't know. That probably means three times as many for me, sometimes a lot more. Big ones, that is. But I don't bother to keep track. I mean, who cares? Basically, I know I'm gonna keep cumming and cumming all day long until my pussy can't take it anymore. As long as my tongue and fingers are on his cock, or it's squeezed in my cleavage, or he's filling up my tight cunt, it's like one endless orgasm for me anyway."

"Mmmm!" Eve moaned erotically. "I'm so envious! I know exactly what you mean. That reminds me of when I... Uh, never mind. Please continue."

It didn't take a genius to figure that she was fondly recalling her years serving her husband-master some more.

Mommy resumed, "And each session leading to one of his climaxes can be a whole series of sex acts involving Bethany and me. The three of us fuck and suck all the time we're together, pretty much. Of course, she and I love to share his yummy cum as much as possible. We snowball it all the time, and he can ejaculate so very much! I'm used to cumming and getting drilled so often that my pussy is more or less permanently sore! And of course my jaw is always sore too. But I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Mommy suddenly got shy and looked down at her own heaving huge breasts. "He's amazing! I love getting fucked by him. I'm his little mommy pin-cushion, always getting poked!" She giggled. "It makes me feel so ALIVE! So loved, and used! His cock is downright beautiful. Remember how you helped measure it, and you declared it the perfect sized cock? IT IS! And it looks and feels perfect too!"

Eve spoke in a lusty daze, "I'll bet it tastes perfect too!"

"Yes, it does! His cum is so sweet and delicious! You just HAVE to try it sometime. The way it fits in my mouth, tightly stretching my lips almost to the breaking point... Then, hearing his sexy moans as I lavish my love all over his hot, thick meat with my busy tongue and sliding lips... Oh God! Thinking about it right now, while watching Bethany go at it... It's too much!" She put a hand on Bethany's bobbing head and gave her an encouraging rub.

Bethany let out an appreciative purr.

Mommy continued, "Sometimes, coaxing out his next cum load is all I can think about, almost! I love it the best when he fucks me. But when I wake up in the morning, it's the hours and hours of cocksucking to look forward that really puts a spring in my step, if you know what I mean. Especially getting to share all that jaw-busting joy with your daughter. I'm so happy being his sex toy mommy! It's like... it's like..." She struggled to find the right words.

The doctor tried to help. Her voice was more than a little excited. "It's like you were made to fuck him? Like you were born and bred to serve his cock?!"

"Exactly!" Mommy's face beamed with delight. "I truly believe I was built to fuck my son. And he was built to fuck me. It was fate, for both of us. And now I have your daughter with me, my partner in crime! Ha ha!"

Even though Bethany was busy gobbling on my cock, lightly choking and gagging on it, she was able to make eye contact with Mommy at the same time, since it was poking straight up. She reached out and the two of them briefly held cummy hands and shared a meaningful look.

Dr. Morgan looked to my face, and tried yet again to resume her professional demeanor. However, she was panting with desire, and her masturbatory arm movements couldn't have been more blatant and obvious. "Brian?"


"Does what they said match with how many times you cum a day?"

I said, "I guess I'd probably say I average eight orgasms a day. Because about once I day, I cum with Bethany while Mommy's not there. We like to have our special private times too "

Eve stared longingly at her daughter's bobbing head. "That sounds so sweet! And sexy, too! I know she loves sharing your cock with your mommy, but she treasures those solo times the most of all. I can just picture her on all fours... Begging! Like a bitch in heat! So much love! So much cock adoration! HNNNG! UGGH!"

For the next half minute or so, Eve kept her eyes shut as she let out of series of whimpers, moans, and even shrieks.

I'd been wondering if Eve was having some orgasms here and there but just was very good at hiding them. I figured she had one just then, and she was too worked up to do a good job of pretending otherwise.

Bethany unexpectedly pulled her mouth off my boner and sat up. Furthermore, she merely held it.

I figured she'd realized that I was getting too dangerously close to cumming. Like Mommy, she'd become very good at knowing just when to take little breaks.

With her mouth freed, she was able to talk some more. She waited until Eve had clearly finished cumming. Then she asked, "Mom, do you want me to tell you how I feel during those solo times?"

Eve's lusty excitement stepped up another notch, even though she'd clearly just enjoyed a powerful climax. She leaned forward over the desk, causing her massive knockers to swell and dangle towards me. "Yes, please! I would love that!"

Bethany grinned wickedly. "Well, okay. But only if you take that stupid skirt the rest of the way off. I can see a little bit of it hanging uselessly around your waist. Mommy and I are naked, and it feels weird that you're not."

I was almost positive Bethany couldn't see any of the skirt, since I was sitting next to her and I couldn't, but it was a good excuse.

Eve smiled back almost as wickedly. "You're so baaaaad! I wish I could. It IS annoying. But that would leave me completely and utterly naked! Need I remind you my golden rule about never getting intimate with any of my patients?"

Bethany replied, "Duh! Of course! I'm not asking you to touch his cock; just to get more comfy. You're safe behind your desk. Plus, you're burning up! You're so hot that I can see the sweat trickling down your forehead."

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