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Chapter 30
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Eve was sweating quite a lot, but that had to be from all her masturbating and generally getting insanely horny. The idea that the skirt was the cause was absurd, since it was bunched up around her waist.

Eve rolled her eyes. "Fine! This stupid thing is bothering me anyway." She looked at me and wagged her finger my way for good measure. "But don't you get any funny ideas!"

I chuckled, trying to take things lightly. I held my hands up defensively. "Who, me? I'm Mr. Innocent!"

She snickered, even as she stood up in order to take her skirt off. "Yeah, right!" That put her soaked and swollen pussy back on display, since the skirt remained hiked up. Rivulets of cum were visible on her inner thighs nearly down to her knees!

She bent forward and began pulling her panties down, since they somehow remained dangling just above her knees.

Mommy and Bethany had the exact same impulse at the same time: both of them realized that I could enjoy the doctor's de facto little striptease a lot better if my cock was being actively pleasured. At the moment, nobody was even holding it due to Bethany having decided to give me a strategically timed rest. Both of them moved their heads down to my crotch at the exact same time, and bonked skulls right over my boner!

The two of them sat back up and rubbed their heads while giggling gaily about the snafu.

I told them, "Don't worry about it. I take that as a sign that I need a longer break anyway."

They didn't reply since all three of us were keen to get back to watching Eve undress. It was likely to be over quickly since she had so little left to take off. But my eager sluts basically ignored my words and each took hold of my shaft with one hand by some unspoken understanding. They stroked it in tandem while watching Eve.

To my surprise, it looked like Eve had made no progress whatsoever in getting her panties further down her legs, much less her skirt. All that had happened was she'd taken a few steps to the side, so we had a clear view of her down to her sexy black high heels. I got the distinct impression that she'd been waiting until she had my full attention before continuing.

She slowly but surely pulled the panties down to her feet. As she stepped out of them, she complained, "I can't believe I'm doing this in front of a boy, and one of my patients, at that! This is all kinds of wrong." She slowly stood back up.

Mommy giddily pointed out, "And while two nude hotties are jacking him off together, no less! And one of them is his mommy!"

"Yes, that too, That makes it even worse." Eve muttered. Now that she had her panties off, she was able to spread her legs wide, and she did so in dramatic fashion. With her skirt still bunched up above her pussy mound, she leaned forward and pushed her upper arms against her huge tits, causing them to swell forward in dramatic fashion.

Then, with her arms still in that pose, she held the fabric of her skirt and made like she was going to pull it down. But then she asked me, "Brian, I have to admit I'm pretty fucking horny right now. If I get fully naked, do you promise not to take advantage?"

I didn't want to make any such promise, since things were looking more and more like she'd lose the last shreds of her willpower and I'd be able to have my way with her. I wanted to get my hands on her luscious body something fierce!

So I coyly replied, "Who, me?! Why worry about me? I just told you I'm 'Mr. Innocent.'"

She smiled and snickered. "Yeah, right!" She began pulling her skirt down. "You're the exact opposite of that. I'm sure you can't wait to get me on my knees and slurping on your perfect cock. Innocent? Ha! Look what you've done to my daughter. You've even turned your ridiculously busty mother into your own personal sex toy!"

She continued to slide her skirt down her hips. But at the pace she was going, it would take at least five minutes. She was less undressing and more just showing off her incredible body while provocatively wiggling her hips. Her huge melons were still pushed together and forward with her upper arms, but were jiggling and heaving just the same.

She was quite a sight. But then I figured from her point of view I was quite a sight too, sitting in the middle of the couch with naked buxom beauties cuddling into me from either side and both of them languorously stroking my cock together.

I said to Eve, "But isn't that what you counsel pretty much ALL of your mother patients to be?! Isn't that your ideal for them? That whole cherry cream thing was just a ruse to hide your true motives, as we all know by now."

"True, but you've converted her in record time! It normally takes a couple of years for mothers to get over their hang-ups about the total role reversal and all the sexual humiliation and the rest. But Mary converted to the lifestyle in just a few months!"

"That's mainly on her, then," I argued.

"Maybe," Eve said. Perhaps she realized how ridiculously obviously she was posing for me while making such slow progress, because she started pulling her skirt down a lot faster. Soon, the skirt was nearly to her knees.

That caused her to lean forward dramatically. She looked incredible, especially the way her huge knockers were dangling down towards me.

She went on, "Then you went on to corrupt my daughter, and in record time too!"

I vigorously argued back, "'Corrupt?!' You approved from day one, and encouraged it! She's living the exact lifestyle that you taught her! I'm sure it's closely modeled on the ideal one you had with your husband way back when. I'm just lucky that she chose me."

Eve huffed, "Whatever! Let's not talk about that ancient history, okay? It upsets me."

"I'm sorry."

She finished getting naked, but for her high heels. Once she was rid of the skirt, she took a few steps to put it down on a bookshelf behind her desk, of all places. That gave me a great view of her bare ass, with her ass cheeks undulating up and down.

Once she'd completely stripped, she raised her hands behind her head, pushing her flowing platinum blonde hair up. Clearly, she was striking a very sexy pose for me, complete with her legs spread slightly apart. She asked shyly, "So... now that you can see all of me, what do you think? Not bad for an old lady?"

I could tell she was trolling for compliments, as she was having self-confidence issues. I was happy to oblige, since she looked fantastic. I said, "Don't even call yourself 'old!' You're pretty much the same age as Mommy, and you know how I feel about her. Hell, if I didn't know better, I'd think you're Bethany's older sister."

Her reaction was adorable. Her face beamed like a searchlight, and she got all shy. "Awww. You're just saying that."

"No, I mean it! You're a perfect ten, for sure! If you weren't my doctor in the middle of a therapy session, I'd tell you to drop to your knees right now and suck me off until tears stream down your face!"

She was so shocked by my bold words that her eyes bugged out comically and she almost toppled over! She clutched at her tits with one hand and wantonly plunged two fingers into her sopping slit with her other. After a long pause filled with lots of panting, she started to say, "If I wasn't your doctor..." But then she caught herself and even pulled her fingers out of her snatch.

She closed her eyes and clutched her head. "Oh dear God! This is getting too dangerous! We need to get back on track. Where were we?" She opened her eyes and looked around the room. She appeared to be disoriented, but then started walking back to behind her desk.

However, I felt like I had the upper hand, even though I sensed she still wasn't ready to "break" yet. I figured the more domineering I acted, the better. So I barked, "Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

She stopped, turned, and looked at me in confusion. "Back to my desk?"

"Yeah, but don't sit behind it. What's the point of you getting naked if I can't see all of your beauty?"

She looked around, clearly uncertain.

Seeing that uncertainty, I suggested, "Sit on the front of it instead. Then I'll get to see your gorgeous long legs."

She sighed theatrically. But she grinned happily too.

She gave up on retreating behind her desk, and went to the front of it instead. But to my surprise, she didn't sit down on its edge. Instead, she wound up standing directly in front of me. Probably, she was feeling too horny and energized to sit. I almost could have reached out and touched her.

And I sure as hell could smell her wet and pungent pussy. It even dominated the smell of the other two wet pussies nearer to me. One could tell from smell alone that she was hot to trot!

She struck a casual pose with a hand on a hip. She looked back and forth between Mommy and Bethany while they continued to jointly jack me off. "Now, getting back to the topic at hand, that's a total of about eight prolonged sexual sessions in one day. That's truly amazing! Brian, you really are one of a kind. You effectively own two insatiable nymphos despite being only 18 years old, and yet you're keeping them fully sexually satisfied! AND you're Rebecca's bull too!"

I nodded. "It's easy, because I love them. All I want to do is be with them. Hell, I'm kind of falling for Rebecca too."

My mother and my girlfriend looked at each other and exchanged "awww" looks. Then they went right back to jacking me off together.

I added, "And of course I totally love fucking them!"

Eve licked her lips while staring at Mommy's and Bethany's slipping and sliding hands in my crotch. "Damn! Their hands are so wet! I assume you're still producing copious amounts of cum every time you ejaculate, correct?"

"Well, I don't know about EVERY time," I said.

"He does," Mommy interjected. "Don't be taken in by his modesty. Yeah, sometimes it's a little more, or a little less, but he's always got lots of cum to give! In our pussies, all over our faces and bodies. And, as you can see, so much pre-cum too. We spend a lot of time cleaning up," Mommy laughed.

Bethany added, "Yeah! Lots of cleaning! I never considered myself bisexual before, but I found myself licking cum off Mary's face every single day, and rubbing bare breasts with her just as much. It was only natural when we started snowballing his cum back and forth, from the very first time we orally adored his cock together. That soon turned to just French kissing each other for fun, even when he wasn't around. Before you knew it, we went fully lesbian and have been going down on each other and all sorts of things! All thanks to the cleaning!"

Eve was shocked. "Bethany! I never knew all that! You're bisexual?! And you never told me?!" She put her hands on her hips and spread her legs straight and wide.

She looked even hotter when she was upset, especially in that provocative pose!

Bethany said, "Mom, the part you didn't know about pretty much all happened in the last few weeks, and I haven't seen or spoke to you much since then, because I've been sleeping in my master's bed every night. Er, I mean Brian's bed, although actually it's Mary's and she's there too. I asked her not to talk to you about it on the phone 'cos I figured it's the kind of news to break in person. But don't worry. As you can tell, Mommy and I are still way more straight."

She looked down at her hand, which was currently occupying the "prime spot" above my mother's hand. "See what I mean?" She laughed.

Mommy felt the need to add, "Eve, I wouldn't worry about it. It's kind of thing where you just get so hot, so very, very hot, that there's no way to control yourself! There are no limits! It's total sexual insanity! She and I, we're not REALLY bisexual. Maybe a little, but it's mostly that we're just so hot for him all the time. Even when he's not around, it helps if we get each other off so we don't climb up the walls waiting for him."

Bethany nodded emphatically.

Eve was suddenly panting hard. She grasped at her huge tits from below to hold them in place. She nonetheless tried to project a facade of calm, even though she wasn't fooling anybody. She had to speak between her labored breathing. "Yes, I... I know just... just what that's like! ... Back... back when I... I was young... some... something similar... happened... to... to me!"

Bethany looked up to her mother with surprise. "So, Mom, you're telling me you went through a bisexual phase? You've got it on with women?"

Eve blushed, and averted her eyes. "Something... kind of like that. ... Yes! But... it was more... more about... serving the same, the same... same master..."

Her facade of calm came crumbling down in seconds. Suddenly, she was unable to keep talking, she was panting so hard. She began blatantly rubbing her massive tits together. It looked like she was going to have an especially big orgasm at any moment, even if she didn't touch her pussy lips or clit.

"Wooooow!" Bethany mused. "So Dad owned more than one sex slave?"

Eve just nodded.

"Wow! The things you learn too late. Geez!"

Eve was still holding her breasts as she took a few steps away from us and turned her back. "I think... I think this is a good time... we... we all... take a short break! Please!"

The rest of us were doing fine. Although Mommy and Bethany had been jacking me off for a while now, I'd developed such a stamina that I could tell I wasn't in imminent danger of cumming. Even all the sexual talk and double handjob fun and watching Dr. Morgan slowly but surely sexually unravel (and strip naked!) wasn't enough to get me to cum. And my two sluts were having a great time, but they weren't winded or exhausted at all.

However, the doctor clearly needed a short break to recover her breath and recompose herself, so we had mercy on her.

Bethany whispered into my ear, "Check out my mom's great ass! I'll bet you can't wait to get your hands on it... and the rest of her!"

I stared at Eve's bare bubble butt while she just stood in place, apparently going through some mental exercises to try to calm herself. I quietly whispered back, "Oh my God, yes! That is... if you don't mind?! I know we've never talked about this because I never thought this would happen."

My sultry girlfriend whispered back, "Are you kidding me?! I've been wanting this since forever! That was one of the main reasons I fell for you in the first place, because I could tell right away that Mom had special feelings for you."


"Sure, although she'd never admit it. Haven't you seen how I've been trying to get her to loosen up? As your second sex pet, I have NO RIGHT to stop you from fucking anyone you want! But when it comes to Mom, I want you to fuck her so bad that I could almost cry! I've never seen her date since Dad died. She gets all her jollies voyeuristically, here. You need to fuck her A LOT! And tame her too!"

I sat back in amazement. "Whoa!"

Our whispering had been just loud enough for Mommy to hear too. Mommy whispered into my other ear, "Same here! As a mere sex toy, I also have no right to stop you from fucking or taming anyone you want. But when it comes to her, I'll be cheering you on, all the way! I can't WAIT to see her drop to her knees and BEG to suck you off for your sweet spermy reward!"

Bethany heard that too, and whispered in my other ear, "Me too! That would be AWESOME! Or just imagine her cry tears, like Rebecca always does, as she chokes and gags on it!"

"Yeah!" Mommy agreed. "Or her bending over her desk in this very room, so you can fuck her doggy-style!"

"Oh, that HAS to happen! TODAY!" Bethany fervently agreed. She started licking my ear.

They were going to say more, but I whispered, "HUSH!"

Mommy licked my other ear. "Don't worry, she can't hear our words."

"No, but I can, and it's making me too horny!"

The two of them giggled at that. But they stopped their whispering, thank God. Although I certainly didn't get any respite, because now that their mouths were at my ears, they just kept on licking. It was definitely an erogenous zone for me. And, of course, their mutual handjob kept going on.

But apparently even that wasn't enough for them, since their whisperings had set their imaginations running.

After a minute or two of relative silence, Mommy asked a question at Eve's bare back. "Doctor? Since you're busy taking a break, do you mind if I... well... use my mouth on my son's big cock some more? I'm not used to simply stroking it for so long. I start salivating so much! I kind of need to wrap my lips around it! Kind of a lot!"

Bethany said, "Yeah, me too! Mommy, let's take turns, like we always do at home!"

"Okay!" They stuck their tongues out at each other, which usually was a signal that they were going to get very intense with a prolonged double blowjob session.

Eve sighed. "Please... hold your horses on that. I'm nearly done with the talking portion of our therapy session. Tell me what the new development is and we'll move on to the testing."

My two sluts somehow managed to control themselves. They stuck with just the handjob fun, plus the added ear licking.

Eve's calming exercise had been going on for a few minutes. Apparently, the renewed talking had broken her concentration, and she decided that she was calm enough. She walked back to where we were.

Unfortunately for me, she had calmed down a lot. Her inner thighs were still soaked, but her round tits were more or less still for the first time in a long time.

Eve stood just in front of me like before, once again just out of my reach. She spread her legs straight and wide again and folded her arms under her rack. She silently stared at the cock stroking and ear licking, apparently while she decided what to say or do next.

Now that I'd gotten buy-in from my sluts that I should fuck her and maybe even tame her, I blatantly ogled her from head to toe like before, but in a whole new light. All right! She definitely is a total knockout! How lucky am I to even get to see her like this, in all her nude glory?! I'll bet she has hundreds of horny guys in this office fucking their moms while also thinking of fucking her. But all they ever got to directly see of her body was her muscular legs and some of her cleavage.

I focused my attention on her tits, and tried to guess their size. Yeah, her boobs are a bit smaller than even Bethany's, but not by much. They're huge by any normal standard. It's like complaining if a skyscraper is 110 stories high instead of 120. Who cares? It's still fucking high! I remember being told that she wears an F-cup bra, but I don't know about that. They're only slightly smaller than Bethany's, and those are G's.

Eventually, my gaze moved further down her body. Her pussy was red and swollen, probably because she'd just been masturbating so much. I loved the way I could see rivulets of cum trickling down her inner thighs. I felt a surge of lust as I imagined how divine it would feel to give the doctor her first fucking in maybe ten or more years!

She had very impressive legs too, muscular and full, yet feminine and shapely. And her black high heels firmed her up even more. I knew she was in her late thirties but, at least from the neck down, it was impossible to tell she was older than twenty!

Eve knew damn well how I was all but fucking her with my roaming eyes. She shivered with lust, and just like that, her breathing got heavier. That caused her tits to resume their bouncy motion, if only slightly.

She switched from having her arms folded under her rack to putting her hands on her hips. That looked even better. Then she petulantly asked me, "So... see anything you like?"

I boldly replied, "As a matter of fact, I do. And I take what I like."

That seemed to hit a bull's-eye. She visibly shivered all over, and even buckled her legs a little bit, as if she was suddenly too weak to stand.

But then she recovered. She shuddered some more and shook her head, as if trying to shake some naughty thoughts clear out of her head.

She looked to Mommy. "You told me on the phone that you had something very specific you wanted to talk to me about. You alluded to it again earlier, but it's all very mysterious. I guess this is as good a time as any to talk it out. If it's a serious problem, maybe that'll help us all calm down a little."

Mommy looked at me sheepishly and whispered to me. "Should I tell her? About the swelling?"

I nodded.

My super busty mother turned back to Eve. "It's... my breasts. You see... my breasts seem to get swollen at specific times."

"Well, that's not surprising, especially given your body type and sexual temperament," Eve replied. She was trying hard to maintain her professional demeanor, but she was mostly staring at the two hands from different women sloshing all over my thick pole. Already, she was constantly licking her lips again, and gulping from time to time in a way that suggested she was constantly salivating.

"But doctor... When I get turned on, they swell a little." Mommy blushed. "Like right now." She looked to Bethany. "Can I?"

My stunning nude girlfriend just nodded. She knew exactly what Mommy was talking about, as I did.

The double handjob came to an end, but I didn't mind much because Mommy repositioned, sitting in my lap while directly facing me. She pushed out her bosom until it was pressing against my chest, which for some reason was still covered with my T-shirt. It looked like we were about to start fucking, but she was careful to angle my boner between her legs so the fat knob pointed up and out towards Eve. Part of it actually rested along Mommy's ass crack.

Eve took a couple of steps to the side to get a better view. She asked, "What am I looking at here? All I see is a gorgeous sex pet mommy pleasuring her son in a slightly different way."

Mommy looked down to her boobs. "See? That's pretty normal, I guess. But when my son's cock is inside me? Well, they get even more swollen. Like, really swollen! Then when I orgasm, I think they get even bigger! And..."

She leaned back slightly, so there was more of a gap between our upper bodies. Then she took my hands and guided them to her massive breasts.

I cupped those round beauties from below. Then I began to caress and squeeze them while also wantonly checking out the doctor's voluptuous nude figure.

Mommy went on. "Watch. They'll actually swell a little bit the more he plays with them. And then when he cums inside of me? I've never seen them bigger!"

Bethany piped up: "It's true, Mom. They get even bigger than they already are, if you can believe that! I'd guess they enlarge one bra cup size or so!"

Eve stood there with her hands on her hips, taking it all in. Although she was still licking her lips, she seemed to be even more back into actual doctor mode, now that she had a problem to chew on. "Okay, then. I guess we know what our first test is going to be."

She couldn't resist grinning at that.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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