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Chapter 31
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Five minutes later, the four of us were in the exam room. My girlfriend and I were sitting on an exam bed, holding hands with her head draped on my shoulder. I was still wearing my T-shirt and socks, while the three curvaceous foxes near me were still just in high heels. I was running my hands over Bethany's ridiculously sexy naked body while she was jacking me off solo.

We both stared at the sight in front of us: Mommy was getting strapped into a... contraption.

Dr. Morgan said, while struggling with the device, "This will only be my second use of this gauge. You're lucky I even have it. Come over here, Brian." She stretched the contraption, which was basically a bra-like strap of strong but thin fabric that stretched across Mommy's breasts, including right over her erect nipples.

She looked back and saw that I was in the middle of fingerbanging Bethany. She told me, "Come on. You can molest my daughter at any time. Help me secure this on your mommy."

My mother had her hands raised above her head. She was still otherwise naked, from her red high heels on up. "Help the doctor, Son. Please? This is embarrassing enough as it is."

She pretended like it was a hardship, but she loved showing off her sex toy body for me, my girlfriend, and the doctor. She knew how off-the-charts incredible her body was. The last few months had been a flowering of sexual confidence for her, thanks to the way she had embraced her hypersexuality. Even Bethany and Eve were envious of her curves.

Mommy kissed me sweetly on the lips after I came close to her to help the doctor.

I strapped her breasts into the device, though I must admit I simply played with her immense tits for a couple of minutes first. I did that with a mind to the fact that Eve was watching closely, and it would further heat her up.

And Eve was definitely heating up. At one point, since she was standing right next to me, I put a hand on her nearest ass cheek and gently fondled it.

That was technically our very first intimate contact. But she seemed not to notice or mind for a minute or two, until she suddenly jerked away, taking a step to the side. "Hey! Be careful who you're touching there."

The contraption had a tiny wireless mechanism under one arm. However, other than having a strap around the middle of her breasts and going all the way around Mommy's back, she otherwise still had full mobility. It was almost like a strange strap-less bra.

The still shamelessly naked doctor went over to check the computer she had on a table a couple of feet away. Then she turned back to my mother and me. "It all looks good. You may proceed."

She walked over to an exam bed that her daughter sat on, which was still only about five feet away. "This is okay with you, right, Dear? We're going to watch them fuck, and knowing your boyfriend's stamina, I'm guessing it won't be quick."

Bethany couldn't help but laugh. "Of course, Mommy! Why would I mind? I love them so such. I get to watch him fuck her so often that you wouldn't believe it. Trust me, I REALLY love watching them fuck!"

She paused. Then she spoke in a soft, heartfelt voice. "And I love you, Mommy. Maybe we can kiss and cuddle a little while we watch them fuck? It'll be more fun that way."

Eve smiled sweetly at her gorgeous daughter. "Interesting suggestion. But you know we can never do that. There are certain lines that simply can't be crossed. For instance, you know my rule about never touching any of my patients in a sexual manner."

Bethany replied, "Yeah, but I'm not a patient! The Peppers are the patients here, and I'm basically just along for the ride. Plus, I'm your daughter. You have to admit that the usual rules don't apply here."

"That's true," Eve admitted. "But you ARE my daughter. We can't get too intimate."

Bethany snickered. "Oh, that's rich, coming from you! You the queen of helping incestuous couples get it on! Don't be such a hypocrite. Besides, I don't mean actual sex. All I'm talking about is a little kissing and cuddling to better enjoy the sex show. What's so bad about that?"

She reached out and took her mother's hand, then pulled her down to the exam bed she was still sitting on.

Eve was taken by surprise, and wound up sitting on her daughter's lap!

Furthermore, Bethany quickly and firmly wrapped her arms around her. She playfully teased, "Gotcha! Now you have no choice!"

Eve was surprisingly unresistant. She wrapped her arms around her daughter too, and gave her a weary smile. "Okay, you got me. I suppose a little of that is okay. It's pretty common for women to kiss each other on the lips, even." But she complained, "That said, I'm worried about things getting out of hand, especially now that we learned today that we're both partially bisexual. So let's set some firm boundaries before we start."

Bethany just muttered a non-committal "Mmmm," and then tilted her head in and kissed her on the lips!

Eve tried to resist at first. She even lightly hit her daughter's back several times, but they were more like weak slaps. Clearly, she'd wanted to set those boundaries first, but just as clearly, her highly aroused body was betraying her.

Eve's latest attempt to calm down was like trying to hold a flood back with her hands. She was like a powder keg ready to go off, especially due to her total nudity. As soon as she started kissing back, she pretty much lost all control. There were maybe a few seconds in which she tried to neck with her daughter in a relatively restrained way. But then Bethany's hands went up to her (probable) F-cups and started overly fondling them, helping to rub them against her own. Eve brought her hands up too, and she began excitedly playing with her daughter's slightly larger G-cups.

Since the two of them were so remarkably busty, their enormous bare chests had pressed tightly together from the start of their embrace. As their kissing got hotter and hotter, they began some very intimate and deliberate bare tit rubbing.

Mommy and I hadn't started fucking yet. We couldn't resist just staring for a while, because it was inspiring to see such lusty passion suddenly unleashed.

Then, since the two of us were standing side by side, only a few feet away from the others, it was natural for us to embrace again.

I reached forward and grabbed Mommy's voluptuous body, pulling it back into me. The strap around her tits were a minor bother for my wandering hands, but not too bad. She was so horny that I guessed she was on the verge of cumming already.

She moaned, "Oh, baby! God, how I love you!"

I was reluctant to extensively play with Mommy's gigantic boobs pressing into my chest, as usual, due to the device wrapped around them. So I groped her ass and fingered her pussy some instead.

She hugged my back with one hand and resumed jacking me off with the other one.

We would have kissed as well, except that wasn't easy to do standing up, since she was six inches shorter than me, even in her heels. Plus, both of us liked looking at Eve and Bethany most of the time.

Several minutes passed. It seemed the test the doctor wanted to conduct on Mommy's huge breasts was totally forgotten. Eve had a great amount of pent up sexual need, and it was flowing out.

I was disappointed that I wasn't the target of her lust explosion. But I figured that Eve's Rubicon had been crossed and there was no going back. She'd been nothing but a voyeur for ten years, yet she clearly was a total nympho. There would be plenty of her lust to go around.

I don't know when or how it started. But at one point, after making out with Mommy for a minute or two, I looked back at the other two, and saw that Bethany had started diddling with her mother's clit! She was running her fingers up and down her pussy lips too.

This drove Eve even more crazy. She necked with her daughter like her life depended on it. Clearly, she was fascinated by Bethany's enormous rack, just like Bethany was with hers, and it was like they couldn't tit-fondle enough.

But Eve's hands started to wander elsewhere, including to her daughter's bubble butt. They slowly lowered themselves until they were lying down on the exam table, with Bethany on top.

Eventually, between kisses, Bethany asked Eve, "So... we're supposed to kiss and watch them fuck. Can we please do both? It'll be even hotter!"

Eve was all for that. "Yes! Great idea!" She glanced over at Mommy and me. "Hey, you two. What are you waiting for?! This is a science experiment. Let's get scientific!"

We all laughed at that.

Bethany asked Eve, "Don't you have to get up to take measurements and stuff?"

Eve replied, "No." She kissed her daughter a little more, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. Then she added, "I'll have to check the stats periodically, but otherwise I'm yours!"

Mommy and I were still standing there in a lusty embrace, watching them fondle and kiss while we also played with each other. We weren't in a hurry to fuck. We did that multiple times a day. Whereas Eve and Bethany getting it on was a momentous event that certainly would help change all our lives. Plus, it was a totally hot sight!

Eve looked back to us. "Seriously, go ahead, you two. Let's see you put on a really hot show! Who says science can't be educational AND fun?!" She laughed, then resumed energetically making out with her daughter.

Mommy looked into my eyes. "Are you ready to fuck me again, my sweet boy? I mean, obviously your cock is very, very stiff." She couldn't see it, due to the way her giant knockers were enveloping my chest, but she was definitely giving it a very good feel.

I brought my hands back to her ass and kneaded her ass cheeks. "You know I'm always up for fucking you!"

She asked as she lovingly caressed my boner, "I know, but are you really ready to fuck your big-titted mommy in front of your doctor and your girlfriend? Do you plan to totally humiliate and dominate your petite little fuck toy right in front of them?! Your little busty sex doll? If you do it really good to me, then Eve just might demand that you bang her next! Then she'll be your FOURTH regular fuck doll, counting Rebecca, and where will I be?"

I was so inspired by that sort of talk that I began kissed her even more passionately than before, causing her body to melt into mine even more than before.

I felt her giant tits push up against my chest some more, and I longed to fondle them, as usual. I brought my hands up, only to feel the device there. I looked at her with uncertainty, because I didn't want to ruin Eve's test.

Mommy turned back to the other two hotties, as did I. We were both surprised to see Eve was fingering her daughter with two fingers while her daughter was doing the same to her in return. Eve was lying on top, giving us a great view of her entire nude body. Her ass was humping up and down, as if they were fucking.

Mommy asked, "Um, Eve? He's allowed to feel up my titties with this... thing on, right?"

"Of course," Eve said, wiping her daughter's saliva from her mouth and taking a much-needed breath. "Massage, grope, tweak. It's all good! Just make sure it doesn't slide out of place, and be careful of the gauge at the back."

She plunged her fingers back into her daughter's hot box, causing her to let out a delighted squeal. Right before they resumed necking, she told us, "Please proceed."

Luckily, there was a second exam bed right next to the one Eve and Bethany were occupying. Mommy and I laid down on that one. I got on top of her and readied myself to fuck her in the missionary position.

I looked down at my mother and stared into her loving, bright green eyes. I did my best to temporarily ignore the way she was fondling my huge cock with both hands and guiding it in towards her needy pussy, so we could share an emotional moment. I petted her long brown hair, which fell casually over her shoulders. I looked down at her breasts and, for the millionth time, marveled at their sheer size and flawless shape.

"Are you ready, my love?" I asked, getting ready to enter her.

"Always, baby! I'm so hot! So wet! I love that I'm your real genetic mommy, and yet I'm your bitch! Your personal whore!"

I couldn't see her crotch or mine, due to the way I was lying on top of her.

However, she took one hand off my cock to bring one of my hands to her glistening pussy. Indeed, she was sopping wet there.

I felt farther down and ran my fingers through the rivulets of cum dripping down her thighs. She was even wetter there than usual, and we hadn't started fucking yet!

"Please fuck me, Son!" she begged in the little-girl voice that she knew turned me on so much. "Really hard, sweetheart. Mommy needs a super hard fucking! I want you to show the doctor especially what a powerful pussy-tamer you are!"

She looked over to Eve and Bethany, and added suggestively, "If you really ring my bell, maybe the good doctor will be so impressed that she'll ask you to fuck her too. And I'm saying that not just as sex talk, but for real! You know, as a scientific case study." She giggled at that last part.

That startled the hell out of Eve. She had been in the middle of another intense lip-lock with her daughter, but she turned her head and looked back to Mommy in her mouth hanging open. "Would you... would you allow that?! Is that really possible?!"

Mommy easily replied, without consulting me first, "Of course I'd allow that! Besides, it's not up to me. I'm merely one of my son's sex toys, as you know."

Eve replied, "Yes, but I would want your blessing before I even remotely CONSIDERED the idea!"

Mommy told her, "You have it! I figure you're pretty much family now, or you will be soon. I know my son and your daughter haven't been together long, but she's already chomping at the bit to wear his collar, and there's no going back from that. That's a lifetime commitment!"

"Damn straight!" Bethany said, flashing me a loving smile.

Mommy told Eve, "So you're going to be a part of our lives for a long, long time to come, probably decades. Wouldn't it be more fun, if, every time you visit us or we visit you, you get to choke and gag on Brian's huge cock, and enjoy him drilling your hot cunt and totally dominating you?"

"OH GOD! DEAR GOD!" Eve screamed. It sounded like she was very much in favor of that idea, despite her rules against it. But we didn't get to find out just then, because she looked to Bethany, who nodded in approval.

Then my girlfriend asked her mother, "Isn't it time you stop just watching other mommies live your dream life, and let a powerful cock and handsome, dominant man rule your life?!"

This set Eve off so much that she began French kissing her daughter, and fondling and caressing her, like she was totally out of control with lust.

I looked to Mommy and mouthed the words, "Are you sure?!"

She just nodded with a great big toothy smile. Then she quietly whispered, "Don't just fuck her! Make her one of your sex pets too! She's so very worthy!"


NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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