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Chapter 32
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

This sort of talking made Mommy so horny that I had no choice but to act. I made one of my favorite moves: grabbing her by her plush ass, I hoisted her up.

This caused Mommy to throw her head back, close her eyes, and let out a long moan, because she knew what was coming next.

I lowered her tiny body onto my hot and throbbing prick, effectively slowly impaling myself into her.

As I did multiple times a day, I reveled in the amazing feeling of fucking my mother, balls-deep!

Her pussy gripped my cock like a warm, wet glove and immediately began to pulse around it. "Ooooh god, that feels SO good!" she groaned. "Fuck me, Sweetie! Fuck your busty mommy! Show Eve how you're the best of the best! Make her need it and beg for it, like I do!"

I glanced over at the other two. It looked like Eve and Bethany were so into each other that I wasn't going to be showing them anything for a while. But I was okay with that. I had some mommy fucking to do! Besides, I was sure they were listening to us, at least.

Quickly moving my hands to Mommy's slim waist, I began to move her body up and down on my cock, essentially masturbating with her entire petite body.

She continued to moan and coo, her body twisting slightly as she ascended and descended, her hair draping down behind her head, and her magnificent tits thrusting outward toward my face. She cried out, "UUUUHHHHH! I'm so fucking horny, baby! Fuck me harder! I need your cock so badly! Oh god! I think my breasts are swelling a little already, doctor. You need to check!"

Dr. Morgan and Bethany had just stopped kissing, mesmerized by the insanely erotic sight before them.

Eve leaned over to look at the readout on her computer. Luckily, she didn't need to climb off her writhing naked daughter in order to do that. "Ah yes," she said, her professional persona resurfacing, if only partially. "It does appear your tits are slightly swollen. Do they feel flushed?"

"UUUUGHGGHH! Yes doctor!" Mommy cried out, still riding my cock with increasingly wild abandon.

"Excellent! That's blood rushing to them. It's a normal reaction, though the growth, of course, is not. Please continue your fucking session."

I found it slightly hilarious how Eve could so easily switch back to "doctor mode," even while she was still fondling and fingering her own daughter, but I didn't want to laugh, and I definitely had other distractions going on.

I began to really plow into my mother's vagina. The room was filled with two sounds: Mommy's and my slightly sweaty flesh slapping together, and the erotic panting and moaning from all four of us in the room.

I whispered, "I love you so much, Mommy!" I immediately felt her body begin to vibrate in that way it did when an orgasm was impending.

"Oh my god!" Mommy shouted, bouncing violently on my prick. "I'm going to cum! UHHHHHH! Here it comes, Sweetie! Mommy is cumming on your cock! UHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

Her small body was visibly shuddering, and her head was thrown back ecstatically. She wailed with even more volume, "CUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNGGGGG!"

I glanced over to the other two. To my great shock and surprise, Eve was crouched down and licking Bethany's pussy!

I thought, Wow! That's definitely going well beyond a little French kissing and tit rubbing! Are they really that bisexual, or is it just that Eve has totally lost her freaking mind to lust? I'm guessing it's some of both.

Eve paused in her pussy licking and leaned over again to glance at her computer. "Amazing! Mary, your breasts ARE getting larger! The effect is small, but real!"

I stared down at Eve's massive, heaving chest. "You know, doctor, there's only one problem with this... setup." I began to squeeze one of Mommy's gigantic tits, making her moan loudly and throw her delicate face back in ecstasy. "I usually end up suckling at her nipples when we fuck. I'm really missing that right now."

"Ah!" Eve exclaimed. "I have a solution to that problem." She rose up from licking her daughter's pussy some more.

A panting Bethany took the opportunity to rub her clit while continuing to stare at me and my insanely top-heavy mother. While Eve was facing the other way, she mouthed the words "I love you" to me.

I mouthed those same words back. I really meant it, too!

Then I saw her mouth the words, "I want you to fuck my mother today! Here! Really!" Just in case my lip reading wasn't good enough, she made a fucking hands gesture, poking a finger in and out of a ring created by two fingers on her other hand.

I couldn't help but snicker at that, even though I knew she was being serious. It was all too incredible for me to believe! Up until today, I'd assumed her mother would always be an extremely tempting forbidden fruit, just out of reach.

Eve walked over to us.

As soon as she was within reach, I put a hand on her nearest ass cheek.

I was pleased that she gave me a mildly disapproving look, but did nothing to stop me.

She removed my other hand from my mother's enormous breast and lowered a flap in the contraption that neither Mommy nor I had noticed before. Out popped Mommy's extremely engorged nipple. She pulled down a flap on the other breast and the other erect nipple was revealed.

I slipped my fingers into Eve's ass crack, yet she didn't try to stop me or even show any reaction. Her ass felt incredible! I dare say it was even firmer than Mommy's, who had more of a plush figure.

"This won't affect the results of the testing," said Eve. "And now you can suck to your heart's delight, you naughty boy."

I was about to do so, but Mommy unexpectedly cried out, "Wait! Doctor, you need to check if his cock is growing too! I think it just might be!"

"What?!" Eve stared in confusion as she watched Mommy pull my throbbing erection out of her clenching, wet pussy.

I was more than a little confused too. Mommy and I never, ever stopped in mid-fuck!

Mommy spoke in a husky, sultry voice. "Come on, doctor. Just hold it. Feel it. Check it out. Since we don't have a device to detect if it's grown, you need to estimate its size with your hands!"

Eve clutched her hands at her huge rack and licked her lips. "But... I can't do a proper before and after comparison, since I don't know what it felt like before."

"No problem," my mother said. "You can compare this with how he is after he's fucked me. That'll still work, right? An after and before comparison, as it were."

Eve furrowed her brow. "I... I suppose." However, her remaining sexual resistance was about as strong as tissue paper. She reached out and held my hard-on with both hands. Within seconds, she was steadily stroking it! She seemed not to care that it was wet with Mommy's cum.

I already was about as aroused and energized as I could get, but my heart thumped dangerously hard and fast. I knew this was a very big moment. Eve hadn't touched my cock before, and maybe hadn't touched any since her husband died!

I wish I had the presence of mind to expertly fondle her ass at the same time, but I was too excited to do that. At least I kept holding her there.

Bethany got up too, and walked behind Eve. She reached down and fingered her pussy while loosely hugging her from a position that allowed her to watch Eve's hands on me. Like Mommy, she had to know this was a pivotal moment for all of our lives.

She cooed, "Mom, doesn't it feel good? You know, now that you've agreed to become friends with my boyfriend and Mary, we're going to be seeing a LOT of them outside the office. Wouldn't it be better if you were 'friends with benefits' with Brian, though? Whenever you see him, you'd greet him with a hug, and unzip his fly! Then, stroke his fat rod as the two of you kiss and fondle!"

Eve moaned with lusty need. She'd forgotten all about "measuring" the size of my erection, and was simply jacking me off!

Bethany continued, "But just stroking it isn't enough! Is it? It never is for me or Mommy! You'd need to drop to your knees to give him a REAL greeting! If you're friends with benefits, why can't your mouth be close friends with his perfect cock too? I don't mind, and I'm sure Mary doesn't mind, if it's you. Right?"

Mommy spoke with no hint of jealousy. "But of course! We're all family now. It's just a matter of time before Bethany gets him to collar her, and that'll make her family forever. So that'll make you like his sex-toy-in-law!" She chuckled at that.

Eve was panting hard, almost hyperventilating.

My mother was breathing heavily too. "I think it would only be friendly if you greet him with a nice long blowjob whenever you see him. And another when you say good-bye too."

"UGH!" Eve moaned needfully.

"And possibly some more naughty sucks in between, any time he feels like using your mouth. Of course, you'd have to be naked pretty much the whole time, because there's no telling when he'll get stiff next." She snickered.

"HNNNG!" Eve grunted. Her hands slid faster up and down my shaft.

"Oh, and you'll have to get used to looking up into his eyes from a kneeling position, since that's where you'll usually be around him. With your mouth full of hot, thick cock-meat! Although you'll have to serve him in every possible position, using every hole. Including your ass!"

Eve cried out, "AAAIIIIEEE! AH! AH!"

Mommy smirked wickedly. "In fact, it's only right if you join me and Bethany, and Rebecca too, all bound together in endless service to his cock! Here, have a taste of the cock that will soon rule your life!"

Eve groaned like she'd been pole-axed in the stomach as she bent her head down and started lapping on my shaft! She kept on stroking it with both hands too.

Tears began to leak from her eyes!

Since she was only licking, I knew they had to be tears of joy.

Somehow, despite the incredible distractions, I remembered that I had a hand on her ass. I moved that hand until I was able to touch her pussy mound from the front. For the very first time, I started playing with her slit and clit. Needless to say, she was soaked!

Curiously, she didn't even seem to notice what my hand was doing there, maybe because she was so intently focused on licking her way around my cockhead.

She muttered, "Dear God, how I've missed this!"

I only had about half a minute to enjoy her busy tongue. Right as she opened her mouth wide to take all of my cockhead in, Mommy said, "Nice work! There will be lots more of that for you later, for sure. But I need my dose of my son's cock too! Doctor, could you please insert him back in? I'm thinking we could continue with the testing while you lick down at his lower shaft and balls."

Eve moaned in great frustration. She griped, "I just broke my cardinal rule! Do you realize how monumental this is for me, or how insanely aroused I am?! For years, I've dealt with countless big and yummy looking cocks without ever licking any of them! It's been ten years for me since I so much as touched a penis, despite seeing plenty of 'em every working day! TEN YEARS! And I only get a few licks in before I'm relegated to balls duty?! That SUCKS!"

Mommy giggled. "Sorry. My bad. But we are in the middle of the fucking and the testing. I just wanted to give you a taste now. I promise there will be plenty of thick cock for you to suck later. I'm sure he can't wait to fuck your face. He almost NEVER goes flaccid!"

I felt obliged to speak up. "Mommy, I know you're eager for me to resume fucking you, and it's super kind of you to stop in mid-fuck in the first place. But please, have a heart. It's been ten years! Let her suck it for at least a couple of minutes. Then we'll resume, I promise."

Of course, I was desperately eager to enjoy Eve's cocksucking skills for the first time. But also, I wanted to make sure we locked in what was happening, so she wouldn't do any backsliding later.

Mommy grumbled. "Very well. But just one minute! My cunt is dying here!"

Eve acted with speed, cramming my cockhead into her mouth before anyone had time to change their minds.

She climaxed epically and immediately! No doubt that was helped greatly by Bethany, who unexpectedly started both diddling her clit and fingering her pussy at the ideal peak moment of oral excitement.

I'd just taken my hand away from Eve's crotch, because I had to clutch my head with both hands. The pleasure of getting the mighty Dr. Morgan to start sucking my cock was more than I could mentally cope with!

Eve screamed with all her might, but her mouth was newly crammed full of my bulbous knob. And a few tears had welled from her eyes already, but she sobbed without restraint all through her orgasm.

Unfortunately for her and her strict time limit, she spent more than a minute doing little more than managing to keep her lips wrapped around my shaft while her entire body trembled in peak ecstasy.

I loved every second, because her lips trembled too, in unexpected ways. It was a true "hummer!"

Then, relieved that Mommy still hadn't told her to stop, she began sliding her lips back and forth on my shaft even before her epic orgasm was totally finished, and while she was still struggling to get enough oxygen.

About half a minute passed, and she started to get into her groove. She quickly achieved a good sucking rhythm. Long-buried skills came to the fore. Her tongue got busy and her lip-lock tightened, almost painfully.

Bethany was impressed. "Wow, Mom! Look at you. I guess once you're a submissive slut, you never really lose it."

Eve was in no position to talk, but I could swear I could see both pride and joy on her strained face.

But then, after about a minute of heavenly bliss for me, Mommy spoke up. "Okay, I think that's enough."

Bethany and I moaned "AWWWW!" at the same time, and Eve made a similar muffled sound.

Mommy said, "Sorry, but I've been generous. That was way more than a minute. More like three or four. My cunt is needy and desperate!"

I bargained, "One more minute. Make it an even five. Then, I promise, I'll fuck the ever-loving living shit out of you!"

I knew that I was in charge, and since they were all submissive, whatever I ordered would be obeyed. Right now, I was most interested in letting Eve suck me off some more. But I felt I owed it to Mommy to resume fucking her soon. After all, she'd been the one who'd stopped our fucking on a dime to allow Eve to have more fun.

Knowing that her time was running out, Eve went into some kind of turbo mode hyperdrive! She seemed determined to do everything humanly possible to get me to cum in her remaining minute.

And her cocksucking skills were beyond impressive! Clearly, she'd orally served her husband-master for years, and she had way more experience than Mommy and Bethany. If this was her when she was "rusty," it boggled the mind that she could be even better! Between her lips and tongue, it felt like some kind of erotic magic!

In fact, she would have made me cum even before her last minute was up, except that Bethany was closely observing, and she could see from the straining look on my face when I'd crossed the point of no return. She'd been lightly fondling my balls already, but slid that hand up quickly that forcefully squeezed around the base of my shaft. It was a trick that she and Mommy had gotten to know well in the last month or two, and it did the job, as usual. My ejaculation stopped before it could begin.

Eve moaned and groaned in dismay. The cum blast down her throat that she'd been craving had been denied! Tears still flowed down her face, but it seemed these were more from frustration.

Then, to make matters worse for her, right then, Mommy said, "Okay, I'm putting my foot down. That's time!"

The bombshell doctor reluctantly pulled her lips off.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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