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Chapter 33
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mommy quickly repositioned so my cockhead was lined up against her labia.

Eve actually shook her fists in the air. "ARRRGH! So close! That was the most fun I've had in YEARS! I was ME again! But it was far too short! GRRRR!"

Bethany comfortingly rubbed her back. "Don't worry. Now that you've started, you don't need to stop. His cock is stiff nearly every waking hour. You can enslave your mouth to his cock and suck it for hours! I don't mind, because it'll just be three busy tongues instead of two. The more, the merrier."

Eve petulantly wailed, like a spoiled child, "But I want it NOW! I've never felt so alive! I've been such a fool! So many wasted years!"

Mommy was still frozen in position. She suggested to Eve, "I told you before you could help push it in. What are you waiting for?!"

Eve sighed, but also wrapped both hands around my boner again. "God damn! I'm so fucking horny! Ten years! What an idiot! Why, why, why?! Why did I deny myself?! This is kind of going to be an exquisite torture. But I can't say no to anything!" She lined my erection back up and helped push it back into my busty mother's tight twat.

At first, the doctor mainly seemed annoyed, but once she saw it start to slide in, inch by inch, she grew fascinated and even more aroused. She also resumed licking as much of my cock-meat as she could, while there still was some exposed and available for licking.

If Eve was off-the-charts horny, it probably helped a lot that Bethany was continuing to fondle her pussy, as well as diddle her clit. Clearly, she was trying her best to help "break" her mother, so we all could end up fully sexually intimate with each other.

While all that was happening, Bethany said to Eve, "Mom, don't call yourself a fool because you wasted the last ten years of your life. If you'd been someone's slut, do you think you would have started this clinic? I highly doubt it. Your sexual frustration has led to joy for hundreds of nympho mommies and other busty sluts, as well as all the men they serve. Besides, you were waiting for the perfect cock, the ideal guy to rule you, and you've found him! If you were taken already, we wouldn't have a chance to serve him together!"

Eve spoke in a disappointed voice, "That's all true. Thanks. It makes me feel better. But still, I'm violating all my rules. I feel like I've fallen off the edge of the Earth. And what will happen to this clinic?"

"Nothing needs to change," Bethany spoke with conviction. "In fact, everything will be way better. I'll make sure of that."

Eve had no reply. She was intent on stroking and licking my cock, even though more than half of it had disappeared inside Mommy's tight cunt already. She was going to run out of room in a matter of moments.

I worried that Mommy might have cooled down some while the attention had been on Eve for a while. That probably wasn't an issue to begin with, because she'd looked extremely excited watching the good doctor bob on my shaft, and she'd been fingering her own pussy besides.

But just to be sure, I went to one of my favorite moves, one guaranteed to get a strong reaction from her every time.

I tilted my head down to suck on one of the distended nipples. I "attacked" it with a fury.

My giant-titted mother moaned and pulled my head into her massive bosom. "OH GOD, SWEETHEART! THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOD! Please fuck me more! FUCK ME FOREVER!"

"Your wish is my command," I said grandly. I began thrusting my prick in and out of my mother's tight cunt. However, I had to take it slow and easy for a while, due to Eve licking and stroking as much of my shaft as she could manage. It was unfortunate that she was so very worked up about me and yet rapidly running out of cock to play with.

Despite my attempt at restraint, a fuck session has its natural progression, and I found myself gradually thrusting deeper and faster into my mother.

Eventually, Eve was reduced to "balls duty" for a while.

Bethany consoled her, "Don't worry; you'll get your chance again soon. Knowing him, he'll cum inside her and then be fully recharged in no time. He is 'hypersexual,' after all. I'm sure his next cum load will end up down your throat and in your belly."

"I suppose," Eve said with more bummed frustration. "I sure hope you're right. I want it now, though. All of it! Now!" She briefly wiped her wet cheeks, now that she'd stopped crying.

Bethany teased her, "You said that already."

"I know! It's so frustrating! This is going to be my life now, isn't it?! Having to wait for his cock. Having to share. Always humiliated and dominated, and controlled by my lust."

Bethany said, "Yep!" She reached out for her mother's shoulders and turned her upper body until they were face to face. "That's all true. But didn't you say that Dad had other sex slaves? So you must be used to sharing."

Eve frowned as she thought back. "Well, yes and no. It was different. I think the way you and Mary freely share is very rare, unless there's a therapist like me to help make it happen. Your father was a very virile man and fucked many sluts, but nearly all of those weren't into a threesome scene. He did have one other he loved enough to officially collar, but even she couldn't handle sharing. Plus, you were a child for most of that time and we didn't want to confuse you by having her live with us. It was more like I was his wife and she was his somewhat secret mistress."

Bethany took that in, then said, "Oh. Then let me tell you: the sharing is half the fun. And waiting makes the time you do have to serve his cock that much more special. As for being humiliated and dominated, that's possibly the best part of all!"

Eve let out a long sigh, but she also smiled. "You're right!"

Mother and daughter shared a long and loving kiss. My cock was forgotten by Eve, at least for a while. She even let go of my balls in order to use both hands on my girlfriend.

More time passed, until Mommy and I were dripping with sweat. Things were getting seriously intense. Mommy and I were extra eager, thanks especially to Eve watching and taking part.

"OH MY GOD, HERE COMES BIG CUM NUMBER TWO!" Mommy squealed. Her body began to vibrate as her next powerful orgasm started to hit her.

I could feel her tight vagina pulsing around my cock while I continued my steady thrusting in and out.

She visibly shuddered in orgasm, and let out a loud, incoherent scream.

Eve had gone back to watching the fucking more than kissing and fondling Bethany. But once the screaming tailed off, she disengaged entirely from everyone else and moved back to the other exam table, where her computer was. Although her submissive slut side was coming to the fore, she still remained a scientifically curious doctor.

Looking at the screen, she said, "Mary, good news: I still see the size increase. It's half an inch, which means half a cup size. That may not sound like much, but it shouldn't be happening at all! Your breasts are clearly swelling every time you orgasm!"

As my panting mother came down from her second big orgasm, and with Eve (and Bethany) physically out of the way, I said to her, "Okay, time for some serious rutting, Mommy. I'm going to fuck you like the petite yet oh-so-stacked little sex toy you are!"

"Isn't that what you've been doing already?" asked Bethany with a smile. "Jesus! You're a fucking MACHINE!"

She turned to Eve, who was still by the computer, and asked, "Why don't you show off your tits for my boyfriend?"

"I think I've been doing that for a while now," Eve responded with chagrin and sarcasm, looking down at her topless (and bottomless) condition.

"No, I mean put on a good titty show! How does just watching them fuck increase your enjoyment? Mom, it's been waaaay too long since you've had a man in your life. In your mouth. In your cunt! Brian is exactly the sort of man you need. You need to prove to him that you are worthy to be his third sex toy!"

"He's still a boy," Eve weakly protested. "Besides, isn't Rebecca his third sex toy?"

"Technically no, since she has a divided loyalty with her cucky hubby. Although in reality, yes. But... whatever. My point is, sure, Brian is young, and he's already 'taken,' but he still has what it takes to be YOUR master too. Look at him drill his mother!"

Eve looked closely. She bit her lip.

"I tell you, he's a fucking machine! If you're lucky, maybe he'll fuck you next!! Do you want that?"

"As if you have to ask!" Eve said passionately, almost incredulous at the question. "The only question is in what hole. Of course I can't wait for him to drill my cunt, but I got started sucking him, and that was so unfortunately interrupted. I can't wait to finish that off."

A wicked smiled crossed Eve's face. "Back in the day, I never felt so gloriously slutty and dominated as when I was kneeling with my master's cock filling my mouth!! I long to feel that way again! But... then again... if he fills my cunt, and cums inside me, I'll feel so deliciously OWNED! I can't wait for that too. I want both! NOW!"

Bethany laughed. "Good. BUT! If you want either of those things, you'll have to earn it. He's already got two great sluts including me! And our tits are bigger and our asses are rounder. And, you're the oldest. Harsh, but true. If you want to serve him, you'll always have to work a little harder. So, like I said, you need to show him that you're worthy. You can start by putting on a titty show!"

"Yes, Dear," said the doctor, with wide eyes. It looked like she'd had an epiphany. She explained, "I always tell my female patients they have to put serving their man above everything else. If they do, sexual pleasure will rebound back to them at least two times over. The greatest joy of all is to love and serve your man with all your heart and soul. Obviously, for me, it's Brian or no one, since he has my heart already. I need to follow my own advice!"

I was very surprised to hear that last part. Since when did I win her heart?! But I wasn't complaining. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there probably was a lot more going on in those nightly phone calls between Mommy and Eve than I'd realized. Maybe Mommy had helped "sell" her on me.

Soon, Dr. Morgan was grooving in place and really putting on a sexy performance. I'd had her pegged as a tightly wound up person, but she was letting go and moving in rhythm, letting her sexuality flow. She generally kept her hands under her big tits, caressing them and thrusting them up and out. Her breasts, while not the monsters my mother sported, or even quite as large as those on my girlfriend, were still damn big!

Knowing she had my attention, the good doctor said, "I know my body isn't quite as ridiculously, pornographically proportioned as your mother's." She spoke while she leaned down to simultaneously squeeze and suckle on Bethany's huge tit and rub her clit, "But I hope it's to your liking." She was still putting on a show, letting her melons dangle for my viewing pleasure as she did that.

"It certainly is, doctor," I said enthusiastically. "Being surrounded by three busty beauties all acting their slutty best for me, it isn't going to be long before I cum inside Mommy!"

Bethany said to me, "Cool! But make me a promise: your next cum load goes in or on MY mom! Okay?!"

I smirked. "Well... since you asked nicely!" It was easy for me to agree to that, since it went without saying that was my plan already.

Eve did a quick fist pump. "Yesssss!"

I pulled my prick out of my mother with a plopping sound and simply flipped her over, so her round ass faced up. That caused her massive tits to wheel around, with droplets of sweat spraying off her body.

Because she was so petite, her feet didn't reach the ground. Her legs shot outward behind her. Her entire body quivered with excitement as she anticipated my prick entering her pulsing vagina again.

"Here we go, Mommy," I said as I impaled her once more, this time from behind.

"UUUUGGGHH!" she cried loudly. "PLEASE!"

I slammed into her again.

That made her entire body shake and jiggle. "FUCK!" Again. "ME!" Again. "SUPER!" Again. "HARD! MAKE. ME. CUM. BABY. BOY!"

I glanced over at Eve. She'd stopped her "titty show" since I wasn't looking her way any longer. But it didn't look like she was upset, because she was far too horny. She was still holding and fondling her tits as she watched Mommy and I fuck from a short distance away.

With the entirety of my mother's petite body off the ground, her toned legs were shaking and quivering. Her massive tits swayed back and forth over the table, contained only by the measurement device. Feeling her distended nipples lightly scraping the exam table seemed to push her over the edge once more.

"Oh fuck!" she cried out even louder. "I'm going to cum again! HERE IT COMES! UUUUHHHH! FUUUUUUUCCK! CUMMING ON MY BABY'S HUGE COCK!"

I felt my own orgasm finally welling up inside of me, and there was no way to stop it. "I'm going to cum, too!" I yelled. "Inside you, Mommy! I'm going to fill you with cum!"

I continued to slam into her as she screamed in total ecstasy. As my girlfriend and doctor looked on in utter amazement, I grabbed my mother's arms and pulled them back as I continued to fuck her, so her giant chest jutted out even more.

Massive orgasms crashed over both of us. Her huge breasts visually swelled even more.

That size change intrigued the scientist in Eve. She paused in her masturbation in order to take another look at the computer: "Goodness! So much swelling! Mary, you have temporarily reached the equivalent of a K-cup! I don't fucking believe it!"

As my mother and I continued to fuck and orgasm together, the measurement device unexpectedly snapped and flew apart. Mommy's gigantic breasts burst free.


I continued to flood my mother's pulsing vagina with cum. Minutes seemed to go by, even though it was more like seconds.

Naturally, I finished cumming first.

My sweaty, panting mother followed a minute or two later, screaming her head off all the way.

Finally, both of our orgasms subsided.

Mommy and I still breathed heavily after an epic fucking session. I lowered her down to the floor and twirled her around.

Her gigantic, swollen tits swayed, spraying sweat as they did.

She arched her hands above her head, stretching out her tight, petite body. In the process, she pushed out her massive chest toward me.

Still gasping for air, she lifted up onto her tiptoes and kissed my lips. "That was amazing, sweetheart! Even better than usual. Thank you so much. Look," she said, plumping her bare breasts toward my face, "you broke the doctor's device!" She giggled.

Dr. Morgan and Bethany were still in shock from what they had just witnessed.

Finally, Eve said, "My goodness. Well done, young man!" Her large bare breasts were heaving with desire.

Bethany took her mother's hand and squeezed it. "So. Assuming you get his next cum load, have you given more thought as to where you want to take it?"

"Oh my gosh! I've been thinking a lot about that since you first asked me that. What I just witnessed is incredible! He just HAS to fuck my cunt! He's gonna split me in two and rock my world! But... that said... when I was sucking him before, that was so divine. I have this insatiable craving to finish that off. And somehow, it seems more fitting if I can submit to him while he's standing and I'm on my knees, so there's no doubt in his mind that he's won me and I'm his newest sex toy to own and command!"

However, she frowned uncertainly, and added, "But, then again, getting fucked would be so incredible! And once he fills my cunt with his manly seed, I know I'll belong to him forever! So I kinda want that just as much! Maybe I'll have to let him decide, because I can't!"

Bethany squeezed that hand. "Wow! Cool! But it's funny, because that's complicated but it's pretty much exactly what I thought you'd say, because that's how I would feel, even down to the 'let him decide' part. Like mother, like daughter, right?"

"Right!" Eve giggled almost deliriously. "I'm so happy! I feel like I've been born again!"

"You have!" her daughter told her.

Bethany then walked over to Mommy and me. After briefly kissing me on the lips, she told me, "That was amazing, Sweetie."

Reaching down, she grasped my still-hard cock. "Oh boy! It's STILL stiff! Looks like you've got some more fucking in you!"

I reached up with one hand to cup one of my mother's gigantic breasts and then my other hand to cup one of my girlfriend's huge breasts. I felt like I was the king of the world. I flexed my pelvis, causing my stiff cock to shoot up, sliding past Bethany's hand.

Both my mother and girlfriend gasped at my virility.

The doctor walked over to me and pulled me up to my feet. Then she knelt down in front of me. She cradled my cock in her hands.

I found myself literally surrounded by three naked large-titted beauties: my doctor, my girlfriend and, best of all, my ultra-busty mother.

Dr. Morgan asked me, "So, are you going to fuck me or not? In my mouth or my cunt; either is good. Am I worthy of being one of your fuck toys, if only a part-time one?"

"You bet I do, and you bet you are!" I said, smiling. "And why do you say only 'part time?'"

She looked away shyly. "Well, I don't want to presume or be pushy."

I said, "Don't worry, I'll sort you out. Remember the movie 'Jaws,' when that guy said 'we're gonna need a bigger boat?' Well, given I'm gonna own three sex toys, we're gonna need a bigger bed!"

Eve just about passed out on the spot. Her face was rapturous. "Are you for real?! You'd let me sleep in the same bed as all of you?! Every night?!"

"Only if you want to," I said with surprising calm.

She nodded her head vigorously. "Yes, yes, YES! I want! I want! Holy Mother of God! This is the best day of my life! It's like I AM reborn! I've been given a new life!"

Bethany hugged and squeezed her. "Mom! We're going to be sex toys together! Maybe even sex SLAVES! Owned by the same guy!"

Eve looked nearly delirious. She nodded in awe. "I can't believe it!" Tears of joy started to come to her eyes. "I never thought this day would come!"

I was feeling just as overjoyed. I wanted to fuck all three of my sex toys at once, but realized that wasn't physically possible. But I thought of something that was close. I commanded, "Line up, you three. I'm fucking all of you right now!"

Eve smiled almost wickedly. "Mmmm! Going back and forth between all of us? Nice idea! But remember, Bethany already said I have dibs on your next cum load."

She leaned in and started to lap on my soaked cum load, still dripping down my stiff shaft.

But after only a few seconds, some distracting thought occurred to her. "Oh! Bethany, I know you don't work here anymore, but could you do me a favor? Call Rebecca to come in here! Before we get started on a serious fuck and suck orgy, I need her to cancel the rest of the appointments for the day. Oh! And send anyone still here home early. We'll reschedule later."

"Oh, right!" Bethany got up and went to the door. But she didn't want to run around the office naked, so she just leaned her head out the door and yelled, "Rebecca! Dr. Morgan needs you in here for a minute!"

While that was happening, Eve was getting more into lapping all over my cockhead. As she did so, she said, "It's time I stop resisting altogether. I think we all know what's happening here. I need a man to not only fuck me good, but to sexually dominate me in every way! Just like what I had with my late husband and master. Both my daughter and your mother think you're that man for me, and I fully concur!"

Bethany was back, down on all fours next to Eve, while Mommy was in the same position on the other side. It was a good thing I was standing up, so there was room for all three of them to crowd in around my crotch. Bethany brought one hand to my balls while Mommy took over stroking my shaft from Eve, while still letting her have the cockhead area to lick.

I was planning on fucking them all at once (as much as one can, by frequently alternating), but it seemed a triple blowjob was naturally evolving instead. That sounded equally good to me. Certainly there would be time and sexual energy to do both, and more.

Eve said, "I say: fuck it! Enough with holding back and helping all the other hot, busty bombshells enjoy getting dominated and owned while I always sleep alone! I've taught hundreds of women the joy of submission. It's time I practice what I preach. Bethany, daughter, I swear to you that the day will come soon when I'm going to want to wear his collar too. Maybe we can have our initiation ceremony together!"

Bethany's eyes lit up. "Too cool!" Mother and daughter shared a long kiss.

Seeing that my cock was mostly untended while that kissing was going on, Mommy lapped on it a bit. As she did so, she looked up into my eyes and said, "Maybe we need to make that a triple initiation ceremony. If these two sluts are going to wear your collar, then I damn well better get to wear one too!" She winked playfully at me.

Just then, Rebecca knocked on the door.

Nobody reacted at first, since Eve and Bethany were still kissing, Mommy was focused on licking my shaft, and I was too gob-smacked to think or breathe.

As a result, Rebecca partially opened the door. "Dr. Morgan?! You called for me?!"

She took one look at the three nude women with their faces crowded around my cock, and gasped. "GOOD GOD!"

No doubt, seeing Mommy and Bethany working on cock together was no big deal for her. She'd seen that lots of times together, and always joined in. But on the other hand, seeing Dr. Morgan completely naked and licking too must have been a massive shock for her!

Thinking quickly, she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Somehow, Eve switched back into her professional mode again, if only partially. She broke the latest incestuous kiss, and looked up at her receptionist as if there was nothing unusual going on. "Ah, Rebecca. Good. I want you to cancel all appointments for the rest of the day. And shoo whoever is out in the waiting room away, so we can close up shop. As you can see, some big things have come up that demand my immediate attention!"

Eve looked to my boner, which was still mere inches from her face, and ostentatiously lapped on it a few times at a spot not already occupied by my licking mother. Then she laughed.

No doubt, the receptionist could see the implications of what Eve was doing. This wouldn't be a one-time thing. Her boss, who'd shown no sign of a sex life for the four years they'd worked together (other than voyeurism), now belonged to me. It was a lot for her to take in.

Eve glanced over at Rebecca and saw her jaw hanging open. She reluctantly explained, "Yes, it's what it looks like. Brian's broken me today, just like he broke you. His perfect cock is irresistible! I consider myself owned by him from now on. Which means I hope you're okay with sharing."

Rebecca didn't answer because she was still too shocked.

Eve decided to keep right on licking, swirling her tongue around my cockhead.

Bethany wanted to get in on the action, and started lapping on my balls, since that was the only easily accessible area still free.

Finally, Rebecca remembered some important business that needed to be dealt with first. "Um, doctor! We still have two couples out in the waiting room. The Jordans and the Adamses, remember? I'm reluctant to send them away, because they're having therapeutic breakthroughs. Janet Jordan is completely naked and bobbing on her son Reggie's big cock, and Amber Adams is doing the exact same to her son Evan's! They're driving each other on, totally submitting to their lusty desires and the power of their big-cocked sons!"

She further explained, "They've kind of gone wild. Their tits and faces are soaked with their son's seed, but they're hungry for more! I actually canceled the last few appointments already, because I didn't want anyone else to burst in there and ruin the whole mood. I didn't tell you, because, well, I put my ear to the door earlier and I could hear some exciting things were happening in here too. I just didn't realize it actually included YOU!"

Eve paused in her licking and looked up at Rebecca.

I did the same.

We both noticed that Rebecca's blouse was more than half undone and she looked flustered and bedraggled, with tussled hair. There was no sign of a bra, either. It wasn't hard to guess that she'd been masturbating up a storm while watching the two mother-son couples in the waiting room.. Even now, her ample chest was heaving up and down.

Eve finally spoke. "Ah. I see. That is pretty important. Tell them they can stay as long as they like, until their sons are flaccid and satisfied. Then they can let themselves out."

Rebecca replied, "Good. But I can let them out easily enough."

"No, you can't," the doctor replied firmly. "Once you're done calling the few patients still to come, and closing down as much as you can, get your sexy ass back in here. That's an order! I know you've been longing to play with Brian's perfect cock all day long. It's been necessary for you to hold the fort with your receptionist duties, but it must have been cruel torture at the same time."

"It's been agonizing!" Rebecca admitted. "That's another reason I didn't come in here. I couldn't bear to see just how much fun I'd been missing!"

Eve said, "Then get them out, fast! This is your big chance! We're going to have the orgy to end all orgies. I'm gonna get fucked for the first time in ten years! You can either be a part of it, or miss out!"

Rebecca's jaw dropped. "GOD! DAMN!" She began panting and heaving even more. "But how did you, and him... I can't believe that you... Oh, fuck! I'll ask later! Okay! I'm so there! Save some cum for me. I'll be back in a hurry!" She rushed out the door.

Eve returned to lapping on my shaft, with Mommy moving out of the way to give her full run of the top of my cock for a while. "Aaaah! Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Bethany said I'll have to constantly prove myself to you, since I don't have a cartoonishly obscene body like your mother, and Bethany will probably look much like her by the time she's done filling out. I agree! That said, does it help my cause that, back in the day, I could suck cock like a motherfucking succubus? I was able to deep throat my husband's cock, which was just as thick as yours! Let's see if the old lady has still got it!"

With that, she enveloped my cockhead in her mouth... and then some! Without pausing to adjust, she kept going deeper and deeper.

Mommy and Bethany gaped in awe as Dr. Morgan took me all the way to the base of my shaft in one fell swoop! She even licked my balls for good measure!

In a matter of seconds, she'd manage to take me deeper down her throat than either Mommy or Bethany had been able to do in weeks of trying.

Bethany laughed in amazement. "Okay, Mom! You definitely proved yourself!"

I couldn't have agreed more.

Eve started milking my thick shaft with her throat muscles while Bethany and Mommy each took one of my balls into their mouths to suck on.

Just then, Rebecca came rushing back into the room. She already was shedding clothes like they were on fire.

An astonished Bethany pointed out, "That was fast!"

"You'd better believe it! I actually handed them their clothes, showed them out the door, and told 'em to get dressed in the hallway! Sorry about that, but I'm horny AS FUCK! Dr. Morgan, I can't believe he's got you too! I hope he's agreed that it's for good?!"

Even as she said that, she kept stripping so fast that she wound up wearing just her high heels by the time she was done talking.

Mommy looked up to her and said, "Oh yes! She's one of us now! A full-on personal sex toy! She used to be one once, so I'm sure it will be easy as pie to fall back into that bliss again. Please, get down here! It's time our master enjoys his very first four-tongued blowjob!"

Rebecca dropped to her knees and crawled into position. It was a tight squeeze, but she found a stretch of my shaft to lick. "The first, but hopefully not the last!"

The rest of us all laughed, because that went without saying. Without a doubt, this would be a regular thing from now on, since I "owned" four magnificent sluts.

Within seconds, the sound of four lapping tongues, plus who knows how many stroking hands, filled the room.

Bethany muttered to Rebecca, "By the way, make a note to call your cucky hubby and tell him you'll be going home late. Very late. Maybe not until tomorrow! Brian's already promised to fuck all of us next, and we're going to do a lot more celebrating after that!"

Rebecca squealed with delight.

The four of them kept on licking and licking, stroking and stroking. They worked together seamlessly, like four parts of one whole.

The resulting sexual pleasure I felt was off the scale! I felt shivers and goose bumps all over.

I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and reveled in the joy of my newly improved life.


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