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(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I sat at Eve's desk in her inner office, looking at digital photos on her very large computer monitor. Eve was under the desk, naked and kneeling between my legs.

It had been over six months since I'd tamed and owned the remarkable Dr. Morgan. She was sucking my cock, as usual. She was kind of a freak that way, even by the standards in my harem, since it seemed she had a simply insatiable desire to blow me as much as physically possible. She claimed she had ten "lost years" to make up for, especially in terms of countless thousand "lost" blowjobs. But she was as talented as she was enthusiastic.

We weren't alone. I'd actually pulled a love seat up to the desk for more room. Rebecca was cuddling naked into me from one side and Mommy was cuddling naked into me from the other. Bethany was in Rebecca's receptionist office, temporarily filling in for her, so the sexual fun could be more equitably shared between my sluts.

The new nurse Chun was also working that day, but she had her own nursing duties to take care of. Bethany didn't mind filling in for either Rebecca or Chun sometimes (minus Chun's handjob duties, of course), even though she was no longer an official employee at the clinic. It was her mother's clinic, after all, and we were all very emotionally invested in its continued success.

It was late in the afternoon, and soon the last few appointments would be over. The doctor was taking a very extended break between seeing patients. Luckily, the patients didn't mind. Bethany had informed us that Martha and Trevor McCoy were in the waiting room, along with Amber and Evan Adams.

I'd first met Martha and Trevor when they'd caught Rebecca naked and giving me a handjob in the waiting room. They didn't know it was Rebecca then, but we'd been through a lot of sexual adventures since and they certainly did now. (Though of course, as usual, one never shared one's sluts.)

I had fond memories of meeting Amber and Evan for the first time too, when Amber wound up blowing Evan in the waiting room. Since then, I've gotten to be fairly good friends with Evan, though usually only through phone and e-mail, since the Adamses lived far away. (Not to mention I almost always preferred to be with one or more of my sluts.) Mommy got to be even better friends with Amber. In fact, all of her friends these days were other incest mothers who were patients of our good doctor.

The reason we were gathered around the computer screen was to look through the digital photos from the last "book club meeting." That requires some explanation. Mommy and I turned out to be pivotal patients for Eve for a whole bunch of reasons.

The most obvious and important one, of course, was that I'd become Eve's master. She slept in my bed with my other sluts every night, and spent as much time with me as she possibly could, while also still juggling her duties as doctor. None of us wanted her to give that up, since hundreds of sluts-to-be and sluts-in-training were counting on her.

But there were other reasons why Mommy and I shook up Eve's world. A key one was that we helped her change her policy of trying to keep her various patient couples apart. She'd done that for very understandable security reasons. Her thinking was that if any one patient couple got busted for incest, they could potentially drag down all the other incest couples that they knew.

However, we came up with some safety precautions that changed matters. For one thing, all of us adopted alternate names to be used with the other patients. For instance, for some other patients, I was generally known as "Ben," and Mommy/Mary was known as "Maria." Some closer friends knew our real names, but those were the ones who could be trusted the most.

In addition, we used a cell structure used by gangs, secret societies, and such. The idea was that each couple only had direct contact information for the other people in the cell. For instance, if Mommy wanted to speak with Jacklyn - the then unnamed mother we'd first met who sucked her son (Martin) off in the clinic parking lot in the car next to ours just after our second appointment - she had to go through Amber. That was because although she'd become good friends with both of them, Amber was in our cell, but Jacklyn was not.

Thanks to these precautions, and more, such as the use of "burner" phones and cover stories, the doctor reached a point where she felt safe to allow large parties. The "book club" was a part of that. Even though all incest mothers were either single or had willing cuckold husbands, we needed to protect our secrets from the outside world, such as other close friends and relatives. Book clubs were all the rage in the area amongst a certain female age group, so that made one good cover activity.

But there were many other covers, including various clubs and sports that I supposedly took part in, because it turned out the group parties were great fun! For instance, at least once a week, several cells would get together for blowjob contests. The competition wasn't as important as just the camaraderie of being together. I tell you, it's an extra big thrill having your mother blow you when you're in a whole line of a dozen other boys all getting blown by their naked and kneeling mothers too! Those contests usually went on for hours, with the top prize going to the mother with the most cum on her tits and face. But there were other contests too, including titfucking and fucking competitions.

All sorts of other group events had evolved as well. For instance, the photos that I was currently going through with Rebecca and Mommy were of a "book club meeting" that actually was a "formal ball." Meaning, it was a particularly large gathering of dozens of mother-son couples in a luxurious mansion out in the countryside, affording total privacy. The boys all dressed up in tuxedos and the moms all wore their best make-up, jewelry, and dresses.

Well, not so much with the dresses! They all started out fully dressed, but it wasn't long before they wound up topless and then completely naked. But part of the tradition of the event was that the boys all had to stay fully dressed - except for their erections sticking out of their flies, of course - in order to heighten the shame and domination of their gorgeous mothers.

Actually, it wasn't that different from the blowjob contests, since the mother spent most of the evening on their knees sucking their son's cocks. But lots of other things happened, including fancy dinners (for the boys - mothers could only drink their son's cum during the party), and speeches. Willingly cuckolded husbands served as waiters, chefs, chauffeurs, security, and the like.

I was proud of Mommy, because a few months ago, she'd given a speech about her passion for the titfuck-blowjob combination. It was her belief that any mother could take her son's entire cockhead and then some in her mouth, even during a vigorous titfuck. Her speech ended up with her giving a practical demonstration on me, on a stage in front of dozens of highly interested mothers! Her speech was a big success. Even now, months later, various mothers would seek her out at group incest events to proudly tell her of their successes with the technique and/or to ask about further tips.

On top of all that, not only had I turned Mommy, Eve, Bethany, and Rebecca into my personal sex pets, I'd collared all of them except for Rebecca, making them my "official" sex slaves. I was the master of an actual harem!

The reason Rebecca wasn't collared was because she wished to stay married to her husband David, even though he wasn't allowed any sexual intimacy with her anymore, since she had fully sexually dedicated herself to me. It was a very strange dynamic they had that I didn't fully understand, but she was content with me just being her bull instead of her full-on master.

It was frustrating for me, since I'd fallen in love with her, and she with me, but between her job at the clinic and her husband, I only got to see her about an hour or two each evening on weekdays, after she finished work. Admittedly, it was a lot better on the weekends, which she'd mostly spend with me, including sleeping in my bed.

But such limitations meant that the times we did spend together were extra special. She usually was the third or fourth "tongue" in suck-fests, which were very common since multiple blowjobs were something all of my sluts could enjoy together. But I often made a point of giving her some one-on-one time with me, like I did for the others.

By the way, when I say I "collared" my slaves, I mean that in both a symbolic and literal sense. Even as I sat there on the love seat in front of the monitor, I could see the black iron collar around Eve's neck while she sucked me off. Mommy wore an identical collar, and so did Bethany in the other room. Rebecca, by contrast, wore a black satin collar instead of an iron one, to reflect her somewhat different status.

Apparently, that collar was a source of endless arousal to David. Most anytime she came home from being with me and my other slaves, he would take one look at her cloth collar and beg for his penis to be temporarily freed from his cock cage so he could masturbate to orgasm, usually while he stared at that collar around her neck!

Oh yeah. David had a cock cage, which he wore 24 hours a day. At his own insistence! And he didn't allow himself to even kiss or hug his own wife. Talk about weird!

Rebecca was very lenient with her cucky hubby, and let him masturbate to orgasm at least once a day, but only after he begged. Typically, she'd come home after spending a couple of hours (or much of the weekend) with me, and tell him in detail all the different ways she'd served my cock, and which other sluts helped out. He'd get so thrilled that he'd climax into his hand by the time her story was over. And that was the extent of their "sex life."

Like I said, super weird, but it worked for them. Plus, I was grateful that it meant I rarely have to see him, except if he was one of the help at the group parties.

So life was great for me, as well as my loved ones. I'd discovered that having three sex slaves and one married "mistress" was more than enough for me. No way did I want more.

As an aside, I got to know the new nurse Chun, and we got along well. It turned out that she was shy and demure, but also somehow an enthusiastic sex freak at the same time! It was a fun combination, especially since she reveled in being sexually humiliated more than most.

However, I never got very sexually intimate with her, aside from some flirting, necking, and playing around, such as when she occasionally volunteered to add her tongue to an on-going multiple blowjob at the doctor's office. (Five tongues on one cock is a total blast, believe me!) She was her brother's sex pet, and even though he liked to have her fool around with the patients, I didn't want to get too emotionally involved with her because she was "taken" in a much more sexual manner than Rebecca was. I never even fucked her once, since that was one thing her brother wouldn't allow.

Besides, I had my hands full. All four of my women were nymphos, so they were constantly running me ragged! Luckily, we had sex together nearly all the time, with lots of lesbian fun between them. That was key for me, because otherwise I couldn't have kept them all sexually satisfied..

But we still had our problems. The biggest one was that we all had to deal with a lot of secrecy. I could openly do anything with Mommy within the growing incest community of Dr. Morgan's other mother-and-son patients. It also became openly known within that group that I had collared Bethany, since having a girlfriend too was common and accepted. The problem was that we all had to keep my relationships with Rebecca and especially Eve secret as much as possible, even within that community.

Normally, it would have been perfectly okay if I had more than two sex slaves. The only limit for guys in our community was how many nymphos they could handle. (Though, nymphos being nymphos, few guys even wanted more than their mother or sister or the like plus one girlfriend.) The problem was that both Rebecca and Eve had professional roles to play at the office, and it was important they were seen as non-biased and uninvolved with any of the patients. Eve especially constantly worried how her patients would see her differently if they knew she was my sex slave.

The funny thing though was that she didn't mind telling her patients that she was somebody's sex slave. She had to tell all her patients eventually, in order to explain the slave collar she always wore. But she had a cover story that it was someone she'd met from the "outside world." Her veteran patients were fine with that. In fact, a sudden rush on sex slave collars followed in the months after her revelation, because so many mothers emulated her behavior.

However, she had to be very careful to hide her collar from her new patient couples. She would generally wear clothes that covered her collar for the first few months. By then, the women were personal sex toys and generally envious of the collar, not scandalized. (It would take even longer than that before such couples were trusted enough to start being invited to the group parties, and there was a gradual process of being allowed to meet with others in their cell and then being trusted to take part in larger gatherings.)

It was a similar situation at the office with Rebecca and her cloth collar. She explained to all but the newest of patients that she was married to a willing cuckold and only had sex with the bull who exclusively owned her body. The only lie was that she also had to make up a fictitious name of someone from the "outside world" who was that bull. That went over well and made her very popular, because many of the mothers had willing cuckold husbands too. She ended up being kind of a de facto advisor to most of those, to help ease them into the cuckold and bull lifestyle.

Incidentally, the cuckolds formed a social club of their own, after meeting each other as servants at the group parties. They often formed close friendships, as well as support groups. That helped them come to terms with their cuckold natures and often allowed them to venture deeper into the lifestyle. For instance, cock cages became increasingly popular. I worried that there would be defections and divorces, or maybe even a suicide, but Dr. Morgan had screened and selected her patients well. It was almost impossible for me to understand, but the overwhelming evidence showed they actually enjoyed living that way.

Getting back to the present, I was ostensibly supposed to be looking through the photos from the latest "book club" meeting in order to select the very best ones. Photos were a big security issue. Only one camera, Eve's digital camera, was allowed at any group event, and the use and control of it was very strictly monitored. Nobody could keep any digital or print out copies, for obvious reasons.

However, from time to time, we would put on special wide-screened photo presentations, like slide shows of old, as yet another excuse for group parties. Mothers would generally suck their son's cocks from the sides so they could do that while watching the presentation.

I started out enjoying looking through the photos. My sluts and I were only in a small percentage of them, but all of the women were busty and gorgeous. Plus, they were almost always pictured doing something very arousing and sexual. True, the majority of the time that meant they were kneeling and sucking, but in my world that never got old.

I must admit that Eve was sucking me so good that I'd pretty much lost track of my task. She had the top cocksucking talent in my harem, thanks to all her years of being a sex slave to her husband. Even Mommy had to concede Eve was the best, mostly due to her unsurpassed deep throating skills. The others were all nipping at her heels, though, including steadily improving their deep throating abilities.

But, so far, only Eve could deep throat me to the root with ease, as if my thickness wasn't an issue at all. Then she'd expertly milk my shaft with her throat muscles while using her tongue and lips at the same time. It was like the "grand slam" of solo cock pleasuring, like getting blown and fucked at once. Plus, she could stay down for over a minute at a time, and do it over and over and over again!

It went without saying that her previous master had trained her well. I'd lost track of how many times I'd praised and thanked him in my mind.

Maybe now it becomes clearer why I lost track of sorting through the photos, because Eve was in the middle of one of her prolonged deep throating sessions! It was like being on the wildest amusement park ride one could imagine. All I could do was hold on for dear life and revel in the non-stop erotic ecstasy.

But, as if that wasn't enough, I was even more distracted because Mommy was making out with me. I couldn't even see the computer monitor anymore, with the way she was rubbing her huge tits against my chest.

To top that off, Rebecca had repositioned to help lick and fondle my balls as best she could, since all of my cock was usually deep down Eve's throat.

It might sound crazy to an outsider, but this was my life. Fucking had to be a one-on-one activity, but I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a blowjob with just one of my sluts. It probably had been a week or longer. Three or four tongues on my privates at once was the norm.

There was a knock on the door leading into the inner office. "It's me, Bethany."

"Come in." Rebecca said that, since she was the only one who could free her mouth to talk.

Bethany came in and checked out the scene. "Oh boy! Am I missing out or what? I'm so bummed that I've gotta work and wear clothes."

I broke the latest lip-lock with Mommy and turned my head enough to make eye contact. "Hey, love. What's up?"

Bethany flashed a smile at me, then said, "I just wanted to give Mom an update. As you know, the McCoys and Adamses are still in the waiting room. But it's not really a problem, 'cos things have gotten really wild. Amber and Martha are currently kneeling naked side to side and engaging in a cocksucking duel!"

Those were common lately, now that so many incest couples had become friends with each other. I asked, "What kind? The 'who can make their son cum first' kind, the 'who can make their son cum the most in a certain amount of time' kind, or the 'who can make their son last the longest without cumming' kind?"

"Definitely the last one, because they've been at it a long, long time and their faces and chests are still completely clean. But that's what I wanted to ask you all about. It's five o'clock already, you know. Mom, you did it again: you got so carried away serving our master that you lost all track of time! I'm wondering if I should just send them home and reschedule, or if you want to meet them briefly, or what?"

Eve pulled her lips off my boner and sighed. She didn't try to make eye contact with her daughter, because she was boxed in under her desk. She clutched at her throat and waited to speak, because even she needed some recovery time from her repeated deep throating efforts.

After nearly a minute of silence, she said, "Dammit! This is getting to be a real problem. I keep losing track of time and making people wait. I have so much fun serving our master that I'm having fewer and fewer appointments."

Bethany pointed out, "But we don't need the money. The harem already has more than we could ever spend. Time serving your master is way more important."

"I know that, but I'm a crusader. The fewer appointments I have, the fewer couples I'll be able to convert to the lifestyle. I keep letting go of experienced couples who don't need my guidance anymore so I can take on more new ones, but still, it's not enough."

Bethany was holding a glass of water, and she gave it to her mother. Having been through this sort of situation many times before, she'd correctly assumed that Eve would be deep throating me and would need a drink.

Eve took the glass and drank the water down. She muttered, "Thanks."

While Eve was recovering, Rebecca essentially took control of my boner. She gave my cockhead a few licks to see if I was needing a rest or ready for more. She decided on the latter, and engulfed my entire cockhead and then some.

Eve didn't mind. She knew that within the harem, the rule was "you snooze, you lose." But also, sharing generously was paramount, which meant she'd get plenty of cock in any case.

Bethany said, "It's never enough. Mom, I keep telling you you need to franchise! Already, you have three moms you've turned into mommy pets who happen to be professional psychologists. Just think: train them to each open up their own clinics, seemingly unconnected to ours. Have them and you make a special point of targeting other female psychologists. By and by, your lifestyle will spread like wildfire!"

I said, "I completely agree. And target the rich and powerful, so eventually there will be a gradual easing of the incest laws."

As soon as those words left my mouth, Rebecca started going deeper and deeper down my shaft. Within seconds, she had taken every last inch! She was probably the "worst" at deep throating due to having the least time to practice, but that was a very relative thing. It was more accurate to say she was the "least best."

I couldn't see what was happening at my crotch, due to Mommy and her huge tits being in the way, but I most definitely could feel it. I shivered all over as a wave of lust temporarily overwhelmed me.

"I know, I know!" Eve huffed, apparently ignoring the deep throating action even though it was taking place inches from her face. "Believe me, I'm working on that already. But working with those three will take even more of my time, not less. I never get enough time with you, Master. There aren't enough hours in the day!"

Bethany asked, "So what should I tell them back in the waiting room?"

Eve sighed again, while licking my balls, since they were all there was left to lick. "Oh, I suppose tell them to go and we'll reschedule. Give them the usual excuse that I'm dealing with a particularly tricky case. They won't mind, since I'm sure they're having a hell of a fun time anyway."

"Well, that's true. You should see how uninhibited they are. If you were to stop the contest before their boys climax at least once, they'd be seriously chagrined and miffed. Aren't they about ready to graduate?"

"Not quite. I'm still working on getting serious girlfriends for Evan and Trevor." (It went without saying, but finding serious girlfriends was hard, because they had to be beautiful, busty, submissive sluts who ultimately could be trusted about the incest secret.) "But I get the feeling that Amber and Martha are just dragging their feet because they aren't keen on sharing, plus they want to stay my patients forever."

I wanted to say something, but Rebecca had my entire cock down her throat, and she was doing her best to imitate Eve's throat-milking technique. She still had much to learn, but she had me teetering on the brink just the same. I couldn't think or talk at all.

"That usually is the case for all your patients," Bethany pointed out. "Every time, it's the same damn thing. As soon as we find the right girlfriend, it's not long before they wonder how they ever managed solo. Two tongues on a cock are always better than one."

Mommy had been intermittently kissing me, but she'd been listening carefully too. She chimed in, "If I could make a suggestion, I think you need to have moms like Amber and Martha talk to more experienced moms who already share their sons with busty teenage sluts. I know you're limited in how much you can do that due to security reasons, but surely there are ways around that."

"Such as?" Eve asked.

"Such as... what about video testimonials? Have a son stand up in side profile, with his big cock sticking straight out. Then have his mom and girlfriend talk about the joy of sharing even as they lick and stroke his cock together. Have the whole thing in black silhouette mode so one can't tell who they are. You can use couples that graduated years ago, so there's no way of them knowing the people involved, at least until they're also graduated and meet at one of the parties, at which time it'll be a moot point. Have them watch literally dozens of such videos until they finally get it! And of course they can suck their son's cocks as they watch to help put them in a horny and receptive mood."

There was a long pause. Eve was so intrigued that she pulled away from lapping on my balls to fully concentrate on the suggestion. She finally said, "Mary... duh! That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? I'd been hung up on the security issue, but there are ways around that, as you point out."

Mommy was pleased as punch that her idea was going over well. "Yeah, but there are things you can do. For instance, not just the silhouette videos. You could also have them do conference calls with son, mom and girlfriend teams, to directly answer the concerns and questions they have. Maybe even set up a mentor type system, where each mom pairs up with a graduated mom to help show her the ropes."

Eve slapped her own forehead. "God DAMN! Ugh! Mary, you're a genius! How could I be so slow? For years, I did all the therapy on my own. But what you and others keep showing me is that there's a growing community that can take care of each other."

Suddenly, Rebecca had an idea she just had to share. She pulled off from deep throating me and said, "WAIT!"

The others waited a few long moments for her to recover from the deep throating ordeal. They figured it had to be something important.

As soon as Rebecca could talk, she said, "I agree all of this is brilliant, and a no-brainer. But Eve, think of the implications. The more you can get other people to essentially do your work, such as a mentoring program, the more free time you'll have! That means you'll either be able to spend more time serving your master, or take on more patients, or both."

Eve laughed. "God! I swear, I should just step aside and let all of you run things. I get so deep in my work that sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. Of course you're completely right. Unfortunately, I wish I could just spend all day serving my master's cock..." - she got busy licking it, since Rebecca had just vacated it - "but unfortunately our new ways such as the group parties have led to an explosion of referrals on top of the mountain of applications for new patients we always get. There are just so many stunning and stacked sisters and mothers and more out there who don't even have a clue that they're naturally submissive sluts! I feel like I'm a failure if I have to turn down even one who otherwise passes all the prerequisites and tests."

Bethany chimed in, "Then you need to go back to my frequent suggestion, that you hire the three moms who are professional psychologists. Why not?"

Eve sheepishly admitted, "I guess I'm afraid of losing control. This has been my exclusive baby up until now. But it's getting to be more than I can handle alone."

"It is," Bethany said forcefully.

Mommy then said, "Can I offer another suggestion?"

"By all means!" Eve now was lapping around my cockhead more or less equally with Rebecca. That meant neither of them could suck on me without being greedy about it. But this was nice variety for me anyway.

Mommy said to Eve, "Getting back to Amber and Martha, there's also the problem of them not wanting to graduate from your care. You could do a lot more to make clear to them and other like them that graduating isn't the end, but more like the beginning. Yes, they'll have less time here with you, but more time with the wider community. I say being a graduate is even more fun, considering there are even more group events and parties that only graduates can attend."

"That's true," Eve agreed. "I need to think more outside the box, while still maintaining security. For instance, as they get closer to graduating, hint at the parties and events to come without mentioning any specifics."

While still just standing by, Bethany said, "Great idea, Mom. Everyone wants to join an elite club. That'll give 'em some big time motivation to wrap things up. The way it is now, virtually every patient pretty much leaves kicking and screaming, because they never want the program to end. Most don't even have a clue there are graduate activities at all."

"Well, there weren't until not that many months ago," Eve pointed out. "I guess I'm still getting used to that new world."

The others nodded at that.

Eve said, while still lapping on my balls, "Bethany, getting back to the immediate problem of the McCoys and Adamses being in the other room, why don't you hand that entire problem over to Chun?"

Bethany replied, "I would, except it's after five already and she wants to go home too."

Eve grumbled, "Damn. I've been in such a cock-pleasuring groove here that I've forgotten all about the time implications. But I have an idea: since she'd free to touch strange dicks, have her add equal help to both boys by licking their balls or something. Whatever if takes to get them to finally cum! Then, once they do, help her shoo them out, stat! We'll reschedule their appointments for some other day later."

Bethany rubbed her chin in contemplation. "Hmmm. That could work."

"Of course it'll work. It sounds like that contest has been going on a while already. They're probably already teetering on the edge of cumming as it is. Then please come back here immediately once you lock up."

"Why's that?"

Eve playfully suggested, "We've got a great big masterly cock to take care of, and we need your help!"

Bethany put a finger to her mouth, pretending to be clueless. "Oh my! Shouldn't three sexy mouths be enough?" That was a playful tease, because she knew another tongue was always welcome.

Eve snorted. "Not hardly! For your typical satyr cock, sure. But remember our master is hypersexual! I don't even know if four tongues is enough!" She laughed.

Bethany smiled from ear to ear. "Well then. I'll just have to try my best to help. I'll be back in a jiffy!"

Bethany left and quickly got the McCoys and Adamses to leave, thanks to Chun's key assistance. Chun actually played with the balls of both boys, exactly as the good doctor had suggested.

Not that it mattered, but Amber Adams and her son Evan beat Martha McCoy and her son Trevor in the cocksucking duel because it was an endurance contest and Evan climaxed about a minute after Trevor did. One might think the mothers could have thrown the contest by deliberately sucking badly, but that never happened because once they got started, their submissive need to give their sons maximal pleasure always kicked in. It was much more a competition between the sons to see who had the better stamina.

That said, there were no hard feelings, because all four of them knew they all were winners. In fact, they had such a great time that before they left the two mothers set up a "play date" for the weekend. As usual, swapping was completely out of the question, but both mothers enjoyed the extra humiliation and camaraderie of cocksucking and titfucking and such with another mother-son couple in the room.

By the time Bethany came back about ten minutes later, I'd repositioned to another chair. It was a chair with no armrests specially chosen for multiple-women blowjobs. Mommy, Eve, and Rebecca were all on their knees and crowded in around my crotch, lapping on my shaft.

Bethany took in the whole scene, and then muttered, "Red, blue, and orange. And now, green."

"Huh?" I asked. Needless to say, I was highly distracted by the "tongue battle" going on at my cock.

Bethany explained, "Oh, I was just noting the colors of your sluts' high heels. I'm glad I'm wearing green, because together we kind of make up a rainbow." She giggled.

Without being prompted, my amazing girlfriend began performing a sexy striptease in front of me. It wasn't like I needed any more arousal, but she knew I'd enjoy it just the same.

Before she really got going, she glanced at the computer screen at the desk in front of me and saw that the photo on display was the same one that had been there when she'd left.

Seeing what she was looking at, I explained to her, "I decided to work on going through the photos later. There's no rush. And certain other things are distracting me."

Bethany snickered as her nurse's outfit came off, piece by piece. "I'll bet! I wonder what those 'things' are. I can't possibly imagine!" She giggled some more.

Before long, she was naked and kneeling too. The others had repositioned slightly to make room for her. She sighed blissfully. "Aaaah! Another fourjob. I love 'em so much!"

("Fourjob" was our nickname for a four woman blowjob. Those were common daily occurrences since I had four orally insatiable sexy ladies in my harem.)

A few minutes later, with all four of them happily lapping and stroking away, Rebecca thought to ask, "Master, what's the plan for tonight? I should probably call my cucky hubby at some point to tell him if I'll coming home tonight or if I'll be spending another night in your crowded bed. As usual, your desires come first. You know which option I'd prefer!"

(Rebecca typically called me "Master" the same as the others, even though one might argue that wasn't technically true. But she often told me that she felt I owned her heart as well as her body, and I would forever be her master in her mind.)

I replied, "Good idea. But I have bad news for you on that front. Tonight, I'd like to have another special night with just Mommy and me."

A collective disappointed "Awww!" rose from my crotch from everyone except Mommy.

Not surprisingly, my mother's attitude was the opposite. She sat up and punched a fist in the air. "YES!" She flashed me a loving smile, and silently mouthed the words "Thank you!" Then she lowered her head back down and resumed her role in the "fourjob."

The others were disappointed, but not very surprised.

Eve joked to Mommy, "I hope your jaw is ready for an epic oral marathon tight! And smoke will be rising from the ruins of your overworked pussy by tomorrow!" Then she laughed with the others and returned to her contented cock licking.

Mommy giggled with giddy excitement. "I know! And I can't wait! I love him so very much!"

In fact, Mommy was so very excited that she gently but firmly nudged the others aside and deep throated me all the way! Over the past six months, she'd trained herself to do that so well that she was nearly as good as Eve at it. But she was only going to take me deep for a minute or two, because she didn't want to be too greedy with the others waiting.

I loved having my own mini-harem, and I loved all of my sexy sluts. But I made no bones about the fact that Mommy was, and always would be, my number one sex slave. She would always have a special place in my heart... and the prime spot on her knees between my legs. The others understood this and never tried to contest it. After all, the biggest part of Eve's crusade was sexually connecting mothers and sons. There naturally had to be a special, powerful bond there.

I had the most frequent one-on-one time with Mommy, including giving entire evenings and nights to her at least once a week. But I made sure to have plenty of special private times with all my other sluts, including Rebecca. I wanted to make sure they were always well loved, in addition to being thoroughly sexually dominated. It's a formula that has worked out well for us.

I thought, Today's been an especially good day. Mommy's idea to speed up the graduation rate with a mentor program and such will free up more of Eve's time, or allow her to have more patients, or both. Probably both, 'cos she'll want to split the difference.

And lately, with this talk about "franchising" Dr. Morgan's clinic, who knows? Maybe that formula will secretly spread across the country and even across the world!

And then there's the issue of the next generation. Also, lately, all my sluts have been pestering me for permission to go off their birth control. Even Rebecca's cuckold husband has contacted me multiple times, all but begging that I "breed" his wife! (Again, so fucking weird!) I'm not ready to be a father yet, but someday... With so many collared women I'm in love with, it seems inevitable I will wind up with many children.

Our lifestyle definitely isn't for everyone. But for the select few with the right sex drives and so on, I tell you, it truly is heaven on earth!


NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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