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(MF, FF, mc, ds, Fdom, Mdom, humil, wl, slow, reluc, voy)
Written by Spacer X ( and Not Yet Famous

A note by Spacer X:

I read this story by Not Yet Famous: But I was sad to see that it was written years ago and left incomplete. I was inspired to expand and continue it. I hope the original author doesn't mind. This is over four times longer than the original.

Note that this is a mind control story with sexual submission themes, so please skip this if you don't like that kind of story. Also note that the "Silent Sound" technique mentioned in the story is real, though little known, and it's not clear how effective it may be. Try Googling the term to learn more.


My name is Rod, but this story is mainly about my wife. Let me tell you about her. Jane is 29 years old, the youngest member of the psychology faculty at the prestigious state university where she works. To her students and colleagues she is Dr. Stevens. When Jane was a graduate student, she did extensive research on the effects of subliminal messages, and wrote her graduate thesis on that topic. Now, as a member of the faculty, she has her own laboratory devoted to developing and testing various methods of subliminal messaging. Jane has received numerous awards for the work she had done on using subliminal messaging to help drug addicts kick their habits, and to help reform criminals. She's also done a number of top secret projects for the CIA, the precise nature of which she never has told me.

Jane also is extremely athletic, and for the last two years has helped coach the varsity cheerleading squad at the university. Under her leadership, the squad has quickly become known as one of the best trained, most impressive squads in the state.

Jane is strikingly beautiful, at least in my eyes. Hell, let's be honest: in just about everybody's eyes. She is tall, slender, but with very ample breasts. She has long, straight dark brown hair, and disarmingly blue eyes. With her beauty, intelligence, and devoted passion for all that she does, Jane is, in many respects, a perfect companion. Every day, when I wake up and find her lying next to me, I pinch myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming. With her, my life is complete.

Our story begins once day last September, a few days after the fall cheerleading tryouts. It was a day that happened also to be my birthday. I was home in the evening, going over my investments, when Jane walked into my study.

"Honey, I hope you don't mind -- and I know it's your birthday -- but I brought home a dinner guest." She seemed like she was unusually keyed up yet she was trying to hide it.

"Of course I don't mind. When you reach my age, you don't really want to celebrate birthdays anyhow." I have to admit that I was disappointed because Jane was dressed in an expensive and exquisite dark blue gown. I thought for sure that meant we were going to have a night on the town. But I tried to hide my disappointment as I asked, "Who is it?"

"One of the new girls on the squad. Her name is Clarissa. She just transferred to this school, and seems a bit lonely. So, I thought I'd invite her over."

I knew all the cheerleaders from her last year's squad since I went to all our college football games and generally tried to support my wife's coaching activities. But I understood that nearly the entire squad was new this year. "Fine. Where is she?"

"She's in the living room. But before I introduce you, there is something I need to tell you about her."


"Well," Jane said after a pause, "she comes from a very strict background and, I think, has some very conservative views of the world. And she is a bit naïve, even for a nineteen year old girl. I think that is why she hasn't yet fit in well with the other girls on the squad. They think she's stuffy, and not a lot of fun."

"Sounds like a wonderful dinner guest," I replied sarcastically.

Jane replied in a serious tone, "I've sort of taken her on as a project. I want to help her loosen up, and help her fit in better." She paused. "But you need to be on your best behavior around her. I know you're bored to tears when I bring over one of my cheerleaders and we talk about our routines for far too long, but could you at least pretend to look interested?"

I smiled. "Fine. I'll be good. Cross my heart." I looked at my wife's ample cleavage as she bent over towards me and rued that dinner, dancing, and a nightcap wasn't in store. Well, hopefully the nightcap still was possible after the unwanted guest left.

"I know you will," Jane laughed. After giving me a peck on the cheek, she started to walk out of the study. "I'll get her and introduce her to you."

I turned back to my work, thinking that this was going to be a long, dull dinner. There simply was nothing fun about spending time with naïve, stuffy college students. Sure, all of her cheerleaders were gorgeous, but I've found that for most of them, the less you know of their personalities, the better. Looking at them is great, but in my opinion, usually the more they talk the less attractive I find them, because of the inane things they say. Dinners and college cheerleaders didn't mix, in my opinion. What would we talk about? Some birthday! Ah well, Jane spoils me rotten most of the time so if she wants me to spend an hour or two talking to a bubblehead ten years younger than me, it was the least I could do.

I had barely turned a page of the file I was looking over, when Jane returned with the guest.

"Rod, I'd like you to meet Clarissa."

I turned slowly in my chair, and was greeted with one of the most stunning sights of my life. Clarissa was astonishingly sexy. She had the face of an angel. Oval, with a petite nose, shining green eyes, and the fullest, pinkest lips I had ever seen. She didn't use and didn't need any makeup at all. And it was all framed by a cascade of long blonde hair. Her breasts were perfect, just the slightest bit too large for her frame, so that they seemed to be thrusting forward, asking to be gently touched. Since she had a large frame, they were very large indeed, even bigger than my wife's.

She was wearing a shiny silver-hued satin blouse that accented her curves with the way it shimmered. And it was tight enough across the front that I detected the pattern of what appeared to be a lace bra underneath. She wore a pair of white denim shorts that fit snugly enough to demonstrate that her waist was quite slender. And then came possibly the best part. Clarissa had magnificent, smooth, long legs that were well toned, no doubt from the cheerleading.

Strangely, the moment I saw her, I was overcome by an urge to run my hands over her legs, to see if they were indeed as smooth and supple as they appeared. On her feet she wore a pair of plain white tennis shoes. I instantly imagined, however, what she might look like in a pair of black patent leather pumps with 5-inch heels. It was, to say the least, a tempting image.

But I was supposed to be on my best behavior. So all that I said was, "Nice to meet you, Clarissa."

As I stood, she walked over to me and extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. ..." She searched for a last name.

"Rod is fine. Just call me Rod, please."

She didn't smile. "Fine. Nice to meet you, Rod."

Although she carried a warm, sexy exterior, I sensed from her voice and demeanor that she either did not realize how sexy she was, or didn't know what to do with it. Oh well. The dinner conversation would be dull, but the view would at least be nice.

And my predictions were accurate. The conversation -- mostly between Jane and Clarissa -- was almost entirely about cheerleading, one of my least favorite topics. Again, watching cheerleaders is fantastic, but hearing about the minutiae of the mechanics behind this or that routine is about as much fun as reading a computer manual.

When Jane asked Clarissa about friends or family, Clarissa would get very serious, and give only short evasive answers. I developed the distinct impression that Clarissa was alienated from her family and didn't have many friends. The only unusual aspect to the dinner was that Jane continued to act unaccountably nervous and seemed to be treating the meal with Clarissa with inexplicable importance.

Then, somewhat to my surprise, Jane began to ask her more personal questions.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Clarissa?" Jane asked.

Clarissa didn't answer right away, but instead put another fork full of peas into her luscious mouth and chewed for a while. Then she said, "No. Not right now."

"Did you have one at your old school, before you transferred?" asked Jane.

More chewing. "Not really."

Jane paused before her next question. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

Clarissa was becoming noticeably uncomfortable. She was blushing a bit, and squirming in her chair. All of which made watching her more fun. Things were getting interesting.

"I don't really understand boys too well," Clarissa finally answered. "And besides, between cheerleading and studying for classes, I don't really have time for a boyfriend. Maybe when I get older."

"Oh, I don't know Clarissa," Jane responded. "I think it's important for a girl in college to experience life more fully, and not to just concentrate on classes."

Now Clarissa was really chewing those peas. I could tell that this conversation made her uncomfortable. I began to wonder what Jane was up to.

But Jane seemed also to sense Clarissa's discomfort. "I'm sorry if I asked personal questions. It's just that I like to get to know the girls on the squad a little better, so that we can think of each other as friends."

Clarissa smiled weakly. "That's okay. I appreciate your having me over for dinner. I don't really make friends all that easily, for some reason."

Jane nodded understandingly, and then got up from the table. "I'll be right back. I want to get something out of my briefcase."

Clarissa and I were left alone for a moment. This obviously made Clarissa quite nervous. She did not look at me, but instead pretended to be concentrating as hard as she could on the food on her plate, as she rearranged it with her fork. That didn't bother me, since it made it somewhat easier for me to simply stare at her and drink in her innocent, farm-girl like sensuality. We didn't speak.

When Jane returned, she was carrying what appeared to be a CD case.

"I just wanted to put on some new music that I picked up today." Into the CD-player she popped her new CD. Soon, some gentle jazz music emanated from our sound system.

"Do you like jazz, Clarissa?" asked Jane.

"I don't know. I've never really tried to listen to it."

"Oh, you really should listen to jazz. It's such sexy music," intoned Jane, with a noticeable emphasis on the word "sexy."

Now I was truly puzzled. Jane had told me to be on my best behavior with this conservative, naïve girl. And now Jane herself was making suggestive comments, as if she were purposefully trying to shock Clarissa.

When I looked back over at Clarissa, she was still staring at her plate, but her fork had stopped moving. She appeared almost to be mesmerized by her peas.

"Clarissa? Don't you think this music is sexy?" asked Jane.

Clarissa was blinking rapidly, and seemed not to have heard Jane's question.

"Clarissa, it's okay for you to answer me."

Then Clarissa, in a soft voice, said, "Yes. Sexy."

"Clarissa, don't you think this would be good music to make love to?"

Again, a long pause. And then Clarissa responded, "I don't know. I've never made love."

"But surely you've thought about it," said Jane commandingly. "Haven't you?"

"Sometimes," said Clarissa. "Yes. Sometimes I think about it. But..." Her voice trailed off.

Jane just smiled, first in Clarissa's direction, and then directly at me. "Oh, Clarissa, I almost forgot to tell you. Today is Rod's birthday."

I could tell her nervousness was back, even though she appeared calm on the outside to people who didn't know her like I did.

In a distracted voice, Clarissa said, "That's nice. ... Happy birthday, um, Sir."

"Thanks," I said. "And please. Call me Rod already."

"And here's something for you, Rod." Jane handed me an envelope.

Wow, I thought to myself, Jane really splurged. A birthday card. How touching.

I opened the envelope, and removed the card. It was a typical "humorous" birthday card. You know the type - some sort of you-know-you're-old-when joke on the outside.

I opened the card, read the corny punch line, and grimaced. Then, I began to read the personal note that Jane had placed inside the card:

Dear Rod,

I decided to get you something very, very special this year. It is a present that has, to some extent, grown out of my research at the university. Right now, if all has gone as I've planned, we are eating dinner with Clarissa, one of the girls from the cheerleading squad. She is a guarded and nervous girl who, I have no doubt, has very little sexual experience. But she is quite beautiful. Don't you agree? Tempting is perhaps a better word.

I have just now started to play some jazz music in the background. This is no ordinary music. I have infused the music with a series of subliminal messages. All of these messages are of a sexual nature. They will plant certain images, thoughts and feelings in Clarissa's mind. The early messages are somewhat innocent, mostly to do with kissing, gently touching, and light rubbing of certain sensitive areas of the body. The messages become somewhat more explicit as the CD progresses, until, by the end of the CD (which is approximately 2 hours long), the subliminal messages are very, very suggestive of rather extreme forms of sexual expression. In particular, they will plant in Clarissa's mind the idea that she wants nothing more than to be completely and wantonly sexual, in a very submissive way. If my research is correct (and it usually is!), Clarissa will, by the end of the CD, be in a state of complete and utter sexual arousal, and will be willing, of her own free will, to do almost any sexual act demanded of her.

What remains to be seen (and this really is the fun part!) is how Clarissa will choose to express the thoughts and feelings she is experiencing. She may struggle very, very hard to keep them to herself, using all of her mental and physical stamina to maintain a calm facade, while practically boiling inside. Or she may simply give in to the feelings and beg for sexual relief with very little prompting. We shall see. Again, happy birthday. Hope you enjoy your present.

Love, Jane.

I was stunned. Although Jane was sexually uninhibited in private, I never would have guessed that she would do something like this with somebody else. The implications were huge. Did she want me to have sex with Clarissa? I'd joked with her many times about a ménage à trois, but that's all it was, just joking. And I had no idea that her research had delved into sexual response. Perhaps it was the CIA work. I looked up at Jane with a very uncertain and puzzled face.

But she was looking at Clarissa. "So, were you a cheerleader at the school you transferred from?"

Clarissa looked up at Jane with a blank stare. "What did you say?"

"I was just asking if you were a cheerleader at your old school."

Clarissa seemed almost surprised by this bland question. "Yes. I was."

Jane had a mischievous look on her face. It was a look I had not seen since the time a couple of months ago when she showed up at my office wearing a trench coat, shoes, and nothing else.

I could tell my wife was growing increasingly excited on the inside, but she asked Clarissa calmly, "Tell me about your old squad. What types of cheers did you do?"

The conversation droned on like that for another ten minutes or so. It was a stream of dull questions from Jane about cheerleading, and Clarissa's equally mind-numbing responses. There were no more personal questions or veiled sexual references from Jane.

But Jane's strange smile reappeared occasionally. She was like a cat, pretending to lie lazily in the sun, but all the while planning her pounce. Though the substance of their conversation had me bored to tears, I was mesmerized, waiting for some sign from Clarissa that Jane's music was having its intended effect.

Finally, Jane seemed to run out of cheerleading questions, and she turned to Clarissa's academic pursuits. "What will you major in, Clarissa?"

"History. Or maybe Poly Sci."

"What classes are you taking this semester?"

"American History, Advanced French, and... and..." Clarissa stopped in mid-sentence, a far-away look on her face. She brushed one of her blonde bangs off of her forehead, and tugged slightly at the front of her satin blouse. She swallowed. "Could I have a glass of water?"

"There's a glass of water right in front of you," Jane said.

Clarissa slowly noticed the glass, stared at it as if it had magically appeared, and then reached for it. Her hand grasped the glass, but she didn't lift it right away. Instead, for a long moment, she seemed to be using the glass to steady herself, as if all her weight was leaning against it. Then, slowly, she raised it to her pink-tinted lips. The glass began to tremble ever so slightly as it approached her lips.

Clarissa, apparently unable to move the glass any further, dipped her head slightly until her lips touched the rim of the glass. But she did not drink. Instead, the tiniest tip of her tongue emerged from between her lips and just barely touched the water. She closed her eyes, and seemed to be savoring the sensation of the cool water touching the tip of her warm tongue. Then, she gradually tilted the glass backwards. The water touched her lips, but she did not, at first, open them. Instead, she allowed the water to rest against the outside of her lips, again seeming to savor the sensation. Finally, her lips slowly opened, and a small bit of water was admitted into her mouth.

She sat like that -- the glass tilted slightly against her lips, her eyes closed -- for a few seconds before slowly lowering the glass back to the table. Only when the glass had come firmly to rest and she had pulled her hand away from it did she open her eyes.

"Thank you," she said to nobody in particular. "I think I need a breath of fresh air. I'm feeling a bit... a bit..." She gripped the arms of her chair and pushed herself into a standing position. "Excuse me," she whispered.

Clarissa turned and began to exit the room, but stopped to say, "I'll just be a minute." With another brush of another blonde curl, she was gone.

With Clarissa out of the room, Jane laughed gently to herself. Then she quietly asked me, "Did you like your birthday card?"

"The most amazing card I've ever received! I had no idea that you would do something like this."

"Someday I'll have to tell you about my CIA research."

"Yes. Now my interest is piqued. Can I ask what's going on? I love the idea of, well, having fun with another woman, but I think we need to talk about this. Call me a hypocrite, but if I ever saw you with another man-"

Jane laughed. "Don't worry. You're all the man I ever need."

"But you'd be okay with Clarissa in a threesome?"

She looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. "You assume too much. When did I ever mention a threesome?"


She put a finger across my lips in a very sensual manner. "Ssssh. Just go with the flow. Don't ask questions. It'll only spoil the fun."

She stood up.

I stammered, "But..."

Jane began to clear the dishes. "Clarissa will be back in about 10 minutes. She won't be able to stay away longer than that."

I rose to help her and tried not to think too much about what was happening. I trusted Jane completely and, based on some past surprises of hers, I figured she was probably right that my knowing too much might just spoil the fun. So I kept my questions simple and asked, "Why is that?"

"One of the subliminal messages creates a strong desire to continue to listen to the music. In about five minutes, she will start to feel a craving to hear more of that same music, and a few minutes later will decide that she has to come back. Meanwhile, while she's away, she'll continue to experience the same sexual images and thoughts that she was having when she left. So, going outside for a breath of fresh air won't really help her, and she'll begin to realize this."

"That's devilish." I smiled. "Do subliminals really work that fast? That's incredible!"

"No. To be honest, I've been building up to this evening for a long time. Think of it this way. Over time, I've built up a house and this current CD finally gives her the key to enter it and explore."

"Ah. I see." I didn't really, so I asked, "But how-"

She joked. "Ssssh! I said no questions. If I tell you any more I'll have to kill you."

That was a common joke between us about her CIA research, which I knew next to nothing about.

We cleaned up the kitchen together silently; all the while I was bursting at the seams with curiosity and anticipation.

Sure enough, in about 10 minutes, Clarissa returned just as Jane had predicted.

By then, Jane had put out dessert, some beautiful little fruit tarts that she had picked up at one of the local gourmet stores. She looked at me and said significantly, "You'll love the little tarts that I've selected for you. Each one is very delicious."

That made my curiosity skyrocket even higher, but I couldn't ask questions now that Clarissa was back.

Clarissa looked even more flushed and flustered than when she had left. Her breathing was somewhat labored, she had a light sweat on her brow, and she now almost continuously touched various pieces of her clothing with her busily moving hands.

"Feeling better?" Jane asked, as she laid out the dessert forks.

"Oh... I suppose... I'm not really sure what..."

Jane put a concerned look on her face. "Is something wrong?"

"Maybe, I... I'm not sure."

"What is it? Is there something I can do to help?" Jane asked, continuing to act innocent.

"It's hard to describe. I'm just feeling... strange."

"Strange? In what way?"

Clarissa was running one of her hands up and down the outside of her leg, tugging at the edge of her shorts, like she was contemplating pulling them off. "I... I don't think I can talk about it."

"Maybe it's this music," said Jane. "Sometimes jazz makes people feel strange. Perhaps I should turn it off."

"No!" Clarissa looked almost panicked. "Don't turn the music off. Please!"

"Okay," Jane said in a soothing voice. "If you don't want me to turn off the music, I won't turn off the music." She looked at me, and slowly winked. "But if it's not the music, then what's bothering you?"

Clarissa clearly was putting up a monumental fight against the images and thoughts that Jane's music was forcing into her brain. I imagined that she would explode at the slightest touch or verbal suggestion. Her lovely chest was heaving rapidly in a most distracting manner, and her nipples were becoming more and more visible through her satin blouse.

Clarissa ignored Jane's question. Mustering all her strength she said, "These tarts look delicious." She shakily reached for her fork.

Jane gave me another significant look and said as she stared into my eyes, "They are. I think my husband should give one a taste." Then she winked my way.

Clarissa was too flustered to pay attention but she seemed to be going to great extremes to at least try and act normal. She focused on spearing a tart with her fork like it was a Herculean task.

And then, the doorbell rang.

Clarissa's eyes went wide. Her body trembled all over in the most delightful ways.

Jane didn't move, but instead smiled at me. "Why don't you get it, Rod. I'll keep Clarissa company."

I rose and went to the door, which I opened. There stood a girl, in her late teens much like Clarissa, but more slender and athletic. Her flaming red hair was pulled into a bunch on the back of her head and held there with a pin. She had piercing green eyes, just like Clarissa's. All I could see of her clothes was the long, wool coat that covered her body, and the white high-heeled shoes on her feet. But judging from her face alone, she was a real stunner, maybe even as much of a knockout as Clarissa.

"I'm Stacy," she said with a casual air. "I'm here to return the CD the coach lent me." She held up the case.

"What type of music is that?" I asked.

"Just some jazz. I never really used to like this kind of music, but this CD is great. I couldn't stop listening to it."

"Oh really?" This, I thought, was an interesting turn of events. I reconsidered her overcoat and wondered just how much she was wearing underneath it. "Would you like to come in?"

"Yes," she said eagerly.

Too eagerly, I thought. There was something strange going on.

Stacy entered the house and I closed the door behind her. She turned to me, and said, "Oh, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to give this to you." She reached into one of the deep pockets of her coat and pulled out an envelope. "Go ahead. Open it."

I opened the envelope, and inside was another birthday card. I opened the card, and read the following note in my wife's handwriting:

Dear Rod.

If all has gone as planned, you are now standing in the foyer of our house reading this card, which has just been handed to you by Stacy, another one of the new girls on the cheerleading squad. She has no idea what is written in the card, or even how it came into her possession. All she knows is that she had a strong desire to get the card into your hands. She is, most likely, wearing a long coat and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Precisely the outfit suggested by the subliminal messages contained on the CD she has come to return. Stacy has been listening to that CD almost continually for a while now. Although she may not show it, inside she is boiling with sexual frenzy from the messages she has absorbed. You're going to have your hands full - quite literally! - trying to cool her down. I suggest that you see her into the dining room, where Clarissa and I are waiting, and then offer to take her coat.

Again, Happy Birthday!
Love, Jane.

Interesting. Very interesting. I had a very strong suspicion that something extremely lovely and naughty was hiding underneath that coat. Jane liked to surprise me in unlikely locales wearing nothing but a coat and heels, so this was in some way playing off of that. Again, the ramifications for my marriage were huge, but strangely enough, the more bizarre things were becoming, the easier I was finding it to just go with the flow and save my questions for later.

I said nonchalantly, "Stacy, we were just sitting down for dessert. Why don't you join us."

She gave me a winning smile. "Don't mind if I do."

I led Stacy towards the dining room. As we approached, I heard Jane's voice.

She asked, "Clarissa, wouldn't you feel better if you rubbed your nipples just a bit?"

Clarissa's voice answered, "Please don't tell your husband how I'm feeling. I don't know what's come over me. I feel so... so... so hot inside!"

As I got closer, I saw that Clarissa was staring down at her chest where her nipples were protruding lewdly through her clothes. Her hands were struggling not to reach up and rub them, but it was a battle they were slowly losing.

I looked over at Stacy. Surely she could hear and see the same things I did, but there was no sign on her face that anything was out of the ordinary. She just smiled approvingly at Clarissa, whom she undoubtedly knew from cheerleading practice.

I announced my presence loudly. "I suppose you both know Stacy."

Clarissa, when she heard my voice, almost jumped out of her chair. Then she saw Stacy and blushed deeply as she pulled her hands away just before they'd reached her nipples.

Jane just smiled. "Hello Stacy. How are you?"

"I'm just returning your CD, Dr. Stevens. It was great. I couldn't stop listening to it." She turned to me and smiled. "So here's the hunk of a husband that you've been raving about. Niiiice." Her tone was very flirty.

I was glad to hear that I was the object of my wife's "raving." I asked, "Could I take your coat, Stacy?"

Stacy turned to me. Her face was flushed slightly. She didn't respond immediately, but instead swallowed hard, and seemed to be contemplating her next move. "Sure. Why not?"

She turned her back to me, unbuttoned the coat, and then waited for me to lift it from her shoulders. When I did, I was treated to a stunning sight. As the coat came off her shoulders, I noted that they were bare. As I slowly peeled the coat away from her back, the first piece of clothing that came into view was a pale green bra strap, contrasting nicely with her red hair and pure white skin. The rest of her back was bare. The second piece of clothing that came into my view was the thong on what appeared to be a pale green silk panty, which perched on her firm, lovely ass. And that was all she wore, except of course for the white high heels.

I smiled as I heard a loud gasp coming from Clarissa's direction.

As I admired my rear view of Stacy, she turned her head over her shoulder. "Thanks."

Then, she turned the rest of her body towards me. The bra was, indeed, pale green and made of exquisite lace. The most interesting feature of the bra, however, was that it was only a quarter cup, supporting her firm young breasts, but leaving her nipples and most of the breasts themselves exposed.

And what breasts they were! I guessed they were about the same size as my wife's and only slightly smaller than Clarissa's. This was turning out to be a very great birthday indeed. My wife knew that I liked my women with a lot of curves.

I could hear Clarissa gasp again. No doubt she was most shocked by Stacy's exposed nipples. She blurted out accusingly, "Stacy!"

"I've never done anything like this before," Stacy confessed to her fellow cheerleader. "But somehow I got the idea of coming over here like this, and the thought of it made my entire body tingle. I had to find out what it would be like."

"And what is it like, Stacy?" came Jane's voice.

Still looking at me, Stacy replied. "Wonderful. I've never felt hotter in my life." She sauntered closer to the table where Jane and Clarissa sat. She said to her cheerleading teammate, "Fancy meeting you here. What are you up to?"

Jane replied for Clarissa, "She was just contemplating rubbing her nipples. Weren't you, Clarissa?"

Clarissa hung her head in shame and looked at the floor, yet the words seemed to remind her of the idea and soon her eyes were staring at her protruding nipples instead.

Stacy enthused, "Mmmm! Rubbing. What a great idea! Coach, would you mind if your husband ran his fingers over the outside of my panties?"

"Not at all." Jane stood, came over to me, and took Stacy's coat. She draped the coat over a chair, and then pulled another chair in front of Stacy. "Rod, why don't you have a seat?"

This turn of events had me somewhat stunned. Where was this going? Jane had earlier said no to threesomes - was she just planning to drive me wild by teasing me with these two cheerleaders so I could fuck her like a madman later? The only snag in that plan was that I was already as aroused as I figured any person could possibly get. It was like having two unusually busty Playboy playmates over for dinner and the promise of sex later with the both of them heavy in the air. But I complied with Jane's suggestion, and sat down facing Stacy.

Stacy stepped closer to me, put her hands on top of her head (a move that raised her lovely exposed breasts even higher), and closed her eyes. I slowly reached up between her legs, and brushed the fingers of my right hand lightly over her pale green silk panties. The material was moistly clinging to the folds of her pussy. I wondered if perhaps she was clean-shaven down there.

Clarissa protested, "Stacy! Mr. Stevens!"

But Stacy just said, "What? I'm hot and I need Rod to cool me down. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"Well, I dunno. I mean..."

Stacy opened her eyes. "See what I mean?" She sighed slightly as I continued to rub her very, very lightly. "Oh God! ... That... that feels wonderful."

It was then that I looked in Clarissa's direction again. She was fixated on what had been happening, and her eyes were glued to my fingers as they slowly moved up and down on the outside of Stacy's wet silk panties.

"Clarissa, does that look like it might feel nice?" Jane now clearly intended to direct the action.

"Oh yes!" responded Clarissa, her eye never moving from my fingers. She was now slowly licking her lips, and her breathing had become even more labored. Her long nipples were practically bursting through her bra and silver satin blouse.

"Would you like to feel his fingers rubbing you through your panties?" asked Jane.

"Oh yes!" she blushed as she confessed. "It's wrong, but, but... I need it! So bad! What's wrong with me?!"

But Jane simply replied, "Then why don't you take off your shorts and see if he'll do it for you?"

"I don't think that I..." Clarissa stood, as if in a trance. She unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled them down her long, firm legs. She was wearing white lace bikini panties. She gracefully picked up her shorts, and hung them over the back of her chair. Then she walked towards me, and stood next to Stacy. She was trembling with fear and excitement while Stacy remained surprisingly relaxed.

Without removing my right hand from the outside of Stacy's panties, I placed the fingers of my left hand gently on the outside of Clarissa's panties, and began to lightly stroke.

Clarissa closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly back.

The sight that presented itself to me at that moment was the most erotic I had ever seen. Two young, beautiful girls, both in a sexual trance with eyes closed. To my right was Stacy, her breasts and engorged nipples thrust forward by her pale green quarter-cup bra. She had unpinned her red hair, which cascaded down to her shoulders. She was moaning gently, but the movements of her hips were less gentle, as she urgently attempted to increase the pressure exerted by my fingers. Her hips were squirming about like they were searching for a hard penis.

To my left was Clarissa, whose hands had floated slowly to her breasts, which she now cupped on the outside of her silver blouse. She'd finally given in and her fingers were getting very intimately acquainted with her erect nipples. The fact that she was groping them over her blouse and bra didn't slow her down at all. She seemed to be attempting to control the movement of her hips, but she was unmistakably pressing forward into my fingers.

She suddenly exclaimed, "Dr. Stevens, I'm so sorry!"

"Whatever for?" my wife replied.

"It's just that... I'm making your husband touch me in..." Her voice trailed off as the lust overwhelmed her.

Stacy's pale green silk panties, which by now were practically soaked through, contrasted with Clarissa white lace panties, which were only beginning to show a bit of warm moisture.

As the two girls wriggled on my hands, Jane walked up behind me, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She whispered in my ear, "Having a good time, honey?"

"Very!" I whispered back. I considered my wife to be very sexual and adventurous, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined her looking on approvingly as I rubbed the pussy lips of two sexpot cheerleaders.

Then she spoke to Clarissa. "Those lace panties are very sexy, Clarissa."

"Ohhhh. Thank you."

"But Stacy's panties are made of silk, not lace."

"Mmmm. Yes." Clarissa still looked worried and guilty but she wasn't fighting the pleasure my fingers (and her fingers) were giving her.

"Which means that you're not really getting the same experience as Stacy. Wouldn't you agree?"

Clarissa, with eyes closed and head thrown back, just nodded her head.

Jane continued, "Wouldn't you like to see how it would feel to have my husband's fingers gently rubbing your pussy through silk?"

"Ohhhh. I don't... I don't know... Mmmm." She seemed to be so close to a climax that she was only half paying attention.

Jane suggested, "Well, that way you could compare it to lace, and find out which you like better."

Clarissa panted, "I suppose... mmmm ... I suppose that would be... would be nice."

I couldn't get enough of watching her excited breasts heaving, although the view of Stacy's shaking rack was just as close up and nearly as nice.

"Maybe if you asked her," continued Jane, "Stacy would let you try on her panties, and then you could see."

When she heard that suggestion, Clarissa's body froze for a moment, and she emitted a series of quiet, high-pitched gasps. Within moments, I felt a flood of moisture leaking through her panties onto my fingers. Jane had clearly touched a nerve. A highly arousing nerve, if the moisture was any indication.


Clarissa's shame came flooding back, as did her blush. She whispered to no one in particular, "I can't believe I just had an..." As her words trailed off, she squeezed her legs together, perhaps in an attempt to get my fingers off her most sensitive spot.

But she didn't really try that hard. She could have simply taken a step or two back to get out of my reach, but she didn't do so.

The fact that she'd just climaxed didn't slow me down. In fact, I pressed my index finger inwards, poking an inch or so into her slit even though I was going through her increasingly wet panties to do it. I started a minor finger fuck, poking in and out from about half an inch to an inch deep to help sway her decision to wear Stacy's panties.

Jane walked over to me and leaned on my shoulder, pressing her large breasts into my back. She whispered right in my ear, "Careful, honey. She's still a virgin... for now."

The way she said "for now" was full of promise and innuendo. I wanted to whip out my dick terribly badly, but I figured that Jane was doing a great job directing the action so far and I didn't want to ruin the evening by doing something that ruined her mental script.

Clarissa finally opened her eyes, and turned her head towards Stacy who, since Jane made her little suggestion, had been pressing her mound more urgently against my fingers.

My other index finger was also slowly working its way into her tight slit. It too was held back somewhat by her panties, but they were so wet and so thin that they were hardly any barrier at all. I wished I had more fingers and hands so I could give more attention to Stacy's clit too. She seemed close and just needed a little push to go over the edge.

Clarissa looked down at the way my finger was poking deeper and deeper into Stacy's hot hole with each pass. I was poking the two of them in perfect time, so when Clarissa saw me penetrate Stacy's puss, she could feel it as I penetrated hers in the exact same way.

Clarissa finally cleared her throat. "Stacy?"

Stacy was all smiles. "Yes Clarissa?"

"Could I... could I..." Clarissa was unable to get out the words.

"Yes Clarissa? Could you what?" Stacy was having great fun and didn't look nervous at all. She wanted to hear the other hot and bothered cheerleader say the words.

Clarissa swallowed hard. "Could I... could I... Could I wear your... your..."

"My what?"

Clarissa's mouth moved, but no sound came out.

"I can't hear you, Clarissa." Stacy was enjoying this moment. "What is it you want to wear?"

Finally, Clarissa gave in and she said quietly, "Your panties. Could I wear your panties? Please? Please. Please?! Please let me wear your panties? I want to feel what it's like to get rubbed through silk. Please!" Her words started out a barely audible whisper but steadily grew louder as she talked.

"Why Clarissa!" Stacy pretended to be shocked, but the pressure of her hips against my fingers and the sopping-wet state of her panties told me that she was more than pleased by the request. "I never knew you were so naughty. But okay. If you really want, I'll let you wear my panties."

Clarissa sighed with relief. For some reason, this seemed vitally important to her.

Then Jane asked, "Clarissa, just for clarification, let me see if I have this straight. You want to take off your panties in front of a strange man. My husband, no less. In so doing, you're going to show him your hot little blonde snatch, which he happens to already be probing with a big, thick index finger. Then, you're going to make Stacy take off her panties too, which my husband also happens to be busily exploring, allowing Rod to see all of her hot and dripping little puss too. After that, you're going to put on Stacy's sopping wet panties, just so my husband can finger your tight pussy through silk. Do I understand that correctly?"

Clarissa had been looking guilty and shamed already, but now she blushed clear down to her chest. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. Yet, after a painfully long pause, she nodded her head ever so minutely.

Stacy said, "Gosh, Clarissa, I didn't know you could get so nasty! Mr. Stevens, I don't know how well you know her, but at school she acts like the total prude. All the guys at school bemoan what a waste it is to have a rack like hers on someone with her attitude." She was obviously having fun rubbing in Clarissa's decision to make her feel more ashamed.

I kidded, "Um, you can call me Rod, seeing how I've got my finger in your pussy and all."

Stacy laughed. "Right. Rod. But Clarissa, what's come over you?"

Clarissa's sizeable chest was heaving and her hips were writhing even more than before. The embarrassment was clearly arousing her to greater and greater lusty heights. But there was great confusion on her face as she tried to answer the question. "I... I... I don't know! Coach? Dr. Stevens? What's happening to me?!"

"I don't know either. But if you're going to put on Stacy's panties, let's get to it."

And with that, the two girls stepped back away from my fingers, and faced each other.

I naturally pulled my fingers back to my face and smelled the pussy juice of one hot teen sex bomb and then the other. Needless to say, it was the first strange pussy I'd smelled since I'd started dating Jane years before. I was so excited from the mere act that I couldn't pay much attention to their individual smells.

Stacy smiled, and then hooked her thumbs under the waist-band of her panties.

Clarissa was forced to open her eyes to make the exchange, but she wasn't liking it. She didn't know where to look, but was trying to avoid looking directly at any of us.

Just then, as I brought my hands back into my lap, Jane bent forward and whispered in my ear. "Enjoying your birthday?"

"Yes!" I replied softly, not wanting to distract the two girls.

While the other two were looking away as they undressed, Jane reached into my lap and grasped the bulge in my pants. As she stroked it, she continued to whisper softly in my ear in a voice that only I could hear. "Clarissa has given in. Her defenses are down. Her virginity and purity is in danger from the dirty old man who's playing with her pussy. But the images and messages she has received so far are relatively innocent. When the next song begins, the suggestions become much more intense."

As I listened to Jane, I continued to watch Clarissa and Stacy. Stacy had actually pulled her panties up tighter against her pussy, apparently trying to get them as wet as possible before giving them to Clarissa. She was ramming them up and rubbing them furiously against her pussy lips.

They were staring deeply into each other's eyes now. Their ample breasts were heaving in time with each other. My only regret was that Clarissa's chest was still so covered up and that Stacy's breasts were relatively pinned in place by the demi-bra. I wanted to see their large orbs flying about in excitement.

"The next song," Jane told me in a near whisper, "contains suggestions that will overpower Clarissa. She will feel a deep want, a deep need, to please others. She will want to be commanded, to be submissive. Direct orders of a sexual nature will cause her arousal to become even more intense. In fact, being commanded to act in a sexual way will bring her almost to the point of orgasm. It will be almost unbearable for her."

Jane stopped talking for a moment, and laughed softly, almost wickedly.

I saw Stacy look around and down at my crotch. She saw Jane's hand inside my pants and gave me a sexy smile.

Then Jane resumed talking and stroking my erection through my pants. "But there will also be another suggestion in the next song, one that will prevent Clarissa from achieving sexual satisfaction, from achieving orgasm. Instead, she will remain just on the brink, wanting more but unable to go over the edge."

"That's cruel," I whispered back as I watched Stacy eyeing my wife jacking me off. Clarissa was still turned away from us in her continued embarrassment.

Stacy had now begun to slowly -- very slowly -- peel her panties down her beautiful legs. The crotch clung wetly to her pussy until it finally popped away, revealing the fact that she was, indeed, completely shaven.

I whispered back to Jane, "Keeping Clarissa on the edge of orgasm like that will be a most exquisite torture for her."

"True." She chuckled as her fingers deftly worked their way up and down my overexcited shaft. "And only you will have the power to end her torture. Because the next song contains yet a third type of suggestion. A phrase that, when Clarissa hears it, will allow her release and the most intense, most satisfying orgasm she could ever imagine."

"And what is that phrase?"

"You'll find out later," she replied. "Speaking of being on the edge and the most satisfying orgasms, how are you holding out? Or should I say, holding up?" She giggled as she pressed harder on my most sensitive spot just below the penis head.

"Um, I'm... I don't know. It's all too hot!"

She laughed. "Warn me if you get too close. I don't want you to waste a load in your undies when you have so many lovely faces, chests, and tonsils to spray." She gave my ear a gentle lick, and then stood up, her hand still on my shoulder.

Whoa! I still didn't know what I would be allowed to do or not do, and I wasn't going to do anything that my wife would disapprove of. The mention of tonsils, though, suggested a lot of promise. I would be a fool not to be on my best behavior so I could get a future gift like this. Or gifts! But between that suggestion and the pussy fingering I suspected that I had the green light for anything short of vaginal intercourse. What a birthday gift!

I looked around. Clarissa was still standing facing the other way, so I couldn't see much of her. However, I noticed that her legs were spread far wider than necessary and she was gently moving her panty-clad ass around in time to the jazz music. She was trying to pull her blouse down over her ass but doing a very ineffectual job at it.

Meanwhile, Stacy's silk panties were already around her knees. I could see her lovely pussy and her breasts, which, though still bound by her bra, were dangling forward very enticingly. She was bending slightly with her hands on her panties, ready to pull them all the way down her legs.

But Jane stopped her. "Stacy, don't pull them off yet. I think you look wonderfully sexy with those panties around your knees. Don't you agree, Rod?"

"I sure do!"

"It makes me feel slutty," Stacy complained.

But Jane just nodded and commanded, "Turn your back to us, Stacy."

Stacy did just that. Now, her gorgeous, tight ass was facing us. Her wet, pale-green panties hung between her knees. Her legs looked shapely above her white high heels, but Clarissa's bare legs right next to Stacy's looked even better.

Jane apparently also liked the view. Stacy was keeping her legs spread wide just like Clarissa was, as if they were both expecting a police pat down. Jane and I could see much of Stacy's pussy peeking between her legs. "That's wonderful Stacy. That's a sexy ass, don't you agree, honey?"

I had never really thought of my wife as bisexual, but now I was beginning to wonder. Her voice was dripping with lust and her eyes were glued to Stacy's bare derrière. Sometimes she and I hung out in cafes and the like and both admired the beauty of women as we people watched. She was known to make comments to me like, "Now, she's a real hottie." But I'd never heard of her having any college-age lesbian flings or anything like that.

She said in a slightly panting voice, "Clarissa, I was wondering if you would mind also pulling your panties down to your knees."

Clarissa reluctantly complied, gently pulling the white lace strip off her sticky pussy. We couldn't see much because her back was turned, but it was still sexy as hell.

Then Jane whispered to me, "I don't think I was firm enough about that. Remember what I said about how she's going to start getting hot taking orders? Let's see if that's working already. Tell her something."

I said, "Clarissa, let's see what you've got. Be a good little girl and turn around so we can see your pussy."

Clarissa's body visibly shivered all over. Then she slowly turned, revealing a small thatch of soft blonde hair. She kept her head down all the while and there were a few tears streaking down her face.

Jane said loudly, "That's a nice pussy. Don't you agree, Stacy?"

Stacy turned her head and gawked with obvious desire. "Very nice! Look! She's as juicy as I am. Wetter, even. She's a total swamp!"

Clarissa's legs buckled and it looked like she was going to fall to the floor. But she reached out and put a hand on a nearby wall to hold herself up.

Jane continued to embarrass. "Hon, Clarissa's pussy is ripe for a good fucking, don't you think? All that wetness means she's ready to get impaled by a big fat cock!"

"Coach! Please don't say that," she complained. "That's so... lewd!"

Hitting her when she was down, I said, "Clarissa, turn around. I want to see your naked ass."

Again, visible shivers ran through her from head to toe as soon as I said those words. It was touch and go if she would fall, and her legs were so wobbly that she had a hard time turning around, but she finally managed. I had visions of repeatedly ordering her to turn this way and that until she lost all control and fell to the ground, begging to get fucked.

Her face looked incredulous until it disappeared from my view. I imagined that she was flabbergasted over what she was doing, but at least she felt glad for the opportunity to face the wall again instead of having to look anyone in the eye.

"Clarissa," said Jane, "bunch your blouse up around your waist so we have a better view of your luscious ass."

Clarissa, without a word but with another all-over shiver, complied. She actually pulled the blouse up above her breasts. Her rack jutted out so far in front that it kept her blouse up there without her having to use her hands.

I watched as a long rivulet of pussy juice rolled down one of her thighs, leaving a gleaming trail betraying her innermost thoughts and desires. Her mind may have been reeling, but her body was loving it.

We were now faced with two of the most gorgeous asses I had ever seen. (Excluding my wife's of course, and I'm not just saying that because she's my wife. She really is a stunner from head to toe. Did I mention how lucky I am to have her?)

The sight of the two young girls, both with their panties hanging between their knees, was breathtaking. I wished that Jane was still stroking my erection to help me enjoy the sight even more, but she'd withdrawn her hand just before Clarissa had turned in our direction.

Jane was on a similar wavelength and asked me with near awe in her voice, "Have you ever seen a sexier sight?"

Being a good husband I answered, "Yes. You, of course."

Jane nudged me playfully. "Oh, you! That wins you some brownie points. But seriously. What could possibly make this look any better?"

I thought that if Jane took her gown off and joined them so I could see three asses in a row, that would be pretty sweet. But I might lose my brownie points with that suggestion. So instead, I said in all seriousness, "If only Clarissa was wearing a pair of stiletto heels, instead of those tennis shoes. That's the only detail that could make the sight even lovelier. Could those legs get even firmer? Could those beautiful tits jut out even more? That would just be too much."

Jane snapped her fingers as if she'd forgotten something. "Just a second, my lord. Your wish is my command."

She walked off and came back with a shoe box. She proceeded to take out a pair of heels and give them to Clarissa. She said, "Clarissa, put these on."

Again, I enjoyed another all-over shiver.

Clarissa took the shoes, but asked, "Coach, what's happening to me? You said that, and now I feel an unstoppable urge to wear these shoes. I want, no, I NEED to look sexy and please Mr. Stevens."

Jane corrected her, "Rod."

But Clarissa, delirious with lust, misunderstood. "Yes, his rod too." She painfully confessed, "I just... I wanna make it happy!"

People made a lot of jokes and puns about my first name, but that was the most enjoyable word play I'd heard yet, especially since it wasn't intentional.

I had the joy of watching Clarissa bend over and wiggle her bare butt as she switched shoes. Her cute pussy repeatedly winked at me between her legs. True, her heels weren't stilettos but I could hardly ask for perfection.

I turned to my wife as the fact that the shoes fit sank in. "How...?!" I knew the shoes couldn't belong to Jane because Clarissa was a very big, corn-fed Midwestern girl. She was a couple of sizes bigger than my wife in just about every dimension. She wasn't fat by any means, just taller, wider, and curvier.

Jane put her finger across my lips again.

But I spoke quietly to her anyway. "You've been planning this evening for a very long time, haven't you?"

She nodded gleefully.

We let Stacy and Clarissa stand like that for a little while longer. Both were frozen with their legs spread so wide that I was sure their incredibly stretched panties would fly apart at any second. It seemed that they were waiting for orders, ready and willing to do just about anything we commanded.

I tilted my head back to smile at Jane, and she quickly leaned towards me for a hungry kiss.

I thought about it while we necked. I decided she might just be enjoying it as much as I was, or maybe even more. There's nothing like the feeling of having a well thought out plan come together just as you'd imagined it. Who knows how many hours she'd spent preparing those audio CDs and possibly much more to put the two girls in this receptive state?

When the kiss broke, I thought I would throw a little fire on the pyre of Clarissa's humiliation. I asked her, "What are you showing me?"

"My ass. Sir."

I raised a curious eyebrow at the "sir." I looked at Jane and saw that even she seemed surprised at that. I prodded, "Has any male ever seen your ass before? And I don't mean when you were a baby or something like that. I mean your ripe, luscious, completely naked and fully adult bubble butt."

"Um, no. Except, uh... I've worn a bathing suit a few times at the beach, so some men have seen a little bit of it."

I could imagine her in a very conservatively cut one-piece - she would never be caught dead in a bikini. But it was much more enjoyable to see her as she stood in front of me. I asked, "What else are you showing me? Oh, and spread your legs a little wider."

She slowly spread her legs some more, and I thought for sure the panties would break, but they slid back up her thighs some instead and remained stretched out. She said, "Um, my vagina." One could actually hear the blush in her voice.

"The one that I've been exploring with my finger?"

She didn't answer, but I could see her head nod up and down. I watched a drop of cum fly off her pussy lips thanks to her head nodding.

To my surprise, Stacy corrected, "Girl, I think you mean pussy."

Clarissa whispered, "Pussy." She seemed horrified to even say the word, yet at the same time her voice was dripping with lust, like she was cooing, "Fuck my pussy!"

I turned my attention back to Stacy and her ass. In a way, she was even more of a mystery than Clarissa was. At least with Clarissa I understood where she started from, which was complete sexual naïveté. But the way Stacy walked into the house suggested that something had transpired between her and my wife already. I didn't want to probe too much (except with my hands!) so I just asked her generally, "Stacy, what are you thinking?"

She replied, "I'm thinking of your eyes, and your wife's eyes, staring at my ass! It's making me hot!" She flexed her ass cheeks suggestively.

That just puzzled me more. Why was she so accepting while Clarissa was more resistant? Had my wife completely brainwashed her with her subliminal research? Was she just more sexually open? I began to ask her, "Don't you think-"

But Jane nudged me, which got me to shut up. She continued playing the part of the director and I was happy with that.

She said, "Okay girls, you can face each other again."

They slowly turned until they were looking into each other's eyes.

Jane asked, "Clarissa, do you still want to wear Stacy's panties?"

This time, Clarissa didn't hesitate and didn't even look away. "Yes. Yes, I do." Her desire was overcoming her shame.

"But Clarissa," Jane continued, "Stacy's panties look like they're totally soaked with her nasty pussy juices. Isn't that right, Stacy?"

Stacy looked directly at Clarissa as she spoke. "All day my pussy has been so wet and leaky. Ever since I started thinking about coming over here to return that jazz CD. I don't think I've ever made a pair of panties so wet before. You could wring them out with both hands like a completely drenched towel!"

Jane asked, "But you're not a virgin like Clarissa here. Surely some man has made you that wet before?"

Stacy's voice was suddenly desperate and longing. "It's been so long! I haven't touched a man in nearly a year! God, I'm so hoooorrnyyyy!"

That was a shocker to me. The university my wife teaches at has about 35,000 students, most of them at their sexual and physical peak. Both Stacy and Clarissa would have to be in the top dozen or two most beautiful women on campus. One could find a precious few who were as gorgeous and voluptuous as they were, but I didn't think it possible to find any more beautiful. Surely each of them would have men beating down their doors. I could perhaps understand Clarissa not having a boyfriend due to her being socially awkward and deliberately withdrawn, but Stacy? She seemed as outgoing and friendly as could be.

I looked at Jane with the question written on my face, but she just smiled at me enigmatically. I could see that she was having great fun building up this mystery for me.

Jane turned her attention back to Clarissa. "Are you sure you want to wear Stacy's panties, even though they're so wet with her sexual fluids?"

"I don't care how wet they are," responded Clarissa with surprising determination. "I still want to wear them. I need to feel what it's like to get rubbed through silk. I neeeeeed that. Please!"

Jane chuckled. "Well then, if that's what you want, I suppose it's okay. Go ahead, Stacy. Give Clarissa those silky wet panties."

With that, both girls quickly stripped their panties down their legs. Clarissa dropped hers to the ground. Stacy slowly offered hers to Clarissa, who eagerly took them.

Then, Clarissa bent over, hooked her legs one at a time through the leg-holes of Stacy's dripping silk panties, and slowly pulled them up her legs. They were so stretched out from being pulled around the knees that she had to hold them to keep them up.

I noticed that Stacy seemed happy to remain panty-free. All she had left were her high heels and the demi-bra that did nothing but serve as a small shelf to push her bare breasts up and out. Assisted like that, her rack looked as big as Clarissa's. Needless to say, her nipples were very erect. She stood to the side and looked at her fellow cheerleader.

When the slippery wet silk material finally touched Clarissa's pussy, she gasped softly. "Oh my God. Oh my God." Her chest was heaving heavily again.

She stepped towards my chair and looked at me with great need. I slowly raised my hand up between her legs and lightly touched the silk material that only minutes before had encased Stacy's clean-shaven mound. Then my fingers began gently massaging Stacy's pussy juice into Clarissa's pussy. YY01

Clarissa groaned and began to buck against my hand.

While I rubbed, I could look up and watch Clarissa's bra-clad tits jiggle and shake, but the view was marred by her blouse covering most of them on the top side.

As if reading my mind, Jane said, "Stacy, take off Clarissa's blouse." Then she said to Clarissa, "A slutty girl like you doesn't need a blouse, do you?"

Clarissa's blush spread across her face in a most delightful way. She shook her head no with deep shame.

"Say it!" Jane barked.

"I... I... I want... I want Rod to see my breasts! All of them. Naked!"

As I continued to rub Clarissa through her newly-acquired silk panties, Stacy stepped behind her, wrapped her arms around her, and pulled Clarissa's satin blouse back down so that it covered her chest completely, deliberately making the fabric pull tightly across Clarissa's breasts. Then she began undoing the buttons on it. She started with the bottom buttons and worked upwards, closer and closer to Clarissa's heaving chest .

I soon discovered the reason Stacy had pulled the blouse back down first, because as she reached the buttons at chest level, her hands pressed against Clarissa's breasts as she fumbled to strip Clarissa of her blouse. Every time Stacy's hands would brush against her nipples, Clarissa's moans would be interrupted by a soft yelp. It seemed that Stacy was less taking the blouse off and more just blatantly fondling Clarissa's ample chest.

But finally, Stacy had all the buttons undone.

"Slowly, Stacy, slowly," directed Jane.

Stacy followed that direction as well. As Clarissa continued to buck against my hand and moan, Stacy slowly and teasingly pulled the blouse back away from Clarissa's breasts, gradually revealing Clarissa's sexy white lace bra.

Clarissa's soft tit flesh spilled over the tops of her bra cups. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. Any normal person in her situation would have cum many times over already, but the command in the music was obviously working because she kept shaking and shimmering with near climaxes, but she couldn't quite get off.

Then, Stacy pulled the blouse all of the way off, revealing Clarissa's beautiful shoulders.

"And now the bra," said Jane.

Again, Stacy began blatantly fondling Clarissa's big tits. She yanked her bra down some, exposing the nipples, and let her hands wander as if searching for a front clasp.

Clarissa was getting increasingly flustered and said, "The clasp is in the back."

Stacy reached her arms around Clarissa, searching for the clasp that held together the two halves of Clarissa's white lace bra, but taking her time about it. She finally got the clasp undone and very slowly began to peel the bra away from Clarissa's heaving breasts. As she slowly dragged the cups apart, Stacy seemed intentionally to scrape her fingers against Clarissa's nipples, sending a delicious shiver through Clarissa's entire body.

Clarissa's nipples, when they came into view, were a beautiful pale pink, jutting out with arousal. Her breasts were magnificent and as big as I had imagined. I was in tit heaven. Between my wife, Clarissa, and Stacy, I felt like I was in a room full of Dolly Partons. Clarissa's breasts almost seemed too big for her already big frame. Not that I minded; in fact, it made Clarissa look even sexier.

It suddenly occurred to me that I really needed to watch all of our college team's football games in person this year. The cheerleading squad had looked pretty sexy last year, but none of the cheerleaders then were as busty as Clarissa or Stacy. They were going to turn heads, that's for sure.

Stacy let the bra slide down a few inches, but kept it, and much of Clarissa's bare tit-flesh, in her hands. She leaned forward and whispered sexily just loud enough for me to hear, "Nice! You're STACKED, girl! Hell, you're even bigger than I am." She gave her a few more not-so-subtle gropes and nipple twists before pulling her hands away.

Finally, Clarissa's bra was completely off, and she stood before me in nothing but Stacy's wet silk panties and a pair of high heels. Standing topless like she was, it seemed even more improbable that she didn't just fall forward because of the weighty globes on her chest.

Jane was leaning on my side. I turned her way briefly and said, "Thanks, love."

She cuddled into me some more, cooing with happiness. Again, I noticed that, if anything, she seemed even happier and more aroused than I was.

I had been working on Clarissa's clitoris while Stacy finished undressing her, but now I resumed poking in and out of her slit through the new panties. They were still stretched out and would have slid completely down her thighs had I not been keeping them up with my poking and probing fingers. It gave me the best of both worlds because I could see most of her privates even while I was able to enjoy the smooth texture of the silk fabric. I realized that my other hand wasn't doing anything so I reached around her hips and started kneading an ass cheek as well. I just wished I had more hands so I could reach up and grope her tits too.

Clarissa's panting showed me that she loved what I was doing with her clit, but the poking caused her to go completely wild. Her moaning had become continuous and more intense. Her hips were gyrating wildly as she pushed her panty-covered mound against my hand. Her hands had found their way up to her own breasts once more, and soon she was tugging at her own nipples. I was sure she was nearly delirious with the need to cum.

I'd been forgetting about Stacy, but I was reminded of her presence when she said with a sultry pout, "I'm jealous."

I looked over at her. She was standing at attention with her hands clasped behind her back. Her bountiful chest was thrust forward to an almost absurd degree. Her entire body was screaming for attention and the look in her eyes could start a fire. She didn't need to yell "Fuck me!" because her body was doing it for her.

"I'll get to you," I finally said.

But I only had two hands and I didn't want to leave Stacy hanging. Thinking about my wife's possible bisexuality, I decided to test that idea by asking, "Jane, maybe your hands could help keep Stacy entertained?"

Jane brought her hands up in an "it wasn't me" gesture. "Oh no! Not me! These sluts are all for you."

I thought about that, realizing this was the second time Jane had called one or both of them a slut. That was strange because I thought she didn't go for that kind of language.

As I continued to drive Clarissa's pussy wild with my fingers, I also got to thinking about how little Clarissa and Stacy knew about me, and how little I knew about them. The fact that they were giving their bodies over to a nearly complete stranger somehow aroused me even more. Out of the blue, I asked Clarissa, "What's my name?"

She gasped. "I... I... I don't know!" That practically brought her to the verge of tears, judging by the desperation in her voice. But at the same time it drove her body to higher heights. She began thrusting her crotch towards me so vigorously that I had to pull my finger back for fear of puncturing her hymen with an unexpected jerky movement.

It was Jane's turn to prod. She asked, "You're standing buck naked in my house and you're letting my husband finger-fuck your tight juicy pussy and you can't even remember his name?! What kind of naughty little girl are you?"

"I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry! I can't think. Only thinking of... cumming. ... Must cum! ... Wait! Rod! It's Rod! The big rod! Big, thick rod! I'm so sorry, Rod!"

She seemed to be talking to and about my erection as much as to my face and to me, but I didn't mind that at all.

Just then the song we had been listening to ended. There was a moment of silence as the CD player searched for the next song. Her hips were grinding up and down and back and forth on my hand in a desperate but vain hope to achieve climax. The only sound was Clarissa's sexy, wild moaning. I at least had some vague idea what was coming next. But she had no idea.


Finally, the CD player found the next track and a new song began. It was a slow, pulsing, bluesy number.

I looked over at Stacy and watched as she finally removed her demi-bra, leaving herself naked but for her white high-heels. Her big breasts sank down some, but not very much because they were naturally quite firm and high. It felt criminal to leave a body that perfect unfondled. I desired to speed events up so I could hopefully take things to the next level, but my wife seemed to have a well-prepared master plan, and she looked content to keep me doing what I was doing.

Stacy stood to one side and watched in awe as Clarissa continued to writhe against my hand.

"How does it feel, Clarissa?" she asked. There was envy in her voice.

"Mmmm ... mmmm ... mmmmm."

Stacy continued. "How do my panties feel? How do they feel on your pussy, Clarissa?"

"Ohhhh ... nice ... nice."

Stacy had been maintaining her outthrust chest position with her hands behind her back, but now she reached one hand between her own legs and began to lightly stroke the outside of her clean-shaven pussy lips. "They look nice on you. The green silk matches your eyes. And that huge rack! I'm so jealous."

"Thank... thank... ohhh ... thank you. But cum! I need to cum!" Clarissa was so turned on she could barely speak. Had she not been fondling her own perfect orbs, they would have been wildly flying around and crashing into each other.

Stacy nodded towards her panties and pointed out, "They were really wet when I took them off and gave them to you. But they look even wetter now, if that's even possible. There's like constant rivers flowing down your thighs!"

Clarissa continued to wiggle furiously against my hand. "Yes ... yes, I think ... I think they are!"

Stacy slipped one finger between her own pussy lips and began gently to tease her clit. She bent forward at a lewd angle, but I wasn't sure if this was to get a better view of my fingering of Clarissa's pussy or if she just wanted me to appreciate her dangling, hefty breasts. Perhaps it was some of both. In any case, she seemed totally entranced by what I was doing to Clarissa.

"You must really be leaky, Clarissa."

Stacy's voice was having quite an effect on Clarissa, who seemed to get more turned on every time Stacy spoke to her. And that was saying quite a lot, considering that she was practically out of her mind with lust already.

"I'm very... very... ohhh... leaky. I need it!" Her voice was becoming increasingly quavery.

Stacy said with increasing assurance, "Put your hands on your head, girl. Show off your big tits. Maybe if you're really good, Rod will play with them. ... Or even fuck them!"

Clarissa apparently loved it when anyone ordered her about because her body shivered all over again after getting Stacy's commands. She brought her hands up and clasped them on the top of her thrown-back head. Her wonderful soft and round breasts were swaying freely in counterpoint to her slowly grinding hips.

She gasped, "Why... Why can't I cum? ... Need to cum!"

Clarissa's hips were moving in a steady and predictable rhythm now, so I felt bolder to probe further into her pussy. I could hardly tell my finger was still wrapped around the panties as I went about two inches in and discovered her hymen. I'd never actually felt one before. I'd heard that hymens could differ in thickness and in depth and I figured that this had to be a rather deep one. I could finger fuck her quite well without worrying too much about puncturing it, now that I knew just how deep it was.

Jane leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Look how much the new subliminal messages are already affecting her. See how turned on she is getting from having Stacy talk to her like that? It's because her mind is being flooded with images of herself being submissive, and part of that is being verbally taunted and teased. I'm going to try a bit more myself and see what I can do. Feel free to join in. You've been doing a great job so far."

She was about to pull away from me but I whispered back, "Wait! Don't go. You know I love you more than life itself and I've been loving every single moment of this, but if I don't get some relief soon I think I'm going to break down and cry."

She pulled back and smirked, pleased to see that her plan (whatever it was exactly) was affecting me as it should. Her hands went down to her hips and then I saw some wiggling. The next thing I knew, I watched as she pulled her panties from underneath her long dark blue gown and handed them to me.

I brought them up to my nose and inhaled the familiar scent that I had grown to love. They were absolutely soaked, nearly as much as Stacy's panties were while I continued to poke through them into Clarissa's pussy. Just holding them over me was creating a mess as the thin cum dripped all over. If I had any lingering doubts that my wife was bisexual and getting hot watching her cheerleaders, they were gone now.

That turned me on so much that I had to strain with all my might to keep from cumming in my pants. As I slowly recovered from my near accident, I looked at Jane incredulously. "That's supposed to help?!"

She chuckled and flashed me a mischievous smile.

Jane straightened up and spoke to Clarissa. "Clarissa darling, I must say that you look like quite a hot little slut pressing yourself against my husband's hand that way."

On hearing the word "slut," Clarissa's eyes shot open. "I'm not a ... not a ..."

"Not a what, Clarissa?" Jane's voice was taunting.

"Don't... don't make me say it." Clarissa was trying to sound hurt. But while she talked, she continued to grind her silk-clad mound against my fingers, which were now soaked with her juices. My index finger was regularly hitting her hymen.

Jane just smiled her wicked smile. "What do you think, Stacy? Doesn't Clarissa look like a hot blonde slut?"

By now, Stacy was rubbing her clit more firmly, and her other hand was on one of her breasts. "She sure does. She doesn't just LOOK like a slut, she IS a slut. A hot blue-eyed big-titted blonde slut. Look how much her pussy needs it!"

"Isn't the hot slut wearing your panties, Stacy?"

Stacy was having an increasingly tough time talking. "She sure is ... ohhh ... and only a hot little slut would beg to wear some other girl's wet panties. And that's just what she did. And now ... ahhh ... and now she's wearing my panties and my pussy juice is smeared all over her ... ummm ... her pussy. Does that make you a lesbian slut, Clarissa? Do you want more of my, of my nasty juices?"

When Clarissa heard this, she just whimpered. I could tell that she was overflowing with sexual need. And this talk between Stacy and my wife was driving her towards an edge that (unbeknownst to her) she would be unable to get over.

I'd never seen people so desperate to climax, including myself.

"Well?" Stacy asked again.

Clarissa seemed to be having a hard time deciding whether she was a lesbian slut or not.

Jane, still wearing her shimmering blue gown, began walking and circling Clarissa like an interrogating police officer. She said, "Stacy, I don't think she's a lesbian slut. Or at least not JUST a lesbo. You love the feel of my husband's fingers, don't you?"


"You don't want him to stop, do you?"

"No ... please, no!"

"Have you ever had a man rub you to orgasm through a pair of panties?"

"Of course not! No ... no, I've never done this before. But-"

Jane cut her off. "I'm not interested in 'but,' Clarissa. It was a 'yes' or 'no' question. Just answer my questions. Have you ever kissed a man? Or a boy?"

Clarissa was still whimpering, but now she answered Jane more softly. "No."

Jane frowned like a disappointed schoolmarm. "You've never so much as kissed a man, yet there you stand, buck naked, your big tits bouncing all over, offering your pussy and the rest of your slutty body to my husband. You're wishing he was poking your hot hole with his big fat cock and not just his fingers, aren't you?"

Clarissa answered by dropping her head in shame.

Jane asked incredulously, as if she didn't know the answer already, "What's come over you?!"

"I don't know!" Clarissa nearly screamed with genuine exasperation. "I just came over here to have dinner and I got so hot!"

"What made you so hot? Was it when you saw my husband and started to think about his big cock?"

"Oh GOD! It really is big?! Oh no!"

"Of course it is. Was it when you saw the bulge in his pants and wondered how good it would feel sliding in and out of you?"

"Yes! I mean, no! I mean, he's your husband! I can't!"

"Have you thought about sliding his big cock down your throat?"

Her eyes went wide, then she admitted, "Gaawwwd! Not really, but I am now! But how could it fit?!"

"We'll worry about that later. Have you ever before begged another girl to let you wear her panties?"


"Have you ever before begged to have your pussy touched, while in a room with a group of other people?"

"No ... no, I haven't! What's wrong with me?!"

Jane was becoming more stern as she went on. "Clarissa, you'd like for my husband to keep rubbing you until you cum, wouldn't you."

Clarissa was breathing heavily now, and answered in a near whisper. "Yes. I need it!"

"In fact, that's all you can think about right now, isn't it? His big cock and his probing fingers!"

"Yes! Yes! God, yes!"

"You're finding it hard even to concentrate on my voice, aren't you?"


"All you can think about is how much you want to cum, right? How good it would feel to be impaled by his huge ROD. How much you want to gush all over my husband's cock as it pounds and nails and drills you like a jack hammer!"

"Yes! I mean, no! I don't know! ... Oh God, YES! I need it so bad! Please! Help me!"

"Well Clarissa, in my book that makes you a hot little slut. Wouldn't you agree?"

Clarissa shuddered again. "I don't know."

"You don't know?! Well then, let's just find out for sure." Jane turned to me. "Honey, I want you to stop rubbing Clarissa. That's right, take your fingers off her obviously non-slutty pussy."

I knew right away what devilish game Jane wanted to play. This would be fun.

"You want me to stop rubbing her?" I asked, continuing to rub against Clarissa's mound and poke into her hymen.

"Yes, I do," Jane replied. "Only nasty sluts get rubbed like that."

I looked into Clarissa's green eyes. "Is that okay with you Clarissa?"

She whimpered. "No! Please don't! Please don't! You can't! I'll die!"

Jane laughed. "Oh, so now you're begging him to keep going! Don't you think that makes you a hot, shameless, cock-hungry slut?"

Clarissa looked like she was about to cry. "I don't know!"

"You still don't know? Okay. Honey, no more rubbing."

With that, I withdrew my hand from between Clarissa's legs.

Her reaction was immediate. "Nooooooo," she wailed. Both of her own hands shot between her legs and she began to rub herself furiously through Stacy's wet silk panties. That obviously wasn't good enough, so she pulled the panties down to her thighs and poked into herself without the barrier, but even that wasn't good enough. She groaned with dissatisfaction.

She then stumbled forward towards me, as her legs seemed to give out from under her. But she did not try to stop her fall with her hands, both of which seemed glued to her pussy despite the danger of falling. Instead, she just tumbled forward until her breasts smothered my face, her long blonde hair falling all around my head. She leaned against me that way, continuing to rub her hot box with both hands, moaning and whimpering.

"Please, please, please!" She seemed almost incoherent. "Someone help me cum!"

But Jane was still in control. "Stacy, help her up."

Stacy stopped her own masturbating long enough to get behind Clarissa and pull her off me.

Then Jane gave another command. "Stacy, this hot little slut can't seem to stop rubbing herself. She needs help. Pin her wrists behind her back."

So began a very interesting struggle. Stacy tried to pull Clarissa's hands back, while Clarissa fought valiantly to keep her hands on her own pussy. Slowly, the panties slid down her legs, and then were ripped in two during the struggle and fell to the floor.

Now both cheerleader bombshells were naked except for their high heels and were fighting each other. Actually, it wasn't clear how much of it was fighting and how much was sexual groping and rubbing. Stacy, for instance, seemed to spend as much of her attention on rubbing her breasts up and down Clarissa's bare back as she did on trying to secure Clarissa's hands.

And I had a front-row seat to the battle, watching in wonder as Clarissa's incredibly big and luscious breasts swayed and jiggled just a few feet in front of me. Jane stood to my side, no doubt getting just as great a view. I momentarily looked to my wife and thought that she was going to ruin her expensive gown, given that she was going commando now and doubtlessly leaking like a faucet. I wondered why she wasn't getting naked too.

Then I wondered what was stopping me from getting naked, or at least pulling out my hard-on. Mostly, I'd been too transfixed by the constantly evolving show in front of me to think about doing that, but now my penis needed help. True, I didn't want to ruin my wife's obviously well thought out plans, but I didn't think she or anyone else could blame me if I freed my erection from its constraints at this point. So that's what I did.

Both Stacy and Clarissa paused in their fighting as they caught sight of my hard-on poking straight through my fly. I hoped I lived up to my wife's "big cock" hype. Clarissa, at least, seemed awed by the size. I strongly suspected this was the first penis she'd seen in the flesh, so I'm sure that magnified her response.

But then Stacy grabbed both of Clarissa's wrists and pulled them back forcefully. She growled, "What are you looking at? That's mine!" Then the cat fight was back on.

At first, Clarissa seemed to be winning, and Stacy was making no progress in moving Clarissa's hands. Probably this was because whenever Stacy got the upper hand she tended to do things like let go of Clarissa's wrists so she could fondle her big jugs from behind. From time to time, one or the other of them seemed to lose focus and gawk at my erection. It was amazing that both remained standing, given they were teetering on high heels.

But after a while, Clarissa's strength began to give out, and Stacy managed to slowly pull her hands backwards to her sides. As soon as Clarissa realized that her fingers were no longer able to reach her pussy, she began to moan in desperation. Then, she gave in -- perhaps with exhaustion -- and Stacy pulled her hands all the way to her back.

Technically, Stacy might have won, but I felt like I was the real winner. A mere hour ago, the idea that I would ever watch a cat fight between two naked big-titted cheerleaders in my own living room seemed laughable, and even now I could scarcely believe my own eyes. I was sorely tempted to stroke my erection, but what held me back was that I was in no hurry to cum. Even without stroking, I was riding an incredible high, so I didn't need to press my luck. At least, not yet. It was like I was experiencing all the joy of an extremely talented handjob, purely through mental and visual stimulation.

Jane was ready for something new. She suddenly appeared behind Clarissa holding a black silk scarf. Where she got this from, I don't know, as I didn't see her leave the room. But, after Clarissa's high heels appeared out of nowhere, nothing would surprise me. How long had Jane been preparing for this evening? Weeks? Months? Obviously this was much more than just a birthday gift; this was the start of a whole new lifestyle. But I was too distracted by all the bouncy and athletic naked flesh right in front of me to think about those implications just yet.

In any case, Jane quickly tied the silk scarf around Clarissa's wrists, effectively preventing Clarissa from moving her hands back to her desperate, pulsing pussy. Then, when Clarissa's wrists were tightly bound together by the black silk scarf, Jane slowly began to pull up on the loose ends of the scarf, drawing Clarissa's arms up and out behind her, causing Clarissa to bend forward slightly at the waist. With Clarissa bent this way, her beautiful breasts seemed even fuller as they dangled slightly forward.

When Jane had Clarissa well bent over, she handed the loose ends of the silk scarf to Stacy. "Keep her just like this," she instructed.

Stacy just smiled, and Jane began, once again, to slowly circle Clarissa's now somewhat-helpless form.

"Now where was I?" Jane asked Clarissa. "Oh yes. The question of whether you are or are not a hot little slut. Have you made up your mind yet?"

Clarissa just whimpered, clearly anguished by the fact that her pussy, for the moment, was going unattended.

Jane turned and winked at me, and then continued, "Clarissa, do you know what I think? I think you like having your hands tied behind your back with a silk scarf. I think it's making you even hotter. Even wetter. Even more sinfully slutty, if that's possible. Am I right, Clarissa?"

Clarissa took a deep breath before answering in a soft voice. "Yes. Oh yes! I never thought I'd like something like this, but... but... I don't know... I..." She seemed unable to finish her sentence.

"So this is making you very, very wet, isn't it Clarissa?"

"Yes, I think so."

"You think so? Hmmm. Well, let's find out." Jane looked up at Stacy, who was still holding Clarissa's bound hands. "Stacy, my dear, could you just check to see how wet she is? Take your time, but make sure not to break her hymen. We have someone else who wants to do that tonight." She looked at me and winked.

I thought, Whoa! What does that mean? Talk about a green light, but how can this be? This must be just a great dream, but I've been awake since this morning. Nothing makes sense!

Stacy smiled, and then, with her free hand, reached between Clarissa's wonderful ass cheeks and cupped her bare pussy from behind. She tickled her fingers gently over Clarissa's blonde bush and then pressed her index finger gently into Clarissa's pussy, just as I had been doing.

Clarissa groaned in desperation, wiggling her mound as best she could against Stacy's torturing fingers in an attempt to drive them in deeper.

As Stacy continued to tickle her fingers over her own panties, which remained pasted to Clarissa's moist mound, Jane again walked behind me, bent over, and whispered in my ear. "Do you like how this is going so far? Having a good time?"

I just nodded in the understatement of the year. The sight of Stacy reaching between Clarissa's legs from behind and gently rubbing Clarissa's pussy was quite stimulating, to say the least. But then I said in a quiet but urgent whisper, "What was that about breaking her hymen?! Do you mean that I should..."

Jane replied loudly, "Ssssh. Too many questions."


She said even louder. "Things may spiral out of control before the night is over. You just might fill Clarissa's tight twat with your thick cock. Or maybe you'll impale yourself into Stacy and give her a good hammering. Who knows?"

I was too high on lust to respond coherently to that.

But clearly, the message was as much for Clarissa and Stacy as it was for me, and it was obvious from their loud and desperate moans that they had heard her words.

Then Jane continued in a whisper only I could hear. "I thought you would enjoy watching these two play like this. Although so far it has only been on my command. I think you might also enjoy watching the two of them play with each other of their own volition. Out of pure lust for each other. Unable to control a sudden mutual desire to explore another young woman's flesh. Am I right? Would you enjoy that?"

Jane was certainly right. The thought of watching these two, young, beautiful cheerleaders eagerly making love to each other made my throat go dry. I simply nodded.

"I thought you might," whispered Jane with a happy smirk. "And since it is your birthday, maybe it could be arranged. But first, one more little game to test Clarissa's newly-discovered love of submission."

Jane straightened up and spoke to Stacy. "Does the idea of her spreading her submissive, slutty, made-to-be-fucked body for my well-hung husband make her wet?" Jane commanded.

There was little doubt that it did, especially given the way Clarissa moaned with a sound that could only be described as pure lust.

Stacy smiled and continued to "check" anyway.

I watched closely as she used two fingers and pumped them in and out, no doubt making use of the full two inches in front of the hymen.

Clarissa groaned, and ground her ass back against Stacy, who was still holding Clarissa's scarf-bound arms with her other hand.

Then, with Stacy's fingers still gently moving inside the panties, she gave her report. "Yes. Being a hot little submissive slut to your extremely hunky husband makes her very, very wet. Very, very slippery. She needs a real cock and soon! And so do I!"

Jane smiled a wicked smile. "You are quite a naughty girl, Clarissa."

Clarissa weakly protested, "I'm not naughty. Really I'm not! I've been so good, before..."

Jane continued to taunt, "You can't stop staring at my husband's big cock waving in the air right in front of you. I'll bet you'd like to put your lips around it and suck on it, wouldn't you?"

"No!" Her resistance was remarkable, considering her condition.


"Well, maybe. ... Kind of. ... Just a little. ... It's not fair asking me like this, when I'm so HOT and HORNY! ... Okay, I'd LOVE to, but it's too big! I can't possibly get my lips around THAT!"

Jane continued calmly, "Well, let me worry about that. But all of this is making you very, very wet and slippery. I think that qualifies as being a naughty girl. Wouldn't you agree?"

Clarissa just moaned and continued to wriggle her silky smooth ass back against Stacy, whose tormenting fingers were driving Clarissa helplessly to the brink.

So far my wife hadn't sexually touched Stacy or Clarissa in any way that I could recall. But suddenly Jane bent over in her gorgeous gown and whispered something in her ear that I didn't catch. Then she said, "Clarissa, you belong to my husband now."

Clarissa nodded her head in defeat.

Jane grasped Clarissa's clit between two fingers and pulled on it. She stood back to watch the fireworks.

"Aaaaaiiiiieeee!" Clarissa screamed as her body bucked and buckled in orgasm.

I thought that I was going to be given the secret word to do that to her, but frankly I didn't mind how it happened. Clarissa had obviously needed to cum so badly, for so long, that I felt very good for her when she finally did.

She would have slumped to the ground except that Stacy still held her up. In fact, Stacy never even stopped pumping with her two fingers as Clarissa's pussy juices gushed all around her silk-wrapped digits.

Stacy was relentless. Clarissa seemed to have submitted completely, so Stacy didn't need to hold onto the scarf anymore. So she kept Clarissa's body pinned tightly against hers and put her other arm under Clarissa's mighty rack to keep her from collapsing. That left the hand at the end of that without much to do, so she turned her wrist, reached one of Clarissa's nipples, and started teasing and tugging on it.

Clarissa went nearly insane, simply overwhelmed with lust. It seemed that she was being assaulted with sexiness from every side. She might have thought an orgasm would have brought her relief, but she was still as hot as an oven. She muttered, "No more, no more..."


Jane and I didn't say or do anything for a couple of minutes, and Stacy was relatively merciful, going slow with her pussy and nipple manipulation (though never completely stopping).

I realized that even though Jane must have felt some mercy and whispered the trigger word to Clarissa that let her cum, I still didn't know that word. And it was nice that Clarissa got at least some relief, but I needed mine too.

But then Clarissa started to revive a bit, looking up and around the room. It was clear that she was wondering how she got where she was and what she was doing.

Jane asked, "Clarissa? Feeling better?"

Clarissa's face was sweaty and her blonde bangs were wildly askew. She looked up with pleading eyes, "Can I just rest a while? I need to... Need to... Get my bearings."

"Certainly. We'll do that in a minute. But first, naughty sluts like you need to be punished. Cockteases need to be taught a good, strict lesson whenever they get out of line. Don't you agree?"

Clarissa seemed stunned by Jane's suggestion, as if Jane had reached deep into Clarissa's mind and touched a deliciously raw nerve. Her eyes were glazed, and her chest still heaved and rocked heavily. Despite her obvious soreness and weariness, she replied with surprising fervor, "Yes ... I think you're right. I think I need to be punished."

She looked directly at me and said with even more certainty, "I think I need to be taught a good, strict lesson. Can Rod do it to me?"

Jane chuckled, and joked, "Do you mean 'Rod' or 'his rod?'"

Clarissa blushed, but said, "Whatever he decides."

Jane turned to me. "Honey, I think you might like this next part of the show. I'm going to punish sweet Clarissa. I think that by now, you must be eager for some relief. Am I right?"

"Damn straight!" I said emphatically.

Of course I needed relief. This had, so far, been the most erotic evening of my life. And here I was, still fully clothed except for my bobbing erection, sitting patiently, watching it all unfold. Somehow I'd gotten all sweaty and bedraggled too, and all I really had been doing was sitting and watching. I could only imagine how exhausted Stacy and Clarissa must be feeling by now. They certainly looked it, but their tussled and sweaty appearance only made them sexier in my eyes.

Jane turned to Stacy and asked, "Do you think you could help my husband?"

"Sure, Coach," Stacy responded eagerly, continuing her manipulation of Clarissa's private parts. "What can I do?" Her piercing green eyes were looking straight at me.

I longed to see Stacy's big curly mane of flaming red hair bobbing up and down over my shaft very soon. I'd been riding a great erotic high for a long time now and that had been an incredible ride, but enough was enough.

"I'll take over with Clarissa," said Jane, symbolically taking from Stacy the ends of the silk scarf that bound Clarissa's hands. "You help my husband out of his pants. I think he is beginning to feel a bit constrained in them. And since it's his birthday, I want him to be more comfortable. A LOT more comfortable." She winked in my direction.

Stacy smiled. Then, she slowly dragged her hand out from between Clarissa's legs, making sure to rake her middle finger over Clarissa's clit and back in and out through her slippery lips one last time.

Clarissa groaned in agony and wiggled her hips in desperation as she felt Stacy's teasing fingers moving away from her pussy.

When Stacy had freed the hand she had been using to torment poor Clarissa, she brought it to the nipple of her own right breast. Still looking directly into my eyes, Stacy began to massage her nipple, coating it with Clarissa's wetness, while stepping out from behind Clarissa. Then she licked her full red lips, closed her eyes in apparent ecstasy, dropped her head back, and gently shook her shoulder-length red hair, seeming to luxuriate in the feel of her swaying hair tickling the back of her slender neck and smooth shoulders. As she did this, she brought her other hand to the nipple of her left breast. She moaned softly as she began to gently tug on both of her nipples.

I got a really good look at her breasts without the demi-bra or Clarissa in the way. I was surprised at how high and firmly they jutted out. It seemed as though she hardly needed the demi-bra at all, after all. I longed to touch them and suck on them, just as much as on Clarissa's slightly bigger pair.

Stacy opened her eyes, which now seemed to glow with an animal lust, and again looked directly at me with a slight smile. She continued to play with her nipples, and then began to sway her body in rhythm to the slow, pulsing blues music emanating from the stereo. For what seemed a blissful eternity, she swayed her beautiful, lean young body to the music, looking into my eyes, tugging on her nipples, and occasionally tasting her own lips.

Then, still swaying, she began slowly to move towards me, taking small steps, one foot directly in front of the other. With each step, one of her high heels clicked on the floor, bringing her otherwise naked body closer to me. Slowly, slowly, she crept ever closer. She was putting on a show for me, and clearly loved doing it.

I could see moisture clinging to her cleanly shaved pussy lips, which were puffy and distended with her lust.

As she moved closer, one of her hands slid off her breast, over her smooth belly, and down between her legs. She continued her approach, step by step, now with one hand twisting one of her nipples, and the other gently stroking her moist slit.

It took all my willpower to keep from jumping out of my chair and pulling her to me. But I liked her slow teasing. And I knew that she liked it too. I didn't know what this busty and heartbreakingly beautiful red-headed teen would do to me next, but I knew that I'd love it.

A new song started. This time it wasn't jazz. Instead, it was a piece of baroque chamber music, soft and lilting.

Stacy took another step towards me so that her long, slender legs were pressed against my knees. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me and reached for my erection. To my great relief, she began stroking it. Her other hand went for my belt. She undid the buckle, and pulled one end until the belt was free.

"Rod! It's so huge! It's gigantic! I love it! Mmmm!" She stroked it lovingly. Needless to say, it was soaked with pre-cum so her fingers slid up and down easily.

I was proud of my penis size, but no one had ever called it gigantic before. Still, I wasn't going to complain.

With my belt loosened, I lifted my hips and let her slide my pants and underwear all the way off.

That left me sitting there in nothing but my socks and dress shirt. The shirt was so sweaty that I'd probably have to throw it away. I couldn't figure out why I felt so winded when I'd been doing little more than watching and fondling some pussy.

Unfortunately she had to take her hand off my erection to help me take my underwear and pants off, but she quickly rectified that, firmly grasping my erection with both hands. She gently began to run the tips of her fingers up and down the shaft, just barely teasing it, while the other hand grasped it around the base.

She looked up into my eyes. "May I taste it?"

As if she had to ask! "Of course, Stacy. Please do."

Her mouth slowly came down, enveloping my cock in silky warmth. I could feel the tip of her tongue playing over the head and slowly teasing the underside. It was the most wonderful sensation I had felt in a long time.

She thoughtfully brushed her long curly red mane to the side so I could see as well as feel what she was doing. She looked up at me and winked. There was a lot of winking going on this evening, but I certainly didn't mind.

I looked up to see both Jane and Clarissa lustfully watching Stacy's sweet red lips moving slowly up and down my shaft.

Jane didn't need to worry about Clarissa breaking free of the scarf that was holding her hands behind her back, since the stacked blonde cheerleader was obviously loving her new submissive role.

But Jane wanted to emphasize Clarissa's helplessness. She pulled the teen's arms even further back, which kept Clarissa slightly bent over, her heavy orbs hanging down in my direction.

Jane spoke right into Clarissa's ear. "You see that? That's what you're going to be doing soon. That's what hot little sluts do for their masters."

Clarissa seemed not to pay any attention to this first mention of the word "master," but I certainly did. She merely whispered in awe, "But it won't fit! It's too big!"

I was straining not to cum, more out of habit than anything. I think I was afraid that if I came, the better-than-a-dream reality would somehow all come to an end. Perhaps it would be exposed as a mere dream after all.

I looked around the room more carefully. Clarissa was licking her lips and wagging her smooth, athletic behind like a puppy in heat, in obvious agony from the lack of any attention to her aching pussy. She and Stacy looked so good that a part of me still couldn't believe they were actually in my house, naked.

And Jane, in one hand, held what appeared to be a small leather paddle.

Where the paddle came from, I had no idea. It occurred to me that Jane probably had a whole collection of items nearby that might or might not get used this evening. And to think that I was disappointed when I first found out I was going to have to have dinner with Clarissa!

Stacy had been going to town on my dick. She clearly was an experienced and talented cocksucker who was able to fit a surprising amount of my shaft between her pouty red lips. But suddenly she pulled off of it and craned her head around to look at Clarissa and Jane.

She may have just been curious to see what they were doing. But she took the opportunity to say to Clarissa, "Girl, you're going to LOVE sucking on this! It tastes so good! And I haven't even had his load yet. I can't wait!"

Clarissa stammered, "But... but... How do you do that? It's too big! Isn't it?"

Stacy said, "Clarissa, don't worry. It is pretty meaty, but if I can do it, you can too. You have what they call a dick-shaped mouth." She giggled. "Sluts like us, our mouths were meant to suck cock."

Clarissa leaned towards me some more, as if trying to draw her mouth closer to the end of my dick. But she was still several feet away, so all it did was set her big knockers swaying again.

Stacy turned and looked at Jane uncertainly. "Ummm, Dr. Stevens, can I be a slut for your husband too? I know I'm not a virgin like Clarissa, but I haven't had sex with anyone for, like, nearly a year, and I'm totally clean and I'm on the pill and-"

Jane put a hand up in a stop gesture. "Whoa! Whoa! I think we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. I don't know if my husband wants TWO slutty, big-titted, teenage cheerleader fuck toys. We'll discuss this later, when you can properly beg to serve him. For now, just be a good cocksucking slut for him."

"Yes, Coach!" She saluted happily, turned back, and resumed gobbling on my erection.

I was amazed that Stacy took all that in stride. I figured that must be her subliminal conditioning, and that took a little bit of the fun out of it - that she wasn't agreeing to everything from her own free will. A little, but not much.

I didn't know how long I could last, especially with what Stacy was doing to me, but my goal was to hold out at least another minute or two so I could watch some of Clarissa's punishment.

Jane took control again, and said to me, "Now that you're feeling more comfortable, honey, I think it's time to begin the next part of our show."

She tugged slightly on the black silk scarf that held Clarissa's hands together, causing Clarissa's upper body to jerk slightly downward, which set her proud breasts wobbling all over again. She was nearly bent over at a ninety-degree angle. "Now, Clarissa, since you've been such a naughty, slutty, little girl, it's time for you to get your punishment. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes," Clarissa panted.

"I'm going to spank you with this leather paddle, Clarissa. I'm going to spank you ten times. You are going to count out each time for me, so we don't give you too few or too many. Do you understand?"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper.

"And, when I give you your last, your tenth, then, and only then, you may have another orgasm. Do you understand that?"

"I think so ... I... How will I...?"

"Don't worry about that. Now, I'm going to let go of your hands, but I don't want you to move one inch."

And with that, Jane let go of the black silk scarf that bound Clarissa's hands, and walked over to where I was sitting. She stood behind Stacy, who was still kneeling and slurping between my legs, and whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, Stacy stopped her licking and sucking. She merely kept my dick in her mouth, but didn't do anything to it. It was a lucky thing too, because I was about to explode any second, and again it took a great effort of will to fight off the urge to blow my load in her mouth.

I suppose my wife knew my moods well and could see from the extremely strained look on my face that I didn't have long. I was still on a hair trigger and there was no going back, not after all the mental and physical stimulation I'd been having.

Jane placed her hands over Stacy's ears, and leaned into me to whisper in my ear. "Do you remember how I told you that there was a trigger that would make Clarissa orgasm? Well, I'm about to tell you what it is. And I want you to use it on the ninth spank. The trigger starts a physical process inside her that, after about fifteen seconds, will send her into orgasm. I'll give her the tenth spank right at that moment."

This was all still amazing to me. Here I was, with one incredibly sexy young cheerleader holding my erection inside of, and teasing me with, her mouth, and another in plain sight, naked except for a pair of soaking wet and ripped silk panties lying in tatters between her spread ankles, bent over in my direction with her head only a couple of feet from mine, and about to get a spanking - a spanking she now wanted - from my wife. And my wife was about to tell me a phrase that, when I uttered it, would cause the poor spanking victim to erupt into orgasm.

Life was good!

I whispered back, "Speaking of triggers, I don't know if I can last that long! I'm on a hair-trigger myself. Too much stimulation!"

"Try. Please. Do it for me, honey. It's important that you hold out just a little while longer. And then, after we give Clarissa that little orgasm, and you get your relief, I've got more treats in store for you. I'm going to play the song I told you about. The one that will make Clarissa and Stacy go wild with lust for each other. But not until after we've had a little costume change."

Costume change? I wondered what Jane meant by that. But given how well the evening was going so far, I was willing to bet it would be something extremely enjoyable.

And then Jane told me. "The trigger phrase that will send Clarissa into orgasm is 'Weeble-wobble'."


"Weeble-wobble?" I wondered, wasn't that some kind of kid's toy way back when? I remembered the slogan, "They weeble and they wobble but they don't fall down." Strange.

In any case, I sat there with both fists clenched and sweat pouring off my brow, just trying to somehow last until the tenth spanking.

Stacy wasn't making things any easier because, I suppose, having my hardness in her mouth was just too much of a temptation. Her tongue could hardly avoid touching it and before long her tongue was busy with some gentle licking. I could feel her big soft tits sliding back and forth over my thighs as her head started to bob slightly as well. I prayed for my wife to hurry up with the spanking.

Luckily, Jane sensed my urgency and started the spanking. She said, "Naughty sluts like you have to take their spankings across my lap or Rod's lap, just like little girls do."

Clarissa just whimpered helplessly at that. But she quickly got into position over Jane's lap. My lap was occupied with a mass of flaming red hair, bobbing up and down.

Despite everything else going on around me, I couldn't help but think that Clarissa's sweaty chest and stomach, not to mention her very leaky pussy, would ruin my wife's lovely gown if it wasn't ruined already. Her sparkling gown was one of my favorites. It's funny how mundane thoughts can pop up at the oddest times.

I could see Jane panting heavily and Clarissa writhing around over her lap. Clarissa's huge jugs hung down and brushed up against one of Jane's legs, as Jane reached down and cupped one of them. I could see her squeeze it hard a couple of times, causing it to stretch out of shape like a pressed marshmallow. But then my wife seemed to regain control of herself, more or less. "Okay, Clarissa. Remember, I spank you and then you shout out the number and then, 'I'm a slut for Rod.' Okay?"

The latter part of the command was new, but Clarissa just nodded unquestioningly.

I watched and heard a loud slap just a few feet in front of me.

"One! I'm a slut for Rod!"

Then another one.

"Two! I'm a slut for Rod!"

Then another. I noticed Jane still had her other hand squeezing a dangling tit.

If nothing else, this spanking were a nice boost for my ego. But Stacy's tongue and lips were starting to get even more adventurous. She was repeatedly taking half of my cock down and then pulling back to the tip. Plus she was apparently really good at breathing through her nose, because she didn't need to take my dick out of her mouth at all and she just kept slurping and sucking and licking and teasing.

I was afraid to look down at the sexy sight for fear it would cause me to shoot. It was getting to be a desperate race to see if I could last until the tenth slap. I didn't know why that was so important, but my wife wanted it, so who was I to argue with that?

Thankfully, the spanking came fast and furious, each new slap arriving almost as soon as Clarissa yelled out another "I'm a slut for Rod!"

Finally, we were almost there.

"Nine! I'm a slut for Rod!" she cried, exultantly.

This time, my wife paused and looked at me significantly. I saw one of her hands go from grasping Clarissa's tit to between Clarissa's legs and I could only imagine what fun her fingers were having there. Between watching the sexy spanking and Stacy's increasingly impassioned cocksucking, I nearly forgot what I was supposed to do. But Jane's look reminded me and I yelled out, "Weeble-wobble! Make those tits shake!" I added that last bit so the trigger word wouldn't seem quite so strange for Stacy, in case she happened to be paying attention.

It was like someone flipped on a switch deep inside Clarissa. Her head jerked up and her eyes went wide.

Then the tenth slap came crashing down, harder than the others.

"Ten! I'm a slut for Rooooaaaahhhhiiiieeeee!"

Clarissa had already cum twice; as far as I could tell, she was the only one of our group lucky enough to do so so far. But her earlier orgasms were nothing compared to this one. It was as if her entire body was experiencing a life-threatening epileptic fit: arms and legs writhed and flew about dangerously.

Jane had to step back and could only watch as Clarissa fell to the ground.

But still her body continued to explode in ecstasy. Her long blonde hair flew in every direction.

Meanwhile, I gave up my prolonged struggle and immediately began gushing into Stacy's mouth like an untamed fire hose thrashing around on a sidewalk. I grabbed her head and pressed my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth until I was practically deep throating her. I knew on some intellectual level that that was a rude thing to do without asking, but I couldn't help myself. I was losing control of my mind and my body and all I could think about was cumming. My seed shot straight down her thirsty throat.

Stacy also had been building up to the tenth slap and was busy frigging herself all the while. So just as Clarissa and I both saw stars, Stacy hit her own fantastic orgasmic high. Whether or not Jane climaxed with us was uncertain to me because I was more than a little preoccupied at the time.

I seemed to pump buckets of cum down Stacy's throat, but she gobbled it all up. She even managed to keep bobbing her head back and forth over my erection, despite my firm hands on her head. My orgasmic joy just seemed to never end. All the while, I stared at Clarissa's body as it twitched about spasmodically like some kind of frog's leg still occasionally hopping after the frog had died. Just watching her shake like that in a fury of uncontrolled ecstasy was like another mental orgasm for me.

Finally, Clarissa came to a standstill. I noticed that her eyes were closed and she had passed out. It was a near thing that I didn't black out as well.

Stacy also came to a stop as my cum finally ran out.

Jane came over to me and put her hand in my lifeless palm. My whole body was limp from complete exhaustion. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "So, do you like your birthday gift? It's not over, you know."

I just stared at her bug-eyed. "You're kidding me!"

"I'll take that as a yes."

"Yes! God, yes! I can't believe this. This whole thing! It's like some kind of crazy porn movie scene, except wilder! Where did you get these two?! Jesus! I didn't even know bodies like theirs existed in real life. And they're so submissive! What's going on? What about our marriage?!"

Jane looked down at Stacy, who was still awake (despite looking quite sweaty and worse for wear), still kneeling between my knees, and looking back up at us. Then Jane said, "Funny you ask about our marriage now. Kind of late for that, isn't it, now that Stacy's tummy is filled with your cum." She wore a happy smirk.

I complained, "I'm serious! What's happening here has big-time implications. I mean, I love everything but I don't want to lose you to some kind of crazy sex... craziness!"

Jane looked at me seriously. "So, you want to talk, huh?"

"Yeah. I think we'd better. Now that I'm coming down from my erotic high, I'm starting to get a little freaked out about this whole thing. Especially all this submissive slut talk. What's up with that?"

Stacy sat up on her heels and piped up. "Yeah, Coach. Can I ask why you're all keen on Clarissa being Rod's slut and not me? Can't I be too? I totally want to! He's so dreamy! And I could just suck his cock all day long!" She looked me in the eyes like she was deeply in love with me.

I had no idea where that came from. Love? That could cause a lot of complications. What did I do to deserve that? And then I remembered the subliminal programming again.

Jane looked around and found the CD player. She walked over to it and turned it off. Then she said to me, "Hmm. Yes, I think we need to talk right away. It seems my little ... adventure may have been TOO successful. Stacy, why don't you go and take a shower? I think we all need to take showers. Then you can come back here and help Clarissa when she gets up. Okay?"

"Sure thing, Dr. S." Stacy got up and dragged her naked body to the bathroom.

Jane looked at me. "Let's go to our bedroom, honey. We could use the privacy."

By this time, I'd somewhat recovered, so staggered off to our bedroom hand in hand with my wife.

As each moment passed, the post-coital blues were hitting me harder and harder and my guilt and worries were coming to the fore. What had I just done? Sure, it felt great, but it was also totally insane!

Before Jane even finished closing the door, I said, "Okay, time to spill the beans. This is not just some birthday gift - this is part of some kind of master plan, isn't it? I know you. I can see the wheels spinning in your head, now that I finally have half a clue. You've been doing some kind of secret project for months that has been leading up to this, haven't you? Where is it going? Is our marriage secure?"

She took my hand again after closing the door and squeezed it. "Okay, you got me. You're right that I've had a master plan of sorts and this is kind of my coming out party with you. I knew you'd like it - how could you not? I picked the hottest girls on campus, the ones that are just your type. The plan was to get them hot so they'd have sex with each other; you and I were just going to watch. But things did get out of hand. The subliminals worked way too well. They were way too eager. And then somehow I started talking about your big cock and, well, I just got so horny thinking about Clarissa and Stacy being slaves to it! And then the blowjob just kind of happened and-"

"Wait, wait! Hold on. Since when does having another woman be a slave to my cock get YOU off? We certainly never talked about THAT! And I know for a fact that you get mad sometimes when I stare at another woman too blatantly. It doesn't make any sense."

She frowned. "I know. Here, sit down on the bed with me. Let me go waaaaay back. It's time I tell you everything."

I sat. "Okay, but before you do, there's one thing I need to know: have you cheated on me yet? Or maybe I should ask how often?"

Jane looked shocked, almost as if I'd slapped her. "What?! Of course not. How could you even suggest that?! You know I love you with all my heart and soul."

I said, "Well, I'd like to think that, love, but Stacy didn't come in here completely clueless. Clearly, something had happened to her already. It was like she was a veteran in whatever has been going on. I mean, I'm starting to think of you in the middle of cheerleader orgies, if not worse."

"No, no, no! ... Okay, I'll admit, there has been some hanky panky going on already, but I swear to you, it's been all mental, and only with women."

"Mental? Explain."

"Like what we were doing earlier. Getting Clarissa insanely horny. Messing with her mind. You'll notice I didn't touch anyone for quite a while. I've been having some fun messing with the minds of some of my cheerleaders, but that's all. No touching."

I just said, "Humph." I was still unhappy and crossed my arms to show it.

Jane explained, "Like I said, let me go all the way back to the beginning. Has it ever occurred to you how odd it is that I study subliminal messaging AND supervise the college cheerleading squad? I think it's safe to say I'm the first PhD at this school to ever manage a bunch of cheerleaders in my spare time. Have you ever really wondered about that?"

"No," I admitted. "I figured you're intellectual, but you also like to stay in shape. You used to be a cheerleader, so continuing on with that is one way to keep physically active. That's what so many of the ex-sports guys I know do: they go into coaching."

"Well, yeah," she said, "I guess it seems fairly normal on the surface, but there's more here than meets the eye. You see, there's this darker side of me. As you know, I was a late bloomer and I hated my looks for the longest time. I wanted validation and tried to join the cheerleading team back in high school. But they rejected me. Eventually, my body filled out enough that I got on the team, but I had to work for it."

"Work for it?"

Jane blushed. "In short, I was kind of the team slave. And I do mean that in every sense. My first sexual experiences were all with cheerleaders."

"You never told me that!" My jaw hung open.

"I know. I'm still very ashamed of it. They aren't all nice memories. In fact, many of them are quite humiliating. But in the process, I kind of got this... fetish."

Jane blushed in a way that I'd hardly ever seen before, except once or twice, obviously embarrassed. It was really quite fetching, but she'd hardly have accepted the complement under the circumstances. So I wisely kept my mouth shut, nodded silently, and waited for her to continue.

"It's like if your first sexual experience involves stockings somehow, maybe you have a fetish for stockings for the rest of your life. I've got a cheerleader fetish. Kind of a, um... submissive cheerleader fetish. And a desire for payback. My squad turned me into a submissive slut for their amusement and now I want to do the same thing back to them."

I pointed out, "But the girls on this squad have absolutely nothing to do with the girls that did whatever they did to you."

"I know," she conceded. "But that's using logic. Look. I have a deep-seated need to do this that has nothing to do with logic, okay? I'm not proud of it, but I accept it for what it is. You know that I'm not a lesbian or anything like that. I AM bisexual, and I know that may be a shocker for you, but rest assured that I'm mainly attracted to men. Attracted to you, to be specific. But the cheerleaders at my high school kind of fucked me up and gave me these issues about being a submissive slut. Unfortunately, I can't let go with you and be your submissive slut. I just can't. Maybe someday we could have great role-plays, but I'm too wound up about it now. I'm a doctor, an intellectual, and an equal partner in our marriage, and I need your respect. But... I can let go and live vicariously by watching others turn into submissive sluts. Especially cheerleaders! And I can get that psychic payback by doing to them what was done to me."

I asked, "But isn't that just repeating a vicious cycle? It's like having an alcoholic father and then becoming an alcoholic yourself."

"Well, yes and no. I've thought about that, believe me. But the thing is, although I had some traumatic times as a cheerleader slave, I also had absolutely fantastic, mind-blowing, 'where did my brain go?' sex. You know I'm an extremely sexual person with a strong sex drive, and it all goes back to those formative experiences. They basically turned me from a virgin and a prude into a near nympho. And I don't regret that for a second. I want to do the same to girls like Clarissa and Stacy. Just look at Clarissa, the poor thing. Prior to today, she'd never even been kissed, despite her totally hot bod. We've turned her on! Her sex switch has been flipped on! She's had one mind-blowing sexual experience after another and she loves it! She pretends like she's against the submissiveness, but she loves that too! She's a natural submissive and we're doing her the biggest favor in the world. I'm happy, you're happy, she's happy... So what's the downside?"

I thought about that and said, "Well, it's kind of dangerous, for one. The mere introducing of another partner into our sex life could have so many unforeseen consequences. You just never know."

"But I do know!" Jane protested. "You see, I know exactly what these girls are like with scientific certainty. You're right that this has been months in the making. Years, actually. Again, let me go back to what I said about the oddity of my being a subliminal messaging researcher and a cheerleading coach too. Both are part of my master plan, as you call it. How could I ensure that I could ensnare my prey in my web? Mind control! But mind control doesn't work, you say. Poppycock. Years ago, I happened to stumble across an old magazine article about mind control and it discussed something called Silent Sound. That got me started."

"What's that?"

"Technically, I shouldn't be telling you this, because it's what my CIA research is all about. Normally, this is where I joke that I'll have to kill you if I tell you. But fuck it. I love you and you're my husband and now you need to understand what's happening. Basically, Silent Sound is where it's at, and all my other research is just a cover. The other stuff barely works at all, but Silent Sound is very effective. A few years ago, a guy discovered that there are certain frequencies of sound that our ears cannot hear. But our mind processes the sound even though we're not consciously aware of having heard it. So if you put messages in this narrow band it's like sending a message directly to your subconscious. You with me so far?"

"Shit. That sounds kind of... scary. Does it really work?"

"Well, yes, but there's a big caveat. It only works over a very prolonged time. Massive repetition is the key. Some people have actually tried to market Silent Sound, and it doesn't work. For instance, they made a tape of Muzak to give to stores that repeatedly broadcasts the message: 'Don't shoplift, don't steal.' Didn't work. Why? 'Cos someone walks into the store, wanders around for fifteen minutes and walks back out again. Hearing that message a couple of times isn't going to suddenly cause someone to give up their shoplifting ways. But if you could play that Muzak in their bedroom twelve hours a day, every single day, you bet that eventually the message sinks in. They effectively become brainwashed through the sheer repetition. And they have no defense against it because they don't even know it's happening."

"So this is what you do with your research."

"Yes, this is what I do. I try to focus on positive projects, like helping drug addicts kick their habits, and helping reform criminals, but the technique is just too powerful. Too tempting. Some people naturally want to put it to use for less noble ends. Like the CIA. I can't tell you what they're doing with it, but I'm afraid it falls into the 'scary' category you mentioned earlier. Now that I've gotten an inkling of what they do, I'm going to stop working with them when this grant I'm on runs out. But at the same time, I can't really be the first one to throw stones because I've gone pretty hog wild with it for my own selfish ends as well."

"Like what you've done to Clarissa and Stacy."

"Yes. Actually, that's just kind of the tip of the iceberg. You know the saying 'power corrupts.' I hope you won't hate me, but I need to come clean. You see, over a year ago, when I started teaching and coaching the cheerleading squad, I decided the squad was inadequate for my needs. They were just your generic bunch of cheerleaders. Attractive, yes, but not the very cream of the crop. In my high school at least, just about every single girl wanted to be a cheerleader. It was the absolute pinnacle of the social structure for girls. But in college, there are a thousand different distractions and cliques. Cheerleading kind of has a stigma of being un-PC and it's also considered more of a high school thing. I wanted the best. Girls like Clarissa and Stacy. Girls that every single man - and woman - would drool over."

I nodded.

"So... I started my recruitment program. The great thing about Silent Sound is that you can put it anywhere and no one knows. You don't even need to mask it with music, though that helps since someone might get too curious if they find a cassette or CD just playing silence. I thought of all the places where the sexiest new college girls spend time and put Silent Sound messages there. Aerobics classes. The female gym and lockers and showers. Study halls. Cafes. You name it, I found ways to get my message out. And the message basically said, 'If you think you're a beautiful girl and sexually submissive, come sign up to be a cheerleader.' And that was it. At the same time, I put other messages on there like 'study harder' and 'stay fit' to ease my conscience. I've been keeping track and the people who were exposed to many, many hours of my messages have seen their grades go up, their weight come down, and much more. But that's beside the point."

She went on, "That was phase one of my plan. That lasted a couple of months. I'd put up a huge sign in a well-trafficked place advertising for cheerleader sign-ups, year round. There was a predictable flood of admissions. Hundreds of 'em, already self-selected to be the most beautiful students with certain tendencies. Then I started to cull them down. I only picked the perfect tens, the jaw-dropping stunners. You should see this year's cheerleading team. You won't believe it. I actually had to pick a few relatively normal looking ones just so there wouldn't be too many questions raised. I had other criteria too, like bisexuality, sensual sensitivity, and so on."

Jane continued, "Then I used another subliminal suggestion to convince all my top candidates to put 'white noise' machines in their dorm rooms, supposedly to help keep down the noise to help them study. But those also piped messages into their brains nearly 24 hours a day. And then for the candidates I selected to be on the next year's team, there's been no end of 'training tapes' they've been listening to for months and months now with personalized subliminal messages. For each of the eight girls currently on the squad, I've molded their minds in different ways."

I sat back, stunned. "Wow, honey. ... That's amazing. Diabolical, actually. I had no idea!"

"You're not mad at me? The way I figure, we could have soooo much fun with them. What's happened tonight is only the beginning. I don't mind if you have sex with Stacy or Clarissa or the rest, just so long as you don't have any less sex with ME. I figure that I'm beautiful enough that you're not going to fall out of love with me for one of them. Plus, let's face it, they're all emotionally and intellectually immature. But there's a scientifically-proven trait in men that causes them to have more sex when they have a chance with multiple partners. So I think we can have our cake and eat it too. You and I can still have all our usual fun, and you can turn the whole team into a bunch of submissive sluts too!"

"Whoa. That's pretty... messed up."

Jane looked down at my lap.

I hadn't bothered to change yet, so I was still dressed in just my socks and dress shirt. My erection was back at full mast, thanks to the things she'd just said and all the incredible sexual possibilities her plans offered. She may have been the creator, but it seemed like her schemes were designed mainly for my benefit!

She smirked. "I don't think 'messed up' is the word you're looking for. How about, 'That's a great idea, my brilliant wife?'"

"Well, I admit, it is pretty brilliant, in a twisted kind of way... But it's just so much to absorb. ... Wait. Don't tell me you used this Silent Sound on me?! Have you? Come on, total honesty here."

"Oh shit. I was hoping you wouldn't ask that. Yes, I did, but that was when I was back in grad school. You were one of my first guinea pigs. But I swear to God I haven't done it to you since we got married! Really! That just wouldn't be fair. I've made a vow to never do that to you, ever!"

"But you did it already. ... God, I didn't feel a thing. I didn't have the slightest clue. I don't have any memories about... That's amazing! How did you change me?"

"Oh, just some general things. I strengthened your work ethic, your desire to stay fit, ramped up your sex drive and skills, general things like that."

"'General things like that'?! What does that mean? I'm a product of this Silent Sound?!"

"No. It can't completely change a person. Its effects are limited. You can't turn a criminal into a saint, for instance. You can tweak. If you have a criminal who's basically a good person who made some bad mistakes and wants to go straight, this can help. You were basically a great guy to begin with or I never would have been interested in you in the first place. I just made you a slightly even greater guy. Note that in my cheerleader culling I only started with the ones that were submissive to begin with. I did a lot of weeding out like that. I'm giving these girls what they already want; I'm just making it easier. For instance, someone who wants to study hard but keeps backsliding. Silent Sound is literally a little voice in your head encouraging you to do better and keep studying."

I pointed out, "Oooorrrr... it could be a little voice in your head telling an innocent virgin that she'd love to suck cocks."

Jane grinned. "Yeah, there is that. But like I said, it can't grow a forest in the desert. If she'd not inclined that way in the first place, it won't work. You can't turn someone straight into being bisexual for instance, but if they have a latent bisexual leaning, you can discover that and bring it to the surface."

"Which you did with Clarissa, I suspect."

"And Stacy. And Katrina. And Jody. Heck, just about the entire cheerleading squad is bisexual without knowing it yet. You'd be amazed how many women have a bisexual leaning just waiting to be uncovered. You and I can have a lot of fun turning them on! The sky's the limit. The only real limit is how many girls you can handle. That's why I was suggesting for Clarissa to be your first slut. I wasn't sure if you could handle both her and Stacy right off the bat."

"And why do you assume I'd want a submissive slut or two?"

She laughed. "You ARE male, are you not? Then that's a given. Don't worry, I won't be jealous. As much fun as you were having with them tonight, I was having just as much. No, more! You're forgetting my fetish. Seeing them submit to you turns ME on more than you can possibly imagine."

"And do you want to have sex with them too?"

"I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I haven't been with a girl in years, since long before I met you, and I don't miss it. Mainly I just really like to mess with their minds and turn them all into submissive sluts worshipping my husband's cock. Is that such a bad goal for your wife to have?" She laughed.

I laughed too. "This is so horribly unethical. I should be appalled."

"Outraged," she suggested.

"Mortified," I suggested back, grinning.

"Scandalized," she said helpfully, grinning back.

"Yep, all that. But I'm afraid that mostly I'm just extremely horny." I looked down at my erection, which was as hard and full as it had ever been.

I leaned over to her and said, "Let's make love."

We kissed a very long and soulful kiss, but when it was over she said, "That would be lovely, but not right now. You have some sluts to tame. To leave them alone right now would be cruel. Remember what I said before about building a house and then this last CD gave the key to that house?"


"Well, that's very true. Clarissa's sex drive has suddenly been turned on and it needs to be dealt with. I actually stopped the subliminal messaging CD because we don't need it any more. It was going to go on to encourage them to get hot and heavy with each other, but they're doing just fine without it. Any more would be overkill. In fact, I'll bet you that they got tired of waiting for us and are going at it right now."


"Oh yeah! I've manufactured some very... eager... sluts." She spat out those words in an extremely slutty and seductive manner. "In fact I'm realizing I went a little overboard in my excitement to corrupt their innocent little minds. You have no idea just how much cheerleader pussy is about to be thrown your way."

"Uh-oh. Though if I've gotta have a problem, I'll take that one."

We both laughed at that.

But I asked seriously, "Is there any easy way to tone it down?"

"Sure. I've got all kinds of trigger words. Remember 'Weeble-wobble'? You can make Clarissa cum just by saying those words and there are all kinds of other trigger words besides that do other things. For instance, if you want her to give you a blowjob, just say, 'milky banana.' That won't actually cause her to drop to her knees in front of you though; it'll just increase her desire to do so. If you keep saying it, eventually she'll rip your pants off in her eagerness." She looked into my lap. "Assuming you wear pants."

"Whoa. Cool. But I thought you said all you could do with this Silent Sound is fine tune. This sounds like much more."

"I'm afraid you've got me there, again. Once I picked out my favorites - all gullible first years, by the way - and I soon had them obeying me unquestioningly, it was easy to use other techniques on them such as hypnosis. And you'd be amazed how effective simple Pavlovian association can work. I've been doing all kinds of naughty things, especially teaching them to respond to certain triggers if spoken by me or my husband. The more you explore their minds and bodies, the more yummy surprises you'll find inside."

For the first time all evening, I suspected she was lying to me, or at least not being completely honest. I suspected that maybe she was using some of the advanced techniques that she learned while working with the CIA, perhaps in addition to the techniques she'd been describing. But I doubted she could tell me the really classified stuff. So I just said, "Hmmm. You've certainly opened a Pandora's Box with that answer. Jesus!"

She grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Remember, don't ask too many questions. Just enjoy the ride. Or should I say: the many, many rides." She leered and winked.

"Can you at least tell me why you use such strange phrases, like 'Weeble-wobble'? How am I supposed to work that into a conversation?"

"You don't want someone to stumble across them by accident. Even though I keep using the phrase 'me and my husband' when programming these words, the words themselves can eventually become arousing on their own, no matter who says them. For the same reason, each girl has different triggers. Stacy's blowjob trigger is 'creamy banana,' for instance. Otherwise, imagine if you visited one of our cheerleading practices and began lecturing to the group about milky bananas. Can you just picture all eight of the hottest young soon-to-be sluts in the entire university dropping to their knees at the same time and begging to lick your cock? That could cause some problems! Only so many can share your dick at once!" She laughed.

My eyes went wide as I pictured that very scene. I admitted, "I'm afraid you've fully corrupted me. As you knew you would. Who could resist such temptation? Speaking of which, shall we go see what they're doing?"

"Ha ha! I knew it! I'm so glad you're okay with all this. Okay, let's go see."

"What can I say? I'm disappointed in myself for throwing my moral principles out the window, but after what happened with Clarissa and Stacy, I don't think any man could resist."

My wife's smile turned into a wolfish grin. "No, that's what I was counting on, honey. But don't worry, I've got it all planned out. The very idea that you'll be regretting this is laughable. You'll see."


But as I stood up I felt my erection bouncing around and was reminded of the state of my clothes. I didn't want to wear my sweaty dress shirt anymore, that's for sure. I suggested, "Since this is our bedroom, why don't we change first? Heck, let's take a shower."

Jane was already stepping out of her dark blue gown as I spoke. Soon both she and I were nude. She turned to me and said, "Let's shower later. We're not too bad. Besides, both of them have been programmed to respond to your pheromones, so the more odor you give off the better. Within limits, of course. Plus, if you and I start showering together, there's no telling where that fun will end, but we'll probably forget all about the girls for a long time and I'm dying to find out what they're up to."

"Pheromones, too? Damn! This is craziness. You're positively diabolical, do you know what? Your poor girls have no chance to resist."

She grinned widely again as she slipped a bathrobe on and handed me my robe. "I know. But what's fun is that they don't know that. And we can scale up and down their resistance with more trigger words. You could even take Clarissa's virginity tonight and have her act like a complete virgin tomorrow night as well."

As I pulled my socks off I asked, "And you're SURE that that doesn't bother you, me having sex with Clarissa? Or Stacy? And you REALLY don't want any quid pro quo from that in the form of sex with other men?"

"I'm sure, and heavens no! If you give Clarissa a good poking tonight, I'm going to be right there holding your hand and cheering you on all the way. Call it living vicariously, but the mere idea of you pounding her hard and breaking that hymen of hers makes me so horny that I can hardly see straight. It would be like watching you take my virginity, which you sadly were too late to do. As for other men, I want to reiterate that I'm not interested in that in the slightest, but when it comes to other women, so far I mostly just like to watch and manipulate, molding their impressionable young minds to be perfect nymphos for you to take advantage of. But who knows? It just may have to be our horrible fate in life to despoil the whole cheerleading squad together."

I joked, "Gosh, that sounds terrible." I finished putting my robe on and walked to the door. "And to think I had no clue at all about this side of you."

She walked next to me. "You just thought it was pure coincidence that I 'fell' into researching subliminal messaging? Let me tell you a secret. I haven't met a fellow mind control researcher who doesn't have some kind of personal axe to grind, some secret mind control fantasy to fulfill. I guess we're all just a bunch of mad perverts playing at being professors. My fantasy is teasing them with mind games much more than getting physical, so please let me lead, okay? You'll get your fun in the end, believe me. Shall we?"

She opened the door for me and we walked out into the hallway together.

I rounded the corner and looked into the living room, fully expecting to see Stacy and Clarissa locked in some Sapphic sixty-nine. But to my surprise, there was nothing of the sort. The two girls were both wrapped in large towels after obviously taking showers. Their hair was still a bit wet, which was especially noticeable on Stacy as her wild curly red mane looked a lot less wild. They were quietly talking to each other.

As Jane and I walked into the room and made our presence known, both of them stood up.

Clarissa was the first to speak and her face grew red with embarrassment as she did so. Even with the towel on, she was using her hands and arms to cover up her privates, as if she was still naked. "Dr. Stevens and Mr. Stevens, I really have to apologize. I'm so terribly sorry about what happened earlier. I don't know what came over me! Maybe it was something I ate or something, but I kind of temporarily lost my mind. Really, that wasn't the real me."

Jane looked at me and winked.

Clarissa didn't see it because her head was bowed down in shame, but Stacy did and she smiled in understanding. Stacy obviously knew that Clarissa wouldn't be feeling that way for long.

Jane said, "That's alright, Clarissa. No harm done. What about you, Stacy? Are you also regretful over your terribly slutty behavior?"

Thanks to the wink and Jane's knowing smirk, Stacy realized that some game was afoot and decided to play along. "Um, sure. I'm really sorry Dr. S., for, uh, taking off all my clothes and giving Clarissa my sopping panties for her to wear. And, uh, Mr. Stevens, I'm awfully sorry for licking and sucking on your big erection and guzzling down all your delicious cum. Can you ever forgive me?" She winked at me.

"Um, sure," I said. I was still confused about what was happening but I figured Jane had her ideas. I was fully erect again just from watching these two busty teens wearing nothing but towels. I rapidly sat down to hide my very turgid erection since it could poke through the front of my robe if I wasn't careful.

The others all sat down except for Clarissa who said, "I really should be going before I make a bigger fool of myself. The only problem is, all my clothes are a mess. Dr. S., could I please ask you to wash them and dry them? And then I'll be going, the instant they're done."

"Oh, me too!" Stacy chimed in. "My stuff is all gross."

Of course, Stacy didn't really have clothes in the first place, except for her overcoat and sexy undies, but apparently Clarissa was too frazzled to notice that.

Jane smiled like a predatory cat, pleased to see that she had Clarissa trapped here for at least another hour. "Certainly. I'll get that going right away. And while I'm at it I'll put some music on and get everyone some drinks. Is apple juice good?"

She soon left with the clothes that needed to be washed.

Clarissa started to sit back down on the couch.

But Stacy looked at me with a mischievous smile and then looked knowingly at the big white towel wrapped around Clarissa.

I gave her a slight nod of approval.

As Clarissa sat down, Stacy surreptitiously yanked on a corner of the towel nearest to her, causing the whole towel to fall free.

Clarissa shrieked and tried her best to cover up her charms, but there was too much to cover and not enough hand to cover with. She squealed, "What a nightmare!" Stacy had been so subtle with her tug that Clarissa had no clue of the trickery afoot.

Happily, the towel had fallen all the way to the floor and wound up out of reach under the coffee table in front of the two of them. Clarissa was torn between keeping her hands over her pussy and breasts and reaching for the towel, but to do the later would require her to get up, bend over, and completely expose herself in the process, and she seemed too shy to do that. On the other hand, the shame of sitting there in the nude was eating her alive.

The thought suddenly occurred to her that she could get help. She looked at Stacy sitting next to her and said, "Stacy! Please! Could you reach for my towel?"

Stacy looked like she was just about to do so, but then she said, "I'd help, I really would, but after seeing how easily that towel fell off you, I'm afraid to bend over for fear of having mine fall off too."

"Stacy, please!" Clarissa begged.

It actually wasn't an unreasonable fear. Stacy's towel was held up by just one tucked corner and I couldn't see how she could bend over without it coming loose.

She said, "Sorry. Look how it's barely clinging to my chest. Maybe you should ask Rod for help."

Clarissa turned to me and beseeched, "Mr. Stevens! Could you please, please, PLEASE help me with the towel?"

I was at a bit of a loss over what to do. I wanted for her to keep the towel off, but I couldn't think of any good excuse not to be a gentleman and help her put the towel back on.

At that moment Jane walked in holding two glasses of apple juice. She looked at Clarissa with surprise as she crossed the room. "Oh dear! What happened to you?" She quickly reached the coffee table in front of the couch where Stacy and Clarissa sat and slammed the glasses of apple juice down with surprising force. In so doing, quite a good deal of the juice spilled out of the glasses and all over the coffee table top.

Acting like a flustered maid, Jane again acted surprised about the spill though I knew enough to guess that it was staged. "Oh dear! What a mess!" She picked up the towel that had fallen off Clarissa.

Clarissa sighed with relief and crossed her legs to cover her pussy so she could reach out and take the towel from Jane. But to her horror, Jane seemed oblivious to her need to cover up and used the towel instead to wipe up the apple juice spill.

Clarissa looked like she was ready to cry as she saw the towel soak up the spill. She went back to covering her privates with both hands, or at least tried to. Even with an arm across her chest, ample amounts of tit flesh overflowed above and below it. And while she covered her pussy and bush fairly well, there was nothing she could do about her bare hips and ass. She pleaded, "Dr. Stevens! That was my towel! What am I going to wear now?"

Jane looked down at the towel. "Well, you certainly can't wear this. It's a mess. I'm going to have to throw it into the wash with the other clothes. And that was the last clean big towel as well. But don't worry, I'll look around and see what else I can find for you."

"THANK you! What rotten luck. Please find something else! Hurry!"

Jane wandered off with the towel in no particular hurry at all.

I could see her smirking with glee as she walked past me.

With Jane gone, I wondered what would happen next. After all, she was the one who was directing things most of the time. I remembered my wife said that the music playing would inspire Stacy and Clarissa to get it on with each other. The CD had been turned off for quite a while, but it was still the same CD that had just resumed so presumably the two girls would begin to have those urges again. The problem was, I didn't know how long that would take.

My eyes fixed on the two glasses of apple juice that were still sitting on the coffee table in front of Stacy and Clarissa. Despite the spill, both of them were still over half full. I nodded to the glasses, and said, "Drink up."

Clarissa looked down at her naked body and then up at me. "But Mr. Stevens! Do I have to?"

"My wife went to all the trouble of making the drinks for you. You don't want to be a rude guest, do you?"

"Well, no, but..." She reluctantly brought her arm away from her big breasts and took the glass in her hand. To my great delight, she couldn't hold the glass and keep her privates covered at the same time. She elected to keep a hand over her pussy but her tits bounced wildly as she moved her arms about.

Just then, Jane came back into the room.

I suspected that she hadn't gone very far at all as she probably wanted to hear what was happening. I strongly doubted she'd bothered to look for any clothes either.

The only things she had in her hand were two glasses of wine. She kept one and handed the other to me.

Clarissa was aghast. "Dr. Stevens! Didn't you find some clothes for me to wear?!"

My wife said, "Sorry. I looked all over but nothing would fit. You're a couple of sizes bigger than I am. And like I said, we're all out of towels."

Clarissa looked down at her nakedness and mumbled, "But surely you have something?! One of Mr. Stevens' shirts, maybe?"

Jane frowned. "With that chest of yours? Look how huge your breasts are and then look at mine. I'll admit that I'm pretty well endowed, but you're a wonder of nature. Honey, don't you think Clarissa's breasts are absolutely huge?"

"Yes, dear. I don't think I'd even be able to fit them in my hands." This was my kind of conversation, and I loved watching how much my comment about fitting them into my hands caused her to squirm. However, we could only milk the topic for so long.

We needed a distraction to cause her to give up hope of finding any clothes, because actually she'd be able to fit into some of my things fairly well. Plus, it had occurred to me that she could wear Stacy's overcoat and I was crossing my fingers hoping that wouldn't also occur to her. Seeing the glass of wine in front of me, I had an inspiration. I stood up in my robe and held my glass up. "I propose a toast."

Immediately, Stacy and Jane stood up and held their glasses in front of them as well.

We all looked at Clarissa and she reluctantly got up with her glass of apple juice in her hand. But she still kept her other hand over her pussy.

Obviously, she was deeply ashamed at being the only buck naked person in the room. But just as obviously, the idea aroused her greatly. Her face was flushed and her big tits were rising and falling as she took deep, heavy breaths in a losing battle to control the rising tide of her arousal.

Jane barked at her, "Clarissa, what are you covering up like that for? Are you hiding anything that we haven't all seen and felt before? Think about it: I've played with your clit, Stacy's dug her fingers deep into your slit over and over, and my husband here has spent many long minutes finger-fucking your tight little honeypot. So what's the point of hiding it?"

"But Dr.-"

"Take your hands off it this minute so my husband can lead the toast!"

"Yes, Coach." Defeated, Clarissa dropped her hand to her side. But immediately her hips started to shake back and forth. The fact that all of us, even Stacy standing by her side, were staring wantonly at Clarissa's pussy was causing her body to react on its own and she was helpless to stop it.

There was a look of fear in her eyes and I was fairly certain she was thinking something like, "Oh no, it's happening again!"

Then Stacy spoke. "Dr. S.? If you don't mind, can I make a toast first?"

"Please. Go ahead."

"I just want to say thanks so much for having me here. You've been great hosts and I just want to express my, well, my thanks. It's really cool that you both have treated us like equals even though Clarissa keeps taking all her clothes off and letting everyone finger her hot and needy slit. I especially want to thank Rod for having me and I hope he'll have me some more later on, maybe right here on this couch." She winked in my direction. "And what a great name: Rod. It just fits so well, what with your big rod and all. And speaking of having your rod fit so well, while you two were gone earlier Clarissa confessed to me that she wants you to take your virginity. Isn't that neat?"

Clarissa just about turned purple with shame upon hearing that. "I did NOT!"

Stacy laughed. "Oh, come on, who are you trying to kid? Look at you. You're standing naked and your nipples are so erect they could poke out an eye. And everyone can see all that pussy juice gushing down your thighs. You're flowing like a river again. You know what that's for, don't you? That's lubrication to make big cocks slide in easily. Big cocks like Rod's big cock!"

Clarissa's head whipped around and her eyes fixed on the bulge in my robe. Her panting visibly increased in intensity.

Jane pretended to be the sensible one. "Stacy, now, now, that's quite enough. Clarissa, is it true? Did you confess to Stacy that you want my husband's big dick to impale your helpless and tight virgin pussy? I'm your coach; you know you can't lie to me. I can tell when you're lying."

Clarissa looked around the room as if searching for some kind of escape hatch that would allow her to flee this embarrassing scene. Finally, she turned to Stacy and said angrily, "How could you?! I thought you were my friend! I told you that in confidence!"

"Hey, you didn't say anything about keeping it a secret," Stacy shot back.

"But I assumed-"

I cut in, "Girls, girls, save that for later. Do I get to make my toast, or not?"

Everyone quieted down and raised their glasses again.

Clarissa was still panting and ashamed. She'd brought her hand back to cover her pussy.

I was about to speak my toast when Jane said, "Clarissa, what part didn't you understand when I told you to keep your hand off your pussy? Is your slutty slit that needy that you can't even stop fingering yourself for five minutes if someone else isn't doing it for you?"

"No, that's not it, but-"

"Silence! Since you can't keep your hands off yourself, I'm ordering you to keep them behind your back at all times, with your fingers threaded together. If you can't do that simple task, then we'll have to use the scarf again, or maybe even handcuffs."

"No! I'll be good!" Clarissa brought her hands behind her back and interlocked the fingers of her hands just as she had been told to do. The position naturally caused her tits to thrust forward somewhat.

It was obvious that doing this made her even more aroused, because her whole body was in motion now. She kept fidgeting her feet back and forth and shifting her weight, which caused her incredible orbs to constantly wobble about.

The way Clarissa's long and muscular legs kept moving caused Jane to look down and notice that she wasn't wearing any shoes. She used her commanding voice to again bark, "Clarissa, I will not have you running around this house barefoot like a common tramp! You're not a tramp, you're a slut, and sluts wear high heels. Where are the heels I gave you?"

Clarissa just stared at her feet, looking abashed.

Jane turned to me briefly, "Sorry, honey, to delay your toast yet again, but this will only take a minute."

She turned back to the two girls. "Stacy, since Clarissa seems unable to control her hands and keeps fingering herself as she dreams of my well-endowed husband stuffing her teenage twat with his enormously thick cock, can you put her heels back on her?" She couldn't stop smirking at her deliberately loaded language.

Stacy also snickered at the same thing. "It would be my pleasure."

Everyone watched Stacy, \wearing nothing but a tightly wrapped towel, as she walked to the front door of the house where the heels now were. As a matter of fact, there were a number of pairs of shoes there as everyone in the room was barefoot.

Clarissa was so flustered and aroused that it didn't occur to her to ask why only she was a "tramp" for being barefoot, since everyone else was barefoot too. She also didn't stop to think why she so desperately wanted to be a "slut" instead of a "tramp."

While Stacy was busy, Jane asked Clarissa, "So, tell me about this confession of yours. You want my husband to skewer your hot box with his huge pole, is that right? Do you plan to make a habit out of spreading your legs for married men?"

"No! Just Rod!' She blushed and turned away again as she realized what she had just said. "Um, what I mean is, I probably have a fever or something and it's just crazy talk. Yeah, that must be it, some kind of fever! Besides, I'm saving my purity until I get married."

Jane's smirk grew as she asked, "Are you planning on getting married within the next hour?"

"No, of course not. What's that supposed to mean?" She couldn't think at all. Thoughts of sex were rising within her and overwhelming her, suffocating her like the thick air inside a hot sauna.

We all watched as Stacy put her pair of white heels back on and then went to Clarissa and put her black heels on as well. Up until then, Stacy's towel had held up surprisingly well. I figured this was because Stacy realized that Clarissa's shame would be greatly magnified if she was the only one naked.

But whether on purpose or not, all the bending over Stacy did to reach her feet and Clarissa's feet caused her towel to fall away several times. Stacy carefully put the towel back on each time.

Meanwhile, Clarissa was getting increasingly antsy, bouncing about in place.

As we continued to watch Stacy work, Jane commented distractedly, "So you're saying my husband's not good enough to take your virginity."

Clarissa protested, "Noooo! I didn't mean it like that! It's just that my parents taught me that a wanton woman who just gives it away-"

Jane frowned, "So you're saying I'm a wanton woman?"

"No, of course not!"

"You confessed to Stacy that you want my husband to be your first. Does that mean you're planning on marrying him? Are you hoping to steal him away from me with your giant tits and cocksucking lips?"

"NO! I don't know what I meant when I confessed that. I was just... God, why is everything I'm saying coming out all wrong?"

Stacy was finally finishing with Clarissa's feet. By the time she was done with all the heels, she decided that her own towel was more trouble than it was worth, so just left it on the floor as she stood back up for the toast.

I gawked at the two busty teens wearing nothing but high heels. Stacy stood proudly with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust out, as she had earlier, her tits jutting up and out to an almost absurd degree. Whereas Clarissa had resorted to slumping in shame with her head down and her arms at her sides, hoping not to be noticed. I figured we'd fix that soon.

I cleared my throat and raised my glass. "Finally, a toast to-" But I stopped, because Clarissa was mumbling something to Stacy. I asked testily, "Clarissa, is there some reason you're interrupting me?"

"No, I'm sorry, it's just that since Stacy's not using her towel anymore, I was asking her if I could-"

I pretended to be indignant. "Excuse me! I thought I was the one talking here. Clarissa, are you asking for another spanking? Is that what you want?"

"No, sir, it's just that-"

"Silence! Do you want me to lay your sexy body across my lap and spank your ass and rub your boiling hot cunt? Would your slutty body be sated if I groped your big tits while your helpless body lies in front of me, ready to be punished and penetrated?"

Clarissa found herself squirming and rubbing her thighs together so rapidly that she was in danger of starting a fire. The conflict was obvious on her face because it appeared that a big part of her did want me to do exactly that.

I turned to Jane and tut-tutted. "Haven't you taught these cheerleaders any manners? Clarissa keeps going on about something or other with no respect for her superiors."

Jane was all smiles. I gathered that she was quite pleased how I'd taken to teasing Clarissa, like a duck to water.

Jane said to me, "Sadly, you're right. Naughty sluts like Clarissa, they just don't know how to behave. She's not even in proper position with her hands behind her back. What a troublemaker."

Then she said commandingly, "Clarissa, I want you to reach down and grab your ankles with both hands, if you know what's good for you. Keep your legs perfectly straight. Maybe that'll keep you out of trouble for a while."

Again, Clarissa looked like she wanted to cry. But she bent over and grabbed her ankles as she was told. Following orders still made her hot and still caused her to visibly shiver with excitement. Since she was facing Jane and me, the way her heavy breasts swelled as they drooped forward and ballooned out was truly impressive. I envied Stacy for the view of Clarissa's bare ass that only she was in position to see.

"Like this?" the horny blonde asked as she held onto her ankles.

Jane barked, "Did I say you could talk? Don't say a word unless you are asked a question. Do you think you can understand that simple command?"

Wisely, Clarissa just nodded her head this time.

Stacy shuffled to the side a bit so she stood almost directly behind Clarissa. She immediately began running her hands over Clarissa's lovely bare bubble butt.

Clarissa's eyes opened wide in shock at the touch and it was obvious that she wanted to protest, but then she remembered that she had just been ordered not to talk. She chose to ignore what Stacy was doing in the hopes that it would stop before too long without somehow getting her into even more trouble.

I assumed that Clarissa believed that Stacy was hiding what she was doing from Jane and me, but in fact Stacy was doing just the opposite. There was no end of smirks and winks and hand gestures coming from a very amused Stacy as she used both hands to explore both Clarissa's ass cheeks and her pussy.


Just then, the long classical piece that had been playing on the stereo came to an end.

Jane walked over to the CD player and turned off the music. She came back to me and whispered in my ear, "The next song is the one that's supposed to get both of them absolutely crazy about lesbian sex, if the last song didn't do enough. I don't think they need any more priming and I figure we don't want the music to get too far ahead of us. Actually, I have to admire Clarissa's self-control. Right now she must be absolutely going out of her mind with the desire to have sex with Stacy. She's trying so very hard not to be a slut again, but just look at her!"

I certainly had no trouble doing just that. From where I stood, I could easily see that Stacy was really going to town on Clarissa's pussy. One could tell from her arm motions that she had to have her fingers plowing in and out once more. Between Clarissa's high heels and her obscenely bent over position, the only way Clarissa could keep from falling over was to spread her legs quite wide, no doubt using her cheerleader dexterity to do so. But that just opened up her nether regions even more for Stacy's tactile exploration, of which Stacy was taking full advantage.

Again, my thoughts returned to my toast, if only because it was something I'd said I was going to do. There were so many lovely distractions that I'd forgotten what I was going to say; I was just winging it now. I said, "Let's get back to the toast, shall we? Clarissa, you naughty slut, you can hardly join a toast when you're flaunting your naked body like that in such a shameless pose. Stacy, help her stand up but keep her legs spread really wide like that. Wider, in fact. Then put her hands on her head so her sinful fingers won't get into any more trouble."

Soon, Clarissa was standing as if she were about to break into a cheerleader split at any moment. I have to admit that manipulating her like this was really starting to get to me. My robe had been slowly opening until finally my erection was poking straight through the front of it. YY02

So when Clarissa stood back up, she looked to me, then looked to my crotch and saw my hardness waving in the air. She gasped.

I said, "Clarissa, what are you so shocked about? How can I not get aroused with the way you keep slutting up the place? I never met a girl who has so much trouble keeping her clothes on. Your giant boobs are more than a little distracting, especially with the way you keep them jiggling all the time. How big are they, anyway? An E cup? An F? No, don't answer. If I'm going to make this toast, I need to concentrate. Stacy, please reach around Clarissa and hold her breasts still for a minute so I can think without all that distracting bouncing, would you? Thanks."

Stacy could hardly stop from laughing as she reached around on either side of Clarissa's torso and cupped the blonde bombshell's perfect orbs with both hands. Predictably, within seconds Stacy's fingers were manipulating Clarissa's nipples. Far from keeping them still, Stacy made a point to move them about even more, repeatedly raising them and letting them drop and jiggle. YY03

One could see from the way Clarissa bit her lip and stifled the urge to cry out that she was on the verge of a great climax.

At the same time, Stacy scooted up and plastered her naked body all over Clarissa's back side. I couldn't see it, but I was sure her hard nipples were burning holes into Clarissa's skin.

Jane leaned over and whispered to me, "I should remind you that Clarissa can only climax when you or I give her the right word. You remember what that is, don't you?"

"I do."

"Good. You might want to have mercy on her soon."

I nodded. Then I spoke commandingly, "For the last time, I'm going to give a toast if it kills me. Jane, since Stacy's and Clarissa's hands are occupied, it looks like it's just up to you and me." We raised our glasses and clinked them together. "To our two lovely new submissive sluts, Stacy and Clarissa. And to my wonderful wife, for giving them to me as a birthday present. I have to say this is the best birthday ever, hands down, no question! Cheers!"

Jane and I clinked our glasses together again, and then we each downed what was left of the wine in them.

Stacy looked like she wanted to jump up and down, but refrained from doing so because of her high heels. Still, she silently pumped her first into the air. She'd caught the implication that I had accepted her as a slut along with Clarissa, and she couldn't have been any happier about it.

I smiled and winked in her direction.

I decided that while it was a lot more fun teasing Clarissa, when it came to sex, both of them would probably be absolutely fantastic. I wanted to pump my fists in the air along with Stacy.

Clarissa was standing mostly still, aside from her usual sexy undulating and writhing. But the look on her face showed that she was ready to burst, so I said to her, "You may speak, slut."

She exhaled loudly. "Sir! I'm not a slut. Really, I'm not! I've never even kissed a boy! I don't know how I keep finding myself in these situations, but I'm sure it must just be some kind of mistake!"

I walked across the room until I stood right in front of her but on the other side of the coffee table. My erection wobbled wildly all the way. I said, "Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"Of course not! That would be wrong!" Her eyes couldn't tear themselves away from the sight of my turgid hard-on which was almost within arm's reach.

I loved how she looked with her hands on her head; there was something incredibly alluring about how her shapely arms flowed into her torso. Armpits can actually be very sexy. So it slightly pained me to say, "Then you have my permission to take your hands off your head and kiss Stacy."

Stacy stepped around from behind Clarissa, but as soon as she did that Clarissa practically attacked her. Their arms wrapped around each other and soon they were kissing and fondling each other all other. This was no mere kiss on the cheek; this was a passionate soul kiss. So much for "That would be wrong."

I looked back at my wife and smiled. She smiled back.

I decided to let the two girls get to know each other better for a while, so I wandered back to my wife. I whispered to her, "Wow, those two seem to be getting well acquainted. Are you sure that was the first time Clarissa's ever kissed anyone before? She's going at it like a pro."

"True," Jane conceded. "That might have something to do with all the nasty fantasies I've been filling her head with for months, lesbian and otherwise."

I whispered as I smiled, "You're so evil."

"True again, but everyone's having fun, aren't they? Shaming Clarissa may seem cruel on the surface, but deep down she's loving it. Believe me, I know. She's like a younger me."

"You were that naïve and submissive at one point? I find that hard to believe."

Jane just nodded.

I thought that if I could only somehow get her back in touch with her submissive side, we could have more fun than we do with our already great sex life. But I kept such thoughts to myself for the time being and whispered to her, "Speaking of submissive sluts, I noticed they both resemble you somewhat. Not in the details certainly, such as the hair, but in a general way they have your same large body frame. And of course they have your lovely big breasts. And a little extra, in Clarissa's case. Is that on purpose?"

Jane commented quietly, "Well, you and I are both attracted to the same kind of woman, a very voluptuous and full-bodied woman. Call me vain, but I like women who look like me, I guess. As I keep telling you, I really get off on imagining myself in their shoes, so I suppose the physical likeness helps with that a lot. Clarissa especially seems like a supersized version of me, no? We even have similar hairstyles. You don't mind, do you? Do you want me to get you some more variety?"

I said back, "By all means, don't change a thing. You know my tastes. I like my two sluts just fine, thank you very much."

Jane laughed, quietly (not that Stacy or Clarissa were paying any attention to us by now, since they had fallen to the couch and were going at each other with an ever increasing passion). She said, "My, my, you sure got into the swing of things fast enough. So you want both of them, eh? I have to say I'm extremely proud of you. You're such a natural at this torturous teasing thing."

I pointed out, "Well, it's stuff I can't really do with you. If I told you to spread your legs and put your hands on your head, you'd just scoff and say, 'In your dreams, buddy.' But with these two, I can act out all my wildest dreams and the consequences be damned. It's so liberating!"

She nodded. "I know. I feel the same way. It's not that I don't want to do those things with you, but we all have our barriers. The things we want to do the most we often are unable to do because of pride. But maybe, after playing with our sluts, we can get inspired to let our hair down in new ways."

"Let's do it! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's go to our bedroom and fuck like minks!"

But Jane frowned. "Not now. Mind you, I'd love to do that and God knows my body needs the release, but we can't just leave our sluts unattended. I'm going to have to teach you Slut Tending 101. For one thing, it would be cruel to leave Clarissa without allowing her an orgasm. Why don't we draw closer to them and get each other off as we watch?"

"Good idea."

Jane and I shucked our robes and walked around the coffee table so we were right in front of the two girls. It was good to see my wife naked; so far the evening hadn't had enough of her in that state. But I have to admit that more of my attention was on the new girls. I just couldn't get enough of the nude redhead and blonde vixens who were making out in front of me.

I reached out, found Clarissa's nearest hand, and pulled it towards me. She let me manipulate it without resistance. I asked, "How are you doing, Clarissa? Stacy?"

They were so into each other and locked in yet another intense French kiss that all I got in response were a couple of positive grunts from each of them.

I pulled Clarissa's hand down to my crotch and then put it on my erection.

She immediately began stroking it. I could only assume that she didn't really know consciously what she was doing, since I'd been told that she'd never touched a penis before, but some kind of primal instinct took over and she stroked it as if she knew what she was doing.

Then I tapped her on the shoulder until she reluctantly broke the kiss and looked my way.

Now that I had her full attention, I said, "So, Clarissa. You still claim that you're not a submissive slut? I just asked you to kiss Stacy, not turn into a total lesbian! And what's your hand doing to me?"

Clarissa looked down at her hand and saw that it was jacking off my hard-on. But her hand didn't stop its pistoning movements over my slick shaft. "Oh Gaawwwd!" she moaned. "This is so wrong!" She looked at Jane. "I'm so sorry, Coach. I don't know what's happened to me: I just can't stop my hand!"

She stared at her hand in horror but also in fascination.

Jane tsk-tsked at her sadly. "Clarissa, I'm afraid the facts speak for themselves. It looks like you're a bisexual husband-stealing slut, aren't you? Aren't you?"

Clarissa might very well have burst into tears, she was so distraught by that, but Stacy's hands were still wandering all over her, keeping her distracted. I envied those hands.

Just then, Stacy asked, "What about me?! Why do you keep ignoring me? I want to be a slut too!"

Jane asked her, "Stacy, are you a submissive slut? Are you willing to devote your body, heart, and soul to my husband, to me, and to the cheerleading squad, in that order?"

Stacy nodded her head vigorously. "Definitely, Dr. S.! Your husband is a total dreamboat! And his giant cock? I can't wait to try it out. In every hole! Gaawwwd! Clarissa, kiss me!"

Stacy was standing pressed against Clarissa, and her body was in easy reach. I found myself staring at her butt cheeks. She wasn't as big-boned as Clarissa, so she didn't have as wide an ass, but it jutted out absurdly just like her tits did. I reached out and began petting it.

Presumably Clarissa was none the wiser, but Stacy moaned in appreciation. And while Clarissa couldn't see her own hand, she continued to use it enthusiastically to jack me off.

While Clarissa and Stacy were lip-locked again, I whispered right into my wife's ear. "What's with all this 'big cock' and 'giant cock' stuff? I mean, I'm proud of my little guy, but at not quite seven inches I don't think it's really worth that kind of hype."

Jane chuckled and whispered back, "Ah, you forget that your wife is a mad professor! In their eyes, your penis is what it is - it doesn't actually look any larger than it really is, but it's all about the perception of reality. In their minds it seems almost impossibly huge. Clarissa really meant it when she said that she couldn't believe she could possibly fit it in her mouth, and I imagine she's stunned that she can wrap her fingers around it. But if they saw another penis of the same length, they would just find it somewhat above average. Heck, they're more in awe of your cock size than of a guy with a nine- or ten-inch cock."

"How did you DO that?"

She was tickled pink at her own cleverness and just teased me with, "I have my secrets."

Meanwhile, Stacy's latest kiss had ended and she was anxiously waiting for some kind of response to her bold offer.

I was having a fun time roaming my hand around her ass crack.

Jane said, "Stacy, that's very good. Come around the coffee table and kneel in front of us like a good slut would. You too, Clarissa."

They disengaged. Clarissa seemed very reluctant to let go of my dick, but her desire to follow orders took precedent so she sadly let go.

We watched them make their way around the coffee table. As they did, we swung our legs over so we were sitting in the opposite direction than before. That gave them a lot of room to kneel on the carpet in front of us.

The two of them did just that. I noticed that they both crowded up next to each other right in front of me, not in front of Jane. Their shoulders and in fact their entire sides pressed into each other as both wanted the spot right in front of me. They also scooted up so close that their knees pressed up against my toes.

I took a moment to gawk at their sweaty, naked bodies, with four big tits all lined up in a row. Both just seemed too physically perfect to be real. They could easily have been porn stars or centerfolds, and highly paid ones at that. But then I remembered my wife's elaborate selection process. These two were undoubtedly the absolutely most stunning women out of the thousands of pretty women at my wife's university, and they were on their knees before me and basically begging to be my slaves. Their pussies were drooling in anticipation, ready to take my shaft deep inside.

At times like this, I really have to admire and love my wife! Viva mind control, as long as it's not mine being controlled.

Clarissa muttered to Stacy, "Can you teach me how to stroke a cock? I so want to please him, but I don't know how!"

"Sure thing. Later," she whispered back.

Jane overheard that and whispered to me, "Clarissa just thinks she doesn't know what she's doing. Jacking you off is all part of their training. In fact, you should have seen our last squad meeting. All eight of them were lovingly stroking tennis racquet handles as I talked, without really knowing what they were doing or why. You should have seen it!"

I groaned, picturing just that.

It occurred to me that both of them were within arm's reach again, so what was I waiting for? I reached out and grasped Clarissa's right breast and Stacy's left one.

They both moaned with satisfaction.

Jane said to them, "Okay you two, don't just sit there like bumps on a log. Assume the position. Sit back on your heels, chest thrust forward and arms behind your back. That's what good sluts do when they're ready to serve their master."

I loved the arousing positions both of them immediately assumed. The only downside of all this repositioning was that no one was touching my needy erection any more. But on the other hand, now was not the time for me to cum too soon.

Jane asked me without bothering to whisper, "Honey, how do you feel about being called 'Master?'"

I replied honestly, "I don't know. Let me think about it. It turns me on, but I don't want to get a big ego."

Jane just nodded and then said officiously, "Stacy, so will you obey my husband and me without question?"

"Of course!"

"In whatever we ask you to do?"

"Yes!" Her chest was heaving even more than Clarissa's now as the whole submission ritual was driving her wild.

My hands were still going from breast to breast when I looked over at Clarissa and saw her about to speak. Apparently she was feeling left out. I preempted whatever it was she wanted to say by sticking three fingers into her mouth. On the downside, that mean less breast fun for me, but on the plus side Clarissa soon started sucking my bunched-up fingers just like a cock and she wasn't able to interrupt us.

Jane continued to ask Stacy questions. "And what about the other girls on the squad?"

"Whatever you say."

"If I ask you to go down on, say, Aika, would you do it? Or what if I tell you and Jasmine to suck my husband's cock together?"

"Whatever you say, Dr. S. I like to be told what to do. And frankly, that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!"

I didn't know any of the cheerleaders except the two that were returning from last year. I wondered who Aika was, or Jasmine for that matter. Their exotic names certainly intrigued me. I had a good feeling I'd be getting to know both of them a whole lot better soon.

"And what about boyfriends?" Jane asked her.

"Boyfriends? HA! Forget it! My body belongs to Rod now, for now and forever! Big Rod!" She giggled as she stared at my erection.

I whispered to Jane so quietly that the others couldn't hear, "'Now and forever'? Isn't that kind of extreme?"

She whispered back, shrugging as if such things were out of her control, "What can you do? I get enthusiastic. We can always change it later."

Jane asked, "Doesn't that seem unfair, that Rod can fuck whomever he wants and you can't?"

Stacy just looked back like she didn't understand the question.

Clarissa also looked confused.

Finally, Stacy said, "But... he's the master." She rolled her eyes with a "Duh!" expression on her face, as if she were being patient with Jane for being slow in not understanding such a basic fact.

Clarissa's mouth was full of my thrusting fingers, but her head nodded emphatically.

I figured this was something else that Jane had programmed into them. Again, I was hardly going to complain.

Stacy added more thoughtfully as she continued to wriggle about excitedly, "You know, it's funny. I gave up on boys my age months ago. I've been longing for an experienced older man, and now I've found him. It's so perfect!"

Jane said, "That's nice, but you'll keep it a complete secret, won't you? Your body belongs to Rod and the squad, but publicly you'll tell everyone that you're just too busy with school to date."

Stacy nodded, and then laughed. "Rod and the squad! How great! I wish I could have a T-shirt that reads: 'My cunt belongs to Rod and the squad.'"

Again I whispered to my wife, "You don't go for half-measures, do you? And this stuff about Stacy not having a boyfriend for months, was that your doing too?"

Jane nodded and whispered back, "I tried to pick virgins for you when possible, but Clarissa was an all too rare find. For the non-virgins, I've tried to 'revirginate' them as much as possible. The whole squad hasn't had sex for six months or more. They're all waiting for your dick, even though most of them don't consciously know it yet."

Now it was my turn to groan, "Oh Gaawwwd! Damn!" My penis was in desperate need for release after hearing all that.

Jane could sense my frustration and said, "Stacy, that's all well and good, but do you know how we seal the deal?"

Stacy thrust her chest even further forward with increasing excitement. "Oh goody! Rod gets to spear my pussy! Am I right?!"

Jane nodded with considerable satisfaction. I gathered this was the culmination of months of planning for her and the start of a whole new way of life for me.

I'd just vacated my fingers from Clarissa's mouth so I could explore her tempting rack some more.

But, able to speak again, Clarissa moaned unhappily. "What about me?"

"What about you?" Jane asked.

"Is Rod going to spear my pussy too?"

"I thought you didn't want to be a slut. Why, earlier, you couldn't even remember his name."

"Can I change my mind? It's just that I need it so bad! I need to belong to Rod! I need to feel his big dick filling me up! I'll admit I'm a slut, a Rod slut. Just look at me! He's playing with my body like he owns it! Hell, he DOES own it! I'll do anything for him!"

I pinched one of her nipples at that moment, causing her to close her eyes and bite her lip in ecstasy.

Jane goaded her, "I thought you just wanted to wait until your clothes were washed and then you'd go home. Isn't that what you told me a while ago?"

"FUCK THAT! I just want to be a slave. A fuck slave! Rod, take me and make me your slut!" Then remembering that Stacy was there, she turned slightly towards her and said, "Or one of them, I mean. Sorry, Stacy."

"No problem," Stacy said back. She thrust out her jutting breasts a little bit more as my eyes, and hands, wandered back to her chest.

I had to stifle a laugh at this demonstration of manners between slut slaves.

Jane whispered to me, but not particularly quietly this time, "Having a good birthday yet?"

I just nodded wildly like my head wasn't connected to the rest of my body. Then I whispered much more carefully and quietly into her ear, "I take it they're on the pill?"

She replied right back into my ear, "Yep. And they're both wearing diaphragms too. But the funny thing is that neither of them know about any of that. They go into a trance when they use birth control and if they look at the bottle at other times they think it's vitamins. They both think it's fairly likely that you'll knock them up soon, but they don't mind. That's how bad they want you."

"Holy shit!" was my only response to that.

Stacy asked, "Holy shit what? What are you two whispering about?"

Jane replied, "We're trying to work things out. It's not every day that two busty sluts offer to be sex slaves for my husband. I'm too nice to say no. But what really worries me is that he's allergic to latex. He can't wear a condom. He's so virile that he might knock both of you up, maybe even tonight."

Both Stacy and Clarissa responded to that with the loudest and most impassioned groans of the night.

Clarissa added to her sexy moans, "Dear God, I AM such a slut! Such a terrible slut! I don't care! Rod, stick it in me! Fill me with your potent seed! Do me first!"

I asked her, "Are you on the pill?"

Clarissa groaned, "No! I'm a good Catholic! I'm a good girl!"

Stacy nudged her shoulder into Clarissa's. "You mean you're a good slut! He's going to plow your fertile fields, isn't he?"

That got to Clarissa so intensely that she toppled over. She began moaning loudly as she mauled her own nipples and writhed around on the carpet.

Jane gave me another shit-eating grin. Then she quietly said to me, "How do you want to do this? Are you up for fucking both of them tonight?"

I nodded while I explored Stacy with both hands. But then I whispered because I was a bit embarrassed, "Yeah, I think I could go all night. I feel like Superman. But the only problem is that I'm on a hair trigger. I want to impress with a good first fuck but if anyone so much as touches my dick, I'm going to blow!"

Jane thought about that. "Hmmm. What to do?" She said in a low voice just for my ears, "I had things so well planned, but I'm basically winging it now." Then she got up.

I watched with great curiosity to see what my nude wife would do next. My penis was throbbing so insistently that I doubted I could even hold back for long, even if there was no tactile contact on it.

To my surprise, she scooted Stacy aside and sat down on her knees just like Stacy, more or less where Clarissa had just been. In fact, Clarissa's legs were just inches away from her ass as Clarissa continued to lie there, so she tapped on the busty blonde until she regained some degree of consciousness.

Clarissa sat up but moaned, "I need to cum. Why can't I cum?! I'm so hot, I'm burning up!"

"Me too!" Stacy chimed in. "I can't seem to cum ever, but I'm so sweaty and HOT! I need to get FUCKED!"

Jane patted a spot on the carpet next to her and said to Clarissa, "Assume the position right next to me, like you were before. We have a little bonding ritual to do and it's going to make you feel a lot better. You too, Stacy."

I looked down at Jane in the middle, with Clarissa on one side and Stacy on the other. They all sat up in a begging position, looking like three little birds in a nest begging the mother bird for food. A vibrant red head, a brunette, and a blonde, all naked in a row, for me, and each of them probably so busty that they need to special order their bras. Wow!

Jane said, "I never imagined this, but what the hell. It feels good. Girls, let's find out how well three tongues can fit on a cock. Oh, and Lincoln Logs and Weeble-wobble."

Their three tongues snaked out and their faces drew near, but only Jane's actually reached my erection. I already knew "Weeble-wobble" was Clarissa's orgasm trigger word, and "Lincoln Logs" was obviously Stacy's trigger word. When the words were spoken, the two of them froze and convulsed on the spot.

But Jane kept coming forward and the next thing I knew I was seeing stars and fireworks. I don't even know if her tongue made it all the way, or if the anticipation got to me just a fraction of a second before, but she quickly pulled back as I started to shoot my cum at her like a machine gun firing wildly, without much aiming. I watched as she closed her eyes to avoid the onslaught. Since I was hitting her from mere inches away, I grabbed the base of my erection to direct the flow elsewhere. That's when I realized that Stacy's face and Clarissa's too were nearly as close as Jane's; they looked like very tempting targets.

Things grew a bit hazy after that. I could actually see stars and fireworks - that was not just an expression - and I had to close my eyes because it was all too intense. But that only made the visual imagery flash on my retinas even more intensely. I was still holding my penis and firing cum steadily, but I had no idea where it was going. I tried to move my dick from side to side, though, hoping to hit all three in the face with that one load.

Take it, sluts! Take it! I yelled in my mind as I painted their faces with my seed.

I felt good. I felt great. I felt like a fucking God, to be honest. It was the highest of highs, and the greatest orgasm I'd ever had. But it was over all too soon, because I blacked out.


When I woke up, my first thought was that I'd just had a very wonderful but completely improbable dream. But then I remembered that my wife did indeed do subliminal messaging research and did coach the college cheerleading team. Also, my penis felt like it had just endured a sex marathon. Could it be that it was all real?!

I opened my eyes and sat up with a sudden jerk. I was eager to find out what was happening.

The first thing I saw was Jane sitting in front of me, wearing a bathrobe. Was that the same robe she wore in my dream? She was sipping some kind of drink, but paused to smile at me.

I looked around frantically but saw no sign of either Stacy or Clarissa. On the other hand, I was lying down in the middle of the living room, propped up on some pillows. That certainly was odd. Furthermore, I noticed that I was naked. That was extremely odd: I'd never woken up naked in my own living room before.

Jane, the good wife that she is, seemed to read my mind. She smiled benevolently and said, "Don't worry. It really happened; that wasn't just a dream."

"Are you serious?!" I sat up some more. "That can't be! I don't even believe it."

"Believe it," she said firmly. "Now do you understand why I research what I do? Somehow, years ago, I saw the potential. And now we're reaping the benefits."

I continued to look around for evidence that I hadn't been dreaming, but everything in the room looked the same as ever except for the way I'd been laid out. "If it's real, then where are Stacy and Clarissa?"

"They're in the guest bedroom, sleeping things off. All those big orgasms can really wipe you out."


"Yes!" She laughed at my continued disbelief that they were really real.

I stood up. My legs were a bit wobbly, but I managed to make my way down the hall. I had to know. I quietly opened the door to the guest bedroom, just in case they were really there.

I muttered, "Shiiiiiiittt... No fuckin' way!"

There they were, Clarissa and Stacy, both still bedraggled and buck naked, curled up together and sleeping happily. And I do literally mean sleeping happily, because there were great big smiles on their faces. Their arms and legs were draped all over each other, tangled together.

I closed the door and staggered back to the living room. I flopped down on the couch. "Shit! That can't be! It's just too..."

I looked at my wife in a whole new light. Again, that wasn't just a saying; I looked at her as if I were seeing her for the first time. She'd been living an entire secret life, a wild mind-controlling-professor life, and I'd never had the slightest clue. That worried me a lot.

I said to her, "If all that really happened, then this changes everything. You've been planning something like this for months. For years! Before we even got married. Before I met you, maybe. And you messed with my mind back then, too! I thought you were my soulmate, but in reality I don't even know you!"

She put her drink down. "Now, hold on. The fact is, everyone has their secret side. For instance, I bet you've got sexual fantasies that you'd never consider telling me or anyone else, even in a million years. Just taking a stab in the dark, your sister Leona is quite a hottie; I'll bet you've had all kinds of forbidden thoughts about her as you were growing up. I'll even bet she's the reason why you're even more into big breasts than most guys, if such a thing is possible." She chuckled.

I replied angrily, "That's not true! That's a lie! I love my sister, but not like THAT! Jesus! What do you take me for?"

She just smiled knowingly. "Oh come on. You know I'm right. I've seen you peeking down her dress. But before you protest any further, really think about what I'm saying. I'm saying that ALL people have sexual secrets that they normally won't share with even their soulmates. If it's not a sister, then it's something else. People are naturally kinky and have all kinds of twisted fantasies that they feel too ashamed to share with anyone else. The difference is that I was so obsessed with my favorite fantasy that I actually spent years of effort to make it actually happen. And in the meantime I fell in love with you, and married you, and so wove you into my fantasy as well. Instead of getting all angry, you should fall on your knees and thank me a thousand times over, 'cos you're just about the luckiest husband in the entire universe. And you know it, don't you? Clarissa and Stacy are just the beginning. Why should we stop there, as long as everyone involved has lots of fun?"

I thought about that. I especially thought about how she had me nailed regarding my secret lust for my sister. I thought I should clear the air on that first. "Okay, I have to admit I've had a fantasy or two about my sister, but who wouldn't with a sister like that? The point is, they were just fantasies which I would never actually act on. And now she's married, in any case, and so am I, so it's a moot point."

Jane just smiled knowingly. All these knowing smiles and smirks were starting to bother me a bit. She said, "True. Though the fact that you're married doesn't matter. Mind you, I'd be as pissed as the next wife if you cheated on me behind my back, but when we do things together, that's completely different. We could even corrupt your sister and program her to be your slave, but you would never want to do that in real life, would you? That's pure fantasy only."

She had me over a barrel. Somehow she knew that I would be sorely tempted, at the very least, if I could make my fantasies a reality. "Okay, I get your point," I conceded. "But can we please stop talking about Leona? It really is a moot point with her because she is married, and that's enough right there to keep the lid on that particular box. But I see what you mean about hiding fantasies, and the temptation to make them real. So where does that leave us?"

Jane replied, "For one, don't be so mad about my secret plans and research. The fact that we're sharing even our most twisted fantasies can bring us closer than we were before, not drive us further apart as you fear. It's not that I'm a stranger that you thought you knew, it's that now you know me even better than before, and you know some of the parts of me that most soulmates would never dare to share."

"Okay," I conceded. "I imagine that in time I'll be able to wrap my head around this, but you have to admit that it's a pretty huge shock. I mean, you could have eased me into all this and gotten my approval before you went all out."

She shook her head. "Un-uh. That would never have worked. I know you; it would have just stressed you out. You would have worried about the moral implications and the fear of getting caught and much more. But now you're tasting the fruits of victory and it tastes so good that you're not going to let those worries and fears bother you. It's called presenting a fait accompli."

"Oh shit. Why'd you have to bring that stuff up? I hadn't even thought about getting caught. What's the worst that could happen?"

"Not much, actually. True, there's a rule against professors sleeping with their students, but it's not really enforced at our university unless the student decides to make a big deal out of it. That kind of stuff happens on the sly all the time. Everyone's legally an adult, so no laws are being broken. Of course, if it came out that you and I were having sex with the entire cheerleading squad, then I'd get fired for sure. But it probably would be hushed up and covered up because the school wants to avoid scandal. And the people who know the true power of mind control don't want the general public to know how well it really works. So we'd probably disappear, move to a different state, and start over again. That would be a setback, true."

She went on, "However, that's not going to happen. For one thing, I've taken certain precautions. Let's just say that certain administrators have been given some minor adjustments - minor, mind you - that predisposes them to look the other way. Plus, we live in a nice house with plenty of privacy and no snooping neighbors. We could have an orgy in our backyard as you fuck the entire cheerleading squad one by one, and no one would care. And you ARE going to do that, by the way."

"I am? All of them? In one day?!"

"Yes. I've done some research and I think you'll be surprised at just how often a penis can get up for more when it is offered different pussies to squirt into. It's not only fun as hell, but deep down you feel a biological imperative to spread your seed. I mean, imagine the whole cheerleading squad bent over in our backyard in a naked row, presenting their asses to you, shaking their booties in desperate fuck-need? What kind of guy couldn't get it up again looking at that, no matter how exhausted he was already?"

"Um, good point." I was a bit distracted imagining that scene.

"We'll find out in the flesh soon enough. There's no reason we can't try that out this weekend! But what's really great is that, as part of my programming my charges, I've built in orders for them not to tell a soul who is not already in the know. Stacy and Clarissa couldn't tell their best friends a single word of what happened tonight, no matter how hard they tried. I don't think the thought would ever occur to them, just as both of them think their birth control pills are vitamins."

I switched topics with that reminder. "Come on. This is not all just Silent Sound and hypnosis and simple Pavlovian tricks, is it? You're digging deeper into their brains than that."

She gave me another enigmatic smile. "I didn't marry a dummy, that's for sure. But I'm afraid that there are some things I just can't tell you. Don't think too much about what I'm doing; just enjoy the tasty end product. What's the point of worrying about things you can do nothing about?"

"That brings us to the ethics," I said.

But Jane replied, "I just have one rule about ethics: are the targets of my manipulations going to be better off? With Stacy and Clarissa, the answer is clearly yes. You have no idea how much time I've put into this. I know their psychologies backwards and forwards. I've picked them not only for their looks, but because their fantasies match mine. I have to admit that I've learned two remarkable things about women in all this research. One, a lot more women than you'd think have some level of bisexual leaning, and two, a lot more women than you'd think have some pretty kinky submissive fantasies. I know I do. So everyone's a winner."

I asked, "But is it always healthy to bring kinky fantasies to life? For instance, mine about my sister? Okay, so I've had some thoughts about her that I'm not too proud of, but that's a rock that's better left unturned."

"If you say so."

"Don't even say that! And would you stop it with the knowing smirks, already? I feel like I'm married to Fu Manchu or something!"

She wiped the grin from her face. "I'm sorry. Really, I am. It's just that I've been having so much fun. You're right that tonight has been the culmination of years of planning and dreaming, and it worked out even better than I'd imagined it could. How can I not be happy? But the fun is just beginning, now that you're on board. There's nothing to worry about. We're not going to get caught unless we're stupid and reckless, and there is no harm bringing these particular fantasies to life. So... Speaking of fun, why don't we go check in on your two slut slaves? I'll bet you that they'll be very happy to see you." She leered lewdly at me, but that I didn't mind.

"Ugh. I'm going to go take a shower first and think this over."

"Suit yourself. I already showered, 'cos I knew you'd be out for a while. I'll still be here, quietly reveling in my triumph."

I was about to walk off, but that stopped me. "That's another thing. Are you SURE you don't mind me having sex with these girls? I know what you said earlier, but I just can't believe it."

She replied, "Time will tell; you'll see that I really don't mind. Again, it's not an invitation to cheat; it's a completely different thing when we do it together."

"But what if something goes wrong? What if, for instance, I fall in love with one of them and leave you?"

"You won't."

"How can you be so sure?"

"For starters, I know you love me as much as I love you. For another, these girls are not your intellectual equals. If it was a group of voluptuous professors, then I might worry. But they're cheerleaders fresh out of high school. I'll bet you were dreading having dinner with Clarissa when she first arrived."

"Okay, yeah, I'll admit I was."

"See? After you have sex with her it's not like you're gonna love talking to her for hours on end about buying clothes and the latest boy bands. But there's also the fact that if you were to leave me, you'd be leaving a never-ending flow of hot and wet cheerleader pussy. I'm already working on next year's crop. Man, you wouldn't believe the potential! The one thing that kills me is that there's only eight spots on the squad. I'm going to have to do something about that."

"Hmmm. True. Those are all pretty big guarantees. But still, I know you. I know that look on your face. You're not just betting that I won't leave you; you KNOW I won't leave you. Don't you? Back when you were brainwashing me, I'll bet that you slipped in a few things about my never cheating on you, didn't you?"

"Damn. You got me again. But don't get angry, because that's ancient history, I swear to you. Not only that, but at the same time that I was making a few improvements on you, I did the same to myself. It's just as impossible for me to cheat on you as it is for you to cheat on me. That's a big reason why we can have this cheerleader fun, because I don't have to worry you won't cheat on me - I know it for a fact. How many spouses can say that? It changes everything. We can take a walk on the wild side and come back without worries. In fact, I even went further on myself than I did on you. I didn't give you any triggers because that would just be too tempting, and, besides, I didn't know how to do that back then. But I've put a few in place for myself. Someday soon, if I can learn to let my hair down a little more, I'll tell you what they are."

I replied, "Whoa! That's food for thought. This is all too much to take in in one evening. I'm going to go take that shower now."

I thought very, very intently during what turned out to be an unusually long shower. But in the end I couldn't really get too upset with anything my wife had done. She knew me too well. Had she brought me along slowly, I would have had too many opportunities to freak out. But now that I was completely overwhelmed and presented with a fait accompli, what could I do? The whole package was just too tempting. Could I really have sex with the entire cheerleading squad and my wife wouldn't mind? In fact, would she actually insist that I do so? That's sure what it sounded like.

I left the shower with a very demanding erection. Thoughts about the possibilities that awaited me were like a blood transfusion of pure Viagra. I made my way back to the living room wearing just my bathrobe, intent on ravishing my wife.

But when I got there, I saw that she was chatting with Stacy, who looked very awake and revived. Stacy was wearing a bathrobe just like the ones my wife and I had on. (It was a good thing Clarissa hadn't known earlier that we actually had a spare robe!)

I tried to act casual as I strolled into the room. "Stacy! How you doing?"

She stood up. "Rod! You're looking good. Or should I call you 'Master?'"

"Rod's fine."

She gave a sexy pout. Then, with a playful and hungry look in her eyes, she shucked the robe and dropped to her knees. She was "assuming the position" that Jane had taught her earlier. She sat back on her heels and thrust her chest forward and her head back. "How may I serve you, Master?"

I protested, "You really don't have to do that. And I just said you don't have to call me 'Master' either."

That answer upset my wife to a surprising degree. She stood up and came to me, pressing her hard nipples into my side. She whispered right into my ear as she stroked my hair soothingly. "Honey, remember, this isn't just YOUR fantasy. It's my fantasy and Stacy's fantasy too. We're all getting something out of this; that's why it's not immoral. Stacy's not into being humiliated the way Clarissa is, but she is very submissive too and it just so happens that she's really into doing things such as sitting like that and calling you 'Master.' Do you remember how she was pinning her hands behind her back even before we asked her to? Trust me on this; I know her mind. Go with it. Humor her."

Jane pulled away, but then came back to my ear to whisper one last thing. "Oh, and she's really into spankings, too. In fact, you're going to be doing a LOT of spanking from now on, with the whole squad. Spanking and fucking is how you keep your sluts in line. I hope you like it." She kissed me on the cheek, and sat down on the couch.

Stacy's erect position had turned into a sad slump; I could see my wife had a point about what made her happy. I thought quickly and said, "Stacy, my wife just pointed out that I should clarify what I mean. The reason I said that is because I'm not really your master yet. You really only have the right to use that word and assume that position after I've fucked you and taken you for my own."

Stacy beamed with happiness to hear that. Her whole body hummed with anticipation.

I looked at Jane and noticed that she too was quite pleased with my reply.

Stacy immediately again sat up proudly. "Mas-, I mean, Rod, what would you have me do? I'm ready to serve you in any way."

"Well, I think it's time that I give you a proper fucking. Enough of this monkeying around. Are you ready for that?"

"I've never been more ready for anything! My cunt belongs only to you! I won't even put a dildo in there. I just wish I was still a virgin like Clarissa." Within seconds, she'd turned around and stuck her ass in the air, ready to take it doggy style.

My mind reeled at her enthusiasm. I said, "Whoa, hold on. Let's have at least SOME foreplay. Is your pussy wet?"

She laughed. "Master! What a silly question! If my legs were any more slippery, I'd slide down the street to the ocean! Look at my glistening juices. God, I need it so bad!"

"Okay, you know what? Let's fuck foreplay. I've had enough foreplay. Jane, can you toss me a pillow?"

My wife was sitting next to some throw pillows. With a very amused expression, she tossed one at me.

I caught it and gave it to Stacy. "Here, turn over and put this under your head. Lie face up. I love your sexy ass, but I want to see your face and your perky tits when I fuck you for the first time."

She scrambled into position. As she eagerly spread her legs she exclaimed, "Yes! I was so jealous earlier when Clarissa got most of the attention. Of course, that's your right, to pick your slut to play with, and a slut has no right to be jealous, but I didn't know that then. Somehow, all these rules on how to be a good slut are just popping into my head."

I shot a knowing look at my wife.

Stacy finished excitedly, "But now you're thinking only of me!"

As I lined up my dick with her pussy, I couldn't help but ask, "How do you know that: that you have no right to be jealous?"

"I don't know. It just realized it a little while ago. Sluts get fucked by Rod. That's just how it is. When another slut gets fucked, we should be happy for them, not jealous; that would be totally nuts! Why, just trying to think anything else makes my head hurt."

I looked over at my wife, certain that this was something else she had programmed into Stacy's brain.

Jane shrugged her shoulders sheepishly, then smiled and gave me an "Oh well, what can you do?" look.

Since I was looking at my wife, I asked her, "Last chance. Are you really, really, REALLY sure you're okay with this?"

Jane didn't give me an immediate answer. Instead, she shucked her robe, crawled over next to me, removed my hand from my erection, and took it in hers. She gave it a couple of encouraging squeezes. Then she slowly inserted it into Stacy's pussy.

She looked at me with a happy smirk. "Does that answer your question?"

"Yes it does," I admitted, still dumbfounded.

Even though my dick was only a couple of inches in, Stacy was already writhing about madly, trying to impale herself deeper on it. "Oh, Master! Now you're really my master! Please give me more! Make me your total slut!"

I could hardly turn down that request, so, with Jane still holding on to the bottom part of my erection, I pushed in some more.

Stacy was tight, very tight. Tighter than my wife, to be honest, though I didn't want to say that out loud - I figured that even Jane's strange new tolerance had limits.

Stacy suddenly squealed. "Oooh! God! Your cock is just so freakin' HUGE! So huge! Go slow, please!"

I turned to my wife and whispered, "Help me out here. Does she just think my dick looks huge, or does it feel that way to her, too?"

Jane whispered back, "Good question. Sex is mostly mental. I didn't do anything special there, but since she thinks you have a baseball bat between your legs, it probably feels that way to her, too. But I don't know for sure."

I turned back and pushed in another inch.

Jane had to let go since there wasn't much left to hold onto.

Stacy screamed even louder, "Aaaaaiiiiieeee! SO BIG! Oh, MASTER! Fuck me like a fuck lord!"

I still had a couple of inches to go before I was fully in. I only half-jokingly wondered to myself if I might kill her first, the way things were going so far.

I increased the pressure very, very slowly, so she wouldn't wake up the whole town with her impassioned screaming.

It took another minute or two, but I finally made it all the way in. It felt absolutely fantastic. Her pussy sheathed my shaft so tightly that it felt almost as snug as when I have anal sex with my wife. And Stacy continued to scream like a banshee, which was yet another huge boost to my rapidly growing ego.

Once I was all the way in, I just kept my erection deeply impaled there in the hopes that Stacy's screams would slowly die down.

Somehow, Jane had ended up tightly holding one of my hands while I was pushing my way in, but now she practically attacked me, covering me with frantic kisses. Soon, we were madly French kissing. But funnily enough, even while my wife was running her hands all over me, my hands were working their way up Stacy until they latched onto her breasts. Those breasts and Jane's breasts were equally large and equally nice in their own ways, but there was the lure of the new.

Our kiss finally ended and Jane cooed, "Do you believe me yet when I tell you that I love this? Slutty cheerleaders need to submit to your big cock!"

Stacy was more coherent now. She'd heard that and she enthused, "Coach, that's so true! Those are, like, such words of wisdom to live by! I've never felt soooo good! Clarissa would love this!"

That reminded me of my other new slut. True, last I'd heard Clarissa was sleeping in the other room, but I couldn't imagine her sleeping through Stacy's screams any more than if she could sleep through a train crashing through her bedroom.

I looked around and, sure enough, I saw Clarissa's head peeking into the room from the hallway. I said, "Hi, Clarissa. Don't be shy. Come on in."

Clarissa realized she'd been seen and reluctantly walked into the room. But she was still shy and, even though she was buck naked, she held her hands over her privates as she had done before.

I could tell that Jane also was happy to see her, but Jane barked with pretend anger, "What do you think you're doing, slut? Chest out and hands at your sides! And where are your high heels? A slut slave ALWAYS wears high heels for her Master."

"I'm sorry! I'll get them!" She scampered off.

Jane squeezed my hand. "I love how you're fondling Stacy's big rack even as you kiss me. That gets me so horny! But please don't keep Stacy waiting, honey. She needs a thorough, royal fucking."

So I pulled back almost all the way and then slowly pushed forward into Stacy again. Even though I went extremely slowly, Stacy still let out some good shrieks.

Then I heard the click-click sound of Clarissa coming back in her high heels. I turned and admired her walking with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust forward.

Jane looked too and complained, "Better, but do it with pride. Don't slump. You're one of Rod's sluts now. How does that make you feel?"

She immediately straightened up and stepped in a manner that would make any fashion model on a catwalk envious. She came forward until she was standing right over Jane and me. "Your other slut is ready to serve you, Master."

I pulled back partly within Stacy's pussy and then pushed forward once more. She was slowly adjusting to my size and wasn't screaming quite so much.

I took one hand off Stacy's firm rack and patted a spot of carpet next to me, on the other side from where Jane sat. "Here, slut, have a seat."

"Thank you, Master." Clarissa sat and immediately assumed the submissive sitting position Jane had taught her, which wasn't that different from the position she'd just been in except that she was sitting now. Her hands were still behind her back and her chest was still thrust forward.

I was in the middle of pulling my dick back when Clarissa saw it and yelped, "Master! You're not wearing a condom!"

Jane answered for me since I was starting to get a little preoccupied with my fucking duties. "Masters don't wear condoms, Clarissa. Remember what I said earlier about him being allergic to latex? But even if that wasn't the case, Masters always fuck their slut slaves bareback."

Stacy cried out in horror and delight, "Good God! He's gonna knock me up!"

"Perhaps," Jane said calmly. "That's just a risk you have to take each and every time he takes advantage of you. Stacy, is it your fertile time of the month?"

Stacy gasped out, "YES! YES! Like that!"

I was starting to thrust in and out with more rhythm, and it seemed her words were both an answer to Jane's question and an encouragement for me to keep going.

Jane asked, "Do you want him to stop? He could fuck Clarissa instead."

"NO! Spear me! Drill me! Split me in two! And cum inside! I want you to fill me with your baby-makers!"

Jane turned to me and laughed. "Looks like she doesn't mind too much about getting pregnant. What about you, Clarissa?"

"I must serve my Master, even if I have to take that risk." She looked me in the eye. "Is there anything I can do to make your fucking better?"

I thought as I thrust and decided, "As a matter of fact, there is. Stacy screams too much. Keep her mouth occupied with your nipples or your mouth."

"Yes, Master!"

I began pistoning in and out with more vigor while I watched Clarissa and Stacy make out. Clarissa rested her tits partly on top of Stacy's, but the majority of her body stayed off Stacy just enough to give me a great show of their chests rubbing together. Meanwhile, I groped at my wife's breasts since they were also wonderfully large and fun to play with.

Jane continued to drape herself over me and run her hands everywhere, even across the lower parts of Stacy from time to time.

Before long, I was plowing away into Stacy with a strong and deep rhythm. She was obviously high on pure lust. Her body thrashed around on the floor, but Jane and Clarissa helped keep her pinned in position.

I love having sex with my wife, and she's a wild tigress in bed, but having three bodies to fuck is better than having just one. Jane and Clarissa were doing everything they could to make this a truly mind-blowing fuck of epic proportions.

It was all too much for me. I had to halt briefly to stop from shooting my wad before I really wanted to. Since I'd cum twice recently, I hoped that this time I would last for a good long time.

I kept my penis fully encased in Stacy's sheath, but I simply stopped moving so I could rest a bit.

That didn't slow Stacy down much, though. She began flexing her vaginal walls around my dick. It felt just as good as my thrusting did, except that I didn't have to do any work at all. The silky smooth and slippery muscularity of her sheath felt absolutely incredible as her insides milked me.

She exclaimed, "Coach! I'm so psyched that those Kegel exercises are a big part of our cheerleading training!"

My head reeled. Pussy exercises to train cheerleaders? Maybe that could give them more control over their crotch? But then I remembered that Jane really wasn't training them to be cheerleaders so much as she was training them to be good sluts. Bless her heart!

Stacy was squeezing me so delightfully with her extremely tight cunt that I had to tell her to stop, because I wasn't getting the recovery interval I needed. She did so, reluctantly.

But then, since she was no longer focusing there, she and Clarissa started talking.

Clarissa asked, "How is it?"

"Amaaaazing!" Stacy gushed. "It feels like he shoved an entire refrigerator up there, but somehow the damn thing fits! I'm soooo full! If you grasp my neck you probably can feel his cock coming up my throat!"


Stacy laughed. "Of course not. I'm just joking. But it feels so good! I'm already addicted to this monster cock, and he hasn't even cum yet!"

"I'm so jealous." Clarissa held Stacy's hand and said seriously, "You know, as a devout Catholic I can't even think about abortion. When he knocks us both up, I'll help you raise your baby and you can help me raise mine."

But Stacy said sadly, "No, I think we're going to have to give them up for adoption."

"Adoption? Why do you say that?!"

"Just think about it. A total stud has to be super potent. Both of us are gonna be preggers by the end of the night - I can feel it. And assuming Jane lets us, he's gonna be fucking us for years to come and knocking us up once a year like clockwork. And think about the other cheerleaders. How can we not share him with them?"

Clarissa looked sad, but that caused her to smile. "Oh! We just have to! Can we, Coach, can we? Somehow it just won't feel right unless he's fucking all of us. It just isn't fair."

Jane had been running her finger around where my dick went into Stacy's pussy, but she looked up and smiled. "Don't worry. He's going to make the whole squad his personal harem of sex toys and slut slaves."

Stacy and Clarissa high-fived each other and cheered like that was the greatest thing they'd heard all night.

My mind just reeled. I was tempted to start thrusting again, but I knew I would blow my wad within seconds if I did.

But then Stacy explained, "See what I mean? Of course he's going to knock up all of us within weeks. Birth control won't do anything to slow down HIS sperm. So, before long, he's going to have dozens of children! Of course most of them will have to be put up for adoption. He'll probably only keep Jane's, and maybe a couple from his favorite slaves, if we're extra good and lucky and fuckable."

With that, she started squeezing and clenching my erection again. Apparently she was just too excited to hold back any longer.

"Oh. That's so sad," Clarissa said. "But what can we do but spread our legs and take it?"

"You mean besides beg for it, again and again?"


"Nothing!" Stacy grunted. "We get fucked and knocked up like good sluts!"

By this time I was starting to piston in and out of her again.

Stacy responded by grinding her hips right back. But at the same time, she shot her arm forward and plunged two fingers into Clarissa's pussy and started pumping. "We need to get your cunt warmed up."

"Thanks! It IS a cunt, isn't it? To think that I called it a vagina earlier. Heck, I didn't even worship Rod's cock until this evening. Everything before - it seems like a hazy dream already."

"I know!" Stacy grunted. "This is what we do! We get FUCKED!"

Stacy had to give up on frigging Clarissa so she could devote all her energy to the fucking.

The talking died down and I slowly ramped up my thrusting speed until I was pounding into her as hard and as deep and as fast as I could. All the while, Jane clung to my side like some kind of love-struck groupie.

Finally, I just couldn't take any more. All the sex talk and constant stimulation, the sight of sweaty, curvy bodies and big tits bouncing everywhere, and most of all the furnace-like heat and tight tunnel all around my dick - it was too much for any man to take.

I lost all control and unloaded into Stacy.

She shrieked at the top of her lungs, "I'M HAVING A BAAAAABBBYYYYY!"

That threw me for a loop and I almost had to laugh. But I kept on plugging away until there was nothing left to give.

In all the excitement, I'd forgotten to give Stacy the trigger than would allow her to cum. But luckily Jane remembered and she yelled out "Lincoln Logs!" in the midst of Stacy's cries.

Stacy obviously got the message, because I could feel the convulsions of her pussy as she came over and over.

She and I finished up roughly at the same time and I collapsed on top of her.


I may have passed out, or maybe not - I couldn't tell. But in either case, I was certainly mentally out of it for some time, overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of it all.

When I finally came to, I looked up and around the room and couldn't believe my eyes. Stacy, Clarissa, and Jane were all still there, still naked. They were flopped out on the floor, wiped out just like me. The hair of all three was matted to their foreheads from all their sweat.

Again, I simply couldn't believe that what was happening wasn't a dream or some kind of elaborate ruse. Perhaps I was in a coma and living in some fantasy land within my mind? The thing is, every time I thought I'd gotten a grip, things just got more and more outlandish. Within a matter of hours I'd gone from having a new "hot little slut" to having two new "slut slaves" to being made an all-powerful "Master" over them. And now apparently I had command over the whole cheerleading squad as my personal harem even though I hadn't met most of them yet!

No wonder I was having such trouble believing all this. But then I remembered about the brainwashing and I had to admit that I could at least see a possible explanation if I could accept that my wife actually wanted this. That was very hard to wrap my mind around.

I nudged Jane. "You up?"

"Yep. I've just been lying here, waiting for you. Clarissa's up too, but I think you killed Stacy." She chuckled.

At that, Clarissa sat up and dragged herself over to me and then on top of me. My chest was enveloped by her big knockers. She looked down into my face with a big smile as she gave me a hug. "Master! That was soooo good!" She planted small kisses all over my face.

I laughed. "I didn't even fuck you. I fucked Stacy."

She giggled. "I know. But I loved it too. I can hardly wait for my turn. I'm ready!" She got off me and sat on her haunches. She spread her pussy lips open wide to show just how ready she was.

It was too much for me to take, considering that I was just starting to recover from my last orgasm. To stall for time, I said, "Hold your horses. We'll get there. Could you go to the kitchen and whip up a snack? All this sex makes me hungry. Just treat the kitchen like your own and make whatever. Something sweet."

"Yes, Master!" She got up and walked away in her high heels.

I sat up and turned to look at Jane, who sat up as well. "Phew! Whoa. You're gonna kill me with these two."

She was all grins. "Now you see why I suggested you might want to just start with one slut? Aren't you glad I pushed that exercise program on you these last few months?"

"Was that also part of your master plan?"

"Guilty as charged."

I asked, "How am I supposed to take on the whole cheerleader squad? You were all the woman I needed in the first place - and you're still pretty insatiable, you know. But between you and these two, that's all I can take. Heck, I don't even know if I'll be able to get it up again tonight, and look how excited Clarissa is. She'll be crushed if I don't."

"Nah," Jane said with a dismissive hand wave. "Remember, we can make her or Stacy temporarily forget this night even happened with the right trigger word. We can make Clarissa think you fucked her into oblivion when you didn't even touch her. There's no pressure on you at all. I tell you, the sky's the limit. We can mold our own reality."

"I thought you said you could only nudge. What about that you couldn't turn a thief into a saint?"

"That's true, for most people. But some people are extremely submissive and/or malleable. For instance, you can plot susceptibility to hypnotism on a normal curve. Some people don't react at all, the vast majority fall in the middle, and a couple percent are extremely susceptible. Professional hypnotists make an art out of weeding the wheat from the chaff. Guess where these two fall on that scale?"

I looked back down at Stacy, still sprawled out and sleeping. "I still don't really understand everything you're doing. But the whole cheerleading squad? Isn't that too much?"

Jane said, "We'll take it as slow or as fast as you like. But they all have been programmed for you for months now, even though they haven't been given their final triggers yet. I have special plans for each and every one. It's gonna be so much fun for both of us!"

"Well, I don't know. We'll have to see. But you've got to dial things down a bit. I mean, Jesus! Like this whole pregnancy thing. It sounds like Stacy and Clarissa are going to be seriously crushed if a week goes by and they're NOT pregnant. That can't go on forever. You didn't think that through."

"No, I didn't," she admitted. "I thought that would just add an extra edge of danger, but instead they're probably already planning for their Lamaze classes. I'll have to dial that one down. Way down. But changes take time. I'll have to make a new CD for them to listen to, for starters. But don't worry; I'm on top of it." She winked as she joked, "I'll get on top of that, and you just stay on top of them."

"And this whole 'Master' thing!" I complained. "I mean, it's arousing as fuck, but they're so into it that it's a bit scary."

"Yeah, that's true," she admitted again. "You see, this wasn't something I could test out on lab rats or something. Tonight is really the first live test, and it seems both of them have fallen in love with you. I probably had them overlearn too many things. I'll try to dial it back a bit, but I'm afraid love has its own momentum."

"Love? Jesus. I only need you, Jane. What are we going to do? And are all the rest going to be like this?"

"No, I told you, I've trained each of them differently. I'll have to do some dialing back on everyone, though. But I have special plans for these two. I knew you'd like their looks and sex skills the best. That's why I was thinking we should start with having just these two live with us."



We'd been talking relatively quietly to make sure Clarissa couldn't hear from the kitchen, and Stacy was snoring. But Clarissa had probably heard my outburst.

Jane said in a low voice, "Sure. You know I have to work at the university too many hours a day while you work at home. What if you're feeling like a nooner? What can you do but grin and bear it or masturbate? Not anymore. Now you can have a choice of porking a red-head or blonde at any time you like. And I'm sure others on the squad will be cumming over constantly, and I do mean cumming. I think it would be fun if you keep a couple of them in erotic French maid outfits while they bend over and preen as they do chores around the house. But hey, it's up to you."

I reached out and touched her cheek. "Are you for real? Just checking."

She laughed. "Yes, I'm for real. I know I'm not exactly behaving like a typical wife, to say the least, but I'll lay all my cards on the table. I want to be the queen bee in your harem. I want our bed full of a constant stream of hot-to-trot cheerleader pussy all day and all night. It's my fantasy. And yes, eventually I'd like to partake of some of that pussy myself, but for now I'm content just to watch."

"Couldn't you have kind of eased me into this?" I complained.

"No, it was essential that you..." Her voice trailed off.

Just then, Clarissa walked back from the kitchen. She still wore nothing but high heels; however, she carried a tray full of food and drinks.

She sashayed through the room and put the tray on the coffee table. Just watching her walk gave me the equivalent of a powerful mental orgasm.

She assumed her standing position before us and said, "Look, Master and... Mistress? Can I call you Mistress? Or should I just say-"

"Mistress is good," Jane interrupted.

"Oh goody! Look, I fixed some ice cream with an assortment of sliced fruit and some cookies. And I brought more wine and juice."

I reached out and cupped her nearest ass cheek. "Very good, slut."

Clarissa purred with the touch and my words, shifting ever so slightly to push her ass into my grasp. She put her hand over mine and let me stroke. "Thank you, Master. Now, what was this I heard about you shouting 'Live with us?'"

I thought carefully, and then said, "Well, I was thinking that, on a trial basis, you and Stacy could live here part time. Maybe a couple of days a week."

Clarissa squealed like a stuck pig. "Aaaaaiiiiieeee! No way! No way!"

She dropped to her knees and started shaking Stacy. "Stacy! Stacy! Wake up!"

It took some effort, but eventually Clarissa got Stacy up and explained things to her. Before long, BOTH of them were squealing like stuck pigs. I was glad we lived a good distance from any neighbors.

My penis was still wet from fucking Stacy, but I hadn't paid that any mind. However, while Clarissa and Stacy were busy talking, Jane got between my legs and began cleaning up the mix of Stacy's and my cum from my flaccidness.

Clarissa and Stacy finally calmed down enough to notice: the sight heated them up and they quieted down. They were green with envy as they watched my wife, their mistress, lick me clean.

Clarissa said, "Look, Stacy, that's you she's eating."

"Lucky bit-, girl," Stacy mumbled. "Of course, she is his wife, so she gets all the special privileges. Maybe she'll leave us some leftovers."

I had a good view of Stacy's crotch from where I was sitting and I couldn't help but notice that it was dripping with much more cum than that left on my penis. In fact, some of my cum continued to flow out of her slit.

I was going to point this out to them, but then I had a better idea. I said, "That's right. She gets all the privileges. For instance, she gets first dibs on that creampie in your pussy, Stacy." YY04

Everyone froze and looked at Stacy's crotch. Even Jane stopped what she was doing and turned around to look.

I gave Jane a nudge. "Go ahead. Lick it up, dear."

"I couldn't," she protested.

"Yes you could. In fact, that's an order. Remember what we were saying about opening up and living out our fantasies? Well, now you can start."

She looked at the gooey mess with longing while Stacy and Clarissa remained frozen with surprise. "I don't know..."

I gave her a firmer nudge. "I insist. Just look at that sweet pussy, all puffed up and red from a good fucking from your man. Mmmm. Yum! Besides, what else are you going to do while I'm stuffing Clarissa full to bursting with all the hard cock she can handle ?" All of Jane's "cleaning" was getting me excited and I decided I should act quickly while my penis was showing signs of life.

That comment prompted a lot of reshuffling. Clarissa was eager to get into position to fuck, but hesitated because she didn't know how I wanted to take her.

I held her by her hand to help her get up. "Come on. Let's find a proper bed. Wife? Stacy? Get up too. Let's take this to the bedroom."

We all got up and migrated to our bedroom. Clarissa, in her great excitement, rushed ahead as fast as her heels could carry her. But as we walked, Jane renewed her protest. "Honey, what you were suggesting... I can't."

"Yes you can. I know you want to. Come on, I know I'm a lucky guy, but this isn't all for me. It's as much or more for you, isn't it? I'm mostly just the lucky beneficiary. So why wait? I want to see you enjoy yourself with them. In fact, I can hardly wait."

I had to be deliberately vague so as to not mention her brainwashing. But I had a feeling that even if I did, it probably wouldn't matter. She'd find a way to get them to forget, or maybe they just ignored things they weren't supposed to know in the same way that they ignored the very existence of their birth control pills.

Jane smiled. "I keep saying that I didn't marry a dummy. Okay, well, I haven't done this in years, but I'll give it a try. I'm so horny tonight that I'm ready to do anything!"

As we entered the bedroom and settled onto our bed, Stacy asked, "Master, is what Clarissa said true? About you having one or both of us as your live-in slut slaves?"

"Part time live-in slut slaves," I corrected. "And yes, on a trial basis."

Clarissa grabbed Stacy and stared right into her face. Their lips inexorably drew closer and closer to each other. "Did I tell you or what?"

"Gaawwwd, that's so hot!" Stacy cried. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth.

The next thing I knew, both of them were frantically French kissing each other and rolling around on the bed in a writhing, tangled pile of two nude bodies.

I leaned over to my wife and whispered. "Dial down their nympho-meters a little too, okay? Or they'll end up sexing us both to death. I mean, if we're gonna do this, I don't ever want to leave you high and dry 'cos I can't get it up again."

She laughed. "Okay."

It took a few minutes, but finally I lay on top of Clarissa while Jane lay between Stacy's legs right next to me. Jane didn't waste time and started by diving right in and licking up the messy creampie I'd poured into Stacy.

Since Stacy and Clarissa were side by side now, they held hands.

Clarissa looked at my erection with big frightened eyes and whispered to Stacy, "I'm scared."

Stacy said, "Don't worry, Clarissa; you'll love it. I know it looks physically impossible, but I promise you it'll fit. Somehow it just does. There'll be some pain at first, and blood, but you'll get used to it. And then: the ecstasy! You'll be a true slut slave when he's skewering you deep down inside!"

Oh shit, I thought to myself. Clarissa's a virgin! I totally forgot.

But my wife knew me better than I knew myself and anticipated my thoughts. She paused in her licking to talk without even looking up. "Don't worry, honey. Not a big deal. It's just like Stacy said. She'll be screaming for joy in three minutes flat."

But it was a big deal to me, and I'm sure to Clarissa too. Presumably she'd already fallen in love with me somehow; if I took her virginity too, she'd probably never let me go.

I don't want to go into all the gory details, and unfortunately there was a bit of goriness. But Stacy and Jane were there to help both as moral support and to clean up.

I didn't do much aside from the initial breaking of the hymen, followed by a pull out. Some other men may love fucking a virgin, but I get no thrill from fucking a woman in obvious pain.

So the four of us sat around for a little while, just talking and getting to know each other a little better, while Clarissa's pussy recovered from her initial piercing.

I was relieved to see that I could hang out with Stacy and Clarissa without them going full tilt with sexual craziness. I could feel us bonding more and more - maybe it was the all the sexual sharing, but I couldn't see them as just a couple of airhead cheerleaders who looked great but had nothing on the inside. I found myself very engaged and interested in their words, and I could tell that each of us felt the same about everyone else.

It made me wonder where all this was leading. Would I have three de-facto wives before long?

But even as we relaxed, Clarissa remained a little nervous. I continually held one of her hands while Jane or Stacy always held the other.

Finally, she announced, "It's time! Master, I'm ready now. We took care of the pain; now I'm ready for the pleasure."

Jane pointed out, "That's not the end of the pain. When he fills you up all the way for the first time, it's going to hurt. And everything will be a little-"

Clarissa blurted out, "I don't care! I can't wait any longer. The anticipation is killing me. I need my Master to take me and make me his and his alone." She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. "Rod, my Master, my love, please! Make me a woman!"

I could scarcely believe the pace of events. It seemed like months of developing a relationship had somehow been packed into the span of a few short hours. Rationally, I knew that in a way that was true: they had been primed for this evening by months of subliminals, and now it was all coming out at once, thanks to the usage of carefully crafted triggers. But from my point of view, the changes were staggering. For instance, mere hours ago, Clarissa was as shy and virginal as a grown woman could be. But she'd taken to her new submissive "slut slave" role like a duck to water and now she was literally begging to get fucked.

I'd been having great success just rolling with the punches all evening and decided to keep doing that. I looked at my wife, who nodded her approval again. Then I said, "Okay, let's do it. But I'll only do this on one condition."

"What's that?" Clarissa asked.

I looked at Jane again. "It has to be like when we first entered the room. I fuck Clarissa, Jane, while you lick Stacy. I know the creampie is long gone, but that's no reason to stop." I urged my wife, "Go for it! It's what you want. It's part of your dream."

She frowned. The whole room smelled like wet and aroused pussy now and I'm sure that helped sway her. "Well..." Slowly, her frown turned into a grin, and then into a wide smile. "Okay. Twist my arm. Is that okay with you, Stacy?"

"Okay? Just okay? I'd love it! And then I get to do you!"

So I mounted Clarissa. I have to admit that I felt like the king of the world. Already, the evening had easily been the best and most enjoyable one of my life. I'd had three great orgasms and I was working on a fourth. I felt like some kind of super stud. So what if none of it would have happened without my wife laying the groundwork with her brainwashing techniques? Fucking a total bombshell like Stacy or Clarissa was still an incredible fuck. In fact, every minute I spent around them was a complete mind fuck for me - they were the kind of women I would be afraid to even talk to under normal circumstances.

I lined up my erection and pushed in. Actually, it was more Jane who guided it in, since she held my erection just as she had held it when I first slipped into Stacy's extra tight slit.

Once there was almost nothing left to hold, Jane let go and said, "I love doing that. Promise me, Rod, that you'll always give me the honor of holding your cock and guiding it in whenever you fuck a new girl."

"Just how many new girls am I going to be fucking?" I asked incredulously.

"I'm telling ya, pal, the sky's the limit." She went back to her spot between Stacy's thighs. "You're gonna become an old hand at taking virginities, I can guarantee that." She started to lick.

Like I did with Stacy, I went about setting the pace as slowly as I possibly could. But Clarissa wasn't as much of a screamer; she was more of a moaner.

And she was a lot more emotional. By the time I pushed all the way in, tears were freely rolling down Clarissa's cheeks.

I paused and said, "You must be in great pain. Let's stop."

"No, that's not it. Yes, there's some pain, Master, but I'm crying because I'm happy."


"Yes! I've found my calling, my purpose in life! I didn't know what I wanted to be; I couldn't even decide my major. But now I know: it's to be your slut slave, your sex toy. It's to be fucked by you however you like it, wherever you like it, in any and every position! It's to feel just like this, with your humongous log all the way inside me, splitting me in two! How can I not cry? It's like, for months and months, I've been feeling a growing sense of unease, like there was something I should be doing but I didn't know what it was. But now I know! It's that I need to serve you as a slave. You, my love and my Master, and my Mistress Jane. Oh! I could just die of happiness right now!"

Stacy was already holding Clarissa's hand, but she brought her other hand over to strengthen their bond. "You said it, sister! It's like you're reading my mind! I've been feeling that same sense of unease too. And I stopped being interested in men. It's like I must have somehow sensed that my Master was coming to control me and turn me into his slave. Or I should say one of his slaves, sister."

Clarissa replied, "I like that: 'sister'. Master, can Stacy and I be sisters? I know we can't REALLY be sisters, but we can try, and then we can commit incest with each other every day!"

I had to suppress a laugh because things were getting stranger and stranger. "Sure. Knock yourself out."

Stacy joked, "We will, while you knock us up." Then she scooted partially up onto Clarissa and engaged in another heated tongue duel.

As they were busy kissing, I looked down at Jane, who was looking up at me while keeping her head between Stacy's legs. I mouthed the words, "Dial down."

Jane gave me another one of her, "Oh well, what can you do?" looks. Then she mouthed back with a slight whisper, "Too late tonight. Just enjoy it."

I rolled my eyes. I got the feeling that Jane either didn't really know what she was doing, or had way overdone some things, or that she deliberately wanted to turn Clarissa and Stacy into something akin to our permanent sex slaves, if not even submissive co-wives of sorts. But it wasn't like I was going to object to that in the slightest.

I turned back to Clarissa and renewed my focus on fucking her. I'd waited a good while, just keeping her pussy full so she could adjust to the presence of my cock, and now I was ready to start some real fucking.

I slowly withdrew my dick until it was nearly all the way out of her.

That got her attention and she broke the kiss with Stacy.

Stacy drifted down a bit and latched her mouth onto the nearest of Clarissa's erect nipples instead.

Then I pushed back in, again trying to go slowly.

I could see Clarissa's eyes widen. Then she muttered, "Oh. ... Oh! ... Whoa! ... Master, that's incredible! Do that again!"

So I withdrew and pushed back in all the way. I couldn't help but go a little bit faster this time.

Clarissa fumbled around for Stacy with both hands. She found her and lifted Stacy's head off her breast so she could see her eye to eye. "Stacy! Sister! It's so FULL! Why didn't you tell me it's this good?!"

Stacy laughed. "I tried to tell you."

Clarissa's eyes bugged out again. "Oh! Oh! He's pushing in again! Oh my God! He's really gonna split me in two! Faster, Master! Faster! And hard! I can take it. It's all pleasure now!"

I happily pulled back, picking up my pace a little more. I drove forward harder.

Clarissa asked, "Stacy, is this how it was with- Oooooh! Fuck yeah!"

She got distracted when I bottomed out in her again, but then she continued asking Stacy, "Was this how it was when you had sex with other guys before Master?"

Stacy replied, "Oh no! Not at all! They don't even compare. It's all kind of hazy now, but when I think about how I defiled Master's cunt with strange cocks, it makes me physically ill. You're so lucky you were a virgin. You'll only ever know Master's cock. Rod's rod."

Clarissa beamed. "I know. ... Wait! Oh God, here it comes again! Aaaaaiiiiieeee! Stacy, hold me! He's gonna fuck me so hard and so good, I feel I'm gonna die!"

Stacy gripped Clarissa tightly, joking, "You're not gonna die; you're just gonna go to heaven. Again and again!"

Jane had pretty much stopped her pussy licking because the sight of Clarissa getting fucked was holding everyone's attention. She sat up and scooted next to me to hold my hand.

I was building up a happy rhythm now, plowing in and out.

Jane cuddled up to me and asked, "How does it feel, sex stud?"

"Good. Great!"

"I know plowing her tight gash feels great." She dropped her voice to a whisper. "And I'll bet you'll be surprised at all the tricks she can do. I teach ALL my girls Kegel exercises, deep throating, and more. You know what they do as a nervous habit when they feel uneasy? They suck on bananas like they're cocks."

She chuckled, and then said in a louder voice, "But I don't mean just that. I mean, how does it feel to be taking control of another slave?"

"It feels great! Better than great! But honey, no time to talk; I have pussy to fuck."

"Cheerleader pussy," Jane corrected. "Girls, just imagine: once Rod has turned the whole squad into his team of personal sluts, just think of all the special cheers and celebrations you'll be able to do, just for him!"

Stacy groaned, "God, that so fuckin' hot! Wearing just our skirts and pom-poms? I can't wait!"

Further conversation died out as I built up a full head of steam seriously thrusting into Clarissa, over and over and over. She appeared to have gotten over any lingering tenderness, or maybe she just didn't care anymore because the pleasure far outweighed the pain.

Even though she'd started out a moaner, she ended up quite a screamer.

I could feel my balls tightening and I knew it wouldn't be long. Having this big-titted bombshell declare that she wanted to be my slave, and loved me deeply on top of it, was too much to take; I just had to spray her insides with my cum.

However, to my great frustration, right then, Jane grabbed my hand and said, "You want to know a neat trick?"

I was barely paying attention to her, and frankly I was annoyed at her attempt to talk to me at such a critical time. "What?" I barked.

She spoke in a sensual voice, like she was the one being fucked. "Oh honey! So good! You're so incredible!"

And with that, my urge to cum passed. I was seconds away from flooding Clarissa's pussy with my sticky goo, and somehow I wasn't.

I could have kept on plowing away, but I was so surprised by this turn of events that I had to stop and find out what was going on.


I was peeved and no doubt I looked peeved. My wife had blatantly lied to me. I said, "Sorry girls, and I'm especially sorry to you, Clarissa, but you two need to go to the living room. My wife and I need to have a little talk."

They both looked confused and hurt.

But Jane said, "Don't make them go. Please. We can just whisper." She sidled right up to me and spoke quietly into my ear. "I know what you're thinking. I lied earlier."

I whispered back, "You did. You said you didn't give me any triggers."

"I know. But I wasn't really lying; I was just breaking the news to you gently. I mean, I corrected myself an hour later; that's not too bad, is it?"

"No, I suppose I could get over that," I admitted. "It's not like I never told you a white lie. But I'm more bothered by the fact that I'm still your guinea pig: my brain is not my own."

She whispered right in my air, "Not true. There's just a few triggers. When I say, 'So good, you're so incredible,' you lose the urge to cum. I used natural language there so you wouldn't be the wiser. I've been taking advantage of that for years! I've got another one that enables you to get erect again, pretty much no matter what. There are a couple more, to be honest, but they're all sexual in nature. The thing is, you have all the exact same triggers with me. For instance, if you say, 'mountains of Venus' then I can't cum until you say 'volcanoes of Mars.' We can talk about this later. We don't want to keep the girls waiting, but we both have control over each other. It's equal."

"Grrr." I still looked irked, and was. I leaned into her ear and whispered, "I have so many ethical issues with this. This is fucked up!"

"Maybe, but can we discuss it later? Look at Clarissa. Look at her panting with need, even with your dick still buried to the hilt in her incredibly tight slit. You know what you should do? Have her go on top. Let her try out the months of hip grinding exercises she didn't even know she was doing." As she finished whispering, she reverted to licking my ear in an extremely distracting manner.

The fact was, I was bothered by her manipulations, but I was too aroused to be in a big snit over it. Besides, now that I thought about it, having those triggers in me could come in handy. I asked as she continued to nibble and lick my ear, "Those triggers: can I use them on myself?"

"You can! There are certain physical limits. For instance, if you use your penis too much it's gonna hurt the next day, just like any overused muscle. And no trigger can make you produce more cum on the spot. But we can push your abilities to the limit though. That's another reason why I don't worry too much about you spreading your seed around; you're pretty much always gonna have another bullet in your gun."

"Wow," I said out loud. I was definitely going to have a long talk with Jane later and learn all the triggers she had given me and that I could use on her. But how could I be mad at her for giving me such great sexual powers?

I pulled away from her ear licking and refocused on Clarissa, giving her a tiny hip thrust to get her attention.

I said, "Sorry about that. Where were we?"

Stacy asked, "Is everything all right, Master? You were looking pretty PO'd there."

"Yeah, well, my wife is full of surprises tonight. But it's okay; we worked it out. Now, Clarissa, sorry for the interruption, but let's use it to change positions."

Clarissa's frown turned to a big smile. "Yes, Sir! Good idea! I want to try them all! But you're in charge. How do you want me?"

I smiled. "I want you, dear girl, in every possible physical contortion. But let's start simple. In fact, you're in charge, or you're gonna be. I'm gonna lie down where you are and you can ride on top, cowgirl style."

Clarissa dutifully got out of the way so I could lie down, but she looked worried. She turned to Jane. "Mistress, what am I supposed to do? I'm not good at this sex stuff. I liked it better when Master was in complete control."

Jane grinned. "Don't worry. I have a feeling that it'll come naturally." She turned to me and winked knowingly. No doubt she was referring to the fact that Clarissa had God knows how many months of preparation, completely unknowingly.

My wife continued, "Just sit on top of him and sink down onto his cock, natural as can be. Then let your hips do the rest. This is your chance to be a true slut. Any ol' girl with a pussy can lie there and take it as a big log strokes your cervix over and over like a battering ram, but now you can show your true slut skills by riding on top."

She got into position, holding my erection with her hands and positioning her pussy right over it, but she still fretted. "But what do I DO?!"

Stacy helped. "Once you have it in, try experimenting with your hips. It's easy enough to just bounce up and down on his cock. But anyone can do that. Our Master deserves the best! Try moving your hips around in different ways to keep his cock constantly surprised with new sensations. And you can milk him with your pussy muscles too."

"I can?" Her legs were tiring from holding her up, so she began to sink down onto my penis.

"You can," Stacy said firmly. "You know, I never really had any special pussy control with my past lovers, but with Rod, somehow I was inspired. I'm sure you will be too. Just look into his eyes and think about how much you love him and need to please him."

Happily, Clarissa was facing me and did just that. The look in her eyes was one of total love and adoration. She was still staring at me like that as she slowly impaled herself on my cock.

Her smile turned into a grimace, but only because of the effort. "Ugh! Oh! Jesus! Oh God! So big! So big! ... I know it was just in me, but it seems even BIGGER now!"

Stacy stroked Clarissa's arm reassuringly. "I know, but you did it. You see? It's in you!"

Clarissa looked down. "God. It is. It is! ... Oh please Lord, let me die like this. This is perfection!"

Stacy scooted around. "I wish I could get fucked at the same time. Master, can you spread your legs a little? I'd like to play with your nuts at the very least."

"Um, sure."

With one hand grasping my left nut and the other stroking Clarissa's right ass cheek, Stacy said, "As good as that feels, try squeezing! Make Master groan and shiver!

"What? You mean like this?" She experimentally clenched and unclenched her pussy walls.

She could tell right away that she had done something good, because I moaned to let her know that I really liked it.

"Oh! Master? Is that good? How 'bout this?" She rose up a bit, then settled all the way back down. Then she clenched and unclenched again for good measure.

This time, I had no choice but to groan, it felt so good.

I could see her beaming with pleasure.

Jane had been sitting and watching with satisfaction, but now she leaned in towards Clarissa and ran her hands up and down her front and back sides. "You see, Clarissa? It's easy. Good sluts are ready and willing to spread their legs and take it at any time of day or night for their Master. But excellent sluts don't just get fucked, they fuck back! Let your inner slut out. Go wild! Go wild on his cock!" She pinched Clarissa's nipple to accentuate her point.

Clarissa gasped in a little cry of pain, pleasure, and triumph as my wife gently and teasingly kissed and licked the nipple she'd pinched. Hungry for more, my new sex slut closed her eyes and concentrated. Then she started churning her hips.

It seemed like she was quadruple-jointed down there or something, because all of a sudden her hips seemed to be going up and down, side to side, and back and forth all at once! As I continued to moan and groan my satisfaction, she got more into it and more aggressive.

It was heaven.

But she wasn't done. It seems that no one had explained to her that pussy squeezing should only be used when the penis was relatively stationary, because somehow she kept her magic hips churning in every direction AND used the pussy clenching trick she'd just discovered! Not even my very sexually talented wife had done that to me before.

It felt so great that I wanted to shout hosannas of joy. I also wanted to tell my wife that she was the Michelangelo of creating perfect sluts, and Clarissa was her Sistine Chapel masterpiece. What Clarissa was doing with her pussy and hips together was a work of art!

Then, on top of that, Stacy was playing with my balls as if she'd been doing it for years and knew exactly how to turn me on. And I couldn't help but stare at the sight of Jane repeatedly running her hands over Clarissa's huge bouncing breasts, like she was in awe of their firmness and size.

Jane realized that I was staring at her hands, so turned to look at me. "You like? Just think: this is how it's going to be every night from now on! More pussies than you can shake a dick at!" She laughed at her pun.

I lay back and enjoyed what Clarissa was doing. At one point she asked, "Is this okay?" and again I had to fight off guffaws because it was so much more than okay. Her hips were churning in every possible direction while her whole body went up and down at a steady pace. Just watching her sexy movements, I'm sure, would have been enough to trigger an orgasm.

I idly wondered how much of that was natural talent and how much of it was trained or somehow induced by my wife's manipulations, but I ultimately didn't care. All I knew was that she was driving me to an inhumanly powerful orgasm.

My main goal now was simply to stave off my climax for a little while. I didn't want to pop my cork just a minute or two after she'd practically reinvented the art of fucking; I had to have more!

Then it hit me: why don't I try to use one of Jane's triggers on myself? It was getting to the point where I had to do something soon in any case.

So with the urge to cum washing over my like a tsunami, I cried out, "So good! You're so incredible!"

I was glad that for once the trigger wasn't something ridiculous like "Weeble-wobble" or "mountains of Venus." What she was doing WAS completely incredible, so it was just about what I would have wanted to shout out anyway.

A strange feeling passed over me. On the one hand, I felt relief that the urge to cum had passed, but on the other hand, I felt extreme frustration that the urge to cum had passed. While the trigger had worked, I could tell that the effect wouldn't last for long. It was out of the frying pan and into the fire for me, because those sexy hips were still churning and her pussy was still convulsively squeezing. And that's not even counting all the things Stacy and Jane were adding to the mix. I had to keep my eyes closed to prevent sensory overload.

Now Clarissa started yelling. "Master! Master! Master Rod! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!"

True, it wasn't Shakespeare, and it was very repetitive, with a lot of "Master"s and even more "Fuck me"s. (As if I wasn't fucking her already! - I was thrusting up with my hips quite strongly now too.) But it certainly was heartfelt. She was giving this her all, and then some.

It only took me another minute or two before I felt the great urge to cum again. I realized then that the delay trigger was nice, but it wouldn't turn me into a sexual Superman because each time I used it in rapid succession I would get diminishing returns.

Not to mention that by this time my mind and body both were crying out to cum, and any further delay would only be frustrating for everyone.

Luckily, that thought reminded me that I needed to be mindful to make sure she'd have a great cum too. She kept churning and churning and churning, like she was trying to grind my erection clear off. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I yelled out, "Weeble-wobble!" I made a mental note that we'd need to change this triggering system and the triggers too; it wasn't fair that she and Stacy should cum so infrequently.

The plus side, however, was that when she did cum, it was a supersized multiple orgasm that curled toes and practically shook the room.

Perhaps recalling what Stacy had cried out as I squirted into her, Clarissa yelled, "Baby time! He's knocking me up!"

I looked down to where we were joined and I saw that Jane had her hand down there too. She was tweaking Clarissa's clit just to ensure she had a maximal blended orgasm.

This time, when Clarissa fell onto me, Jane fell with her, and Stacy slumped over Clarissa's lower back. We ended up one big tangle of bodies.

I remained conscious this time, though just barely. I was pleased to see that I'd fucked Clarissa into unconsciousness, just as I had Stacy. That's pretty good for the ego, too.

Some minutes passed as we all brought our ragged breathing back to normal.

I noticed that Stacy had fallen asleep, but that Jane was still awake.

I eased my way out from underneath the girls. Then I silently nudged my wife and led her out of the room so we could talk alone.

First we kissed some more, and then she said, "Happy birthday!"

I joked with understatement, "Best. Birthday. Ever." Then I said more seriously, "You've got some serious pussy licking to take care of, young lady. I expect you to go back in there, wake up Stacy, and finish what you started. And then you two have a serious creampie mess in Clarissa's pussy that needs to be cleaned up."

"Okay, but don't tell me you're ready for another round."

"Nah. Although, after I watch you all go at it, who knows? I suppose anything is possible on a night like this. I just want to make sure you get as much pleasure tonight as I do."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm already there and then some. This is MY fantasy as much as yours. Gaawwwd, I creamed so much when I saw you give those slutty, submissive cheerleaders a good fucking!"

"If you say so. Personally, I think I'm getting a much better deal. But we've got a problem. Did you see the way those two are looking at me now, like I'm some kind of god? Don't tell me you can turn that on and off like a switch. I think they're seriously in love! Or at least they think they are."

"No," Jane admitted, "I hadn't planned on that and I don't know what to do about that. I can try to 'dial down' some things, but I think once puppy love kicks in, it sets off all kinds of hormonal and chemical triggers in the body that can't be easily undone. Besides, why should we? It's win-win. We're stuck with two new totally-devoted sex slaves, and everybody's happy."

"Well, but, what does that mean?"

"Whatever you like. I have a feeling I'm going to be telling you 'the sky's the limit' a lot until you finally get it. For one thing, it means that when I get up tomorrow and go to work, you can stay home and play with your new busty toys. But don't wear yourself out too much because I've already arranged for another guest to come to dinner tomorrow night."

"No! Who?"

"I don't want to ruin the surprise. I've got all kinds of fun things planned. She's another really special one. Let's just call her 'potential slut slave number three' for now. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" She deliberately hammed up an evil scientist laugh.

"You really are a mad professor, you know that? You must be confusing me with someone else, someone with superhuman stamina. Maybe you're confusing me with an entire football team or something."

But she blew that off with a disparaging look and said, "And by the way, I'm going to try to postpone some of the others so I can make some tweaks, but we can't keep the rest of the squad waiting too long. They're antsy for cock. Remember that they've all been going without for months, doing nothing but vaguely longing for an older type of man. And I must admit that there are a few others I've been priming for you. You're such a good lover that it almost seems a shame not to share you with some of my close friends. And did I mention that I sent your sister Leona an interesting music CD a few months ago? Apparently she listens to it all the time."

"Jane! Don't say that!"

"And her husband? He's got a CD too. And for some strange reason, this new craving to have his busty wife sleep with other men. Or should I say, another man." She giggled. "I wonder who that could be."

"That's totally unfair! You're making that up! Aren't you?"

"Hmmm. Am I?" She ran a hand over my chest. "Life's not fair, is it?"

"Dammit, now you've got me hard again!" I stared incredulously at my loins. "How did that happen? It's not even possible, after all I just did!"

She looked down at my revived erection and licked her lips. "Goody. And I didn't even use a trigger for that; that's an all-natural boner. I call dibs on this next fuck. It's about time, too. And you know what? We haven't even gotten started. There are so many triggers, so many secrets and skills I've built into these two alone. Every day's gonna be Christmas from now on. You'll see. Oh, and you'll have to help me build next year's squad. And the year after that. And the year after that. And, well, you get the picture."

I shook my head in wonder as Jane and I walked back into our bedroom to wake our two girls.


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