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NOTE: These story codes are those used some years ago on ASSM, available here.

This story is similar to Six Times a Day in that there is one main male character who gets involved with a number of women. It also has a similar over-the-top style. The main difference is that the primary character is happily married, and a father instead of a son. It is still in progress, under very active development.

This is the index to book 3 of the series. Here are the indices to the prior and next books in the series. Here is a set of summary descriptions of the various characters who play a noticeable part in the series.

Chapter 1: Dan gets a pleasant wake-up from Cindy and Sue Ellen on the first full day of his sex boycott.

Chapter 2: Dan has some important tasks to take care of. He meets with the rest of his Harem to discuss changes to the Cooper estate.

Chapter 3: Dan locks horns with Sonia at Mama Mia's.

Chapter 4: Sue Ellen makes the most of a thirty-minute break in the Pussymobile.

Chapter 5: Dan returns to Mama Mia's and tangles again with Sonia's wrath.

Chapter 6: Michelle and Ruby confront Dan about the sex boycott. Afterwards, Dan has a revealing long-distance chat with Nicky.

Chapter 7: Dan has an awkward dinner with family as the impact of the sex boycott starts to sink in.

Chapter 8: Dan and Cindy spend some alone time, working out some issues.

Chapter 9: Dan and Cindy continue to explore the joys of anal pleasure before Sue Ellen arrives for threesome fun.

Chapter 10: Dan wakes up early in the morning with the very enthusiastic help of Sue Ellen and Cindy.

Chapter 11: Dan goes to Mama Mia’s in order to do more work and research, and is greeted by a surprising sight.

Chapter 12: The battle between Daniel Cooper and Sonia Bossi comes to a head in her back office at Mama Mia’s.

Chapter 13: The grudge match between Dan and Sonia Bossi continues, reaching its climax.

Chapter 14: Dan spends a little more time at Mama Mia’s, dealing with the aftermath.

Chapter 15: Dan visits Mindy at her office to tell her about his recent activity with Sonia.

Chapter 16: Dan’s visit to Mindy’s office continues after work hours, talking about the events of the day in detail as he hammers in the need for secrecy and the boycott.

Chapter 17: After a nap and a meal, Dan takes a quiet walk around the neighborhood when he bumps into someone unexpected.

Chapter 18: Dan’s nighttime encounter leads to many things revealed.

Chapter 19: Dan gets into a game of pool with high stakes – and beyond.

Chapter 20: A little late, but Dan makes it back to his house for his planned video chat with Nicky.

Chapter 21: The video chat with Nicky continues, with Sue Ellen joining in the conversation.

Chapter 22: The video chat reaches its climax, with Nicky on one side and Dan & Sue Ellen on the other (headed towards a different climax).

Chapter 23: Dan wakes up to a special “tickle attack” before the total sex boycott kicks in.

Chapter 24: As his first errand of the morning, Dan visits Mindy and Cindy at the office to discuss plans for a “date” that night.

Chapter 25: Dan goes to Mama Mia’s in order to work, and deals with both Sue Ellen and Sonia (over very different matters).

Chapter 26: Dan spends more time at Mama Mia’s, making progress on both his latest novel, and with Sonia.

Chapter 27: Dan convenes a full harem meeting, in an attempt to reinforce the sex boycott.

more to come

NOTES: Thanks to Ecchi Spud, who contributed most of these synopses.

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