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Dramatis Personae: The Characters of the "Reasonable ..." series

Written by Spacer X ( and Mark

Major and minor characters

Where worth noting, ages as of the start of Reasonable Bounds are in parentheses. Heights of significant characters are given in both English and metric units. Bra cup sizes in this story now use this US scheme. Those used herein are B, C, D, E, and F.

The Cooper Family:

Daniel "Dan" Cooper (38): He is a writer of historical fiction, and works from his office at home. He had a very traditional, Catholic upbringing and still attends church semi-regularly. He has one sister and his parents are divorced. His mother is in a retirement home. He has brown eyes and brown hair, is a bit over six feet tall, has a handsome and hunky appearance, and a rugged, square-jawed face, somewhat like the actor Sean Bean's. He often is called "Honey" or "Hon" by Mindy and "Dad" or "Daddy" by his daughters.

Mindy Cooper (38): She works in the office of a legal firm in contract law. She loves to make jokes. She had a shotgun wedding to Dan right after high school; they have been very happily married ever since. She is not particularly religious. She is sometimes known as "Smirkarella" (especially by herself) due to her frequent but good-natured smirking. She has penetrating, narrow, dark blue eyes, D-cup sized breasts, an hourglass figure, long blonde hair, and a bubble butt. She has a racing stripe of pubic hair. She is often called "Sweetheart" or "Min" by Dan, and "Mom" by her daughters.

Nicole "Nicky" Cooper (19): She is a model daughter, known for her good behavior and excellent academics. She has finished her freshman year at U.C.Berkeley, where she added her "freshman fifteen," a late growth spurt that only enhanced her overall shape rather than hurt it. She is known as being shy and modest. She dresses conservatively but is loosening up. She had a boyfriend named Steve at Berkeley for the last year, but broke up with him. She has medium long, straight brown hair, brilliant blue eyes, E-cup sized breasts, a jutting bubble butt, and a shaved pubic area. She is nicknamed "Muffin" by Dan.

Michelle Cooper (18): She is the opposite of Nicky in both attitude and attire, and is known for being very outgoing and headstrong. She and her best friend Ruby make up the "Gruesome Twosome" or the "Hellions." She recently graduated from high school and is headed to U.C. Irvine in the fall. She has a part-time summer job at Grand Avenue Video with Ruby. She stays very fit, and goes running every morning. She wears a cheery, toothy smile nearly all the time, but can get emotional easily. Her most notable feature is her enormous, jutting, seemingly gravity-defying F-cup set of breasts, which are often likened to torpedoes. She has blonde hair (longer than Mindy's), which falls down to her impressive bubble butt. She is fairly tall, has silky, smooth skin with an all-over tan, intense, sultry blue eyes, and distinctive eyebrows, much like Michelle Pfeiffer's. She has a shaved bush. She is nicknamed "Shelle," but only by Dan.

The McGrath Family:

Cynthia "Cindy" McGrath (39): She is the mother of Ruby and lives just down the street from the Coopers. She has been Mindy's close friend since high school, and has become Mindy's best friend in recent years. She works in a dead-end secretarial job to fill her days and help make ends meet. She divorced from her "spoiled rich kid" husband Rex three years ago, whom she married right out high school. She is stunningly pretty and very fit for her age. She has brownish red hair, which is darker than Ruby's, green eyes, fair skin, and a cute nose. Her breasts are D-cups. She is sometimes called "Cin" by Dan.

Ruby McGrath (18): She is Michelle's best friend and her constant sidekick. She is outgoing and headstrong like Michelle, but is generally content to live in her shadow. The two of them are often called the "Gruesome Twosome" or the "Hellions." She has a part-time summer job at Grand Avenue Video with Michelle. She also is a recent high school graduate, and also is headed to U.C. Irvine in the fall. She has flaming red hair, very short and spiky, cropped almost like a boy's, but long in front and sometimes falling into her green eyes. She is fairly tall and surprisingly tanned, with an hourglass figure. She has a shaved bush and E-cup breasts that are almost as large as Michelle's, but less jutting. She is sometimes called "Red" by Dan.

Rex McGrath (44): He is Cindy's abusive ex-husband and Ruby's genetic father. He was a stereotypical dissolute, spoiled rich kid who never learned how to work or control himself. He was divorced because of his drinking, cheating, gambling, and other bad habits. He divorced Cindy three years ago to take on a new "trophy wife," and has had very little contact with Ruby or Cindy since then.

Characters from Mama Mia's Restaurant:

Sue Ellen Miller (19): She is very cheery and adorable, and has recently started working part-time as a Mama Mia's waitress. She has a slight Southern accent and sometimes uses colorful Southern expressions. She was bought up in a rural hamlet in Georgia by very strict, conservative, and generally unhappy parents. She moved to California one year ago and has just finished her freshman year at U.C. Irvine. She has excelled in sports and earned a volleyball scholarship. She has shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, a cute button nose, nice tan, and very toned and muscular legs. Her breasts are D-cup sized, and she has a shaved bush. She is nicknamed "Cupcake" by Dan.

Sonia Bossi (early 30s): She owns Mama Mia's restaurant. She won the restaurant three years ago as part of a divorce settlement from her rich ex-husband, and spends most of her time there trying very hard to prevent it from going out of business. She has been surly, demanding, and unpleasant at least since the divorce, earning her the nickname "the Bat" from her waitresses. She looks dignified and classy, regal, even, and is typically well-dressed, with a tendency to wear black. She has a classic Italian face, with a typical Roman nose, long, straight black hair, tanned olive skin, and dark brown eyes. Has a very sexy and impressive figure, lithe and slim, with a C-cup sized breasts.

Luigi Bossi: He is Sonia's ex-husband. He is a successful businessman, a multimillionaire with his fingers in a lot of pies before their marriage. He cheated on her and she got the restaurant in the divorce three years ago. They have been out of contact ever since.

Laura Johnson: A waitresses. She is a good friend to Sue Ellen, though they haven't known each other for long since Sue Ellen just started working there. She attends U.C. Irvine. She is slightly overweight, with larger than average breasts.

Josie: A waitress. She is olive skinned, and possibly has Middle Eastern ethnicity. She has punk rock-styled dark black hair, short and spiky with purple streaks in it. She has a nose ring, metal piercing in her tongue, and small tattoos on her upper arms. She is short, not much over five feet, and very attractive, with large breasts and a lot of curves.

Roseanne: A waitress. She is cute with a nice face and dark brown hair cut in a short bob. Her body looks extremely fit, an inch or two over five feet, with B-cup breasts.

Lori: A waitress.

Paula: A manager at Mama Mia's. She is about fifty years old and not attractive.

Tom: Laura's boyfriend.

Mike: Sue Ellen's boyfriend.

Friends of the Cooper Daughters:

Anjali (18): She is a classmate of Michelle and Ruby, and recently graduated from high school like them. She has been their friend for many years. She is bold and brash. She is born in the US but her family came from India. She has a dark complexion, so much so that occasionally some people would guess that she was African-American. She has very sexy almond shaped eyes, long flowing black hair, ample curves without being chubby, wide hips, and very large E-cup breasts.

Nina (18): She is a classmate of Michelle and Ruby, and recently graduated from high school like them. She has been their friend for many years. She is tall, with a slender distance runner's build. She has very light skin, platinum blonde hair, very rosy cheeks, and an extremely attractive face. She is considered "cover girl" pretty. She is known to have fooled around with Sheba in the restroom at Mama Mia's. She has large breasts for her build, probably D-cup size.

Lisa (18): She is a classmate of Michelle and Ruby, and recently graduated from high school like them. She has been their friend for many years. She is shorter and not as buxom or hourglass shaped Michelle and Ruby or most of their other friends. She has a positive attitude and never-ending smile, but is also has a very manipulative personality. She has a tremendous crush on Dan, perhaps more so than any of the other girl friends. She is stunning yet the epitome of cute. She has short bobbed brown hair, full rosy cheeks, brown eyes, and a big toothy smile. She excels in many sports, and she also practices martial arts.

Monique (19): She is a good friend of Nicky's, but also knows Michelle and Ruby. Like Nicky, she is shy, smart, and studious. She is from Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean. She looks black, but her ancestry is a mix of Spanish, Indian, French, and mostly African. Skin that is lighter than the typical African American. Speaks with a French accent. She has short hair, like Halle Berry's. Probably C-cups breasts.

Roxy (18): She is an old friend of Michelle and Ruby, but has since fallen from their inner circle. She was sexually involved with Michelle for a while.

Diane (18): She is old friend of Michelle and Ruby, but has since fallen from their inner circle. She was sexually involved with Michelle for a while.

Sheba (18): She is a female friend and lover of Nina's. She was caught having sex with Nina in the ladies room at Mama Mia's by Laura.

Other Characters:

Erica: Mindy's sister, who lives in Santa Barbara. She is married to Bob, who is not well liked by Mindy.

Jane Corlin (late 30s): She is a friend of Mindy's, and also knows Dan from many social gatherings. She is single and is considered extremely sexually desirable. She has a regal and stunning face, but she also has very large breasts and is stunning all over. She has been topless in the Cooper hot tub with Mindy, but not with Dan.

Matt and Delilah Jensen (late 30s): They are a married couple who offered Dan and Mindy a wife swapping night a year and a half ago. Dan rejected the offer, and nicknamed the failed attempt the "Christmas Party Incident."

Cynthia (around 20): A D.J. at a local unpopular dance room connected to a hotel. She is college-aged and fairly cute.

Steve (19): Nicky's first serious boyfriend. They break up as the school term ends

Maria: A Hispanic waitress at Señor Diego's restaurant. She is noted for being extremely busty, even compared to the likes of Michelle.

Samantha Simmons: She "pantsed" Dan in the infamous "campfire incident" several years earlier.

Ajay: She is Anjali's former boyfriend.

Kara (21): A tourist Nicky meets and befriends in Hawaii. She is blonde, busty, outgoing, and sister of Kendall. She is from Sydney, Australia.

Kendall (20): A tourist Nicky meets and befriends in Hawaii. She is blonde, busty, outgoing, and sister of Kara. She is from Sydney, Australia.

NOTE: The first draft of this was written by Mark, who deserves a special thanks! Also, thanks to Johnny Galt.

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