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Chapter 1

(Saturday, May 18th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBr, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Sweetheart, I have something kind of serious to tell you."

"What's that, Honey?" My wife Mindy was cuddled up next to me in our big bed. It was Saturday night, May 18, 2002. I didn't realize it at the time, but my life was about to completely change.

We'd just had a fantastic love-making session, which wasn't that surprising. We still made love all the time, even if we'd had some problems with our sex life in recent years.

"Well, it's a problem. A serious problem," I said. Then I frowned, because that was more than an understatement. Here I was, Dan Cooper, a successful author, with a lovely wife, two beautiful children, happy home, fame and recognition in my field, lots of money, good friends, you name it. Life was good. Except for one thing: my daughter Michelle, the younger of our two daughters and the only one still living at home, had the hots for me. Worse, I loved it. Actually, I loved it and hated it with equal intensity. It threatened to ruin everything we had as a happy family.

I paused and tried to figure out how to explain things to my wife. We have a great relationship, one of deep love and complete trust. So I had to tell her SOMETHING. I'd already put it off for too many days, weeks even, and not telling her was eating me alive.

As I lay there in search for the right words, her curiosity was piqued. She sat up, which caused her big breasts to wobble, and she looked at me intently with her dark blue eyes. "Honey, what is it? You can tell me."

"It's just, well... Promise me something. No matter what I say, you'll still love me, right? We can work through any problem, no matter what. Isn't that what we always tell each other?"

She leaned in closer. She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing, so her nicely tanned and full twin orbs practically swung into my chest. She knew how much I loved the way that looked and felt. but it was odd for her to be tempting me at a time like this. She looked at me with concern. "For God's sake, Dan, tell me already! Yes, yes, I promise. Now what is it?"

"Well... You'd agree I've been a good father to our daughters, right? I've tried my best."

"Of course! You're Superdad. They think you walk on water."

"So keep in mind that that's not going to change. Nothing is going to happen. I just have some strange feelings that I have to get off my chest. We have all kinds of weird dreams and fantasies in life, right? We can't control what they are, they just-"

"Dammit, Dan! What on Earth is wrong? You're killing me with suspense!" She pulled in even closer until her nose was practically touching mine. She rested her perfectly shaped D-cups right on my arm, which made me intensely aware of the warmth of her body. I could feel her sweet breath blowing on my ear.

Her closeness and attentiveness made it hard for me to think. It would be so easy just to ravish my sexy wife yet again, but now was not the time; it was hard enough getting this far with my planned speech. So I pressed on before getting too distracted. "Sorry, Sweetheart. Well... There's no real easy way to put this, but remember that I don't want ANYTHING to happen. Nothing has happened and nothing will happen. I just want to get these feelings off my chest and figure out how to get past them. And what to do! The thing is, I, well ... sometimes I have ... um... impure thoughts about Michelle. ... There. I said it!"

Mindy laughed heartily. She appeared greatly relieved.

What shocked the hell of out me though was the fact that amusement would be her only reaction.

"Is that all?" she asked, still chuckling. "You're getting me all worked up over that? Oh, Honey. My sweet Honey, you're so cute when you get all moral. It looks like I have my work cut out for me, trying to corrupt an honest man like you. Now, how can I get an upright, upstanding man like you to defile an innocent little girl like me?"

She leaned in to kiss me and make out. Her mouth didn't have to go far, and her lips were on mine before I even knew what was happening. Soon, we were going at it again like teenagers in the back of a car. She grabbed at my penis through the sheets and blankets.

I was flaccid, but knowing what her talented hands were liable to do, plus there was the way her tremendous breasts were rubbing against my chest. I got erect again in seconds.

She giggled and said, "Oooh! Looks like I know one part of you that's definitely upright and upstanding!"

I pulled back just a bit - I didn't want to seem like I was rejecting her. "Mindy! I'm serious! This is really serious! It's been bugging me for weeks. Hell, months, but it's gotten really bad in the last few weeks. I was hoping this situation with Michelle would go away, but it just seems to be getting more intense. What's wrong with me? I'm sick! I'm a bad father!"

Mindy laughed again. She still leaned over me from our near kiss. I could feel her hard and crinkly nipples scraping against my chest as our noses practically touched. "What's wrong with you? There's only one thing wrong with you. You have an unbelievably gorgeous daughter that any male of the species would be VERY attracted to. She's a goddess in her prime. She's eighteen and growing out in all the right places. Did you know she can't even borrow my bras anymore?"

As my wife talked, she continued to rest her hand over my hard-on. But she wasn't content to leave it at that. She grasped hold of it firmly, surrounding me with her fingers and raising my hard pole straight up. It was still enshrouded by the bed sheets, but that only made my situation more difficult because we use silk sheets.

She began to stroke my shaft more vigorously as she continued, "Our precious little girl has graduated into an F-cup now; you're behind the times. She keeps growing, with no end in sight! F stands for fantastic! Can you just imagine, someone that young, with F-cups already?! I mean, imagine if she keeps growing at this rate. Imagine what she'd be like after she's had a baby. She'll need a shopping cart just to carry her huge knockers around!" She giggled. "I can totally sympathize with your plight. If I was a male, I'd have a hard time thinking of anything but sliding my thing in and out between those monstrous gazongas."

"Please!" I pleaded, suddenly overwhelmed by erotic overload. I feebly swatted her hand away. It was hard to be forceful when I knew how talented she was at making my dick happy.

She giggled again. "Please what? Please stroke your long, fat, throbbing cock? That can be arranged." She grasped my stiff erection through the sheets again and resumed her stroking of it, only with more vigor.

"No. Please!"

"Please? Please what? You want my permission to titfuck our daughter? Hmmm..." She looked thoughtful, as if seriously considering the idea. "Well, maybe if you do the dishes more often... Does that sound reasonable? Then you can titfuck her all you like. But if you want her to suck your cock, you'll have to be better about mowing the lawn."

I gasped at her easy agreement. She was a non-stop joker, so this had to just be more kidding, right? She WAS kidding, wasn't she? I said, "Please! What I mean is, please, stop! Stop the sexy talk and for God's sake stop jacking me off! I'm being serious here, but you're treating this like play time."

She looked at me seriously, but continued to stroke my erection. "It's okay. I understand. That hourglass figure of hers, the long blonde hair, her luscious lips, her bubble butt, her silky smooth skin and all-over tan, her notorious 'jutting torpedoes,' but most of all, her intense, sultry eyes... It's like her entire body is built for sex!"

She seemed surprised at herself. "Heck, she gets ME going sometimes! Ha! Can you imagine that, Michelle and I, in a sixty-nine? Can you just picture it, your daughter and your wife, running our hands all over each-"

I groaned with lust. This conversation wasn't exactly going the way I'd figured it would. I interrupted, "Yes! I can picture it, okay? Don't spell it out!"

"Honey, if you weren't attracted to her, I'd have to say there was something very wrong with your libido. You can't help that you have a daughter like that. It must be tough to have a centerfold-worthy daughter who seems to ooze sex out of every pore, but you just have to grin and bear it. Stiff upper lip, and uh, other stiff things."

She looked down at the large bulge in the bed sheets that contained my rigid hard-on, and frowned. She pulled the blankets away but kept the silk sheet wrapped around my erection, so she could stroke it against the fabric that much more sensuously.

I practically begged, "Please! Stop!"

She knew all of the most sensitive spots on my dick, and rubbed the silk against them. "It's okay, Honey. I know you're just fantasizing. There's nothing wrong with a little fantasy fun time, and it's only natural to fantasize about Michelle's huge breasts, her bee-stung lips perfect for cocksucking, and all the rest of her. Remember last night when you pretended I was Teri Hatcher?"

I pushed her hand away from my groin. "But Sweetheart! It's more than that. Our fantasy characters are always out of reach, but she lives in this very house! This is serious. I'm not just looking at her, admiring her the way a proud father should. I'm not even just idly fantasizing. I want to DO things with her! Really do things! You know what kind of things!"

Mindy laughed, seemingly completely unbothered by this "shocking" problem. I knew that she found it endearing that I was such a highly sexed individual, having made love to her countless thousands of times, and yet I still could get all hung up about saying or doing certain sexual things. I can't help it. I had a very square upbringing, and sometimes the things you're taught as a kid just never wear off. But being a "horny prude" is a bad combination, believe me.

She mocked me. "Oh no! What kind of things? Help her with her homework? Drive her to school? Oh no, you wicked man! I'll bet you want to give her a MASSAGE! Horrors!" She laughed some more. We give each other a lot of massages in our family; we are very touchy-feely.

Mindy didn't seem to see any problem at all. In fact, my wife was so at ease with the whole situation that she began to run one of her hands through my hair. She pulled her body over mine a bit more until she was completely on top of me and her legs rested on the outsides of mine. She seemed unusually frisky. In fact, she seemed ready to bonk me brainless (again). She whispered into my face with her sexiest voice, "I have to admit, imagining you with a hot, busty, teenage fuckpot who can barely handle all of your big fat cock does get me all wet, actually."

"Mindy, you don't understand! Have you not been listening to me? I'm not talking about just any teenage so-called 'fuckpot'-"

Mindy silenced me with a finger to my lips and a disapproving click of her tongue. "'Hot, busty, teenage fuckpot,'" she corrected me with a giggle.

I scowled. "Whatever. I'm talking about OUR MICHELLE! Here's the killer: I think she finds me attractive too. In the last few weeks, she's been, well, FLIRTING with me! I'm serious! It's really bizarre."

Mindy laughed mirthfully again. I could feel her pillowy chest shake as it pressed down onto mine. "Another shocker. I can see the headlines now: 'Young Female Finds Handsome Male Attractive.' I'm stunned. Dan, you've always been a handsome man. You've got that squeaky-clean but rugged, square-jawed thing going on. You're hip. You're fun. You're successful. I'm one lucky woman to have you."

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. "Come on. I'm not all that. Anyway, there's the age difference. It's not right for someone that young to have feelings for-"

She cut me off with a finger to my lips again. "You're young. You're only twenty years older than her. ALL her friends like you. Heck, I'll bet they all have crushes on you, and in fact I know some of them do. That's totally natural too. I'm not blind."

She continued, "I've seen Michelle dressing like a tart at home lately. I've seen her bending over and preening, and only when you're around. I can practically feel the sexual heat rising from her when she looks at you lately. I've seen her wearing those tube tops, and tank tops, and miniskirts, and micro-mini-skirts, and nano-pico-mini-skirts."

She joked, "Why, just the other day, I saw her wear a skirt so short that it started just above her belly button and ended up just below her belly button." My wife loved to joke, even at inappropriate times like this.

I imagined my luscious daughter wearing a skirt that was only one inch high and hung uselessly around the middle of her waist - and nothing else. That image did nothing to help my erection go down, and there was no doubt my wife had noticed. Her hand sliding up and down my boner wasn't exactly helping with that, either.

"I know!" I complained. "It's hardly even a joke, with the stuff she wears. And you should see what she wears when you're NOT around! I hate to say this, but my daughter is dressing like a high-classed call girl."

My wife paused for a moment, as if seriously contemplating the possibility.

"Well, look on the bright side. With all the money she'll be pulling in, we'll finally be able to pay off the rest of the mortgage. And it could be a good career fit. We always did say she was a people person."

"Miiiiiindy! Please. Can we have a sexual and joking time-out, here?"

"Sorry. You're so teasible." She seemed to get the sexual "time out" message, at least, insofar as she stopped stroking my erection. But then she ran a finger around my collar bones and up my neck and stared into my eyes with one of those sultry 'take me, now!' stares. Damn, I love my wife. It was so hard to tell her no when she was on the prowl like this.

Running a hand through my hair, she said, "Seriously, I'm sure she's just going through a phase as she discovers the power of her sexuality. Every girl 'practices' her little wiles on her daddy, if she's got one. That's perfectly normal. It's like she's learning to flex her sexual muscles. You know what I mean? Can't you see that this is just her flexing her sexual muscles? Can't you just be patient and let her flex her sexual muscles around you?"

There was a long pause as my wife waited for a reply. But I was too busy imagining the sight of Michelle's thigh muscles flexing as she spread her legs wide. Then my boner was thrusting inside my own daughter and it was her pussy muscles that were flexing, clamping around me with great expertise, driving me insane with illicit pleasure! Did Mindy realize the double meaning in her comment?

Of course she did. This is Mindy we're talking about. So I said, "I'm calling you on that. You know, your double meaning."

She giggled. "You got me. But you know how much I love to tease and joke."

"Not about this! For God's sake."

"Hey, anything's fair game for teasing in my book, and you're too uptight. But getting back to the point, she is just getting, well, if you don't like the muscle-flexing metaphor, let's say she's kicking off the training wheels. Soon she'll find a nice young man and we'll just look back on those innocent teases and laugh. I say let's watch her get you too horny to think, then you'll come running to me and we'll have fun like rabid, epileptic monkeys on crack."

I laughed. "Epileptic?"

"You know, having a seizure." She shook her ample chest suggestively.

"You're too much." I laughed some more, but I was frustrated too. Not to mention far too aroused for a serious conversation like this.

Her finger went to my lips. She started to trace their shape in a very sensual way.

I found myself staring into her eyes and I was so overcome by my wife's beauty that I nearly lost my concentration. She had that effect on me several times a day, at the least.

Somehow, I shook myself from her enchantment and complained, "Mindy! How can you say that? I can't believe you're treating this so lightly. She's eighteen years old, just finished her senior year in high school, and how many boyfriends has she had? None. Zero. Zip! A few one-night dates and that's it. It's unhealthy! Given how attractive she is, she should have all the guys falling all over her and dating nonstop."

Mindy pointed out, "If she's dating 'all the guys' nonstop, that would make her a slut. You don't want your daughter to be a slut, do you? Eagerly spreading her legs for a hot beef injection from any man who asks, or even wanders by?" She rubbed her chin. "Hmmm. Since she's home most of the time, i guess she'd mostly be spreading her legs for you."

I was getting exasperated. Mindy loved to joke all the time, but this sort of sexual emphasis was very strange. She seemed to be encouraging incest! I complained, "No! That wasn't what I meant. Why can't she just go steady with one guy? And anyway, what's with your language tonight? You're talking like a cheap streetwalker."

"Honey! I'm insulted. Michelle gets to be a high-classed call girl and I'm just a cheap streetwalker? How much more does it cost for an hour for you to fuck HER pussy? It's not fair!"

"Sweetheart, if you don't get serious, I'm just going to drop it. Here I am, baring my soul, and you're doing your usual comedy routine."

"I'm sorry, Honey. In all seriousness, I'm just trying to ease the tension with laughter. I'll try to control myself. Please go on."

"Well, I think she has very unhealthy feelings for me, and frankly, you know how I am. I have an active libido and I'm always thinking from below the belt. Who knows what can happen? How would you like this for a headline: 'Father and Daughter Sentenced to Hard Labor at Folsom Prison for Incestuous Liaison.'"

Mindy laughed yet again, brushing back her straight blonde hair. "'Folsom,' eh? It's true you have an active libido, but you have an even more active imagination. That's one reason I love you so much, and a big reason why you've been a successful writer. You're like a real flesh-and-blood Walter Mitty. I'm sure this is just your fevered imagination in overdrive."

She settled down on me and found a more comfortable position. She dropped a hand down to her thighs and pressed one of her legs between mine.

Luckily, my hard-on had weakened since she'd stopped rubbing it around the silk sheets. I was trying to have a serious conversation and I didn't want her to think that talking about my daughter in this way would make me aroused, even though it was. But "weakened" in this case meant it was only hard enough to pound through iron, not through hardened steel.

I sighed. "You don't know how it is. I keep telling you, and you don't understand! Sure, you've seen a little flirting, and some sexy outfits, but she's quite restrained when you're around. When you're not there she goes berserk! She's like some kind of voluptuous vixen. An evil temptress. I'm only human! You have to tell her to stop!"

At this outburst, at long last my wife frowned. It appeared as if she had finally started to take me seriously. At least her body had stopped its subtle writhing over me. "Hrm. What exactly IS she doing, Honey?" Her smile didn't come back.

I sighed in relief. Maybe, finally, I could get through to her. "Well, take today, for instance. You know how she's bored already even though her school year ended on Friday, a mere 24 hours ago? Now that summer's started, she's going to do what she does every summer, which is just hang around our house with Ruby all day long, except for the days she has to work."

That reminded me of the other major thing I wanted to reveal. I paused dramatically. "And that's another thing! Ruby's an even bigger tease, if such a thing is humanly possible."

Ruby is Michelle's best friend, and is every bit as gorgeous and busty. In fact, the two of them are closer than most sisters. In fact, they might as well have been sisters, because Ruby spent much more time at our home than her house down the street. They semi-jokingly refer to themselves as "breastest friends" since they are both so naturally endowed.

"Oh, Ruby?" Mindy said dismissively. "She's harmless. And I'm hardly surprised. If Michelle does something, Ruby always does it too. You know how much I love her. I treat her like she's another daughter. It's not like she'd steal you away from me; she loves us."

I complained, "But that makes it worse! Of course I treat her like a daughter too. That means I essentially have two daughters out to get me! And when they team up, they're practically unstoppable!"

She chuckled some more. "You make them sound like monsters. Give me a break. What do they do that's so bad? Start with what you were going to say about what Michelle did to you today."

"Okay. An example will help. I was in my den, working on the computer as usual, and of course you'd already left for work. She came in around noon and said she wanted to go swimming in the pool and would I like to join her. Of course I said yes; you know I'm always looking for excuses to take a break from my writing."

Mindy nodded. She was no longer touching my boner with her hands in any way or even smiling (although her body was still draped over mine). I took that as a good sign that she was paying more attention.

"So we went to the pool and the flirting started. It was like a clichéd scene out of some porn movie. She asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. Her incredible, beautiful, wonderfully sculpted and richly tanned back. How could anyone have such light blonde hair and yet such a healthy brown yet slightly reddish tan? ... You see? I'm getting all aroused, just thinking about it! It's wrong. WRONG!"

"So what happened?" Mindy sat up on me some more, her worried look growing. But as she moved up, her thigh seemed to "accidentally" rub up and down my still erect dick. It took her a bit of such accidental rubbing before she settled into a new position. That frustrated me because I'd been hoping I would go flaccid soon. It wasn't right to have an erection while talking about the sexy things my daughter did.

I continued, "So I rubbed the suntan lotion into her back. And her legs. God, what legs! They go on for miles. So taut. So muscular. Perfection."

I realized with a start. "You see? She's got me all obsessed. It's not healthy." When my wife didn't reply, I continued, "Then she asked to do me. These were her exact words: 'Can I do you now? Or would you like to do me?' Talk about innuendo. She's almost as bad as you."

Between the pressure of Mindy's thigh on my trapped hard-on and recalling the way Michelle acted and looked tanning herself in the sun, my erection was throbbing almost painfully now. But I tried to purge those unwholesome thoughts, and griped, "She's an evil minx! Of course I said no. I always say no. I'm not going to let things go too far. No way, no how. I've never cheated on you and I never will! The very idea of adultery makes me ill, much less this kind of adultery! You know that, you know my passion for remaining loyal. There's nothing more important in my life than you. All the book popularity, all the money, the friends, the house, forget it! It's like paper in fire. Meaningless. Without you I would die."

She kissed me on the forehead tenderly and batted her eyelashes at me. "I know. That's why I love you so much. But what happened next?" Her blue eyes stared intently into my brown eyes from mere inches away, and the tips of our noses nearly touched.

"So then she went swimming. Fine. Great. No problem. I figured I could cool down from thinking about the possibility of her hands running all over me. ... NOT! She casually took her bikini top off, went to the edge of the diving board, and dove in topless! Without even asking me, mind you. Not that she was really wearing much of a bathing suit in the first place. She was wearing that little postage stamp thong bikini. You know the one I'm talking about, I'm sure. I mean, for crying out loud! I'm a male! Of course I'm going to react to that. Isn't that wrong, for her to go topless in front of me?"

Mindy brushed that off. "Oh, come on, she's been doing that for ages now. You should be used to it by now."

"I'm not! And that doesn't make it right. Anyway, so now I had the most exasperating raging hard-on. I was sweating. I was nervous. It was torture. I felt terrible!"

"And then?" Mindy started to get antsy and began to twitch her legs, which meant her thigh was inadvertently rubbing up against my erection, over and over. She was so absorbed in what I had to say that I didn't think she'd noticed what she was doing. Or maybe she did. There's never any way to tell with her.

"She swam for a while. Then I swam for a while. We read in the shade. I mean, it wasn't that bad; it wasn't like we were touching or anything. But she was topless the whole frickin' time! Our Michelle! This is no ordinary teen we're talking about here. We're talking about..." I didn't want to describe my daughter's breasts in words, so I paused and gripped the air with my hands as though I had just grown a rather massive pair of breasts on my own chest. "You know... THESE!"

Mindy's face was still so close to mine that she couldn't see what my hands were doing, but from the movement of my arms she could guess. "Yes. I see your point. Or should I say, points?" She giggled. My wife, close to the age of forty, is a well-respected businesswoman, but her sense of humor is truly irrepressible. Sometimes she acts more like a big kid than the high-powered career woman she is, even when I'm trying to be serious.

I frowned and tried to keep the mood somber. "To be honest, she's swam or walked around topless around me almost every afternoon lately, usually with Ruby in tow. Topless as well, of course! They say they're working on their tans. Sometimes they even take their bikini bottoms off too! True, they usually lie face down when doing that, but can you picture their two fantastic asses side by side, not to mention the rest of their nude bodies?!"

My wife frowned. "Hmmm. They've never done that around me. But then again, how else can they maintain their all-over tans? You have to admit they have impressive tans."

I griped, "That's not the point! They have to do that when I'm not around! There have been times I've caught them lying face UP! Totally naked! Of course I averted my eyes, but still. They go too far!"

"Honey, they're very keen on their tans. Just don't go outside when they're around."

"But it's summer and they're around and partially or totally naked ALL THE TIME! You don't know what it's like, since you're in the office from nine to five, or more. But I work from home. There's no escape for me. They don't stop when they're inside either. Michelle in particular, she's been constantly gallivanting around in all manner of thongs and underwear. Always with those giant torpedoes of hers freely swaying and bouncing. I never get used to it. It seems like whenever you're not around she finds some new excuse to walk around topless."

Mindy tilted her head to one side, now very curious about our daughter's antics. "Like what?"

"Like, she comes into my den almost every morning wearing nothing but high-cut lacy panties, asking me if I've seen her bikini. As if I'm the keeper of her bikini! No top! She just stands there with her big bare boobs bouncing around. One can hardly call her panties 'panties,' either. They're more like see-through thongs. And I'm always sitting at my desk and she always has to walk by as if it's deeper in the room somewhere, so..."

Mindy asked, "'So...' what? ... Oh, I get it. There's not much room to squeeze by, is there? I'll bet there's a lot of, 'Be careful, you can poke someone's eyes out with one of those things.' Right?"

"Yes. She practically shoves her wobbling torpedoes into my face like, well, like she wants me to suck! You know, on one of those ... things."

My wife suggested, "Nipples. Her erect nipples."

I nodded shamefully. "They're inches away. Inches! I mean, lately she's practically stopped any pretense. She just walks right up and pretty much just shoves them, well, you know..."

Mindy giggled. She seemed quite amused at how prudish I got when discussing my daughter's body. "So the torpedoes were launched from the submarine."

"Yes. Full-scale assault mode." I frowned. Michelle's breasts are hard to describe. Firm and high don't even begin to convey the way they practically assault you, they naturally jut out so far. I jokingly call them the "twin torpedoes," and Mindy naturally likes to play off of that conceit.

And if they're F-cups, then Ruby's must be E-cups. At least Ruby's don't jut out so much, but they're still firm and high and flawless, like you'd expect on a teenage centerfold.

Min joked further, "Watch out. If you get your usual big erection around her, you just might poke an eye out with that thing too."

I was exasperated at my wife's attitude. While she had a tendency to crack jokes at just about any time, our moods were rarely as out of sync as they were now. And then there was the problem that she was still constantly fidgeting about like she had a twitch in her leg she was trying to shake off, rubbing her thigh up and down against my stiff dick half the time. The insistent throbbing in my erection had almost stopped, but now it was back with a vengeance, especially after all this discussion of my daughter's incredible breasts.

But I still tried to take the high road. I said, in the most somber tone I could conjure up, "I've been wanting to tell you so badly, but I thought I could sort it out by having a serious talk with her and simply telling her not to do it. I've talked to both of them, actually, multiple times. But it doesn't do any good! You know how willful they are. They never listen!"

I sighed. "Every morning, when Shelle comes into my den wearing just her panties, I try to have a serious talk with her. Then I'd see her like that and she's SO drop dead gorgeous and I just can't put the words in my mouth to say no and then she smiles at me, that real sexy smile of hers and my heart melts like butter and-"

I was talking pretty fast all of a sudden and getting overheated as my frustrations poured out of me. I stopped and tried to collect myself.

Mindy calmed me down with another simple, "So what else happened with her today?"

"Oh. Right. So we ate lunch. Ruby had come over by then. Lately, they start in with the nude sunbathing right away. That gives them the excuse to come into the house in nothing but teeny tiny thongs. I swear, they might as well be completely nude. Especially in the back, their ass cheeks are completely uncovered. It's obscene! I have to repeatedly tell them to put their bikini tops back on when inside the house, but they never listen. The two Hellions are perfectly content to eat lunch with me completely topless."

As an aside, I should mention my wife and I frequently and semi-jokingly called Michelle and Ruby the "Hellions," the "Gruesome Twosome," and occasionally even "Satan's Hell Spawn," because they're always together and always getting into mischief.

I asked, "How can a man eat lunch when those twin sets of E-cup perfection are staring me in the face? Of course I had to tell them to dress decently."

"An F-cup and an E-cup, Honey. Michelle is an F-cup now. Ruby's the E-cup."

I noticed Mindy seemed unusually proud about our daughter's breast size, and even Ruby's. Aren't women supposed to get jealous about those kinds of things?

"Right. Well, that's even worse! I'd made the lunch. I had to tell them no bikini tops, no food. So thank God they finally put their tops back on and we ate lunch without too much trouble. I went to the den and resumed writing. I was going to write a big naval battle scene, but no. I was so worked up that I wrote this HUGE torrid romantic subplot instead, involving the first mate and the ship's female prisoner. So I kind of let all my feelings out like that for most of the afternoon and I was feeling a lot better by the time five o'clock rolled around. I got up to have a snack and Michelle was there in the kitchen, looking all sexy and curvy and sultry as usual, and still wearing that same damned blue bikini."

I practically cursed, "Damn that thing! She said she was going to the hot tub, so I joined her there. Ruby was there too, in her favorite red bikini. As soon as they had me in the tub, they took their bikini tops off. We sat and talked and had fun for about twenty minutes. Then we went inside and watched TV."

"That sounds harmless enough."

I sighed heavily. "That's because I left out one shameless detail. When we were in the hot tub, Michelle cuddled up on one side of me and Ruby cuddled up on the other. They pressed their bare breasts into my chest and said all kinds of arousing things! They made jokes about the large size of my penis! They were super affectionate and kept kissing me. Not on the lips, of course, but still. And worst of all, I didn't stop them! Hell, I knew what was going to happen even before I went into the hot tub, because this has become part of our daily ritual. But I actually look forward to it, that's how fucked up it's gotten!"

I looked at my wife plaintively. "I should have said something before, but I kept telling myself that I could stop them, that it was just a phase. But since summer began and they have so much free time, it's gotten exponentially worse!"

Mindy looked at me with a grave expression. She wasn't in a jokey mood anymore, it seemed. "I see. And then?"

"That's it. Ruby left, and then you came home a few minutes later."

I thought my wife was serious, but she smiled and giggled again. Her worries seemed to have dissolved. "Ah. I remember. You practically attacked me with your welcome-home kiss. If I wouldn't have gone straight upstairs under my own power, I think you would have carried me, or just taken me on the spot. You were unstoppable. The sex was fantastic! Mind blowing! And then again, just now, it was practically even better! Did Michelle get your motor running?"

I frowned, because I had to admit it was true. "Yeah. ... You can say that again. Her and Ruby."

"Is that why you've been fucking me to death every day I've come home for the last week plus? Mind you, I'm not complaining. I love it! If the Hellions teasing you gets you that horny for me, then I say let them keep teasing!"

I sighed heavily. "You don't understand. It's not just them walking around topless. It's practically adultery!"

She frowned. "What do you mean? Did anything else happen today that concerns you?"

"Well... Yes. The two willful Hellions, they got to talking about their bodies when we were in the hot tub. Specifically, their breasts. They know how much I love big breasts. With their upper bodies out of the water, they cupped their breasts and asked me which one of them had a better rack. Of course I couldn't say; I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

Mindy said, "But Michelle's ARE a little better aren't they? They're significantly larger than even Ruby's giant gazongas. I'm happy with my D-cups, but Michelle's seem twice as big as mine, at least! And the way they jut out, completely defying gravity..."

I looked at my wife like she was crazy. "Are you listening to me?! You seem more interested in their boobs than my troubles."

"Sorry. That was completely inappropriate. Please continue."

"Speaking of completely inappropriate, they just kept on holding their breasts up and even caressing them, pinching their nipples and so on. They even offered me a feel. It was so wrong! I really should have brought this up with you before, before it got out of hand-"

"Has Michelle taken her bikini bottoms off inside the house too? Has she walked up to you totally naked?"

I noticed that Mindy was asking me the strangest questions - they seemed almost voyeuristic, more like pillow-talk than the concerned parental talk she should have been making. What's going on?! What's happened to my wife?! This is not how she should be reacting, at all!

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