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Chapter 2

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBr, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I replied to Mindy's question if Michelle had been nude around me inside the house, "No, not per se, although I've seen her totally nude enough times lately."

"How so?" It appeared that Mindy was starting to get concerned again.

I explained, "It seems every time I knock on her door, she says 'come in' but then she acts all surprised and she's either in the middle of undressing or just plain standing there naked. I tell you, it's a set up, every time. Not that it matters much anyway, because that cursed blue bikini is just about the same as being naked anyway. I can see everything, if you know what I mean. Then when it gets wet, I really CAN see everything! And then there are her white panties, which get so transparent when wet that it's not even funny. I can't help it, Sweetheart. Sometimes, I can't help but look down! We have to do something about the clothes she wears, and fast!"

Mindy swung her lower body off of me, which was a great relief because the way her leg was twitching against my erection still almost drove me to distraction. But then she started to draw the traces of various female panties on my hips, as if I was wearing them. "Dan, I agree. How about this kind of cut? Do you think she should wear this kind? Or what about this kind?" Her hands ran all around my groin. My erection was flopped up against my upper abdomen and kept getting in the way of her panty outlines, so she finally held it down with her other hand. That turned into a solid grip.

I knew she was just trying to playfully tease me some more, and the only strategy I'd been able to come up with over the years that had any hopes of derailing her was to try to play dumb and not encourage her. So I said, "Sweetheart, whatever shape of panties you think is best is fine with me. The important thing is the fabric. It can't be all thin and lacy. I can... I can see ... things!"

All of the sudden she looked right into my face with spooky eyes, and said in a frightened voice, "Can you see... dead people?"

I couldn't help but laugh at her reference to "The Sixth Sense" movie. It was great how she always made me laugh, but I wasn't in the mood.

So again I tried to keep the conversation on track. I decided to ignore the fact that her hard nipples were still pressed into my chest and her hand was tightly wrapped around my engorged dick, without even the silk sheet in the way this time. I soldiered on. "All day long, I'm trying to get things done in the den and she's either going to the pool, in the pool, by the pool, or coming from the pool. Usually Ruby is with her, or sometimes Ruby comes to tempt me on her own. Worse, they frequently have all their cute young friends over and they all cavort around the pool!"

I spat out the words, "Stupid, frigging pool," as if it was all the pool's fault.

Mindy said, "They're not really 'cute,' though, are they? More like 'sexy.' Since Michelle and Ruby are gorgeous, busty, and generally voluptuous, it's not surprising they have friends with the same types of bodies. Especially Anjali, Nina, and Lisa. The beautiful elite all hang together."

"I know!" I griped. "In OUR backyard. I get way too horny!"

"Just ignore them." Mindy was not only still holding onto my boner for no good reason, she was subtly stroking it!

I needed to address that, but first I had to respond to her comment. "I try to, believe me. But you know how my den has a perfect second-story view of the whole pool area? They're as close as the other side of this room. I can see and hear everything. They ALL get topless! And the way they talk! And preen and pose! It's as if they know I'm looking down at them through the Venetian blinds and they're cavorting just for my benefit! How on Earth am I supposed to get anything done?!"

Mindy smiled. She put on what we called her baby voice, the kind of voice you might use when talking to a two-year-old. "Poor baby. All those nubile eighteen-year-old girls with completely flawless, toned, tanned, curvy, slicked-up, squeezable, and sweaty bodies..." Suddenly her voice returned to normal and she deadpanned, "What was my point here?"

I couldn't help but grin. She was teasing me more and I loved it, even as I hated it. "I don't know. You're so damned lovable it's amazing I can talk at all."

"Nonsense. Keep going. You've got things well in hand... Or wait." She looked down to my crotch. "Maybe I do. What's this here?" She gave my erection a tight squeeze and giggled a bit more.

"Sweetheart, I, uh..." I had lost my train of thought. Especially since, after that tight squeeze, she began blatantly jacking me off! Looking at her sliding fingers, I complained, "You're playing with me, and in more ways than one. Is there some reason why your hand is sliding up and down my shaft right now?"

She looked down at my penis all innocently. "Sorry. It's just that it's so slippery from all the pre-cum that I can't keep a good grip."

I laughed at her single-mindedness. "And just why do you need to keep a good grip? Seriously, the way you're arousing me would be great at any other time, but I'm really dead serious."

"Oops, you're dead? Then is my stroking some kind of necrophilia? Oooh! Icky!" She paused, and after I laughed at that, she said, "Sorry. Please forgive me. Maybe we should discuss this another time. It's just that I was so randy to begin with and then I got all worked up when we started to talk and now I'm seriously horny. You know what happens when I'm seriously horny, don't you?"

I did. She was unstoppable. She turned into a sex maniac until she got her satisfaction. I thought about this and decided that we should pick up the topic another time, but then I realized that it might greatly soften the blow to talk about these things when she was in heat. That was much better than having her get all pissed off.

So I said, "I do. But this is so hard for me to bring up, I've been trying to get this off my chest for weeks. Let me just finish what I have to say and then we'll see about scratching your itch."

"Okay. Again, I'm sorry. It's just that... Michelle's behavior is a bit of a concern, sure. She's family. And Ruby's is too, because she's pretty much family too. But then you started talking about their friends and how they tease you, and that excites me! What's the harm in that? They have fun running around topless, and then I come home and you fuck the shit out of me! It sounds like a win-win all around!"

I growled impatiently, "It's not JUST the friends. Michelle and Ruby are always there too! The whole thing has reached a danger point. That's why I have to come clean!"

She looked serious again, although she still kept jacking me off. "Okay. Please go on. You were talking about the difficulty of getting things done. But you told me how you've been writing a lot this last week. And I'm sure it's good. Your stuff is always good."

"Yeah, I suppose, but it's all sex scenes! I swear, I'm supposed to be writing a rollicking eighteenth-century sea adventure, a jolly good yarn, and instead I'm writing a triple-X-rated porn novel that just happens to have an ocean setting. It's ridiculous!"

Mindy laughed. I loved the sound of her laughter - it radiated joy. She said sarcastically, "I'm sure you'll have a real hard time selling that book. People just HATE reading about sexy adventures." She pointed out, "You know the sexiness has always been one thing that's made your books sell so well."

"Hmmm. That may be so, Their teasing may even be giving me a creative spark, but it's driving me crazy! Crazy! I'm so filled with ... urges!"

"Oh. Good. I was afraid you were going to say 'gas.'"

I couldn't help laughing again. "Miiiindy! Stop it! Have you heard one word I've said?"

"No, not really," she kidded, while pumping on my boner. Or at least I thought she was kidding. "Wait, you mentioned something about how Michelle and Ruby are getting you hotter than an oven on the surface of the sun, then I come home from work and you attack me like a crazed epileptic monkey the minute I step in the door and we rut half the night away, every night. Damn, now that I think about it, I should send them thank you cards!"

"Sweetheart, please. I'll admit it's had its side benefits, but they're going too far! Especially Michelle. We're talking about our daughter practically coming on to me!"

"Practically?" she snickered.

"Okay, full-on coming on to me. It's so very wrong!" Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Her hand sliding over my shaft made it far too difficult to think.

"But you'd never do anything physical with her, would you?" For some reason, her face still seemed more mischievous than concerned. It seemed she still failed to understand my crisis.

"No! Of course not! I would never ever touch her in that way in a million years! It would be a complete betrayal of our eighteen years of parenting her, to say nothing of our marriage. There's no way in hell I'd touch a hair on her head with that kind of intent."

"I know, Honey. You had me worried at first, but this is just harmless kid's stuff. Remember that time last summer when we went as a family to a nude beach?" Her hand had gone from an up-and-down stroking to an even more arousing corkscrew move. My erection was practically soaked with pre-cum now, so she was sliding her fingers even faster on it in a most maddeningly lovely way.

"Yeah. And I hated it," I said, trying to sound sullen despite what her hands were doing.

"I know you did."

My thoughts went back to that day. Mindy wanted me to go in an attempt to get me to start to overcome my sexual hang-ups. But not only did seeing other guys look at my wife fill me with rage, but there was also the behavior of our daughters. Nicky, our oldest by one year, is very shy about her body. She refused to even go topless, and spent most of the time in the ocean for good measure, to avoid being looked at. I couldn't handle going nude either, especially with my two daughters there, and I compromised by wearing a revealing Speedo.

But Michelle loves showing off. She went completely nude, like my wife did. To make matters worse, she was extremely excitable and stuck to my side like glue the whole time. Ruby came with us, and she also went completely nude and stuck near me. Oftentimes, they were pinned to me on either side.

Incredibly, I managed to avoid getting a good glimpse at their shaved pussies. But it was a constant, awkward battle with the two of them seemingly always underfoot. I sure saw plenty of the rest of them, though! And it seemed they always had me putting suntan lotion on them. I had to endure the leering looks of men staring at them too. The whole experience was practically traumatic for me.

I said, "That experience was just too freaky. I especially couldn't handle seeing other guys look at you."

Mindy replied, "I know, which is why I've never asked to go back. But I kind of enjoyed it," she admitted with a slight shrug.

I said, "Now that I think about it, that was really the beginning. Once we came back, Michelle and Ruby were much more brazen. I think that trip gave them the wrong idea. We never should have gone there."

She said, "Live and learn. As far as getting stared at in the nude, you know I would never, ever, cheat on you. But sometimes, when a man looks at a woman and shows with his eyes that he likes what he sees, it makes her feel good. Even getting admiring glances from other women can give me a nice little confidence boost. Harmless stuff! But my point is, lots of families go to nude beaches. In comparison, toplessness is no big deal. So what?"

Her hand started to slide even faster up and down my slicked-up erection. I knew that she had more than 'kind of' enjoyed the nude beach trip, and merely talking about it right now had gotten her even more aroused than she already was. Funnily enough, now that I thought about it, she hadn't seemed to pay any attention to the looks from other men when they tried to check out her pussy and the racing stripe of blonde hair she kept neatly trimmed above it. She'd always looked at me and our daughters and carried on about how helpless she was, and how I'd forced us all to strip, when I had been the one who'd opposed the idea of the trip loudest of all.

In retrospect, the entire trip had been very strange.

I was very sensitive to the issue of cheating, and the idea of other men looking at her set me off. "Never cheat on me? Do I have to remind you of the Christmas Party Incident?"

That, finally, spilled the ice bucket. She frowned and gave me a very annoyed look. The handjob came to a sudden halt and the whole mood between us changed. I'd brought up the dreadful Christmas Party Incident. Again. It was such a big deal that it deserved to be capitalized.

The Christmas Party Incident happened a year and a half before. It had been such a traumatic shock to our relationship that I hadn't been able to completely let go of it since.

Mindy and I had been at a fairly typical Christmas party and were drinking a lot and having a good time. We got particularly close to this one couple we'd never met before, the Jensens. I normally never look at other women, but even I couldn't help but notice what a looker the wife was. It turns out they were into partner swapping.

Mindy got to talking with Delilah Jensen while I talked to her husband Matt. He and I were discussing some fairly innocuous things (he'd brought up swinging in a roundabout way, but I resolutely avoided the topic), when Mindy and Delilah walked up to me. Out of the blue, my fairly drunk wife said, "Delilah and I have been talking about this wife-swapping idea, and it sounds great. She wants the two of us to come to their place for a very intimate party next Saturday, and I said yes!"

That completely floored me. To put it mildly, I immediately told the Jensens no, and that was the end of that. They at least had the tact to politely withdraw and not pursue the issue. Then Mindy and I went home and had a huge row about it. Even though nothing ever happened with the Jensens, my trust in my wife suffered a serious blow. I love sex and I thought I'd kept her very sexually satisfied, but it seems I'd thought wrong.

Apparently, our sex life over the years had gotten "a little boring," as she put it a few days later. That comment caused an even bigger fight. I was appalled that she wanted to swap partners, even if she was drunk when she made the suggestion. Actually, this was hardly the first such suggestion. Strangely enough, she'd been trying to hook me up with another woman for years. I always said no to that as well, because I knew that would open up a very dangerous can of worms. Now I was extremely glad I had, because it seemed she had used the idea of me sleeping with another woman as a lure so she could sleep with other men.

I'd thought that we'd had a dream marriage until that incident, but afterwards, things got a lot rockier. Given that she got so very keen on getting fucked whenever she became aroused, I seriously worried about her cheating on me. It took us about six months to get our relationship back on track. Then, a few months after things had gotten better, one night I came to bed and told her I didn't want to have sex as I had a headache, and I heard her mutter, "Well, that's a relief!" That led to even more trouble.

As I thought about all of this, Mindy said to me, "Let's forget the damn Christmas Party Incident and look at cause and effect." The increasingly sexy mood had been shattered and her hand withdrew from my now flaccid penis. She sat up next to me.

I had to sit up too, to maintain good eye contact.

"Yes, Honey, I know what you're thinking. I'm not going to take back the 'a little boring' comment. It's not that you're a bad lover, Dan, not at all. Far from it! You're fantastic! You're practically locally famous for both the size of your dick and what you do with it. And yes, I do boast about you to my friends. But we've been married twenty years. We dated and were screwing each other every chance we got for two years before that, even. You took my cherry at sixteen and I've never known another man. I've never even kissed another man on the lips. I'm stating, for the record, that I have absolutely NO desire to! So read my pussy lips: YOU are the one and only man for ME!"

She went on, "But, with that being said... I've calculated it and we've had sex on at least ten thousand different times, at a bare minimum, over these past twenty-two years together. Ten thousand! We've done it in every position, every location, every role-play fantasy ever invented. Or at least the things you'll allow us to do, which doesn't include anal sex, but that's another story. The fact is, even the most incredible meal starts to lose a little of its luster after you've eaten it ten thousand times."

This started to get me angry, which at least had the beneficial side-effect of making me temporarily forget my tortured and frustrated sexual feelings for my daughter and her best friend.

Mindy went on, "I want you to understand that that's not a knock on you and your prowess; it's just understanding the landscape we both happen to be standing in after coming all this way. Denying it gets us nowhere, since these happen to be the facts. You're great in bed, Dan, but you've also become 'a little boring,' if only because we've done everything so many times already."

She didn't miss the scowl that flashed across my face, but before I could get my two cents in, she continued, "Look, the truth is that I just don't have the same sex drive as you do, and that's a fact. Even when we were teenagers, you were insatiable and I was the one who always had to cry uncle."

"Well, you seemed pretty insatiable tonight. I could hardly carry on a serious conversation."

She was a bit peeved and fixed me with a stern glare. "Will you let me finish? In the last month or so especially, you've been on fire! We've been doing it every night, just like the old days, and it's been some of the best sex ever. I'd been suspecting that something must have been inspiring you, and to be frank, I'm SO relieved that it's only Michelle and Ruby and not some outside woman trying to steal you from me. I'd suspected their teasing was the cause all along or I would have been really worried and confronted you about it. Is it safe to say that your recent boundless enthusiasm for getting me in the sack is all due to them and no one else?"

"Yes," I admitted sheepishly. "Well, the Gruesome Twosome plus their friends always hanging around the pool. But mostly the two of them."

Mindy nodded. "That's understandable. Their friends are beautiful, sure, but the two of them are ridiculously sexy and curvy. But... is there anybody else turning you on, maybe a little more mature? What about Cindy, for instance?"

Cindy was Ruby's mother. She was a total stunner, which was no big surprise given her genetic relation to Ruby. Sometimes I couldn't help but look at Cindy and fantasize. But I honestly said, "I haven't seen much of her in the past few weeks."

My wife nodded. "Anyone else?"

I hastened to add, "There's you, of course! Nobody can top you. You know all those things you were saying about how gorgeous our youngest daughter is? It's all true, because it's in the genes. She's practically your clone. Same penetrating, narrow eyes. Same hourglass figure. Same busty chest. Same fantastic ass. Same long blonde hair. She reminds me so much of how you looked when you were that age that it's disturbing. It's like she got all of your genes and none of mine, and some of my genes went into our brunette daughter Nicky instead. And of course I love to look at you. Every time I look at you I fall in love with you, all over again."

She laughed. "I know you do, because every night you want to make love to me like it's our first time. But that can get tiring! You work here at home, sleep in every morning, and get to kick back all day. But I have to get up early and spend the day cooped up in an office. I always have a big sleep deficit. I'm running around all day, working late. I get tired. But these last weeks - Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! You've really outdone yourself. The sex has been fantastic. If this is what happens when Michelle and Ruby flirt with you, then let them flirt, dammit! They do all the work, and I get all the benefit! That's why I'm taking this so lightly. This is one of the best things to happen to us in a long time. It's been like our second honeymoon."

"But Sweetheart. You still don't get it. It may be good for YOU that I get so sexually charged up, but what about me? I get really stressed out. I worry about freely touching them, and kissing them, and... worse. To be honest, I can't even masturbate to deal with it because they're liable to barge in wherever I am at any time. Shelle especially doesn't know the meaning of the word 'privacy.' I'm basically horny all day long with no relief in sight, at least until you come home."

"Hey. Don't talk to me about stress. You don't even know the meaning of the word, Mr. Should I Sleep in Until Ten or Eleven Today?"

She had a good point about that. Her job kept her exceptionally busy and it just got worse every year as her importance grew. Still, I complained, "True. But you could cut your hours if you wanted to. It's not like we're hurting for money. You're always saying you're tired. So tired. 'Not tonight, Honey, I have a headache.' I've heard that cliché so many times that the next time I want to make love to you I should come to the bedroom wearing a giant aspirin pill costume."

She smiled. "I haven't been saying that lately, have I? Since this Michelle and Ruby inspired 'second honeymoon' of the past weeks, I think I've been pretty darn eager."

"That's true. But that's probably because I'm so crazy horny that I think you take pity on me."

She said, "Not true. My work is important to me, Honey. It gives me purpose. I promise, with the way you've been making love lately, you don't have to worry about me saying I have a headache for a long time to come. They may have to wheel me to the hospital as I collapse from sheer exhaustion, but I can't say no. You're on fire!"

I replied, "I appreciate your work, but I miss you. You keep talking about cutting your pay so your company can afford to give you an assistant, which would enable you come home earlier in the evenings, but you never do. Would you do it? For me? Please? I need you now."

"Honey! You've never directly asked me before; you've only suggested. I had no idea you felt that strongly. Of course! I'll put the paperwork in first thing tomorrow. If you want me to quit altogether, I'll do that too. It's true we have enough money now, thanks mostly to you and your best sellers."

"No, don't quit altogether. That would be too selfish of me. Your work gives you so much satisfaction."

She smiled in a kittenish manner as she walked her nails across my chest. "But you give me more satisfaction than any day job, man o' mine. Far from this Michelle and Ruby thing being a problem for us, this could be a solution to all the sex problems we've had since the Christmas Party Incident. I say, let it happen, and keep happening. You three lovebirds have all the fun you want. Just stay within reasonable bounds. Let them get you excited during the day and then give me your hot, pent-up passion every night."

I thought, "Reasonable bounds?" What does THAT mean exactly? None of their behavior lately has been reasonable!

She teased, "You're gonna regret having me around for a couple more hours every night because I'm going to up and fuck you to death!"

I was completely shocked with the whole way this conversation had gone. I'd expected a big problem, a big row, maybe even another major drama on the level of our Christmas Party Incident troubles. Instead, she'd laughed and taken it lightly, and then told me this. And she'd agreed to make a major change in her work hours like it was nothing at all.

On one hand, I was relieved that she seemed to take things so well. Maybe I WAS overreacting with my overheated imagination, after all. But, on the other hand, I was disappointed. I had rather hoped that she would tell me to call an immediate halt to the flirting. I looked forward to her giving the Gruesome Twosome a serious talking to that would put a diplomatic end to the whole thing. Instead, she gave her stamp of approval to the idea that even our youngest daughter would be putting the moves on me. I was not only shocked, I was frightened by the implications.

I said, "Sweetheart, I don't know if that's such a good idea. We're playing with fire here. I think maybe you should talk to them."

"Honey, I LIKE the idea of playing with fire! What did you think the whole Christmas Party Incident was about? I didn't want to cheat on you. I wanted us to do something TOGETHER, within sight of each other at all times, that would spice up our love life. Involving other people is dangerous, yes, but danger is sexy. To be honest, I'm a bit disturbed by Michelle flirting with you - Ruby I don't mind so much because there's no real incest potential there. But I've known it's been going on for some time, and I'm so glad you finally spilled the beans to me. That means our relationship is still solid. I would expect nothing less, because I love you as much as anyone can love another."

She paused as if steeling herself to say something difficult. "I'll be completely honest too. Frankly, the whole idea turns me on a bit. I can admit it. The idea of other woman teasing you like that gets me horny. When it came to the Jensens it wasn't about me making love with Matt. Hell, I specifically picked them as a couple to test the idea out on you because I wasn't really attracted to him. You have to admit he looked like Danny de Vito and Delilah looked like Lauren Bacall. I would have been beyond excited just to sit there and watch you make love to Delilah."

She continued, "How many times have I thrown around the idea of bringing in another woman so we could take turns making love to you? We've been doing sexual fantasy role-plays about that for years! But it's always just a fantasy. Even though most guys would KILL for a threesome with another woman, what do you always say? You said it wasn't fair, it wasn't even, so I thought this would be even."

I hugged her. "Sweetheart, it's not the question of being even or not. You know my real issues."

I didn't have to say them out loud. She knew full well that I was positively petrified by the idea of marital infidelity.

One day when I was twelve, my mother, sister, and I came home only to find my father energetically fucking a strange woman right in the middle of our living room. And I do mean fucking - I don't use that vulgar word lightly. They were so into it that they didn't hear us come in. They wouldn't have heard a freight train coming, the way they were carrying on. That sight was traumatic. But even worse, my father up and left with the other woman. He walked out the door with her, right then and there!

Yet, even though he'd cheated on her and broke her heart, my mother never stopped loving him. She kept making the most pathetic attempts to get back together with him. We were broke and miserable for years. My mother never did remarry and has remained so sad ever since that it broke my heart too. She's in a retirement home today, and whenever I see her melancholy face it tears me up all over again. I blamed it all on my cheating father.

Sure, I'll eye an attractive stranger from time to time; sometimes I can't help it. But to me, the prospect of committing adultery really seems about as serious and sinful to me as committing murder. I just couldn't do it, not even if my wife practically threw a gorgeous woman like Delilah Jensen at me.

With that always in the back of my mind, I gave her some of my typical reasons. "Sure, I fantasize about a threesome from time to time. Probably every male does. But in reality it's far too dangerous. You never know what's going to happen. Maybe I'd become obsessed with the other woman. Maybe she'd turn out to be psycho. Maybe there's a man who doesn't know and finds out and wants to murder somebody. Maybe she spreads a sexual disease. Or she becomes pregnant. No birth control method is 100% foolproof. There are all kinds of possibilities and I don't want to take a chance of losing you, even if it's just an extremely slim chance. I. Love. MY. Wife!"

She replied, "Right. And I love that you love me that much and are so protective of me that you'd even forgo acting out your fantasies in real life. But with Michelle and Ruby, we can have our cake and eat it too! We get the excitement of something new, but it's completely safe. Nothing is going to happen like what happened to your mother. In fact, nothing is going to happen at all except for some harmless teasing, if that's what you want. It's still just a fantasy, except acted out in real life a little more. That turns me on."

"But Sweetheart! This is incest we're talking about. Incest! Craziness! This is MICHELLE! Our sweet little baby girl. And Ruby! That's almost incest because she's basically family. You know how I think of her as our third daughter!"

"Dan, it's not like you're going to screw them. Come on! The very fact that it's Michelle and Ruby ensures that things won't get serious. We're just talking about teasing. They get you hot, running around topless or whatever, and I get the reward in bed at night. I don't even mind if you touch them and they touch you. Just stay within reasonable bounds."

I gave her an incredulous look, because I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

She went on, "You're such a good and upright and moral man that I know you'll never go too far beyond your own limits. You can do your Walter Mitty fantasizing all you like, but when it comes down to brass tacks I'm confident you're never going to cheat on me, especially with your own daughter or her best friend. I tell you, it's win-win all around. I'm already starting to regret when they'll go to college next year, because I know this year is going to be the hottest, sexiest year we've ever had, with the two of them fueling your lust all the time."

"But Sweetheart. How do you KNOW what'll happen? There's no telling what can happen in the heat of the moment. I just might lose all control. Especially with Michelle. What if she pushes me over the edge and I actually end up having sex with my very own daughter?!"

She snorted. "Yeah. Right. Dan, you've got such a big adultery hang-up that you're more likely to blow up a police station."

"It's dangerous! I don't have a 'hang-up,' okay? I'm a loving, loyal husband. How is that a hang-up? Besides, if you remember, I blew up a fire station that one time, so you never know."

She laughed at my joke. "Dan, you're a great lover. Most wives I talk to, their husbands lie on top of them - wham bam, thank you ma'am - five minutes later and they're done. But you go on for hours, practically. You can cum again and again. You make me cum so many times I lose count. And although you're perhaps the best endurance trainer a woman could ever have, let me tell you it is frigging exhausting!"

She went on, "But variety is the spice of life. I'll admit this Michelle and Ruby stuff is a little bit weird, maybe even a lot weird. But after 10,000-plus times of sex, we need something new! If this is how we're going to get some new excitement in our love life, then I'm all for it. Already, these last few weeks have been amazing. I don't mind going to work completely exhausted every morning if you send me to the stars every night. In fact, that's what I'm going to do with the extra time from my reduced hours: sleep and recover from your most excellent love making."

I was stumped. I truly was feeling tortured lately, thanks to all the teasing. Our daughter was so gorgeous, so inhumanly sexy and curvy, that it seemed downright cruel for her to have a heterosexual father. Ruby was every bit as tempting, with a remarkably similar body. Eighteen-year-olds aren't supposed to be that voluptuous already! My defenses were slowly breaking down, which caused my stress to go up and up.

Normally I was more than capable of taking care of any problem on my own. I should have been more forceful with Michelle especially, since she's the ringleader. But she knows how to press my buttons even better than my wife does (which was in some ways truly frightening).

"All right," I said. "I'll think about it. But you HAVE to talk to Michelle and Ruby. Tell them... Well, I don't know what, but tell them something so they don't go too far! And just what does it mean, anyway, this 'reasonable bounds' thing of yours?" Since my wife worked with legal documents and business contracts in her job, she was very big on precisely defining terms.

She winked at me and gave me a curious look. "It means just that. Reasonable."

"But how far is too far?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She laughed, but it was a kind laugh. She saw my frustration, and added, "Honey, I'm just yanking your chain. I trust you completely. I trust you with my life. You're a much more moral and upright person than I am. You're this strange combination of passionately sexual while still being intensely moral. And I love it, even though your limitations are frustrating at times. Whatever you think is reasonable is fine with me. For instance, if YOU think it's fine for you to caress their huge racks and even rub your face in them, then that's okay by me."

I felt a sudden surge of lust as I imagined doing just that. I could feel my penis quickly engorging. "My God! You're giving me a complete green light to do ... things ... to my own daughter and her best friend!"

"No, not ANY thing. It's just that I know you're a far better restrainer of your own behavior than I'll ever be. But the ambiguity, the thought you COULD go too far, is part of what turns me on about this. In my fantasies, you always DO go too far with her. Both of them, but especially Michelle!"

That took my breath away. "But I really could! You don't know how tempting Michelle can get! And Ruby's pretty much just as bad!"

For some reason, the fact that Mindy and Michelle looked so similar really struck home at that moment. I felt as if I was sitting naked in my bed talking to Michelle after having made love to her. That caused my dick to suddenly get as stiff as an iron bar. The only major differences were that Michelle wore her blonde hair all the way down to the top of her rear, she had a darker tan, and Mindy wore glasses when she read, which was much of the time due to her legal work.

Mindy just laughed again. Then she looked down and saw a little tent rise in the sheets over my crotch, and laughed some more.

I plaintively asked, "What if I lose control and Michelle ends up giving me a blowjob? It could happen. I'm dead serious!"

"There you go with the necrophilia again. Always with the dead bodies."

"Hey! Really! What if something like that happens with her?"

She shrugged.

"You don't mind if my own daughter gives me a blowjob?!"

She shrugged again, as if she really didn't care one way or the other.

I was beyond incredulous. I thought a kiss on the lips was going way too far! I wailed in disbelief, "Or with Ruby? What about Ruby?! Surely that would bother you just as much as Michelle?!"

"Neither of them really bother me. Anyone else, yes, but not them. A blowjob isn't really sex, if it's between family. Now, if you start fucking them, I might begin to worry."

"WHAT?!" I felt like I'd fallen into the Twilight Zone. There were so many things wrong with her comments that I didn't know where to begin. But I was also distraught that my traitorous boner was only getting more excited.

She spoke calmly, like we were discussing what to make for dinner, "Like I'm telling you, whatever you think is reasonable, that's fine by me. That doesn't mean I think the same rules should apply to me, no siree. You have a special situation here, and I'm sure you need some relief. I imagine you and your hand are getting to know each other pretty well in the middle of the day. Am I right?"

"Not really... I told you how hard it is to find privacy for that. But... Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What are you saying here?! Are you saying I can have an orgasm with..."

But she was on a different wavelength, getting more and more excited. "Tell me again all the things you could do! Tell me all the things Michelle makes you want to do! And what do you want to do to Ruby? Tell me in great detail!" She suddenly flopped onto me and nibbled my neck. I could read her signs well and I knew she was very aroused again. She added in a sultry voice, "I don't want to just yank your chain, let me yank something else of yours!"

For some reason, after the initial shock of what she'd said, I felt strangely okay about all this. I guess lust for the two Hellions was driving my emotions. I wasn't about to go have oral sex with them or anything like that, but at least she knew the full truth and she wasn't mad. The teasing games with my Hellions could continue. I wasn't really upset about that. In fact, it downright thrilled me, if she didn't mind!

I kissed her. "You're strange, you know that? One minute I'm Mr. Boring in bed and the next minute I'm Mr. Excitement."

"I keep telling you: variety is the spice of life. This Michelle and Ruby teasing stuff is new and exciting." She looked at me intensely, with a curious fiery excitement in her eyes. "I have a good feeling that this is all going to work out somehow. In fact, I'll bet your life is going to get a lot better. A LOT better!"

I didn't know what to say to that. What was she talking about? It was as if she WANTED me to have some very intimate sexual fun with the two of them! This couldn't be, could it?!

She said, "I like to imagine you sorely tempted and completely losing control. I get a kick out of picturing Michelle naked and on her knees, bobbing on your great big shaft, while Ruby sits by, waiting her turn!"


"It's true! Look, forbidden fruit is always the most tempting. Consider what kinds of pornography are the most popular. It's always where some taboo is broken, where something naughty and even wicked happens. The more outrageous, the better! Hell, to be completely honest, the idea of you slipping inside of her in a moment of passion actually makes me shiver. Whenever I think about it at work I get the biggest panty stain!"

"You've been thinking about this already?! Me? Having sex with our daughter?!"

"Not just her. With Ruby too, for instance."

My head spun in disbelief. "How often do you think about this?!"

"Dan? Hello? Reality check here. These are fantasies. Fantasies! When have you ever lost control with another woman in your LIFE? If you ever so much as kissed another woman on the lips, I think I'd have a heart attack." She seized up and clutched at her left breast, feigning a heart seizure. "Dan! This is the big one! Call the ambulance!"

She flopped around like a fish in such a funny manner that I burst out with laughter. It almost made me forget just how close I felt like losing all control with Michelle and/or Ruby sometimes.

She recovered and sat back up. "Let's enjoy a little teasing and a little fantasizing while it lasts, then when it's over we'll find something else exciting to replace it. I still have the Jensens' phone number, you know."

She deliberately teased me with that last comment, as she knew I still loathed the whole swinging idea. As much as the idea of my sleeping with another woman disturbed me, the thought of Mindy sleeping with another man disturbed me much, much more. It could literally make me break out into a cold sweat. Mindy was my life, my foundation, and my soul mate, and the thought of losing her was too painful to contemplate. I joked, "Just for that comment, I'm not even going to call the waaaaambulance."

While I tried to blow it off with a joke, she could see how distressed the phone number reference made me. She said in her baby voice, "Awww, I'm sorry, Honey. I take it back. Your naughty wife has made you sad. She's going to have to make it up to you in a big, big, big, BIG way."

With the first "big" her hands found my erect dick. As she said each additional "big," she slowly slid her hands down my eight inches, and then back up again. Then she gave it a tight yet playful squeeze with the last "big."

She suddenly dropped down under the covers, but I could still hear her talking. "Mindy's cunt is still sore from your drilling all evening. But what else can little Mindy do to take your mind off of that nasty phone number? Let me see. What's this thing? Dan, did you leave the baseball bat in the bed again? No, it's warm. Hmmm. Damn, it's huge, though. Will it fit in my mouth? Mmmm. Looks like it just might..."

I closed my eyes and succumbed to the sensations of her blowjob. She really knew what to do with her tongue. But even as she blew me, my mind was confused. I thought of her, but thought of Michelle too. Their faces were so similar that Mindy's face morphed into Michelle's, and then back again, over and over. One and then the other expertly sucked my dick.

But finally, at the end, as I started to feel a climax coming on, the face became crystal clear and all I saw was Michelle.

I groaned as the rush of the impending cum welled up inside me. I thought, This is not good. Not good at all!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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