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Chapter 3

(Sunday, May 19th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I woke up the next morning, I reached for Mindy before I even opened my eyes, but she wasn't there. That didn't surprise me, because I figured she had already left for work. She woke up before me the vast majority of the time. Her company had forced her to keep long hours, usually from eight in the morning until six or seven at night. She had good reason to be tired when she got home. I, on the other hand, am somewhat of a lazy bones in the morning. Since I do all my work from home, writing novels in my den, I can set my own hours. I'm rarely awake before ten.

However, I realized with a start that it was Sunday, not Monday. Where's Mindy?! She should sleep in with me. I love it when we make love slow and easy on Sunday mornings before going to church. But then I realized with another start that she'd told me yesterday she had plans to visit her sister Erica, who lives in Santa Barbara. It's a good hour-and-a-half drive from our place south of Newport Beach, and that's if you don't get stuck in traffic. So she'd left early and probably wouldn't be back until late, to make the most of the day.

That meant I'd be here all day with just Michelle and Ruby. I had very mixed emotions about that. Now that summer vacation had just begun, I knew Michelle would get on pretty much the same schedule as me. One perk I enjoy during her summer vacation is that she often cooks breakfast for me and then we eat breakfast together. Ruby usually comes over later in the morning, after she has breakfast with her mother Cindy.

I tried to go back to sleep, but without much success. I drifted in and out of consciousness and tossed and turned. Probably I was feeling anxious about what the day would bring with my two sexy and troublesome Hellions.

Michelle came bounding into my room at ten-thirty and jumped on my bed with a joyous, "Morning, Daddy!" She generally did that if she was home and I wasn't up by ten-thirty. But only recently had she started doing it wearing her pajamas.

And what pajamas they were! They looked like some kind of harem costume from The Arabian Nights. The top covered all of her arms but left her midriff exposed, while the bottoms widened out at the bottom like Turkish pants. But the most distinctive feature was their semi-transparency. From certain angles they looked quite solid, but from other angles, depending on the light, they were practically invisible. And she wore no underwear underneath!

I hadn't actually opened my eyes yet, but I knew what she had to be wearing. She'd just bought those pajamas a week before, along with some other similarly scandalous clothing, and she'd been wearing them every morning since. Just in the mornings, mind you. Naturally, she slept nude, on silk sheets no less. No doubt to drive me even crazier.

A simple "Good morning, time for breakfast!" would have awoken me soon enough, especially since she cooks the most wonderful breakfasts. But no. As had become the tradition since school let out last week, she woke me with a tickle attack.

I felt completely helpless because I was so exhausted from fucking my wife the night before. I raised my hands to cover my head and protect myself from her assault.

That gave her a great opening to tickle-attack my armpits.

I moaned "No!" and rolled over, hoping she'd go away and let me rest for a few more minutes. I was still in denial that I might have to wake up, and I kept my eyes closed.

Michelle tends to get what she wants. When I think of her, the words "barely controllable" come to mind. Her older sister Nicky has always been a model child, but Michelle has been headstrong and willful pretty much since she was in the crib. It got so bad that we eventually resorted, in desperation, to regularly spanking her for her many misdeeds, but even that didn't work. And now that she was a ravishing beauty, and she knew it, the situation was twice as bad as before.

Ruby is her "right hand man," and also takes full advantage of her own beauty and charm. When the two of them team up, which is most of the time, they're basically unstoppable!

My failure to aggressively respond to Michelle's tickling was a foolish mistake. If you give an inch with her, she takes a mile. She kept at it mercilessly, tickling me everywhere. She knew my ribs were sensitive to her tickles, so she pulled down my covers enough to expose them. I tried to cover myself up like a turtle, keeping my arms at my sides to protect my ribs and my armpits.

"Time to get up, Dad," she said while in the middle of her tickle-fest. "Rise and shine."

"Mmmgghphhf." My face was mashed into my pillow, which at least gave me a thankful respite from having to look in her direction and see her pajamas. Not only is my daughter mouth-wateringly beautiful in every way, driving a good, moral father like myself to near insanity with her body, but she has one unusual feature that her harem pajamas strongly emphasize: those damned twin torpedoes.

True, the fact that a slender eighteen-year-old girl like her would have such fulsome F-cup breasts is in itself remarkable. But that's not what really gets me. After all, her boobs are only two sizes larger than her mother Mindy's, and I can play with those any time. No, what kills me is the way those torpedoes completely defy gravity. They stick straight out, and I do mean straight out.

Until about a year ago, I'd never seen her topless, and I assumed that much or most of that effect was caused by some kind of especially wondrous Wonder-bra. But I was wrong. The first time I saw her take off her bikini top, during the nude beach trip last summer, I assumed her boobs would fall as the top pulled away. But no. No sag whatsoever. It's odd, but VERY arousing.

I've seen every Playboy centerfold going back to the 1950's issues, and I've never seen anything quite like it. She constantly looks like she's about to fall over because those large orbs sit so high up on her chest and jut so far out, but of course she never does. And somehow she manages to be graceful and athletic even with those twin peaks rocketing off her chest. (Although there are limits to how well she can do with sports given she effectively has two basketballs attached to her chest!)

Getting back to my point, it was almost more than I could take to see those twin torpedoes in her harem pajama top. On any normal girl, the pajamas would have covered all of her rack. But they weren't designed for someone with such a bountiful pair of F-cups, much less such a jutting duo. As a result, there wasn't much fabric below the nipples. I could see the entire underside of her boobs if she was above me, like she usually was with these tickle attacks. And then she'd move, and the light would hit her pajamas at the right angle and they'd become transparent, as if by magic. The truth was, I could clearly see her pinkish nipples most of the time no matter what the lighting was.

It was really too much. I hadn't even opened my eyes yet, but already I had an erection that could pound a hole through the Earth all the way to China. Meanwhile, she was laughing and giggling and taunting me, tickling me everywhere. I could feel her extremely long blonde hair on my skin here and there, brushing me like a thousand small and maddeningly arousing paintbrushes. I heard her say, "So, you're gonna play that game, eh? Well, if you're gonna cover up all your tickly spots I'm just going to have to find some new ones!"

Then, with a great whoosh, I heard and felt the covers get yanked off of me. This was bad. This was really bad. She knew I slept in the nude, and as a result she'd never done this before. At least I was turned over in a defensive turtle-like stance, so all she could see was my bare butt instead of my erection. But still, I was pissed.

I finally opened my eyes and turned my head. I saw her brilliant blue eyes staring right into mine from close up. She was smiling and having a ball. I glanced down and confirmed that she was wearing her sexy harem pajamas. Damn!

"SHELLE!" That's my nickname for her, a name that I'm the only one she'll allow to use. Not even Ruby gets to call her that. "Shelle, get my covers back on, this instant!"

But she said, "No way! Your feet look too tempting!" Then she burst into giggles. Suddenly I could feel her hands running all over the bottoms of my feet.

This was really bad too. I was extremely ticklish there. Being buck naked, I felt completely helpless to fight back or even do anything at all. All I could do was cover my privates with both hands. I had to close my eyes again because she was leaning towards me and her massive F-cups were dangling down and swaying around like she wasn't wearing a top at all. Hell, in that position her top didn't even cover her nipples!

But she wouldn't stop. My anger at her disobedience dissolved into hilarity, as I couldn't keep from laughing. I laughed so hard that it hurt. I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I found myself rolling all over the bed, trying to shake her away. Luckily I have such an ingrained sense of modesty that I cupped my privates without thinking, or who knows what she might have seen.

Finally she listened to my cries to stop and fell down onto the bed next to me, gasping with laughter too. I'd wound up facing up, so I finally was able to look her in the face. Or at least try to. Those damned twin torpedoes in her semi-transparent pajamas captured most of my attention. Thank God I had my hands thoroughly covering my crotch, but I still felt horribly vulnerable. I said as sternly as I could, considering I was still laughing, "Daughter, you're in trouble! Cover me up this instant!"

She laughed some more and said, "What's the problem? You seem to have your modesty well in hand!" Her eyes openly gawked at my hands over my groin. Unfortunately I had "morning wood," and since I have a thick and long dick when it's erect, I was having to be very careful to completely cover all of it and my balls. She had to know I had a big hard-on, just from the way I had my hands.

I was shocked by her boldness. As much as she'd been teasing me these last few weeks, it had always been about exposing her nakedness to me, almost always by taking her top off around the pool. Even in her morning tickle attacks she'd never purposely felt or seen anything below my ribs (although some accidental gropes may not have been so accidental, as I thought about it after the fact).

My mouth gaped, opening and closing like a fish, because I was stunned by her cheekiness. But she was just getting warmed up. Before I could say something coherent, she turned around so her ass was pointing my way, and said, "I'm sorry, Dad. I really am. I agree I've gone too far. I think I need to be punished. Can you think of any way to do that?"

She ostentatiously wiggled her ass back and forth. About half the time the light was just right, and I could see straight through her pajama bottoms like they weren't even there. Damn, she has a fine ass! The truth be told, every single inch of her is movie starlet perfect. Double damn!

I'm her father! I shouldn't be thinking the things I'm thinking. God, what is she doing to me?! It's all I can do not to reach out and caress that ass with both hands! I mulled over the frustrations of having a daughter with the body of a high-priced call girl and a face that should be in the movies.

I was really going to let her have it and yell at her for her out-of-line behavior, when she raised her eyebrows in surprise. She has distinctive, sexy eyebrows, much like Michelle Pfeiffer's. (Every single part of her body was sexy, dammit!) She said in a very serious and different voice, "Uh-oh. Dad, what did I just put my hand in?"

I looked down towards her hands. She was on all fours on the bed, facing away from me with her ass close to my face, so her hands were down around the middle of the big bed. One hand was right in the middle of a fairly large puddle of cum!

I suddenly remembered how I'd made love to my wife Mindy yet again before she went to work. Both of us were worked up from our discussion the night before, and we couldn't get enough of each other. But I fell asleep as soon as it was over, so the sheets hadn't been changed. I had taken to turning the air conditioner down low at night, in an effort to get Michelle to sleep under her covers, instead of nude and on top of them. So even though the sex had taken place a couple of hours ago, the cum had been trapped under lots of blankets and appeared to be as wet as ever. Thus, this extremely unfortunate accident.

Thinking about that made me briefly remember the discussion Mindy and I had, where it seemed my wife had all but openly stated that I could have some sexy fun with Michelle and Ruby! That blew my mind all over again, but I didn't have time to dwell on it, due to this "puddle of cum" problem.

I was too stunned to speak as I saw Michelle raise her cummy hand and bring it to her nose. I watched her hand move up as if in slow motion, and I was helpless to stop it. She seemed genuinely puzzled, as if it wasn't completely obvious what the puddle was made of. She smelled her fingers. She turned and looked at me with a bewildered expression. Was she that good an actress, or did she really not know? She seemed even more puzzled than before.

So far, I could handle what was happening. But then she started licking her cummy fingers. My heart practically shot out of my chest!

When I cum, I cum a lot. I watched gobs of my cum slowly drip from her fingers back to the bed sheet, as she licked her fingers just like a cat. "MMMM! Tasty! Daddy, what IS this stuff?" she asked cluelessly as she continued to lick her fingers clean. She thrust her index finger in her mouth and sucked it thoroughly. Then she pulled it out and did the same to the next finger, and then the next.

I couldn't take it! It was too damn arousing!

"I, uh, it's... Err..." I had been too shy to tell her it was my cum even before she started licking it, but now there was no way I could say that. My heart was pounding like a drum, a great big bass drum. As I stared at her licking, I wondered if my eyes looked the way Roger Rabbit's did when they would bulge out many inches from his face.

She continued to lick her hand, only with even more gusto. She pushed a cluster of her fingers deep into her mouth and thrust them in and out, apparently to make sure she sucked off every last drop. But it looked disturbingly like a blowjob to me. "Mmmm! It tastes soooo good! I'm not kidding. This is seriously tasty! MMMM! I could live on it! What's it called?"

She STILL kept licking, even though it seemed her fingers had to be completely clean by now!

It was too much for me. I could feel sweat pouring down my face, I was so stressed out. "Don't do that!" Unfortunately, my hands were still cupping my extremely aroused cock and my balls. I was caught in a Catch-22. I couldn't get out of my position unless I had my blankets back over me, but I couldn't get to the blankets on the floor unless I got out of my position. Worse, the sight of my daughter enthusiastically licking my cum off of her fingers was so arousing that I discovered I wasn't just holding my erection, I was starting to actively rhythmically squeeze it!

I put a quick halt to that as soon as I consciously realized what I was doing. I spied a bit of bed sheet still on the bed, and reached down with my foot to try to catch it and pull it back up.

She didn't notice because she was having such fun licking her fingers completely clean. She said, "Aaaah, you're just saying that because you want it all to yourself. What did you do? Let me guess. You were eating in bed again and spilled some kind of new juicy candy on the sheets. Didn't Mom tell you to stop eating in bed? Mmmm-MMMM! How do I get more? I want it fresh from the source!"

She brought not one but both of her hands down to the bed sheet and wiped them in the puddle. Then she brought both hands back to her face and eagerly licked first one and then the other, back and forth, as if she couldn't get enough. Her fingers were soaked in my cum, and undoubtedly some of Mindy's too! Some drops fell off, causing her to lick faster so she wouldn't lose too much of it.

Things were getting damned embarrassing. I should have said something right away about what that goo really was, but I didn't. Her "I want it fresh from the source" comment was addling my overheated brain. If I told her now that it was mostly my cum (with some of her mother's mixed in), that would be, well, strange to say the least! Unbelievably embarrassing for us both, especially given the way she was consuming it with a sexy passion.

As if I didn't have enough trouble, I vividly recalled how Mindy strongly hinted that she'd have no trouble if I wanted to play with my daughter's magnificent breasts. Worse, she even seemed to suggest that she'd allow Michelle to give me a blowjob! It's a miracle I didn't have a heart attack.

I asked, in all sincerity, "Shelle, are you serious? You don't know what it is?"

In retrospect, it's obvious I was a complete idiot about this. But I still hadn't fully accepted the fact that my little girl was now a grown woman - and a conniving one at that, not the innocent child I used to read bedtime stories to.

Besides, I could believe that she thought my cum was delicious, because Mindy repeatedly told me that it was. I was a de facto vegetarian, since everyone else in the house was one, plus I was lactose intolerant. I understand that no meat or milk plus lots of fruits make one's cum taste quite sweet.

She was busy licking her palms clean. "No. Would I lie to you? Have I, your sweet dear daughter, ever lied to you?" She was hamming it up as she said that. "Are you holding some big secret back on me? What is it already? I seriously could LIVE on this stuff! I really mean that. MMMM! Too bad Ruby isn't here. I wish I could share it with her!"

But despite her theatrics, it was true, she'd never lied to me that I knew of. Well, unless she was playing a trick on me, which admittedly was fairly often. But she always came clean about her trickery later. I couldn't believe she would go this far for a trick. So I believed her. I mean, how on Earth could she know what cum tasted like when she'd never even had a boyfriend? Plus, I do eat in bed a lot. This would hardly be the first food stain on the sheets.

I said, "Uh, I'm afraid I can't tell you what it is. Your mother wouldn't like it if I did." I was very scrupulous about never lying to her either, but that was the truth. I couldn't imagine my Mindy would want me to tell my daughter that she was accidentally slurping up our cum.

She replied, still licking, "A-ha! I knew it! The two of you have found some new kind of midnight snack and you're eating it in bed, hiding it from me. Does Mom like to eat it? Does she get it straight from the source, or just your messy spills?" She started sucking each finger into her mouth again.

I decided it was best not to answer that, but still somehow the questions got me even more aroused. Plus, the way she was sucking her fingers reminded me of her mother's excellent blowjobs!

I totally forgot to talk and simply watched her suck each finger clean, one by one! It was like my mind turned off. She finished cleaning the fingers of one hand after about half a minute.

Then, as her tongue roamed over the palm of that hand some more, she said, "Damn this diet. Screw it! It's so sweet."

I tried to talk her out of it without revealing what it was. "Shelle, you can't just eat a mystery goo off someone else's bed. That's disgusting! You have no idea what it could be!"

She replied while looking at me, "If it was something really disgusting, you wouldn't let me eat it. You're a good dad and I'd trust you with my life. I know it's one of your late night snack treats. What is it called, already?"

I winced. "Can't tell you that."

"Grrr! I want more! Where's the bottle?" She sat up in the bed and started looking all around, as if she was going to find a half-opened jar of some honey-like substance somewhere in the room. She leaned this way and that, sending her huge globes in motion. A couple of times she moved quickly and then stopped just as fast, causing her melons to crash into each other and slowly bounce apart.

I was still desperately holding my cock and balls. I must admit that I was doing a little bit of squeezing of the shaft, because I was that horny!

There were additional reasons to believe she thought she was eating a remnant of a late night snack. She was on a whole variety of sports teams at school and worked hard to keep her weight down. She'd been on a strict diet the past two weeks, and as we sometimes do when she diets, my wife and I had been sneaking bowls of ice cream and other desserts into our bed at night, so our daughter wouldn't have to see us eating such things.

Our master bedroom was a bit of a mess, and there were two bowls and spoons on the bed stand, plus a couple of cookie and candy wrappers there or in the trash can next to it. Michelle got on all fours on my bed and crawled around until she found all of this evidence. Somehow, she managed to wiggle her ass in my face as she was searching - one of her tanned ass cheeks actually brushed up against my nose! But she didn't find what she was looking for.

So she turned around and went back to the puddle. That meant she was sitting right next to where I was cupping my privates, but she made no comment about that or my total nudity. She did smirk and smile constantly, though.

There was still some of the "goo" left. She looked at me and said in an imitation of Homer Simpson's voice, "Mmmm. Free goo." Then she licked up yet more. "Where does the goo come from, Daddy? Can you show me where it comes from? I want more yummy goo!"

I was about ready to die. There I was, lying completely naked in my own bed with only my hands to protect me, my erection throbbing while barely covered by my fingers, and my nearly naked daughter was licking my cum into her mouth! Then she wants to see where it comes from.

I have half a mind to take my hands away from my groin and shove my stiffness into her face. "Here! You want to know? Here! Here's a fresh batch! Lick it!" I'd shove my hard-on into her mouth, grab her hair, and fuck her face without restraint!

Of course I can't do that. I'm a loyal husband and a respectable father - mostly. But damn if she isn't tempting me to do just that! Everyone has their limits. God damn her and those huge torpedo tits of hers! I should punish her insolence by fucking her face!

It took me some long moments to calm my breathing. Finally, I said, "I can't tell you where it comes from. Sorry. Your mother wouldn't approve."

She looked at me strangely, and said, "I wouldn't be so sure."

But before I could respond to that, she scooted closer and leaned way over my chest. That set her big tits dangling down, exposing her nipples again (not like they were really covered in her harem pajamas though).

"Daddy, you don't have to tell me where it's from, but my diet's actually coming to an end tomorrow. How about... you give me another batch of goo, and I'll promise not to ask you or Mom where it comes from, and I'll forget all about it. Just pour me a couple of teaspoons into a glass and I'll be happy! It's probably a good thing you don't tell me what it is, because I'd want to lick it up all hours of day and night forever and ever, and then I'd blow my diet for sure!"

This was really extremely not good! For one thing, she'd put the image in my mind of her sucking on my erection all day long, with me shooting load after load of hot "yummy goo" into the back of her throat. I could clearly picture the sight of one of her cheeks bulging out, as her mouth made room for my heavy cock on her tongue. I could practically feel her lips and tongue on it, licking and sucking, for hours and hours and hours. And all the while she'd be almost dressed in her harem pajamas that are barely covering up her big knockers and are barely even opaque - at the right angle.

For another thing, if she lowered herself over my chest a bit more, her nipples would actually brush against my bare chest! The chest my heart was about to pound right out of! What was going on?! Even if she didn't realize she was eating my cum, she was going far beyond any previous tickle attack.

The problem is, my wife is right: I really do have an overactive imagination. Sometimes when I imagine, it's almost as good as reality. Almost, but not quite. I wanted the real thing, and that scared me!

I was completely honest and open with my wife, but how could I explain this situation to her? Of course I didn't plan on volunteering the information, but if she asked a direct question I'd have to answer it honestly. It was better if the whole incident was just forgotten, and it was especially important that Michelle didn't ask Mindy about the puddle of "yummy goo" she found in our bed, or I'd have to answer some painful questions for sure. I'd die of shame! Mindy would be cracking jokes about this at my expense until the end of time! But on the other hand, it wasn't like I would ever hand her a glass of my fresh cum and tell her to drink up.

So I did the only sensible thing I could do: I stalled for time, hoping that she'd forget. "Um, I'll think about it."

"Think about it? Grrr!" She growled playfully like a tiger. She raised herself up so she was kneeling on the bed and stuck her hands out like they were tiger's claws. But when she'd been leaning way over my chest her pajama top had ridden to the top of her breasts, and it had gotten stuck like that! It wasn't actually much different since her top made her effectively topless, but psychologically, seeing her breasts bared was a shocker! Of course, she was topless around me most of the time lately, but not while I was buck naked and she had the taste of my cum in her mouth!

She said, "I'll tell you what. I'll let you get off easy if you tell me now. Or else I'm going to have to tickle it out of you!"

She scooted closer with her hands still outstretched like paws about to strike. She still didn't seem to realize her pajama top had ridden up so high, or maybe she didn't care.

I couldn't allow another tickle attack, not with the way I was completely naked and barely covering a very insistently throbbing boner. I said, "Oh no you don't. In case you didn't notice, I'm naked and have to get dressed. So run along. That's an order." I didn't often give orders, so to soften it, I added, "Your dad does have to get up at some point. Will I be lucky enough to eat another one of your outstanding breakfasts?"

She'd shown no signs of backing down, but with that last comment of mine her eyes grew big all of a sudden. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed. Then she bounded off the bed and ran out of the room. Obviously she'd left something on in the kitchen; she'd probably burned something.

What a relief! I thought to myself. I was finally able to pull the sheets up all the way, now that it didn't matter. I closed my bedroom door, went to the master bathroom that was just a few feet away from my bed, and turned on the shower. But before I got cleaned up, I masturbated like a sex-mad lunatic.

When that was over and I'd found some blissful release, I tried to put two and two together and think. Aside from the question of whether or not she knew what the "goo" was, the fact that she'd been so bold as to pull my covers off demanded an explanation. She'd clearly taken her teasing to a whole new level.

I thought back to the strange conversation I'd had with my wife the night before. I'd finally explained how much my daughter was teasing me and the fact that I was getting aroused over it. I had expected her to go ballistic. But no. Instead, she seemed to actually welcome the teasing as a way to get me more excited and spice up our love life.

Is it a coincidence that we just had that discussion, and now my daughter has taken her teasing to a whole new level? Perhaps Shelle had been listening in on us? I've had my suspicions that she's spied on Min and me when we made love sometimes, but I couldn't prove anything. But even if she had been, the door was completely closed and our voices weren't that loud. She wouldn't have been able to hear more than a few snippets of conversation when our voices were raised, I'm sure of it.

Was it possible that Min had told her about our discussion this morning before she left for work? That certainly would explain a lot of things. But if that's true, it means I would be in for a hell of a time, if this kind of teasing is going to be the new normal!

Holy hell!

I shook it off as a mystery demanding more investigation. I would need to talk to Mindy when she got home, because I wasn't likely to get a straight answer from Michelle.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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