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Chapter 4

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

My daughter and I had a fairly normal breakfast, though she still wore those maddeningly distracting harem pajamas of hers. That basically guaranteed that my dick would stay hard, but that had become par for the course for me lately.

Michelle was a generally cheery person, as we pretty much all were in this house. But she seemed to be in an unusually good mood. She was downright ecstatic.

I asked her, "So what's gotten into you today?"

She replied excitedly, "It's not what's gotten into me yet, it's what WILL be getting into me! Over and over again!" She groaned with delight.

"Can you be a little less cryptic?" I asked.

"Sorry. It's just that I'm still psyched over that yummy goo. I want a lot more of that!" She suddenly leaned across the table, setting her huge tits surging forward in her see-through pajama top. "I know I'm on a diet, so you don't have to tell me yet. But I can't wait to find out what it is. Then I can buy a big container of it and guzzle it right down my throat!"

I held out my hands defensively. "Okay, already. Enough about that stuff!" I was desperate to change the topic to literally anything else. I had this mental picture of shooting my ropes of cum straight into her open mouth from an inch or two away!

Thankfully, she leaned back in her chair. Her tits stopped wobbling, oh, about five minutes later. Okay, that's a wild exaggeration, but it sure seemed like that! Although her F-cups jutted out so much, they jiggled at the slightest movement, even when she wore a bra.

I kept thinking back to earlier. Even after masturbating and taking a very long shower, I still couldn't shake the mental image of her licking my sticky cum from the palms of her hands. In particular, the sight of her sticking her fingers into her mouth one by one and slowly licking them clean of cum, was like a movie clip that kept playing over and over in my mind. It didn't take a lot to imagine those weren't fingers she was sucking off. I was a wreck!

Worse, she was constantly laughing and telling jokes. The problem with that was that each time she laughed or giggled, her breasts shook and heaved like you wouldn't believe. Because her twin torpedoes jutted out so dramatically, it didn't take much to get them jiggling and bouncing. They seemed unusually stiff for breasts, and even a little bit of giggling could cause them to swing around in small circles and repeatedly crash into each other.

She was in such a buoyant mood that she giggled at things that weren't supposed to be amusing. For instance, I asked her, "By any chance, did you and Mindy talk this morning?"

"We might have." She giggled.

"Did she talk to you about what she and I discussed last night?"

"And what would that be?" She giggled a lot more.

"I don't know. I'm asking you." I was far too embarrassed to bring up Mindy's "reasonable bounds" idea. And what if I'd misinterpreted some joking around?

"Then if you don't know, how could I know?" She giggled even more.

I dropped the topic, since she was in far too silly a mood for me to get answers.

With her semi-transparent harem pajamas, I had a perfect front row seat to the proceedings. She seemed to deliberately keep the show interesting by constantly reaching for things or simply stretching like a cat for no good reason. When she made a big move like that, her pajama top had a bad habit of riding to the top of her breasts and then getting stuck there. It seemed she was topless more often than not.

Had that happened out of the blue, I would have gotten very upset and made her cover up. I didn't realize it at the time, but she and Ruby had basically conditioned me for months. Day by day, little by little, they exposed more and more of their voluptuous bodies so there was never any dramatic change of behavior where I could draw a clear line. And I would complain frequently, but it was always one step backward and then two steps forward. They were relentless, and by this point I'd basically given up trying to police their clothes, or lack of them.

The fact that they looked so damn gorgeous and sexy made it hard to remember to be upset.

While we ate breakfast, I faced the usual constant battle trying to keep my eyes on her face. But now that she'd planted this image in my head of her licking my cum, looking at her face only made me even more aroused. I imagined my cum dripping from the corners of her mouth and down her chin, and more splatters of cum across her cheeks and nose!

She seemed quite innocent and calm as she ate, but the way she ate her banana made me wonder. No normal person sucks on bananas, especially the way she was doing it! But I was so shy about these things that I couldn't just come out and say, "Could you stop sucking on your banana like it's a penis? I'm your father, dammit." Besides, I'd long known that she had an oral fixation. She'll suck on just about any object at hand.

So I tried to ignore it (an effort that was a near-total failure).

Attempting to make small talk, I asked her, "So, what are your plans for today?"

Her eyes lit up. She raised her arms up high in a "V" pose. "Today is a BIG day! It's a great day! It's the first day of the rest of my life! You might even say my life truly begins today!"

I was surprised at that enthusiastic outburst. "Geez. Okay. I take it you're happy. Care to share your secret of happiness with me?"

"Nope!" She kept the "V" pose, with her bouncy bare breasts right in front of my eyes. I noticed she had erect nipples, but then again she seemed to always have erect nipples lately.

Finally, she dropped her arms back down and her pajama top fell down to just below her nipples. That still left the round undersides of her rack wonderfully exposed. She said, "Sorry, I guess I'm just feeling giddy. I'm eighteen, it's the start of summer vacation, I'm beautiful, it's a sunny day, Ruby's coming over, my Daddy is the best dad ever and he's a good cook - what's not to love?"

I chuckled. "Okay, fine. Boy, I wish I had that kind of youthful enthusiasm again. Can you clean the dishes? I'm going to get to work."

"Sure thing, Daddy."

I stood up to walk away, but then I stopped. "By the way, what's with you calling me 'Daddy' all of a sudden? I noticed you started doing that this morning, for the first time since you were, I dunno... Five? Four?"

She grinned impishly. "I don't know. I just felt like it. It's fun. It's like, you don't call me 'Michelle,' you change it to 'Shelle' for our special private nickname. I want to have a name like that for you."

I walked away. But I said, "Fine. But maybe think of something other than 'Daddy' though, okay? That sounds juvenile."

She pouted while still sounding giddy. "Oh, you're no fun!"

I went to the den and tried to get some writing done, but it was useless. I couldn't even channel my erotic energy into writing sexy scenes. I was lost in thought, thinking about the discussion I'd had with my wife the night before and what exactly it all meant. Plus, I kept thinking about all the sexy things my daughter had done lately, especially that morning.

I was very tempted to masturbate again, but I prided myself on my self-control, and one firm rule I had was to never masturbate in my den, my place of work. Furthermore, I knew that she could burst into the room at any time, and that could lead to a very compromising situation. And what if she came in right after I'd climaxed and she figured out that the "yummy goo" smelled exactly like my cum? I couldn't let that happen!

My overactive imagination can be a blessing at times, like when I need inspiration for my novels, but now it was a curse. I couldn't get the thought of Michelle, licking up my cum, out of my head. I'd find myself daydreaming. For instance, I envisioned my dick shooting gallons of cum at her stunningly beautiful face, like my dick was a fire hose. Then, suddenly, I'd remember my parents and how my father left my mother and ruined all of our lives with his cheating, and my ardor would come to a complete halt. But a few minutes later, I'd find myself drifting into daydreams and the process would repeat itself, over and over. I was going mad with barely suppressed lust.

Furthermore, I couldn't stop thinking about what Mindy had said the night before. Is she really okay with me doing whatever I want with Michelle and Ruby, as long as it's within "reasonable bounds?" What the hell does that mean, anyway?! What if I decide to have sex with my daughter, in every way possible, and declare that it's "reasonable?!"

The mind boggles. I don't know if she really means it or if she's just trying to get me aroused, but in a way it doesn't really matter. I know that touching any other woman in any kind of sexual way could only lead to disaster. ... Or would it, necessarily? God, why does Mindy have to have such strange notions - and why does Michelle have to be so HOT?! And Ruby too. Put them together and no man can resist!

I decided to call up Mindy on her cell phone and try to get some clarity. Maybe she was having regrets about what she said. I needed to know that since it seemed Michelle's teasing had dramatically escalated this morning. And I wanted to ask her if she'd told Michelle about our conversation. But unfortunately, she didn't answer the phone. That was surprising, since she was very good about answering her phone. Maybe she was busy with her sister Erica, or the battery on her phone had run down? I resolved to call again later.

Unfortunately I still couldn't work, or masturbate, or do anything.

About an hour of such restless and torturous navel-gazing had slowly gone by when Michelle burst into my room. (Naturally, she didn't knock. At least, I could pride myself on the fact I'd resisted the temptation to masturbate.) "Hey, Daddy! How goes it? I just wanted to let you know that Ruby's coming by in a little while. We're just going to hang out around the house."

"Okay." I was a bit tongue-tied, since she was wearing a bikini. And not just any bikini: this was the dreaded light blue bikini that covered her nipples, pussy lips, and not much more! She might as well have been nude from the back side, because it was a thong that disappeared deep in her ass crack. Needless to say, I'd been tongue-tied quite a lot lately, but I was even more spaced out than usual.

She seemed to notice this and asked me, "A penny for your thoughts?"

Damn! I can't very well tell her any of my real thoughts, like "I was just wondering how good it would feel to slide my dick through those twin torpedoes of yours." A blue bikini day? I can see the exquisite erotic torture is going to continue all day long!

Instead, I asked her, "How come you don't have any hobbies?"

"What do you mean? I have lots of hobbies. I play lots of sports, I go running every morning, I use the weight equipment every-"

I cut her off. "Those are all forms of physical exercise, and that's great. God knows you're in shape. But you need something to do with your time when you're relaxing, especially now that it's summer. You just hang around the pool with your friends and gossip all day." I was thinking that if she had more things to do, she wouldn't be strutting around in a mouth-watering bikini all the time.

She frowned. "Hey, it beats watching TV or playing video games or something like that. What can I say? I like to stay outside and perfect my tan."

I griped as I eyed her nearly naked body from head to toe, "It's perfect already. And summer's just started. If you keep it up, you're gonna turn black as charcoal."

She smiled widely. "You like it? 'Cos it's not easy to get an all-over tan like this." She turned around and bent over, to give me a close-up view of her effectively naked ass. "See? Look, no tan lines! Take a good look. Do my ass cheeks look any lighter than my thighs?"

I wanted to reach out and fondle those ass cheeks with both hands so very badly! My dick had started stiffening as soon as she came into the room, and it was already straining against my shorts. And it wasn't just that she was bending over in a lewd manner. She was bent over with her long blonde hair brushing the carpet and her hands gripping her ankles, as if she was bracing herself for a spanking. Her miniscule top had ridden up, causing her huge tits to dangle free yet again. I could clearly see the contours of her pussy lips between her ass cheeks, despite them being thinly covered by her bikini.

I thought, Don't let her get to you. She's trying to tempt you. I don't know why she tortures me like this day after day. It's like a battle. But I won't give in! I know she's got a crush on me, and encouraging her will just make it worse!

From between her legs, her upside down face asked me, "Cat got your tongue?"

I tried to get the conversation back on track. "Ruby practices yoga and meditation regularly. You should join her."

Michelle sighed with exasperation while keeping her lewd bent-over pose. "Boooo-riiiiing! I tried it and I was bored to tears. All you do is sit there with your legs in a pretzel. I don't get it."

I spoke to Michelle's ass, "Well, Ruby says she gets a lot out of it. And you two do nearly everything together."

"Yeah, but not everything. And you're avoiding the question."

"What question?" I couldn't help but look at the pussy mound between her thighs. I could see the outlines of her pussy lips! Somebody, shoot me now for being a terrible father!

She reached back and ran a hand up and down her upper thighs. "Do you think my ass cheeks are lighter than my thighs? Don't say yes, because I'll be totally bummed out."

I had an urge to whip my cock out and masturbate then and there. But I forced myself to calmly reply, "They look the exact same shade of deep, rich tan to me."

"You mean it?!" She stood back up, spun around, and tried to give me a hug. The only problem was, I was sitting and she was standing.

I made matters worse by saying, "I do."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy!" Standing right in front of me, she tried to wrap her arms around my neck. But the net result was that her big tits bounced right off my cheeks! My face was actually enveloped in tit-flesh for a few seconds before she repositioned herself, kneeling to the side of me. But that wasn't much better because now her hefty globes were mashed up against my chest!

This was an unusual escalation, even for her. But I was getting the sense that this would be that kind of day. I tried to keep a stiff upper lip and pretend like it wasn't happening. Unfortunately, my lip wasn't stiff and my penis was! It seemed like she was all over me, but at least she wasn't in contact with my crotch.

She pulled back while maintaining a loose hug so she could make eye contact. Now, just her hard nipples and a little more poked into me, up near my collar bones. "Getting back to your question, I have other hobbies."

"Such as?"

"Such as cooking, and reading, and stressing you out with all my antics." She grinned mischievously at that last one.

"Yeah, you do that," I said with resignation, glancing briefly down at her round melons and the way they poked into my shirt. The bikini top was hanging loosely on her upper slopes, forgotten and covering nothing.

She added, "And tickling you, of course. I love tickling you."

I grumbled, "I noticed. Now, how 'bout a penny for your thoughts?"

She stuck her tongue out and kept it that way. "I was just thinking about my tongue. I wish it was longer. What good is a short tongue? Wouldn't it be cool if I could lick my eyebrows?" She pretended to try, and managed to sensuously lick her upper lip in the process.

I sat there watching this bombshell beauty in her bikini, straining to lick her eyebrows, and I wanted to cry. Why me, Lord? Why me? Seriously! If only I could be single, and younger, and most definitely NOT related to my daughter... The mind boggles!

After some more small talk, in which I poked fun at her strange tongue antics, she finally deigned to get up and leave me be.

I sat there feeling a bit morose. It's tough enough on a guy, who has sworn up and down never to cheat on his wife, to have a daughter like Michelle, a perfect "ten" eighteen-year-old with long blonde hair, freakishly large and jutting breasts, and a smile that could break your heart. Not to mention her "come-hither-and-fuck-me" eyes. And I haven't even mentioned her ass. Holy Christ, what a mouth-wateringly luscious ass!

I don't have an ass fetish, plus I'm a bit "square" about some sex positions. Consequently, I've never engaged in anal sex with Mindy despite her interest in "exploring the possibilities" offered. And yet, watching Michelle strutting her stuff as she walked away from me, her twin tanned buns working against each other in time with her stride and only a thin line of "bikini" coming out the top of the ass crack, I couldn't help but think of how lucky a man could be to get her butt cheeks in his hands while sliding his erection through the deep cleft in between them.

Amazingly, she's never had any boyfriends! But in a way it's not so remarkable, because what teenage boy would have the courage to ask someone like her out on a date? Her physical attractiveness is just so far "out there" on the high end of the scale that guys practically fall over themselves when she walks by. Plus, her personality is just as intimidating as her body. Any boy confident enough to ask her out wouldn't stand being under her heel. She has a way of dominating any group she's in, and stealing the spotlight.

Hell, sometimes I felt intimidated just being near such beauty, and yet I was fairly immune to her charms since I was so used to being near her, Ruby, Nicky, and Mindy. Maybe, just maybe, I could deal with her increasingly outrageous teasing, if she was all I had to contend with.

But there was more. There were her friends. And, as the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." As so often happens, the only other girls who could stand to be near the overwhelming beauty of my daughter were other similarly gorgeous girls. I'd been successful as a writer, and so we'd moved to a very wealthy neighborhood, smack dab on the California coastline. In fact, our house was up on a cliff mere blocks from the ocean, in one of the top ten most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States.

Most of the houses around me were owned by rich men with trophy wives. It so happened that my wife was a stunning "trophy wife"-type knockout. But I hadn't known that she'd grow up to be drop dead gorgeous when I'd started dating her when she was only fifteen, so you could say I got very lucky. Plus, there's the fact that she's anything but a "trophy wife." I don't know what most of our neighbor's wives do all day - maybe they sit around and file their nails or something. But Mindy works, and has a very successful career of her own. She's damn smart.

Of course, I would never divorce Mindy in a million years. But there seemed to be some kind of rule in the neighborhood that every wife had to look like she could enter a national beauty pageant. And at the first sign she was losing her looks, more often than not she was divorced and replaced by a younger sex object.

The long and short of this was that the daughters of such families more often than not were beauty pageant winner types as well. I half-seriously waited for the day some kind of exploitative "Girls Gone Wild" TV show found our neighborhood. I figured that once they saw all the young vixens here, they would never need to go anywhere else.

Each girl at my daughter's high school seemed more tempting than the last one. Thank God neither my daughter nor any of her friends were cheerleaders, because I was already getting far too much visual stimulation lately. Cheerleading wasn't 'cool' because my wife and I had taught Michelle the importance of more serious pursuits. She did well in her classes and in sports, just like her friends did. We didn't raise her to be a dumb blonde airhead, and she actively avoided playing up that stereotype.

And the absolute cream of the crop were her four closest friends, Ruby, Anjali, Nina, and Lisa, with her best friend Ruby being the most beautiful of all. That was a lucky break of sorts, because Michelle and Ruby had been best friends since kindergarten. Heck, they were closer than most sisters.

Ruby is just as much of a voluptuous knockout as my daughter is, and that's saying a lot. It was fitting that they referred to each other as "breastest friends" since they were both so stacked and they were practically joined at the hip. Michelle was the more outgoing of the two and the natural leader. Ruby obviously thought the world of her, and could often be seen right behind her, saying something similar to "Me too!"

So I was rather surprised and relieved that Ruby had not been over in the past couple of days. She usually hung out with Michelle here after school. Since yesterday was the first full day of summer vacation, I thought they'd want to be together for sure.

I figured she probably was working at the local video store. Both of them had just started their summer jobs, and Michelle had a half shift yesterday. Not surprisingly, they were working at the same store, Grand Avenue Video, a local video rental store that seemed to be slowly going bankrupt. They'd had the same job last summer, and they hated how boring it was. Oftentimes, they were able to take the same shift, so they could at least keep each other company, but that didn't always work out.

Ruby and Michelle didn't appreciate the nicknames "Gruesome Twosome," "Satan's Hell Spawn" and "Hellions" I used for the two of them together. That wasn't surprising, since those names weren't exactly flattering. Instead, they referred to each other as "bosom buddies" and "breast friends" from time to time. This was a not-so-subtle reference to their stacked figures. Their oversized breasts seemed to define them and their friendship in many ways. Even though boob jobs were all the rage at my daughter's high school, Michelle and Ruby both had massive, all-natural bosoms. They never had to worry about lacking in popularity, even if they never said a word!

Ruby was a particularly appropriate name too, because she had the reddest hair you could imagine. It was such an exotic and beautiful color that it was hard to believe it wasn't dyed. It was a reddish brown, but much more red than brown. "Flaming red" was a pretty apt description of her natural color.

While Michelle kept her blonde hair long, straight, and full, Ruby kept hers very short. It was cropped almost like a boy's, except more stylish, spiky, and pixie-like. It was a little long in the front, and sometimes her hair fell into her eyes. Also, Michelle's eyes were blue while Ruby's were green.

But other than that, Ruby and Michelle were very physically similar. They were both tall. They both had impressive, all-over tans (although less so in Ruby's case, due to her Irish ancestry). They had the dictionary definition of "hourglass figures." There's no question they could have been models, and very highly paid models. In fact, I knew Michelle, at least, had already been approached by some modeling agencies, but I'd ordered her to turn them down. Who knows where something like that could lead? I had the usual parental worry, imagining her ending up in some porn video or as the centerfold in Playboy or some such magazine.

It's very tough on a father living in this kind of neighborhood. Not only did I swear I would never cheat on my wife, I don't even want to mentally cheat on her. But it seems that no matter where I look, there's some gorgeous trophy wife or some mouth-wateringly curvy and nubile daughter flaunting herself in a skimpy outfit.

There's something extra special about Ruby that gets my motor running, though. She seemed older and more confident than most of her classmates. Probably she got it from being around Michelle so much. Unlike many girls her age, she didn't seem to be suffering from any self-confidence issues (except when it came to comparing herself to Michelle - she seemed resigned to living in Michelle's shadow).

She knew how sexy she was and knew how to wield her sexiness like a weapon. Whenever she looked at me, it was as if she was saying, "I dare you to screw me. You know you want to. Go ahead and do it. I dare you!" Lately, whenever she came over I tried to make myself scarce, because I didn't even want to THINK about her. Plus, my willpower was weakening and I didn't want to face the two of them together, with their combined sex and tease appeal.

Recently, it seemed that Ruby was even more blatant in her teasing than Michelle was. True, I'd discussed it with Mindy last night, but I'd downplayed it some because I didn't want Ruby to get in trouble. I think that because Ruby didn't have Michelle's incest concern, she felt she could be even bolder with me!

Ruby had been coming over nearly every day since school let out. The pattern was fairly predictable. She'd come in the house wearing very little, maybe a cut-off T-shirt and shorts, and then immediately strip down to even less. Namely, her bathing suit. While Michelle loved the regularly-designed but teeny tiny bikinis, Ruby went for some more unusual bathing suit styles. She preferred one black bathing suit that covered her lower privates much like a G-string. That was bad enough, but even worse was the top part. One thin strip of fabric rose from one of her hips, covered a nipple and little more on one side of her, wrapped around her neck, came down over her other nipple, and then attached to thin fabric on her other hip.

As a result, her ample breasts were covered by nothing more than two thin vertical strips. Just the slightest movement was liable to unveil one (or both!) of her proud, constantly erect nipples. Pretty much the entire time she would be over at our house, her nipples would play "peek a boo" in that damn suit. Sometimes she wouldn't even try to fight it and would let both straps fall to her sides. Then she would playfully feign ignorance, or else proudly square her shoulders and practically dare me to admire her amazing exposed hooters.

But that wasn't all. There was another suit, a bright red one, that was even more scandalous. It was very similar in design. A thin strap rose from her pussy mound, barely covered a nipple, went around her neck, back down over the other nipple, and then down to her pussy again. A thin spaghetti string ran from the back of her neck down through the tempting valley of her ass crack to hold it together on the back side.

The end result was that on her front side, about the only fabric to touch her skin was right on her pussy and on her nipples, plus a little bit around her neck. If she strained or stretched in any direction, that would cause the thin strap to ride up into her crotch, cupping her pussy lips and tightening the string that lay permanently buried deep in her ass crack - all while rubbing and pressing hard against her stiff nipples. From the way she smiled and even groaned at times, I had no trouble imagining that that was in fact what was happening, and no doubt she enjoyed it.

At least that suit was so taut that it stayed on her nipples more often than the black one did. But it was a bit of a moot point, because most of the time she and Michelle were at the pool they'd go topless anyway! Or sometimes topless and bottomless!

As always, their excuse was they were working on all-over sun tans. I'd actually complained to Mindy about this for months (without going into just how outrageous their teasing was), and that excuse always worked for her.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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