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Chapter 5

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As I sat in my den, I began to fantasize about such a typical day. Ruby and Michelle were sitting at a table by the pool, partly shielded by an umbrella. I was in the kitchen getting a drink when Ruby called out, "Hey Mork! Can you come here for a minute?"

One of the cable channels had started showing reruns of the old TV sitcom "Mork & Mindy," where a young Robin Williams starred as the friendly space alien Mork. Since my wife's name is Mindy, Ruby thought it amusing to call me Mork, Mork from Ork, and so on. At least, that was a running joke this week.

In my daydream, I walked out to where they sat. As I walked, I assumed they were sunbathing topless again. They both sat on the far side of the table from where I was walking, so I couldn't see their lower halves very well. But as I got closer I realized that neither of them were wearing anything at all!

Yet, foolishly, I sat down at the table. I asked, "Just what do you think you're doing? That's not decent. Put something on this minute."

"But Daddy," Michelle said in her best pleading voice, "we're working on our all-over suntans. And we can't really get an all-over tan if we wear bikini bottoms."

"That's ridiculous," I said. "Those tiny things you two wear don't cover anything at all."

Ruby got up and came over so she was standing right next to me. "Dan," - she always called me by my first name, at least when she wasn't joking around - "that's not true. For instance, look at me."

She turned around and showed me her back and ass. "I've been getting an unsightly line right down the middle of my ass. It's especially noticeable around my ass crack. You see?" She grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and slowly pulled them apart while bending over at an impossible angle, so I could see into the hidden and forbidden depths between her luscious butt cheeks.

I didn't see any tan line, but I sure did see a lot more than I'd expected to of her lovely pussy and her asshole as well! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

But before I could say anything coherent, she turned around and put her hand over where her bush should have been, except she was shaved bare. "And look. This is the worst. I don't want to have a big white spot right over my pussy! But that's what's happening. Look! Can't you see?" She rubbed her hand up and down her privates. It seemed that she was mostly stroking her fingers over her pussy lips.

Michelle remained on the other side of the table, but she stood up too and got my attention. "Daddy, look. It's even worse with me. Look how pale my pussy is. You don't want that, do you?" She also fingered her pussy lips sensuously.

In the daydream, I remained speechless. But while Michelle was talking, Ruby sat down next to me and grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion off the table. She took my hand and squeezed some of the lotion onto my fingers, and said, "Dan, the worst part is that those pale parts can get burned so easily. You know I don't tan easily like Michelle does. Here, help me cover up a bit."

She took my hand and brought it to her pussy.

My daydream self seemed to have little or no willpower, and I simply let her do it. Then I began rubbing the lotion in, though really I was caressing her pussy with only the thinnest of pretense otherwise.

Ruby began to moan very lewdly and happily. I started to concentrate on the area around her clit, and naturally that got a good response.

Meanwhile, Michelle scooted her chair around the table a bit, so all of her body came into view. "Look, Daddy! I need help putting on some lotion too. I need you to take care of my pale white pussy. It needs a lot of attention." Of course her pussy wasn't "pale" at all, but that didn't matter.

As she did before, Ruby acted fast while my attention was on Michelle. She pulled my shorts down, and in the fantastical way that things can happen in dreams, suddenly my shorts were gone and my shirt was too. I was as buck naked as they were.

Ruby put some suntan lotion on her fingers and began to jack off my very erect dick. "Dan, if you're going to get naked, you have to be careful about a sunburn too. Let me rub this in for you." She quickly covered my boner with the lotion, but only because it served as a good lubricant.

Before long, Ruby was happily jacking me off with both hands. She sat so close that, as she leaned into me, she pressed her big naked orbs into my chest.

I continued to play with her pussy with one hand while my other hand explored her incredible rack. Before long, I had a finger deep in her vagina. I was rewarded with even louder moans and some suggestive hip writhing.

Despite all this blatant sexual activity, I began to lecture my daughter. Daydreams can be very nonsensical. "Michelle, you and Ruby have gone too far this time. I'm warning you, you have to get a grip."

"Good idea!" Michelle scooted forward and reached out a hand towards my stiff erection. She kept one hand on her own privates while the other worked with Ruby's two hands to jack me off incredibly well.

People say that at eight inches my dick is unusually long and especially thick. But with three hands on it, there were too many hands and not enough cock to play with. So one of Ruby's hands drifted down to tug on and play with my balls.

"That's not what I meant," I complained half-heartedly.

Michelle blew off my complaint. "Pshaw! It's REALLY important to make sure penises don't get sunburned. Right, Ruby?"

"Right! Especially the really big and thick penises, like this one! We should keep our hands on this one ALL THE TIME, just to be safe!" She giggled.

"Good thinking," Michelle replied while giggling too. "And if we stroke our hands up and down on it, keeping in sync with the same rhythm, that'll help too. ... Somehow."

Ruby smirked. "Yeah. Somehow. Who cares how?" She giggled some more.

Michelle commented as she stroked, "It feels really hot too! That means it's getting sunburned already."

Ruby enthused, "We're gonna have to keep stroking it to keep it cool! I hear that if it's soaked in cum, that helps."

Although this was just a daydream, I could totally picture a conversation going exactly like this. They were totally cheeky and sexy teases!

"Please, you two!" I practically begged. "Please!"

Just then, I heard my wife Mindy's voice from behind me. "What do you mean, Honey?"

In reality, I would have been completely freaked out. But since it was a daydream, I was only mildly alarmed. "Mindy! What are you doing home so soon?"

"Oh, Erica and I got in a big argument. I decided to come home early." She turned and eyed the girls, and especially what their hands were doing to my boner. "But really, Dan. What are you going on about? Do you mean 'please' as in 'Please stroke more so I can shoot a hot load all over your face,' or do you mean 'please' as in 'Please stop for a moment so I can catch my breath before your four hot hands continue stroking my fat pole?!'"

"Um..." In the dream, as I would have been in real life, I was too blown away by the whole situation to say anything coherent.

Mindy put her hands on her hips as if she was miffed, and looked at the two girls. "Really! Girls, I appreciate your efforts to keep his penis from burning, but really! What you're doing just ain't gonna cut it. All those hands will help, for a while, but if you seriously want to help, one of you should rest your mouth on his bulbous cockhead to provide complete cover. Don't you think?"

"Definitely!" Ruby immediately ducked down onto my erection and began licking all around the tip.

Michelle, seeing that Mindy was in on their fun, suggested, "Good idea, Mom, but she's gonna lose her balance just resting her head on top of that pole. Even with my hands still stroking the base, it just isn't stable."

"Good point." Mindy appeared to be examining the situation like a concerned engineer. "Oh, I know. Ruby, try fitting as much of that fat cock into your mouth as you can. That'll provide more stability and even more protection from the sun."

"Mom, you're a genius!" Michelle said, before bursting into a new round of giggles.

"Mmmm!" Ruby took me into her mouth. Or at least, she tried to. She seemed to be having a little trouble opening up wide enough to take me, but she eventually managed.

"My God," Mindy said with awe as she watched. "Michelle, just look how hard she works to cram all that hot cock down her throat. Can you do that for Daddy?"

(I wasn't just being egotistical in my dreams - my penis really was unusually thick. Mindy loved oral sex with me, but she complained all the time about how difficult it was to get in her mouth.)

"Sure thing, Mom!" Michelle said proudly, as she tugged at my balls with one hand. "I'm not afraid! I know it's a mouthful and then some, but if you can do it all the time, why can't I?"

"That's a good girl," Mindy said as she stood next to us and started to strip out of her pin-striped business attire. "You'll get used to its thickness, eventually. The key is practice, practice, practice." She took a closer look at Michelle, who had lost access to my dick ever since Ruby started bobbing on it, having recovered from her initial difficulties.

As she worked on unclasping her bra, Mindy said, "Now Ruby, don't be greedy. Michelle has been dreaming of sucking on her daddy's fat cock for months now, and you know that. I want you two to share. Then, once he blows his load, he gets to fuck Michelle senseless first."

"Yippee!" Michelle said, both in reaction to hearing that and in reaction to seeing Ruby's mouth leave my erection.

Perhaps my subconscious was trying to tell me something through my daydream. But then even my conscious mind couldn't deny that Michelle had a very serious and sexual crush on me for months now. Ruby certainly did too.

As Ruby gripped my erection with both hands, my daughter said to me, "Daddy, Mom's right. I've been waiting for this for soooo long." Then she brought her lips over the bulbous head and started sucking. She too seemed to have some difficulty fitting me into her mouth, but once she found the right angle, she started sinking me deeper and deeper between her ravenous lips.

I groaned so loudly that it was nearly a shout. It wasn't so much what Michelle was doing since she was just getting started, it was the fact that it was my own daughter sucking me off with such loving devotion!

But at the same time, Ruby was complaining, "No fair! Why does she get to fuck him first?"

Mindy was buck naked by now. She squatted down next to the two girls to get a good look. "Because she's his real daughter. But don't worry, he'll bone you next, and then he'll do me. Ruby, are you in this for the long term or not?"

"Long term, definitely!"

"Good. Then you realize there's got to be rules. I'm the wife, and I always get first dibs. Michelle is lover number one and she gets second dibs. You're lover number two, and you can have him whenever Michelle and I aren't busy getting fucked."

"Damn. So I'm at the bottom of the heap."

"Don't worry, you'll get plenty of cock. In fact, Michelle, now that you've had your first taste, why don't you pull back and give Ruby room to lick up one side? Heck, now that I think about it, he's got enough hot throbbing fuckmeat hanging down there to share, wouldn't you say? Maybe we can even fit all three of us in there. Let's find out!"

I was having the time of my life. My daughter was staring up into my face with loving eyes, as her lips slid back and forth over my shaft. She was going at it like a real pro.

But unfortunately, right then the phone rang. It was some annoying telemarketing automated spiel. I just let the answering machine take it. But the call jarred me out of my daydream and threw me back into my empty and lonely room.

I felt ashamed, deeply ashamed. My erection slowly deflated.

Shit! How could I think of my daughters in that way? What kind of sick, perverted freak am I? I'm letting them get to me!

It was hardly the first time I'd had that kind of dream lately. In the past month especially, my head had been filled with the most disturbing thoughts. It really troubled me, because I'd always been completely open with Mindy. She's not just my wife, she's my soul mate and my best friend. Before, if I was having some freaky dream, I'd tell her. But not this! Strange dreams at night are bad enough. But with a daydream, I can't even say my conscious mind wasn't in control. Even in my confession to her last night, I didn't mention my daydreams and dreams.

The thing is, the daydream was not even that far removed from reality. Okay, admittedly, from the start of the blowjob onwards, the dream veered wildly from the real world, but their cavalier attitudes seemed pretty realistic, and the teasing was very real. Especially in the last few days since they'd graduated from high school, things were getting totally out of control! It made me ashamed just to think about what had happened recently and the fact that I hadn't been keeping my wife fully informed.

For instance, I thought back to a couple of days ago, when Ruby came over and spent most of the day with Michelle in our back yard. There was nothing surprising there. But they spent hours working on their tans - their all-over tans.

I'll tell you, it makes it really hard to write, when you know that all you have to do is look out the window and you'll be able to see two "perfect ten" bombshells tanning themselves while completely starkers, and with their legs blatantly spread open to boot. They worked on their all-over tans so much that both of them no longer had any signs of any tan lines whatsoever.

I'm really not exaggerating by saying that if either of them wanted to pose for a centerfold, the airbrush artist would have nothing to touch up. No scars, no unsightly moles or birthmarks - nothing! And such firm, hard bodies! It's like their bodies were built for sex, but neither of them had ever had boyfriends. Such a waste!

My only recourse was to draw the blinds and work in semi-darkness, even though it was a typically beautiful and sunny day outside. Not like I could get a lot of work done, mind you. I was spending most of my time imagining the two of them frolicking about, splashing each other in the pool, their bathing suits long forgotten.

For what seemed the millionth time, I wished I had a normal-looking daughter who had normal-looking friends. But Mindy's a knockout, and people say I'm handsome, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that our daughter turned into such a head turner.

I'd been left alone for a while, but I knew that Ruby had arrived for real by now.

After a morning of what had become the usual torture from afar, I reluctantly went downstairs for lunch and to subject myself to much worse torture from up close. I sensed the two of them were outside, but I was resolutely determined not to look through the screen door to see what they were doing. Instead, I just shouted out, "I'm making lunch! Get decent!"

I wandered into the kitchen and started preparing some sandwiches.

After a couple of minutes, I looked up through the window to see if they'd put any clothes on. Big mistake. The two of them were completely nude, which was bad enough, but they were standing up with their backs to me and towels in their hands, which was much worse. They shifted their weight from one foot to another, causing their tanned ass cheeks to alternately flex and relax, over and over.

Since they were facing the other way, I was free to ogle for as long as I liked. I'd learned from experience that they set up situations like this, and they would be careful not to look my way at all so I didn't have to feel shy about staring. They continued to ostensibly towel themselves off, but anyone could see it was just an excuse to flex and pose. I don't think they were even wet to begin with!

As I watched them bend over and "dry their feet" together for the third time, I found myself thinking, Those two girls are built for one thing and one thing only: fucking! Their bodies are perfectly designed and sculpted for getting fucked. And they don't even have boyfriends? Why, for the love of God, why? If only they could direct their sexual energy towards boyfriends, that would take the pressure off me!

I looked down at my bulging crotch and mentally added, Literally! Dammit, I'm gonna split these shorts in two. I wanna masturbate so bad, but I'm not gonna let them get to me. If I keep ignoring them, they'll stop eventually, right?!

A couple of minutes later, the two of them walked into the house wearing nothing but the white towels they'd been holding. The towels were the same on each: wrapped around their hips, they managed to cover their asses and crotches well enough, but that was all. They were completely bare-breasted, and proud of it, even defiant.

I was standing in the middle of the dining room, waiting for them with the lunch.

Michelle licked her lips hungrily. "Mmmm! Sandwiches! Barbecued tofu! My fave!" She immediately launched herself at me, even though I was carrying a plate full of sandwiches to the dining room table. As Michelle smothered me in a hug, I felt hands taking the plate away. Undoubtedly, that was Ruby, enabling a more intimate hug for us.

"You're the BEST, Daddy!" Michelle squealed with delight, as if I'd just bought her a new car. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my T-shirt, as she attempted to kiss me on the lips. This was hardly the first time such a thing had happened lately. If I so much as gave either of them a mild compliment or did anything nice, I found myself smothered in hugs and kisses. So I was prepared, and I kept my lips shut tight. But while Michelle was foiled there, she seemed to concentrate her energy on rubbing her tremendous bare rack up and down my chest.

All that rubbing caused her towel to slide off, which was no surprise since it was held up precariously with a tuck of fabric. This was hardly the first towel 'incident,' but they never seemed to listen to me when I complained.

So now I had a completely naked daughter in my hands, with Ruby standing by and watching with approval! Michelle's bare and oily body molded into mine and she seemed happy to practically hump me standing up while kissing my closed lips. There was no way she could not feel my erection through my shorts, and in fact the way she was sliding up and down on it with her whole body was rubbing on it and giving me an uncontrollable urge to cum.

But eventually there was an insistent tapping on her shoulder as Ruby said to her, "Hey, I want my turn too."

So Michelle reluctantly let go with a pout and a sigh.

I noticed that Ruby had put the plate of sandwiches on the table, so her hands were free. Right as she reached out with both arms, Michelle, who was still standing right next to me, gave a gentle tug on Ruby's towel, causing it to fall even before she embraced me.

I'd spied that little tug, which was something they'd never done before. I started to complain, "Hey! That's-"

But I didn't get any farther than that, because Ruby planted her lips on mine as her arms enveloped me. Caught by surprise with my mouth open, her tongue snaked inside and soon she and I were necking with abandon. This was a first! I hadn't French kissed anyone but Mindy since we'd been married!

I felt guilty as hell about it, but come on! I'm only human! They'd worn me down too much for weeks, if not months, and my willpower was all gone.

Ruby wasn't done there, though. Even as she continued necking, her hands were active on my back, working to pull up my T-shirt until it was raised up to my armpits. That allowed her stiff nipples to press into my bared chest. She was just as oiled up with suntan lotion as Michelle was, and all that oil allowed her breasts to slide around delightfully all over my skin.

There wasn't even a pretense of a thank you hug anymore! It was just an all-over body groping. I could hear Michelle standing nearby and moaning erotically with approval. They were going way farther than ever before!

I found myself thinking, I really need to call Mindy again right away and find out what she meant about that "reasonable bounds" stuff! Is this okay?! She MUST have given the Hellions the green light, because they're going crazy on me today! But maybe they misunderstood, because Min couldn't possibly approve of this, could she?!

But the girls weren't done there. Somehow my legs had gotten separated from each other, allowing Ruby to slip a bare and toned leg between mine. That enabled her to basically hump her pussy against my bare thigh. I could feel her pussy juice dripping onto my skin, which provided the lubrication, so she could slide back and forth with ease. That was unprecedented too.

And now that she finished getting my shirt up, her hands were freed up for more mischief. She brought one hand down to my ass, but not just onto my ass: she boldly slipped her fingers under the waistband of my shorts and my underwear until she was gripping bare ass cheek!

I'm ashamed to admit that I found myself doing the same. I'd been in countless erotic hugs like this with my wife, and as her hands would go to cup my ass cheeks, my hands would usually cup hers as well. Only this wasn't my wife! I found myself with two hands full of perfect sun-warmed and slightly sweaty ass cheeks that were practically begging to be spread open, stroked, squeezed, clutched, kneaded, and all around manhandled! And dammit, it simply felt too good to let go!

Michelle didn't seem to like that Ruby was getting a "better hug" than she had. Her voice sounded jubilant, yet she complained, "Hey, Ruby, how come you're getting tongue? I didn't get any tongue! I NEVER get any tongue with Daddy!"

This was true. Because Ruby technically wasn't my real daughter, I only had my guilt over adultery to deal with in her case. I didn't put up as much resistance to her advances.

But Michelle wasn't done. Walking around where Ruby and I were fused together, she complained, "And look at this! Full-on ass grope! Daddy, how come you never grope MY ass?!" She pulled my shorts and underwear down as far as she could, which exposed all of my ass cheeks and Ruby's grasping hand.

My completely nude daughter ran her hand over my ass cheek that Ruby was leaving alone, fondling it lovingly. "Look at this. How come Ruby gets to do this and I don't?"

Of course, Michelle was fondling my ass now, technically rendering her complaint incorrect, but that logic apparently didn't occur to her. I wanted to say something, but God, Ruby was French kissing me like her life depended on it! It seemed like years of pent up passion was pouring out of her!

However, I had bigger problems than that. By pulling my shorts and underwear down on the backside, Michelle had caused them to come down on the front side. Now my erection was fully exposed, and Ruby immediately took advantage! She stopped focusing her attention on humping my leg and began sliding her thigh up and down my boner as much as she could!

I thought, This is way, way too much! This is miles beyond anything they've done to me before. There was no way Min could ever approve of THIS! Or if she does, I still don't! I HAVE to do something, and fast!

I tried to stop Ruby's sexy sliding by clamping my legs together, but that was only partially successful. Her thigh wedged between my legs was trapped against my stiffness and couldn't move much back or forth. But on the other hand, at least my clamping kept her still. I was afraid to relax my muscles for fear of what she might try next!

Michelle walked to our side and looked at where my front met Ruby's. "Heeeeey," she said suspiciously. "What's going on here? Daddy, is your great big cock exposed?"

I glanced over at Michelle. Big mistake! It was bad enough having Ruby's E-cups sliding against my bare chest, but Michelle was sensuously caressing one of her F-cup-sized boobs with the hand she didn't have on my ass!

All the while, Ruby and I kept on necking like, well, horny teenagers. But she finally had to gasp for breath, allowing me to answer, "No! It's uh, nothing!"

"It's not nothing," Michelle said, one of her hands still stroking my bare ass cheek. "That's for sure. I've seen it. It's big and fat and thick and really hard most of the time." Her voice grew even more suspicious, even though she was smiling from ear to ear. "Daddy, are you fucking Ruby yet?"

"NO! Of course not!" The "yet" freaked me out. What did that mean?!

I was stuck. I was still clenching my thighs together with all my might. I was afraid of what these two relentless vixens would do next if I let go. Besides, if Ruby pulled away, then Michelle would see my erection from close up, dripping wet with pre-cum. However, staying pressed to Ruby brought its own dangers, especially since she was continually pressing and rubbing against it with her body. I couldn't keep my legs clamped forever.

Michelle asked, "Ruby, is that true? Is Daddy fucking you yet or not? Is he fucking you right now?"

Ruby was busy kissing and licking her way down my neck. I had no choice but to let her do it. But after some long moments, she said, "Um, what? ... No. Well, maybe. His big cock is doing something fun! It feels soooo good! Let me check exactly what he's doing to me."

The hand of hers that wasn't surgically attached to my ass cheek had been on my back, helping to ensure that we remained in a tight embrace and I couldn't get away. But she brought that hand around to my front side and tried to pry it between our bodies.

My chest had become nearly as oiled up as hers was, due to her relentless rubbing against me. I suspected the two of them had slathered themselves in extra suntan lotion just to create such mischief. But the result was that her hand was relentlessly sliding down towards my erection, despite the tightness of our hug. I'm sure she could feel the beat of my heart through the pulsing in my hard-on, and soon she'd be feeling a lot more, if her hand got much closer!

I was extremely close to a climax already. If Ruby started jacking me off, I knew I'd lose it for sure. Images of my seed shooting up towards the undersides of her hefty slicked-up rack filled my brain and brought me closer to the edge.

Things are completely out of control! I have to think of my marriage. I have to put a stop to this, NOW! I released my death-grip on one of her butt cheeks and brought my hand around to intercept hers. With a strong grasp on her wrist, I managed to stop her forward progress and then pull her hand away altogether.

Still holding onto her wrist with one hand, I brought my other hand around my backside and swatted it back and forth, trying to shoo away the hands belonging to Ruby and Michelle, like I was swatting flies. "Okay, you two. That's enough! Enough horsing around! That went way, way beyond a normal hug! What the hell?!"

Michelle said, "Hey, come on, we're just teasing. I know you're not REALLY fucking Ruby yet. Right?"

At least my ass was free of wandering hands and I'd managed to take my hands off Ruby's hard and oily ass. Plus, Ruby had given up trying to reach my boner. But my body was still molded to Ruby's, and she'd brought her hands around my back again to make sure the hug would keep going. I'd stopped clamping her thigh, but I pushed it firmly down with my hand, keeping it from bending up between my legs and thus effectively stroking my cum-soaked hard-on. Relenting slightly, she'd brought both of her feet back to the floor, and I was able to clamp my legs back together. My overwhelming urge to cum passed, thank God.

However, I wasn't out of hot water just yet. My shorts were still down below my privates, and in fact, during the repositioning they'd slid all the way down to my knees. My turgid erection was pressing against Ruby's lower abdomen now, bringing it even closer to entering her pussy lips than before. If she were a few inches taller and I were a few inches shorter, I'd be poking right at her door! Michelle's repeated use of the phrase "are you fucking her yet" might just be accurate if I didn't act fast!

I didn't know what to do. I was more exposed than ever. But since Michelle had let go of me and Ruby had mostly stopped moving, I figured I should just stay still for a little while and try to recover my wits.

I say "mostly stopped moving," because Ruby was still kissing and licking my neck and face like we were long-time lovers. At the moment, she was licking my ear, which was surprisingly pleasurable. My wife liked to do that to me, and it seemed Ruby was doing it in the exact same way. But at least she was letting my erection be, aside from continuing to press against it.

Finally getting a breather, I looked around for Michelle, figuring she was up to more mischief. But she was nowhere to be seen. "Shelle? Where are you? Come stand in front of me this instant!"

"Awww, Daddy, do I have to?"

Her voice surprised me, because it was coming from directly behind me. I'm sure she could have reached out and fondled my ass some more, if she wanted to. Now that I knew where she was, I realized just how heavy her breathing was. Could she be fingering her pussy? I pushed that thought out of my mind, because it was too disturbing to contemplate!

"Yes, you have to," I finally said. "Come here."

"Okay, Daddy, I'll come for you. I'll come for you whenever you want me to!"

I could see her walking into my field of vision.

She purred with a deadly "come hither" look, "Where do you want me to come?"

I wasn't thinking about her likely double meaning, because I was focusing on the fact that she was still buck naked. God, she looks like a porn star! A goddess! So fuckable! But she's my daughter!

Both she and Ruby seemed overjoyed, like they were literally having the time of their lives. It was hard to oppose that much euphoria.

I asked testily, "Shelle, where's your towel? I thought I told you to be decent."

"Oh, but I AM decent, Daddy." She slowly ran a hand down her tummy towards her shaved pussy, as if she wanted my eyes to go there. "Did you know that I looked that word up in the dictionary the other day and memorized the meaning, since you've been telling me to 'act decent' so much? It has lots of meanings, actually. For instance, it means 'kind, obliging, or generous,' as in, 'It was very decent of the two teenage sexpots to give the horny man a double blowjob.'"

Now her hand was sliding back up her tummy, and then caressing the undersides of her rack. "But that's not all. It also means 'of fairly attractive appearance,' as in, 'She has a decent ass, but you should check out her huge F-cup tits!'"

I'd almost forgotten that Ruby's impressive E-cup-sized breasts had been pressed against my chest for who knows how many minutes, because while they felt divine, at least she wasn't sliding them all over me. But those words seemed to remind Ruby of our positioning as well, and she resumed sliding her breasts up against my front.

That meant that the slight bulge of her lower abdomen began sliding up and down my erection as well! It was like she was jacking me off with her body!

I knew I had to get out of this compromising position, and fast, before there was an 'accident.' But I was sucked up into Michelle's diversion about the meaning of 'decent.' As a writer, I care about the meaning of words. I said, "True enough, but decent also means, 'conforming to a standard of good taste or modesty.'"

"That may be," my daughter conceded, still standing naked a few feet in front of me, striking a sexy pose with an arm under her rack, thrusting her jutting breasts even farther forward than usual. "But it also means 'fair or passable,' as in, 'She gives a decent handjob, but you have to try fucking her tits! Her body's built for sex all over, but especially her massive melons!'"

As if her words weren't blatant enough, she cupped her gigantic globes from underneath. The invitation couldn't be more clear!

I thought, Okay, this is war! They'd been tempting me forever, but now any pretense is over. This is some kind of sexy war. They're going all out to seduce me, right here, right now! I can't let that happen!

"Put your damn towel back on already," I growled, unable to handle any more of her nakedness.

It so happened that one of the towels was right at her feet. She silently bent over to pick it up. She could have picked it up in a variety of modest ways, but instead she chose to turn her back to me first and then spread her legs as she bent over.

I quickly closed my eyes, as her tanned ass cheeks parted and the pinkness of her pussy lips came into full view between her stiff legs. I could see the glistening of beads of cum on her pussy!

Ruby's entire body was humming with excitement and jubilation. She purred into my ear, "What about my body, Dan? It's built for sex all over too. But I've never let another man touch it. Only you! No man has ever touched my E-cup boobs, only you!" She attempted to hold one of my hands and bring it to her chest, but I wouldn't let her do it.

She asked in a wanton voice, "Did you know that's the first real kiss I've ever had? I wanted you to be my first!"

"But, but... that's impossible," I stuttered, still keeping my eyes closed. "You kiss so well!"

"Thanks." She pecked kisses across my cheek, moving her mouth closer to my lips. "I should clarify: that's my first real kiss with a man. Women, technically, yes."

My mouth opened in surprise at that. How was it a girl this beautiful hadn't been kissed by a boy yet? I wasn't too surprised that she'd kissed a girl or two though, since I'd seen Ruby and Michelle kiss on the lips lots of times. Still, I figured those were just 'fake' kisses they did in my presence to get a reaction from me. But in any case, she took advantage of my open mouth to kiss me on the lips again.

My resistance was nearly gone. I found myself kissing back as our tongues dueled. And somehow, my hands drifted down to grab her ass cheeks again as her hands drifted down to clutch at mine.

Once again, things were as dangerous as ever. Worse, actually, given the way she was sliding her body against my exposed erection, over and over again. It was one of the most intense and erotic experiences of my life!

I don't know how long we kissed and fondled like that, as I lost all track of time. Somehow, my hands wound up cupping and caressing her big tits after all! I'd felt them many times, even bare, because she'd been brushing against me or hugging me so often. But this was the first time I actually held them. I was so aroused and giddy that I thought I'd pass out!

At one point, I found myself thinking, Min suggested last night that doing this is okay. Fondling their great tits is okay! She approves! She wants me to do this. She says it's "reasonable." It'll kick start our sex drives later. So why not give in and enjoy myself?

But eventually I reached a point where I knew I would either have to pull away completely or cum all over her. Her lower abdomen was wet with pre-cum dribbling out of me, and she kept on with her relentless body rubbing! I could cum at any moment! Right as I reached that realization, I felt her fingers slipping into my ass crack, an area that had somehow remained untouched until now.

Somehow, that shocked me enough to gather the tiny shreds of resistance I had left and push her away. I found myself thinking of my wife and the way she liked to play with my ass, and a wave of guilt hit me so strongly that I very nearly felt ill. I can't let myself splatter my cum all over Ruby's taut belly! I can't! I just can't! That would make this disaster twice as bad!

Surprisingly, Ruby let herself get pushed away without any resistance.

That left me standing there with my erection bobbing straight out. Pre-cum was freely dripping from it, it was so soaked. There wasn't much I could do about my condition except reach down and pull up my shorts as quickly as possible, so that's what I did. Meanwhile, my T-shirt had slid back down most of the way, once Ruby's oily body was pried off of mine. Once I had my shorts back up, I used both hands to straighten my shirt out. I looked more or less presentable now, except for the lewd bulge in my shorts.

Michelle and Ruby were standing in front of me, reveling in their total nudity. Somehow, both were smiling from ear to ear and smirking at the same time. "Awww..." they both said at the same time with pouty inflection. They made a variety of "awww" noises for nearly a minute, showing their disappointment at my clothed state.

Even I had to chuckle a little bit. True, they'd both gotten the best of me and I felt tremendously guilty. But at the same time, it was so much damn fun that I couldn't help but enjoy it. However, I said, "Okay, you two, show's over. Whatever happened to the sandwiches?"

Ruby nodded at the table, pointing out the plate.

"Okay, fine," I said. "Remember, that we're supposed to eat them? But first, both of you, put some damn clothes on already!" I noticed that even after Michelle's big production of bending over to pick up the towel, she was still just standing there with it in her hand. I could see several rivulets of cum dripping down her thighs. But Ruby was even wetter. The whole front side of her gorgeous body seemed smeared with sweat, oil, and cum!

The two of them started to refasten their towels around their waists, but I said, "No way. I said clothes, not towels. I want full coverage of all private parts."

That started another session of pouty "Awww" noises.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I turned from the dining room to the kitchen. I figured I'd get some orange juice and drinks while I sorted my head out. Phew! What a crazy day! How am I going to explain this to my wife?! She's going to be pissed. Or worse, what if she approves?!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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