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Chapter 6

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I realized that I needed to call Mindy, and fast! Luckily, there was a receiver on the kitchen counter. I called Mindy's cell phone number.

There was no answer, so I decided to leave a message to give me a call ASAP. But before I could do that, I had to wait through her recorded greeting: "Hi, this is Mindy Cooper. Sorry, I'm not available right now. Dan, Honey, if you're calling, you have my permission for anything. And I do mean ANYTHING! I leave it up to YOU! You make the decision."

That floored me so much that I hung up without leaving a message.

The kitchen and dining room were essentially the same room, separated only by the kitchen counter. Michelle and Ruby stood in the middle of the dining room a short distance in front of me, but I resolutely pretended they weren't there. I needed to calm down, and let my dick calm down! Far from going flaccid, my wet erection was soaking my underwear and even creating a large wet spot on the front of my shorts. Pre-cum continued to leak out of it, exacerbating the problem.

I closed my eyes and thought about the message that Mindy must have recorded for me in the last hour or so. When I'd tried calling her earlier, I'd heard a little bit of her usual message before I hung up. I thought, "Dan, Honey, if you're calling, you have my permission for anything. And I do mean ANYTHING! I leave it up to YOU! You make the decision." Those were HER words! She's serious about this. No second doubts! Yesterday, I gave her the hypothetical of Shelle wanting to give me a blowjob and she brushed it off, saying how far I went was entirely up to me.

That means she's okay with what just happened! As crazy as it sounds, that's what she said. Her phone message gives me a "get out of jail free card." Thank God!

But the problem is still there. Just because my wife abdicates her responsibility in this for unknown and very inexplicable reasons, Michelle is still my daughter and Ruby is my almost daughter. I still can't let anything happen. They took me by surprise, and now everything is fucked up. At the very least, I can't let that happen again!

I was grateful the two of them were giving me some space and weren't trying to talk to me, although I could hear them excitedly whispering to each other. Just from the tone of their voices, it sounded like they were about to fly to the moon. I needed to bring them back to Earth somehow.

I waited another minute until my head somewhat cleared and my breathing eased. My dick was still hard, but I knew I'd have to wait ten minutes or more for it to go flaccid, if it went flaccid at all. It was almost physically impossible for me to not have an erection around the Gruesome Twosome, especially after what they'd just done to me! I would just have to grin and bear it.

When I walked around the counter into the dining room, Michelle and Ruby were standing side by side and anxiously waiting for me. They had their towels precariously wrapped around their substantial chests. They'd both managed to cover their nipples up, but it was a very close thing. Even through the terry cloth of those towels, I could see the suggestive bulges of hard nipples on big round tits, and lots and lots of tightly pressed cleavage.

The towels were long enough to wrap all the way around their bodies, but they weren't nearly wide enough to cover their pussies and asses too. Down below, each of them held a napkin over their pussy mounds. That covered their pussies, but not much else!

I frowned at that. "Okay you two, I said CLOTHES. Do you not understand English? A napkin does not count!"

"But Daddy," Michelle replied, "We don't HAVE any clothes! Even our bikinis are way, way, WAY outside. We don't want to go all the way out THERE." She pointed out the window towards the lounge chairs they'd been lying in earlier, but her facial expression made it seem like she was pointing to a spot several mountain ranges away.

"Tough. Get 'em."

"Okay, Daddy, but you've got to change too. Your shirt is all oiled up and icky. Your shorts too."

I looked down at myself and saw they had a good point. Plus, I had a big and embarrassing wet spot problem. I needed to take care of that.

Ruby had just sat down closest to me, while Michelle sat on the other side of the table. Ruby stood up, saying, "Here, let me help."

Naturally, her napkin got left behind and her towel fell off for good measure.

I backed away. "No, I've got it well in hand, thanks." God, she's so beautiful! So stacked! So naked! It makes me want to cry with frustration!

Ruby stared at my crotch hungrily. "Let me have it 'well in hand.' Please!"

Michelle stood up, causing her towel to fall away too. "You already had it 'well in hand.' Come on, Ruby, let me have a turn!"

"I wish! I never really got to touch it."

I stood back, grateful that Michelle and Ruby were at least facing each other and not me.

"What are you talking about? You were rubbing up against it for, like, ten minutes!"

"Was not!"

"You were too!" Michelle had her hands on her hips and was striking a defiant pose.

"Okay, maybe I was, just a little, but it's not the same thing as holding it."

Michelle wasn't mollified by that. "I know, but you got to kiss him too. You totally made out. It's SOOO unfair!"

My dick was throbbing with need all over again, and my lust only grew as I heard them argue about me. Still, I felt terribly guilty. I couldn't let this kind of talk continue. I said, "Okay you two, back to the table. We need to talk."

The two of them sauntered back, proudly sashaying their bare asses as they went.

I watched as they sat down in their usual seats. True, they were still buck naked, but before I rejoined the battle in trying to get some clothes on them, I had to get some things off my chest. Plus, with them sitting on the opposite side of the table from me, it was like they were merely topless instead of completely nude, thanks to the solid wood table in the way.

I sat down too. "Okay. Listen. All this kissing and hugging and running around naked, I have to admit that I kind of like it to some degree."

They looked at each other triumphantly. Their smirks were suddenly back.

I went on, "But it has to stop. Completely! I've been way too slack. Things have gotten way out of hand. I'm a married man! Shelle, you're my daughter, for crying out loud! And Ruby, you may not be my daughter technically, but you're basically part of our family. What do you think Mindy would think if she saw this so-called hugging?"

I wasn't about to let them know about Mindy's phone message, because that would only encourage them.

Michelle said defiantly, "I don't know, why don't you ask her?"

I thought her tone sounded strange. It was like she knew something that I didn't. But I let that slide, and said, "You know what? I will. Tonight. I haven't been fully honest with her about all the teasing and flirting you two have been doing, thinking that it was just a passing phase. I finally told her some things last night, but not enough. You two are obviously in lust with me, and that's wrong. Mindy has to know EVERYTHING, consequences be damned. She'll probably kill me, but that's my cross to bear."

Neither of them seemed perturbed in the slightest by the idea of Mindy finding out, but they did look a bit contrite.

I had a hell of a time concentrating on their facial expressions and not their bare chests!

Michelle said, "Sorry, Daddy. You may find this hard to believe, but we don't REALLY want to have sex with you; we're just teasing! I mean, look at our bodies. We're ready for sex! But none of the boys at school interest us. We're just trying to pass the time until we get to college and meet the real prospects, and in the meantime you're the only guy we can practice being sexy with."

I was relieved to hear that. Mindy had said something similar last night. I replied, "Well, that may be. Personally, I think there have to be plenty of interesting guys your age. But, I mean, come on! There's teasing, and then there's teasing! What you two did today is SOOO far out of bounds, it goes above and beyond. Nothing like that can ever happen again, is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy," they both said forlornly.

"Ruby, did you just call me 'Daddy?'"

"Oops, sorry. I was just mimicking Michelle. Sometimes we try to watch the other's lips and say the same thing at the same time."

"I noticed. In any case, we should probably talk about this later at greater length, when you both have some clothes on and I'm not all smeared with suntan lotion and whatnot."

They snickered at that, since they'd noticed there was a lot of "whatnot" on the front of my shorts.

I ignored that, and added, "I'm going to go upstairs right now and get changed. When I come back, I expect to see you two wearing clothes! Not towels, not napkins, but real honest-to-God clothes! Is that clear?"

Michelle replied, "Yes, Daddy."

Ruby bowed her head slightly and replied, "Yes, sir." She'd never called me "sir" before, not that I could recall.

I said sternly, "And tomorrow? What do I expect you to wear?"


"And the next day?"

"Clothes." Both their heads were bowed in defeat.

"Good. Now, eat up." I nodded towards their BBQ tofu sandwiches. I had one ready to eat too. Both of them were vegetarians with all kinds of strict restrictions on what they ate, as they were fanatical about keeping their bodies fit. Mindy was the same, basically forcing me to eat vegetarian too so we didn't have to cook separate meals every day.

Satisfied that things were finally under control, I stood up. I was about to walk towards the stairs when Michelle raised her head and said in a meek little voice, "Daddy?"

"Yes, love?"

"I just want you to know that we're sorry. Sorry for teasing you so much. Sorry for having such terribly large breasts and mouth-wateringly sexy bodies. Sorry for fantasizing about sucking your great big cock all day long."

I said in shock, "You just said what?!"

But she ignored me. "We've been so terribly naughty. But sorry isn't enough. We're so incorrigible, we're probably gonna be naughty again tomorrow. We're never really going to get better until you punish us."

"Punish you? Ha! What do you mean? I've tried everything. Why, Michelle, just in the past few days I've grounded you, said no TV, no Internet, and a few other things besides. But nothing works. You still run around naked or nearly naked, no matter what I do. You're a hopeless case, and Ruby's the same. In fact, all those punishments just make things worse, since you have more time to sit around the house and do nothing but tease me."


"But what?"

Michelle looked up at Ruby, nodding for her to explain, as she apparently was too embarrassed to do so.

Ruby said, "Dan, sir? The thing is, Michelle and I, we are pretty headstrong and spoiled. Those kinds of punishments aren't going to help. What you need to do is spank us."

Unfortunately, that put such a vivid erotic image in my mind that it took me some moments to pull myself together enough to respond. "Spank... you?"

"Yes," Ruby replied quietly, her head still bowed submissively. Then she shivered ever so slightly.

Suddenly, I was painfully aware that both of them were still as naked as the day they were born. True, their bare pussies were hidden by the table even when I was standing up, but that just caused me to stare at their fantastic racks all the more.

Michelle, also with her head bowed, added, "Daddy, you need to bend us over your lap and show us who's boss by warming up our naughty bottoms, right and proper! Take control of your willful daughters."

"You mean daughter and friend."

"Right, but Ruby wants to get spanked too, don't you, Ruby?"

Ruby nodded her head emphatically. Finally looking up into my eyes, she said, "Yeah. Michelle and I have been talking about it. You need to take control of both of us. It's the only way! We've been far too willful and uppity. Bend us to your will and make us obey your every command!"

I noticed that Michelle was looking up now as well, but she was staring at the lewd, wet bulge in my crotch instead of towards my face. She murmured reverently, "Yes, your every command." She hungrily licked her lips, and I don't think that had anything to do with their BBQ sandwiches.

I thought, Spank 'em? Why not? They deserve it. I've got a nearly uncontrollable urge to spank their asses until they positively glow a bright cherry red. But no, I wouldn't stop there! After that, I'd fuck them mercilessly, using them as my personal sex toys!

I was feeling so aroused, I was thinking crazy thoughts!

I looked back and forth between them. Their tanned chests were positively heaving with excitement, causing their hefty globes to continuously jiggle. Their eyes were bright and afire with lust.

I knew I had to get out of there, and fast. And I knew spankings would only make matters worse. I couldn't let myself touch them in any way, not for a good long while, until things calmed down.

"NO SPANKINGS!" I bellowed before hurrying out of the room.

I rushed upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom. I made it into the shower stall, where I knew the sound of rushing water would give me privacy. Then my hand and my dick proceeded to get very well acquainted with each other!

I'd thought the talk would bring the Gruesome Twosome under control, but Mindy's apparent green light with her "reasonable bounds" comments didn't help, and maybe made things worse.

The incident in the morning with Michelle's harem pajamas and her licking up of the "yummy goo" was a disturbing sign. Technically, she'd obeyed my instructions to remain clothed, but she'd really pushed the boundaries of what "clothed" meant with her see-through outfit. And given everything that had happened since, I was almost 100% convinced she knew she was licking up my cum.

Oh shit! The implications of that are too scary for me to contemplate! And she said they fantasized about sucking my cock! They want me, sexually! Everything is coming out in the open now. I can't resist! Gaawwwd, I want them so bad! They're just too hot!

I kept thinking naughty, forbidden thoughts about them until I had a powerful climax. I was grateful to let the water quickly wash away all traces of my secret deed.

After I recovered from my masturbation frenzy, I attempted to call Mindy's cell phone again. But I only heard the same recorded message.

I thought I'd masturbated so much I wouldn't be able to get hard again for hours. That was a big reason why I got a little carried away with that. But simply hearing that message made me erect again in a couple of minutes!

It occurred to me, I never have this much trouble reaching Min. She keeps her cell phone charged and within reach all the time. She has to be trying to avoid me. She's given the Hellions some kind of green light, and she's avoiding talking to me so I'm forced to figure out what to do about it on my own.

What the hell is she thinking?! She's crazy! I just don't understand her motivation!

I came up with an idea. I can't ban Michelle from her own house, but I can tell Ruby to go home. (Ruby lived with her beautiful mother Cindy McGrath just a short distance down the street, so she could walk home in about one minute.) That'll help a lot. Furthermore, I should have one or more of Shelle's other friends come over. They've been teasing me some, but NOTHING compared to what Michelle and Ruby do when they're together or alone with me. So another person's presence will kind of protect me until Min comes home and we can talk and sort this out once and for all.

I went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted at Michelle and Ruby, who it turns out were still in the dining room. I didn't want to get too close to them or even see them, because I simply couldn't resist them anymore! I shouted, "Girls, I have news! You're grounded! Ruby, that means you have to go home. Now! And Michelle, that means you have to stay at home."

The two of them came rushing through the living room towards me.

I stopped them once they got within sight. "STOP! I said, STOP!"

That stopped them.

I couldn't help but notice they were wearing bikinis, incredibly revealing bikinis. At least it beat total nudity.

They protested, saying things like, "NO!" "Don't say that!" and "Don't be mean!"

I said, "Sorry, that's how it goes. We need to cool things down after what you did to me."

Ruby asked with a desperate sadness, "How long am I banned?!"

"I don't know. I'll talk it over with Mindy tonight. But Shelle, you can invite other friends over. In fact, I insist. I don't want to deal with you alone. You're just going to try to hug and kiss me some more, and who knows what else. So call up your friends and have fun with them the rest of the afternoon, okay?"

Her eyes flashed with fire. It looked like she was going to mount a vigorous protest, but then changed her mind. She said meekly, "Okay, Daddy."

I nodded. "Until you have at least one friend here, keep your distance from me. I know that sounds crazy, but we need to let passions cool."

They nodded back, even though they were extremely sad.

Ruby looked particularly devastated. So I said, "Ruby, you know I love you like family. This is just a temporary thing, I'm sure. The faster you two can behave yourselves, the faster things will be back to normal."

I went back upstairs. I was proud of controlling my libido and taking the first steps to recover from the earlier sexual disaster.

Michelle shouted up the stairs to me a short time later that her friend Lisa was coming over.

Lisa was a close friend of both Michelle and Ruby. She also was a stunner, but in a different way than Michelle and Ruby were. While those two were tall, curvy, and sultry, Lisa was shorter, not as buxom or hourglass shaped, and didn't have that "high-class call girl" wanton gaze that unfortunately my daughter had. Instead, Lisa was the epitome of cute. She had short bobbed brown hair, full rosy cheeks, brown eyes, and a big toothy smile that was unstoppable.

When I say "unstoppable," I mean her smile was like an invincible weapon. If she wanted to do something, all she had to do was flash that smile and traffic would come to a stop, and every man from miles around would come running to her feet. Well, it just about seemed that way most of the time. Her smile was like a drug. It made you feel so good to see it, and made you feel that all was well in the world. You'd do most anything to keep seeing it.

Since she pretty much smiled all the time, that meant that she had guys eating out of her hand wherever she went, including me. Ruby and Michelle were so imposingly beautiful that most people shied away from them. Imagine if Elizabeth Hurley, complete with her mature, adult body, went to high school. Who would dare approach her? The Gruesome Twosome were treated like unreachable objects of art, high up on pedestals. But Lisa was always the center of attention, very approachable, constantly surrounded by people, and being asked out by guys left and right.

Not only did her cute face and winning smile melt their hearts, but she had a firm, toned body that roused their libidos. I consider myself an athletic guy and still go running every day. I still have my six-pack stomach muscles, but if it came to a fight Lisa could probably kick my ass. She excelled in many sports, and she also practiced martial arts.

I was lost in lustful thoughts of Lisa, Ruby, and Michelle when I heard the doorbell ring. She'd arrived. I could just imagine Lisa and Michelle cavorting around the swimming pool, and from my view in the den on the second floor I'd be able to see and even hear them quite clearly.

I didn't want that. It wasn't like me to be passive, so I decided to take action to at least keep myself out of harm's way. I unplugged the laptop I usually kept on my desk in the den and moved to my bedroom. That was on the second floor and near the front of the house, far from the backyard pool area.

For the next hour or two, I worked there. Or at least I tried to. I couldn't get the morning's tickle attack or the "yummy goo" out of my mind, not to mention the way Michelle and Ruby took turns "hugging" me, if one could even call it that. Thoughts of my discussion with my wife the night before were equally distracting.

Around two o'clock I went downstairs to eat lunch. I couldn't hide in my room forever, especially since I'd never eaten the barbecued tofu sandwich I'd made for myself, since I'd fled to get away from the nude girls before I had a chance.

I figured I'd run into Michelle and Lisa and maybe we could eat together. Even if they weren't hungry, they'd want to hang out and talk with me, I was sure.

Had it been Ruby instead of Lisa, I would have gone out to eat instead, because I wasn't ready for another tease attack and I didn't trust them to behave. But Lisa was different. She was shy and demure, despite being so popular. She teased me a little too, but it was on a completely different level, and Michelle kept herself to the same restraints when she was around. For instance, Lisa had never been topless at our house (much less bottomless) and Michelle kept her clothes on around Lisa as well.

Lisa and I got along quite well, in fact. She was a pure pleasure to be around, with her positive attitude and never-ending smile.

But when I came downstairs, they were nowhere to be seen. The pool area was empty and there were no signs of them anywhere. I shrugged and started making myself another sandwich, since there was no sign of my tofu sandwich. I suspected one of the Hellions had eaten it. Even though they were slim (not counting their breasts!), they put away food like it was going out of style. That probably had to do with their intense exercise regimen.

I felt like having a peanut butter sandwich, so I was bending down below the kitchen counter and peering into a low cabinet looking for the peanut butter when I heard some voices. The peanut butter wasn't in its usual place, so I was moving jars around, digging deeper into the cabinet to find it.

I heard Michelle's voice say quite clearly, "Lisa, tell me about your feelings for my dad. Do you think of him in, you know, THAT way?"

"You know the answer," Lisa replied.

"Let me hear you say it," Michelle said in her most commanding voice.

"Yeah." Lisa giggled. She had the cutest, most magical giggle. She'd mastered the art of cuteness in every way (or maybe it just came naturally).

Their voices came closer. Clearly they had walked into the dining room and hadn't seen me, because the kitchen counter separated that room from the kitchen and I was just below the counter.

Michelle asked, "So what do you like about him?"

"What DON'T I like about him? We've talked about this so many times before, but I don't mind telling you again. He's a dream boat. So rugged and masculine, and yet so kind and lovable. But you know what's really naughty? I love how whenever he's at home, he dresses so casually. Either he wears jogging shorts or sweat pants. And either way, you can see his stiffy practically all the time!" She giggled some more.

"I can't believe you just said that!" Michelle exclaimed with a happy giggle.

I had to second that comment, but I certainly wasn't giggling. Did Lisa really just say that?! She was like me and didn't say any vulgar words in public. She even went to the same Catholic church as my family. Of all of Michelle's friends, I considered Lisa to have the most moral and positive influence on my spoiled and naughty daughter.

Lisa had a good point, now that I thought about it. I was walking around with a "stiffy" most of the time she was at our house, thanks to the way she and the Hellions were always arousing me by just being themselves. I thought I'd hidden my arousal well, but it seems I hadn't. The reason I wore loose clothing is because it's bad enough to have a boner all the time, but twice as bad to have it tightly constrained. But a "boxers vs. briefs" debate was a minor concern at the moment.

My major concern was what would I do? I should have said something right away to let them know I was in the kitchen, but when I heard Lisa confess she had a crush on me out of the blue, I could hardly pop my head up and say hello. And now that Lisa had mentioned how she loved to check out my "hard stiffy" it would be doubly embarrassing for me to make my presence known.

But on the other hand, I couldn't just stay where I was. I was in an incredibly exposed position. The kitchen in our house is like that of most suburban houses. It's a big, rectangular room with appliances and cabinets on all sides, except one side opens out to the dining room with only a long, high counter between the two rooms. They were on one side of the counter and I was on the other. The odds were good they were looking to get a snack and/or drink, so they were likely to walk around the counter at any moment and see me crouching there! How could I get away without being seen? If they were sitting on the high stools by the counter, they'd be able to see most of the kitchen. If I tried to crawl away through a back door that led into a hallway, there was a great chance they could see me.

However, I heard Lisa start to say, "Remember that day? Out there by the pool..." and I realized I had a chance. The odds were certain that both of them were looking out the windows and/or screen door towards the pool, and I only had a short distance to cover.

I made my move, scuttling low until I was safely in the hallway. I was too excited making my escape to pay attention to what they'd been saying, but Lisa was continuing to talk in a perfectly normal voice and Michelle was responding and giggling. If they'd seen me, certainly there would have been screams, or silence, or something.

Breathing a big (but quiet!) sigh of relief, I continued down the hall.

The bottom floor of our house is essentially laid out like an oval. You can walk from the foyer at the front door through the living room, briefly into the dining room, through the kitchen, and then down a hallway leading back to the foyer, without having to open any doors. Additionally, there are some rooms leading off from that general open oval shape, including a computer room and bathroom coming off the hallway.

I just kept on walking down the hallway and around through the foyer and living room until I showed up walking into the dining room/ kitchen area, where Michelle and Lisa were sitting.

Both of them were wearing bikinis. I noticed Michelle's wasn't the ridiculously skimpy one she'd worn earlier. With Lisa there, she wore a normal, respectable one, just like Lisa's.

Michelle looked incredulous. "Dad! What are you doing THERE?!"

I was honestly puzzled. "What? I live here."

She huffed and crossed her arms, "I know that, but... We're talking private, personal stuff. I wasn't expecting you to sneak up on us like that."

I found this very odd. For one thing, I was hardly sneaking up on them, they could and did see me coming from a ways away, enough so that they could've stopped talking before I came close and overheard, if they'd wanted to. Furthermore, I knew from the past that when Michelle was caught doing something she wasn't supposed to do, she usually took the "best defense is a good offense" strategy. She was being strangely huffy about me simply coming near.

Then it hit me: She didn't say "Dad! What are you doing HERE?!" or "Dad! What are YOU doing here?!" Her shock was that I was standing where I was and not in some other spot. She had known I was in the kitchen underneath the counter, and she was expecting that I was still there!

Maybe she'd seen my reflection through a window or perfectly timed her arrival or something else, I don't know. But it seemed likely to me that she was taking advantage of the situation to have me 'accidentally overhear' something that she wanted me to know.

I deduced that the main reason she looked really pissed off was that I had managed to evade her trap and she couldn't get the message she wanted to convey to me in time.

I looked at Lisa. She simply looked confused. I knew her well enough to know that she was easily embarrassed. If she knew that I'd been hiding in the kitchen, then she would have easily figured out that I'd overheard her confessing her crush on me, and there's no way she could have possibly hid the resulting blush of shame. So whatever Michelle was up to, Lisa wasn't in on it. That made sense, because usually Ruby was the only one in on Michelle's far-too-frequent crazy schemes.

I chatted a little bit with Lisa, while Michelle continued to huff and simmer.

Then I went back upstairs to do some writing. I didn't like being around Michelle when she was being like that. I'd tried to be friendly, even after the craziness earlier in the day. But if she was going to try to play games with me, it was better I stayed away from her.

However, all in all, I was pleased with how my efforts were working out. Getting Ruby out of the house and replacing her with another friend had gotten Michelle back to normal, it seemed. It was strange hearing Lisa confess to having a crush on me, but then again I'd basically known that already. I don't understand the appeal, but many of my daughter's friends seem to have a crush on me.

I waited until Lisa had gone home later that afternoon, and then found Michelle in her room. She hadn't been expecting me and was dressed in relatively normal clothes.

As I came in, she said, "Hi, Daddy!" and started pulling her dark blue shirt over her head.

"Whoa! Stop that! What do you think you're doing? No, don't answer that. I'm talking here. You're gonna sit still and answer my questions and that's it. No teasing, no back talking. Do you understand?"

"Oooh, Daddy! I like it when you get all forceful and make me do things against my will!"

I groaned inwardly. She was already giving me a tremendous boner - thank goodness I'd caught her with at least some clothes on. She'd even listened to me, for once, and kept her shirt on. It was interesting though watching her nipples quickly harden simply because I'd entered the room.

Ignoring her provocative comment, I sat down in a chair a good deal away from where she was sitting. "Okay, listen. I know you were up to something today, earlier with Lisa. When I walked in and found you and Lisa sitting at the counter, you were surprised because you expected me to be somewhere else, didn't you?"

"I don't know what you mean."

I didn't believe that for even an instant. "Sure you do. You thought I was bent under the counter. You were hoping to trap me there by saying confessional things right off the bat, making me too embarrassed by the situation to get up."

She huffed, folded her arms under her expansive chest, and looked away. "I REALLY don't know what you're talking about."

I was realizing she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, and her dark blue shirt was quite tight. It looked almost like someone had simply painted her upper torso that color. But I wasn't going to let that get to me. "You do too, and you know it. And you know that I know. You can't even look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes!"

"I don't wanna!" She continued to stare at the ceiling, and then closed her eyes tightly for good measure.

"The thing I can't figure out is what kind of game you were playing. You wanted me to overhear something, but what?"

She remained silent and defiant.

I probed, "I don't think it's that Lisa has a crush on me, because you knew I basically knew that already."

She stayed quiet.

I went on, "Shelle, I'm your father. I don't want you to be plotting against me. I thought we were a team in this family. We stick together and support each other, and love each other. Don't we?"

"Yeah," she confessed in a small voice.

"Do you love this family?"

She opened her eyes and exclaimed with great passion, "You know I do! I LOVE this family! It's my whole life! If you include Ruby, that is, and even Cindy. It's the best family in the world! All my friends are jealous. Don't you EVER doubt my love for my family!"

I knew she was being sincere, and it warmed my heart to hear it. I also was tremendously proud of our close-knit family, and how much we loved and supported each other.

I asked, "Don't you love me?"

"You know I do!" she said louder, more exasperated. She gestured with her hands to express her frustration. I don't know that it helped her feelings, but it sure set her F-cups in motion!

I watched all the titty bouncing until her chest was still. Then I caught myself and forced my gaze back to her face. "Then why do you keep trying to stab me in the back?"

She looked at me with piercing intensity. Her eyes were starting to tear up, and I could see waterworks coming on. "It wasn't like that! I'm trying to do stuff for YOU! Because you're so STUBBORN and MORAL, sometimes I have to use... alternative means. But I wasn't stabbing you in the back! You're so much MORE to me than just a great dad! I just wanna, wanna... love you! ALL of you!"

"And I love you too." I held my arms out to her, and she came to me. I held her as she cried.

However, I knew Michelle's tricks. Even though she was probably feeling genuinely distraught, she also was an expert at using emotional tools like crying to get her way.

At least she didn't try to get fresh with me during the hug. True, her big breasts pressed into my chest, and I could feel her stiff nipples digging into my skin. But I'd grown used to that. And at least she was wearing a top, even though it was skin-tight.

When she was cried out, I returned to a more distant chair, and said, "I'm sorry to upset you, but I can't have you sneaking around and plotting who knows what. That's not how things work in this house. You have to tell me what you were trying to do, and stop this childish behavior."


"Until you do, there will be no teasing, no touching, no scanty dressing. No tickle attacks. Your friends will not be allowed over, including Ruby, and you have to wear at least shorts down to your knees and short sleeve shirts with no cleavage, no belly showing. And bra and panties, of course."

"Dad, you're so mean! You might as well make me wear a frickin' burqa!"

"Well, hey, you don't have to wear that stuff at all if you cooperate. Just tell me, honestly, what you were trying to do."

"You wouldn't understand!"

"Have it your way. And remember, you DO have to work at the video shop tonight."

"Oh, great. Pile it on. You might as well just STAB me while you're at it!" She hated that job, but I made her do it. We weren't exactly poor, but I wanted her to learn the value of hard work.

And yes, my daughter is good at playing a drama queen.

I went back to my den to work after having to hear some more griping from her. But she wouldn't budge and tell me her secret.

A few minutes later, she knocked on my door and came in when called. She was dressed in the heaviest clothes she owned. Most notably, she was wearing a heavy winter parka, with a heavily-insulated hood pulled over her head. She was wearing heavy boots, ski pants, and even had ski gloves on her hands. And yet, even with all those layers piled on, the swell of her massive breasts was still clearly visible.

She was without her usual cheer, "Hi, Daddy! How's this? Is this what you want me to wear?"

I rolled my eyes. "I don't think you've made your point yet. Why don't you wear those clothes for a couple of hours in this heat, and then come back when your face is soaked in sweat."

She frowned. "Maybe I will!"

"Okay, I'll see you then." I turned back to my computer.

She stomped her feet. "Daddy! You're so mean! ... Can't you see I love you? Can't you see I have special surprises in the works for you?"

"Yeah, well, I don't appreciate being manipulated like that. It's not a matter of disliking a surprise, it's a matter of objecting to your devious manipulations. I'm your father. The way you and Ruby 'hugged' me today has me very worried. I feel like you're out of control and plotting against me, and I have yet to hear any convincing evidence to the contrary from you."

"It's not like that!" She stomped her feet some more in aggravation.

"So what were you doing then? Just tell me."

"I can't do that! Arrrggh! You're so aggravating!" She stomped back out of my room to her room in a huff.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, PrincelyGuy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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