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Chapter 7

(Sunday, May 19th - Tuesday, May 21st)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

A short time later, Mindy came home from visiting her sister Erica in Santa Barbara. Michelle had just left for her video shop job. She was still pissed off, and I felt pity for whoever would be her coworkers that evening, but at least she'd changed out of her Eskimo outfit into her work uniform.

As Mindy and I ate dinner together, I filled her in on the situation, the entire situation! I wasn't going to hold back anymore. I started from when Ruby came over, because that's when the trouble really began, clear through to Michelle leaving for her job. I might have neglected some of the more lewd details, especially from when a totally nude Ruby 'hugged' me, but I didn't leave out much.

Mindy sat poker-faced, just listening through the whole thing without any questions. I had no idea what she was thinking, but at least she wasn't up and yelling at me.

After I was done, I sighed in frustration. "Where did we go wrong, Sweetheart? I blame Shelle, since Ruby goes along with whatever she does. She's SO spoiled and willful. She doesn't listen to me."

Mindy spoke for the first time in a long time. "No, you're wrong. You're the only one she DOES listen to. You should see when I try to get her to do something, much less her teachers or her boss. She's a 'Daddy's girl,' and we all know it. You're the only one with any control over her whatsoever."

"That's not really much comfort," I complained. "Seriously, where did we go wrong? Look at Nicky and how well she's doing in college up in Berkeley. She's in the middle of finals week right now, and you just know she's going to ace all her classes. What did we do differently with her?"

Mindy thought carefully for a while before replying, "I don't think we did anything wrong. I blame society. And I know how that sounds, but it's really true. This society values beauty so highly, and let's face it, Michelle is a complete off-the-charts stunner, and she knows it. She gets anything she wants just by snapping her fingers. We try our best, but her friends, her teachers, everybody treats her like a princess, just because of the way she looks. We're lucky she's not even MORE spoiled, let alone vain, vapid, or foolish."

"You have a point," I conceded. "But still. Nicky's beautiful, and you're beautiful. Why is only Michelle so out of control?"

"Thanks, but there's a difference. For one thing, our busts." She looked down at her chest. "I've got these D-cups. Nicky's are similar. They get attention. I see men look at me every day, and I know they're thinking, 'Hey! She's got a rack! Nice broad!' But I cover up and dress professionally. I want my coworkers to judge me by my smarts, not my body, and I discourage guys fawning over me, getting me coffee, that kind of thing."

She continued, "Nicky's basically the same, and covers up even more than I do. Like me, she demurs and doesn't want lots of attention. She's in college mainly to study, not to party. But Michelle? Her chest is in a whole different league."

"But she's only two bra cup sizes larger than you," I pointed out.

"True, but that's a big difference. It's the difference between, 'Hey! She's got a nice rack!' and 'HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD! LOOK AT THOSE FUCKIN' HUGE GAZONGAS! Joe, Frank, Bill - come here and check out that BABE!' Pardon my French, but that's how it is. And then you have her sultry face with her 'come hither' eyes, and her gorgeous bubble butt, and all the rest, and the way she dresses provocatively on top of everything else. Our not-so-little girl soaks up all that attention like a sponge and then looks for more. Honestly, have you EVER met a woman in the flesh with more arresting looks than our Michelle?"

"Um, no, not really." Not only did I have to admit that, but just picturing her in my mind's eye was giving me a hard-on all of a sudden.

My wife said, "That includes me and I don't even mind you saying that, because it's a plain fact. And as if that's not enough, she's blonde!"

This didn't strike me as being a major problem. "So? You're blonde."

"I am, and believe me, I know just what that means." Min rolled her eyes, and this time she wasn't doing it for effect or to get a laugh. "Trust me, it makes a BIG difference, Honey. I still have trouble being taken seriously at work sometimes, mostly because of all these preconceived notions about blondes being bimbos and easy lays. And she's not only blonde, she's aggressively blonde. Her hair flows nearly down to her ass, and you know how her bangs hang down her shoulders in front. It's hard to miss."

Michelle did have a remarkable mane of hair. I couldn't deny that.

Mindy continued, "So you see, every time we try to impose some limits, we're completely undermined by the rest of society. For instance, we've forced her to take summer jobs since she turned 16 in order to teach her the value of work and money. But she doesn't do anything! Have you seen her in action at this video shop? She's got all her coworkers under her spell, male and female alike. She and Ruby basically just sit there and talk to each other while the others run around and do twice the work."

I groaned. "Oh, man! We've known this forever, but you're really driving it home. What are we going to do? Nothing we've tried seems to work."

Mindy suggested, carefully, "We know she has this sexual desire to please you. In case you hadn't noticed yet, she really wants to please you. You're her whole world. We should exploit that somehow."

We sat there for a full minute. Finally, I said, "You know, we're beating around the bush. You haven't said a word yet about the sexual incidents today that I just told you about. Especially the so-called 'hugs' the Gruesome Twosome gave me when they were fully nude. That was nothing less than an all-out attempt to seduce me! Both of them at once! If I hadn't at least somewhat resisted, we would have wound up... Well, I don't know what, but it would have been bad! Adultery!"

She still didn't react, so I prodded, "And yet you just sit there with a poker-face."

"What do you want me to say? I told you last night that whatever happens between you and them on that front is none of my concern. They're family, so it's impossible for you to commit adultery with them."

"What?! You didn't say that before! How can you say that?! And Ruby isn't family!"

"Don't let her hear you say that. She'd be heart-broken! You know as well as I do we would have adopted her long ago if it weren't for the fact that she still lives with her mother. And Cindy does a great job raising her."

I grumbled, "So great that she spends most of her time here. But let's not get sidetracked. Your reaction to what those girls are doing to me isn't rational. And by the way, I'm dying to ask you something: did you tell them this morning what we talked about last night?"

Mindy smiled mysteriously. "I may have given Michelle a clue or two." She winked. "Then I'm sure she told Ruby."

I groaned. "I wish you would have told me that, or at least answered your phone!"

"What would the fun of that be? I thought you'd enjoy their increased teasing if you didn't know what was going on."

I groaned louder. "UGH! You're treating this like it's a big joke or something! They want to have some kind of sexual relationship with me! Both of them!"

Mindy said with sudden plaintive emotion, "I love them both! I can't deny them that! It would break their hearts, and I'm not willing to do that."

"Wait a minute. Did you REALLY go to Santa Barbara on Sunday? I know you love your sister Erica, but you detest her husband."

"Of course I went! I wouldn't lie to you about that. And yeah, I certainly don't get along with Bob. But it's also true that the timing of my visit wasn't entirely coincidental. I was hoping you could get more chummy with the Hellions while I was away."

"'Chummy?!' That's the understatement of the year! Why are you so big on pushing us together in a sexual way?!"

"I know how strongly they desire you and I think it may be healthy for them to play around with you some."

"'Healthy?!' I'd love to hear THAT explanation!"

"Think about it. Neither of them have had ANY boyfriends. There's all kinds of rumors about them having sex with girlfriends though, mostly each other."

I blanched. I had some vague notion things like that could be happening, but it shocked me to hear Min speak this out loud. We'd never openly discussed this before.

She continued, "I don't think they're lesbians though. It's just a matter of 'any port in a storm.' They're young, horny, and no boy will date them. Think how they must come across. So gorgeous it's scary, and then their personalities are even more daunting. They don't even have any friends who are boys. So of course they turn their sexual interest to you. Honey, you don't seem to realize it, but you're a VERY handsome man! And you're exceptionally virile. You've got the equipment and you know what to do with it. And your stamina is off the charts!"

I probably blushed a little. "I don't think that's true at all. You're biased."

"Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Women compare notes. Why do you think we always go to the bathroom together?"

I asked in surprise, "Do you really...?"

She chuckled. "That's neither here nor there. Anyway, they've gotten fixated on you, and they're so fixated that they probably wouldn't go on a date with a boy if one got the courage to ask either of them out. We can't have them go off to college in a few months with NO sexual experience whatsoever! They'll be eaten alive. You've heard of cases where a person who doesn't know how to kiss asks a loved one for kissing lessons, haven't you?"

I said, "Not really. It sounds like the start of some erotic story, not real life."

"It happens, believe me. And it's not that big a deal. Let them gain a little bit of sexual experience and confidence with you. Then they'll go off to college and the handsome men will sweep them off their feet."

I must have sat there with my jaw to the floor, because after a few moments Mindy joked, "Close your trap; you're letting the flies in."

I finally gathered my wits to say, "Mindy, what you're suggesting is crazy! Totally nuts! I can't do that!"

"Yes, you can. Remember, whatever happens is up to you. If all you can handle is some kissing, stop there. You'll know where to draw the line. I trust you completely."

I sighed. "I don't trust me. That's the problem. We're not talking normal-looking girls. We're talking... UGH! They're just too much!"

Mindy shrugged. "You're a big boy. Make clear that you're the boss. If they get too hot to handle, just bend them over your lap and give them both a good spanking!"

I shook my head in disbelief. "It's wild that you say that, because that's just what they said to me today."

She raised a curious eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, did I leave that part out? I must have thought it was too silly to mention. After I came down hard on them for taking too many liberties with me, they all but insisted I give them solid spankings."

Mindy put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm..."

"What are you thinking? Oh no! Don't tell me..."

She grinned impishly. "That's right! You know what I'm thinking: give 'em good spankings! Why not? Nothing else has worked to get them under control. Even you can't rein them in that much with normal means, and they listen to you more than anybody."

I complained, "But we're not talking regular spankings. After what they did to me today, it's pretty clear they're talking about sexual spankings."

Before Mindy could reply to that, I had an idea. "Hey! What if I give them the impression I'm going to give them sexual spankings, and then surprise them by giving them REAL spankings? I know they're 18 and normally that would be completely out of the question. But they've crossed a sexual line with me already. A true spanking might actually restrain their behavior!"

I pondered my words after I said them, wondering if I was actually serious. I asked, "I dunno. Am I crazy with that suggestion?"

Mindy seemed intrigued. "No, you're not. Actually, I think it's so crazy that it just might work. I'm thinking about Michelle in particular, since she's so willful, and yet she adores you. It's not so much the physical pain as the fact that she's forced you to resort to that; I think that would really get through to her. But still, let's wait and see for a day or two first. Maybe she'll cave in to your ultimatum."

"Yeah, maybe. But I'm not hopeful. She's a stubborn one. I wonder where she gets it from?"

Mindy grinned. "Okay, I am too, I'll admit it. But so are you, bucko. Us Coopers, we go all out to get what we want."

She looked at me with bedroom eyes. "Let's talk about this more later. This is the first time in over a week when I came home and you didn't all but carry me upstairs! Enough talking: make love to me!"

We'd finished dinner by this time. I felt so inspired that I actually did carry her upstairs!

And by God, we made love! I was so worked up from what Michelle and Ruby did to me that day that I nearly set some kind of personal record for non-stop fucking. I had some great orgasms, but I made sure Mindy did too, as I always did. As we lay together afterwards, once we were tired out, my mind wandered back to the problem at hand.

I decided I needed to take action sooner rather than later. I got dressed and called to Michelle down the hall to come to me.

When Michelle entered our bedroom, I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. Mindy was still lying down naked, but had the sheets pulled up to her shoulders.

I noticed Michelle curiously and repeatedly sniffing the air, which concerned me. Did she really not know what that "yummy goo" was, and would the spermy smell in the air give it away? I decided to push all such thoughts out of my mind or I really would go crazy.

I gave Michelle an ultimatum. She had to tell me about what she was scheming when she'd been talking to Lisa near the kitchen. Until she did, she had to endure the punishments I'd given her. That included not being able to leave the house for most purposes and not being allowed to have Ruby come over.

It wasn't so much the actual issue as the principle of the thing. I needed to draw the line to bring her to heel. If it wasn't this, it would have been something else, because she continually defied our authority.

We waited to see what would happen. We didn't mention that spanking idea, since that might only encourage her, as she'd likely imagine a sexy spanking. We were keeping the harsh spanking idea in reserve as a back-up plan.

Michelle tried everything - crying, pleading, flattery, crying, puppy dog looks, and more crying. Mostly, she just moped.

But I held firm.

Unfortunately, much to my dismay, so did she. I'll give my youngest daughter this much: she certainly knows how to dig in her heels when the chips are down. I think she understood, as did I, that the scheming somehow related to Lisa was just the cover story. The real story was my trying to lay down rules about what she wore and so on, to stop her sexual antics with me. If she gave in, she might have to stop her attempt to seduce me.

And Ruby would have to do the same, because Ruby nearly always followed Michelle's lead.

One side effect of the standoff was that all the sexual teasing came to a halt. It was hard for Michelle to flirt with the "normal" clothes she was required to wear. Plus her confidante Ruby wasn't there. But I think most important was the fact that she was depressed and thus in no mood for that kind of thing.

I knew how Michelle could be. She was not someone to play "chicken" with, because she simply didn't back down. The standoff was likely to last a very long time.

The next day, the standoff continued. Knowing how stubborn Michelle was, Mindy and I agreed that we should try the spanking experiment sooner rather than later. The plan was to try it out with Michelle first. If Ruby were there too, that would double the sexual temptation. But if it worked, I could try spanking Ruby next.

I still had reservations. But I figured, Why the hell not? After all, Michelle had recently told me: "Daddy, you need to bend us over your lap and show us who's boss! Take control of your willful daughters." Maybe she was right. Maybe my youngest really needed some serious discipline from me.

My biggest worry was that the spanking would get too sexual and thus would fail to serve its purpose as a deterrent. So Mindy agreed to watch and make sure things stayed on track.

After a morose dinner with a moping Michelle on Tuesday night, Mindy and I had a short private talk. We decided the time had come to try out the spanking plan. So Mindy and I went up to Michelle's room and found her doing something on her computer. Thankfully, she was dressed in relatively restrained clothes, wearing tight blue jeans and a skin tight, bra-less top that just managed not to violate the no-teasing rules I'd set for her.

We explained to her the spanking idea and the rationale for it.

She was eager; very eager. I kept explaining that it was not a sexual spanking, but a truly punishing one, and that she wouldn't like it.

But she replied, "No, I'll like it. Daddy, this is what I need! I know I've done wrong, but I can't control myself sometimes. I need someone to control my willful ways. I need discipline; that's just who I am. I'm not talking about being grounded and that kind of thing, I need to be HARSHLY punished! I'm talking about serious physical discipline from a MAN! This is the missing piece!"

I was wary - my little girl seemed to be TOO eager. Her only reservation was that she insisted that Ruby had to be there as well to make sure that things were "kosher." She said that since Mindy was my referee, she should get her own referee.

Even though I didn't want Ruby there, I was willing to concede on that point. What could go wrong if Mindy was there too? Besides, Ruby would watch and be deterred by seeing how harsh the spanking was.

So we waited while she called Ruby, who agreed to come over to our house straight away.

We sat there chatting awkwardly, but luckily it wasn't very long since Ruby literally ran over and her house was only a minute's walk away - down the street and around a corner.

Ruby had come over with the clothes she happened to have on, which were a T-shirt and shorts, plus undies underneath. My wife wore roughly the same, and so did I. Even though it was evening, it was early summer in Southern California, and there was no need to put on pants or a sweater unless you wanted to.

Michelle was there to greet Ruby downstairs as soon as Ruby let herself in. (Ruby was so much like family that she had her own keys to all the locks.) I came down the stairs as well to make sure they weren't secretly whispering plans to each other, only to find them engaged in a VERY serious lip-lock with each other!

I thought back to Mindy's mention of rumors the two of them were having sex with each other. Oh man! Those sure looked to be more than rumors! Phew! It wasn't just that they were kissing; the way they fondled each other's breasts suggested it was something they'd done to each other many, many times before.

Then, while still standing at the top of the stairs, I heard them talk between kisses. "I missed you so much!" "I missed you!" "I love you!" "I love you MORE!" "Never leave me again!" "NEVER!"

They went on like this for a couple of minutes with more French kissing too. They sounded like lovers as well as looked it.

In theory, I didn't have a problem with it, I'm not homophobic. But at the same time, I was sincerely hoping Mindy was right that they were mainly heterosexual, so they could get married and have children and such.

The two of them finally looked up and noticed me. They'd been kissing so long that I realized Mindy was standing next to me. They were utterly shameless about what they'd just done. Michelle merely yelled, "Okay, Daddy! I'm ready!" Then the two of them charged like elephants up the stairs, right past Mindy and me, and into her room.

I quickly followed, with Mindy right behind me.

Michelle immediately pulled her pants off.

My eyes went wide. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, when I realized that Michelle wasn't wearing any panties!

But before I could do anything about that, Michelle came over to where I was standing, somehow sat me down on a chair, and lay across my lap! She was eager, to say the least!

"Um, you're not wearing any panties," I pointed out. I looked to my wife for help. She was looking at me poker-faced.

"That's true!" Michelle giggled happily. "Daddy's gonna spank my bare butt!"

"No, what I mean is-"

She wiggled her ass with need. "Daddy, spank me! Show me who's boss! Make me obey!"

Mindy said to me in a patient voice from her nearby chair, "Spankings are generally done bare-assed, Honey. You can't have a protective layer there. Besides, after all the nude teasing she's done, you've seen it all anyway."

She had a good point there, although I felt it was different to have a prolonged view of my daughter's pussy from so close up. But I decided to just get this over with, plus, at least she was wearing a shirt. I warned Michelle, "Okay, but remember, this isn't meant to be a sexual spanking. This is a punishment spanking."

She shouted enthusiastically, while wiggling her ass in exaggerated fashion, "Punish me, then! Discipline me! Hurt me! Smack me! Hard!"

This wasn't really what I was planning, and the way that not just her ass but her whole body was writhing all over my lap already was particularly distracting. And her breasts were so prominent on her body that it was difficult to keep her on my lap. They ended up hanging just to the outside of one of my legs, but it felt like they enveloped a good portion of the side of that leg.

I thought, She thinks this is all fun and games, but I'll straighten her out as soon as I really start to spank her hard. I'm not gonna hold back at all. I'm gonna make this HURT!

I looked over to Ruby and Mindy, looking calm and sitting next to each other. Their hands were clenched together as they braced for the spanking to begin.

I thought, Here goes nothing! I raised my hand high in the air and then let it come flying down onto my daughter's left ass cheek.

The way her body recoiled was truly a sight to see. The echo of the smack I'd laid into her butt reverberated shockingly loudly around the room.

"OWWW!" She yelled. "Yeouch!"

That's a start, I thought. She's gonna be singing a different tune, pretty soon. Maybe we'll finally be able to control this hot little fireball a little bit. Then we'll have some peace and quiet and ORDER around here!

I looked to Mindy and then to Ruby for confirmation. Both of them were staring intently at where my hand had smacked Michelle's defenseless rear end. One could already see a clear reddish pattern of where my hand had been.

I noticed that Michelle could have and should have had her knees on the floor to support most of her weight, but she was keeping her legs perfectly straight. Her feet were on the floor, but with her legs straight and her knees in the air, her feet couldn't support much weight. I was obliged to spread my knees wider to support more of her.

I asked her, "Are you gonna tell me now what kind of scheming you were up to?"

"NO!" she shouted defiantly. "You need to spank me more! Bring me to heel with your great big... hand!"

I had a feeling she meant to say something other than "hand," but I let it slide.

Again, she wiggled her delectable bare ass at me, taunting me with it. She sort of lifted her whole body up briefly as she readjusted herself. Then she did a lot more readjusting, rubbing all over me in the process. I was painfully aware of the fact that she was lying directly over my erection. But at least it was safely in my shorts and her skin wasn't touching it in any way.

I looked over at my wife. She was staring at Michelle's half-naked body with obvious excitement, but when she saw me looking at her, she put her poker face back on.

Then I looked at Ruby. She was horny! She wasn't even trying to hide her lust at all. She had a hand on one of her large breasts and was slowly pushing it around under her shirt. I thought, Just wait until it's your turn. You're next, Ruby. You'll be singing a different tune soon enough!

Michelle cried out, "Okay, Daddy. I'm ready. More!"

I raised my hand and spanked the same left ass cheek with all my might.


I noticed this time that her legs kicked up and flailed about. Her feet slowly returned to the floor, but her knees did not and could not, now that one of my legs was under her thighs.

She said in a husky voice, "God, Daddy, you're STRONG! I can tell this is healing already!"

"I said I was bringing you to heel - H E E L, not H E A L."

She giggled. "Oh. In any case, please keep it up! But can you alternate with the other one each time?"

I'd been focusing on looking just at her ass cheek that was closest to my knee. It was already starting to glow pink. But with her question, I looked at the other one. That turned out to be a big mistake, because I could see her pussy and the tight throbbing asshole in between her quivering butt cheeks. Up close. Very close. Moist and dripping. And the smell. The smell! There's no doubt that was a very aroused pussy, and the smell alone was turning my dick as hard as diamond.

It would be very easy for me to bring my fingers up and stick them into her hot and gooey snatch. I should have made sure she closed her legs together, but I wasn't thinking straight. Her legs were actually splayed out quite widely now, allowing me to even see inside her pink pussy lips a little bit to her forbidden insides. If her legs were any wider, she would have tumbled off my lap.

Feeling guilty, I suddenly turned to my wife.

She looked like a deer caught in headlights, as she saw me looking at her hand resting over her crotch area. She made like she was readjusting her shorts, but I doubted that was the case.

That was strange. Does she get off on spankings?

I told her, "I don't know if this is working. Shelle is just too aroused."

Mindy replied with surprising fervor, "Well then, you just need to keep smacking her. She hasn't really felt the pain yet. Pound it into her! Show her who's boss around here!"

Ruby echoed that. "Yeah! Pound it into her! Show her who's boss!"

I was feeling woozy. Does everything everyone says have a double meaning? Shit! Stop thinking about pounding your cock into your daughter already, and get on with it!

So, reluctantly, I closed my eyes and brought my open palm down onto Michelle's other ass cheek.

Michelle let out another little yelp, and then readjusted herself. Again, she kicked her legs all over the place.

I realized that this was much easier all around with my eyes closed - I wouldn't have to stare right at her molten hot, bare pussy, or at her flawless, tanned, and bare ass cheeks she was offering up to my hand. Even seeing her legs flailing about made her seem completely helpless, and somehow that really turned me on, far too much. So, I spanked her a few more times on each ass cheek as I kept my eyes closed. I wasn't really keeping track of the number, though, since my goal was to keep going until she was crying and genuinely begging me to stop.

Her moans and groans were starting to get louder. Otherwise, there wasn't any other noise from her or any other sound in the room, except for maybe the increasingly heavy breathing from Ruby and Mindy.

After maybe ten smacks in all, she asked, "Daddy, can you hold on a sec?"


I opened my eyes to see what she was doing. The first thing I realized was that during all her writhing and wiggling, her skin-tight top had ridden up, and now the fabric was mostly bunched around her underarms, leaving her F-cup breasts completely exposed. It was a measure of how far gone I was, obsessed with her ass and pussy, that I hadn't noticed the underside of her huge breasts were pressed against my bare thigh.

I realized that I should have worn pants, but it was too late for that now. At least my erection wasn't in contact with her. But pre-cum was pouring out of my piss hole, creating a stain on the bulge in my shorts.

I looked to see how the two "referees" were taking this. My eyes first fell to Ruby. Her hand had slipped inside her shorts and it looked like she had a couple of fingers in her slit! She was masturbating right in front of everyone! She didn't even notice I was looking at her since she was staring at Michelle's spread and spanked ass with great fascination.

I wondered what she was looking at so intently, since I wasn't even spanking my daughter at the moment. I looked down. That was another mistake. Michelle had brought both of her hands down to her ass and she was trying to massage the pain away. Her cheeks were quite red, and she was moaning with obvious arousal as her hands ran over her heated red skin.

Michelle was purring, "Daddy, you're so mean. But so STRONG! So FIRM! You're really taking control of your naughty daughter! Spank me some more!" One of her hands drifted from kneading an ass cheek to her pussy. Her moans of arousal grew even louder as her fingers slid over her wet and puffy pink pussy lips.

I looked over at my wife. She was my last hope for some sanity. But she was nearly as bad as Ruby! At least her hands were outside her shorts, but she had a hand frantically rubbing her pussy mound area right through her shorts, while gazing dreamily as Michelle's red ass. There was no doubt about it.

I complained, "Miiiiiindy! What are you doing?! Some big help you are! This is crazy! This has got to stop."

Mindy removed her hand, looking very guilty about it.

"And you too, Ruby!"

Ruby sheepishly pulled her hand from her shorts.

I decided it was time to end the spanking. This just wasn't working. I was too horny, everyone was too horny. My heart was pounding as hard as if I'd been the one getting spanked. The whole thing was backfiring. I started to get up, but found that was hard to do with Michelle on my lap.

One of Michelle's hands reached around and managed to grab hold of one of my hands. Luckily, it was her hand that hadn't just been dipping in her honey pot. "No, Daddy, wait! I'll confess! I'll confess everything!"

As we stayed frozen in that position, I said very reluctantly, "Okay, you'd better start talking."

"What do you want to know? I'll tell you EVERYthing, because my big strong Daddy and his big strong cock has totally tamed me! You've-"

"Just confess, already! Tell me what you were doing that day in the kitchen. Mindy, can't you lend a hand here?"

She stared at Michelle's naked ass in shock. She whispered, "No, I couldn't... touch it!" Her eyes revealed that she would love nothing better.

"No, I don't mean that, I mean, help me here! Act parental!"

My wife blushed. "Oh. Right. Michelle, your dad is trying to have a serious talk with you. You should probably take your fingers out of your pussy." Her hand shot up towards one of her breasts, but she managed not to touch it. Well, for now, at least.

Michelle gushed in response to Mindy's request, "Oh, sure. I'll do that. It's just that I'm so HOT, what with Daddy kneading my ass AND my tits!"

I looked down. Somehow, her hand that she'd been using to hold mine had brought my hand over to her chest without my realizing it, and now that hand was pretty busy groping her there! God, so much tit-flesh! And my other hand, my spanking hand, had come to rest on her ass and, well, had kind of gotten out of control without me consciously being aware of it!

I took both hands off her tempting skin. Again, I started to get up. "Okay, that's it. The spanking's over. This was a big mistake."

"No, wait!" Michelle shouted. "I'll tell you everything! Everything!"

I froze, and let her continue.

She was panting hard as she explained, "So you want to know about that day? Okay. I've known Lisa has had a crush on you for some time. I knew you were under the kitchen counter, and I wanted you to know how she felt about you. I asked her, 'How do you feel about my dad' or something like that, so she could go off on her feelings for you where you could listen."

I was intrigued just enough not to get up, even though my erection was about to split my shorts into two and I noticed Ruby busy jilling herself again. I said, "That part was obvious. But WHY would you do that? I don't get it."

"I want you to KNOW, Daddy! I want you to know how ALL my friends have the hots for you. ALL of them! They want to have sex with you! They want to play with your great big cock, and slide it in their cleavage, and even suck on it! Especially that! They talk to me about it all the time! But most of all, they want to get FUCKED! By YOU! And with Mom giving you permission, you should! I figure the more you know that, the more receptive you'll be. Maybe you'll even bang a teenage babe or two. Maybe you'll bang Lisa, for instance!"

"Or me!" Ruby shouted.

I looked over at Ruby. She was jilling herself with one hand in her shorts. But that wasn't enough for her. She had her shirt bunched up around her shoulders, leaving her topless and her big tits bouncing around wildly. Her other hand was pulling on an erect nipple.

Then I looked over at my wife. I saw a growing wet spot on the front of her shorts as she'd resumed rubbing her fingers through her shorts over the spot where her clit was.

I sighed with frustration, but since I had a big wet spot on my shorts too, I couldn't be too judgmental.

Michelle kept going on about Lisa, "Would you like that? She wants you so bad! If only you would have stayed, you could have heard the things that supposedly sweet and innocent girl says about you. Did you know she really likes to suck cock? She's really good at it too, and she dreams about sucking your fat Daddy pole! I'll bet you didn't know that!"

Mindy tried to sound like a responsible mother, even as she wantonly played with her pussy through her shorts. "Now, now, I never said that. I said he could play with you two all he wants. I'm not so sure about the others."

"Hold on!" I complained. My heart was pounding with excitement, and my breaths were coming in gasps. "Could we have more information and less sexy talk? Shelle, I still don't get it. How would getting me interested in your friends help you in your insane campaign to get me to have sex with you?"

Michelle explained with growing excitement as one of her hands slid down her back, heading back towards her pussy, "Because! You need to get over your reluctance to fucking horny teen cunt with that beautiful fat cock of yours, Daddy! Once you start fucking teen cunt regularly, I figure you'll be more likely to stretch MY cunt to fit you too! You'll start banging teen cunt right and left, and then you'll fit ME into your daily rotation! I'll be an essential part of your teenage hot cunt harem!"

She writhed all over my lap, and purred and moaned. "OH! Fit in! Fit it in me! Fit it in me!" She squealed as she started to rub her clit practically under my nose.

Ruby, still assaulting her own pussy and breasts, cried out, "Do it! Do it Daddy! Look how helpless she is in your lap, in your total control! USE her!"

Michelle agreed emphatically. "Use me, Daddy! Use me!" He voice sounded raw as she practically screamed with desperate need.

Even Mindy said excitedly, "You do have my permission to play with her. It's up to you and you alone what you want to do! Why don't you touch her needy pussy?"

My erection was ready to erupt. I was swooning from the lust and the aroma of soaked pussies that filled the whole room. I said, "Okay, I'm out of here! This is too much. You all are nuts!"

But I couldn't just get up and unceremoniously dump my daughter on the floor. I was trying to grab her and let her down easy, but I was having a hard time holding her anywhere that wasn't too tempting to keep holding and fondle. Her whole body was one big erogenous zone, it seemed!

Michelle sensed my dilemma. "Okay, Daddy, I'll get down, or should I say I'll get off! I'll definitely get off!" She giggled. "But tell me, is my punishment over?"

"Yes! Happy?! I suppose that in between your overheated sex talk, you actually answered my question. But spankings do NOT work. This has totally backfired!"

I looked over at my wife. Her blonde hair was tussled about and I could barely see her eyes for the bangs in the way. Her head was tilted back like she'd either just had an orgasm (probably true) or was just about to have one (probably true too!). I said sarcastically, "Mindy, some big help YOU'VE been!"

She gasped as she continued to finger herself over her shorts, "Sorry! ... Just... too hot!"

At least Michelle had finally gotten off my lap. She sat on the floor, her bare boobs heaving mightily, Her shirt was still uselessly bunched up under her armpits, and that was all she had on. She stared up at me adoringly. "Just think, Ruby. He's gonna do that to you soon too! Daddy's gonna spank us and FUCK us all!"

Ruby apparently was too lost in her own orgasmic ecstasy to respond, unless one counted her extra loud grunts.

I looked down at my shorts. It looked like I'd practically peed on myself, the pre-cum stain had grown so big. I'd even squirted out some real cum once or twice, I think. Sometimes I do that just a little bit without fully cumming.

I felt like I had to get out of that room fast. I was so horny that my head seemed to be spinning. Everything that was said or done was just upping the heat, and the room had turned into an inferno of lust. So I decided to just get out of there. I stood up and started staggering back to my bedroom.

Mindy saw me leaving, and shouted, "Wait for me!" She got up too and rushed to my side.

Leaving Michelle and Ruby behind (God knows what they did next, but I'm sure it involved more orgasms), I muttered to my wife, "Those two are out of control! They're insatiable nympho sluts!"

She giggled, and then said in a husky voice, "They are, but they're also virgins! They've been saving themselves for YOU!"

That jolted me like an electric shock. What the hell is happening here?! What does she mean by THAT?! If it's true, this is way worse than I thought!

"You're no better than them!" I complained. "You were supposed to help me!"

By this time, we'd walked the short distance down the hall from Michelle's room to the master bedroom. Mindy rushed ahead of me and threw herself onto our bed. She said, "I'm sorry. I know you're probably upset that didn't work out the way you'd hoped, but we'll deal with that later. I'm hotter than molten lava! Fuck me NOW!"

I just barely had the sense to close the bedroom door behind me, or there's no telling what the Gruesome Twosome would have done. I decided that, finally, my wife had a very good suggestion: fuck first, and then deal with the willful and shameless girls later. I pulled my shorts down and leaped onto the bed and onto my wife.

Neither of us got much sleep that night. I had a LOT of pent up lust to let out.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, PrincelyGuy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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