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Chapter 8

(Wednesday, May 23th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

At heart, I'm a simple man. I live in a fancy home, but that's just luck because I never really sought to get rich and I don't desire a lot of material things. I just want to write books, live a moral life that I can be proud of, raise my real and de facto daughters Michelle, Nicky, and Ruby as best as I can, and love and make love to my wife.

I had no idea what to do about Michelle and Ruby. Their teasing had gotten me aroused, confused, and distraught, all in one crazy mix. I wanted to have sex with them so badly that it physically hurt, but at the same time I remembered what happened to my own parents and I was horrified by the idea. I was afraid to be in my own house in case I ran into them.

I decided the problem was important enough to be dealt with right away. I convinced Mindy to go into work a little late on Wednesday morning so she could take part in a family meeting, and she agreed.

Mindy, Michelle, and I had a family breakfast. While we ate, I explained to Michelle that Mindy was still here so we could have a (fully dressed) family meeting. I had Michelle call Ruby so she could join in. Not only was Ruby a big part of this, but she was de facto family anyway and need to be a part of our important decisions.

The four of us gathered in the living room. I explained to the Gruesome Twosome that their teasing had to stop for the time being, at least.

When asked why, I explained that I just wasn't comfortable with the way things were going. Things had gotten overheated and we needed a cooling off period for at least a day or two.

I was surprised to find they all quickly agreed to that.

Mindy said, "I think we're all a bit stunned as to what happened with the spanking, how things got out of control. We don't want that to happen again, do we?" She looked hard at Ruby and Michelle.

Michelle nodded, slowly, but she asked, "It's just a cooling off period though, right? We'll go back to teasing soon, won't we?"

"Yes," I replied. "But within reasonable limits. Mindy said I have to set the boundaries and that's what I'm going to do. Give me the cooling off period to think about what those limits are."

Our family meeting didn't last long, since there was no significant argument. That allowed Mindy to get to work without missing much time. (Luckily, her hours are fairly flexible in any case, since she does most of her work alone.)

For the rest of the day, things were fairly calm around the house. Michelle and Ruby were well behaved. They still ran around in their bikinis during the day and worked on their tans. When they stripped naked to work on their all over tans, they made sure to do so at the deck area, which can't be seen from the house due to some tall trees in the way. Even the bikinis they wore around the house were their more "normal" ones.

After the sun went down, Mindy and I fucked like minks. Or newlyweds. Or maybe really, really horny newlywed minks. We were pretty much insatiable. Any time Mindy wanted me to get hard again, all she had to do was mention Michelle and/or Ruby and my erection would shoot up like the Eiffel Tower. I came three times, and Mindy came... well, I'm not sure how many times, but it was a lot more than three.

While we were resting between our fucking sessions, my mind wandered back to the problem with Michelle and Ruby. I had to admit that things had gone well during the cooling off period so far. But the thing was - and this was a hard admission for me to make - I really missed the teasing already. The two Hellions had been teasing and arousing me pretty much every day for the last three months, if not longer. They'd slowly ramped up just how blatant they were, and then they'd gotten really wild once summer vacation began. I'd pretty much gotten addicted to it. I didn't want to go without. Even missing one day of teasing seemed sad, for all of us.

I resolved to allow the fun to begin again. The excuse I gave myself was that I was concerned that they would "turn lesbian" because they'd never enjoyed a man. So it was up to me to have enough fun with them so they'd want to have boyfriends when they went to college in the fall. I know that wasn't PC of me, but Mindy believed they were mostly straight, just misguided and unfortunate. I wasn't trying to "turn" them, just get their sexuality back on track.

Of course, I couldn't let things go very far. Something like a blowjob or titfuck was simply not possible. Actual intercourse? Never! Only some kissing and fondling would be allowed. I needed to have boundaries firmly in place so there would be no going over the line.

I talked to Mindy about this extensively after we'd fucked ourselves all out later that evening. She assured me that I had her full support. She told me my limits were wise. The goal wasn't to get the girls hooked on me, but just to have a taste of sexual experience with men. Meanwhile, she and I would benefit with a sex life set on turbo mode.

After showering, and recovering from the epic fucking Mindy and I had just had, I dressed and went to Michelle’s room to see if our daughter was still up. Luckily, it was late but not that late, and Michelle was doing something on her computer. Using the phone in Michelle's room, I called Ruby and found out she was still awake too. I told both Ruby and Michelle to meet Mindy and I downstairs in the living room for another important family meeting.

Michelle soon joined me in the living room. I was relieved that she was still dressing like a normal teen daughter and not like a relentless temptress on the prowl for my seed. Mindy was held up because of some family phone call that she'd forgotten to do. Furthermore, although Ruby lived just down the street, it would take her some time to get ready and come here. That meant Michelle and I had a little while to just hang out and chat. She didn't try any flirting or teasing at all.

It was nice to interact like this. After the out-of-control "spanking," I was half-expecting my daughter to relentlessly sexually pursue me every single chance she got, but during the cooling off period, she'd been unusually obedient in following my new rules. When asked why, she would explain that the spanking had "put her in her place," but I didn't buy that for a minute. Instead, I figured she sensed I needed a breather to recover, and she hoped that the better she obeyed, the quicker I'd be willing to go back to allowing some teasing.

She had me pegged pretty well and I knew it. Yet knowing her intentions didn't really change my feelings.

What did I want?

Was I tempted by my daughter's perfect body, her sultry and smoldering blue eyes, her long flowing blonde hair, her F-cup twin torpedoes that wobbled so enticingly whenever she moved or breathed, and her perfectly round bubble butt that practically begged to be spanked? You bet! And Ruby tempted me nearly as much. Their bodies were remarkably similar from the neck down, and Ruby's face was as much of a head turner as Michelle's. How could I resist them? Being a straight male, it was simply impossible!

But being able to look at myself in the mirror every morning with pride and confess my sins to my priest without deep shame was more important to me than some more sexual satisfaction. The most important thing of all was keeping my wife happy and as in love with me as I was with her. I loved Mindy, and wanted her and only her. I did not want to do ANYthing that could risk our relationship. I could hardly wait for her to get home each work day, just so we could reconnect.

The question was, could we have both things? Could I have some mild sexual fun with the girls and still feel good about myself? I decided that I could. It was just a matter of maintaining limits. All this wild talk from Michelle about having full-on intercourse with me had to stop, for starters.

I particularly liked the idea of Michelle and Ruby serving as 'fluffers' of sorts for Mindy and me. A 'fluffer' basically is an off-stage employee assigned the task of keeping a male porn star in a state of erection. I could help them, and they could help us. Ruby and Michelle enjoyed the teasing and got hooked on men, and then Mindy and I enjoyed the results of having the best sex we'd ever had. It was win-win for everybody, right?

After about fifteen minutes, Ruby came over and Mindy was able to end her phone call and join us too. We sat down at the dining table as a family (minus Nicky in Berkeley, of course), even though we'd already eaten. Like Michelle, Ruby was dressed in typical "hanging around the house" clothes that didn't show much skin.

The girls were on edge, to say the least. But I just made some inconsequential small talk for a few minutes. I felt much better looking at my wife, daughter, and Ruby. I felt at ease knowing I'd made my decision.

I sensed the girls slowly relaxing and even getting excited as they sensed that I was in a good mood. They knew I wasn't going to deliver bad news to them while being cheery about it. Still, the anticipation rose and rose.

Finally, I decided to share my thoughts. "Okay, girls, I'll give it to you straight. I must admit that I've enjoyed the teasing and I've decided I don't want it to end."


I couldn't get much further than that, because bedlam erupted. Funnily enough, Mindy got up and high-fived and hugged the girls as if she'd won some great prize with them. I had to stand up for a lot of hugs and kisses too.

I knew the girls were passionate, but it surprised me to see they were crying tears of joy! As they both hugged me at once, I asked, "This really means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

Michelle nodded emphatically. "So much! You have no idea!" It seemed like she wanted to say more, but she sobbed into my shoulder instead.

Ruby, if anything, cried even more while sobbing into my other shoulder.

Mindy stood back smirking and smiling at the three-way hug. That wasn't surprising: my wife smirks a great deal, but it's always in a happy way, not mean. But tears were sliding down her face too! She said, "Can you see now why I couldn't bear to say no to these two? This is somehow very essential for their growing up. I can't quite explain why, but they really need this."

I nodded.

After we settled down, more or less, and returned to our seats, I continued to discuss and explain my decision. I shared many of the concerns, justifications, and arguments that Mindy and I had in recent days over this. I admitted that the horse was already out of the barn and we couldn't go back to the way we'd been months before. I explained my concerns about keeping such teasing within certain limits, and then carefully detailed what those limits were.

I named a number of different things, such as limits on certain sexy talk. I especially wanted to make sure Michelle wouldn't ever talk about her desire for vaginal or anal intercourse with me. And if Ruby had similar ideas, she needed to keep them to herself.

In the last few days, Michelle had been asking me about anal sex, vaginal sex, and other sexual topics in what appeared to be a purely curious "birds and the bees talk" kind of way. But I worried that once I allowed teasing to come back into play, a "show me" request concerning something or other could lead to full-on groping. So I was thus determined to head that one off at the pass.

Anal sex was a particularly taboo topic in our house. My wife and I had "beaten around the bush" on anal sex more than once in all our years together. Invariably, she'd be the one wanting to try it, and I was the one who said "No" to the idea. What can I say? There are just some things I wasn't willing to do with a woman, and this was one of them.

I continued to lay down the rules. "One key thing that I need to stress here is that we have to avoid all touching of private parts in each others' company. Michelle, I can't touch your crotch area or breasts, and you can't touch my crotch area. No masturbating in front of each other, either."

Michelle seemed very disappointed about that. However, she nodded, and then asked, "Can I touch my own breasts? It's pretty hard for me not to at least touch them sometimes, you know." She looked down at her jutting torpedoes.

They were pretty damn hard to avoid, I had to admit. "Yes, I suppose. But within limits. Don't be getting all orgasmic on me fondling yourself, okay?"

She nodded. "What if I hug you?" she asked. "My breasts pretty much have to touch you then."

"Hugging is fine, of course. We just have to keep our hands away from those private places."

She nodded again.

Ruby asked, "What about me? Shouldn't the rules be a little looser with me, since I'm not your flesh-and-blood daughter?"

I said, "We should be consistent. The same rules apply to you."

She muttered not so quietly, "Damn!"

We all came to a sober agreement on these boundaries.

I said, "Now, we need to address Nicky. I hate to say this, but I don't see how we can tell her about any of this... teasing. She's very straight-laced. I don't think she'd understand. But it pains me to keep a secret from her. What do you all think?"

Mindy replied, "I don't see it as a problem at all. Some things are off limits. Do we ever tell our daughters about the details of what we do in bed? No. That's none of their business. This is just an extension of that, with the Gruesome Twosome acting as 'fluffers.' So that's none of Nicky's business as well. Plus, I'm sure she wouldn't want to know. If you started to tell her, she'd wince and complain, "T.M.I.!"

I nodded. I knew that "T.M.I. stood for "too much information," and that's what it was.

Michelle said, "I agree. We're not doing anything wrong, and Nicky is kind of a prude anyway. She'd probably misunderstand. Maybe later I have high hopes that we can, well... let's not idly speculate. But right now, she doesn't need to know."

Ruby chimed in, "I love Nicky dearly, and I have no problem not telling her. Everyone has SOME secrets. That's part of life."

Then I asked Ruby, "What about Cindy? What should we tell her? If I were in her shoes, I'd want to know something."

Mindy quipped, "If you were in her shoes, you'd have a hard time walking across the room. High heels don't suit you."

I rolled my eyes.

Ruby replied, "Cindy doesn't need to know anything. This is a private matter. If I were to go out on a date with a guy, would I give her a blow-by-blow account about how we'd kissed and fondled? No way! I'm turning into an adult, and she has to trust me."

I sighed. "If you say so. I suppose that's your call to make."

Ruby crossed her arms under her ample E-cups, and stated firmly, "That's the call I'm making."

With the four of us having settled those issues, at least for now, Michelle asked eagerly, "So, when can we resume the teasing again? I'm soooo psyched!"

I looked at Ruby. "I'm sorry, I told your mom that I'd be borrowing you for dinner only. You should go back home now."

She pouted like a little girl, "Awwww! Whyyyy? I love it here! I can't wait to get started teasing you again!"

"I know, I know, and I'm excited too. But good things come to those who wait. You can hang out here again tomorrow while your mom is at work, like usual. But remember that she loves you and she's lonely. It's just you and Cindy at the McGrath house now. You need to support each other."

Ruby nodded sullenly. She loved her mother a great deal and felt bad about being over at our house so much instead of her own. But then her eyes shone as she got an idea. "I'll go now if you give me a REAL good-bye kiss!"

I instinctively looked to Mindy.

My wife smiled and nodded. "Go for it, big man! You already kissed her like that once a few days ago. Do it again! Kiss her like you kiss me!"

I walked Ruby to the front door, with Mindy and Michelle in tow. Before opening the door, I held Ruby and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Yes, there was tongue. However, it wasn't a lava-hot scorcher because I felt guilty and self-conscious, especially since I was doing that in front of Mindy. Even though my wife stood there holding Michelle's hand and looking happy and calm, she was still my wife! The situation was too strange.

After the relatively short kiss, I whispered to Ruby, "I love you, Red."

She opened her mouth in surprise at those words. She knew I loved her, but I rarely openly stated it since I didn't want it to seem we were trying to steal her away from Cindy. Then she suddenly kissed me again. Even though I was holding back, she sure wasn't! She floored me with a much more intense lip-lock the second time.

However, I still felt this had to be wrong somehow, despite Mindy's active approval, so I kept that kiss short.

Then Michelle said, "Okay, my turn!"

However, Mindy saw the conflicted look on my face, and said, "Why don't you save that for tomorrow? You've waited this long."

Michelle grumbled, but she acquiesced. It seemed she realized she'd probably get a much better first kiss if she caught me in the right mood. She probably hoped her first kiss would be something epic.

So Ruby went back home to go to sleep. The rest of us went back to sit at the dinner table.

Once we were seated, with Mindy next to me and Michelle on the other side, Michelle asked, "So... When can the flirting and teasing officially resume?"

I shrugged. "Well, I suppose starting now. Why not? I figured it did already with kissing Ruby good-bye."

I half-expected Michelle to throw herself over the table at me with a big hug. Or at least she'd take her clothes off. But she just sat there. However, she and Mindy were like two peas in a pod, smiling and bouncing slightly in their chairs. They were positively brimming with excitement, but trying to hold it in.

Michelle said, "Let's talk about something sexy! Dang, that spanking was something else, wasn't it?"

Seeing the way Michelle squirmed in her chair, Mindy said, "Pick something else. That's probably too sexy. Daddy's still mad at me for not supporting him there."

Michelle grinned. "But not so mad that he hasn't had sex with you like 19,000 times in the last two days!"

Mindy just flashed a shit-eating grin as her eyes glazed over thinking about it. She couldn't deny that, especially since our screams had been heard throughout the house on a number of occasions. Then her eyes lit up as an idea came to her. "I like that we're just relaxing and talking, but Michelle, don't you think you're a little... overdressed?"

She waved a hand at her daughter's unrevealing clothes. "How can you be Daddy's big-titted teenage tease like that?"

Michelle's face lit up like the Sun. "Good idea! No, GREAT idea!" Then she tried to pout, though it was tough do to while smiling so much. "But you mean 'one of Daddy's big-titted teenage teases.' Don't forget Ruby just 'cos she's gone home!"

Mindy couldn't have been more delighted. "My mistake. I stand corrected."

Michelle stood up. "I'll be back!" She raced out of the room.

I looked at my wife disapprovingly. "Is this really the right thing to do? You seem way, way, WAY too excited about everything."

Mindy shrugged. "Hey, what can I say? I love making the girls this happy. Besides, I find it very arousing. Don't you? I mean, I'm not into women, but just seeing her acting sexy around you would excite anyone. Then you and I will have great sex. So what's the downside?"

I was uneasy. "It just seems... This doesn't fit into my ideas of what's right and wrong. At all!"

"It's time you change those ideas. We live in a modern world where- Hey, look, here she comes!"

Sure enough, Michelle walked briskly back into the room. My heart pounded wildly as I saw what she wore. She came to a stop and proudly showed herself off.

Her black top was sleeveless and showed a bit of cleavage, but frankly it wasn't that different from the shirt she'd just been wearing. That surprised me. Her blue miniskirt on the other hand... It was so short that miniskirt didn't begin to describe it. It hung low on her waist to begin with, and then it didn't even hang down enough to cover all of her pussy! Luckily, she wore some white panties underneath, or I could have seen the pink of her lips when she was standing still!

Then she turned around. A look at her ass showed just how ridiculous her "miniskirt" was. It was so short in back that one could see a little bit of ass crack above it, and more ass crack and a whole lot of ass cheek below it! She must have been wearing a carefully positioned thong, because there was no sign of her panties from behind. I didn't understand how I couldn't see some thin strips above her miniskirt, at least.

I looked at my wife. Surely she couldn't approve of this! But Mindy was tickled pink. She said to her daughter, "You look HOT! But was that the best top you could come up with?"

Michelle looked like she was fit to burst. "I'm not done! Check it out! It has this zipper right down the middle of the front. See?" She bent forward slightly and started unzipping.

As I watched that zipper go down, my heart just about leapt out of my chest! I'd seen her naked so much lately that you'd think I'd be used to her body by now, but seeing her tremendous globes slowly burst free was a sight worth dying for!

The zipper kept on going down until her nipples were partially exposed. Her belly button even came into view! But she stopped with only about an inch left to unzip near the waist.

My erection was very, very stiff and needy! Heck, not just my cock but my entire body tingled! Michelle had showed her body off to me like this many times in recent months, but it was an entirely different thing with Mindy next to me and approving. It was totally electric!

Then Michelle sat back in her seat like this was any other night at our dining table. That put her ridiculously short blue miniskirt out of view, along with her panties. She asked with impish delight, "So, what should we talk about?"

Mindy suggested, "Something sexy between you and your father! I want to hear about what I miss out on when I'm at work."

An idea came to Michelle. "I know! Mom, you wanna hear about the last tickle attack I gave Daddy?"

Mindy smiled at that, and then turned to me. "Sure. Honey, what was so special about that tickle attack?"

I immediately blushed. When I'd confessed to the wild events of that fateful day, I'd started when Michelle and Ruby teamed up on me, so I hadn't mentioned anything about the tickle attack.

I can't hide much from my wife, and she immediately picked up on my reaction. "Aaaah, I see something here!" she said in a playful yet chiding I-caught-you-with-your-pants-down voice. "Spill the beans, mister."

I kept my eyes down, but I realized I didn't have to feel so bad about this. After all, I'd confessed to taking part in worse lately, and if anything, Mindy seemed to enjoy hearing about this kind of thing. I could even have a little fun with it. So I replied, "We had a little tickle match, is all."

Mindy grinned widely, obviously eager to hear more.

My confidence rose, and I went on the offensive. "As a matter of fact, you could call it more like a tickle assault. My daughter woke me up with a vicious ten-fingered assault. I have half a mind to press charges!"

That was all in good fun, and everyone laughed.

Michelle replied, "Please do. I like it when you press things against me. But if you charge me, charge me with sexual assault. Mom, I admit I do get a little crazy sometimes. I threw off all of his sheets and saw him in the buff. And I do mean buff!" She whistled appreciatively, but simultaneously looked a little guilty and bashful. It was a strange combination.

Mindy joked, "Buff? You know, if you want him to stay buffed up, there's one part of him that needs a lot of buffing. My hands get tired."

Mindy and Michelle laughed gaily. Then my daughter raised her hand. "Oooh! I volunteer to help out!" She turned to me and saluted. "Sir! Ensign Michelle reporting for Daddy buffing duties, sir!" She stared hungrily at where my groin was, even though a direct view of it was blocked by the table.

The two of them just laughed even more as they saw my face get redder and redder. Michelle often liked to joke around with the idea that I ran the house like a military camp, so she was big with sarcastically calling me 'sir' and saluting and the like, especially when I made her do something she didn't want to do.

Mindy looked to me and also saluted. "Sir! Captain Mindy also reporting for buffing duty, sir! Can we both buff you at once?"

As they laughed even more, Mindy dropped one of her hands onto my leg and made like her fingers were the legs of a spider, crawling across it. Not surprisingly, her hand headed for my crotch. But I was too disturbed by Michelle sitting right across from us to play around, so I pushed her hand away and probably blushed even more.

My wife looked at my face and said to Michelle, "Look. You have our altar boy here all blushing and embarrassed. Please do go on, daughter!" They laughed even more at that.

"Sure!" Michelle replied gaily. She zipped her front zipper up, covering up half her cleavage. That was a shame, but then she unzipped down again, and it was like I was seeing that chasm of cleavage for the first time all over again. I could even see some of her nipples.

She asked, "What should I talk about: the buffing or what happened that morning?"

"Either! Both!" Mindy seemed to be having a ball.

I, on the other hand, was terribly aroused, but confused. Is this kind of teasing okay, or are we going too far already? There are so many things we should be talking about, but seem too taboo and awkward to discuss. The thing is, I'm just so turned on that it kind of makes any thinking or worrying moot!

Michelle enthused, "Mom, I don't understand how you can get up and go to work in the morning when you have to leave your bed containing this total Adonis! God, if I were in your shoes, I would never leave him there."

Mindy's eyes sparkled and she smiled with great glee. "Oh really? What would you do in my shoes, then?"

"Duh! I'd lay in bed all day with Mr. 'Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love' here. I think we could find ways to pass the time, if you know what I mean. I think probably a lot more buffing. And not just with my hands!" She licked her lips ostentatiously while staring at me with undisguised desire.

They both found that hilarious, and laughed for a bit.

Michelle added, "The only problem, Mom, is that he's so selfish! He covered up with his hands and wouldn't let me see his best bits!" With showing one's "best bits" obviously on her mind, she unzipped the front zipper all the way and let her top open wide. Her bare, round tits burst out dramatically!

I gasped, loudly.

Mindy turned to me again and looked at me chidingly. "Daniel. Really! Were you covering up your best bits? Haven't we talked about the importance of not keeping any secrets from our children?"

Michelle laughed. She leaned across the table and high-fived her mother. "Good one, Mom!"

I kind of smiled along, but it was beyond strange that we were talking and joking about such things. I didn't care much though, since Michelle's act of leaning kept her immense boobs swaying forward.

Going with the "Burning Love" Elvis reference, Mindy looked down at the erection in my pants and kidded, "Michelle, the man and his best bits have entered the building! I repeat, they have entered the building!"

I vaguely recalled some kind of popular reference about Elvis leaving the building, though I never quite knew what it meant. Acknowledging her joke, I said in a chagrined voice, "I married a comedienne."

Mindy put on an Elvis sneer and said in her best Elvis voice, "Thank you very much," slurring the words together the way he did.

That made Michelle laugh even more. It was quite a sight to see, since her black top remained wide open in front. She looked at me and said, "Awww. Look at Daddy, Mom. You've got him 'All Shook Up.'" She cupped her immense tits from below and ostentatiously shook them.

While laughing, Mindy replied, "So in other words, you're saying, 'Don't Be Cruel.'"

Michelle was laughing so much she said, "Stop! You're killing me! Really, stop!" But the humor had a force of its own and she couldn't help but add, "You have to stop! 'It's Now or Never!'"

Even I, in my current frazzled mood, couldn't help but find some humor in all their Elvis jokes. So the three of us shared a good laugh. All the while, I couldn't take my eyes off Michelle's constantly moving F-cups!

For some moments I nearly forgot how outrageous Michelle's comments had been. But as the laughter died down it all came back to me. We're talking about my penis, and her desire to "help take care of it!" It's so wrong! What would my relatives or neighbors say? What would Nicky say?! Or my mother?! But I was so horny that my conscience was dulled.

I looked at Michelle and pondered her brazenness - as well as her impressive body. She never had a problem with self-confidence, so I shouldn't have been so shocked at her bold behavior lately.

But then I looked at Mindy. She was even more of a surprise, with the way she was taking all of this sexual teasing in stride. A little teasing is one thing, but how many families joke about "Daddy buffing?" Were they taking things too far already? I wasn't sure. It was just verbal, after all, and I had agreed to allow this kind of thing.

I looked back and forth from one of them to the other, uncertain if I should spur them on. I didn't know what to say and ended up merely asking my wife, "Sweetheart, are you going to let her talk like that?"

"Like what?" She still had a wide smile on her face, but grew more serious. "Oh, I know what you mean. Shame on you, Michelle, for trying to avoid my question. Didn't we teach you any manners? When I asked you what you would do in bed with your father all day, saying 'I think we could find ways to pass the time, if you know what I mean,' is no answer. I DON'T know what you mean. Please tell us. In lurid detail!" She was smirking now. Apparently her seriousness was just a momentary pose.

Michelle smiled back knowingly. "My bad, Mom. Well, first I'd want to find out what he's trying to hide between his legs. He wouldn't even give me a single peek! Don't you think if I've been a good girl, I should get a peek of it every now and then?"

Mindy replied, "Certainly. More than a peek, I should hope. Don't tell me he won't let you touch it or taste it either? Daniel! What have I told you about sharing things in this house?" She turned to me and winked.

My wife appeared to be having the time of her life. I could see a blush spreading down her neck, and her breathing was heavy and fast. She'd gotten out of the pin-striped business suit she wore to work when she came home, and now she wore just a loose T-shirt and skirt. If she still wore a bra (and I didn't see any signs of one, now that I checked), it wasn't doing a thing to hide her hard nipples poking through the fabric. I knew all of her signs of arousal, and she looked like she was about to have a climax right on the spot!

I, on the other hand, was writhing in discomfort. Was I aroused? Hell, yeah! My penis knows no morals. That's the problem with penises. But my brain was displeased.

Grinning from ear to ear, Michelle said, "Mom, I can answer that. You always say, 'Share and share alike.' Don't you?"

"I sure do."

"And if, say, Ruby were here, isn't it only fair to share with her too?" Michelle's face was flushed with excitement.

"Definitely! Of course, we can't share with just anybody, but Ruby's like family." Mindy's face was filled with lust too.

"Just what are we talking about sharing?" I asked warily.

"Oh, you know," Michelle replied with a mysterious smirk.

"Yeah, you know," Mindy agreed, then emphasized the point by exaggeratedly wiggling her eyebrows, Groucho Marx style.

That cracked both of them up, and even I couldn't help but laugh. They still didn't answer what they were talking about sharing, although I could guess easily enough. My new rules said my penis was off limits, but I supposed teasing about touching it was okay.

Michelle suddenly stood up, right in front of me. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling overdressed."

My mouth must have hung to my chest as I watched her dramatically take her black top all the way off. Then she stretched up high for good measure!

Her stretching was so distracting that I almost missed the fact that her panties were gone! I could see the pink of her pussy lips! I got an even better view of that area when she stretched up high, which she did a couple more times for good measure.

Mindy didn't seem bothered by any of this. She actually clapped! "Good show, Daughter! You're going to be an EXCELLENT big-titted tease for your Daddy, aren't you?"

"Definitely!" Michelle cupped her twin torpedoes, and then started sensuously caressing them all over. "Ruby and I have been talking about this a lot. Why have such cumbersome and heavy basketballs stuck to our chest unless we can do some good with them? And what better purpose than to help Daddy feel good all the time? I just hope his great big cock is thick and stiff!"

Mindy gleefully looked to my crotch and said, "Let me check!" Her hand began crawling across my leg like a spider once again. But now my defenses were down and my arousal was up so high that I didn't fight her off. I saw her smile even wider as her hand wrapped around the obvious long lump in my pants.

She said to Michelle, "I have good news for you: it definitely is!"

Since she was still standing, Michelle moved forward until her legs were up against the table. It looked like she was trying to get a good look at my crotch. Luckily, my chair was pulled up close to the table, so I didn't see how she could see anything.

However, Mindy had her hand wrapped around my bulge, and she didn't seem too careful about hiding that from Michelle. She'd never done something this sexual and brazen to me with one of our daughters in the same room. If she didn't let go soon, Michelle would figure out what was happening before long. I couldn't believe I wasn't trying to stop it!

Michelle said mischievously, "Oh, by the way, on a totally unrelated note, Mom, I have a very serious question for you. While Daddy and I were playing around on your bed, I accidentally put my hand in a puddle of some kind of clear, sticky goo."

"You didn't!" Mindy cried out. It seemed that revelation shattered what restraint she had left. Her hand started stroking up and down my bulge.

"I did. I smelled it and tasted it, but I didn't know what it was. I was wondering if you could-"

"Wait a minute," Mindy interrupted. "You TASTED it?!" Her other hand came over to my lap in a much more obvious way than the first hand had been prowling around. I tried not to look down, but I could feel her fumbling around, trying to undo my zipper. But she was so excited that she was having trouble pulling it down. I just sat there stupidly.

How could our daughter not notice that my wife was about to jack me off?! Michelle was still standing at the edge of the table. I could see and smell cum running down her inner thighs!

Luckily, Michelle seemed oblivious about Mindy's fumbling, probably because she was so enthralled in telling her story. "Yes. Is that okay? I licked up whole big handfuls of it while Daddy watched. He wouldn't tell me what it was, though, and I was wondering-"

"Wait. If you'll excuse me!" Mindy looked back and forth between me and Michelle. I thought her eyes were going to pop right out of her head. I heard a zipping sound - she'd finally managed to get my zipper down. I prayed that Michelle hadn't heard it, even as I wondered what Mindy would do next. Would she really start jacking me off right in front of our daughter? Or would she even blow me, right there and then?

But she didn't do either thing. Instead, she suddenly stood up, knocking her chair over in the process, and said, "I really have to go to the bathroom!" Then she rushed out of the room.

I was very relieved. It was clear to me that Mindy was worked up and about to do something outrageous, but thankfully she had the sense of mind to do it in another room. I had no doubt she had gone to the bathroom to masturbate. Hell, she was so flushed and excited that I wondered if she even made it all the way to the bathroom to do it.

My overactive imagination took over again, and I envisioned Mindy a few feet past the door to the living room, lying on her back naked with her legs and arms up in the air, like an overturned bug, panting for air. I don't know why I didn't imagine her actually masturbating - sometimes my imagination goes in strange directions.

With Mindy gone, I took the opportunity to tuck my erection back into my pants and zip up. There was no chance I would go flaccid anytime soon, though. Not unless I had an accidental orgasm! Actually, the odds of that happening were fairly good, given how thrilling this all was.

I looked back at Michelle's nearly nude body - she still had her ridiculously tiny "miniskirt" on. She appeared to be the epitome of calm and innocence. It had occurred to me by this point that Mindy had guessed from the very start that the "clear, sticky goo" our daughter spoke of was my cum. It seemed plain as day, now that I'd heard the story out loud. But, if nothing else, Michelle was a very good actress. She still seemed dead serious, and quite confused with the whole "goo" business.

She walked to the kitchen. "Daddy, would you like something to eat? I feel like having a late night snack."

"No thanks, Shelle." It seemed odd for her to want more to eat. It was getting late in the evening, true, but this wasn't a normal snack time. It wasn't that long ago since we'd eaten dinner, Was that just a thin excuse for her to walk around? She certainly took her time leaving the room, and she put a lot of oomph into it. I was transfixed watching her ass cheeks rise and fall while half-covered at best by her "miniskirt."

Right as she was to leave my view, she stopped and flipped her miniskirt all the way up, briefly exposing her entire ass! Then she turned her head, saw my stunned expression, and giggled. Her miniskirt fell back down and she headed on out of the room.

While she puttered about in the kitchen, I tried to make sense of all this. For one thing, I'd noticed that Shelle had been calling me "Daddy" more and more in recent days. She'd only started using that word a few days ago, the morning after Mindy's "reasonable bounds" declaration. Now it was Daddy this, and Daddy that. It was blatantly obvious she found it sexually arousing to call me that. It was even odder that I was "Daddy" and Mindy was still just "Mom."

Yet Mindy had never batted an eye about it. How long had my wife been noticing sexual signs while I was too oblivious to put two and two together? What did it all mean? Would this be the new normal?

The three of us have never shared a conversation anywhere nearly this suggestive before, that's for sure! During all those months of teasing, Min had never been there when the teasing went on. Now, with this and the spanking, she was right in the thick of things. Is that a positive development? I like her being there; it gives me reassurance that what we're doing is okay. But maybe I'm getting too much reassurance and we'll end up going too far. Where were Mindy's uncrossable lines regarding my behavior? Does she even have any anymore? If not, why not?!

Minutes passed while I ruminated over these kinds of thoughts. I lost track of time. The next thing I knew, Michelle and Mindy came back to the dinner table at the same time. Michelle brought her snack and drink back for herself, while Mindy looked very disheveled. Even though my wife had clearly made an effort to pretty herself up before she returned to the table, it practically looked like she'd been gangbanged in the bathroom. On the surface, she seemed her usual calm and refined self, but just under the surface I could see a Mindy that was completely drunk on lust. I could hardly wait to get to bed with her, because I could see another wild night of passion coming up.

To my surprise, as soon as we'd all settled back in our seats, Michelle continued the discussion right where she'd left off. She was sitting across from me, which meant I couldn't see her "miniskirt." It looked just like she was buck naked.

She said with an impish smile, "So, like I was saying, I was licking up all this goo. This yummy goo. And Daddy wouldn't tell me what it was! I figured it's some kind of dessert and he didn't want me to know because of my diet, 'cos I would go straight to the source and totally O.D. on it. Do you know what it is, Mom? Were you and Dad snacking in bed the night before I gobbled up that goo?"

I figured there's no way Michelle could think it was anything but my cum. We all knew what it was now. But pretending it was something else allowed her to freely talk about it.

Mindy's thin veneer of calm was ripped off almost immediately. She looked at me intensely and replied while staring into my eyes, "Oh yes, we were snacking. I remember I was eating a big, long sausage. It was very, very tasty. I sucked on its thickness for the longest time. In fact, I kind of choked and gagged on it a little bit. Do you remember that, Honey?"

Before I could answer, since I was quite shocked from innuendo THAT blatant, Michelle replied, "But Mom, I'm sure it wasn't a sausage. This was nothing like that. It was salty, yet sweet. And thin, almost like pure liquid. And kind of whitish or clear."

Mindy looked at Michelle with a twinkle in her eyes. "Hmmm. Curious indeed."

I could feel the "spider" crawling across my hip again. Then I heard a tell-tale unzipping sound. It sounded louder to me than the smashing of a wine bottle, especially because the room was otherwise dead quiet. It even seemed the conversation had stopped, just for this!

I swear, Michelle's smile immediately doubled in size! She knew what was happening!

Mindy's "spider" went fishing into my open fly and came out holding my painfully hard erection. I was too horny to fight it!

Michelle asked knowingly, "Mom, are you still thinking about sausages?"

Mindy smiled back just as knowingly. "Oh, yes! Very much! I have this image of a big sausage in my head. It's so clear that it's like I'm holding it in my hand."

I glared at Mindy. Was she trying to give me a heart attack?! Now, our daughter knew she was holding my boner for sure! To make matters worse, she started stroking it. She knew she had me in a helpless state, far too horny to stop her.

My sneaky wife hastened to add, "But you were saying about the spill? Maybe we spilled some sweet and sour sauce from a Chinese takeout?"

Michelle continued, "Nah. This didn't taste like that at all. It was more like ... well, kind of like salt candy. Like a sweet and sour piece of salt candy in liquid form. Much more sweet than sour though. You know what I mean?"

At first, Mindy seemed more intent on jacking me off than she was on answering the question. At least she was trying to be subtle about it - for now. Her arm wasn't moving in an obvious manner.

Still, there was no way to completely hide the sexual sounds in a very quiet room. I tapped my wedding ring on my glass like some sort of percussion instrument, hoping that would create a sonic distraction for the squishy noises coming from my groin. I wished we had some music playing, but we didn't.

Finally, my wife replied, "Hrm. I'm not sure. There's something I enjoy guzzling down my throat that sounds VERY similar to what you're describing. Dan loves giving it to me almost every night. But it can't be that..." Then she seemed to have a revelation. "Oh, wait! I know what it was! It's this new energy drink he found the other day. It's VERY valuable and nutritious. Just a few teaspoons does wonders for a woman." She turned to me and winked.

Meanwhile, her hand started stroking my shaft with long, strong strokes. I think she was doing it that way deliberately so her arm motions would be obvious from across the table! She was so excited I could feel her hand trembling.

Michelle seemed ecstatic. "Sweet! I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it." She licked her lips repeatedly. "What's it called? I'm going to buy a whole six pack of it!" It was like she was trying to stare a hole through the table to see what was happening at my crotch.

Mindy answered, "It's not for sale in most stores. But Dan has some more hidden away, don't you, Honey? Why don't you go upstairs and get some more of that energy drink for our daughter to drink? Since it's so potent, we should start her off with just a few teaspoons."

Mindy was looking at me very strangely now. I've never seen her face burn with such passion in our twenty long years of marriage! I thought for sure she was going to up and rip my clothes off right on the spot!

I suddenly had visions of making wild, animalistic love to my wife on the dining room table, while my daughter looked on. In my mind I could imagine Michelle standing there topless, cheering us on, roughly fondling her enormous breasts, pulling a nipple up to her mouth to suck on it.

The fact that Mindy was jacking me off faster and faster just about pushed me over the edge. There was no subtlety anymore. Even putting on music wouldn't cover the slurpy, sticky noises of her fingers sliding through pre-cum anymore, and her arm motions couldn't have been more obvious!

I was totally ashamed that I was letting my wife do this to me right in front of my topless daughter! I must have been blushing like crazy. But the pleasure was so great that I was utterly incapable of stopping her. I just breathed heavily and watched my daughter's immense tits rise and fall as she panted lustily as well.

My wife added, "Dan? Did you hear me? Do you have some of that energy drink? Now that I think about it, Michelle, he might be able to give you some right in this very room. Do you have any of that special goo for your daughter to drink?"

Her hand was pounding on my erection now. She let it stick straight up so it was just under the table edge. I think she was hoping for a fountain of goo to shoot up into the air at any second. If that happened, she'd probably try to aim it towards our daughter!

I could see what my wife meant about new stimulation spicing up our love life. I've never felt so "spiced up" in my life! This was beyond crazy! Lust had nearly completely overtaken me. All logic flew out of the window. I imagined shoving my thick dick down my daughter's throat while my wife cheered us on.

I looked down at Mindy's arm, wantonly pumping away over my lap. Then I looked over at Michelle and saw her eyes glazed over, staring at that same arm. She couldn't directly see what was happening under the table, but the rhythmic jerking motions of Mindy's arm were arousing her probably just as much as if she'd been able to see everything.

I was so crazed with lust that I thought, I've got half a mind to go upstairs and actually shoot some of my "goo" into a container and give it to my daughter! But I knew that was madness and I could never do it. Then, with Mindy's hand still frantically pumping, it occurred to me, Better yet, she could simply point my boner forward and I could shoot my ropes of cum underneath the table straight onto my daughter's legs. Better, Shelle would suddenly pull her sliver of a miniskirt up, revealing nothing underneath, and I'd cover her pussy and her whole groin with my seed!

Hell, why stop there? Why not just close the distance and slip my erection right into her virgin pussy? Better yet, Mindy can feed it in! If she doesn't like that, tough luck! She pushed me into it!

I was right on the verge of cumming; it was touch and go. But strangely, the thought of making love to Michelle suddenly cooled my ardor. Sex with her meant adultery. Incestuous adultery. Images of what my father did to my mother came flooding in my brain and nearly deflated my penis.

But I said "nearly." The situation was so arousing and Mindy's handjob was so vigorous that not even these painful thoughts could cool me off completely. I struggled to find a way out of this situation, something that could bring an end to this discussion without causing anyone embarrassment.

Finally, it came to me. Michelle was my fluffer, and now that I'd been "fluffed" it was time to have fun with my wife. That was the point of all this after all! I said, "Good idea, Sweetheart. You're right. There is some of that energy drink upstairs. But why don't you come upstairs and help me with it?"

She nearly jumped into the air with excitement. "Oh! GREAT idea! Let's go!"

I was proud of myself: my wife and I could have sex in the privacy of our bedroom like normal couples do. We could leave Michelle and the whole incestuous issue downstairs and get some desperately needed sexual relief!

I had just enough sense of mind left to tuck my erection into my pants and zip up before I stood.

Then Mindy grabbed my hand and we bolted upstairs like a giddy pair of honeymooners. As we ran, my wife turned back to our daughter and said, "This may take a while to get the energy drink for you, so don't wait up! We've got some things to do first, to coax it out!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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