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Chapter 9

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Michelle's teasing seemed wrong and far too outrageous, but it sure did spice up our love life, and then some! Mindy and I couldn't even wait to get to our bedroom to take off our clothes. We shed garments all the way up the stairs.

When Mindy reached the top of the stairs, she flung her bra into the air and yelled out, "Big boy, I want you to fuck me like a superman!"

Only later did I realize that Michelle had probably heard that. She probably found the bra on the floor too.

Somehow, either Mindy or I had the presence of mind to close our bedroom door behind us, but that was the last sign of any reason. We almost made it to the bed, but ended up about five feet short. I pinned my wife to the floor and attacked her like a hungry, rabid, and feral beast.

We fucked so hard and so passionately that we actually spilled some blood, which was a first for us. First, there was the blood from the way her fingernails dug into my back. She kept her fingernails fairly short to avoid exactly that kind of thing, but she didn't keep them short enough for this level of passion. Then there was the blood from where I bit her on her jaw line during one of our particularly intense mutual orgasms. Both of our necks were covered with hickies as well, by the time we were done.

But details beyond that are vague for me. It was a two-hour blur of non-stop vicious and animalistic fucking. I was on such an emotional high that I don't even know how many times I came. I think it was three, if not four. I consider myself a sexually virile guy for my age, but it had been at least a decade since I'd cum so much in such a short amount of time.

Whenever I thought I'd run out of energy or out of cum, Mindy would say something like, "Come on, lover. You got any more for me, or are you saving it for our daughter? You want me to call her in right now to drink your 'goo' straight from the source, or are you just gonna slip into her bed tonight, you naughty boy? Slip it to her good!"

I didn't feel as guilty as usual about such things, given that Mindy was the one goading me on. I couldn't understand WHY she was turned on so much by such thoughts, but she most certainly was.

She brought up Ruby very nearly as often. At one point, while I was busy driving deep into her slit, she gasped out, "Daniel! Call me 'Ruby!'"

"What?!" I'd heard what she said, I just couldn't believe it.

"I said, call me 'Ruby'! Imagine you're fucking your big-titted, red-haired, sexpot, centerfold daughter!"

"You mean 'Michelle?'" Sweat was pouring off my face as I pounded her with all I had.

"I said red-haired, you goof! Fuck BOTH your daughters!"

"You mean 'Nicky?'" I couldn't believe I'd just said that.

She groaned loudly, and probably climaxed. "OH! GAAWD! Fuck her too!"

Mindy had teased me about getting turned on by Michelle or Ruby before, but never so blatantly. And, to my shame, I was the one who mentioned our angelic daughter Nicky for the first time in a sexual context! So very wrong! It seemed that all rules were out the window. Pure lust had taken over.

At a rare moment of rest between frantic fucks, Mindy looked to the door leading to the hallway and whispered, "You know, I'll bet dollars to donuts that Michelle is standing on the other side of that door, right now, listening to every word!"

That alarmed me greatly. The problem is that the odds are good that she's right. We're pretty verbal in goading each other on during sex in general, but tonight just about all our verbal play has come from Mindy, daring me to imagine that I'm fucking Michelle or Ruby. How could Shelle not have heard that?! Hell, if she was jogging two blocks away she probably would have heard half of it, with the way Mindy has been screaming tonight!

The implications were sobering. If Michelle really was listening nearby, then we weren't just arousing each other, we were encouraging Michelle's delusional notions of incest and sin. While the comment further aroused Mindy, it actually turned me off.

I said to her, "Playing around between you and me is one thing, but I really don't want her listening. That would freak me out. Can you get up to check and make sure the coast is clear? I don't want to do it, because what if she's there?"

"Sure. But don't worry, I know she's not there. Moms have a sixth sense about these kinds of things."

Wrapping a sheet around herself, she got up and opened the door a crack and peeked out. Then, emboldened, she opened it all the way. She looked around. She closed the door, and then walked back to the bed. Then she paused, went back to the door and opened it, and shouted, "MICHELLE?!"

I heard a very distant, "YES, MOM?" shouted back. I was extremely relieved at how distant it sounded.



All smiles, Mindy closed the door and walked back to the bed. "There. You see? Satisfied? She's being a good kid and giving us space."

"Well, that's a relief. Wait. Stand still just like that."


"You look so sexy with that sheet wrapped around you. Kind of like a porno Venus de Milo or something."

She laughed. Then, pulling the sheet over one shoulder to make it look like a toga (while leaving her bountiful breasts uncovered), she raised an arm into the air and struck a dignified pose.

I couldn't figure out what she was trying to be since she didn't have much in the way of props, until she melodramatically intoned, "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to cum."

Then it was obvious: she was the Statue of Liberty.

Playing the straight man, I asked, "Isn't that 'yearning to be free?'"

She dead-panned, "Well, yeah, but they're 'yearning to be free to cum.' They just ran out of room on the plaque. Originally, it was going to read 'yearning to be free to cum on my chest.' But there was some kind of cock up at the printer. You ever notice how the Statue is thrusting her chest out like she's ready for a pearl necklace? And that book she's holding? That's not a book, that's a stack of porno mags." She thrust her bare chest out like an X-rated statue.

I laughed. She always makes me laugh. I said, "Speaking of cock ups, get your sexy ass over here. We've got a 'cock up' type situation right around here."

She dropped the "robe" and winked. "Oh, really? Well, maybe I need to do something about that. Or should I yell for Michelle to help?"

She cupped her hands around her mouth as if she was about to yell, but she actually spoke softly as she said, "Hey, Michelle, Daddy's worn Mommy's pussy out. It's all red and puffy. We need some hot n' fresh tight teen pussy here, pronto! He's gonna go all night and Mommy can't take it all! Heck, after he's filled your virgin pussy to the brim a couple of times over, you'd better call up all your sexy friends and ask 'em to come over and help, 'cos it's gonna be a long one tonight, and I do mean that in more ways than one! Start with Ruby! He needs to baste her in his 'energy drink!'"

And so we were off to the races again. No sexual comment was off limits, and that kept us going far beyond our usual endurance limits. The only thing that stopped us was sheer physical exhaustion. When we were finally done, I could hardly lift my arm up, no exaggeration.

If anything, Mindy was even more wrecked by the whole experience. She looked absolutely destroyed. I've never seen such a sexy sight in my life. My chest swelled with pride, knowing that I'd fucked my wife to our absolute physical limits. True, we'd had much longer sex sessions in the past, but in terms of sheer expenditure of energy and passion nearly non-stop, nothing beat this. It was like driving with the pedal to the metal until the car just plain gave up.

When it was over, we both dozed off. I woke up and looked at the clock and saw it was after midnight. I looked over at my wife lying beside me and saw that she was awake. Awake, yet it seemed like she was barely alive. She looked like she'd been hit by a truck. She gazed off into space with a vacuous blissful smile, like some kind of human vegetable.

I felt the same way. That had been just about the best sex of my life!

When I was a bit more awake, I turned to her, and asked, "Sweetheart? Are you okay?"

She turned to me and I saw the light of sentience flicker and return. "Okay? I've never been more 'okay' in my life! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! When I married you, you should have come with a big warning label on the side of your head: 'WARNING! Do not fuck this man! He WILL fuck you into an early grave!'"

She lay there panting a while, and then turned to me again and asked, "How are you feeling?"

I thought for a moment and then replied in a level voice, "'Well, my hands are shaking and my knees are weak. I can't seem to stand on my own two feet.'" A grin slowly spread across my face. "'Who do you think would have such luck?'"

Mindy finally realized I was reciting Elvis Presley lyrics and finished the lines with me: "'I'm in love. ... I'm all shook up! Mmmm mmmm mmmm. Mmmm. Yeah. I'm all shook up!'"

We laughed.

"You know, speaking of Elvis," she purred, "I think your performance tonight merits a new name for Dan, Jr. From now on, I'm calling him, 'The King!'"

I laughed some more at that. "Uh-oh. I'm in trouble."

With a gleam in her eye, she asked me, "Trouble? You mean like, you're caught in a trap? And you can't get out?" Her talking voice turned into a singing one, and I recognized the song.

We sang together, "'Because I love you too much baby! Why can't you see? What you're doing to me?'" We sang the rest of the first verse and then the chorus to "Suspicious Minds." and then laughed some more.

It felt good. Very good. This was the woman I loved more than life itself, and could never risk losing.

Suddenly, both of us looked and felt much less spaced out and much more human.

She said with fiery eyes, "I AM in love. So in love. Hon, let's get married!"

I laughed. "We already are, Sweetheart."

"Let's do it again! I want to marry you ten times over! I love you so much. My God. I'm going to remember the way you loved me tonight for the rest of my life!"

"Good. Then maybe you can tell me what happened. I think I was out of my mind the whole time."

She chuckled. "Honey." She found my hand and held it. "Do you see what I mean, now? Do you see how this teasing can strengthen our marriage and do wonders for our sex life?"

"Yeah, I can see that. Holy mackerel, tonight was intense! But Sweetheart. I'm not comfortable with this. I can't go through with it. If I were a cat with nine lives, I think I lost about half of them today. I died over and over, overcome with emotional intensity. Most other guys could handle this better, but I'm not made for this kind of thing. I crave stability and normality."

Mindy looked at me in the eyes. "That's true, you do. But that's part of what makes it so intense. I know how tortured you must feel by her teasing, and somehow that turns me on even more. It makes me feel extra naughty, like I'm hooking an innocent Boy Scout on crack." She laughed. "And that's such a turn-on! Does that make me a bad person?"

"Well... yeah! I mean, I'm not here just for you and Michelle's amusement. It seems like you two were having a lot of fun at my expense."

"I'm sorry, my sweet Honey." She rubbed my arm affectionately. "You know I love you. I really do. But that was just too much fun. I promise I'll make it up to you somehow."

"But Sweetheart. Verbal and visual teasing, those may not seem much, but if you knew the kind of things I was thinking... In my mind, well, let's just say I lost all control with my urges towards Michelle. I still can't believe that doesn't bother you! I mean, look what was happening at dinner. You were jacking me off right there at the table and she totally knew!"

"Well, she didn't necessarily know." She looked away, because she knew that was an absurd claim.

"Oh, come on. Your arm was flying up and down like a jackhammer right over my lap. You might as well have shouted to the whole world, 'I'm jacking off my husband!'"

She grinned. "Hmmm. Good idea. I'll have to try that next time."

"There's not going to BE a next time. Things are getting way out of control and it has to stop. Or at least get toned way, way back. You know this so-called 'hang up' I have with adultery is pretty powerful. And I was taught incest is a mortal sin. Put the two together and I feel terrible. My dick is saying 'YES!' and my brain is screaming 'NO!' I can't go on like that."

I paused to look at my wife. I was glad to see that she was looking at me with concern instead of just trying to make another joke. I went on, "When teasing gets that out of hand, there's no telling what might happen, even with me. Look at what happened to you. Remember during dinner? There were a couple of times you were ready to do anything, weren't you? What if I just swept away everything on the table, threw you on it, and started fucking you then and there? With Michelle watching?"

"Honestly, what would I have done?"


"I was putty in your hands. I would have done that and more! I would have screamed like a banshee as you fucked the SHIT out of me! The whole table would have shook with each of your thrusts, and fuck it if Michelle sees! I needed to get FUCKED! I can't tell you how overjoyed I was when you announced we were going upstairs, because, as the saying goes, I was ready to 'fuck a duck!'"

I was excited like she was, but I was trying to hide it. Somebody had to be reasonable. "Hmmm. Yes, well I'm sure our local waterfowl population is appreciative you didn't go on a duck rape rampage. But seriously, I was ready to 'fuck a duck' too. You two got me so worked up there that it was lucky I had you to take upstairs right then, or who knows what would have happened. If I had been sitting next to a water buffalo, I swear I would have made love to the water buffalo!"

She teased, "Are you saying my hips are fat? I've been called a lot of things, but 'water buffalo' takes the cake!"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. It helped break the tension, at least. "Seriously, now. What if I lose control and do something physical to our Michelle? I'd never be able to forgive myself. I'd be wracked with guilt forever. You know I'm a good Catholic. How could I ever even go to confession again, about what happened tonight? What'll I say to the priest?"

She suggested, "Just confess in general terms. Like, you're having inappropriate sexual thoughts. You don't have to perv the priest out with every last detail."

"Hrmph. And if you think the Christmas Party Incident was a big deal, just wait until I cross the line past verbal teasing. It'll be a psychic scar that'll tear at me for the rest of my life! Heck, some things have already gone past just verbal and visual teasing, sometimes. I thought we'd start slow and work our way up. But it's like we're driving a car without brakes. We're all too horny. If Michelle wanted to jack me off tonight, I would have let her! That's how aroused I was. And tomorrow I'm probably going to get that horny again, because she's so good at arousing me."

My wife couldn't hide her lust. "Maybe you should! Let her stroke it! What's the harm in that? Isn't that what real fluffers do?"

I was incredulous. "'What's the harm in that?!' Are you INSANE?! What about her emotional development, for starters? The effects on her would be too horrible to contemplate. I already worry about the implications of her incestuous fantasies."

Mindy thought about that. Then she said, seriously, "I can see your point. I obviously don't want you to suffer like that. And I know all about you and your crushing Catholic guilt. I wish I could rid you of that, if I only knew how."

She pleaded desperately, "But Honey. Please. Please don't make it stop! I've never had so much fun in my life. I've never felt so alive! There's nothing wrong here. This has NOTHING to do with adultery. Nothing! You don't have to tell the priest anything because you haven't done anything wrong. You can't rape the willing. It's impossible to call it rape. If a man makes love to another woman with his wife's full approval, that's not adultery."

"Wait a minute. Are you saying you'd be okay with me making love to Michelle?! You can't possibly mean that!"

Mindy gave me a very funny look. I had no idea how to read it, which was strange because I thought I knew all her looks. She said, "Of course I don't mean that. But if you two kind of touched each other, and kissed a little, we already agreed that was okay. And maybe if you even relieved each other... After all, I generally won't be there when you two are having fun during the day.."

"Mindy! What are you talking about? You're suggesting we slide down a very slippery slope. That can only lead to one thing. Us men, we have this deep biological drive to implant our seed in a woman's vagina. I can't go there. I shouldn't get anywhere NEAR there. Plus, there's the whole incest issue. You can't say that's not a sin."

She looked at me strangely again, and said, "I don't know about that, but let's not worry about that right now. Maybe if that's such a big issue with you, you should fool around a bit with Ruby first and see how that goes. I'm sure you'll love it."

"Mindy! I can't believe what I'm hearing! Are you the same woman I married? You know why I have such a strong stance on adultery. Yet you're telling me to 'fool around' with her friends? What is it with you and wanting me to sleep with another woman?! You've been hinting at this for years. Don't you see that I see that as a threat to our happy marriage more than anything? I just don't get it. Saying we need more variety in our love life just doesn't explain it for me."

She shot back, "Didn't you say a minute ago that things have already gone beyond the point of mere verbal teasing?"

I sighed. "Yes. I told you already how things have slowly escalated with the hugs and kisses and whatnot."

"Tell me more! Especially about the 'whatnot!'" She sat up in bed and looked at me, obviously quite interested.

I realized at that point that I was making the same exact mistake I'd made with her in the recent past: it was impossible to have a serious talk about such things when we were both in bed and completely naked. Now that she was sitting up, her impressive chest was exposed, and that always got my motor running. Even after our sexual marathon, I could still feel a stirring down below.

Worse, Mindy seemed positively eager to hear what I had to say. Eager in a 'tell me all the juicy details and then let's fuck!' kind of way.

I said, "Sweetheart, don't tell me this is turning you on! I mean, I already told you about the worst incident by far. You know, when Ruby ended up kissing me after I made her and Shelle lunch. I basically ended up naked with my shorts around my knees, and she was buck naked, and kissing me on the lips. With tongue! And my dick, well, it was hard, and well, basically, just kind of rubbing up against her skin."

I'd been looking away as I recalled that embarrassing incident again. I heard her ask, "And Michelle? What was she doing?"

"You know that. I told you!"

"I forget. Tell me again!"

I knew she hadn't forgotten, but I told it again anyway. I spoke while looking elsewhere. "She was naked too. They had towels, but the damned things fell off and were all but forgotten! And she was standing right there and even fondling my ass cheeks as Ruby and I made out like horny teenagers!"

I heard a gasp, even though she already knew that.

I confessed, "I'm just a horrible, horrible husband! That's why I had to tell you what was happening. I had to come clean before it got even worse. And then you gave them the green light and it got way worse!"

There was a long silence. I finally looked back over at her.

The first thing I noticed was that she was biting her lip. Hard. The second thing I noticed was the way her ample chest was heaving up and down. It looked like it was taking all her willpower not to throw herself at me so we could have sex yet again.

I griped, "Mindy! Don't tell me that even THAT is getting you turned on! Come ON! We crossed a line there into adultery! That's when you're supposed to hit me and yell in my face!"

That comment cooled her down a little bit at least, it seemed to me. She changed gears and grew more sober and serious. "Daniel, I have a serious confession to make. You don't really know me."

"What?! Of course I know you."

"Well, 99 percent of me, yes, but there's a little bit I've been hiding. I've always had a naughty side I've hidden from you. A really naughty side. You're soooo straight-laced that I've always been afraid to show you how I really feel on certain things. I kept some things hidden because I knew you couldn't understand. When I would drop hints, you would always frown and say no. We couldn't even act out certain fantasies because the very ideas were too extreme, too taboo. But it's time to come clean. Maybe now you can understand and accept that last one percent of me."

"What are these hidden things?!" Outwardly at least I remained calm, but I was in a complete mental panic. My mind was immediately filled with all kinds of horrible things she'd done or wanted to do. I could imagine some pretty dreadful things.

"Well, I'm talking about all the things that you've never let us do in bed. Things like me getting raped in a role-play, or being called a slut, or being tied up and spanked. Whipped, even! You refuse to even call me 'slut' or 'bitch' or 'whore.'"

I responded, "Because you're not!"

She sighed. "There's this dark side of me. A sexually wild side. Maybe the fact that you let me do everything BUT those things has increased their appeal over the years."

"Wait! Don't tell me you've done those things without me?! Oh my God!" I suddenly saw her dressed in spikes and black leather with welts all over her skin, being whipped by a giant gorilla-like man with a ten-foot long whip.

She hastened to assure me, "No, Dan. NO! Of course not! Calm down. I would never cheat on you in a million years! I'm just talking about fantasies. You know, the forbidden fruit temptation. I have some fantasies about some naughty things. Not only that, but as time goes on and our life gets more happy and settled and wonderful, somehow that draws me to the naughty and the risky even more than before. It's like we live in a church. We need a little more... something."

I stared into space with a great sadness.

That made her panicky. "What? What?! Don't look like that, Dan! I just confessed some deep inner secrets. Please be supportive. Talk to me!"

"I hate to say this, but I feel like I've just lost my wife."

"Daniel!" She started to cry. "Don't say that! That breaks my heart! Take that back! Why are you saying that?! If there's anything you don't want me to do, then just forget I ever said it! I'll bury those thoughts all away, deep away! Forever!"

My heart felt so heavy; I felt like I'd died. "I never knew. I never knew! It hurts me so much that you've been keeping these secrets. But what I worry about is that I'm such a straight-laced fuddy-duddy that I'll never be able to satisfy those fantasies of yours. I never fantasize about raping or whipping or any of that! Eventually you're going to find out that I'm too square for you and you'll leave me for another guy, some kind of wild guy."

She stopped crying and looked at me seriously. "Dan, Honey, what is with you and this idea of me leaving you for someone else? You really have a complex about that. I will never, ever, ever leave you for another guy. Period! I will never have sex with another guy. Period, end of story!"

She crawled up on top of me and stared into my eyes from inches away, even as tears poured down her cheeks. "Honey, I swear to God that I would rather kill myself than ever cheat on you. Do you think I would ever break your heart the way your father broke your mother's heart? That's not me! We're in this together until death do us part."

She gripped my hand tightly. "Do you think I could be that cruel just for some fleeting sexual excitement, when in fact you keep me more sexually satisfied than any woman I know? Take back the very thought! It's not like I HAVE to do certain sexual things and if you can't help me out I'll do them with someone else. True, it would be nice if you were more adventurous, but if you're not it's not a big deal. I'd NEVER cheat on you! I love you too much. I love our daughters too much."

I moped, "Well then, what about the Christmas Party Incident?"

She rolled her eyes. "Daniel Cooper! That was all about me trying to get YOU with Delilah! I tried before in so many ways to pair you with another woman, and this was just another attempt. A very stupid and desperate attempt. Look at you! You have a body like a construction worker, a face like some kind of Marlboro Man model, and a heart of gold. And you think I'd want to make love to a tubby little ball like Matt Jensen?! How many times do I have to explain?"

My heart was pounding hard with worry. "You'll have to explain it again, because the problem is no matter how many times you explain, I've never understood. Maybe you can be more honest now, now that you're revealing these things. What is the appeal of seeing me with another woman? I don't get it. I'd rather gnaw off my own leg than see you with another man."

She gazed off into the distance for a while. It seemed like she was contemplating something heavy. I was glad that at least she'd stopped crying.

Then she looked into my eyes again from mere inches away. "I don't know. Why are people the way they are? Why did you burn a frog with a magnifying glass when you were eight? I just have a naughty side. I can live without it. It's not the end of the world if I can't scratch certain itches. Heck, I didn't even know I had those itches for years and years. It's not some kind of obsession. It's like, I'd love to go to the Bahamas for a month's vacation this year. That would be nice. But if we can't go, we can't go. I'm not going to throw myself over a cliff about it. It's no big deal. Do you understand? If you want to get a little wilder with our sex life, that would be good. Like what we did tonight. But if you don't, I still love what you do to me."

I was relieved. But nonetheless I was feeling pouty and defensive. "You said our sex life is boring."

"Daniel Cooper! What's with you?! I've said a couple of dumb things in all our years of marriage and you keep throwing them back in my face. Do you want me to be honest or not?"


"Then when I'm honest, don't make me regret it. If you were to have an accident and lose the ability to have sex completely, I'd be content to never have sex again, just so long as I could still be with you. The most important thing, the only thing, is that we stay together. But I thought with this whole Michelle teasing thing, maybe it turns out after all that you have a wild side and a naughty side too. Maybe it's just buried deep down. So I'm opening up after all these years hoping that maybe we can get a little wild together. But if you don't want to, I understand. Forget it. If it makes you say 'I feel like I just lost my wife,' then forget it. That was like a knife in my heart. Please take it back!"

"I'm sorry. That was out of line. But I was just so shocked. I thought we have total honesty. And then, after twenty years of marriage, I find out there's this secret part to my wife. It's shocking!"

She confessed, "It's always been there. I've tried to bring it up in so many different ways. Think about our sexual role plays. Who wants to be called a 'slut?' Me. Who wants to pretend to be raped? Me. Who wants to be blindfolded and tied up and spanked? Me. Who wants to do all the crazy stuff? Me! But you always say no. You still won't even consider anal sex with me. How do you know you won't like it if you've never even tried it?"

I sighed again. "You have a good point. I've been a stick in the mud, and I get so defensive about it that we can't have a truly honest conversation about it. Maybe it's time we try some new things."

She squeezed my hand encouragingly.

I continued, "My love, this is painful for me. In the past few days, I feel like I've been made a fool of. I've become afraid to walk around my own home. I'm afraid of Shelle and Ruby, and I'm even starting to become afraid of you. This can't continue. Furthermore, I just don't know if any kind of sexual connection between a parent and child can ever be acceptable. It's eating away at me, this worry that Shelle will be permanently warped."

She complained, "But we've discussed this all before, and you agreed."

I said, "Wait. Hear me out. On the other hand, you obviously have this secret wild side, and it's not good to keep it bottled up. It'll be a strain on our marriage. And I don't want that either! I want to be the best husband I can possibly be."

She nodded and waited for me to go on.

"So I have a compromise. First off, absolutely everything sexual between Michelle and her friends and me has to stop. Completely. Not even verbal teasing. I want you to go through her clothes and pick out only decent clothes that she can wear around the house. Her friends can't come here anymore, at least for now. Even Ruby. No, especially Ruby! If Michelle wants to swim in a pool, Ruby's house has a pool too. Why do they have to hang out at our house exclusively, anyway?"

Mindy didn't answer that, so I continued, "And in return, I'll try harder to be sexually wilder, but just with sex between you and me. No extra women. And it goes against everything I've been taught, but if you want me to try anal sex, I'll try it. If you want me to try spanking you, I'll try that too. I have to admit that it was kind of arousing with Michelle."

Mindy snorted at that understatement.

I went on, "Heck, I'll even try calling you nasty names, although it honestly pains me to do so, since that isn't really part of my true nature. Maybe I'll warm up to these things with time and be open for more as time goes on. Maybe I do have a wild side. But keep anything sexual just between you and me, my wife. Let's see how that goes; let's see if that works."

"Oh, Honey! Thank you so much! That sounds wonderful! I completely agree. I promise to never mention another woman again. I'll drive all those thoughts about threesomes with another woman out of my head forever! The only thing is, I think Michelle is going to be crushed. Ruby too. I don't think you realize just how powerfully strong their feelings are for you, and how much they love teasing you."

"Yeah, well. I'm starting to realize. But doesn't that disturb you? That their feelings are so strong?"

"No, not really. We all put on our business suits or what have you and go out into the world trying to act formal and stuffy. But the fact is, most people are raging cauldrons of lust on the inside. It's just that some people are better at hiding it or repressing it than others."

"I realize that, but why do they have to fixate on ME? There are so many other guys out there."

"I know, but think about it. They're here practically all the time. You're here practically all the time. You're handsome, charming, and notoriously sexually talented, endowed, and virile. Just imagine if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island with just them. Wouldn't your lust get the best of you after a while?"

"Well, that just proves my point that this all has to stop. But is that really the whole explanation? Are you really saying that my daughter and her friends all have crushes on me just because our house has the biggest pool?"

"We don't have the biggest pool. It's not even close. It's a very ordinary pool for this swanky neighborhood."

"Then it must be the view. We have a pretty awesome view of the ocean down by the lower deck, you know, being on top of the hill and all."

"Honey, Honey, Honey, you're soooo naïve. They hardly ever go to the lower deck, and some other houses have the same view anyway. The reason her friends are perpetually parked at OUR pool is because of YOU, you big lovable hunk!"

"Me? Come on, I'm not that great. I've barely even met some of them. I've seen some of the other fathers. Some of them are more handsome than I am."

"That's very debatable. But in any case, women are not as focused on looks as men are. There's reputation, for instance."

"Me? Reputation? What reputation?"

That brought my wife up short. She blinked at me as if she was trying to stifle an incredulous look. Finally, she asked, "You really don't know, do you?"

Seeing the look of complete non-recognition on my face, she let out an exasperated sigh. "Daniel Cooper, I cannot believe that you are this obtuse sometimes. You're like a LEGEND to those girls!"

Since I was still showing a blank and befuddled stare, she explained, "Over the years, you've done all kinds of parent outreach, haven't you? You've driven Nicky and Michelle to countless practices and events, you coached their soccer teams several years in a row, you served as chaperone at school functions, yada, yada, yada. Since I work inflexible business hours and you set your own hours, more often than not, you were the one helping with those things. Heck, you even helped out with the Girl Scout troop."

"Yeah? So? Are you implying that I did something untoward or led them on?"

"No! Absolutely not. You were just being you. Nice guy Dan. Cool guy Dan. Friendly Dan. Stud muffin Dan. Well-hung Dan."

"Wait a minute. 'Well-hung Dan?' How would they know that?"

"Duh! Honey, you're a smart guy about most things, but oh-so-blind about others. How do you know that Michelle has huge breasts? It's pretty impossible NOT to notice, right? In the same way, you're popping boners all the time, and the girls DO notice, believe me. There's just no way NOT to see the big billy club you're packing in there. In fact, do you remember what happened when you were a chaperone on that disastrous overnight beach trip?"

I groaned and sank down in the bed a little. "Oh no, not that. Please don't mention that."

"Look. I know that you weren't trying to cheat on me in any way. I'm not blaming you for anything, and nothing serious happened anyway. But the fact of the matter is that Ms. Simmons was coming onto you big time, she got totally plastered at the campfire to build up her courage, and then she threw herself at you in the most awkward manner imaginable."

"I didn't do ANYthing to encourage her! I have lots of witnesses to support that!"

"I know, and I'm not disputing that in the slightest... but that's just the thing, you see. You had lots of impressionable young girls as witnesses when Ms. Simmons clumsily lunged at you and pulled your bathing suit down your legs. And for who knows how many seconds, you were caught standing there in the light of the campfire wearing nothing but your bathing suit around your ankles, while your big, angry, and demanding boner was sticking straight out."

I blushed as I recalled the painful memory. "Hey, I tried to cover up as quickly as I could, but I was taken by surprise! I had to focus on getting my shorts back 'cos that crazy woman was trying to pull them completely off my feet!"

"I know. I'm not blaming you! I'm just saying, look at it from the point of view of these impressionable early teen girls who were probably all staring at the first live erection they'd ever seen. Certainly the biggest one they'd ever seen, or probably STILL have ever seen. It was wobbling wildly for a good minute while she tugged at your shorts, like some kind of one-eyed monster. Trust me love, it makes a powerful impression on a young girl. I'm sure all of them that saw you that day have used your cock as the 'gold standard' ever since, and all their boyfriends have come up way short in comparison."

"Hey, come on. I'm not THAT endowed. I'm not porn star big."

She grasped my dick. It wasn't hard, due to the seriousness of the discussion, but she still patted it lovingly anyway. "Maybe not. But you're at least 'porn supporting actor' big. Besides, I'm pretty sure that 'porn star big' is too big. Your cock is perfect. You're like the 'Goldilocks and the Three Sexy Bear Babes' of cocks."

She teased in a silly high-pitched voice, "'Oh, Mommy, Mommy! Somebody's been sticking his cock in my cunt! But this cock is way too big! It hurts!' 'Oh, Mommy, Mommy! Somebody's been sticking his cock in my cunt! But this cock is way too small! I can't feel a thing!' 'OH! MOMMY! Daddy's been sticking his cock in my cunt, again! He's always such a naughty Daddy, sticking his cock in us all the time. But Daddy's cock is juuuuust right! You're such a lucky mommy!'"

I rolled my eyes. "Come on."

She continued, "Then the mommy bear would say to her three sexy bear babe daughters, 'I sure am! If he was even another inch bigger, he couldn't fit it in our tight pussies, and you know how much he loves to do that. But don't worry, we're all gonna share the Daddy cock and live happily ever after. Now, girls, I wanna see you three climb up on his lap and take turns sucking it. Show me once again how good you are at sharing until he paints your adorable faces in his 'yummy goo.' The end!'"

I deadpanned, "Um, the version I know doesn't exactly go like that."

She pretended cluelessness. "It doesn't? I only know the film version. Although now that I think about it, I wonder why it was in that special room in the video store, behind the curtain. And right next to 'Blow White and the Seven Dongs,' too."

I laughed. "How does Goldilocks even fit into that story, anyway? She didn't even get mentioned."

"She's the sexy redhead down the street who needs some Daddy cock too."

I laughed some more at that obvious Ruby reference. I was getting in a better mood, thanks in part to her joking. "What's a 'sexy bear babe,' anyway?"

"Picture one of your daughters, but with the tip of her nose painted black, and a hair band with bear ears on it."

I got a kick out of the story, and I liked the "bear babe" image, but my dick still hadn't revived.

Her hand finally relented and just rested on it. She resumed, "My point is, I'll bet you any of those girls, including our daughters, could recall the vision of your bronzed and muscular body bathed in firelight on the night of the Ms. Simmons incident with picture perfect clarity, even today. And I really mean it when I say that every single one of those girls, when they think of the ideal, perfect penis, they think of yours jutting out when you were standing there. And that wasn't the only incident that built up your reputation, just the most legendary one."

I stammered, "But-but-but it wasn't my fault! I don't know what to do when women like that throw themselves at me. It's such a fiasco. Whatever else I am, I'm not 'Mr. Smooth.' The same kind of thing happens to you even more than it does to me, but you always manage to fob off grabby guys with subtlety and grace. Me, I just stand there thinking, 'This can't be happening to me!'"

Mindy smiled knowingly. "I know. It's kind of cute what a clueless boob you can be sometimes, but I love you for it. It's part of what makes you you. But think about some of these incidents that made you a studly legend in your own time for those girls. Do you remember a couple of years after that, at Nicky's sixteenth birthday party, when that group of girls managed to pull your bathing suit off as you were diving into our pool? Was that just a harmless prank to embarrass you, or were they trying to get a good look at your package?"

I was blushing by then, I'm sure. "Oh, man! Let's not even talk about that day, okay? Talk about a prolonged fiasco. Even you were right there and you didn't do a thing to help me get my bathing suit back."

I saw my wife smirking and smiling. Like I said, she does that a lot.

"What?" I asked her with annoyance.

"Oh, just thinking back. Damn, that was a fun party!"

I sighed. "Can we get back on topic, please? My point is, we need to take a break and have some separation. I thought we could play around some and stop there. But I simply can't control myself with Michelle or Ruby. I can see that clearly now."

But she was still thinking about that stupid incident. "Do you remember when you finally got out of the pool and were running around with your hands on your crotch, trying to get your suit back, showing off your cute naked butt to everybody?"

I groaned unhappily. "Oh God! Don't remind me! I was betrayed by everybody! You, Nicky, Michelle, Ruby - everybody thought it was a great hoot! 'Let's all laugh at Dad.' Ha ha. Thank God I finally found that towel or God knows what would have happened."

I sighed heavily. "What's worse is that nearly the exactly same thing happened exactly one year later, although the accident wasn't quite so bad. What do they say? 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' I ruined two of Nicky's birthday parties with my cluelessness."

My wife just cryptically muttered, "Hmmm. 'Ruined' is an interesting word to use. You certainly made those birthday parties much more entertaining. I prefer to think of it that way."

There was a long pause as Mindy stared off into space while wearing a giant shit-eating grin. I finally said in exasperation, "Wipe that smile off your face already! Can we focus here? Let me say it again: we need to take a break. Things have gotten out of hand."

She forced herself to focus. "Okay." Then she warned as her smile faded, "But I'll tell ya, Michelle is going to be crushed, badly. And Ruby too. But you know how emotional Michelle gets. I worry the most about her."

"That may be so. She'll be crushed at first, but over time she'll get over it. It happens to people all the time. Hearts get broken for so many reasons, but people have to pick up and move on. This is what's best for her. She needs to find a good boy her own age."

"You're right." Yet Mindy didn't look too certain. In fact, she looked very sad.

Still, I pressed on. "So here's the plan. Right now I'm bursting at the seams with pent up frustration. You have no idea just how much sexual temptation I've had to deal with lately. If there ever was a time I felt like blowing off steam by spanking someone, that time is now."

I'd told her that I was willing to try new things, and one thing she'd wanted for a long time now was to be spanked. I could never make myself hit her, but I was willing to try harder now. I couldn't risk losing her. Besides, I DID have a lot of sexual frustration to burn off.

Mindy's face lit up with glee. "Oh Honey! You don't mean it!"

I was surprised at how much I was warming up to the idea. I growled, "I do, you sexy little trollop! Roll over and present your ass. You've been a very bad and slutty girl."

"Dan! My GOD! I never thought I'd hear those words from you! Oh, hurry!" She flipped over so quickly it was like a blur. She raised her ass up high. She wiggled it with great anticipation.

I knew that if I took any time to think I wouldn't be able to go through with it. But the idea came upon me so quickly that luckily I didn't have time to be reminded how wrong it is to strike or insult a lady, much less my dear wife. I just did it. I watched in disbelief as my hand came down on her ass.

The loud smack reverberated around the room.

Mindy immediately let loose with a loud wail. Just one smack was enough to push her over the edge. She started to cum with near-violent force.

I immediately brought a hand up to her pussy and devoted my attentions there. My fingers went at her labia and clit at once, driving her to even greater ecstasy. I yelled, "Take that, you hussy! How do you like it?"

To my surprise, she yelled back, "It was horrible! You mean man! You terrible, evil person! Don't hurt me anymore, please!"

That threw me for a loop for a second or two, but then I noticed the pure joy in her voice. Clearly she wanted to play the part of reluctant victim. Now her rape fantasies seemed to be kicking in too.

I thought, If that's what she wants, then that's what I have to give her. This is for our marriage.

Feeling conflicted, I spanked her again, while still keeping a finger in her pussy lips.

She cried even louder this time, amazingly enough, and came again.

"Devil!" I cried. "Devil woman! You've been bad, and now you have to pay!" I spanked her once more.

She was so overwhelmed by that and by my finger continuing to piston in and out of her pussy that I decided to give her a bit of time to recover.

When she finally stopped screaming, she gasped, "Yes! I've been bad! So bad! Hurt me more!"

It was totally surreal. I never thought my wife would yell, "Hurt me," but there she was doing it! I'd started out spanking her most reluctantly, but I found myself starting to get downright aroused about it. I cried out, "I think I will!" and spanked her again.

The thing was, I DID want to hurt her by now. I couldn't believe it! My dick was getting erect from this! She kept crying how much she needed to be punished and how bad and naughty she was. Swept up in the moment of it all, I was agreeing. I could practically feel the tension and frustration and even humiliation that had been building up the past couple of days flow out of me with each smack. That felt good.

But what felt even better was seeing how much she enjoyed it. I could tell this was something she must have been fantasizing about for a long time, and to have it actually and unexpectedly fulfilled made her so giddy with joy that it was infectious. Somehow, I felt giddy yet vengeful at the same time. And her screams and cries and shaking ass were so erotic that I began to think that I might cum merely from applying the smacks.

Once I started spanking, it was like I couldn't stop. Years of repressed sexual energy seemed to be flowing out of me like a collapsing dam flooding the countryside, the raging wall of water destroying everything in its path and drowning everything in its wake. My slaps were as hard as my arms could muster. Her ass grew redder and redder with every slap. Her cries carried quite a lot of genuine pain and even torture in them, yet there was just as much (or more) ecstasy in her voice.

The erotic excitement climbed higher and higher with every smack. I alternated ass cheeks with almost every blow, all the while fingering her pussy with my other hand. She was cumming continuously now. I also knew that I would cum soon, even without any hand touching my penis, because the whole experience was just that mentally exciting for me.

I began to wonder if I'd reach the point where she would cry for mercy and beg me to stop. Yet I rained dozens of blows upon her butt cheeks, and she never did. I wondered what it would take to go too far, because the stronger I hit her, the more she seemed to love it.

The only thing that eventually stopped me was the desire for my own satisfaction. I didn't just want to cum into the open air without being touched, even though I knew I could at any time if I just gave in to the feeling. Without warning, I thrust myself up to her and rammed my cock into her pussy. I yelled, "Take that, you dirty tart!" With one stroke, I drove in as hard as I could, like a hammer slamming down onto a nail.

I pounded into her pussy mercilessly, giving no quarter. At the same time, I continued to spank her ass. My spanks weren't as strong now, since I didn't have the same leverage in my new position. Also, I was more than a little distracted with my thrusting, but I spanked her all the same. I felt like a cowboy on a horse, slapping the side of the animal to make it go faster.

My wife seemed to be completely out of her mind with pleasure, far beyond the ability to do anything but scream, breathe, and fuck back with her hips. She continued to shake as her multiple orgasms continued with no end in sight. Her vaginal walls clenched in all kinds of unexpected ways as she tried to ride out her continuous climax, and the squeezing doubled my pleasure.

Finally, I came. The truth was, I couldn't last long under all that stimulation, and even with my PC muscle control I was only able to hold out about a dozen strokes before the inevitable happened. As I started to fill her pussy, it was like her voice climbed up another octave as it seemed her excitement hit an even higher peak.

And then, suddenly, it was over.

We lay there, panting and recovering, for the longest time. We cuddled and kissed and looked each other in the eyes, reaffirming the deep emotional connection between us.

Finally, I spoke. "So how was that, Sweetheart? Good?"

She laughed. "That's like sticking your finger into the sun and saying, 'Hmmm. That's kind of warm.' Honey! My sweet honey bear! That was the greatest! I knew you had it in you. I knew you had a wild side! That was simply the best sex, ever!" She laughed even more, because she couldn't contain her joy.

I felt pretty damn good too. We kissed and petted each other for a while.

Then she said, "There's only one minor critique. I loved the name calling. Absolutely adored it! But the names you called me: 'devil woman,' 'trollop,' 'hussy,' and the like. You don't have to sound like a character from a Dickens novel." She parodied in a mock British accent, "Oh dear! Lord Thennimore, that roughish knave Jack Roberts has just called me a fallen woman! Dear me, get the smelling salts! I feel faint!" She laughed some more at that. "But I loved it just the same."

I replied, "I'm sorry, Sweetheart. That's the price you pay for being married to a historical novelist. I'm not ready for cruder modern terms like 'skank' and 'bitch' and 'ho' and whatever. I guess I was kind of skirting on the edges of name calling. It just hurts me to use those really vulgar words with you. I'm still not really excited about that part."

"That's so thoughtful. I'm so happy that you're trying this hard to fulfill my sexual fantasies, that, well..." She started to tear up again. "It just makes me so glad I married you..." Her tears were beginning to seriously flow. "So glad, that I just want to cry!"

She burst into tears, but they were tears of joy. "Dan, I'm serious about us getting married all over again, ten times over! Never leave me! Never!"

"I won't. I promise you that! I love you more than I can ever put into words!"

We hugged and kissed some more. I felt so happy at that point. Amazingly enough, it seemed that the spanking had somehow strengthened our marriage even more.

Then I told her, "My love, I'd happily go to the ends of the earth for you, so a little name calling is nothing, if it makes you happy. But the funny thing is, I thought I'd absolutely hate spanking you. I thought it would be torture that I'd have to force myself to do for you. But I actually quite liked it! I'd have no problem doing that again. None at all. Let's do it tomorrow night too! You want to? I know it wouldn't be as intense as the first time, but I'm still up for it."

Mindy laughed. "I can see that! However, you notice how I'm lying on my side? I don't think I'll be able to sit for days. But let me tell you something, buster." She poked me in my chest as if she was angry. "From now on, my ass is your ass. How do they say in Spanish? Mi asa, su asa."

I laughed at that play on "mi casa, su casa." ("My house is your house.")

"Any time you want to spank me, do it! If I protest, don't believe me! The rougher you get, the better!"

"Hmmm. Well, I don't know about that. This is going to take some getting used to. I think I still have to work up to the rough stuff, like slapping an already red ass. Let's let the redness go down before we do that again. I got a little bit crazy there, a little bit out of my mind. Somehow I need to get back in that mood to make it really work, I think. But not TOO much in that mood, if you know what I mean. Let's work on that."


It was late, so I got up and went through my going-to-bed rituals, like brushing my teeth.

Mindy did hers too, but once we both got back to bed, she said, "You know, you really don't believe me about how legendary you are."

"Yeah, in my own mind," I joked.

"No, in your neighborhood. Seriously. I'll prove it to you. You just sit there and listen while I call up Cindy."

"What, now? At one-thirty in the morning? Are you crazy?!"

"Yeah, but she's a good friend." Cindy is not only Ruby's mother, she's one of Mindy's closest friends, if not her closest friend. They've known each other since they were in elementary school. And the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, because Cindy's just as gorgeous as Ruby. I like her a lot too. We all get along very well.

Before I could complain about violating Cindy's privacy, Mindy hit Cindy's speed dial number and then the speaker phone button. As the phone rang, Mindy whispered to me, "Ssssh!"

Then she spoke into the speaker phone near her head as Cindy picked up. "Hey, Cin," she said cheerily.

Cindy replied groggily, "Mindy, it's one-thirty in the morning. This better be good. Is everything alright?"

"Oh, it's good. Very, very good!" Mindy replied with a knowing smugness in her voice.

Cindy groaned with frustration. "Oh no! Not again! Don't tell me this is about Dan, the perpetual sex machine. What did the horny bastard do to you this time?"

Mindy simply replied with a long happy sigh.

"Oh no! That good?" Cindy groaned in obvious jealousy again. "What'd he do, fuck you into unconsciousness again? I hate it when he does that to you, because you smirk for days."

Mindy joked, "You know I smirk for days anyway."

Cindy chuckled, "True. But tell me what he did to blow your mind this time. This is torture, but I have to know!"

Mindy teased, "Oh, come on, you know you love it."

Cindy whined sexily, "You're taking advantage of me! You know I can't resist when you talk about Dan's endowment."

Mindy played dumb. "'Endowment?' You mean his charity to his old alma mater?"


"You mean his capacity for writing great historical novels?"


"Then what do you mean. I'm a bit slow. Spell it out!"

"His cock! Okay?! His cock! The famous Dan cock, the one that fucks you so long and so hard and so much that your pussy is always deliciously sore! The one that leaves you begging for mercy, for relief from all the constant pounding!"

Mindy shot me a quick "See what I mean?" look. Then she asked Cindy accusingly, "Are you masturbating already?"

"No. Really!" However, her voice was not very believable.

"Well, you will be soon in any case. I haven't even told you what he did to me yet!"

"Oh Gaawwwd! I can't take it!"

"He DRILLED me, Cindy, he fucking DRILLED me! For TWO SOLID HOURS!"


"He came FOUR times, and I just came once, because it was one endless orgasm for me!"

"You bitch!" Cindy cursed, but not in a mean way, just a frustrated way. "I hate you!"

"But that's not all! You know how he warmed me up, how he literally warmed my ass? With a spanking! Finally, after all these years, he whaled on my ass!"

Cindy was panting frantically into the phone. "No! Mindy, stop! No! Are you serious?! That's one of my favorite Dan fantasies!"

"I'm dead serious! We talked about spicing up our sex life, and he spanked me for the first time ever! I came so hard that I climaxed into the sixth dimension!"

Cindy groaned orgasmically. "I can't take-"

"Oh, you'll take it, just like I took it! HARD! When he spanks you and plows you and plows you some more!"


I could see Mindy was getting increasingly carried away. She was ready to start screaming increasingly lewd things into the phone. But she looked over at me and apparently restrained herself. "I just thought you'd like to know that!" she said, hanging up the phone right in the middle of what was obviously Cindy's orgasm.

Mindy turned to me, still panting. She said triumphantly, "So. ... See what I mean? ... You have quite a reputation."

"Miiiiiindy! That was nuts! I take it that wasn't your first call like that to her."

"No. Hardly. But I got a little extra carried away, knowing you were listening! And speaking of getting carried away..." She pulled the bed sheets off me, exposing my erection. "A-ha! Now that you've done Cindy, it's MY turn! Fuck me, you insatiable beast!"

"Again? Aren't you tired out?"

"Of course! I'm gonna be hating life tomorrow, but I need it now!"

I said, "Before we get too carried away, what the heck is the 'sixth dimension?'"

She smirked as she replied, "That was a pop-soul singing group from the 1960s. Remember 'This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius?'" She ably sang that line from the famous song.

"I know that, dummy. They're the 'FIFTH Dimension.' What's the sixth dimension?"

"That's something I just made up, but I like it. You have to get fucked by The King to really understand. It's like seeing stars times a million. You see entire galaxies." She tugged on my arm. "In fact, I want you to take me back to the sixth dimension right now!"

I couldn't resist. Within very short order I was in her and pounding hard. Her words to Cindy filled my head, and images of Cindy's sexy and busty body filled my imagination. She was exactly what you'd expect a mother of Ruby to look like: a true curvaceous MILF!

And if that wasn't arousing enough, thoughts of the spanking inspired and energized me.

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