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Chapter 10

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Dan? Honey? Wake up. We've got a problem."

I slowly opened my eyes. My wife was already up and dressed, and shaking me on the shoulder.

Mindy sighed sadly before saying, "It's Michelle. She knows already about what you said last night. She overheard us talking."

I sat up with alarm. "The whole thing?!"

"No. But enough. She's been crying the night away. I tried to talk to her, but she screamed at me. I think you should see her. She's a complete wreck. She's cried until she's out of tears. Now she won't even come out of her room."

I'd been expecting some sort of tears, but when Mindy said that Michelle screamed at her, that woke me all the way up. Michelle doesn't scream when she's angry. She'll seethe and fret, but she doesn't lash out like that. Clearly, Mindy was disturbed by how distraught our daughter was. Just looking at the concern in my wife's face gave me the creeping shivers.

I said, "Uh-oh. Not good. Not good at all. What happened to her respecting our privacy? I thought she was downstairs."

"She was, but that was hours earlier, remember? As for respecting privacy, we're talking Michelle here. She was on her way to bed when she heard the sound of crying coming from our room and curiosity got the best of her. Don't get mad at her about that, okay? She's heartbroken enough as it is."

"Okay. I'll go talk to her. Just gimme a minute to get presentable."

So I dressed up and went to talk to Michelle. We had a long talk, but it didn't go over very well because I had to explain that we needed to stop all the sexual flirting.

Actually, I talked a lot, but I rarely got more than a 'yes' or 'no' out of her. She readily agreed to stop the teasing, but it obviously was a crushing blow. It was like asking her to strangle a puppy to death. About the only substantial thing she'd say was, "If that's what you want, Daddy, I'll do it."

She stayed in her room the whole day, moping.

Meanwhile Mindy had to go to work, leaving me alone to deal with Michelle. Mindy's butt was still quite sore, and in fact had to tell her coworkers she'd hurt herself and thus couldn't sit down.

But, unfortunately, I wasn't a good one to console Michelle. Every time she saw me, it seemed like another needle pierced her heart. She would break into a fresh set of tears, if she wasn't in the middle of crying already. So I mostly left her in her room. It seemed to me there was a lot on Michelle's mind, but she didn't want to tell anyone what she was thinking.

I didn't see Ruby at all. Mindy told me she called her and gave her the bad news. She called Cindy about it later, and it turned out Ruby was crying and moping all day, just like Michelle.

Mindy was a little on edge with all the goings on at home, and wanted to help out. She took the rest of the day off and was home by ten. She had been working so much overtime lately that nobody at her work could really complain.

She and I discussed the situation. We both agreed that we would just have to ride this out, and wait until Michelle got over her feelings for me. I felt like this was a painful thing in the short term, but a healthy thing in the long term. She had to rid herself of her unnatural feelings towards me, there was no other way.

But Mindy looked a bit nostalgic, and said, "You know, I understand your decision, but it's still such a shame to have the teasing stop. Watching her tease you was such a turn-on that I'm going to miss it dearly. I promise I'll never mention it again, but I have just one favor. Do you mind if I keep what happened these last few days in my mind and use the memories to fuel my fantasies from time to time? 'Cos I'm sure those memories will keep my sexual fires burning hot for a long, long time, if I let them."

"That's okay by me. To be honest, I think I'll do the same. I think those thoughts will arouse me for years to come. But it had to end. You know it did."

"You're right. In fact, I have another sexual secret to share with you."

"Another? Uh-oh."

"Come on. Let's go to my office."

Mindy had her own workspace on the first floor. The shelves were filled with legal books, but mostly it was a place for her to work on the computer when she had work to do at home.

Or so I thought. It turns out it served another purpose as well. She opened up her e-mail program on her computer and told me her secret.

"Honey, the truth is, I've been reading erotic stories on the Internet. I've been doing it for a while, actually. I hope you're not too upset. It's no reflection on you at all. It all started out as an accident. You see, you know how closely I guard my e-mail account so I don't get spam, and then I use spam filters to guard whatever gets through. So I never got all that pornographic stuff, and if I do, I just delete it."

She went on, "But one day, about two years ago, I got this one e-mail that seemed to be a personal e-mail. And it was. It was from a woman named 'DL.' I still don't know who this person is, or what her full name is. But anyway, she was quite into erotic stories, and she liked to send really good ones that she'd discovered to a few of her female friends. Somehow, I got on her list. It was just a small group of about five housewives."

She continued, "Curiosity got the best of me, and I started reading the stories as they came in every now and then. It was pretty harmless stuff, you know, like the romance novels women bring to read at the beach. Knights in armor, damsels in distress, hunky guys in half-torn shirts... all that jazz. Like some of your books, actually, except the sex was more explicit and constant. It never came up when I talked to you, for some reason. I guess I thought you'd disapprove, but it seemed like such a harmless thing to me, like enjoying sex scenes in an R-rated movie."

I nodded. Truthfully, I considered myself to be a very straight-laced guy, but even I had read some erotic stories and looked at erotic pictures on the Internet from time to time, especially during those rare times when Mindy was away for days at a time on work trips or vacation. And I hadn't ever mentioned that to her, either, now that I thought about it.

She went on, "But then, over time, DL and her friends started to get bored of the same old stuff. They'd send messages back and forth about how much they liked the stories, and I was always CCed on everything. After a while, I started sending my thoughts too."

I said, "But you didn't know any of these women, right?"

There was a long pause until she finally said, "Right." She seemed lost in her thoughts and memories.

Then she continued more freely, "But that was the beauty of it. Because I didn't know them, I didn't have to hold back. Even with a good friend like Cindy, I'm not going to share with her my more taboo fantasies. Anyway, when I'd come in here after dinner and check on my e-mail and what not, I'd read a story if there was a new one, and maybe exchange some banter with the other housewives in this group, if there was an interesting story to talk about. This would happen about twice a week. Sometimes, the stories would get me really excited and I'd rush upstairs and make passionate love to you. So I still thought this was just a harmless thing, a way to charge my sexual batteries to keep up with your non-stop passion."

So far, this didn't disturb me too much. Who was I to throw the first stone, when I'd read erotic stories during our marriage myself? But I felt the other shoe had yet to drop. I asked, "So what was it about the group getting bored?"

"Oh. Right. Over time, the stories generally got racier. More sexually explicit. Different kinds of stories. Incest stories. Lesbian sex scenes. Discipline stories. Spanking scenes. Anal domination. You know these things I've been telling you that excite me? All these things I want to try out? I'm afraid this is how many of those thoughts came into my head. I never knew I had a wild side until I started reading these stories."

"What's an 'anal domination' story?"

"Just stories with lots of anal sex. That's why I'd keep asking you to try anal sex with me, because I'd read a total scorcher of a story where anal was the main focus of all the hottest scenes, and then I'd be raring to try it out for myself with you to see if I'd love it just as much as the women did in these stories."

I asked, "What about the 'domination?'"

She paused, and then added sheepishly, "I guess I kind of added the 'domination' part in my mind."

Before I could respond to that, she continued, "For some reason, I really got into the incest stories most of all, especially stories where the husband has sex with his daughters. Or stories where the wife lets the husband sleep with other women, and everyone ends up loving it and having a great time. Let me tell you, some of those stories could scorch the paint off a frozen tank! Before long I was pestering DL to send our group more of both those types of stories, and she did. So I guess you could say the Internet corrupted me. My suggestion of inviting another woman into our bed and even the whole Christmas Party Incident, I think that all came about because of these stories. They got me excited by the idea of seeing you with another woman. The idea still turns me on greatly, to tell you the truth."

"I see." I frowned. I was starting to hate this mysterious DL already. "Were there stories in there about women turning into sluts, that kind of thing?"

Her face turned sour. "Oh, God no! You know, funnily enough, those kinds of stories never really came up. Maybe one or two, but pretty much our whole group voted those down. There were some wife swapping stories for a while, but after the Christmas Party Incident I complained about it so much they stopped sending those types to me. I only cared about the stories with one guy and one or more women. Usually more. So there was a fair amount of bisexual or lesbian activity going on in most of them."

I struggled to understand all these revelations. "So wait. You're telling me now you're some kind of bisexual?!"

"Well, no. Not exactly. I've never touched another woman in a sexual way, and I wouldn't want to. But I find the idea of two women making love to be... arousing. Just as a fantasy thing only. Don't you?"

"Well, yeah. I can't help it."

She laughed. "You don't have to try to help it. I wonder if there's a heterosexual guy out there who doesn't find that arousing. Maybe it's hard-wired in most people or something. I know watching two guys having sex with each other would do nothing for you, and it doesn't do anything for me either. Weird, huh?"

"Yeah, but... I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. You're... you're basically bisexual!"

"No! I wouldn't say that at all. It's not like I walk down the street lusting after the women that go by, unless, you know, they're REALLY hot. There are some women who are so sexy that if anyone of any gender claims they're not aroused, they're a liar. Like Michelle or Ruby."

"Wait, so you're aroused by your own daughter?!"

"NO! Because she is my daughter. Ditto with Ruby being so close. But if they were strangers on the street, sure, I'd get a little thrill."

I nodded in understanding. They were that beautiful, after all.

She continued, "Now, if YOU were there, it would be different. I like the idea of making out with another woman if you're watching and it gets you hot. It's like the two women get so horny for their man that they can't help love each other some too. Can't you see the difference? It would be another way of pleasing my man. Without you there, forget it. No interest. I'm NOT really bisexual. Understand?"

I nodded, relieved.

"Now, can I continue?"

My heart was pounding hard and I was afraid to learn more. But I just said, "Yeah. Please."

"These stories put all kinds of crazy ideas in my head. But that's all over now. Right here as we speak, I want to show you that I'm deleting all this stuff. All the stories I've saved, all the correspondence, everything. It's all going in the trash. You've met me half way by trying to get a little wild last night. I hope that will continue. I need to meet you half-way by tempering down my wild side. Especially all this incest stuff. The things I've thought about you and Michelle doing because of these stories - it would shock you!"

She continued, "To be honest, whenever I'd get a good new incest story, half the time I'd do a find-and-replace command to change the names of the story characters to Dan and Michelle before I read them. And Ruby if there were two daughters. Those were my favorites, stories with a dad and two daughters. I'm being totally honest here, so please don't get mad, okay?"

I nodded. I was secretly shocked and disturbed.

"But that's all over now. Anything incest-related especially I'm really going to try to wipe from my brain. I'm just going to keep my memories of a few wild days of Michelle's teasing, and that's it."

While she was talking, she let me glance over the names of the files in her saved stories folder. Just checking out the titles was kind of mind-blowing. I never would have imagined my wife read stories with titles like "Daddy Loves His Daughters in a New Way" or "Mommy Needs Help Taking Care of Daddy's Cock."

I would have been more disturbed, except that seemed like small potatoes compared to some of the other recent revelations. Besides, I'd read some pretty racy erotic stories myself over the years, although I'd tried to avoid incest-themed ones.

She said, "I've saved a copy of the correspondence and everything on CD, which I'm going to give to you just in case you're curious. I don't want to keep even the slightest hint of a secret from you anymore. If I get a pimple on the underside of my toe, you're going to hear about it, like it or not!"

She finished emptying the trash on her computer, and stood up.

I gave her a kiss. "Thanks, my sweet. I appreciate it. I know it must have been hard for you to confess all that. To be honest, sometimes I've read erotic stories on the Internet too."

She asked with mock horror, "You?! Daniel Cooper?" She joked, "I demand you turn in your Eagle Scout badge, immediately and forthwith!"

"Yeah, but in my defense, I never was into the wild stuff, the incest stuff. Let's go to bed and I'll tell you all about it. I guess that's something people usually do in secret, and it doesn't seem that harmful to me. It's just something to give me a little inspiration when you're out of town or staying late at work. Maybe you don't need to go cold turkey, if you know some good websites with the right kind of stories, but it sounds like you should get away from that little group for sure."

"I will. I'm swearing off all the wildness you can't relate to. Like, a spanking story, I'd still go for that now, but if you're not into something, then I'm not into it either."

One thing struck me. "Do you have any idea who this 'DL' is? Or any of the other people?"

"No clue. Everybody wanted to be anonymous about their personal lives. You know how it is with things like this - who would want to give out their real name and address? A couple of times someone called 'DL' just 'D,' so maybe that's her first name. Dee, maybe. But from what I gathered, it was just a bunch of housewives who liked reading erotica. I don't even know how the group got started or where anyone lives or how they were connected, because all we did was talk about the stories. Odds are they live far, far away from us. You know how the Internet is."

I wondered about this. I believed my wife was being honest, and I was glad that she was opening up her secrets to me. But I found it hard to believe that she found herself on this list by pure accident. I vaguely recalled a similar thing happening to me a couple of years back where some person started sending me erotic stories too, again making it seem like I'd been accidentally put on a list of a small group of friends. But I kept treating the e-mails as spam and deleting them.

The only reason I remembered was because the person was so insistent before finally going away and the e-mails were oddly personal, and not like the usual spam at all. I thought it was some kind of strange scam, like all those weird Nigerian "please let me give you this $10 million I'm trying to get rid of" scams, but I couldn't figure out the money angle.

That couldn't have been coincidence. But why? Maybe someone has been trying to manipulate our sex lives? She said that these stories put ideas in her head that led to the Christmas Party Incident. There were wife swapping stories until she firmly complained, and most of them still had lesbian or bisexual elements after that.

Maybe some woman wants to sleep with Mindy? Some other housewife who tried the wife swapping technique to get the sexual door opened, and when that didn't work, went straight for the lesbian approach! Throw in other types of stories to disguise the intent. That would make sense. But who? My wife is so beautiful and appealing in every way that a lot of people strongly desire her, even some people she barely knows. Heck, it could have even been Delilah Jensen! Delilah easily shortens to Dee!

I decided, I need to mull this over for a while before I mention anything. Mindy complains that I've been too paranoid about the whole infidelity issue, and she's right. I do get carried away with suspicions from time to time. It's just that fidelity is such an important issue to me. If Mindy ever cheated on me, I would... I don't know what I'd do. I can't even mentally go there, it's too painful!

Mindy and I hustled upstairs and had another great romp in the bed afterwards. The only snag was that she had to lie on her side the whole time because her butt was still so red and sore.

However, when the fucking was over, I tried to relax, but I couldn't. For one thing, I worried about Michelle and Ruby. It broke my heart that they were crying and so sad. Then there was this erotic story mystery. Also, I could hardly believe it, but I began to have second thoughts about my new total ban on teasing. Partially, I was struck by the depth of Michelle's mourning. Would it be so bad to bend a little bit and allow some light teasing? That wouldn't be the end of the world, would it? It's just that things had gotten completely out of hand and the wildness needed to be reined in.

But mainly I thought about the spanking session and the other sexual events of recent days. These experiences were all so intense that it was like my life had been black and white and suddenly burst into brilliant Technicolor. I felt so alive! I'd had sex so many countless times, but now it was like I was a virgin rediscovering sex all over again. It felt so good. It looks like I did have a wild sexual side, and I liked it. I spanked my wife and no bolt of lightning came down from heaven. I wanted more.

If I was wrong about the spanking and the name calling, maybe I was wrong about some other things too. Maybe Mindy has been right all along. Maybe the teasing with Shelle, Ruby, and possibly even their friends could be like a constant shock of electricity, keeping all of us sexually excited and on a higher sexual plane for years to come.

And to be truly honest with myself, I miss the teasing already. I miss the sight of Michelle and Ruby running around in the buff. God help me, but I love it. When it was being "forced" upon me, I could convince myself that I didn't approve. But now the house seems a lot sadder and a lot emptier.

In the privacy of my own thoughts, I began to contemplate the true meaning of cowardice. I thought I'd been a coward before, fearing my daughter, fearing her friends, fearing her teasing. That was so unlike me. Normally, I'm a take charge kind of guy. But maybe the real cowardice lies in running from all that. Bravery would be to grab the tiger by the tail and hold on. I should ride the excitement of the teasing, and live life to the fullest!

It's kind of like drugs. I'm generally against drugs. Too much drug use, and it'll destroy you. But a little drug use - a cigarette, a glass of wine, even a toke of pot - that can add spice to your life, if you happen to have the taste for it, and you know when to stop. I'm not so square that I think all drugs are completely bad, it's the way people use them recklessly and without any moderation that's the biggest problem. Maybe it could be the same with flirtation with Michelle and Ruby, and it could be a great thing in moderation? Am I making a big mistake by shutting it down completely?

I looked in on Michelle later that morning and it was much the same. She hardly came out of her room. She wasn't crying as much, but she was listless and sad. Clearly, it was going to take a long time to get over this.

Michelle had often used crying as an emotional weapon. I knew that and I was somewhat resistant to her usual tricks. But this was of a completely different nature compared to anything that had happened before. These were no crocodile tears here; no actress could be that good. Our daughter was absolutely devastated.

As for Ruby, she didn't come by, and Michelle didn't visit her. I was puzzled by that, as I thought for sure that they would comfort each other, especially now that I had good reason to believe they were lovers as well as friends. I did hear Michelle talking on the phone some, though, and I'm sure she had to be speaking to Ruby. Those calls always ended with a lot more crying.

On the plus side, Mindy seemed okay with how things had turned out in most respects. She was loving our sex life. We had another crazy round of sex and spanking and name calling, just as great as the last time.

I told her I was determined to try more new things, even if they were relatively small things to get started. She said she knew just the thing, and gave me a blowjob while fingering my anus. The sensations were out of this world! I'd never allowed her to put her finger in there before, and now I wondered why. I fingered her anus some for the first time as well during the spanking, and she loved it. It opened my mind to consider that I might actually like putting my penis in that hole sometime soon.

The more I thought about it, the more I began to think I was wrong-headed with my limited sexual notions. No wonder Mindy had been getting a bit restless and dissatisfied in the bedroom. It was as if we went to the ice cream store every day, and I demanded that she and I only eat vanilla.

And Michelle was so sad. It truly seemed like she'd lost in everything. It was hard to engage her in conversations during meals, and then she'd flee back to her room and stay there until the next meal forced her to come out. To be honest, I'd never seen anything like it.

I went to Michelle's door later just to check on her, and she was STILL crying! I knew Michelle could be a good actress at times, and she knew how to manipulate Mindy and me, which is why she was too spoiled for her own good. But I was more and more convinced that there was no way a person could be that emotionally distressed for that long without there being real emotion behind it. Clearly, she wanted the teasing, more than I'd seen her want anything else ever before.

It occurred to me, The problem is with me. I agreed to give the teasing a try, but I was too horny and I let things go way too far. I can fix everything. I can satisfy my wife's urge for taboo thrills and make Shelle and Ruby happy. All I have to do is set firm boundaries and stick to them. Then we can go back to having a happy and fun house.

I decided that I wanted to ride the tiger's tail.

So I had another talk with my wife. I told her I'd changed my mind and that maybe some limited teasing and flirtation would be okay. She seemed quite surprised, and very, very pleased. But she couldn't say much because she had to hurry to work.

Then I went and told Michelle. I knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" Her voice was drained of life, but at least she wasn't crying.

"It's me. Your dad."

I heard a heavy sigh. "Come in."

I opened the door and found her lying in bed under the covers. She hadn't been crying at least, but it looked like she'd just been lying there wide awake.

I said, "I have good news. I've changed my mind."

"WHAT?!" She suddenly sat up in bed and turned towards me. That revealed she'd been sleeping nude, because her perfect tanned tits came into view.

She quickly pulled her sheets up to her shoulders. "Sorry!" She'd been very good the past two days not breaking any rules, and she seemed worried I'd be mad about her accidental flashing. She obviously wanted to show me that she could behave and follow rules.

I said, "Don't worry about it. I've decided we should give this teasing thing another try. We went into it without really having a plan, without thinking things through. I think the key is we need to have rules and stick to them. If there are any violations, we need to call a time out for as long as it takes."

She asked breathlessly, "And what are the rules?"

"The same as last time. Kissing, touching, and some nudity is okay. But... my penis is off limits. No touching that, ever! Period! And the same goes for your private parts, and Ruby's. I suppose some boob contact and grab-ass can't be helped, but your you-know-what is totally off limits!"

She was suddenly bursting with energy and joy. It looked like she was ready to fly out of her bed and zoom around the room! She said with a big smile, "You mean my pussy."

I nodded. "And Ruby's, obviously. And no sex acts! No orgasms. Nothing like that. If any of us get too excited, we should go somewhere private and masturbate to make sure the excitement doesn't build up too much. I think that was the problem last time. We all got more and more aroused and we never got relief. So things kept on spinning out of control."

Michelle nodded eagerly. "Okay! I'm so all over that! OH MY GOD!" She clutched her face with both hands. She almost slapped herself, as if she was trying to confirm that this wasn't just a dream.

That caused her sheets to fall down and expose her divine F-cups again! Then she realized what she was showing. She looked down at her awesome rack and asked me shyly, "Is that... okay?"

I nodded. But then I said to her, "However, there's a catch. You and Ruby, and even Lisa, I think you're too fixated on me. It's unhealthy. One reason I'm willing to do this is so you'll transition to dating boys. I want all three of you to make a sincere effort to go out with boys your own age. Teasing your old man is okay for a little while, but once you've honed your teasing skills, go out and use them on a boy or two. Is that too much to ask?"

"No, Daddy." She beamed brightly. She also sat up stiffly, proudly showing off her massive rack.

I could feel my penis engorging, but I tried my best to ignore that. "Okay. Good. Then you'll promise to do your best with that and talk to Ruby and Lisa about it too?"

"Yes, Daddy. But why Lisa? She doesn't matter. She's not totally with me on this like Ruby is."

"I dunno. I just get the feeling that her feelings for me aren't 100% healthy. I could be wrong, but please, if she has any kind of crush on me, please try to discourage that, okay?"

"Okay." She reached up and cupped her round melons from below. "MMMM! I feel so good! Daddy, I'm so happy! Oh Boy!" She bounced a little on her bed in sheer jubilation, causing her twin torpedoes to shake in her hands. "I can't wait to tell RUBY! YES!" Her eyes practically bugged out as she thought about telling her best friend.

I could feel my penis had fully engorged. For once, I wasn't that concerned about that in front of her. I held my hands out in a downward motion. "Relax! Don't get too excited! Remember that this isn't a permanent decision. This is another test. We'll see if we can make it work. So don't let things spiral out of control by getting too excited."

She nodded, and showed a new resolve. She forced her body to stop bouncing, and she just clutched her huge tits tightly. "I soooo want to kiss you right now! The fact I didn't seize the chance to do that the other night at the front door when Ruby did is one thing that's been making me cry. But I'd better not, because..."

I nodded. "Stay calm. Given how excited you are right now, it's best we don't do that. In fact, don't even try to hug me. We'll do that later. Okay?"

She nodded eagerly.

"Go call Ruby. But let's keep it on the down low, today, okay? Let's be super careful to take it easy. We dove into the deep end of the pool before, with the spanking and Mindy getting too intimate with me at the dining table and all that. Let's not make that same mistake."

She looked at me with even more determination. "Right. Take it easy. Don't get too excited."

I smiled and started to leave the room.

Michelle was up like a flash, headed straight for her phone across the room. But then she stopped in the middle of the room and said, "Wait!"

I stopped and slowly turned around, only to discover that she was nude from head to toe.

By the time I'd turned, she had hands covering her pussy. Still, she looked like a perfect teen sex goddess, especially since she made no effort to cover her cracking bust. She said, "Daddy, you're NOT going to regret this, I promise! Ruby and I, we're gonna be SOOOO good for you! We'll be the best big-titted cockteases any daddy has ever had!"

I chuckled. "Don't be TOO good. Remember: obey the rules. Let's make this work!"

"Yes, Daddy! I love you SO MUCH!"

I closed the door and walked down the hallway feeling like a million bucks. It was heartening to make her feel that good about anything. But knowing that a lot of sexual pleasure was coming my way too if we could handle this better made me that much happier.

I didn't even make it back to my bedroom before I heard loud, joyous screams. I gathered she had Ruby on the phone and they were sharing the good news.

I found Mindy downstairs and let her know how things had gone over. I felt that poor communication had been a big reason for our previous troubles, and I wasn't going to let that happen again.

About half an hour later, I was sitting in my den, actually making progress on my writing for the first time in too many days, and I heard Michelle come bounding down the stairs. She burst into my den wearing nothing but her tiny blue bikini. That's the one that barely covers her pussy and nipples in front and is just a thin thong in back.

My penis was already in a half-erect state, since I'd been tingling with arousal and excitement ever since giving Michelle the news. Half-erect went to fully erect in the blink of an eye!

"Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" She gave me a big hug, mashing her barely covered boobs into my shirt. "How do I look?" Then she stood back and twirled around. She wound up in side profile, allowing me to see her tits and ass at the same time. From that position, it was easy not to notice any of her bikini at all.

"You look good. Too good." I laughed. "I'm really asking for trouble, aren't I?"

"No, Daddy! We're going to have so much fun together! This is going to be even better than before! I love you sooooo much!" She came to me again and gave me another big hug, and then a kiss on the cheek. She mashed her boobs into me again, and rubbed them around a little bit for good measure. "Thank you soooo much for giving Ruby and me another chance! I feel like a new person!"

She stepped back. Her bikini top had gone askew, but she quickly put the tiny triangles of fabric back over her erect nipples. Clearly, she was being extra careful not to go too far with me.

I said, "You look like a new person too. It makes me so happy."

"I feel like a new person! You have NO IDEA how TOTALLY BUMMED I've been! But it's all better now!" It looked like she wanted to throw herself into my arms, but she restrained herself.

I asked, "How'd Ruby take the news? Is she coming over later?"

"Oh, she's PSYCHED! And she's here already! She's just down the hall. I wanted to have a chance to talk and thank you personally."

"Why don't you invite her in?"

She spun around in place and shouted, "Okay! Hey Ruby! Daddy wants you!" She stood with her back to me, probably glad to show off her essentially naked back side some more.

Ruby came in so quickly that she must have been standing only a few feet from my door. She had a look of total jubilation on her face. She wore a bikini almost exactly like Michelle's, except that the color was bright red. Ruby loved wearing the color red since it matched her short flaming red hair and skin tone so well.

She gave me a big toothy smile, but then she suddenly got shy and nervous. "So... It is really true that you've changed your mind?!"

I explained, "It's not so much that I've changed my mind. I agreed to do this before, but then I doubted we could make it work. Passions have been running too high. I'm sure Shelle has filled you in. Let's see if we can do this. You have to obey my rules without question, and when the time comes, make a serious effort to find boyfriends."

She smiled at that. She came over to me and kissed me, but just on the top of my head. "Thanks, Dan! You're such a cool dad. We'll behave, don't worry! See? That was just one little kiss. I'm not going to screw this up for the world!"

She walked back to stand next to Michelle in the middle of my room. She raised an arm over her head, striking a very sexy pose. "I know Michelle told you this already, but I want to say it too: you won't regret this, I promise! We're going to be perfect big-titted cockteases for you!"

Ruby looked like a walking dream. Jesus! I remember when Ruby was so shy and... young! Just a tiny little girl in pigtails. And now she IS a stone fox. And she's right. I could resist just her, or just Shelle, but together they're unstoppable! It's almost scary.

I looked back and forth between them. Michelle had noticed the pose Ruby had struck, so she had an arm provocatively draped over her head too. Yes, together, they're unstoppable! I don't know if what I'm doing is right, but not even I with my special hang-up about adultery can resist them. We're going to have to make this work, because I think I'm already addicted to their sexy teasing!

However, I said, "What's with this 'big-titted cockteases' name that I heard? Shelle, you called yourself that earlier too. It sounds demeaning."

Michelle replied, "Maybe so, but we like it! Mom used it the other night when you were sitting with us, and I think it's pretty cool!"

Ruby could see I was frowning, so she added, "Think about it. The way I look at it, our job is to get you horny and keep you buzzing with arousal. But we can't do anything about it. You've gotta take care of your arousal yourself, or be with Mindy. So that makes us cockteases. Plus, we have pretty big tits, and we're damn proud of 'em!" She pinned both arms behind her back and then arched her back slightly.

Michelle did exactly the same. The combined effect of the two of them thrusting their massive tits out like that was devastating! I'm surprised my stiff hard-on didn't grow big enough to slap my face! But the poses also made a point. Clearly, their breasts were a very important part of their self-images and especially their sexual selves.

Michelle said, "A cocktease is usually meant to be a bad thing, a devilish girl who leaves guys with blue balls. We wanna change all that! We're gonna make you LOVE getting teased!"

I couldn't help but grin. "I don't doubt it."

She added, "Besides, it's like Ruby said. We do have big tits, and we are proud of them! I love that you love them, and I want to show them off for you at every opportunity! I love to think of myself as not just your daughter, but your BIG-TITTED daughter!" She leaned forward and let her huge jugs lightly sway.

The erotic tension was thick in the air. I didn't need to see their erect nipples to know how horny they were, and there was no way they could miss the sight of my lewd bulge. So I tried to ease the mood by ignoring their boob comments and making small talk. "So, what are you girls up to?"

Michelle said, "We'd LOVE to spend the rest of the day with you and practice kissing and hugging and generally keeping your cock nice and stiff! But you said we should take it easy, so we'll leave you alone unless you call for us."

"That sounds wise," I said.

Ruby explained, "So, instead, we want to celebrate! We're going to go call up all our friends and have a big party!" She belatedly asked, "That is, if it's okay with you?"

I chuckled. "Sure." They hadn't exactly made it a habit of asking me in the past. I knew without even asking they meant it to be a pool party in the backyard. I was fine with that. But a sudden thought alarmed me and I asked them, "You're not going to tell them anything about our new arrangement, are you? You can't do that!"

Michelle giggled. "No way! That would be stupid. We're not stupid. We're not going to do ANYthing to screw this up!"

Ruby added, "I know we're willful and spoiled and hard to deal with. It's a common problem for busty and beautiful girls like us, and we're no exception. We all know Michelle's reputation as a spoiled princess. But I'm going to do all I can to keep her in line."

To my great surprise, Michelle not only didn't dispute that, she said, "And I'm going to let her! We both know how close we came to total disaster. That won't happen again!"

I nodded, happy to hear that. Then an idea came to me. I stood up. "Shelle, I've already kissed Ruby on the lips twice. Do you want a kiss like that too? And can you behave?"

"Yes, and yes!" She rushed into my arms and covered my lips with hers.

Within seconds, our tongues were dueling! The resulting electricity tingled my entire body, down to my fingers and toes. It really was just like an electric shock! I couldn't believe I was making out with one of my flesh and blood daughters! So wrong! But so HOT!

In fact, French kissing my daughter was such a great sexual thrill that I was alarmed, because what did that mean for the future if every kiss with her was this good? Still, the kiss seemed unstoppable.

My hands started around her back but soon slid down to her ass. Her thong was effectively nonexistent, buried in her ass crack, so I found my hands full of nothing but delectable ass-flesh! I couldn't help but caress and even knead her firm yet soft ass cheeks. To be honest, I'd been longing to do that for a long time.

Michelle similarly clutched at my ass cheeks through my shorts. Her big tits pressed into my chest, and my boner pressed into her lower tummy. Thankfully, it stayed trapped inside my shorts. I was also relieved that she seemed to be doing her best to try to ignore it, rather than rubbing against it.

Still, necking with my own daughter was just too hot and naughty for me to handle! I was going to cum soon if something didn't change!

So I reluctantly disengaged. It had probably only been a minute or two, but it seemed like years of total nirvana.

Michelle seemed dazed, and I probably did too.

Ruby spoke for us all. "WOW! That was just... WOW!" Then she put her hands behind her back in a shy pose that also served to draw even more attention to her great breasts. "Can I have one of those too?"

I thought about it, and said, "We'd better not. Remember, we need to take it step by step. This is enough for today. Go have fun with your friends, and I'll try to get some work done. Besides, Ruby, you had two kisses like that with me already, so Michelle still has one to catch up with you."

Michelle crowed, "Yeah!"

Ruby silently pouted. After a long pause, she said, "Okay. You're right. The key thing is to maintain control."


She said in a more lively tone, while poking a finger at me, "Still, watch yourself, mister! I could tell that kiss was better than either of mine. Next time, I'm going give you the kiss of your life!"

I grinned. "That's some big talk, girl. We'll see if you're all hat and no cattle."

"Oh, I'm cattle! All cattle! I'm a honkin' huge herd of cattle!"

After some more playful small talk, the two of them left my room to go arrange their afternoon pool party.

I thought, We've definitely crossed the Rubicon now. I'm making out with my daughter! That can't ever be undone. I don't know where this is taking us exactly, but we can't go back. Our relationship will never be the same. And ditto with Ruby. Let's face it: I think of her as my daughter too.

So... why don't I feel terrible? I feel a twinge of guilt and unease, but not really that much. The truth is, I feel that worked out very nicely. That's how things should go. It was fun and arousing, but restrained.

I'm not keen on the 'big-titted cocktease' name, but I have to admit that it's pretty damn accurate. We'll see how much teasing I can handle. I might be turning into a masturbation fiend in the very near future!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Rikis, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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