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Chapter 12

(Thursday, May 23th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The next morning, I awoke with a bang - literally. I opened my eyes to discover that my dick was already hard and deep inside my wife's pussy.

She was very excited and aroused, and she'd been slowly fucking me back into consciousness. Once she saw I'd opened my eyes, she immediately started bouncing up and down on me cowgirl style, like I was some kind of human trampoline. Even before I could fully figure out what was happening, she started babbling to me non-stop about the "Vanilla Cream Energy Drink" she'd given to our daughter last night.

A wave of guilt washed over me as I recalled what that meant - the glass containing some of my cum (plus Mindy's concoction) that she'd presented to my daughter as a supposed energy drink. But I found myself powerfully aroused too as I recalled that and many other thrilling recent events.

Despite all the rigorous fucking, Mindy was managing to talk a mile a minute. She went on and on describing how she saw Michelle drink some of it, along with various fantasies about how Michelle could finish off still more glasses filled with nothing but my cum!

Most of Mindy's fantasies revolved around Michelle pouring my cum all over herself instead of drinking it. How it went from teaspoon-size to pint-size quantities of all real cum I'm not quite sure, but it was her fantasy. Mindy had Michelle pouring it on her breasts, her stomach, her legs, her ass, her face, her hair... just about everywhere. And she described Michelle's body parts in exquisite detail, obviously trying to excite me. It worked!

"Daniel Cooper, your daughter is a total fox!" she exclaimed. "I know it, you know it, everybody knows it! She could be a famous Playboy centerfold, and you know that too! The only problem is that Playboy doesn't like girls with tits that enormous! Just imagine her here in this room, stretching her hot teen body, arms over her head, with Ruby taking pictures of her naked body! They're here to help arouse you! Both of them are naked!"

As she said this, her body was relatively still so she could talk freely, but her pussy was clenching and unclenching around my erection in an almost unimaginably pleasurable way.

She continued, "But that's not all! The cum! She's got a great big chalice, filled to the brim with your 100% all real Dan cum! She knows what it is, and she knows WHOSE it is, and she loves it! She gives Ruby a sultry look as she slowly pours the chalice over her chest! Those god damned ridiculously protruding torpedoes of hers are getting doused with your fresh, pearly white, creamy seed while Ruby takes pictures! Do you like that?"

"Mmmm!" I was trying to be non-committal because it was embarrassing to admit just how much I liked that idea.

"Don't give me that, Daniel Cooper, father of a buxom, cock-hungry fuckpot! I know you love it. Admit that you love it, or I'll stop my squeezing!"

"Okay, okay, I love it. What happens next?"

"Michelle is talking to Ruby as she pours, while Ruby frantically snaps a picture every second. Click, click, click! 'Ruby,' our foxy daughter says, 'This is my daddy's cum! Look! My tits, my tummy, my face - it's all glazed like a donut, but that's Daddy's sperm! His baby batter! It looks shiny and yummy on my skin, but it belongs in my CUNT! In my MOUTH! I want my tummy FULL on the inside, from all the gallons of cum Daddy shoots in my mouth! Not with this glass, but fresh from the King! Daddy, I need MORE!'"

I have no idea how I'd managed not to climax already, between my wife's words and her erratic pussy squeezes.

She continued, "Ruby loves it! In fact, she loves it so much that fuck the picture-taking, she needs to consume some herself! She licks your seed up straight off the rounded curves of Michelle's great tits! But Michelle isn't paying attention to that; she's staring right at YOU!"

My wife went on, nearly breathlessly, "She says, 'Look, Daddy! Look, I'm bringing the chalice down to my pussy. Now, I'm scooping my finger in it and plunging my cum-soaked finger deep into my cunt! Do you know what that means, Daddy? That means I'm gonna be a Mommy! Your super potent sperm are already racing for my egg. In the millions, racing! And this is my time of the month to get knocked up!'"

I couldn't believe my wife went there, with a pregnancy aspect to her fantasy! So wrong! So wrong! But why wasn't I complaining? Why was I so damn aroused?!

Mindy wasn't squeezing my shaft so much anymore, because her hips were starting to churn. It was even more inhumanly arousing with the image of Michelle pouring my cum all over herself instead of drinking it. The only reason I was hanging on was because I'd cum into her not long before. Plus, I wanted to hear the rest of her thrilling taboo story.

She panted, "'Look Daddy, look Ruby, look what I'm gonna do. I'm climbing off the bed and putting my hand on the floor. I'm practically standing on my head now, with my fire-hot cunt up above the bed, and do you know why? That'll help make sure that Daddy BREEDS me! Once I'm bred, then I'll be his slut forever! I'll have to spend the rest of my life worshipping his great big cock!'"

I think I forgot to breathe! How could something so wrong be so damn arousing?! One thing I noticed though was that she was being careful not to speak too loudly. If she did get loud, we'd have an awful complication of Michelle possibly hearing us and get the wrong idea!

She continued in a startlingly good imitation of Michelle's voice, "'Come here, Ruby. Help me out. Take the chalice I put by the bed stand, open my pussy lips with your fingers, and pour all his potent seed in where it belongs, right into my HOT SLIT! Once my tummy's fat with child, I just know Daddy's gonna wanna bone me every day! He'll take that obscene fat cock of his and just churn and stir up my insides until I can't help but cry out that I'm his wanton slut forever! But don't use it all, save some for yourself! He needs to knock us BOTH up, on the same day! Then, in six months when everyone sees us with our rounding bellies, we can tell 'em that DADDY bred us!'"

At that point, I snapped. Her fantasy was way too outrageous. Somehow, I still managed to hold off from cumming, but I grabbed Mindy, who was sitting up on me cowgirl style, relentlessly churning her hips, and I threw her to the bed. I shouted, "I'll show you!" (It was a sort of shout: I was being careful not to be too loud as well.)

My erection was disengaged from her slit, but not for long. I scrambled on top of her, and rammed myself right back in her boiling hot sheath. But in my mind she was no longer Mindy, she was Michelle. I yelled, "So, you wanna get knocked up, you little prick tease! Well, Daddy's gonna knock you up! Take THIS, Shelle! And THIS!" With each "this," I thrust into her as hard and as deep as I could possibly manage.

Mindy loved it. She shouted back, still in her Michelle voice, "'Breed me, breed me, you big Daddy stud! I've been - UUUGH!'"

She had to grunt because I plowed into her with all my might again. But she gamely continued, "'I've been bad! A cocktease! But now, Daddy, you're gonna make me a mommy! I'm - UH! GOD!'"

I plowed in her again.

"'Daddy, you need to know! I'm not on the pill and you're nailing me bareback! That's how cocktease daughters deserve to get nailed!'"

This time, I paused just long enough for her to finish her thought, then I skewered her deep.

She squealed. "'UUUGH! OH! Jesus! Daddy, you're too big! But I'd better get used to- HNNNG! Get used to it, 'cos if you breed me, you own me! UGH! UGH! My cunt's full of your cum, but fill it up some more, with a fresh batch!'"

"I will! I will!" I shouted back, the sweat flying from my face as my head flew forward and back with each thrust. I was barely able to stop myself from hyperventilating, much less talk, but somehow I managed to gasp out, "This next load... Gonna make a... Make a baby!"

At that point, we both gave up our efforts to form meaningful words. We'd had all the mental simulation we could ever possibly need by now anyway. One result was that I didn't have to hold back while I waited to find out what she was going to say next. I began thrusting faster and faster. Freed to find a rhythm, I began pistoning at a predictable pace, but now it was my turn to churn my hips and sometimes surprise her with my movements.

We were both hotter than ovens by this time. If there was any doubt, every now and then Mindy still managed to gasp out, "Daddy!" Each time, it felt like I'd gotten prodded with a red-hot poker! Although we were both out of our minds with lusty desire, we still managed to keep our voices down for fear Michelle would hear.

I started to climax first. I have a rule to always wait until Mindy is climaxing, to make sure she gets her satisfaction. Then, feeling her start to go usually sets me off and we manage to cum together nearly every time. But I was so insanely aroused that I just couldn't wait.

However, I needn't have worried, because once I started to go, Mindy went off. And this wasn't just a "loud grunt and then done" minor climax - she was practically having an epileptic seizure underneath me! She was so frenzied with energy that I feared she'd throw me off altogether. But I was nearly as wild.

I probably would have been thrown off the bed before long, except I was determined to stay on top of her and inside her, so I could shoot every last drop of my seed into her hot box. You see, I was still living the fantasy, imagining that I was knocking up my daughter. Only when I was completely drained and my dick started to go flaccid inside her did I finally come to and stop my thrusting.

Mindy was as wiped out and ecstatic as I was, but she managed to joke, "That was nice. Okay, now we get to pretend I'm Ruby. You've gotta knock her up too."

"Ha! 'Nice,'" I snorted. "Very funny. Like I could go through all that again without having a heart attack. That was downright dangerous. Were you trying to fuck me to death?"

She conceded, "I knew it would be exciting, but I didn't know it would be THAT exciting. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, that's what I call an exciting fuck!"

But unfortunately for me, there's always that very different feel one can get after cumming - the post-orgasmic blues. That happened to me in a big way. One minute I was grooving to the thoughts of my cum filling my daughter's pussy, knocking her up with my love child, and the next minute I was almost nauseous with disgust at that very same fantasy. Looking back to the night before, I couldn't believe I'd actually willingly allowed my wife to serve my daughter some of my cum. And now this.

I thought, That was beyond fucked up. I have to either be certifiably insane, or insanely horny. Probably a bit of both.

I looked at my wife and felt very resentful towards her. She was the one who pushed me into the "energy drink" fiasco, giving me a handjob and even a cock licking the whole time so I didn't know up from down. Then she came up with literally the most taboo and inappropriate fantasy imaginable. She didn't seem to be feeling any guilt at all.

She recovered quicker than I did and stood up. She began picking out which business suit she'd wear for work and babbling about how wonderfully sore her pussy felt. I had a hard time squaring the image of her in her fancy office, all prim and proper, wearing her expensive pin-striped suits, with the image of the woman I saw last night, sweaty, bedraggled, scratched, red-assed, and naked, who carried a jar full of my cum to my daughter to guzzle down to the last drop. I idly wondered what would happen if her coworkers ever found out about this newly revealed naughty side she had.

I said, "Min, stop. We have to discuss what just happened. I can't deny the sex was great, but the fantasy was way over the line. That was wrong. You went too far that time."

"What?" she asked innocently. She was strutting around the room in a sexy manner as she tracked down all her clothes, driving me to distraction. "It was just a fantasy. Did you notice how quiet I was, so Michelle wouldn't hear?"

"Thank God for that."

"As long as it was just between you and me, what's the harm?"

"There's a lot of harm. Michelle won't know, but I'LL know! And you'll know. Some things are too 'out there' to even fantasize about. Remember? You said I should do whatever felt comfortable to me; whatever was within my reasonable bounds. Well, I'm DEFINITELY not comfortable with that!"

She sat down on the bed and spoke seriously. "I understand your concerns. I'm sorry I went too far. All that pregnancy stuff especially was a little too crazy, wasn't it?"

I said with sarcastic understatement, "A little."

She said, "Understood. But what if I dial it down, without the pregnancy part? You fucked me like a superman. What if it could be that intense every single time? All I have to do is mention Michelle or Ruby, and wham! And I do mean wham!" She giggled.

I replied, "Look, I'll admit I'm having fun including them in our fantasy role plays. I should probably go to hell just for that, but I can't help myself. But not the pregnancy stuff, okay? That makes me feel REALLY uncomfortable, now that it's over. I mean, I don't actually WANT to make her pregnant, no way! But if we keep doing that, it'll put some weird fantasies in my head that weren't there before."

"Yes, I can see how that would be a hardship for you." She smirked.

I added, "And no direct mention of me having sex with either of them, okay? Mention their names and anything else short of that. I've told them they have to put away their own fantasies of having sex with me. So it's only fair if I do the same. Fantasies like that have an impact. If we go on and on about that in our fantasies all the time, I'll want it more in real life."

She suggested, "Or maybe if you satisfy your cravings in fantasy, then you'll want them LESS in real life."

I frowned. "Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a psychologist. I'm not going to risk it."

She stood up and started putting her underwear on. "Whatever you want, Honey. But there's no rush. Think about it and let me know tonight. I'll try to cut down on mentioning them at all in our sex sessions, okay? It's not like our fucking hasn't been great already, especially lately. But we could always use their names as an "ace in the hole" natural Viagra type thing for the very rare occasion when our inspiration is running low. We certainly wouldn't want to do that on a regular basis."

"Certainly not!" I agreed emphatically. "If nothing else, the sheer physical intensity would kill me before long." I watched her put her bra on, but then I commented, "Hey, aren't you going to take a shower first?"

"Oops!" She laughed and began taking her underwear off again. "I hate it when this happens. You go and fuck my brains out, and then I'm incapable of even thinking! I'm gonna have a hard time at work today - 'What did you say, boss? I'm sorry but my husband fucked my brains out this morning. What did you say my name was, again?" She chuckled.

As an afterthought, she noted, "Driving to work will be tough. There ought to be a law against driving while well-fucked." She chuckled some more.

She said more seriously, "Once again, I'm really sorry for going overboard. It's just that your letting the girls be your big-titted cockteases has me so aroused that it's like I'm kind of half-insane with lust all the time. I really needed to purge all that out with a good fucking. Now I feel much better. Please don't let my going too far affect your arrangement with them! I've really been the one to blame for a lot of things. For instance, the 'energy drink' fiasco was all my fault too. Forgive me?"

I stood up and gave her a hug. "I forgive you. But you need to get a grip. If you keep going on like this, it will ruin the arrangement I have with them. It's not something just between me and them; you're a big part of it too."

She nodded soberly. "I understand. I'll do better. I know how much it means to them, and I'm not going to ruin it with wildly inappropriate pregnancy fantasies and the like."

"Thank you. What a relief!"

She went off to finish getting ready and shower.

That discussion made me feel better, but I still felt uneasy. It was good that at least we'd resolved to limit our fantasy material in the future. But we hadn't addressed the root issue of why she found my having sex with Michelle and Ruby, and even impregnating them, so very arousing. It was understandable that I was a man who would have those fantasies, but her?! What had happened to her lately? Wives aren't supposed to get aroused by thoughts of their husbands having sex with other women, especially if one of those women is their daughter!

But our lovemaking the night before and this morning had left me exhausted, and I didn't feel like having a prolonged discussion about it, and she had to hurry to get to work. I resolved to talk to her about it later.

I dropped back into an exhausted slumber to sleep while she was in the shower.

The next thing I knew it was ten-thirty, which meant it was time for my daughter to come into my room and wake me. I cursed myself because I'd meant to put on some boxer shorts before I fell back to sleep, but I'd forgotten to do so. At least my wife managed to change the sheets at some point, I noticed. I kept my eyes closed, trying hard not to actually wake up, but my body was slowly waking anyway.

"Tickle attack!"

Michelle burst into the room and launched herself at the bed. I was happy and ready for this, for once. I was looking forward to some fun, some light teasing. I'd been holding back from using my strength in these tickle battles, but today I planned to surprise her by pinning her down and tickling her until she was the one who cried for mercy.

But it didn't work out that way. I'd woken up with morning wood, and apparently there was quite a tent in the bed sheets. I was still adjusting my eyes to the light and coming to full consciousness when Michelle landed on the bed right next to me, sending me bouncing a couple of inches into the air. But she hardly even made a pretense of a tickle attack. One hand went to tickle my ribs, but the other slid underneath the blankets and went straight for my erection!

That was most definitely not allowed! No way!

She had my shaft in her hand before I even knew what was happening. She kept up the pretense of tickling me with one hand, but her focus was obviously on stroking my boner with her other hand. Her only restraint was that she'd left the bed sheet on top of me, so there was the thin silk fabric between her fingers and my Johnson. But in a way that was even worse than skin-on-skin, because the silk sliding all over my hard-on felt so incredibly good!

Suddenly, I pushed her hand away from my groin and pulled the blankets over me. "Shelle! Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!"

I'd been so distracted by her attack that I hadn't been able to really see what she was wearing until now. She was wearing her semi-transparent harem pajamas again! Just seeing that gave me goose bumps all over, despite my irritation at her rule violation.

She was still playful, not seeing my distress. "I'm just thirsty, Daddy! I could use some more of that energy drink. I want to have it straight from the tap this time!" She licked her lips eagerly.

Why'd she had to say that? It super-charged my lust in a flash. My cock lurched in excitement at the prospect of her sucking me off, but I knew it was wrong. It was in complete violation of our teasing only policy. I said, "Sorry. That isn't going to happen. What did I tell you about not touching my penis?! That's pretty much rule number one!"

She pouted, "I know, but I wasn't touching it. The sheet was in the way, remember?"

I sighed heavily. "Same difference! The sheet hardly mattered. Don't try to get away with some loophole. You know the spirit of my rule: you can't stimulate my penis with your hands. Period! If you can't keep to that, we can't go on with this teasing thing."

She was suddenly aghast, and she couldn't be any more regretful. "Oh my God! I'm SO sorry! I really thought that was okay! I'm really sorry! Please, please, please, forgive me! I won't do it again!"

"Okay, okay. It's partly my fault because I didn't clarify the rule. But now you know. And tell Ruby."

She nodded earnestly, nervously biting her lip.

For a few moments I couldn't help but simply appreciate her body in her harem pajamas. Her smooth curves were outrageous, but her all-over rich tan was a killer. It made it seem like she really could be a harem girl for some sultan who spent all day tanning and making her body perfect.

Another thing that killed me was her tummy. She didn't have a "six-pack," but she had the sort of vertical indentations on either side of the middle of her tummy that showed she was very fit. Ruby had them too. They exercised daily, and it showed! Seeing that "hard body" musculature turned me on nearly as much as her tits or her ass.

But I couldn't stare all day. I said sternly, "You've woke me up now, so it's time for you to go. Please give me some privacy to change and I'll meet you for breakfast."

"But Daddy, we just started with the tickle attack. I promise I won't-"

"Young lady, did you hear me? I said go. Now."

She dropped her head and dejectedly walked out of the room.

I thought, What a friggin' cocktease. Then Mindy's comment while role playing as Michelle during sex popped into my head: "I'm not on the pill and you're nailing me bareback! That's how cocktease daughters deserve to get nailed!"

As my erection twitched and surged, I thought, Damn straight! Friggin' cocktease! I'll show you! You keep pushing me and pushing me, and the next thing you know, you'll be popping out twins! What did Mindy say? "Get used to it, 'cos if you breed me, you own me!"

But then I caught myself. Awww, Jesus. What the hell is wrong with me? I can't let my fantasies run wild like Mindy did. She's my daughter! My DAUGHTER! That's it - no more pregnancy role plays. Way too many evil thoughts are rolling around my head, planted there by Evil Mindy! I swear, I'm the only sane person in the whole house.

I sighed. I've gotta calm myself down.

I got up to dress and shower. I knew my erection would go down soon enough if I ignored it, especially if I kept the shower water cold.

I wandered into the kitchen a short time later and found Michelle there. She was still defiantly wearing her harem pajamas.

She'd just finished preparing some scrambled eggs and was carrying them to the table. We both sat down, and I immediately launched into her. "Shelle, what do you think you're doing? I thought everything was going so well, and now this major rule violation. What's come over you?"

She dropped her head. "I'm sorry. I blew it. I really thought that was within the rules, but I'm seeing now I let my wishful thinking get the best of me."

"You did."

She looked sad and contrite.

I chided her, "And no more 'energy drink' references. That's in the past. Don't even mention it again, and certainly don't think of asking for more. That's your punishment for breaking the rules."

She gave me a disappointed and pouty look, but said, "Deal."

"Good." I hoped we'd never have to discuss the "energy drink" ever again so we could keep the mystery of what it actually was unresolved. "And no more tickle attacks until further notice."

That took her aback. She immediately whined, "But Daddy! Those are my favorite!"

I admitted, "It is a fun thing. But let's see first if you can properly obey the rules first. Remember, the plan was some mild teasing from time to time. Like last night at dinner, joking about the 'King' and dressing sexily. Some kissing and hugging. I can handle that. But that's it, okay?"

She bowed her head down and didn't say a word.

I went on, "I don't know. Your enthusiasm frightens me. A little bit of teasing is one thing, but the way you carry on, we're bound to eventually do something we'll regret. Just what is with you and me, anyhow? Why are you so eager to touch my private places? Is this just some kind of strange game for you? Do you actually want to have sex with me? I'm your father! That can never happen. Don't you realize how WRONG that is?"

She didn't answer that, so I prodded, "Well?"

She finally admitted, "I realize."

"Why don't you date boys your own age? Maybe we need to forget the teasing idea altogether. I know it'll be painful for you, but if you can't handle limits..."

She looked up and seemed to be on the verge of crying. "Daddy, I'm trying to help. I know how Mom can't keep up with your sexual appetites. I know how you have to use your hand to get satisfaction nearly every single day because she's not even home most of the time. You need to get your sexual release during the day, and I can help inspire you!"

There was some truth to that, but it was kind of circular reasoning. I'd only recently started masturbating in the middle of the day, precisely because of the constant teasing from Michelle and her friends.

She went on, "I know how she wants a spark and some danger in her love life. She talked to Ruby and me a little bit about that recently, when she explained why she was allowing this cockteasing thing to happen. I just want to help you both! Just think how much that'll spice up your love life. It's win-win for everybody!" She looked pleading.

I thought back to what had happened this morning. So far, my penis had been staying flaccid, which was a major accomplishment whenever Michelle was around. But the fantasy image of Michelle with her head on the floor and Ruby pouring my cum directly into her pussy appeared vividly in my mind, even though it had never happened in real life. Phrases like "Once my tummy's fat with child, I just know Daddy's gonna wanna bone me every day!" popped into my head.

Within seconds, I had a raging boner in my shorts! However, I tried my best not to let on. I was grateful there was a table between my crotch and Michelle's eyes.

I said sternly, "Shelle, listen. This may just seem like fun and games to you, but this is very serious stuff. My marriage could hang in the balance! That's my whole life! I know you've been having fantasies of having sex with me, and you have to realize we can never, ever, go that far. Ditto with Ruby. We could have a fun thing with this teasing. But if you two try to push for going all the way, I WILL pull the plug, long before we get anywhere that close. Do you understand me?"

She nodded sullenly with her head hanging down.

"And what about your future? Did I not raise you to be a good Christian? Did I not teach you the Ten Commandments? Do you forget 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery?'"

I'd expected her to give up, but instead she looked back up at me and put up a determined defense. "Dad, don't try to out-religious me. I'm a Christian too. I go to church and read the Bible just as much as you do. But my Christianity is a little different from yours. I think that what you do with your sex life shouldn't make one bit of difference, as long as you don't hurt anybody and Mom approves. Do you REALLY think that someone isn't going to go to Heaven because they're gay, or have rape fantasies, or sleep with more than one partner with the spouse approving? Come on!"

"I suppose not. But the Bible is very clear about adultery. And it's very clear about incest."

"DaaaaAAAaaaddyyy! I've read the Old Testament as well as the New. It's full of all kinds of rules that we choose to ignore. Do you eat pork or shellfish? Give me a break! The Ten Commandments and such are meant to be broad guides, not completely inflexible rules. Times change! Situations change! Sleeping with another woman isn't a sin if your wife is practically begging you to do it! What matters is what's in your heart."

She continued, "You know what I think? I think you're just using religion as a cover. You're a normal, progressive guy, not some kind of Bible-thumping Jesus freak. But you're afraid. You're still hung up on what happened with your parents, and you use religion to cover that hurt. What happened then has nothing to do with this. It's not like I'm going to run off with you and break up your marriage with Mom. We're just teasing! If I touch your great big penis, is that really going to kill you?"

She went on, "Okay, maybe it's good if we don't actually go all the way, but what if Ruby or I just help you with your orgasms, if Mom isn't here? Isn't that better than masturbating? Religion has nothing to do with this! There's nothing wrong in sexual activity between consenting adults! If you think the sexually liberated can't go to Heaven, then fuck Heaven!"

She stood up, crossed her arms under her heaving chest, and stared at me defiantly.

I have to admit I was impressed. If nothing else she was learning to stand up for herself, and she'd clearly put some thought into this.

I was also impressed by her harem pajama top! The fabric covered a lot of her skin in non-intimate areas, such as the puffy sleeves covering her arms. But they covered just enough in her intimate areas to tantalize even more than total nudity. When standing still, it was like she wore two semi-transparent curtains over her big breasts, with a gap in between. Those "curtains" fell down from her nipples, but only a couple of inches! Most of the undersides of her great globes were completely exposed. At the right angle, it was like her top turned invisible!

When she crossed her arms under her heaving chest, those curtains slid up and to the sides, so her nipples and even most of her tits above them were fully exposed.

Thus, even though we were having an argument, my dick was still fully erect! Heck, Michelle looked so adorable and sexy when angry, with her narrow, intense stare, that I found myself even more aroused than usual around her.

Still, I had to stay focused on the conversation. After I considered her rant, I said, "You have a point, misguided though it is. You do. But watch your language with me, young lady."

She looked at me with exasperation. "Daddy, you're too much! You're generally such a cool guy, so handsome and fun and lovable and well-hung. All my friends envy me just because I get to live with you. But you have all these sexual hang ups, thanks to what happened to your parents and then all the stupid thoughts your mom put in your head after that. She convinced you that all but the most vanilla sex is a sin because of what sex did to her life. You think you're going to somehow lose your wife or burn in Hell if I touch you in a fun way until you cum? Get over it, already! You need a serious attitude adjustment, mister, and I'm going to give it to you!" She got up and stormed off.

I sat there alone for a while, thinking thoughts like: What is right, and what is wrong? Should I allow her to tease me? Touch my private places? Suck me off, even? Should I brutally stamp out her feelings for me, knowing the cost of doing that, or ride the tiger's tail and hope I can hold on? I didn't know.

I thought, So much for us eating breakfast together. Sheesh. What typical Michelle behavior. Yesterday she was so earnest about sticking to my rules. But it hasn't even been 24 hours and she's already pushing the rules, big time. There's going to be trouble, I can tell.

I really should call off our entire teasing arrangement. But the problem is, I'm hooked! I've tried stopping, but I can't. It's too addictive. They're too sexy and gorgeous. I'm going to have to do what I can to get her to stick to her rules. She doesn't know I'm hooked, so the threat of quitting should still deter her.

Then I remembered Michelle had yelled to me from her room a while earlier that Ruby was coming over.

That was a rather unnerving prospect, especially considering that Michelle had threatened to give me a "serious attitude adjustment." Were she and Ruby up to more mischief? They usually were. Sure, it was a joke name, but I didn't call them "Satan's Hell Spawn" for nothing.


NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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