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Chapter 13

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I proceeded to eat breakfast all by myself. I didn't know if Michelle had eaten already or if she was just ignoring me. But she was fully capable of fixing food for herself if she was hungry, so I didn't let that bother me.

With all the weird things that had happened in my life lately, I wanted to simply stay in my den and lay low. I needed to process things and recover. So I went to the den and surfed the Internet. Because I write historical fiction, I need to do a lot of historical research for the settings for the novels. My most popular series of books were set in the ancient Roman Empire, and I was planning another book in that series. I wasn't working on that in recent days, but I tend to work on more than one book at a time so if I lose my inspiration on one I can switch to another for a while. That was the case here, so I decided I'd read up on daily life in Roman times. That would help take Michelle off my mind.

However, only a couple of minutes later, Michelle knocked on my door and poked her head in. "Daddy, sorry about earlier. One question, though. I know I'm pushing my luck here, but I figured it's best to get this settled now, up front, so we're clear on the rules. You've got these hang-ups about me helping you 'cos I'm your daughter and all, but what if Ruby were to do it? Wouldn't that be better?"

I thought about that some before I answered. Given that I was hooked on this teasing arrangement, I did have a problem with getting hot and bothered and only being able to masturbate to relieve myself. I could tell that meant I'd be doing a hell of a lot of masturbating in the near future, and that sucked. I thought, Ruby isn't my daughter, technically speaking. Let's be realistic: this "tease until I masturbate" plan isn't good. I'm probably going to bend on that after a while. What if I can get relief with Ruby? Nothing extreme. Not even handjobs. But just enough to get off. That would be much, much better!

And why not? Mindy fully approves. What's the difference between having her rub my dick with her body than having me go to the next room and do it myself a minute later? It's time I get wild and put my old worries related to my parents behind me!

I finally said a bit shyly, "Look. I really love Ruby. You know that. And the teasing she did to me before the ban... where she rubbed her body against my stiffness... I could deal with that level, from her. Maybe even until the point of completion. But that's it. The absolute limit. And only from her, since she's not genetically related to me."

Michelle's face lit up. She looked tremendously relieved. "Goody! I'm glad you said that, 'cos she's gonna be here in, like, three seconds. Later!" Her head disappeared as she closed my door.

I was still thinking that over a couple of minutes later when the doorbell rang. It kept ringing and no one answered it. A few yells of "Michelle" returned no answer, so I reluctantly went downstairs to open the door. Much to my chagrin, I found my hard-on returning with a vengeance.

I took a peek through the peephole and saw it was Ruby. That was strange, since she had the keys to the house and always let herself in on her own.

I considered stalling for time before I answered the door, but I realized that it was the prospect of seeing Ruby that was getting me so aroused and I'd be waiting there a very long time before going flaccid with her on my brain. So I adjusted my package to hide my erection in my shorts as best I could, and then I opened the door.

Ruby gave me a big smile, and closed the door behind herself. "Hi, Dan! Looking good, as usual!"

I don't know why Ruby thought I was looking good, as I was merely wearing an old T-shirt and some faded and worn-out shorts (plus boxers inside - I'd learned my lesson on not wearing underwear).

Ruby, on the other hand, looked fantastic. She was wearing short maroon jogging shorts and a loose red top, with an emphasis on loose. It didn't cover much to begin with - I could see her belly button and what looked to be miles and miles of cleavage. But it was also obvious that there was no bra underneath. Just standing still, her breasts were somehow jiggling in an enticingly delightful manner.

Her clothes were sexy but casual. So it was incongruous that she was wearing red high heels too. That certainly wasn't something she typically wore.

I yelled to Michelle, but really more to please Ruby, "Shelle! Help! There's a fire in the doorway!"

Ruby winked at me and gave me a big hug. She liked it when I made fire jokes about her red hair, and she'd probably chosen to wear red just to squeeze some kind of comment like that out of me.

I rubbed her spiky short hair. That was a kind of playful thing I did to her sometimes. It always put a smile on her face if there wasn't one there already (which was rare).

Alarm bells went off as I remembered the last time Ruby hugged me, and how out of hand that situation got. At least my erection was safely tucked away for the moment. But then again, hadn't I just told Michelle that I approved of that very sort of contact? I need to buck up and "take" that much great stimulation!

Ruby said, "You're so sweet." She kissed me for the comment I'd just made. She planted her lips on mine, but I resisted by keeping my lips closed. However, I couldn't stop myself from putting my hands on her ass cheeks and giving them a good squeeze through her jogging shorts. I have a habit of doing that during prolonged kisses with Mindy.

We were still hugging and kissing when Michelle came bounding down the stairs about a minute later. Ruby's tongue seemed to be trying to find a way into my mouth while her hard nipples poked deep into my chest.

Michelle took a look at the two of us and said jokingly, "You two. You should get a room! You can use mine, and I'll watch!"

Then, more hesitantly, she asked, "Daddy, I know you're mad at what I tried earlier, but it's still okay if Ruby gives you a true sexy kiss like before, isn't it?"

I opened my mouth to answer that, which was a big mistake. It was the same trick they'd tried last time, and I fell for it again.

Ruby had broken lip contact and moved her head back a couple of inches as if she was going to give me space to talk, but as soon as my lips opened up, she pressed her face forward.

Suddenly, my mouth was filled with tongue. And with the way Ruby was rubbing herself all over me, I didn't have the willpower to pull away. Not to mention I couldn't if I tried, since her arms were wrapped around me like a boa constrictor.

My eyes were closed as I savored the lip-lock, but I heard Michelle say in an especially mischievous voice, "Ruby, you'll be glad to know that Daddy just told me that he's giving you extra cocktease privileges. Since you're not his natural daughter, you can rub against his boner until he cums!"

Ruby loved the sound of that, judging by her sexy moan. I could actually feel a wave of tingly excitement through her body, since she was so tightly pressed against me. And she started tilting her head this way and that, kissing me with even more passion than before!

Michelle added in a joyous voice, "Just like what you were doing to him last time you two were like this! And if I recall correctly, girl, you weren't so overdressed then. Hint, hint!"

I heard the sound of a zipper unzipping.

Ruby pulled her body away from mine ever so briefly, just long enough for her top to fall away. I could sense a hand snatching it away, leaving just my T-shirt between me and Ruby's bare chest and hard nipples. I could feel the heavy, excited breathing of her warm body against mine.

Next, I heard Michelle say, "And Daddy, your shirt was up to your armpits like this, wasn't it?"

I seemed to have no willpower to fight these two relentless vixens. The next thing I knew, my shirt was pulled up and chest was rubbing against Ruby's much curvier chest, skin to skin. I immediately noticed her chest seemed to be oiled up somehow.

The additional skin-to-skin contact seemed to really turn her on, and she launched into the next kiss with even MORE passion! My boner was trapped in my shorts, but I could still feel it pressing tightly against Ruby's hard body, near the top of her pussy mound. (It was lower on her than last time since she was up on high heels.) So far she'd been standing still, but she began more actively grinding against it.

I felt Michelle's hand stroking up and down my back a little, but then she let go. Seconds later, I could feel Ruby's jogging shorts sliding down her legs. Obviously, this was entirely Michelle's doing since both of Ruby's hands were gripping my ass, seemingly trying to press my erection harder into her lower belly.

My hands on Ruby's ass went exploring to see if I could find any panties or bikini bottoms. There were none! I even explored into her ass crack, and didn't find anything.

Ruby sure seemed to love my explorations though, judging from her sexy wiggling against me and the way she moaned into my mouth.

I couldn't see Michelle since my eyes were closed so I could concentrate on the kissing. But I heard her say to Ruby from right behind her, "Now, THAT'S better. That's more like how it was last time. Ruby, you're going to be a good big-titted cocktease for Daddy, aren't you?"

"MMMPFH!" Ruby moaned particularly loudly into my mouth as she kept on trying to "win" our ongoing "tongue battle." Clearly, her answer was "YES!"

I could guess what was coming next. Michelle said, "But still, it's not exactly the same as last time, is it? Daddy, if I remember, your shorts had some trouble staying up too. Kind of like this."

Ruby pulled her lower body back just a tad, allowing Michelle to pull my shorts and boxers down past my knees.

Suddenly, there I was, buck naked for all practical purposes, kissing and fondling Ruby, who actually was buck naked! Just like before, my bare erection was pressing up against Ruby's body. Except I noticed with concern that my exposed hard-on was rubbing right where Ruby's bush would be, if she'd had one. I could even feel it pressing against her clit and her pussy lips!

That freaked me out - we were practically having sex standing up! I was a few inches taller than Ruby, but her heels were four or five inches high, putting our genitals all too close to each other. Hell, we basically were dry humping! I immediately pulled back a bit so we weren't touching there. "Okay, what's going on?"

I felt Michelle hug me from behind. The way her big globes pressed into my bare back made it obvious that she wasn't wearing any kind of top, especially since I could feel her erect nipples poking me without any barrier. She said, "Don't worry, Daddy. We totally believe in your rules. But this is all legal. You said so yourself!"

I grumbled, "I shouldn't be touching Ruby's pussy in any way." Michelle's hug had actually pushed my cock against Ruby's cunt again. I could feel how very hot it was, and she was actually wetting my balls and lower shaft with her juices!

Michelle said brightly, "Then don't! Ruby, why don't you move so he's not touching you there?"

"Good idea!" Ruby began sliding her entire body up and down mine. I'd already noticed her front side was slicked up with some kind of oily substance, perhaps suntan lotion. But I hadn't really paid that any mind until now. Whatever it was made her body glide all over mine in the most distracting and arousing manner!

So, yeah, my dick wasn't constantly brushing against Ruby's pussy like before, but Ruby's all-over body slide against me was twice as arousing! It was pure bliss feeling her round tits sliding against my bare chest. Good God! At least while she was doing that she couldn't wow me with more burning hot kisses, since her mouth was moving up and down about six inches each time, along with the rest of her body.

I said between heavy breaths, "Shelle, let's be careful. Are you still wearing something? I don't want you to go too far!"

Michelle replied, while helping me take my T-shirt the rest of the way off, "Yes, Daddy. I'm not happy about it, but I'm wearing panties. I want to show I'm being a good girl for you."

I thought, "Trust, but verify." I reached behind me and felt around for one of Michelle's hips. Sure enough, I felt a strap of cloth running just over her hip, suggesting high-cut panties.

She said, "You see? Told you!" She giggled gaily. Clearly, she was having the time of her life! "I'm going to be SO good for you!"

Then I felt her hands on my hips. She started rubbing me from behind, in the exact same way Ruby was rubbing me in front! I hadn't gotten a good look of my daughter since she'd joined us, but I could tell that she was wearing high heels too, judging from how high her F-cups were rubbing against my back. And they were thoroughly oiled up too!

The whole thing was way too arousing! If their goal was to get me to cum without any hands actually touching my erection, they were going to succeed very soon!

At least neither of them were kissing me at the moment, due to all the sliding.

Michelle said, "Daddy, I'll bet you were thinking that Ruby grew a lot overnight!"

I grumbled, "Yeah, well, she's all grown up all over, that's for sure!" I took my hands from Ruby's ass and brought them to her E-cups. It might have been wrong, but I couldn't help myself. For a brief moment I worried about how Mindy would take seeing all this, then I realized she would probably be delighted.

Ruby greatly reduced her sliding, without stopping it altogether, so I could fondle her squeezable melons without having the trouble of them always moving unpredictably.

Ruby said breathlessly, "Michelle, he's TOTALLY fondling my tits! My big tits! I'm so happy I could just DIE!"

Michelle enthused, "YESSSS! It's about time! Daddy, I can't wait until you play with mine!"

Thoughts of doing that, plus the way Ruby's knockers felt in my hand, plus everything else, suddenly had me on the cusp of a climax. I shouted, "Hold on! Let's just... stop for a minute! Too horny!"

They both immediately halted all their movement while remaining pressed against me.

Ruby asked, "You're not mad?"

"No... just horny!" I was so breathless I had trouble saying that much.

Ruby and Michelle both exploded into a supernova of joy upon hearing that. Their bodies wiggled so much that I very nearly came, despite my intense struggles to hold back. It wasn't just that I wanted to prolong the joy; a part of me still felt to actually cum while embracing these two would be wrong.

The two Hellions were facing each other with me sandwiched in between. They had their heads on the same side of my head, so their noses were practically touching. I heard Ruby say, "It's happening! We're doing it!"

Michelle added, "I know! We're gonna make him CUM soon! It's a dream come true!"

I couldn't see them directly because their heads were to the side of mine, but I could see enough to tell they French kissed!

Shit! As if things weren't arousing enough already! I also took my hands off Ruby's tits and just wrapped my arms around her back. I shut my eyes tightly and fought for dear life not to cum. My only saving grace was that they really had stopped all movement except for their kissing. Still, feeling myself trapped between their two voluptuous, warm bodies nearly pushed me over the edge anyway.

A couple of minutes passed. The girls only kissed briefly. After that, they were content to just silently hold me.

After a while, the two of them sensed my orgasmic close call had passed, and then resumed subtly moving their voluptuous bodies against me. Ruby resumed kissing me, but somehow she figured out a way to keep her lips in place against mine while also churning her hips in circles with an emphasis on pressure against my erection. My cock was essentially getting jacked off by her. It sure as hell felt as good as any handjob I'd ever had!

Meanwhile, Michelle had resumed rubbing her oiled-up body against my backside, though not quite as aggressively. She seemed mostly focused on playing with my ass cheeks. At times, she explored my ass crack and even down along my perineum (the "taint") through to my balls. She fingered my balls from behind for a few seconds before deciding that went too far.

Michelle asked me, "Isn't this nice? Us getting all comfy like this?"

I thought, I wonder if Ruby will also be calling it "comfy" once I blow a hot load all over her body! And that's what I'm gonna do before long if she keep rubbing her tummy all over my raging boner like that! This is so arousing that it's fucking nuts! But I did say this is okay, didn't I? When I said that, I didn't know they could make "hugging" nearly as arousing as actual fucking!

I was in no hurry to answer. But the next time a kiss with Ruby ended, I said, "I don't remember both of you hugging me at the same time, last time. That's new."

But Michelle said, "No, that happened too, you just don't remember 'cos it was really brief. Plus, I'm wearing panties, so it's all good. Anyway, you do remember me playing with your cute butt, don't you?"

"Yeah, but... For crying out loud! Look at us! We're practically dry humping at the front door! You two really are Satan's Hell Spawn. Give me a minute. I need to call your mother."

They broke away, looking slightly concerned.

I quickly pulled my boxers and shorts back up, but I decided to just leave the T-shirt off. I figured they'd keep pestering me about that until it came off anyway. Plus, my upper body was nearly as oily as theirs now, after all their rubbing. I'd probably ruin my shirt if I put it back on. At least, that was my excuse.

There was a phone receiver in the living room, so I walked over there and dialed my wife. She picked it up, and I said, "Hey, love. You have a private minute?"

"Yep. Sure. How's the King hanging?"

"Well, the King is pretty damn stiff, to be honest. Right now, I'm standing here in just my shorts, and I'm lucky to be wearing them. I'm staring at Ruby and Michelle across the room. Ruby's wearing high heels and nothing else, and Michelle's wearing high heels plus some panties."

I looked back at Michelle for my first head to toe view of her since I'd met Ruby at the door. "Make that see-through panties. With an obvious wet spot in front! The two of them have been practically molesting me since Ruby walked through the door. Somehow, I wound up basically dry humping her, although I haven't cum yet. I thought you needed to know."

"You... BASTARD!"

I was surprised, but almost relieved, that Mindy was finally acting jealous, as a loving wife should.

But she went on in a voice that was obviously eager, not angry, "Curse you for making me so HOT, when I'm alone in the office! Gaawwwd, that sounds GREAT! Tell me more! How did you end up dry humping her with your shorts on?!"

I was chagrined. So much for her being jealous! She's only jealous that she isn't here to watch!

I started to explain, "Well, Michelle basically slid them down to my knees, so my, er, King, was, uh, sliding against Ruby's bare skin-"

"STOP! DAMN YOU!" Her voice suddenly dropped, although her panting was increasing. "I can't shout. People might hear. But damn you! Damn you for making me hotter than a nuclear fireball! What am I gonna do? I don't even have a dildo hidden away somewhere. I have half a mind to rush home and fuck you to within an inch of your life right the fuck NOW!"

That wasn't exactly the response I'd been expecting. I deadpanned, "So you don't mind?"

"Mind? Mind?! Honey, you really are mental! My pussy, it's hotter than molten lava! There's a sudden flood down there. This is not good! How am I going to function? I have an important meeting in half an hour, and all I'll be able to think about is your BARE COCK rubbing against Ruby's BARE TUMMY! Skin on skin, cum oozing everywhere!"

"But... I thought that you... Oh God."


"I just looked back towards the Gruesome Twosome. Somehow, they snuck up on me while I was talking and now they're in arm's reach. But that's not what's bad. They're ... necking. Seriously making out, right in front of me!"

That was true, although it seemed they were more focused on rubbing their oiled-up tits against each other than the kissing. So much tit-flesh! And judging by the way they kept peeking at me, they were doing it to get a reaction out of me.

How could I react when my boner was already as stiff and hot as it could get? I'd been feeling goose bumps for so long that it was starting to feel like a permanent condition!

Mindy exploded. "DAMN YOU, DANIEL COOPER! ... That's it, I'm coming home right this very second. I have to see that! I wanna see everything!"

"No Sweetheart, you can't! Didn't you say you have a big meeting? Besides, I'm done with these two for now. I need to go to my room and cool down or things are gonna get out of hand. Hell, they're way out of hand already. You were supposed to be the voice of reason and help me stop."

Mindy appeared to calm down a little bit after that, and said more apologetically, "Sorry, Honey. I should be... But... It's just too exciting! Can I talk to Michelle or Ruby?"

"No. You'll just end up goading each other and getting even more hot and bothered. Look, go to the bathroom and chill out."

"You mean jill out," Mindy quipped.

"Yeah, that too. I'm gonna be doing something pretty similar upstairs, I admit. Then tonight we'll talk."

Mindy was still panting frantically. "Okay, but only if by 'talking' you mean throwing me over your shoulder, carrying me to the bedroom and splitting me in two with the King! Then I'm all for 'talking!' 'Talk' to me all night long! ... Are they still kissing?"

"I don't know. To be honest, I only had a brief look. I'm shielding my eyes with my hand. It's like staring into the Sun; I can't endure it for long. I don't want to have an incident in my shorts, if you know what I mean."

"Oh Dan! My Honey!"

"What, Sweetheart?"

"I love you so much! I can't wait until tonight. I'm gonna be a space case all day. Maybe I'll find a way to come home early. Have fun with those two teenage sex bombs, but save some of your 'energy drink' for me, okay?"

"Okay. And I thought we weren't going to talk about that anymore."

She asked uncertainly, "Are you okay with everything that's happening?"

I sighed. "Kind of. That's why I called you, to make sure you're okay with it. We're skating right along the edge of what the rules allow. I told Ruby that it's okay if she stimulates me to completion, but just her, only if she doesn't use her mouth or hands."

Mindy said, "I think that's a GREAT idea! It sure beats you having to masturbate after they get you all worked up!"

"That's what I figured. But I'm not ready for that just yet. Not today. I'm going to go to my room and take things in hand after this call is over, if you know what I mean."

"I do! And believe me, I'll do the same! But remember, whatever you decide, that's okay by me. You don't need to call me for permission. I trust you, and I trust the girls. You're just having fun; they're not trying to steal you away from me."

I said, "If you say so. I'm still trying- Oh God!"

Mindy asked anxiously, "What is it?"

"I just dared to glance at them again, and they're still French kissing. But that doesn't get me so much as the way they're rubbing their massive racks together!"

Mindy groaned, "GAAWWWD! Don't say that or I'm gonna cum BEFORE this call ends! Just think: Michelle has F-cups and Ruby has E-cups. Add them together, and you get a K-cup's worth of TIT!"

I laughed. "I don't know what that means exactly, but it does sound good. I gotta go."

"Okay! Love you."

"Love you."

After I put the phone down, I muttered, "Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!" It was an expression I'd picked up from Mindy and used far too much.

Reluctantly, I looked back at Michelle and Ruby. I was relieved to see they weren't kissing anymore, at least, but they were still in a loose embrace. I noticed that Ruby had a hand on one of Michelle's enormous bare orbs and was happily stroking it as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be doing that.

I felt envious that Ruby could do something like that and I hadn't yet. But I would fix that soon. There was just no way I could bring an end to this teasing, ever! I was having one of the best times of my life! Nothing this fun could be a sin and morally wrong, could it? It wasn't just the sexual pleasure; I actually felt like I was bonding even closer, emotionally, to both girls.

As Michelle reached over to mischievously tweak one of Ruby's stiff nipples, she said with a touch of smugness, "That call didn't go exactly as you'd planned, did it, Daddy?"

"No, not exactly. To say the least. I don't understand your mother's attitude. I really don't. If she were to cheat on me, I'd probably divorce her in a New York minute and rip the guy in two. Literally. Am I a hypocrite or what?"

She eyed the growing wet spot where my cockhead tented against my shorts. "Not really, Daddy. It's different for guys and girls. Studly guys like you often have entire harems! It's a very common historical fact. It probably goes back to caveman days, with the alpha male having exclusive breeding rights with all the females in the tribe. That's still how monkeys do things, you know. It's the rule of the wild for lots of mammals."

"So what are you saying? I'm supposed to breed you now?!" That was an unfortunate choice of words, because it caused me to vividly recall all of Mindy's wild "breeding" talk from earlier in the morning. But I pressed on, acting stern. "Ruby, do you agree with this claptrap?"

"I don't know, Dad- er, Dan. I just know that I like having, um, fun with you."

"Well, that's honest, at least." I shook my head, as if I could shake away all the strangeness in my life too.

But Michelle said, "Honest? Ha! Ruby totally agrees with me. The alpha male has special rights and privileges! It's only right that you would be jealous of Mom doing anything sexual with other men, because she belongs to you and you alone. While you get to do anything you want, with any woman you want! That's the natural law!" She knew I might be wary of her getting physically closer to me, so she pushed Ruby towards me instead.

Ruby seemed as surprised as me by that, but quickly took advantage of the situation and resumed rubbing her naked body all over mine. But at the time, Ruby chided, "Michelle, Don't get carried away with your theories. We don't want to scare Daddy off."

Ruby respected the fact that I was wearing shorts, so she didn't go all out with her crotch grinding. Instead, she French kissed me some more and brought my hands back up to her tits so I could resume playing with them.

She groaned with delight when I pinched her nipples for the first time. I knew it definitely wouldn't be the last! I was hooked!

Meanwhile, Michelle said, "Good point." But she didn't sound deterred by Ruby's warning. "Daddy, you have to admit that it's just a fact that the alpha male has proven his genetic superiority and thus has earned the right to breed any female he so chooses. For a lot of animals, the alpha male is the ONLY one to breed at all. That way, more of his superior genetic material passes down to the next generation. All the other males have to just sit and watch while he has his way with every single sexy female in sight!"

She added, "Now, I'm NOT saying that you should breed us, or even fuck us! Clearly, that's WAY against the rules. I respect that. But I'm just explaining why we're so drawn to you. We can't help it! You probably put out some kind of superior alpha male pheromones. And I'll bet you have a surplus of testosterone. That helps explain your manly voice and your huge cock. Plus, we totally love you!"

Ruby had just ended another hot kiss with me. So, with my face only an inch or so from hers, I asked, "You don't believe that, do you?"

The redheaded fox answered, "We saw it on a nature documentary. I think it was on the Discovery Channel. It's true that the alpha male fucks any female he wants. It's his right and even his duty. She's right that the other males can only watch as he impregnates all the females with his superior genes!"

Worried that she might have gone too far, she added lamely, "I know we're not, uh, a tribe of monkeys though."

I complained, "No, I'm not asking about that part. Arrgh! I can't have a normal conversation like this. I'm gonna go upstairs now. I can't take any more sexual stimulation."

Michelle had drawn closer too and draped herself all over Ruby while still refraining from touching me. She ran a hand over Ruby's perfectly tanned and bare bubble butt while pulling on a nipple with her other hand. "Uh-oh, Daddy. We both know what you're gonna do up there. You're gonna make some tissues very happy and Ruby and me very, very sad."

"So what if I do?"

"I know, it's your decision. But wouldn't it be more fun with Ruby's help? Would you like to take her upstairs and let her lend a hand, so to speak? I'm sure she wants to. She doesn't even have to use her hands. And I promise not to watch... much!"

Then she laughed, and said, "Kidding!" After a perfectly timed pause, she added, "About the 'not watching' part!"

We all broke into laughter, but for me it was nervous laughter. I was almost 100% positive that Ruby would leap at the chance to do just that, but I was worried I would give in and let her break the rules with a handjob... or worse.

The usual wave of guilt hit me, but I was nonetheless still really horny. I just wanted to get out of there and back to my den before I lost what little control I had left.

I patted Ruby on her shapely bare butt, and said, "Let's not be too rash, and make me have to tighten the rules again. I'll be fine on my own, this time. You two Hellions, don't get into too much trouble. I'm going to be in the den as usual. Call me if you need me. ... Oh, and put at least your bikinis on. Now. I mean it. I can't handle you two running around naked all day."

"Yes, Daddy," they both said at once.

I thought, Holy hell! This is such a thrill! But what am I getting myself into?!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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