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Chapter 14

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I started to walk to the stairs, but Ruby stopped me by saying, "Wait! Don't you want to check to make sure we put our bikinis on?"

Michelle added with impish glee, "I've got to admit, unless you check, we probably won't bother. And then you'll have no choice but to spank our butts for being so naughty."

Ruby chimed in, "You should spank our butts anyway. For starters." She turned to the side and thrust her bare hip in my direction.

From that angle, I could smell as well as see her wet pussy! Although, judging from the size of the wet spot on the front of Michelle's panties, a lot of that smell had to be coming from my daughter.

I said, "Okay, okay, okay. But be quick about it." I was trying hard not to look at their gloriously tanned and naked bodies, as my resistance was at a very low point. Ruby wasn't quite as tanned as Michelle due to her naturally lighter skin, but she had a nice all-over tan just the same.

"Yeay!" The two of them ran around excitedly and high-fived each other like they'd just won the lottery. Then they did a chest bump of sorts, which was much like full water balloons crashing into each other.

I rolled my eyes even as I grinned at their infectious enthusiasm.

When I heard Michelle yelling, "Daddy's finally gonna spank me!" that confused me, since she was acting like I hadn't spanked her recently. I asked her about it. "Hey, I spanked you already, didn't I?"

She explained, "That? HA! You only tapped me nine times. That was nothing! That doesn't even count. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a spanked-by-Daddy virgin."

I was surprised, because I sure hadn't held back at all with those nine spanks. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What does she expect from me?!

They finally ran out of the room and then rushed right back in with bikinis in their hands. I was particularly amazed at how quickly Ruby was able to move, considering that she made it back first, since the only thing she was wearing were four- or five-inch high heels, and like Michelle, she had to clutch at her breasts as she ran to keep them from flying around too wildly.

Michelle's panties had been left behind. She seemed to glory in her total nudity (not counting her high heels, which turned out to be blue in color). Her smile was a mile wide.

Ruby stood in front of me while Michelle remained in the background. Then Ruby put on her red bikini quite quickly. I was surprised, since I thought they were going to make a big production out of it. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed.

She did look divine with her red heels, red bikini, and flaming, spiky red hair.

It didn't really make much difference if her bikini was off or on though, since it was the most revealing bikini I'd ever seen. There was even LESS fabric on it than on Michelle's notorious light blue bikini. I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say the patches of fabric up top that covered her nipples covered absolutely nothing more than her nipples. That was it! One could almost see the enticing puffiness of her areole on all sides. And down below was just the same. There was one tiny patch that valiantly covered her pussy lips and clit - barely - and even then it was a stretch to do so. It was a very good thing that she was shaved down there, or her entire bush would have been on display.

As if that wasn't arousing enough, her straps had long ties on each side keeping them together. It looked like two light tugs would leave her naked! (Again!)

She held her hands together behind her back and spread her unbent legs apart. Then she thrust her chest forward. It was like she was standing at attention as a soldier in some bizarre porno army, and silently begging to be inspected.

Needless to say, my erection was seriously testing the strength of my shorts, threatening to rip them apart.

Then Michelle came up from behind me and pushed me forward. She breathed with a sultry purr right into my ear, "Daddy, you have to check. Check to make sure."

I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to be checking, but as Michelle scraped her hard nipples across my back, she grabbed one of my hands and brought it up to the softness of Ruby's left breast. "There," she said. "You check that one, and I'll check the other one."

I was so overwhelmed with carnal desire that I didn't put up any kind of fight. I didn't look down at myself, but the size of the wet spot on my shorts must have been huge.

God knows I'd seen and even felt Ruby's breasts often enough lately. But after months and months of topless teasing, I couldn't get enough of them! I would have been even more thrilled to play with Michelle's for the first time, but I didn't know if I was up for that just yet. I was still close to cumming, and I didn't want to accidentally cum in my shorts.

If there was any doubt as to what I was supposed to do with this "checking," Michelle was helping me out by "checking" Ruby's right breast, even as she remained at my side, partly pressing into me.

Soon, I found myself kneading and exploring every inch of Ruby's left breast while Michelle did the same to her right. The insubstantial bikini top disappeared. It dawned on me that Michelle must have pulled on one of those ties, sending the top to the floor. So much for my supposed task of "checking" it, whatever that meant!

By the way, Michelle was very busy "checking" my right ass cheek at the same time. She slipped a hand inside the back of my shorts while her other hand stayed on Ruby's rack. I was okay with that, so long as she didn't try to bring her hand around to my front and touch my erection. No matter how much my shaft pulsed with need, the rules were the rules.

I was having a great time. It was a lot of fun to watch Ruby moan lustily with each new move I made. I was mentally making notes about her sensitivity and what I could do to prompt a sensual response in her. Even better yet, she seemed completely helpless in her pose. It was as if her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and her legs were spread out as straight as steel beams. That submissive helplessness aroused me even more.

Before long, Michelle brought my free hand up to Ruby's chest and I found myself fully exploring her rack with both hands. I loved how Ruby's tits were lightly oiled, because that made everything extra slippery. It was great fun to press them together and lightly slide them up and down, imagining my cock was trapped in her deep cleavage.

Ruby could tell what I was doing. She remained standing stiff, but she moaned in a sensuous whisper, "It's like you're titfucking me already! MMMM! AAAAAH!"

I wondered about that "already," but tried to put it out of my mind.

Michelle meanwhile withdrew her hand from Ruby and freely roamed her hands all over my body instead. Plus, she generally rubbed her oiled-up body against mine for good measure.

I didn't pay much attention to that, since she was especially careful not to come anywhere near my erection. It was difficult to ignore the way she rubbed her enormous F-cups against my back though! Soon, she focused mained on checking out my ass cheeks. Before long, my shorts slid down a bit on my back side so she could explore there all the better, but it remained covering my boner on my front side. She did slide a finger or two into my ass crack from time to time, but it seemed she was trying not to do that too much for fear that I would object.

Ruby had been silent up until now, not counting her one whispered comment and her increasingly loud pants and moans, but all of a sudden she said, "I know I'm not supposed to talk, but I can't help it. I love it! Daddy, I mean Dan, play with my tits! More and more and MORE! I'm one of your big-titted cockteases, so you NEED to play with my tits! Play with me! Play... UGH! Explore every last inch!"

Her body trembled with arousal. I could feel it in my caressing hands as well as see it. Her face was flushed red, and she continually clenched her teeth. I had to wonder if she'd just had or was having a climax, but her trembling went on and on and she didn't cry out, so I couldn't be sure.

I wondered why she wasn't supposed to talk. It occurred to me that Michelle must have ordered her to be silent, probably so she wouldn't accidentally say something that would make me "come to my senses." However, I didn't think about that very much, because I had such lovely breasts to explore. I'd had years of experience playing with Mindy's large breasts, and I had a good idea when to be rough and when to be gentle. Right now, Ruby wanted rough. I was twisting her nipples almost painfully hard.

Ruby's body started to shake hard. I still couldn't tell if she was having an orgasm or just fighting really hard to not have one. But then she shrieked, "GOD YES! SO GOOD! HNNNGRRH!" and that pretty much removed all doubt. I loved the look of pure ecstasy on her face, and I was delighted that my nipple play had given her such joy.

Seeing that Ruby was a bit dazed, post-orgasm, Michelle suddenly took one of my hands and brought it from where I was pinching a nipple down her friend's taut stomach. "Daddy," she said, "you have to check the rest!"

My fingers slid all the way down to where Ruby's bush once must have been. I couldn't feel even the slightest trace of stubble; I guessed she must have had a Brazilian wax job or something. I was careful not to touch her pussy lips or clit, but getting extremely close to them triggered a defensive reaction in me, especially when I noticed just how wet her thighs were. I also noticed that the bikini bottoms she'd been wearing were nowhere to be seen. Probably one of the side ties had come undone.

It occurred to me, We're just about having sex standing up! What am I doing? This is going too far!

I started to bring my hand back up to her sexy tummy, even though Michelle's hand was still on mine, trying to guide it further down.

Sensing my resistance there, Michelle suddenly relented and guided my hand over and around Ruby's left hip. "Feel her ass!" Michelle purred. "You'll love it!"

"YES!" Ruby suddenly gasped out. "Feel my ass, Daddy!" She remained in a stiff, splayed out pose, and she was acting like she wasn't allowed to move from it. She had raised her hands up her back some though so they wouldn't get in the way of my rear end exploration.

She let out a loud squeal of pure pleasure as my hand reached her ass cheek, then she yelled, "Hold it! Hurt it! Spank it! Spank me, Daddy, I've been a bad girl!"

I found it interesting that the more Ruby lost herself to her lust, the more she called me "Daddy." I must admit that I really liked that. It got me wondering why I didn't be more overt about treating her as one of my daughters. She could still be a part of our family and Cindy's family, no?

Michelle was still draped all over me, with one of her hands clutching my bare ass cheek in the exact same way that I was clutching Ruby's. At the same time, she was using that hand to press my body closer into her best friend's. It was a surprise that my shorts were still up, and in fact the way my erection jutted forward was probably the only thing stopping them from sliding below my knees.

However, I could see it was just a matter of time before my shorts would come down. The odds were I'd be grinding my soaked boner against Ruby's tanned skin again.

My body was loving that idea, but my erection was on a hair trigger and I didn't want to erupt all over Ruby's taut tummy.

Ruby suddenly said in a combination whisper and pant, "Dream come true! Dream come true! This really is my dream come true! Daddy's hands are all over me! He's dominating me! It's like I'm his busty, sexy, personal plaything! It's better than we ever dreamed, Michelle! It's actually BETTER!"

The red-headed vixen was still holding her hands behind her back as if her wrists were bound together with rope. But she looked intensely into my eyes and opened her mouth like she needed to be kissed. She leaned forward as best she could, bringing her pouty red lips close to mine.

That set off alarm bells in my head that things were going too far again. I took a step back, more or less carrying Michelle with me. It took me some moments to get my ragged breath under control enough to say, "Check is, uh, over. Ruby... you, er... pass."

Ruby was very disappointed to hear that as she brought a hand from her backside to her sopping crotch. It was like a water slide park down there, and she slid her hand through the wetness, marveling at just how aroused she was.

But I didn't focus on her reaction for long, because Michelle practically bounced up to the ceiling as she said exuberantly, "Okay, my turn now!"

Oh God! was all I could think. Lord, spare me! However, I wasn't going to turn down a chance to finally fondle my daughter's jutting torpedoes, even if it meant I splooged a cum load in my shorts.

Michelle's bikini was still on, remarkably enough. Her bikini was exactly the same size as Ruby's, but was dark blue instead of red. The color really didn't matter much though, since there was so little of it to begin with and I figured it wouldn't stay on for long. Sure enough, before I could even get my hands on her, she bent over and slowly wiggled out of her bikini bottoms. She could have easily untied one of the ties, but it looked like she wanted to make a cock-tingling production out of it.

She stood back up, only to somehow make an even bigger production out of taking off her bikini top. She purred in a sultry whisper, "I can't wait for you to play with my tits! Daddy, I'm your big-titted daughter! Your cock-stiffening teenage tease!"

Her voice grew louder as her excitement grew. The bikini top had fallen to the floor, and she cupped her ridiculously protruding knockers from underneath (though they didn't need the help to stay high and firm.) It sounded like she was going to cum before I even touched her. "UNGH! HNNNG! I know how much you love them. Now, claim them as your own!"

When she finished talking, she suddenly assumed the same stiff "inspection" pose that Ruby had been in. She spread her legs stiff and wide, pinned her arms behind her back, arched her back slightly, and even slightly tilted her head back with pride.

That somehow seemed to finally free Ruby from her "inspection" pose. I could feel her oiled-up globes on my back and an arm around me as she joined me in admiring Michelle's sexpot body and especially her tanned and heaving rack.

By now, I was ready to cum if there was so much as a slight breeze onto my crotch. As my daughter closed her eyes and clenched her teeth in anticipation of my touch, I told her, "Okay, dear. You pass."

She immediately broke her pose and put her hands on her hips in annoyance. Her eyes narrowed in near anger. "I pass?! What is this pass bullshit?! You haven't checked me out at all! I want you to play with my big tits for at LEAST five minutes, just like you did with Ruby!"

"Sorry, Shelle. I have to go, NOW, or there's gonna be a messy incident!"

Ruby confessed in a near whisper, "I just had a messy incident, Daddy." I looked down at the copious fluids flowing from her shaved pussy down her thighs.

Michelle stomped her foot in frustration, causing her mighty F-cups to shake wildly. "No fair! I've only had one! Ruby, you get all the fun! And Daddy played with your tits for FOREVER, and he hasn't even touched mine yet!"

Watching her still heaving and jiggling with need was blowing what was left of my mind. I muttered, "I've really gotta go." I turned to rush up the stairs to safety.

"Wait, Daddy!" Michelle cried out. "Have we been bad? 'Cos if we have, then you need to take us over your lap and spank us!"

"Later!" I cried out as I fled up the stairs towards the safety of my bedroom.

As soon as I left their sight, my self-control started to return. Our stairs made a ninety-degree turn halfway up to the second floor. After I turned that corner, I stopped and forced myself to catch my breath before I continued on up.

But while I stood there just out of sight, doubled over with my hands on my hips, I heard Ruby say in a low voice, "Ohmigod! OhmiGOD! That was soooo much fun!"

"I know!" Michelle replied. "The BEST! Even if he didn't play with my tits yet, the rest was AWESOME!"

Ruby said, "I'm floating on air!"

"Me too! It has truly begun!"

Ruby asked cautiously, "Is he gone?"

"Sure. He's probably cumming right now!" She giggled. "His great big cock is spouting like a fountain!"

"Mission accomplished! High-five!"

Some slapping sounds followed as they undoubtedly high-fived each other.

Then Michelle cried out, "Victory kiss!"

I wondered what the hell she meant by "It has truly begun!" It sounded ominous. I wanted to listen for more, to see if I could learn their intentions.

I listened closely to the sounds of smooching while my breath finally came down to normal levels. They were panting so hard I figured they couldn't have noticed my own heaving panting.

Less than half a minute later, Ruby said, "That WAS a dream come true, my greatest dream! I'm so high I think I'm just gonna float away!"

"Me too!"

Ruby said, while still breathing hard, "Daddy's really coming around with this teasing thing. It's, it's... I can't even say how HIGH I am right now!"

"He is! You see what I mean, Ruby? Stick with me and you shall go far!" She giggled.

"You're so right! And Mindy is so cool about everything. That's so key!"

"Totally!" Michelle agreed enthusiastically. "I love her so much! But you don't know the half of it. I had a heart-to-heart with her this morning, and I have to tell you every last word. It'll blow your mind!"

"Well, spill it, already!"

Michelle's voice started to fade as she was obviously walking away. "Okay, but not here. Let's get comfy and kissy in the hot tub."

Ruby's voice also grew fainter as she said, "Good idea. We have so much to celebrate!"

Now, I'm all for privacy. I've never purposely spied on either of my two daughters, even though I know both of them have spied on me and/or my wife many times. But I'd reached the end of my rope. Things had been getting downright strange and I decided that it was more important I find out what was going on than respect the privacy of my daughter and her best friend, just this one time.

Michelle and Ruby were FAR more enthusiastic about kissing and fondling me than I ever would have believed, even just a week ago. In fact, it seemed like they were almost obsessed about it. I needed to understand what they were up to. I suspected they were about to hatch some kind of naughty plot with me as their target. I hoped I could preempt their plans by listening in. I promised myself I would spy on them just this one time.

So I went off to spy on them, even though I still had a tremendous need to give some relief to my overstimulated boner. It was pulsing and throbbing almost painfully as I walked along. The fact that I wore shorts was a great bother, because my cockhead hurt as it continually rubbed against the fabric. And the amount of heat radiating from my groin was truly remarkable.

It so happens that while our pool is a ways away from the house, the hot tub is practically up against one of the exterior walls. There's one room in particular, the laundry room, that has a window not ten feet from the hot tub. Furthermore, it has a small window consisting of several tinted slats that practically seems designed for spying on the hot tub area.

I knew from previous experience and worries about privacy when I was in the hot tub that one could stand on the washing machine and look out to the hot tub without anyone knowing you were doing so, thanks to the tinted glass. I'd tested it, and I'd made sure that it was closed when I used the hot tub, since I'd started to get concerned about Michelle spying on me as her attraction for me grew increasingly obvious in recent years. So I went to that window.

When I got there, I was surprised to find the slats already open. That made things easy for me if I wanted to peek in on them. However, I decided that it was bad enough I was listening in; I didn't want to look in too. Plus, it was dangerous for me to get any more aroused. I'd probably grunt and groan as I climaxed, blowing my cover.

I stood on top of the washing machine and put my ear to the slats.

I wasn't sure they were actually there until I heard Michelle say, "Victory kiss!" The sound was startlingly close and clear.

Ruby replied with a joyous giggle. "Another one? That's what? Four already?"

"You know you love it," Michelle taunted playfully.

"Do not."

"Do too!"

"I do not! For the last time, I am NOT bisexual!" This time, Ruby sounded at least semi-serious.

Michelle snickered. "Okay, whatever. How 'bout you strip out of your bikini and then you give me an even better victory kiss?"


Michelle said commandingly, "But not just any old striptease, I want you to do a DADDY striptease! Imagine that I'm Daddy, watching you closely. And if you do a really good job and get the King all fat, long, and hard, I'll let you give me a long, slurpy, jaw-busting blowjob!"


What can I say - I guess I'm weak-willed when it comes to sex. My plan to only listen and not look went right out the window (so to speak). I peered through the slats as Ruby started her striptease.

I was also idly pondering the way that Ruby was calling me 'Daddy' all the time behind my back. I'd even noticed when she'd slipped today and repeatedly said it to my face. It was strange, not least because she had a father of her own. Although, it was true that he'd divorced Ruby's mother and moved away a number of years ago. Was I some kind of substitute father figure, now that he was never around? It was hard to deny that's how she felt. Actually, I'd suspected that for a long time already, from even before he'd left.

That train of thought died out as my attention was fully consumed by Ruby's striptease.

To be truthful, it wasn't much of a "striptease," technically speaking, because a striptease involves taking one's clothes off. Ruby had lost her high heels at some point before reaching the hot tub, and her bikini long before that. I'd thought that maybe she'd found her bikini and put it back on first.

Ruby neatly sidestepped that by simply dancing naked. She was shy and hesistant for the first few seconds, until Michelle told her, "Dance for Daddy!" That seemed to loosen her inhibitions.

I couldn't tell how practiced she was at an actual striptease, but there was no doubt that she was a damn good erotic dancer! She was generally dancing facing Michelle. That meant she had her back to me nearly all the time. But even so, the view was fantastic.

It was so inspirational that I found my shorts pushed down and a hand on my erection before I fully knew what I was doing. But unfortunately I had to stop there because I was a hair's breadth away from cumming due to all the stimulation already. Even if I could keep quiet, where was I supposed to shoot my cum when I was standing on a washing machine? So I just held my shaft and lightly squeezed it as I watched, feeling like the stereotypical dirty old man Peeping Tom.

I was walking on the razor's edge with each squeeze. Any more stimulation and I'd cum for sure!

Michelle kept saying things to encourage Ruby, like, "Imagine that Daddy's watching. You're getting Daddy hot! Think of his great big fat cock throbbing with pleasure as he lusts after you. The KING! Imagine him sitting here in the tub right next to me, stroking himself. He wants you! The King wants to squirt all over you!"

If only they knew how close to the truth that is right now!

Ruby repeated, wistful and yearning, "He wants me!" She was gyrating her hips and caressing her hefty knockers.

The view of Ruby's tanned back side was divine. Still, I wished I had a front side view of that!

Ruby hardly needed more encouragement, but Michelle said just the same, "Think about his hands on your tits, on your ass! He groped you for real today! Didn't you love that?"

Ruby paused in her gyrations briefly to tell Michelle, "You know it! I'm so happy and horny I could cry!" She put her hands on her hips as if she was incredulous her best friend would even ask.

"Then show him! Show him how much you love him by dancing your sexiest dance ever!"

Ruby was a very energetic girl, no doubt helped by her daily exercise regimen and yoga. She already seemed happy to dance naked all day long. But with that comment from Michelle, she kicked into some kind of erotic overdrive. Her tummy undulated in ways that would have impressed even a professional belly dancer, a fact I could easily determine even from behind. And the way she moved her hips suggested she would be an incredibly hot fuck!

But few belly dancers with their taut and muscular bodies had breasts the size of Ruby's, and she was taking full advantage of that fact. Sometimes she would let them fly and crash into each other while her hands were elsewhere, and other times she would hold them and accentuate them.

Unfortunately, the imaginary Dan was directly in front of her, while the real Dan was directly behind her. But she was at a side profile more often than not, allowing me to enjoy her moves nearly as much as Michelle was. Sometimes she even faced me as she shook her ass at her imaginary audience. But even just watching her backside was an incredible show, especially her undulating yet firm ass cheeks. Plus, from this vantage point I could see Michelle behind her, hefting up her breasts and playing with her nipples.

I was clenching my teeth and clenching my PC muscle. Many years ago, Mindy had "trained me" to use my PC muscle in order to increase my stamina. I could fuck her for half an hour or longer, if that's what she wanted. It was an incredibly useful thing to know, and I felt pity on any man who had never learned it.

Still, there were limits. Right now I was tempting disaster, because I couldn't stop squeezing my boner, and even stroked it a little bit.

Ruby kept on with her erotic dancing. But after maybe five minutes of silence, she shouted, "I'm getting too hot! Too hot! My pussy! I need to cum. I need you to kiss it!"

Michelle shouted, "Stop! Stop! You're making me too hot too! That was awesome! You deserve a big reward. Come over here and kiss me, you sexy babe!"

Michelle was a very domineering person, very hard to control. Ruby was her most loyal follower. So I wasn't surprised that Ruby had a sexually submissive relationship with her. What did surprise me was that both Michelle and Ruby seemed sexually submissive to me! Maybe they took those Discovery Channel-type "alpha male" documentaries too seriously or something?! It was a mystery.

Michelle was sitting on the far edge of the hot tub, with her legs dangling in the water. She could have looked straight up into the slats I was peering out from, but I didn't have much fear about that. It was bright outside and dark inside. I'd peered up into the slats before while sitting in the hot tub at this time of day, and I knew all one could see was pitch black.

A bigger danger was if they heard me. Luckily, they were both constantly breathing hard. I tried my best to control my breathing, but that was tough. If they grew truly silent, I would be fucked.

Ruby stepped into the hot tub and waded across it instead of just walking around it.

Michelle stood up and waded across as well, so they met each other right in the middle of the small tub.

I couldn't see much more than the back of Ruby's head wiggling from side to side as their arms snaked around each other, but there was no doubt that they were sharing a sizzling hot kiss.

I'd never really given much thought about my daughter being bisexual before, or Ruby for that matter. There had been plenty of hints, but I had been in denial until very recently. It disturbed me to imagine my wife that way, because what if she decided that she liked women more than she liked me? Of course that was an irrational fear, since we'd fucked countless thousands of times. And with Michelle and Ruby there had never been any doubt in my mind they had very strong heterosexual urges. The way they'd been coming on to me lately certainly proved that. So I didn't really mind them kissing. It fact, it just aroused me more and more.

Before long, they moved a little in the tub, giving me more of a side profile. I was able to see that Michelle had a hand that was very intently rubbing and even probing Ruby's pussy. I couldn't see exactly what was happening due to the angle, but the rhythmic motions of Michelle's arm suggested she was delivering a very intense fingerbang.

The moans from Ruby's mouth seemed to confirm that she was having one or more climaxes, although it was hard to tell just who was moaning or cumming, since they continued to kiss nearly non-stop. Finally, Ruby's whole body slumped as if all the life had been drained from her, and I could tell for sure she'd had a powerful orgasmic experience.

Michelle was more or less holding Ruby up. My feisty daughter said, "Okay, enough of that."

Although the kissing was over, the two of them remained standing in the middle of the tub, with Michelle tightly hugging Ruby to keep her on her feet. I could see Michelle's big breasts pressing into Ruby's while her hand ran all over her ass, as she said, "Wasn't that great? I don't know why you always deny it. Come on, you KNOW you love it!"

"Well, maybe, but my body belongs to Daddy. I was dancing for him! What you did to me just now felt great, but that was like masturbation with a different set of hands. Sorry, but I was imagining Daddy was fingerfucking me as a reward for my dancing."

Michelle seemed a bit chagrined by that. She huffed in frustration. Still, she said, "Fair enough. I can't fault the attitude. You're going to be an excellent big-titted cocktease for him, aren't you?"

"You know it!"

Michelle guided Ruby to the edge of the pool and they both sat down. They spent the next minute or so talking about how tired, hot, and sweaty they were. They also both briefly dipped into the hot tub up to their necks to wash away their cum and sweat.

That allowed me to calm down somewhat. However, I still remained on the verge of cumming, because as the verbal and visual stimulation from the girls lessened, I made up for it by stroking my boner more steadily.

I began to think that this was a good time for me to go, so I could head back to my bedroom and bring myself off to completion finally. I couldn't ever remember needing to cum this badly!


NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, and Billo, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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