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Chapter 15

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

However, as I continued to masturbate to the sight of their voluptuous bodies, I found myself thinking, What the heck? What's with all this "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," stuff? "My body belongs to Daddy." They say they're doing everything for me. Where the hell did that come from?! What did I do to bring that on?!

Am I missing something? Whenever they're with me, they're disobedient and willful. And they're hardly typical girls. I mean, I was checking out the Playboy website the other day purely to make a comparison and I was hard pressed to find any woman there that matched the bodies and faces of these two stunners. My girls!

Am I just looking at them through rose colored glasses or something? I don't think so. So why are two total bombshells so interested in a fuddy-duddy married geezer like me? I'll bet there are buff well-hung lifeguard types with the confidence to ask them out, and they probably HAVE asked them out. I don't care how stuck up and domineering they act, some horny boys are going to give it a shot. Young studs like that would be able to run circles around me.

I just don't get it! They must be deluded in some weird way. Maybe they both had some formative imprinting experience on me? I've heard that can happen. Like if a guy's first sexual experience involves pantyhose, he'll probably have a pantyhose fetish for the rest of his life. Maybe the two of them had an early sexual experience that involved me somehow, so now it's like they're imprinted on me. That might make SOME sense. But still, it would be wrong for me to take advantage of that. They need to have a normal life, and a normal sex life, and not stay fixated on my tired old bag of bones.

But while I was thinking these thoughts, the conversation between the Gruesome Twosome was shifting. My attention returned to them when I heard Ruby say, "You were going to tell me something that's supposed to blow my mind."

Michelle replied, "Oh. Right. ... Yeah! Sit back and get comfy 'cos I've got a tale to tell that will really blow your socks off."

"I am comfy," Ruby replied with a sexy purr as she fondled Michelle's ass in return.

"Awww. You're so sweet. But seriously, sit back and no touching, 'cos I don't want any distractions." Michelle scooted back and then climbed out of the hot tub altogether.

She stood there for some long moments as streams of water poured off her gloriously tanned, nude body. She had gotten completely soaked while playing around with Ruby, except for her head, which hadn't really gotten wet. She shook and squeezed the water out of her long blonde mane (which had gotten wet about up to her neck).

She acted like she was about to give a big speech. She might as well have been speaking directly to me, because she was standing fifteen feet in front of me and staring right in my direction. However, she was staring down towards where Ruby was now sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

It was a great opportunity for me to fully appreciate her body, especially since I was holding my erection in my hand. I had been merely holding it for the past couple of minutes so I could resume stroking it a little without having to fear about an immediate eruption. Now I could jerk off again while I tried to memorize every last inch of my daughter's perfect body.

It's true that I'd seen her in various states of undress quite frequently lately, and even totally in the buff a fair deal. She'd posed with her back turned to me so I'd have a chance to ogle her for minutes on end. But now I could enjoy the breath-taking sight of her front. To actually see my beautiful youngest daughter's entire front side in its full glory, without even the slightest chance of her "catching" me, was truly a dream come true. My eyes gobbled up every inch of her as she stood there like a statue. I wanted to visually explore her curves forever and ever.

I hate to admit this, because I love my wife and I know she has an incredible body, but objectively I have to concede that Michelle's is even better.

It's not a matter of the passage of time. Mindy and I married right out of high school and had Nicky and Michelle not much later, even as we both struggled our way through college. (In fact, it was pretty much a shotgun wedding, but that's a whole other story.) We both are still two years from the big 4-0, and Mindy is so fanatical about exercising and eating right that people usually assume she's in her mid-to-late-twenties. I do the same, helped by her healthy vegetarian and organic cooking.

No, it's just that Michelle has all of Mindy's good genes, plus a little extra curve everywhere. Her breasts are two sizes larger, not to mention the fact that they jut out so obscenely. She also has a jutting, firm ass, leading down to long, tanned, and toned legs. Her legs and ass are firmed up and high as if she's wearing high heels even when she isn't.

And her face - let's not even go there. What a heartbreaker! Just one look at her face and you're guaranteed to fall in love. Or at least in lust! She wears a cheery, toothy smile nearly all the time, and there's something about her unusual Michelle Pfeiffer-esque eyebrows and narrow gaze that says, "I need you to fuck me right now!"

And Ruby was very nearly as perfect. I knew Ruby had all the same curves, even though she was sitting on the edge of the hot tub now and all I could see was her bare back and some of her ass. If some "Girls Gone Wild" film crew were able to merely film these two lounging around the hot tub in the buff they could probably make millions of dollars.

Ruby's face is more "adorable" than "porn star," but she has a naturally sexy "come hither" gaze too. Her red cheeks and dimpled smile seem to be permanent facial features. I love her penetrating green eyes. And what a cute nose! Like Michelle, I wouldn't change a single thing about her.

As Michelle stood there with her hands on her hips, towering over the sitting Ruby, she began to speak. "Hold onto your hat. You know what I've been telling you about Mom's 'reasonable bounds' idea?"

Ruby answered, "I've memorized just about every word. That's just about the greatest thing I've ever heard!"

"I know! I completely agree. But there's more. Before Mom went to work today, Daddy totally boned her."

Ruby sighed. I could see her shoulders slumping. "Lucky twat," she said wistfully.

"Literally!" Michelle laughed.

Ruby asked with increased interest, "Did you listen in?"

"Well, not intentionally at first, but they were screaming so loud that I could hear that much all the way from my room. It's like the doors weren't even there. I can't tell you how hot it makes me, hearing Daddy ruthlessly nail Mom to the bed like that! Can you just imagine being on the receiving end of that kind of royal fucking?"

"Can I? Gaawwwd! You know how much we've dreamed about it!"

"I know! Isn't it amazing how most of our friends get all grossed out by the very idea of their parents having sex? It's like they don't even want to think that it happens. Don't they know it's just about the most incredibly arousing thing on the entire planet?"

Ruby replied boastfully, "Short of having Daddy actually play with your tits and give you a great big 'O' from pulling on your nipples while you stand still being a perfectly obedient big-titted cocktease for him!"

Michelle groaned with jealousy. "UNNNGH! You lucky slut! I was soooo close to having him do that to me too! He'd better play with my needy tits soon, or you're gonna be reminding me that he did that to you, like, every five minutes for the rest of my life!"

"Yep!" Ruby pulled on her nipples with both hands to emphasize her point. "I still can't believe it finally happened! I hope that, now that THAT boundary has been crossed, he feels entitled to walk up to me and grope me to his heart's content any time he wants to. Wouldn't that rock? Imagine if I come over tomorrow and he just pulls whatever top I'm wearing right off and fondles my nipples while he gives me a kiss with lots of tongue! But anyway, you were saying?"

Michelle was staring off into space, highly distracted. "Um... What if he didn't stop there? What if he was so inspired that he ripped the rest of your clothes off and barked, 'Drop to your knees and suck it!'"

"Oh YEAH! The KING! What I wouldn't give to suck on the King! Sweet! By the way, don't you just love that name?"

Michelle replied, "Totally! I wish I'd thought of that. Sometimes, Mom has flashes of pure genius!"

Ruby was all smiles. "True!"

Strangely, I was highly disturbed to discover the extent of their lust for me, and yet high aroused by it. I was still masturbating, and it seemed I simply couldn't stop. They had an unhealthy obsession about me, for sure. So wrong! So hot!

Ruby just sighed contentedly. But the she said with a start, "But hey, you're losing track of where you're going. I wanna hear what Mindy said. And you're getting me too horny again with all this talk about Daddy and his huge cock."

Michelle smiled at that. "Sorry. We're both kind of getting... distracted. What I'm getting to is, after he did the deed with Mom, he went right back to sleep. Seeing he was out and that she still had some time before work, she and I had a little heart-to-heart."

"Wait a minute," Ruby interrupted, thinking fast. "If he'd just boned her and then she went straight to you, do you think she was still filled with Daddy seed?"

"Yeah! You know, I was thinking that myself at the time. I'll bet all that Daddy goodness was still sloshing around inside her even as she was sitting there, talking to me!"

"Ohmigod! That gets me soooo hot! I swear, Mindy is the luckiest woman on Earth. Any time she wants it from the human jackhammer, all she has to do is bend over and wiggle her ass and-"

"I know, I know. Let's not get too carried away here or I'll never get to my point."

"Oh. Right. ... I'm so close to another big 'O', though. It's like I can still feel his fingers on me. I'm all tingly, everywhere!" She was still playing with her nipples, but at a languid pace.

"Grrr. You lucky bitch. But hold on until I finish."

Ruby huffed, "Fine. So...?"

"Soooo... Anyway, Mom gave me some good news and some bad news."

"Uh-oh. What's the bad news?"

"It's bad news for me, not you. I'll get to that in a minute. First, she warned me that things were going great and we had to be careful not to blow it. Always obey Daddy's rules so he has no reason to pull the plug."

"Well, duh! That's obvious."

Michelle said, "Obvious to say, hard to do. For instance, there was one point earlier when I reached between his legs and started to play with his balls a little bit. The urge to fully grab them and fondle them was almost overwhelming! They felt SOOO good in my hands! I mean, I was holding DADDY'S BALLS! For REAL!"

Ruby groaned lustily. "And I felt them rubbing all over my cunt and clit! I wanted to play with them too! But mostly I wanted to jerk him off soooo bad that it was practically killing me!"

"You see what I mean? It's so easy to lose control. Ever since I got to jack him off during that tickle attack, it's all I think about. Even if was just for a few seconds, and through the sheets, I was living the dream!"

Ruby groaned again. "Now you're the lucky slut!"

"I know! Of course I'm tempted to jack him off again, and fuck anything getting in the way this time! But we HAVE to keep to the rules! We HAVE TO! If he wants to go further, that's up to him, not us! So Mom tried to pound that into my head. She told me to remind you too."

"Consider me reminded." Ruby let out a heavy sigh.

Michelle said, "So I guess that was more of a warning than news. But then Mom told me the good news. You know how she knows Daddy almost better than he knows himself?"


"She says he's past the point of no return! He's made the mental commitment. He tried to fight it for days, as we all know, but it was just no use! How could he say no to having two big-titted cockteases like us at his beck and call? No man could say no! Especially a man with an unusually powerful libido like him!"

Ruby gave Michelle a great big hug. "That's great news! In fact, that's just about the best news I've ever heard!" The two of them French kissed in celebration.

It was strange hearing them talk about what I thought regarding things I've never told anyone. But the truth was Mindy always had an uncanny ability to read my mind. It looked like this was another case where she was spot on. I'd already come to that conclusion myself. How could I turn back now?! I'm only human! I just had to be careful about maintaining boundaries and not going too far.

It was also strange to be masturbating to all this, but I couldn't stop myself!

After the kiss, Ruby asked, "But what if we totally screw up? What's going to happen then?!"

"Mom talked about that too. She said we'd have to screw up pretty bad. I mean, he wants more to happen deep down; he just doesn't fully realize it yet. But if we do screw up badly, Daddy probably would call for another 'time out' or 'cooling off period.' Then we'd all have to suffer! Maybe for days and days! It would be even more painful than last time, since we've had our taste of Heaven. So we don't want that."

"Definitely NOT!" Ruby agreed.

"So anyway, that was the VERY good news. Now, here's the bad news... for me. Mom warned me that Daddy is probably going to be willing to go further with you than me, at least at first. Remember this was just BEFORE he told that to us. It was before he even woke up. Clever Mom strikes again!"

Ruby said in appreciation, "She knows him so well. It's like they have a psychic connection."

"That's 'cos they're soul mates," Michelle said proudly. "I love what a great wife Mom is to him! She's a real inspiration. I hope we never, ever mess that up. But anyway, she told me that because he still likes to pretend you're not one of his real daughters, you'll probably get to jack him off first."

"Suwwwweeeeet!" Ruby whistled in appreciation.

Michelle growled, "Hey! Have a little sympathy for me."

"Sorry. Did she say anything else?"

"No. Just that we both need to be tolerant of him getting hung up on the incest issue and generally being a stubborn jackass. We need to give him time to adjust to the new reality. It's not an easy transition for him."

"That's true," Ruby said. "I think that's all pretty great news, all in all. Why are you looking so sad?"

Michelle said in a deflated tone, "Again, that's easy for YOU to say! He's already kissed you and played with your tits for AGES. I feel totally left out. And if Mom's right, I'm always going to be a couple of steps behind. You'll get to give him his first non-married handjob, his first titfuck, blowjob... everything!"

Ruby was still hugging Michelle, and she gave her a supportive squeeze. "That may be true. Then again, maybe not. We'll just have to wait and see. But the main thing is we've crossed the point of no return. The Plan is in action! We're starting to live the dream! Right now!"

Michelle perked up. "That IS true."

"Yeah! And as far as I'm concerned, Daddy will see the light before too long. Don't worry, your mouth will be crammed full of hard and hot Daddy cock before you know it! He could agree to it at any time. You might even find yourself guzzling down his sperm before the day is done!"

Michelle lifted her sad face, her lips quivering with hope. "You think?"

Ruby conceded, "Well, maybe not, like, TODAY. But remember, good things come to those who wait. We'll just have to do our best to excite and arouse him. We've waited for so very, very, VERY long. We can't blow it now. It's the same plan as always. You always knew that he'd have more resistance with you since you're his daughter in real life and not just in dreams."

Michelle caressed Ruby's cheek. She said softly, "Awww, Ruby, you're hurting too. Never forget that he loves you too. It's not just a dream. I know he does."

Ruby spoke shyly and uncertainly. "You really think so? He always says he loves you and he hardly ever says it to me. Not in so many words."

"He totally loves you! You're just like his third daughter, and you know it. He'll love you forever no matter if you get to properly love his cock or not. You've gotta remember he's really big on propriety and manners. He thinks it would be out of place to say how much he really loves you because of Cindy. It's the same old problem we always talk about: it would seem like he's trying to steal you away from her."

"I know. And that's one reason why I love him so. He's so kind and considerate. I just hope that if he can't tell me how much he loves me with his mouth, he'll do it with that long, fat cock of his! I wanna tell him how much I love him with MY mouth, and those daily blowjobs I keep fantasizing about! All hail to the King, baby!" She giggled a little, but there was still doubt in her voice.

Michelle said confidently, "Don't worry. You're a beautiful young virgin, and you're ready to offer him all your love and give him your smoking hot teenage body. How can he turn that down?"

"I dunno," Ruby said sadly. "But he has so far. I mean, I love what's happened these past few days, but now he's got his rules and he seems pretty stuck on them."

"Yeah, that sucks. But look at what happened today alone! We've made HUGE progress! Today was epic, and the day isn't even halfway over! He was groping your naked body like he owns it. Which he does." Michelle giggled as she finally broke her hug with her best friend.

Ruby nodded happily enough. "I know, but God help me, it just whets my appetite for more! How are we supposed to stick to the rules, like Mindy says? When he starts playing with my naked body with such confidence and authority, it's all I can do not to stroke his cock with both hands, at the very least! How can he put up such resistance to our charms? It's inhuman. It's illogical. It's stupid! We wanna serve him as his exclusive personal sluts, making his every sexual desire come true, and Mindy totally approves. Just look at our bodies!"

Ruby waved a hand over herself. "You can't say we're not attractive enough. I work out every day so damn hard, just so he'll love me and control me and use me like he should. What if we have to put up with this close-to-Heaven-but-not-quite-in-it 'no cock stroking' crap rule for days, or weeks, or even months?! You know how stubborn he gets. What's his problem already?!"

Now it was Michelle's turn to sigh. "I know what you mean. I love him for holding on to his morals so strongly, but it can be soooo frustrating at the same time. Never forget how he's thinks how wrong adultery is. He still can't fully get over what happened between his parents."

Ruby griped, "But that was a totally different thing! This isn't adultery at all."

"I know! You're telling me?! That was a TOTALLY different situation. The bond between all of us, it's so strong. It's never gonna break. Remember my favorite saying: 'family comes first!' There's nothing more important than family. A family that cums together stays together."

Ruby said, "Yeah, but on another note, I worry about Lisa. Your little trick might have backfired. Now that he knows she has a huge crush on him, and Mindy's given him a green light to fuck around... Well, you can fill in the lines."

Michelle nodded. "I worry too. That did backfire. I was so big on using her as a way to 'secretly' confess to him how much I lust for him that I didn't think about the implication of him hearing that she lusts for him too. And then it turns out he only heard that part! ARGH!"

Michelle shook her fists. "I mean, Lisa is a great friend and all, but she's an unknown when it comes to something like this. You and me, we've been talking and dreaming about Daddy forever. We're totally committed to our Plan! But Lisa? What if Daddy's just the flavor of the month for her? What if she's not into sharing? She can't be trusted!"

Ruby nodded back. "Yeah. And she's so used to getting her way, the little minx. All she has to do is bat her eyes and flash her smile and everybody around her turns to jelly. I mean, I like the idea of Daddy boning her, in theory, and she's been giving us some GREAT tips on blowjobs and stuff lately. But I just think we should go very slowly and carefully with her, now more than ever."

"Agreed. Boy, Ruby, it sure would get my goat if you AND Lisa get to be total Daddy sluts and I'm forced to date some bozo bonehead BOY!" She spat out the word 'boy' derisively, as if it were the most disgusting word she could possibly say. "That would SUCK."

Ruby giggled. "And suck in a bad way. Not in a practicing-on-a-banana-and-wishing-it-was-Daddy good way."

Michelle giggled. "Yeah. Mmmm... Bananas!"

They both giggled a lot at that, which I guessed was a reference to some kind of in-joke.

Then, unexpectedly, Michelle's eyes lit up. "Hey! Let's play Daddy Fucks His Bitches."

"Okay!" But then Ruby asked with worry, "But what if he hears? You know how loud we get."

"True, but he's upstairs and way on the other side of the house, in his den or his bedroom. He's never heard us from there before. It'll be fine."

Ruby giggled, "You talked me into it." She pulled her feet up out of the hot tub (which wasn't actually that hot since they hadn't turned it on). She lay down on a wooden bench near the tub. There was a white towel on it that she could use as a pillow.

I got the feeling that whatever game they were going to play was one they'd played many times before. The more I heard, the more flabbergasted I was at the intensity of the obsession over me. When Ruby said something like, "We wanna serve him as his exclusive personal sluts, making his every sexual desire come true, and Mindy totally approves," that had to be a joke, right? I should have been deeply disturbed by their words, and I was. But at the same time, I couldn't stop stroking my erection!

Michelle sat up on her knees next to her. "Now, remember the feel of his hands on your ass. On your breasts. Do you remember that?"

Ruby closed her eyes and kept them that way. "God, yes! How could I ever forget?"

"I know. You're such a lucky bitch. But never mind that. Focus on your breasts. Imagine that Daddy's on top of you. He's big and strong, and he's taking over! He's sitting on your tummy, and his hands are kneading your big tits like raw dough." Michelle sat up on Ruby's stomach and began kneading her breasts to make her words seem real.

After a minute or so, Michelle asked, "How does that feel?"

Ruby cooed, "It's so good, Daddy! You're so strong, and I'm so helpless! I guess you're gonna fuck my face, aren't you?"

"That's right, I am," Michelle replied, her voice dropping an octave in a gesture to sound more like a man's voice (although to be honest she wasn't going to fool anybody with her imitation). "I'm Daddy, and I'm taking control. I'm gonna fuck your face and every other hole because you're my bitch now, aren't you?"

"I am, Daddy! I'm your bitch! I'm your slut! I want you to fuck my face because my lips are here to please you. Please! Let me suck on it!"

"Everything in good time," Michelle said in her lower register voice. "First, I'm going to fuck your tits!"

"Yes, Daddy! Do it, Daddy! Fuck me!" A still closed-eyed Ruby cupped her breasts together. Even Michelle in her excitement began cupping her breasts together. Both of them remained like that for some long moments, just panting, as if they were expecting invisible penises to somehow materialize and start sliding through their cleavage at any moment.

But then Michelle seemed to awake from her dream. She clumped up her fingers and then slid her pretend penis through Ruby's cleavage.

Ruby squeezed the fingers from both sides, trying to create a tight tunnel around them. "Daddy!" she yelled. "Your cock is so big! It's almost as big as Michelle's forearm!"

Michelle laughed at that unexpected joke. "Very cute. Hey, I'm trying to stay in character here."

Ruby giggled. "Sorry, but it's true. I mean, you haven't felt it rubbing all over your tummy and cunt like I have. It's HUGE!"

"Hey, don't rub it in!" She was still sawing her clumped fingers through her friend's cleavage.

"What if I want to rub it in? I wanna rub it a lot. And then when he squirts all over me, I wanna rub that in too!"

Michelle groaned. "This sucks! Even your jokes are getting me so hot, but I need real dick! I need Daddy dick!"

"Don't worry, I'll pretend to be Daddy next, but first, get me off."

"Okay!" Her voice had drifted back up to its usual register, but she suddenly dropped it back down. "Sorry, bitch, I could fuck your tits all day - and I will - but first I'm gonna blow my nut down your throat!"

"Oh! Daddy! That sounds so scary! You're too thick! Is it gonna fit?"

"I don't know, but we're gonna find out. Here it comes!" Michelle took her hand from Ruby's chest and brought it up to her mouth. Keeping all her fingers bunched together, she slowly lowered her hand over Ruby's mouth.

Ruby craned her mouth open wide and tried to swallow all the fingers.

Suddenly, her body started writhing about wildly, held in place only by the fact that Michelle was still straddling her.

Michelle had to withdraw her fingers a bit because Ruby started to shriek as a great climax started to wash over her, "Yes! Yes! YES! Oh GOD! I can practically feel my lips around his thick cock! FUCK! He's right here! Daddy! I can almost smell you! Yes! I can taste you! I'm cumming!" She let out a great wail. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!"

Needless to say, I was extremely aroused by their little role-play! How could they be any more sexually committed to me? They were totally obsessed! And yet I was only starting to get intimate with them! Lost in the moment, I wasn't thinking about the morality of it, I was just riding high from the ego boost.

I'd been stroking myself all the time I was listening and watching, and I was reaching a fever point at the same time Ruby was. I closed my eyes as my concentration shifted to focus on the feelings of extreme pleasure surging in my erection.

But as much as I tried to concentrate, I still heard the two horny vixens through the slats. Now, I could distinctly hear not only the sound of Ruby still screaming in ecstasy, but Michelle was screaming as well. Their cries of joy were rising higher and higher, entwining together until it just sounded like a single scream. They may even have both hit the same high note. I'm pretty sure I would have heard that even from my bedroom.

I felt my balls churning and knew I had no chance to stop the load that was rumbling its way out of my body. I was beyond caring where it went. I bit down on my free hand so as not to scream. The first few ropes rocketed out of me to some unknown destination. I opened my eyes and watched my hand direct my ropes to the far wall of the small laundry room. That seemed like the only possible target at hand, so I kept on firing there. My cum streaks flew in great arcs, splattered against the white wall, and slid down.

Once the orgasm ended, I slowly and quietly climbed down the washing machine. Then I collapsed onto the top of it like a discarded rag.

Normally, this was the time for me to start feeling the post-orgasmic blues. But they hadn't kicked in yet. My lust was still raging at full blast, even as my dick was growing flaccid.

I sat there on the washing machine, panting for a while. I was beyond thinking, beyond anything but just breathing and existing. I hoped to calm down and think about this rationally, but I couldn't calm down in the slightest. All I could think about was, They're both mine if I want them! My own daughter, even! And Mindy approves! She actually wants it! She wants me to do Shelle! She wants me to do Ruby!

Those two girls are just so incredibly, fucking hot! They're such endlessly horny sluts! I always suspected they had big sexual appetites, but now I know it! And they both want me so painfully badly. They want to do anything and everything with me, probably as a team! My God, their obsession over me is incredible! I've got to be the luckiest guy in the world! I'd be a FOOL not to take what's mine!

My pride swelled.

I sat there on the washing machine for who knows how long. Five more minutes, at least. I probably would have stayed there for a lot longer, but the room got virtually no light as the tiny slatted window was the only one and the central air conditioning didn't work in this room either.

The last I'd heard, there was loud screaming coming from Michelle and Ruby, through that tiny window. But now there was no sound at all. I assumed they were recovering from another great climax or two, just like I was.

I pulled up my shorts and sat on the edge of the washing machine. That felt better than feeling my bare ass on the cold metal. I was still too drained to do much, too overwhelmed even to seriously think. I slowly recovered and tried to make sense of it all.

What's wrong with me? Why do I have such a problem with having sex with the likes of Ruby or Michelle? Well, in Shelle's case it's obvious: she's my genetic daughter. Yet still, would a little bit of teasing from her be so bad? Aggressive, really sexy teasing. That's what she wants. That's what she needs, even. If she badly wanted to, say, jack me off, would that really be such a bad thing? I mean, that's not a sin, is it? And if a handjob is okay, is a blowjob much worse? It's not like real sex. Min basically said as much.

And as for fucking Ruby, even real sex wouldn't really be adultery since my wife approves, would it? Clearly, Ruby isn't a potential life partner. I'd never give up on Mindy and run off with her. Is it really that wrong to think of her purely as a sex object, someone to have lots of great orgasms with? I mean, of course I love her, but I can love her and have sex with her too. If everyone is fine with that, what's wrong with it?

I am NOT going to do anything to lose Mindy. Period! In fact, this might actually help me KEEP her. She keeps talking about wanting me to get sexually wild. Having me fuck other women seems to be her favorite fetish. This could actually IMPROVE our marriage, if we can walk on the wild side together, as she put it.

I hadn't been paying much attention to the world around me, but I noticed it was still quiet outside. I grew concerned that the two girls had moved back into the house. What if they got concerned that they'd made too much noise? What if they went looking for me and found me in this room, with my cum still splattered all over the wall?

I climbed back up the washing machine and peeked back out through the tinted window to make sure they were still there. The sight I saw took my breath away. They were still there, still next to the hot tub, and still both buck naked. In fact, they were almost in the exact same positions as before, except Michelle was where Ruby had been lying down, and now Ruby was sitting on top of her.

I couldn't really hear what they were saying, though. I had no idea why, but they were quietly whispering now.

But I had no doubt what they were talking about. I remembered them saying something about how it would be Ruby's turn to "play Daddy" next. That was my daughter, play acting that she was getting titfucked and then face-fucked by her father! By ME!

This was too disturbing for me to take! Worse, I found myself getting aroused by it.

Somehow, seeing all that happen to Ruby was okay, even great. But to see the exact same thing happen to Michelle? I wasn't ready for it. Besides, my penis wasn't ready for any more excitement, period. I wasn't a spring chicken anymore. The sweat still seemed to be pouring down my face in buckets, although I couldn't figure out why. After all, for a long time now, I'd done little more than lightly stroke my erection. But I felt like I'd been through the wringer, both emotionally and physically.

I grabbed a towel and hastily wiped off my cummy mess on the laundry room wall. Then, double checking to make sure the room was completely clean (especially the cum stain on the wall!), I finally left the room with the cummy towel in hand and headed back upstairs. It was time for me to take a nap, regardless of the time of day. I was totally worn out.

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