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Chapter 16

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I woke up from my nap, I found myself in a more thoughtful mood. But, oddly enough, I didn't feel the overwhelming guilt that usually hit me at such times.

Partly, I think that was because a general lusty mood was building up in me. Or call it a lusty fog, perhaps. The point is, at least ever since I'd ended the two-day no teasing ban, something inside me had changed. I seemed to be at least somewhat horny all the time. Even when I'd climaxed and the sexual situation was long over, it seemed like the promise of yet more sex soon was still in the air. I couldn't really do anything to get my mind off of everything that had happened, and nearly all of it aroused me to an incredible degree.

Hell, to be honest, the 'lusty fog' had been rolling in for weeks now, if not months, with a very gradual but inexorable buildup.

Day by day, Michelle and Ruby had pushed just a little bit more, gotten a little more daring. In retrospect, it seemed that all they could think about was having sex with me, and that intense sexual feeling had rubbed off on me. Just being in the same room with either of them gave me an erection these days, no matter what they were wearing or how they were acting. Now, events were starting to move faster as my guilt and emotional barriers were at long last crumbling under their relentless attentions. They could sense my increasing willingness and were responding with even bolder actions.

The hot tub conversation I'd overheard powerfully affected me. It was a game changer, for sure. Perhaps it would have scared others off, but I was already too far gone for that. It was like my remaining moral qualms had been shattered by a sledgehammer. That, and "inspecting" Ruby's and Michelle's, naked bodies, had me rethinking my self-imposed rules.

My first instinct was to call Mindy, since, as always, she was my best friend, lover, and soul mate. But then it occurred to me that I couldn't share what I'd heard or seen with her, since I wasn't supposed to be spying on the girls in the first place.

But I decided to call her anyway. It was always good to hear her voice and touch base.

I had no trouble reaching her, and we had a nice chat. I did tell her all that happened before I spied on the hot tub action, and the description I gave of the two girls rubbing their naked bodies all over me and the way I felt up Ruby's tits and ass put my wife into a nearly frenzied state of excitement. It was a good thing she had her own sound-proofed office, because she jilled herself to climax as I told my tale.

I was getting pretty mentally aroused too, but my penis was still down for the count. Once I'd finished explaining everything, I asked her, "Min, seriously, I don't understand your lust for sharing me with other women. It's not natural. These girls are totally obsessed with me, for some bizarre reason that I can't figure out. Don't you feel threatened by them?"

"No. I understand just where they're coming from. We've talked. It's all good. When you get off the phone, I want you to find Michelle and play with her big tits for a good long while, because she's gonna feel left out and left behind until you do. That's an order!"

She chuckled to make sure the "order" part was a joke. But it also kind of wasn't.

I complained, "But darling. Doesn't it bother you in the slightest if I were to do that? I don't get it."

"It bothers me that I won't be there to see it. That's the ONLY problem I have. But please, stop asking me why I love what I do. Why do you have a thing for blondes and some other guy doesn't?"

"Because blondes look better," I replied, laughing.

She laughed too. "You're just saying that because I'm blonde!"

"True. But it IS true, just the same. That's one of the things that attracts me to you. I mean, blonde hair is clearly more interesting to look at. There's so many different colors to enjoy. There's much more going on than an all-black mop of hair."

"Yeah, well, another guy would say that about redheads, or whatever. My point is, just accept people are how they are. Now, go play with our daughter's body like you own it, and that's an order too!" She giggled.

"Yes, ma'am!" I laughed, pretending to be "forced" to perform this odious task.

She added, "Besides, she has that long mane of blonde hair down her back nearly to her ass, so if you love blondes, show it by rubbing your hard cock against her naked body!"

After the conversation I'd spied on, that sounded like an excellent idea. But not yet. I told my wife, "I'm not up to the task right now, but I'll probably be feeling frisky again in a couple of hours. There's no telling how many hugs and kisses I might share with the Gruesome Twosome while you're slaving away at the office. You might want to come home early, if you want to catch the fun."

She grunted. "UGH! Oh God! I'm getting horny all over again just thinking about it. Damn you, Daniel Cooper! Now I'm going to be a complete wreck for the rest of the day. I might as well go home now, but I can't. But I'll do what I can to clear my schedule. I'll be there in two hours if all goes well, three hours at the max."

I was very glad to hear that. If I was going to take part in any more "extreme" teasing with Michelle and Ruby, I'd feel better about it if Mindy was there and fully approving. Maybe she got excited hearing about it third hand, but would she still be so keen on it after seeing it with her own eyes? We needed to find the answer to that question, and right away.

Now, I had a couple of hours to kill. I didn't want to go downstairs, that's for sure. I knew that if I did, those two hell-spawn vixens would drag me into yet another very sexual situation. Even if I didn't feel up for it, I'm sure they'd get me to change my mind before long. I was starting to look forward to those encounters more and more, but I wanted to wait for Mindy.

I knew I was in no condition to do any writing. Luckily, when it comes to writing books, it's not like one has to produce every single day. I have hot streaks and cold streaks. I could go days without writing, and no one would know but me. It's a pretty nice life for the few authors who sell enough books to make a living out of it. I didn't even feel like doing more research on daily life in the Roman Empire. But in any case, I knew I had to do something to keep my mind occupied, so I picked up one of the great Horatio Hornblower books, and before long I was completely carried away to foreign lands and stormy seas.

The time flew by. Eventually, Mindy called and said she was leaving work and would be home shortly. I took a shower, and seeing that Mindy still wasn't home, I went downstairs. I figured the two seductresses couldn't stir up that much mischief in the short time before my wife arrived.

I found the two of them outside by the pool. They were lying on their lounge chairs, but they were deep in the shade under a big tree. It was the hottest part of the day, and one can only sunbathe so many hours. It looked like both of them had been reading books as well and had more or less drifted off to sleep.

They looked pretty much like any two normal teenage girls, lying face up in the sun with dark sunglasses on and books on their laps... except for the fact that they were both buck naked and had rich all-over tans without the slightest hint of any tan lines!

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to mention the fact that their voluptuous bodies would make all the other girls in their school weep with envy. Even their most stacked and sexy friends like Anjali or Nina couldn't quite compare.

I walked up to Michelle's lounge chair and sat on it. Their chairs were close together, so I could reach over and touch at least some of Ruby from this spot. I was wearing nothing but my bathing suit, since I planned to get some swimming in.

Michelle opened her eyes, but she was obviously just waking up and seemed almost drugged on opium... or lust. But she was just a slow waker. "Hi Daddy," she mumbled as she stared at me with a spaced-out smile.

"Yeah, hi Dan."

I turned where I sat and looked over at Ruby. She was obviously waking up too. I found it interesting she called me "Dan" again, now that she wasn't out of her mind with lust like she'd been earlier.

I said to both of them, "I thought I'd come out for a swim."

"That's nice," Michelle replied with a dreamy and lost gaze.

I possessively ran my hands over their flawless teen bodies at the same time. I couldn't reach all of Ruby from where I sat, but leaned over and stretched my arm out, and that allowed me to reach enough. I started at their shoulders and dragged my fingers down to their taut tummies, not missing their big tits along the way.

They smiled and purred with pleasure. "Mmmm!" But they were so out of it that they still didn't stir much, or even keep their eyes open. I brought my hand back to their enormous racks, and that elicited more erotic sounding moans.

I was like a kid in a candy store. But I also wanted to pace myself, and not get carried away before my wife got here. Seeing that the two of them would be vegetables for a while more, I figured now was as good a time as any to go for a swim.

I dove into the water and swam a few laps, but I was so mentally distracted that I barely knew what I was doing. (Luckily, I didn't have to think consciously about swimming to do it.) I was anxious for Mindy to arrive. I didn't know what was going to happen after that, but I was eager to find out.

I felt a little bit guilty. What I'd heard from the two girls as I spied on them in the hot tub suggested they shared an almost disturbing sexual obsession about me. If I was a moral father figure, I should be trying to talk them down and divert their lust to boys their age. But instead, I was probably just going to feed their desires and take advantage of the situation!

I felt a bit cursed. It was a burden to have exceptionally beautiful daughters. Even Nicky was a total stunner, although it was hard to tell with the way she covered up all the time. The truth was, I probably would have behaved quite differently had those two Hellions not looked so incredibly gorgeous. I'd had to fight off my lusty desire for a long time now. I just couldn't resist the temptation anymore, not after I knew how badly they desired me.

I promised myself that at least I would limit what I could do with them. Maybe I won't feel so guilty if I show some restraint. We can and will help give each other lots of orgasms. But actual intercourse can never happen. Never! Not even with Ruby.

Getting out of the pool, I returned to my spot on Michelle's lounge chair. I felt no need to dry myself off with a towel, since the warm weather would take care of that soon enough, even if I was in the shade.

I said to them, "Looks like the Gruesome Twosome are back amongst the living." I felt my penis growing again, excited by that prospect. I leaned over Michelle and reached out for Ruby too. I lazily roamed a hand over both their nude bodies, just as I'd done before going to swim. Once again, I focused most of my attention on their immense racks. I was reluctant to touch their pussy mounds.

"Yeah," Michelle said happily. She was still in a dreamy and lazy mood, but now her focus was all on me. She was staring at my chest above her with an obvious hunger. She probably found the rivulets of water flowing down my skin sexy, because she sure seemed absorbed in the sight.

Ruby moaned erotically, "Dan, I love how you're touching us all over without even asking." She looked at my hand caressing her lift tit from below. "And I ESPECIALLY love where you're touching us!"

Michelle moaned just as erotically while stretching out some, "Yeah! You can do that ANY time, and NEVER ask! That's an order!"

I chuckled. "Okay." I circled a finger around one of her nipples while doing the exact same thing to Ruby at the exact same time.

I could see they really got off on that. I was looking over at Ruby, and I loved seeing her fists clench and her toes curl. Plus, her nipples grew erect in seconds as I looked at them and touched them. She just muttered, as if she could barely contain herself, "Oh God! Oh God!"

Michelle said with delight, "Daddy, it seems you're starting to believe that we're serious about being your big-titted cockteases... and you're treating us accordingly!"

I asked with deliberate cluelessness, "Is that a bad thing?"

"No, no! Hell, no!"

I looked to Michelle and saw her hand reaching towards her pussy, only to pull back at the last moment. Then it happened again. It seemed she longed to masturbate, but she was afraid to do it with me watching.

I wanted to stall for more time, so things wouldn't get too hot and heavy before Mindy arrived. But I also had a question that was very much on my mind. So I continued to run my hands lazily over their nude bodies, but I continued to avoid their pussy mounds and even usually avoided their breasts too. Just touching their silky smooth skin anywhere was a delight.

I was particularly fascinated with their tummies at the moment. Even with them lying down, one could see (and feel!) the soft curves and indentations that showed how fit they were. For instance, both of them had a long, narrow groove running from just above their belly buttons to just below the start of their breasts. Only particularly athletic men or women have that groove, so it's a sexy sign of a really fit body.

I also loved how similar their bodies were. When I looked from below their breasts I practically couldn't tell who was who, except for Ruby's slightly lighter tan. Seeing the sheen of rubbed-in suntan lotion and the occasional bead of sweat made me content to just run my fingers over their tummies for a while.

Eventually, I asked, "Shelle? Ruby? I've got a question for you both. I'm usually not this direct, but I think it's pretty obvious that both of you have the 'hots' for this old geezer. I mean, the things that have happened in recent days... It's pretty nuts. Now, I'm not being judgmental. I'm trying to look on this as, you know, a phase both of you are going through. But my question is, what's the appeal? I just don't see it. You two are stone foxes. Look at the sheer size of these things, for starters!" As I said that, I caressed their tits again.

That resulted in more happy, almost orgasmic moans.

I pulled on their nipples a little bit as I continued, "Most guys love big breasts. I'm hardly the only one. But your bodies are phenomenal all over." I went back to caressing their taut tummies. "You could have any guy you wanted, just by crooking your little finger. So what's the deal with you two?"

Michelle said, "A-ha! There! You just answered your own question."


"You said 'you could have any guy.' So why limit ourselves to the clueless boobs at our school? Everybody knows that girls emotionally mature faster than boys. Those guys are all so excited about their X-Boxes or Grand Theft Auto or whatever crap video games they play these days. Puh-lease! I want a REAL man!"

I don't know why, but the note of absolute determination in her voice sent a little thrill up my spine. At the very least, my daughter had "standards" when it came to the males of the species. Unfortunately, that also meant she'd narrowed the field of potential suitors in a way that still didn't exclude me from being her prime target.

"Okay," I replied, "Let's say you want an older guy. Why not meet some college boys? I'll bet you'd find some real hunks who are smart and refined too and would drool over the prospect of dating a girl like you."

Ruby replied, "Yeah, but why bother? Why spend all that time looking for the perfect guy, when we have you right here? Bird in the hand versus two in the shaved bush and all that, y'know?"

"Yeah!" Michelle nodded in agreement. She was already starting to get into her sultry vixen mode. She spread her legs a little and cupped a breast with her hand, pushing it in towards her other one. "Besides, I know those college guys would drool over us 'cos they want our bodies. The problem is, that's all they'd want from us. They'd be more than happy to 'fuck and run' to tell their friends, if you pardon my blunt language. But that's how the expression goes. Once you get a reputation as an easy lay and a hot fuck, you're stuck with it. Word gets around, and then the only guys who'll be interested in you are the ones you wouldn't want to keep."

She spread her legs wider. "Look at my pussy."

My brain was basically shutting down, because I found myself gawking at her pussy without thinking. I even leaned over it until my head was directly above it.

"I'm not gonna go for a bunch of false modesty," she said firmly. "I know I have a very nice pussy. Look at the even lips, the symmetry, the proud little nub above it." She ran her fingers right along her slit to help show it off. "You think I'm gonna let just any cock in there? No way! How many losers would we have to go through - who look good at first but turn out just to be users?"

Ruby added, "And those other guys, they're all talk. They couldn't handle one of us, much less both of us at the same time. But look at you! Thanks to your long history with us, not only do you love us way more than they ever will, but you know exactly how to treat us. Look at how you're driving us wild by casually running your hands all over us. I feel so helpless right now! Goose bumps all over!"

Michelle said, "Me too! Mmmm, see? Daddy, you just poked your finger in my belly button. That may seem like a small thing to you, but it's making me so horny that I can't stand it! You're taming us with your every touch!"

My stiff cock was crying out for attention. But I ignored it, and said, "I'm sure if you really look around you can find some guys your age who know how to treat you right."

Michelle said, "Maybe, maybe not. I highly doubt it. But again, why bother? We've got the perfect man right here."

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed.

"The perfect man?" I asked, still staring at her crotch. She was running her fingers all over her pussy mound now. She wasn't quite masturbating, but she was making sure to keep my attention.

I drew a line between the bottom of her nearest breast and the top of her rib cage. I was doing the exact same thing to Ruby. I said, "Now it's my turn to say 'puh-lease.' I'm just an ordinary guy. Besides, I'm married." I nodded towards the wedding ring on my finger.

Ruby sat up and responded with unexpected indignation, "'Ordinary guy?' Hardly!" Her sudden motion had knocked my hand off her body, so she took it and brought it back to her upper tummy. "My dad, now he was an ordinary guy. Just another loser slugging it out in the rat race. But you, look at you. Let's not even count how much we love you for a second. Let's even not think about your great big cock, although that's hard to do." She giggled. "You've got a cool job writing best-selling books, you've hung out with famous people, you're smart, you're sexy as hell, you're super nice and loving and understanding... Michelle, help me out, here!"

"Daaaaddy!" Michelle pleaded. She sat up too, but she also held my hand to her tummy so I could keep on exploring. "Don't be thick. Just look at you! Look at your chest! How can I not get all weak in the knees and googly-eyed? I don't care if you are my daddy, you're a HUNK!"

"Not only that," Ruby added, "but you have such a great touch." She began running her hands all over her big breasts, finally forcing my eyes from Michelle. "When I think about the way you play with my breasts, I get all tingly. I think: 'There's a man who knows just how to control a woman!' It's like you can read my mind and know exactly what I want, and yet you're constantly surprising me too! It makes me want to submit to you and repay the favor. And that's before you've really started to know my body. When I think about what you'll do later... Oh God! And then when you played with my ass. God!"

Frustrated that the way she was caressing her rack wasn't encouragement enough, she grabbed my hand that was near her and had it firmly cup the underside of her nearest round tit. Clearly, she was getting hot and bothered and wanted me to do more than just lazily run a finger over her skin here and there. They didn't know I was waiting for Mindy.

Michelle rolled her eyes at her best friend. "There you go again." She thrust her chest forward at me, and cupped the undersides for good measure. "Can't you play with my big tits too? Or I'm never gonna hear the end of it from Miss Tingly Tits over there. I love what you're doing already, but go all out!"

Ruby said, "See?! See how much you make us want you? It's almost cruel and mean how sexy you are, because you won't let us play with your cock!"

Trying to keep the conversation on track, I ignored that. In fact, I let go of them altogether, since things were growing too steamy. I said, "Okay, let's say for the sake of argument that I'm a good catch. There's still only one of me, and there's you two plus Mindy. That's not good math."

Michelle was sensuously exploring her own bare breasts, since I wasn't willing to do it right now. "Oh yes it is. A stud like you needs a couple of hotties on the side, at least!"

I chuckled. "So, what? You're my mistresses now?"

Michelle replied with a mysterious and lusty stare that nearly knocked me over. "Mmmm! Something like that..."

I looked over at Ruby. If anything, she had an even more intense "come hither" look. Obviously, she wholeheartedly approved of the mistress idea.

My cock very much wanted to get involved. But I held back. I worried that my ego was probably loving this too much. Both girls were fawning over me like I was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was actually a bit disturbing to me, because I'm a modest guy. I found myself looking around nervously, suddenly eager to change the conversation.

Ruby suddenly stood up. Then she walked around the lounge chairs so she could stand up close to me. "Dan, I just realized something! What's the deal with coming out here and not giving me a hello kiss?" She struck a sexy and defiant pose, jutting a hip out and planting her hand on it.

Michelle stood up as well, positioning herself right next to her. "Yeah, Daddy! Me too! That's just RUDE!"

I grinned like a Cheshire Cat. I looked back towards the house for any sign of Mindy, but I didn't see her. I was too caught up in the moment to wait around. "Okay, you got me. Who goes first?"

Both of them rushed forward. I had to hold my hand up. "Whoa! You realize you two could, I dunno, flatter me to death or something. Here, Shelle, why don't you kiss me before my ego swells up and pops?" Since I'd kissed Ruby almost exclusively earlier, I thought it was only fair to give Michelle more attention.

About two seconds later, I found my arms full of a nude teen sexpot! Her lips went straight for mine, and I could tell that this time she wasn't going to settle for just lips on lips. But I wasn't going to give in so easily. I was plenty eager to French kiss her with lots of tongue, but I wanted to play hard to get.

Ruby obviously remembered how I'd given in by accidentally opening my mouth, and she tried her best to create a distraction. "Hey! Look! The neighbors are watching!" Her naked body jumped up and down excitedly as she pointed away.

That made me look around a little bit, but I didn't open my mouth. Besides, I knew no neighbors could see into our backyard. We were at the top of a hill (with a great view of the ocean) and the houses on both sides of ours were downhill a ways.

Ruby tried again, while pointing up at the sky this time. "Ohmigod! Is that a UFO?! Aaaaiiiieeee! Space midgets!"

For some reason, "space midgets" made me laugh out loud. And by laughing, my lips came open.

Michelle quickly took advantage, and she slipped her tongue in and refused to cede her position. At first, I was reluctant. How much of that was still stalling for time and how much was lingering resistance to necking with my own daughter, I wasn't sure. But slowly, ever so slowly, I gave in. Soon, I found myself kissing back with lots of passion - and lots of tongue!

Soon, we were learning and mastering each other's kissing styles. I felt a thrill run down my spine, several times over. At the same time the kiss was heating up, Michelle and I were able to pay some attention to our bodies as well. My hands slid down to her luscious bare ass, and I cupped her ass cheeks.

She did the exact same to me. That meant that her hands slid into the backside of my bathing suit.

Then Ruby cried out, "Hey, Mindy's here!"

I found myself thinking, Too late, Ruby, Shelle's tongue already won the battle. No distraction needed. But then I remembered that in fact Mindy was overdue to come home. I looked around, and sure enough, there was my wife, standing at the screen door about forty feet away, staring at us in wide-eyed wonder.

Michelle also turned her head and saw her mother. She immediately seized up and broke the kiss. It was obvious that she was feeling like she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Funnily enough, I was feeling that way too, and in spades. It didn't matter that we both knew on some rational level that Mindy was pushing for this very thing; instinct took over.

Still dressed in a pin-striped jacket with a cream blouse underneath, Mindy marched along the edge of the pool, heading towards us. She looked to be hopping mad behind her dark glasses, and reinforced that impression as she barked, "Just what the hell is going on here?!"

But by this time, I'd made the connection that she'd been nearly orgasmic talking about this kind of thing in the recent past. Plus, I know how much she loved to play tricks and tease. I figured she had to be bluffing. So I said matter-of-factly, "Just kissing and groping my lovely nude daughter. It's a hello kiss."

She didn't reply until she walked all the way up to us.

Michelle tried to wiggle out of my grasp, but I didn't let her. I didn't even take my hands off her ass cheeks.

"I see," Mindy replied coldly. Then she pushed her sunglasses up to her forehead and broke out into a big smile.

There was an audible sigh of relief from the girls as she did that. Even I was relieved that my guess had been correct.

She asked with a happy smirk, "So when do I get my turn?"

I eyed her up and down. "Get in line. You're after Ruby. Besides, rules are rules. You've gotta be naked first."

Grinning from ear to ear, she started to take her jacket off. "That's a fair cop. So did I miss much?"

I answered, "No. I only came out here a little while ago. In fact, this is only the second time I've ever kissed Michelle with tongue."

Bending over to kick off her heels, Mindy replied, "Cool! I'm glad I got to see that. To be honest, I've actually been watching from the house for a couple of minutes."

I responded, "You were? I didn't see you."

"I was looking from Michelle's room. It's a much better view up there. I love the way you were running your hands all over them at the same time!"

"Jesus, Mom!" Michelle said, still tensed up from being discovered. "You could'a said something. You scared the hell out of me!"

But grinning even more, Mindy replied, "Hey, I could see you two were expertly seducing my husband, or maybe he was expertly seducing you. Either way, I didn't want to spoil the mood. Now, Honey, are you just going to just stand there playing grab ass, or are we gonna see some serious smooching? Otherwise, it's Ruby's turn."

Michelle immediately planted her lips back on mine and soon we were back at our passionate necking.

Somehow I felt much better all around that Mindy was here, watching and fully approving. Emboldened, I brought a hand up to my daughter's giant F-cup breasts. They'd been pressing into my bare chest all the while, but I hadn't been paying them full attention due to everything else going on. In fact, I had yet to ever truly fondle them in a sexual manner to the exclusion of everything else. I determined to make up for that with some serious tit-fondling now.

As soon as my hand reached my daughter's tanned orb and cupped the underside, Ruby cried out, "Look! He's going for her tits! Look! He's never really done that before!"

I could hear Mindy reply, "I know! Dammit, it's too hot! I can't get out of these clothes fast enough! Help me with these pantyhose, Ruby!"

Michelle was also extremely excited by the simple move I'd made. As I brought my other hand up to play with her staggering rack as well, she shrieked, "Daddy! Take me!"

"Take me?" I asked quizzically.

"You know what I mean! Take my tits! Hold 'em! Squeeze 'em! Knead 'em! Own 'em! Do whatever you want, 'cos they're YOURS!" Her hands were still grasping my ass cheeks, and she was using that hold to press against me as tightly as she could. At the same time, her whole body was bouncing up and down with excitement.

That felt extremely good, especially since she still had a fair amount of suntan lotion on. It also felt great because all that bouncing meant lots of bumping into the erect pole in my shorts. She felt that as much as I did, and quickly decided to grind her lower abdomen directly against it in a much more deliberate manner.

But then, to my surprise, I felt Mindy suddenly press against me from behind and slightly to the side. One of her arms wrapped around my back, while the other wrapped around Michelle's. I hadn't seen her finish undressing, but it was obvious from all the skin-to-skin contact that she'd gotten naked. She emphasized that point by cooing in my ear, "Daniel, I'm ready for my kiss now."

Michelle had been so taken by my two-handed breast play that she'd forgotten to keep kissing me. But after hearing Mindy say that, she replied hotly, "Hey! It's still my turn! Daddy gets to play with my tits as much as he wants!" Then she threw herself back at me, probing her tongue deeply into my mouth.

Mindy didn't seem the least bit bothered by that, and continued to hug me and coo into my ear. There were four big bare tits pushing into me, two on my front and two on my back, a fact my wife couldn't fail to miss.

She cooed, "Look what you're doing, Honey. You're making out with your daughter, AND you're playing with her tits and ass. What a naughty, naughty boy. Did you hear what she said? Those are YOUR tits now! Yours to play with! Our daughter is right: you get to play with them as much as you like. Not just today, but any day! As a matter of fact, I insist that you play with them a LOT!"

Ruby stuck up for her "breast friend." "Michelle's tits are naughty! They need a lot of rough play or they get very naughty indeed!"

I felt my wife reaching around to my front side and grasp my hand. She moved her hand a little bit until it was deep in my daughter's cleavage. Then she started sliding it up and down in that tunnel of flesh, just like it was a penis in the middle of a titfuck!

I was totally shocked!

She said, "Look at this, Honey! Feel it! Don't you think your hard throbbing cock belongs in there? I think it does! What do you think, dear?"

Michelle apparently found that question too hot to handle, or maybe it was the way I had a hand twisting her left nipple. Or perhaps it was the way she was up on her toes, apparently trying to rub her clit against the bulge in my shorts. Or it could have been the way Ruby chose that very moment to walk up behind her and put both hands on Shelle's ass, since my hands were otherwise occupied. Probably, it was a combination of all that and more, including the scorching kiss we were sharing.

My blonde daughter pulled her mouth away and bit her lip in an effort not to scream out to the entire neighborhood while she was slammed by a monster orgasm.

She quickly gave up the effort to stifle her scream, but right as she did, I covered her mouth with mine again and probed inside with my tongue. That seemed to propel her even higher into orgasmic ecstasy. I could feel her entire body shaking and writhing.

Then, suddenly, she went completely limp.

I tried to hold her up, but my hands were full of the biggest tits I'd ever gotten my hands on, and I couldn't get a good hold. When they're that big, they don't exactly work well as a place to grab onto to keep a girl from falling when she faints, especially if they're oiled up with suntan lotion and slippery as all get out.

Surprisingly, Ruby wasn't much help, since she didn't realize Michelle's plight in her eagerness to get closer to me and kiss me next.

Luckily, Mindy quickly came around me and her mothering instincts took over. She managed to bring Michelle down to the ground with a safe landing, and then cradled her in her arms. "Darling? Michelle? Are you okay?"

"Mmmm... Aaaah..."

That was the first sign that Michelle hadn't actually passed out. She finally opened her eyes, and had that same spaced-out and dreamy look as when I'd woken her earlier. Except her eyes soon focused and she looked right up at me. She sighed longingly. "I'm in love!"

Mindy looked up at me and said, "Looks like you've got trouble, Honey." But she still had a big shit-eating grin on her face, and she was acting like this was the kind of trouble she wanted to dive into head-first while shrieking with glee. "You might just be stuck with a hot busty daughter who gets hooked on having orgasms with you!" She snickered gleefully.

Seeing that Michelle was literally in good hands, I looked around for Ruby.

She was standing behind me, still naked, still gorgeous. Her arms were pressing her E-cups from below, making them look at least as big as Michelle's F-cups. It looked like she was still waiting patiently for her turn, and she'd grown nervous and excited from watching what I'd done to her best friend. Perhaps she felt a little bit excluded, since she wasn't actually family like the rest of us.

But I decided to take care of that.

With her still staring up at me shyly, I quickly walked over and swept her up in my arms. This time, there was no need for a battle to open my mouth - I eagerly probed my tongue into hers from the moment our lips met.

We were still going at it a minute or two later when I heard Mindy coughing right next to my ear to get my attention. Apparently, she'd finished comforting Michelle, because she was happily draped all over my backside once more. Once I was looking her way, she purred, "Sexy, Dan! Sexy! I love how you're knocking down these busty vixens like bowling pins. But there's something wrong with this scene. ... Hmmm..."

I wasn't paying full attention to her while she apparently ruminated over something she didn't like, because my hands were busy wandering all over Ruby. The only area that was no-go for me was her pussy, but my hand even strayed near there as I swept my fingers back and forth over her taut abs.

Mindy finally made up her mind, and cooed, "I've figured it out. This is not how a kiss with Ruby is supposed to go. There needs to be more dry humping." And with that, she suddenly jerked my bathing suit down with both hands.

Just as suddenly, my erection found itself pressing hotly against Ruby's silky smooth flesh, made even slicker from the suntan lotion.

That seemed to send Ruby into some kind of erotic overdrive. She suddenly began devoting all her energies into grinding the front of her body against mine, with a particular focus on stroking my erection with her firm form. She was determined to get me to cum, and if she wasn't allowed to touch my hard-on with her hands, she was going to use every other trick in the book.

Mindy, meanwhile, was all over my back, but she wasn't just hugging me. She had her feet firmly planted on the ground. The last time Ruby had rubbed my boner like this, when she pressed forward, I could always give way slightly to ease up the pressure. But not anymore. Mindy was behind me, standing firm, and it was like I was trapped between a hammer and an anvil.

Ruby loved that. She slithered up and down me like a cat in heat trying to scratch a pole.

But apparently Mindy could only stand a supporting role for so long. Finally, she said, "Okay, Ruby, enough kissing for you. My turn."

"Awww... What a bummer!" But Ruby let me go.

I didn't really leave her grip though. Instead, I turned around in place so I could face Mindy. That meant that Mindy was holding me from my front side while Ruby was holding me from the back.

Mindy wrapped around me like our lives depended on the kiss. But she was under no real or imagined restriction that she couldn't touch my erection. While I held her up, with my arms wrapped around her, both her hands shot straight to my groin. She cupped and fondled my balls with one hand while she started jacking me off madly with her other one.

I could feel one of Ruby's hands snake between my legs. She felt around at Mindy's hands fondling my balls. Then she reached up further and discovered Mindy stroking my cock. Technically, she didn't really violate my rules, but that was only because her hands generally stayed on top of Mindy's!

Then she pulled back and ran her fingers up and down my perineum and ass crack. I got concerned when she started a prolonged, deep, and strangely arousing exploration of that area. But I wasn't in any position to protest because Mindy and I were French kissing so intensely while Mindy relentlessly pounded her fist up and down my soaked shaft.

I'd lost track of the resting Michelle. But after a while l felt her hand on my back and her breath in my ear. She pouted in obvious reference to Mindy's ongoing handjob, "No fair! Mom, I wish I could be doing that."

Ruby had made room behind me for her "breast friend," so I now had four remarkably big tits pressing into my upper back!

I found myself embraced by three voluptuous vixens at once. I could feel tits and hips and wandering hands everywhere. Someone was licking the back of my neck and working her way to my ear, but I couldn't tell just who. Even though we were outside and there was a light breeze, the smell of wet pussy filled the air and helped make me drunk on lust. Heck, just the sound of female panting coming from every direction was a huge turn-on.

And of course Mindy was still pumping away on my dick non-stop. Her hands were flying up and down on my slick shaft so fast that it was like they were trying to imitate the fluttering blur of hummingbird wings.

No one had spoken for a while, but Michelle started panting, "Mom, stroke that cock! Stroke it good! Make him cum! Make him cum NOW!"

Mindy panted, equally breathless, "I'm trying, I'm trying! But it's not easy to get this big fat thing to shoot off. You'll find out when it's your turn to stroke and suck him for hours on end!"

Why was everyone exaggerating my sexual talents so much? No man could be stroked and sucked "for hours on end," at least not by these three vixens. My ego was being stroked as much as my boner!

Those words got Ruby especially excited. Also panting hard, she said, "And my turn? Can it be my turn too?" She was busy sliding her breasts up and down my back. They were well covered in suntan lotion, and they slid over my skin like silk on silk. Actually, I was getting thoroughly covered in lotion just from all the naked skin rubbing against me from every direction.

"Yes, don't worry," Mindy said reassuringly to Ruby. "You'll get your turn too." Then, her voice grew much more excited, almost incoherent from her gasping and panting. "Every day! And not just stroking! You'll soon be SUCKING my hubby's COCK! Every single day! Both of you! Together!"

This triggered even more excitement in all three women. Ruby and Michelle squealed and shrieked with delight, as if that was the greatest news they'd ever heard in their lives.

Mindy's claim was a clear violation of the rules I'd set. Apparently, I didn't have much say in the matter. But I was in no mood to complain. Besides, my resolve to stick to that particular rule was fading by the minute. Like I said, what I'd done and overheard earlier had sort of broken my resistance.

I felt like I was at the top of the world. Talk about being treated like a king! The sexual pleasure was intense and seemingly endless!

But then, without warning, I could feel my balls tighten up. I knew it wouldn't be long. I had no idea where my cum would end up, but I shouted out, "I'm gonna cum!"

It was like Mindy was hit by a bullet from a sniper. One second her lips were on mine, even as her hands were setting some kind of land speed record, and the next second I was kissing air as she dropped to the ground. But she knew exactly what she was doing. Somehow, she managed to get her lips over my cockhead by the time I shot out the first blast of cum.

The white jets fired into the back of her throat while she bobbed her head back and forth. Her extra effort gave me an extra, unbelievably intense burst of pleasure. I thought I'd pass out, it felt so good.

At the same time, one of the girls, and I couldn't even tell which one, stuck a finger straight up my asshole! That threw me for a loop, but damn, did it feel great! My legs briefly gave way from the sudden surge of pleasure - it was like I was having a second orgasm on top of my ongoing orgasm! But the girls held me up, preventing me from collapsing onto Mindy.

Meanwhile, my wife kept sucking and sucking! Eventually, my dick slowly deflated. But she still licked and kissed it all over, like she was hoping there were a few more drops left to get if she could just coax them out with some more effort.

The girls were cheering us on all the while- not that we needed the extra encouragement. I couldn't tell who was who due to the mind-blowing intensity of my orgasm. But as my climax faded away, I heard one of them yell, "Make him cum! Make him cum!" over and over (even though I was already shooting my last spurts into Mindy's mouth). The other one simply yelled, "Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum, Dan, cum!"

I belatedly figured out that second voice had to be Ruby's, because Michelle would have said, "Cum, Daddy, cum!"

When it was over, and it was clear that my erection had totally called it quits, the girls began cheering, "Yeay! Yeah!" "You did it, Mom!" "No, WE did it!" and the like.

It was like they thought this was some kind of remarkable achievement, like hiking a tall mountain or something. I could actually feel how extremely psyched they were from the way they bounced around while still holding onto me.

Finally, Michelle and Ruby staggered back to their lounge chairs and sat down on them.

Mindy stood up, even as I sat down on the nearest lounge chair. My legs just couldn't support me after all that. She looked around proudly, and said, "And that, my girls, is how a real hello kiss is done!" Then she stuck out her tongue at them.

At first, I thought it was just a childish taunt, and I'm sure that was a part of it. But even from my position sitting down, I could see some white on her tongue. Then it hit me: She's showing off my cum!

Michelle lay back on her lounge chair, trying to recover. "Mom, you are the MAN!"

Ruby corrected herself, "You mean, she's the WOMAN. Mindy, did you swallow the whole load?"

Mindy was all smiles. "Of course! That goes without saying. Let's get one thing clear: if you plan on sucking my husband's cock, then you ALWAYS swallow. Is that clear? Unless he chooses to cum on your face or tits, in which case it's your duty to bask in your cummy reward. But that's HIS decision to make. Your role is simply to please him in any way you can. Is that understood?"

Both girls nodded with great interest. They sat side by side on the same lounge chair, staring up at Mindy like she was a great sex guru.

Mindy went on, "Taking all that cum and swallowing is one thing you can't really practice, no matter how many bananas and dildos you use. Even practicing on a boy wouldn't really work, 'cos Dan shoots out almost double the normal amount when he's got a big load. And that's most of the time. A few ounces may not sound like much, but just wait until it's happening. It'll feel like a fire hose is being blasted into your mouth. Just try to hold on and don't give up! If you have to let some dribble down your chin, that's okay. That's a good visual reminder that you just guzzled down his spermy gift like a good little... uh, woman."

It sounded like she was about to say something else, such as "slut," but edited herself at the last second. It was strange she was editing herself like that, given everything else she was saying. The walls were coming down fast.

Ruby commented, "Boy, Mindy, we've got so much to learn. Can you teach us how to suck and stroke like that? Your hands - they were like a blender on puree mode! How'd you do that?"

Mindy sat down on Michelle's lounge chair with her, since it was the closest. "Three words, girls: practice, practice, practice. It also helps to pick the right partner to practice on in the first place. But don't worry, I think we've got a willing victim for you to practice on, for years to come." She winked at me.

Having just cum, I wasn't exactly having the post-orgasmic blues, especially since my high had been so high. I was enjoying myself so very much that I wasn't averse to changing the rules to allow handjobs and even blowjobs.

But they didn't know that yet. And I didn't like the way Mindy was ignoring the rules I'd made like they didn't matter at all. So I said, "Now, wait a minute. Things are getting out of hand again. You're talking about breaking my rules without even asking me about it. I think a good rule is that the Gruesome Twosome can't put their hands on my, well, King. That'll keep this teasing within 'reasonable bounds,' as you like to put it."

Michelle asked, "So that's the rule? No hands on King? Anything else goes?"

"Well, no lips on the guy either. Obviously. And no tongue!"

"Awww." Clearly, she'd been looking forward to taking advantage of my oversight with that.

Ruby and Michelle looked unhappy and ready to argue.

I felt like I'd just pooped in a punch bowl, because everyone was so disappointed to hear that. Hell, I was extremely disappointed myself.

But I decided, I think we can see what's going to happen here. My rule against handjobs and blowjobs will bend and then break. Hopefully titfucks too. And I'm okay with that. As Mindy astutely told the girls this morning, I've reached some point of no return. The pleasure is too great for any straight man to resist!

That said, I still think we need to go slow. I need to put my foot on the brakes a little bit here because otherwise things will totally spin out of control. I can't let this turn into actual fucking. To do that would be actually criminal, in Michelle's case. Let them fight to get me to accept handjobs for the near future. Before long, we'll reach a nice groove where we give each other lots of orgasms every day, and they'll see we don't need to fuck to have great fun.

Surprisingly, Mindy clapped her hands and cut off the girls' impending complaints. "Okay, what Dan says goes on this. Let's respect his decision and hope that someday he changes his mind. But that's HIS call to make."

Ruby and Michelle looked at each other. They didn't say anything, but I could tell from the look what they were non-verbally communicating, Let's go along with this for now, but keep working to undermine it until we get our way.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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