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Chapter 17

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy at least seemed to be in agreement with me over my newly declared rule that Michelle and Ruby were not allowed to put their hands or mouth on my dick. She added, "Now that we're all agreed on that rule, we've got a problem."

"What?" I asked.

She squinted and looked up towards the sun. Then she looked back at us. "The Sun. The Sun is moving and these lounge chairs are losing their shade. Now, the way I figure, we can do one of two things. One, we can move the chairs so they're safely under the tree again." She faked a yawn. "Boooring. Or two, we could put on some more suntan lotion, or have our hunky 'n' handsome man here put it on us."

"Woo-hoo!" Ruby and Michelle yelled. They pumped their fists near their sides and started to chant, "Dan the man! Dan the man!" The pumping set their tits swaying back and forth. I couldn't get enough of that kind of sexy sight!

Mindy looked at me, almost with pity. "Sorry to say, Daniel, you're outvoted, no matter how you vote. It's at least three to one for option number two. Those two already have some suntan lotion on them; I could tell from their slicked-up bodies. And they rubbed all over you so much that you're fairly well covered too. But not me. And I don't spend half my day every day working on an all-over tan like certain busty girls here who shall remain nameless."

She shot a glare at Ruby and Michelle, but it was all in good fun. "Good Lord, I feel like an albino compared to the three of you. And I know it's unheard of around here, but I've even got actual tan lines and pale naughty bits to prove it." Then she gave me a private look that all but begged me to agree with her.

I could see where Mindy was going with this: I needed to soften the announcement of sticking to the "no touching the penis" rule. Covering the girls with lotion would keep their grumblings to a minimum, at least for now.

I noticed a bottle of suntan lotion on the ground near Michelle's head, so I stood up and walked over to get it. It felt a bit strange that I was now as completely naked as the three of them were, since my bathing suit had somehow come off in the group "hug." My flaccid penis was swinging in the breeze just a few feet from my daughter's head, and she was staring at it raptly, mesmerized by its every move. She even licked her lips unconsciously. But after everything else that had happened lately, I just couldn't work up a head of guilt over it.

I walked back to my wife, and said, "You know, I love all those pale naughty bits. Even the tan lines."

"I know you do, but let's make them not quite so pale, okay? Now that I'm going to be cutting down on my hours at work, maybe I'll have some time to work on my tan. I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna compete with the rest of your harem."

"Harem?" I asked. "Ha! That's a stretch. I prefer to think of it more like you have a couple of teasing assistants."

Now that things had calmed down, I took a heavy whiff of the air. Even though we were outside, the musky smell of aroused pussy was almost overwhelming. I could see a lot of glistening juices on thighs too, especially Michelle's. As always, she was the most brazen and had her legs wide open while Mindy and Ruby had their legs more or less together.

I almost didn't want to open up the suntan lotion, because I knew the coconut smell would drown out the pussy smell, but I opened it up anyway. I was sitting on the edge of Ruby's lounge chair now, within easy reach of Mindy who was sitting next to Michelle on Michelle's lounge chair. I reached out to start covering Mindy's arm with some of the lotion that I'd squirted into my hand.

But apparently Mindy didn't like our positioning. She looked around and said, "Hmmm. Only two lounge chairs within easy reach. Michelle, can I lie down on yours?"

"Sure thing, Mom." Michelle obviously liked that suggestion. The lounge chairs were narrow and really only designed for one, so she'd be right in the thick of the action. She scooted further away, so I could easily reach Mindy to apply the lotion.

Michelle had her long blonde hair tied up into a ponytail with a scrunchie. She did that often when tanning so the hair wouldn't get in the way of her skin as much as usual.

As Mindy started to lie face down, she said, "Ruby, pull your chair closer. That way, we can all get really cozy."

After the rearranging, I still found myself sitting on the edge of Ruby's lounge chair and facing Michelle's, but I'd had to turn sideways some, because now there was only a small gap between the lounge chairs where I could fit my legs. I sat up towards Ruby's head, and she took advantage of my closeness by plastering her body up against mine. And even though she remained lying down, she had some suntan lotion of her own and began applying it to my skin, while I did the same to my wife.

I asked Ruby, "Aren't you even going to ask first?"

Her voice was full of apology and eagerness. "Oh! Please, please, please, please, please?! Please can I put this lotion on you? We don't want you to burn up, besides-"

I replied, "Okay, okay. I just wanted you to ask."

Mindy said chidingly, "Ruby, listen to him. The way I figure, you're much more than just Michelle's best and 'breastest' friend; you're family. And in this family, what Dan says goes. I expect you to obey his every command, no matter what he orders you to do."

"Yes, Mindy." Ruby was behind me so I didn't see her face, but it sounded like she was positively thrilled by this order!

This idea that I was in total charge was dubious news to me, as I was surrounded by willful women. That's the downside to beautiful women - they are used to getting what they want, as most people fawn over them. But I realized that Mindy was more vocalizing her sexual fantasies than anything, and Ruby obviously shared the same fantasy. I didn't kid myself that this meant I was actually in charge of anything, except maybe for certain sexual matters.

Mindy and Michelle were crammed in together on one chair, pretty much touching from head to toe, but apparently they liked it cozy. They were both face down, with Mindy closer to me. Mindy's ass definitely held up against Michelle's, which was saying a lot about how she'd kept herself in shape.

Michelle said, "Mom, that applies to me too, right? Like, if Daddy wants me to suck his penis for hours and hours, then I have to, don't I?"

"Yes, you do," Mindy replied matter-of-factly. "Only we don't call it 'sucking his penis.' We refer to it as sucking his cock. Or cocksucking. Some men have penises, but Dan has a cock."

Michelle giggled at Mindy, because Mindy was playing with the role of a chiding mother. "My bad."

I groused, "You all think you're very funny, but I'm serious. It doesn't matter what you call it, Shelle, it's not gonna happen." Although I was warming to the idea, I still had to play "hard to get" to slow them down so we didn't go too far.

She whined, "Why not?"

"Because I said so. End of story." Realizing that would hold her back for about five minutes, at best, I added, "It'll warp your mind and make me feel terribly guilty as a failed father. Besides, didn't you hear what Mindy just said about not questioning me? I've broken all kinds of boundaries today that I really shouldn't be breaking. Be happy with that or I'll have to go back to a total 'no touching' ban."

That shut her up, at least for the moment. But then, with her hand cupped in front of her mouth, she theatrically whispered towards Ruby, "I think he's gay!"

I just rolled my eyes at that.

Mindy guffawed. She started to ask me, "Honey, did you realize-"

I cut her off and growled, "Don't encourage her silliness."

After a couple of minutes, my wife asked me, "So Honey. How do you like it? Let's review: you're sitting in the shade, naked as the day you were born, with three equally nude hotties crowded all around you. You're rubbing lotion onto your wife's pale ass, while Ruby is covering every inch of you with her cream, although it seems to me that she's more intent on sliding her beautiful bare tits all over your back than anything else. It certainly seems an effective way to spread suntan lotion around, at least. Meanwhile, your daughter is on the sidelines for the moment, just soaking up the sun. But I'll bet she's already busy thinking about ways to get around your 'no hands or lips' rule."

"Yep!" Michelle said proudly. "What if I were to accidentally fall on you and my mouth just happened to land right on your cock, and then I couldn't get unstuck until I sucked a cum load out of you?"

I rolled my eyes at that.

"Anyway," Mindy concluded with a big smirk-smile, "I'm thinking that it must be a pretty good day for you."

"Yeah, you could say that," I agreed. "Giving in to my wild side some, it definitely does have its perks."

Michelle suddenly sat up on her forearms, giving me a great view of her enormous breasts as they swung free. There ought to be laws against having that much cleavage. She said, "Hey! I'm not a 'perk.' And I'm not a 'teasing assistant,' either."

"Then what are you? I don't know what to call this." Lately they'd been using “big-titted cockteases” some, but that sounded too demeaning to me, so I didn't mention it.

"I don't know," she conceded, her facial features scrunched up in mild dismay. "Why don't you call Ruby and me your 'mistresses?' We can start with that."

I started to laugh, but then I realized that she was serious. "Okay, Fine. Mistress Michelle, do you have another bottle of suntan lotion?"

"NO!" she complained. "Not like that! Don't call me that. That makes me sound like I'm your superior, or some kind of dominatrix or something. I don't mean THAT kind of mistress. I mean like you've got a wife, and you've got a piece of tail or two on the side that you use for your amusement."

I found that odd, and I was going to complain. I'd raised my daughter to have more self-respect than that.

But Mindy quickly said, "We don't have to call it anything. Not yet. Why don't you just call them your 'sexy babes' for the time being?"

Glad to avoid that issue for now, I nodded. "My sexy babes. I like that. I'm a pretty lucky guy to be sitting here with three sexy babes."

Ruby reached around me and gave Michelle a silent high-five.

I said to Mindy, "So, Sweetheart, you must be having a pretty good day too. I didn't even know you could make a smile that big."

If anything, her smile only grew larger at that. "Yeah, well, I've got to admit, this is seventh heaven for me. Wait a sec." She turned over so she was face up. Now she could see everything around her much better, as well as putting her breasts and pussy on full display. "Aaaaaahhh. Now THIS is seventh heaven. No, fourteenth heaven."

Michelle asked, "Let me guess: twice as nice as seventh heaven?"

"Exactly. Daniel, my Honey, just looking at you sitting there with centerfold-perfect Ruby reaching around to run both her hands over your stomach and chest - it does things for me! You have no idea how horny that makes me."

I nodded to her wet pussy and the racing stripe remnant of her bush above it. "Actually, I do."

She furrowed her brow. "Swampy, huh? ... Hmmm, what's that?" She wiggled her hips. "What's that I feel down there? I think there are some alligators living there, that's how swampy it is."

"Uh-oh," I joked back, "I'd better not put my hand down there, I don't want my fingers bit off by the pussy 'gators."

She said forcefully, "Daniel Cooper, don't you DARE say that!" Then, gently, "Don't worry, I'll keep my pussy 'gators on a tight leash for you. In fact, seeing how my skin is the palest right around there, you'd better cover that spot first."

I had been applying the lotion to her legs, and had only started on the front of them since she'd just flipped over. But I sighed theatrically. "Yes, dear. Ruby, you see how tough my life is? Bossed around by my wife night and day."

Mindy chortled. "Yep. You've got it tough, Honey. It's always 'Don't forget to take out the trash' this, 'Don't forget to cover every inch of your daughter's naked body in suntan lotion' that. You know, the tough life."

Michelle chimed in with a big smile, "Actually, it's more like the HARD life for Daddy."

"Good point," Mindy agreed, as she stared at Ruby's hands, which had just finished with my upper torso and had jumped to my thighs. "Um, speaking of which, Ruby, you missed a spot."

Michelle sat up again, so she could look over Mindy at my crotch. "Yeah, you missed a spot! A very important spot!" She snickered and giggled.

The only spot she'd missed was my penis, which had grown erect again. She'd dared to run her fingers all the way down to the top of my dark pubic hair, and now I'd opened my legs wider as I sat, so she could better access all of my thighs. But she was obeying the "no hands or lips touching the penis" rule.

In fact, she said, "Mindy, you know I wanna cover that spot most of all! I could apply lotion there for HOURS! But what about the rule?"

Mindy frowned. "Hmmm. The rule. What do we do about the rule?" She seemed to have a Eureka moment. "Oh, I know! This is going to require some furniture rearrangement."

I was still working on her legs, but had to stop as she stood up.

She looked around. In addition to the two lounge chairs we were using, there was a white plastic patio table, some white plastic chairs, and a couple more lounge chairs, all in the vicinity. She walked over to one of the plastic chairs and carried it to me. She had me sit in it in so I would still be right next to the lounge chair being shared by her and Michelle. I hardly moved my location at all.

She pushed Ruby's lounge chair out of the way to make room for the plastic chair, and then she started manipulating the lounge chair. It was one of those types that was essentially divided into thirds. You could raise and lower the top third and the bottom third. She raised the top third so Ruby would be sitting in it almost like a normal chair, and then she dropped the bottom third as low as it could go so it would be out of the way.

All the while she'd been silent, letting the mystery grow as to what she was planning. Finally, she pulled the newly bent lounge chair right up to where I was sitting and had Ruby get in it. Now, there wasn't much room for Ruby to put her legs anywhere, because my body was in the way.

Mindy finally proclaimed, "Let's review the rule: no lips, no hands. The rule doesn't say anything about feet!" And with that, she took the bottle of suntan lotion and squirted some on the soles of Ruby's feet.

Ruby's eyes lit up as she finally figured out what was happening. She literally clapped her hands with joy. "Ohmigod! Michelle have I told you how much I LOVE your mom? She's a genius!"

Mindy beamed. In her best Wile E. Coyote voice she said, "Mindy Cooper: suuuuupah genius. That's me."

"Hmmm," I said, as Ruby brought her feet up to both sides of my erection. "I suppose I can't really oppose this, after that theatrical production."

Ruby's insoles immediately trapped my erection between her feet and started sliding them up and down on it.

"Nope!" Mindy said triumphantly, intently watching the footjob begin. "Girls, the first rule of marriage is that the wife secretly calls the shots and the husband learns to say, 'yes, dear' whenever it's decision time. Isn't that right, Honey?"

I obligingly replied, "Yes, dear."

Everyone laughed.

Everyone but me, that is. I would have laughed, except I was too busy grimacing with pleasure. Ruby's feet were going to town all over my cock! I was amazed at how good it felt. True, there was a certain clumsiness to it, especially since she'd obviously never done anything like this with her feet before, but it felt every bit as good as a handjob to me. In fact, it felt even better than a typical handjob, because Mindy had squirted a great amount of lotion on Ruby's feet, and now all that lotion made my hard-on and the bottoms of her feet more slippery than a slithering mass of eels.

Plus, the fact that it was Ruby doing it, my de facto daughter, was driving me wild!

Michelle teased Mindy, "How do you keep Daddy in line so well?"

Mindy lay back down on the lounge chair, right in front of me. It looked like she was expecting me to continue putting the lotion on her even as I was going out of my mind from the footjob. I don't know what she was thinking!

She replied, "Well, judicious use of pussy 'gators, for one. Those guys come out at night and they're MEAN! That, plus when he's good I let him nail all the teenage pussy he likes. And he's good ALL the time, my chivalrous Sir Pumpsalot." She winked up at me.

Michelle sat up and brought an arm under her jutting breasts, cradling them. She pretended distress. "But Mommy! I've got a teenage pussy!" She looked down at her slit, wet and swollen with arousal.

Mindy rolled her eyes, as if this were the most obvious thing in the world. She replied, "Darling, you ARE teenage pussy. Fresh, ripe, and ready to be plucked. I'm afraid that Dan could up and shove his big fat King in your tight virgin gash at any time, and there's nothing you can do about it, except love it! Remember what I said about the need to obey whatever he orders you to do. Including that. Especially that! You'll just have to spread your legs and strain with all your might, and take all of him in your tight twat while you scream for joy."

"His Hunka-Hunka Burnin' Love, you mean," Michelle joked. She seemed delighted beyond measure at this "danger" I represented.

"That's right. There's really no telling just what kind of nasty deeds your dastardly daddy is capable of. Why, one of these days, you just might wake up in the middle of the night to find him sitting on your chest with his great big dick sliding down your throat!"

"That's okay, Daddy," Michelle said, batting her eyelashes at me seductively. "That's your right, to take me any way you please, now that I'm one of your sexy babes. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to be a really good cocksucker, since I do expect to find you sitting on my chest and cramming the King in my mouth!" She licked her lips enticingly. "The only thing is: you can do anything you want, but lay off of my blue suede shoes."

Mindy guffawed. "Good one! I didn't see that coming. And speaking of cumming, for crying out loud, stop it with the legs already, Honey. Let 'em burn! My pussy needs lovin'!" She sat up, grabbed my hand that had been at her knee, and pulled it up to her crotch. Satisfied, she lay back down.

This was too much arousal and stimulation at once, especially with Ruby's footjob continuing non-stop. And the sex talk was way over the top. But I loved it! I felt like I'd gone over to the "dark side" somehow, but I didn't care. Lust was in charge.

"But I'm afraid of the pussy 'gators," I joked, as I started to finger her pussy lips. I even applied some lotion all around her racing strip of hair with the other hand, since she was quite pale there.

Mindy rolled her eyes. But then she said, "Michelle, when you have a man, you have to know how to manipulate him to get what you want. Now, I want you to slather your big teenage tits with lotion, then get over there and rub them all over his body until he finally gives in and plays with my pussy!"

"Okay!" Michelle had been feeling left out of the direct contact. She was glad for an excuse to join in, although she found watching the continuing footjob to be mesmerizing.

I pointed out, "You know, Sweetheart, I AM playing with your pussy already."

"Are you? I thought that was a pussy 'gator looking for a cave to nap in. Well, Michelle, you'll just have to make out with him to make sure he doesn't stop. Oh, and do the tit rubbing thing too. I really want to see that."

I thought, Make out? How could that possibly work?! My position was awkward enough as it was, with my legs spread open wide, Ruby's feet busy sliding against my boner, and me trying to reach out for my wife at the same time.

But Michelle was not deterred. She knelt directly on top of one of my legs and then threw her arms around me. This not only allowed us to make out while she rubbed her lotion-covered tits all over my chest, but she could also rub her drooling pussy along the top of my thigh.

Mindy managed to have a great climax while I was busy kissing my daughter. That was a bit of a relief for me, because she pushed my hand away from her crotch, since her pussy suddenly felt sore and sensitive. That allowed me to concentrate more on making out with Michelle and enjoying Ruby's footjob.

One thing about footjobs is that their naturally clumsy nature means that they can last a long time. It was somewhat akin to trying to give a handjob while wearing boxing gloves - one can only do so much. So my erection was going on and on with a great erotic buzz.

Or at least that's what I thought. But then Ruby discovered a new technique. She pinned my erection to my thigh with one foot, giving access to the more sensitive underside. And then she trapped the spot just under my bulbous cockhead, between her big toe and the rest of her toes, and started rubbing back and forth on my most sensitive region. I don't think she'd realized before that she could spread her toes enough to make that happen, but she just barely managed.

Now her attentions were suddenly a lot more intense. I was gonna blow before long, if she kept that up. I couldn't say anything about it though, since I was swapping spit with my daughter.

Finally, Michelle gave me a break, kind of. Pulling back a bit, she brought my hand up to her nipples and said, "Daddy, isn't this great?! This is like a dream come true for me! All I wanna do is make you happy 'cos I love you so much!"

I couldn't really see Ruby, since Michelle was licking along my jaw-line while she talked, but I asked her, "What about you, Ruby? How do you feel?"

"Exactly what she said... Daddy."

Surprised, I made a greater effort to look her way, and I saw she was suddenly blushing profusely. She also had suddenly doubled the vigor with which she was jacking me off between her toes.

Just in case I was too thick to get the message, Michelle brought her mouth to my ear and as she started to lick it, she whispered right into it, "Ruby loves you, Daddy. A lot. As much as I do, even. And that's a whole lot!"

That made me feel really good. I still wasn't entirely comfortable with telling her that I loved her as a daughter out loud, even though I did. I'd watched her grow up since she was a baby, and she and Michelle had been best friends for nearly that long. I realized that I really felt like she was my child. I felt the need to at least say something to her while I still sorted out my feelings. So I said, "Ruby, I've noticed that you've been slipping up a lot in recent days and calling me 'Daddy.'"

There was a hush, and all motion between us stopped.

But I quickly added, "You can keep saying it, as far as I'm concerned. I kinda like it."

Ruby's eyes went wide. Then, suddenly my erection was freed from her tangle of toes, and she threw herself at my upper body. "Oh, Daddy!"

Michelle was already right there, with her arms around me, but that didn't slow Ruby down in the slightest. She sat on my other leg, and Michelle made room, so Ruby could hug me from one side while Michelle kept hugging me from the other side. Suddenly, I felt four large breasts all lined up on my chest and pressing against it. I certainly had never felt that before, and would have cum for sure if Ruby had still been continuing her footjob.

She kissed me passionately for a couple of minutes or more, running her hands all over me all the while.

It's a good thing I knew how to breathe through my nose while kissing, because as soon as she finally relented, Michelle immediately took over. Soon, they were taking turns.

At the same time, both of them were sliding their pussy lips back and forth across the tops of my thighs. As a result, my thighs were rapidly getting drenched in pussy juice. I could feel their bodies shuddering from time to time as they climaxed on me.

After a while, Michelle said to Mindy, who was just sitting nearby and watching, "Mom! Oh my God, check this out! It's like an assembly line - we've got four big tits all lathered up with lotion and in a row, sliding up and down on Daddy's muscular chest in perfect time! Isn't that cool? And we're both humping his legs with our cunts! If only he had a third leg, you could hump that too, and then we'd have SIX tits in a row! That would be soooo cool!"

Mindy replied matter-of-factly, "He does have a third leg."

That confused both girls. They looked to Mindy to see what she was saying.

Mindy sagely nodded at my erection, which was just bobbing there in mid-air, untouched.

The girls burst into laughter. "Ohmigod, he DOES!" Michelle said happily. "Mom, come over here and ride his third leg."

Mindy answered, "I'd love to, but I think the King needs a break. Right, Honey?"

I nodded. I was fine with the current set-up, since I was on such a constant erotic high that I didn't need to cum, and didn't even want to cum. I was content to keep the erotic buzz going forever. Besides, I was mighty impressed with their self-control and respect for the rule I'd set. I wanted to see if they could continue to follow it. If they could, maybe keeping things at the level I wanted could work, after all. If so, we could hopefully do more soon.

I was so smothered in teenage tit-flesh, lips, and love, that I lost all track of my wife for a while. There was nothing but lips on my face, tits on my chest, and pussies on my thighs, while my hands roamed wherever they wanted.

But she came back into my consciousness when I heard the sound of clicking.

Michelle and Ruby heard it too, and pulled back from trading kisses with me to look around.

We all found Mindy standing there naked just behind the girls, holding a camera.

Far from being angry, she still had a huge smile plastered on her face. She said, "Sorry to disturb you, but I found this scene so moving and beautiful that I just had to capture it for posterity."

Ruby apparently loved that. She gushed, "Pictures of some of my very first kisses with my man! My daddy! Mindy, that's brilliant! You're the greatest!"

Mindy joked, "Awww, shucks. You don't have to call me that; I'm kind of shy and modest. You can just call me 'super genius' like you did before. Oh, and this also records video."

"OHMIGOD!" Ruby squealed with pure glee. "You ARE a super genius! Here, take some footage of this!" She resumed kissing me, but with even more intensity and passion.

She was in for a surprise, though. Michelle stood up behind her and grabbed her hips with both hands. Then she started sliding all of Ruby's body back and forth over my leg, resulting in much longer strokes than before. That brought her pussy to still-dry portions of my leg as she slid all the way down to my knee, but her pussy was so flooded that she slid quite easily. She was no longer able to keep her lips on mine, and just kept her arms wrapped around me to hold on. But her big breasts were able to slide all the way down to my stomach and back up to my neck.

Ruby shrieked, "This is FUN! This is like an amusement park ride, but with SEX! I've never felt more like a sex toy before, and I love it! I'm gonna cum! AGAIN!"

As an orgasmic wave of pleasure washed over her, and her body began to tremble, Michelle pushed her pussy back up my leg so Ruby's lips could reach mine again. Ruby locked on and channeled a large part of the energy shooting through her into me via a truly electric kiss.

Then she just sort of flopped down on me, and her wild ride was transformed to a gentle cuddle. As her breathing came back under control, she purred, "Mmmm. Daddy. I love that: Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Now I don't have to be afraid to say it anymore. Daddy, that was the best!"

"I have to admit that I think it was pretty damn fun too," I said. "And I like all the Daddies."

That earned me another big kiss from Ruby. While we necked some more, I thought, I really need to ask Cindy permission to call Ruby "daughter," as well as double checking that she's okay with having her call me "Daddy." And I need to do it soon!

When that French kissing session ended, I said to my wife, "Sweetheart, you want to try that sometime?"

Mindy was still standing there, recording away. "Oh, definitely. You may have to start charging admission for the 'Daddy Thigh Ride.' And I saw what Ruby was doing with her toes. I'm going to have to try that. I thought there was no way my toes could reach around your fat cock, but it's worth a shot."

Michelle settled back onto my other leg and cuddled me from the other side. As she nuzzled her blonde head of hair near my arm pit, I heard her murmuring, "Mmmm. Daddy."

That felt really great. I felt truly loved by these two girls. But I felt obliged to say, "Um, I hate to break up the mood, but Ruby, you said something about how I was your man and you felt great, like a sex toy. I don't want you to get the wrong idea..."

"Oh, Daddy, don't worry," she replied, as if it was a silly question. "I don't mean you're my man, like I'm stealing you away or something. I know it takes a bunch of 'sexy babes' to keep you fully satisfied. You're my man, you're Michelle's man, and most of all you're Mindy's man."

Actually, I was going to discourage her from calling herself a "sex toy."

But I didn't get a chance, because Ruby asked Michelle, "We luuuuve sharing you, don't we?"

"Yep!" Michelle replied. She took hold of my hand that had been lazily resting on her and brought it over to one of Ruby's breasts, I suppose to emphasize how much she liked sharing. Then she leaned her head up and kissed me on one of my collar bones.

Seeing that, Ruby reciprocated. She took my other hand, which had been on her, and brought it over to one of Michelle's jutting breasts. Then she too leaned up and kissed me on my other collar bone.

"Our bodies are yours, now, Daddy," Michelle added as her fingers brought my fingers over Ruby's nipple. Holding my thumb and forefinger as if it was a claw, she clamped them down on the nipple repeatedly. "Now and forever!"

I didn't put much stock in her words. She's a dramatic person prone to dramatic statements that are sometimes wildly exaggerated.

Mindy still standing there recording everything. Finally, she put her camera down on one of the lounge chairs and said, "Hubby, let me show you just how I feel about sharing."

My erection was still sticking straight out, untouched. She took care of that. Dropping to her knees, she took it in her mouth and began sucking on it! She looked up at me with loving eyes, while her head bobbed back and forth.

"Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!" I muttered.

"Go, Mom!" Michelle cheered.

"Yeah, go for it!" Ruby added just as enthusiastically.

The feelings of pleasure in my groin were intense. I'd been close to cumming for so long that I'd lost track. But Mindy was being gentle and slow in her sucking, not frantic, perhaps in expectation that I had more to say.

I did have more to say. I wasn't sure if this was the right time to have a serious discussion, with two naked bombshells cuddling on either side of me and a third on her knees actually sucking my cock, but I figured I'd probably fail to mention it later if I didn't say it while it was on my mind. "Um, girls? Ruby? You also said something about how you felt so great to be a sex toy. Or something kind of like that . ... I'm not really, er, thinking too well right now."

Ruby giggled. "I wonder why that is? But yeah, I said something like that. If I want to call myself your sex toy, don't I have the right to do that? It makes me feel good. I wanna make YOU feel good. I love you, Daddy. There. I've said it! I love that I can call you 'Daddy,' but I also want you to call me your slut. Your toy. Your pet. I wanna do to you what Mindy's doing right now. And more! I wanna dive in to total sexual devotion to the man I love!"

Michelle joked, "What she said." But then she added, more in awe than anything, "Seriously, what she said! Ruby, I hope you don't mind if I say that I feel the exact same way!"

Ruby reached out and held Michelle's hand. "Not at all, girl. We're in this together, right?"

Michelle responded, "Totally! I can't believe we're talking to him while Mom is sucking his cock! TOO COOL!"

"I know!"

Ruby and Michelle screamed and squealed.

Ruby added, "Just look at how her cheeks are caved in and her lips are stretched out over all that HOT man meat! HNNG! I bet her tongue is doing all kinds of great stuff!"

Michelle dramatically looked away. "I can't bear to look! Seeing her sliding lips makes me so jealous that I could just die! I really could die!"

Trying to change the discussion from blowjobs, I said, "Before you die, about this 'sex toy' language-"

Michelle interrupted to answer, "That's how I feel too, Daddy. I love you, and I want to serve you. I'm submissive, just like Ruby. That's why we like to be called sex toys and TREATED like sex toys. By YOU! We need a strong man who's not afraid to control us and use us. It can only be you!"

I thought, If Michelle is submissive, then I'm a monkey's uncle! But apparently she's on a kick where she's finding it arousing to play at being submissive. ... Or something. I can't figure her out. But then again, I never really could. I just wonder how long this kick will last.

But I'm not going to worry about that now. Min is sucking my dick and it feels too good to believe! My two daughters can't wait to have their turns someday soon, and I think I'm going to let them! I've just died and gone to heaven!

Then, momentarily forgetting me, the two girls met up on top of the middle of my chest and began kissing each other on the lips.

As if I wasn't aroused enough already!

I couldn't see Mindy any more with the Gruesome Twosome in the way, but I certainly could feel her and what she was doing with her mouth. I asked, "Sweetheart, how are you with all this?"

I could feel her laughing around my dick. She pulled off to say, "Honey, duh! When your wife is in the middle of sucking you off with gusto, I think it's safe to say that's a signal that she approves!"

"But Min! This is just some sexy teasing or a phase they're going through... Isn't it? It sounds like they're seriously in love with me."

She'd resumed sucking already, but she pulled off again with an annoyed sigh. "Duh! Of course they are. And I seriously love you, and them, and they love me, and you, and each other! Everybody loves everybody! It's all good. It's just the same as before, except with lots more orgasms. And now we can finally admit that you're Ruby's REAL dad, in all but genetics. YOU, and not that deadbeat loser who finally ran away from his family altogether." She immediately took my cockhead back in her mouth and resumed her talented bobbing.

"Yeah!" Ruby said as she finally broke her kiss with Michelle. "Daddy, if you'd call me your daughter, I'd be so happy. I'd let you do ANYTHING with my body. ANYTHING!"

Michelle nudged her with an elbow across me. "Hey, you're ALREADY totally willing and ready to give your entire body to him."

"Oh yeah."

They both giggled.

Michelle glanced at Mindy's head bobbing over my crotch. She quickly put a hand over her eyes. "Ohmigod! I literally can't bear to watch! It's too hot!"

By contrast, Ruby wasn't afraid of blatantly staring. "I'm getting thirsty! So thirsty for Daddy cum! I can't stop salivating!"

I was finding it increasingly difficult to talk, or even think. But I felt this "Daddy" issue was important to sort out, so I pressed on. "But... Ruby... Getting back to, uh... You have... a mother... a good mother..."

That was true. Ruby's father was born rich and married a gorgeous woman, Cindy, straight out of high school. But he was your stereotypical dissolute spoiled rich kid who never learned how to work or control himself. Drinking, cheating, gambling - he did it all and more, and yet Cindy put up with it and did her damnedest to raise Ruby and give her a normal life.

And it looked like she was making it, despite all the obstacles, until a few years ago, when her husband suddenly announced that he was divorcing her and took off with a new trophy wife, which as I'd mentioned before, seemed to be the modus operandi in this neighborhood. Cindy, though, still lived in the same house, soldiering on, still doing her best to raise Ruby right.

Growing thoughtful, Ruby looked away from the cocksucking action and said, "Yeah, I have a good mom. A great mom, in fact! I love my mom. But if I have you as my daddy and Mindy as my second mom, that won't take away from my relationship with Cindy at all. In fact, I'm sure she'll be relieved. The main reason she's been trying to date again is so she can find me a new father, so I can have a positive male role model in life."

I replied, "Look at us. ... I've got you... draped on... one arm..." I was trying to make a point, but it was too tough to talk. My face was straining as I struggled not to cum. I'm sure I looked like I was on the verge of taking a big shit. Mindy's blowjob was just too intense!

Luckily, Ruby knew where I was going with this, and said for me, "I know. You've got me on one arm, Michelle on the other, and your wife is on her knees, sucking your big fat yummy cock. That doesn't exactly look like a positive role model, right?"

I just nodded. I was really starting to regret picking this, of all times, to bring up this serious issue.

Mindy had slowed down some in her licking, which helped, but she knew just how to keep me riiiiight on the edge, which was maddening, but in the best possible way.

Ruby waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry. Mom knows about my feelings for you already, to some extent. I'm sure she'll be pleased to find I'm finally getting sexually active, and that I'm not a lesbian or bisexual."

My hands had stopped moving a while ago, since all I was doing was hanging on for dear life and trying not to cum. But I noticed that Ruby was idly playing with one of Michelle's breasts as she said this. I would have reveled in the irony, except I was too horny to think.

Ruby went on, "Besides, she likes you. A lot! I'm sure she'll warm up to the idea that I'm your daughter and sexual plaything. ... Eventually."

I croaked, "Sexual... Play...?" Damn, it was getting harder and harder to say anything at all. I knew it wouldn't be long now before I shot my load, no matter how much I resisted. Mindy was taking it slowly, but she was talented and relentless.

Still, there was something nagging at me. Some kind of parental worry. I was warming up more and more to the idea of having sexual fun with Ruby and Michelle. It seemed that every single minute I felt their flawless and fit naked bodies pressed against mine, more and more of my guilt and worry fell away. But still, there was this nagging thing...

Ah, yes, I remembered somehow. They need to find boys their own age! All this talk about being sex toys, MY sex toys - unhealthy! Bad! Could twist their minds, stunt their emotional growth. Not good!

It was a Herculean effort, but I managed to pant out, "Find... boys... your age!"

Michelle frowned. "Oh, you're still going on about that?" But then she added brightly, "Daddy, you know what Ruby and I like to do? We like to obey! Not just anybody, but you! If you wanna tie me to your bedposts and fuck me all night long, the only thing I'll say to that is, 'Let's go get the rope.' So of course, if you want us to date some... boys" - she said that word with great distaste - "then that's what we'll do, right, Ruby?"

"Right! Our bodies are yours to command!" With that, Ruby stretched up to kiss me on the lips.

Michelle had the same idea at pretty much the same time, but got there slightly ahead of her friend.

It was all too much to take. I could feel my balls boiling over as I gave up trying to stave off my climax. Jets of my hot cum shot into my wife's mouth as I arched my back and struggled not to scream.

But my struggle didn't last for long. Just as I was letting out an incoherent yell, Michelle's lips closed over mine. I screamed into her mouth, which thankfully at least muffled the sound somewhat from the neighbors.

My climax went on and on and on. Mindy continued her impression of an industrial-strength Hoover vacuum, guzzling every last drop I had to give straight down her throat.

As my body slowly started to come down from its great peak, I found a mouth still on mine, and I grew a bit more involved in the kiss. My eyes were closed, but I felt the lips withdraw and get replaced by another pair. And again. After a while, I lost track who I was making out with.

Perhaps five minutes later, I opened my eyes to the sound of Mindy snapping more pictures. I looked and saw that Michelle's tongue happened to be in my mouth at the moment, but Ruby was right there too, literally kissing the corner of my mouth at the same time.

I shook my head back and forth a little bit, as I was too weak to do much more.

They got the hint and pulled their heads back from mine a bit, although their naked bodies remained plastered up against me.

Ruby exclaimed, "So cool! I feel like I was a part of making Daddy cum!"

Michelle added, "Me too! I didn't get to actually suck on his great big cock, not yet, but I helped! BEST! DAY! EVER!"

The two relentlessly sexual girls high-fived each other.

I looked up at Mindy, still as nude as ever, rivulets of cum still covering her inner thighs. I asked her, "So. Wife of mine. You heard all they were saying. What's your take? ... Got anything to add?"



She put the camera down and smiled at me. "Nope."

Michelle whispered in my ear, "She's saying that she's totally cool with everything."

I nodded wearily. "I get the picture."

Ruby's eyes went wide at that comment. "Oooh! Speaking of getting the picture, Mindy, that's a digital camera, right? Can we see what you took? I especially want to see the 'Daddy Thigh Ride!'"

"Sure thing. We just have to go to the computer. We can even print up some pics. But I've gotta insist that all copies stay in this house."

"Okay! Come on, Michelle!"

"Okay!" Michelle replied, just as excited. "I can't wait to check out the blowjob close-ups!"

"Oh God!" Ruby could hardly contain herself. "It's all coming true! Everything! All of it!"

"I know!"

Michelle, Mindy, and Ruby ran off like three excited schoolgirls.

They left me all alone. I was kind of amused at that. Hey, what can you do? Women.

Then I thought more seriously, Jesus! What just happened?! I got so swept up in their sexy talk. But Michelle is my daughter and Ruby might as well could be too! What am I doing here? I feel so damn aroused, but I can't let them sweep me along until we actually have sex!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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