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Chapter 18

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After all that excitement, my penis and I felt done for the day. I wasn't a teenager anymore, and even though I'm as much of an exercise-and-health fanatic as anyone else in the house (mostly because they drag me into it), my body was crying for mercy. Besides, my brain needed some time to adjust to this whole new state of affairs.

The women, on the other hand, seemed to have boundless energy.

As I headed back upstairs, I stopped at the door to the computer room and listened in on them briefly. It sounded like a mini-orgy was going on in there from the way they were ooohing and aaahing with ecstatic delight, although apparently all they were doing was ooohing and aaahing over the pictures and video.

As I dragged my tired ass upstairs to take a shower, I thought, For better or for worse, I seem to 'have' three women now. I'm going to have to be careful not to go too far with either of the Gruesome Twosome so they'll still go out with boys their own ages and go on to have normal adult lives. But at least until they leave for college in the fall, they'll be with me now, in some very important ways. Some very INTIMATE ways.

Hey, that's an idea! I know what I'll do. I just need to stick to these boundaries and make it clear that the only way they can have real sex is with boys their own age. They're not going to hold out and remain virgins forever. When they realize that I'm serious, they'll probably still play around with me for as long as the summer lasts, but then save the really serious stuff that I won't allow for the boys they meet in college. As long as I don't actually fuck them, once they've discovered the joy of sex with me, their desire to get fucked will grow so strong they'll channel that energy on boyfriends.

That's a win-win for everybody! Mindy will have her two sexy assistants to keep me constantly aroused, giving us incredible memories to keep us horny and fucking for years to come. And they'll still be on a trajectory to eventually get married and settle down like they should. It'll break my heart to see them eventually find lovers of their own and move away, but that's all part of life. The young birds eventually grow up and leave the nest.

I sighed, as I shed my clothes and stepped into the shower. But on the bright side, between now and then, we can have a lot of fun. So much fun! And why not? If they're so big on having sexy fun with me, and Mindy is too, why the hell not? My God, they're both so hot and sexy! So, seriously, why the hell not?!

My arousal level began to rise as I mentally pictured their curvy bodies dressed in skimpy bikinis - or less. Now that I think about it, maybe I'm being too strict with my boundaries. I mean, what's the difference between a footjob with a toe grip and a handjob? They're basically the same, both in terms of how good they make me feel and how quickly they make me cum. I should just go ahead and allow handjobs too, for both of them, or they're gonna be after me with their feet all the time, which would be just plain weird. And, for that matter, what's a blowjob but just a more pleasurable handjob? That's not like REAL sex.

I found myself imagining them taking off their bikinis and striking sexy poses for me. Damn! Blowjobs from teen sexpots like that? I'd have to be brain damaged to turn that down!

But then I remembered Michelle as a six-year-old, when I was driving her to kindergarten. I shook my head clear of such lewd thoughts. No, I have to be strong. If I don't have backbone here, then nobody will. Shelle is my daughter! I know incest is big in porn and on the Internet, but this is real life!

I HAVE to put my foot down. I can't take advantage of two mixed-up girls, and the fact that they're super sexy is no excuse to lose my morals. Mindy certainly isn't going to put her foot down for me, not with her strange new attitude. She's the biggest cheerleader of the bunch! And unless I stick to those boundaries and give them an incentive to date boys their own age, they're going to fixate on me more and more. They're already dangerously fixated on me as it is, what with all that disturbing "sex toy" talk of theirs. I'm going to have to have a serious talk with them about that when I'm NOT getting blown by my wife and mere seconds away from cumming. Boy, what a mistake that was.

Still, it was so damn fun and arousing! How can I stop having fun with their incredible bodies now? I'm just getting started!

It was only after I got out of the shower and started to dry myself off with a towel that I realized something very important: Where is the tidal wave of guilt that should have washed over me by now? Where's the tremendous fear that this would somehow lead to the breakup of my wonderful marriage?

I searched my feelings. There's a twinge of both, yes, but just a twinge. I would feel worse except that I've made peace, with myself at least, that a certain amount of fooling around is okay as long as I keep my resolve on the hard-core stuff. In fact, not only is it okay, it's damn awesome! I feel good! I feel liberated! I feel... aroused!

Yeah, arousal is the dominant feeling. Even though my dick is completely flaccid, I'm still riding an erotic high. How could I not, when two of the most physically desirable girls imaginable are pretty much throwing themselves at me and declaring that their bodies were mine to command and play with as intimately and selfishly as I please? Shit.

Just thinking about it was almost enough to get my dick twitching and engorged again. Almost, but I was still too physically drained for the moment. But I knew I'd be riding that erotic high for a long, long time to come.

Was that the reason I didn't feel guilt or fear? Were those feelings just temporarily masked because I was drunk with lust? Or would I still feel the same, even when I came down from this high?

I didn't know, and that concerned me.

Knowing that I'd be no good for any real work for the rest of the day, I went back to the safety of my Horatio Hornblower book.

I was lying on my bed, dressed in just a robe and totally absorbed in my reading, when my wife wandered in a couple of hours later.

If I remained drunk on lust, she was positively stoned out of her mind on it. She still wore the same silly grin as she did before. She was still naked and shambled into the room on unsteady legs smelling of cum and sex, as if she'd just escaped from an orgy. As I watched her, I decided that explanation for her current state probably wasn't far from the truth.

She staggered to our bed and fell back on it. "Phew! ... I'm soooo wiped out!"

I let her lie there for a minute or so, just admiring her body. No wonder Michelle is such a stone cold fox - she gets it all from her mother. They have the same long blonde hair, the same blue eyes, the same cute nose - everything is the same! It's like Michelle didn't get any genes from me at all. The major obvious difference is that Mindy's skin doesn't have a rich tan like her daughter's. But I like the rosy, lightly tanned look too.

Now that I think about it, having sexual fun with Michelle is much like having my older self have fun with the teenaged Mindy I used to know! Whoa! No wonder I can't resist.

Finally, Mindy asked me, "What'cha been doin'?"

"Just reading this old book." I held it up. "Oh, and I took a shower. You?"

She sighed happily. "I thought you'd never ask. Boy, did my pussy get a workout. First, the girls and I watched the video footage I'd shot, and did we get worked up! I can't wait to try the 'Daddy Thigh Ride' myself. A girl really needs the extra hands pushing her along though, or it won't work. And we got some GREAT close-ups of my lips around the King. Boy, were those a hit! In any case, we all got so horny that we all ended up with our fingers in our pussies. Our little party ended with a bang, if you know what I mean."

"I can imagine."

"I'll bet you can!" She chuckled as she lay there flopped out on the bed covers, obviously completely beat.

My arousal was already kicking into high gear. But it occurred to me that what she'd just told me wasn't exactly normal. I asked, "So, you actually masturbated with them? Doesn't that bother you?"

She said, "Hellooooo? Don't you remember all the things we did in the backyard? Masturbating together is pretty small potatoes in comparison. We didn't touch each other or anything."

I didn't know what to say to that.

She went on, "Satisfied that we'd made that room smell like a giant wet pussy, we went to the kitchen to get a snack. I ended up having a serious talk with the girls."

"Oh? What about?" For some reason, my penis was starting to engorge.

"Just all these changes, you know. I wanted to make sure they were okay with everything. I checked to make sure they understood where you and I were coming from, and that they were respectful of your wishes and restrictions and so forth."

That was a relief to hear that Mindy was giving them a reality check. "So how did that end up?"

She giggled. "Pretty much the same way as the picture viewing session: with a bang!" She giggled some more. "Somehow, we all got so excited that our fingers dropped to our pussies again and, well, you can guess the rest. Then I told them some stories about you and me when we were teenagers, that I'd never shared before because they were too sexual. I hope you don't mind."

I thought, So much for the reality check. But I was so aroused that I couldn't help but grin. "Let me guess how that ended up."

She wearily raised her hand up and shaped it into a gun, with her thumb sticking up and her index finger sticking out. Then she whispered "bang" as she pretended to fire it.

Then I asked, "What happened after that?"

"The girls wanted to take another look at our new blowjob pics, since one of the hot stories I told involved me blowing you in our old Dodge Dart. Remember that?" She giggled. "Anyway, that led to more cocksucking talk in general, with me giving them some practical tips on how to best slurp on the King. And boy! Did that get them excited! Wooo-eeee!"

I said with chagrin, "Let me guess how that ended up."

She did the "bang" gesture again with her hand. But she fired her pretend gun several times this time.

I said, "So basically, you've been cumming and cumming and cumming some more, pretty much ever since you got home from work."

"Correction: I've been cumming and cumming and cumming some more pretty much all fucking day! Remember how you woke up this morning, with me riding cowgirl? And then your damned sexy phone calls to me at work. I had to sneak off to the bathroom twice! ... Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. I. AM. TIRED!"

I got a lot of satisfaction seeing my nude wife stretched out and obviously totally sexually satiated. "Why don't you take a nap and then take a shower? Then we can have dinner."

"You're reading my mind. Except, can we eat out tonight, just you and me? The girls can fend for themselves for once."

"Sure, but why?"

"Well, first of all, I wanna reconnect with you. Also, you're gonna laugh, but basically I'm afraid to get near those two again right now. If I do, I know I'm going to get all sexually excited about one thing or another, and then I'm going to want to play with myself, or with you if you're handy, and then my pussy's gonna be hating life even more than before."

I quipped, "Your pussy wouldn't hate life so much if you didn't keep a little alligator farm down there."

She laughed, but then stopped abruptly before groaning, "Don't joke. Even laughing hurts."

"What about the girls? Where are they?"

"Oh, they're dead to the world. Completely crashed out in each other's arms. Can you just picture them...?" She let her voice trail off suggestively, but with the reminder of sleeping she closed her own eyes.

"Naked, I presume?"

"Of course!" she mumbled happily. "I think you've seen the last of them wearing clothes around this house." She sighed again, contentedly, as if this were the best possible news.

I was going to respond to that. She obviously couldn't mean it, right? But I saw her head loll over and heard her breathing change. Just like that, my amazing wife had fallen asleep.

Not wanting to disturb her, I went back to reading my book. With Horatio Hornblower, I felt safe. There was enough exciting naval adventure to keep my mind occupied... most of the time, at least.

About an hour later, I wanted to take a break. I was honestly kind of reluctant to leave the room, for fear that something insanely arousing would get started. My mind and body still needed to chill out. So instead I gave Cindy a call. I figured she'd probably be home from work by now, and I wanted to talk to her about Ruby calling me "Daddy."

After a little friendly small talk, I got to the point. "The reason I'm calling has to do with... well, this is kind of awkward..."

Cindy said, "Does this have to do with her calling you 'Daddy?' And you giving her the okay to keep doing that?"

I was surprised, and relieved, not to have to figure out how to bring that up. "YES! How did you know that?!"

"Because she came home about fifteen minutes ago, right around when I did. She's literally been flying through the house! Flying! I don't think her feet have touched the ground yet! She practically hugged and kissed me to death as she told me all about it. It's 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!' Daddy this, Daddy that!" She chuckled. "I don't think I've ever seen her happier!"

I asked hesistantly, "So... you don't mind? That's why I'm calling, to belatedly get your permission. It just kind of happened..."

"Mind? Are you kidding me?! Good on you! It's about damn time! She's been wanting this for YEARS! You just made her whole year. Her whole decade!"

I spoke carefully, "That's great to hear. But... I worry about stepping on your toes. After all, she's YOUR daughter. I don't want you to feel like we're stealing her away from you. I feel bad about how she spends so much time here."

Cindy said, "We are going to have a big talk about this one of these days. But just to clear the air and get some things straight, because I'm not upset at all."

"You're not?"

"No! I don't see it as you and Mindy taking her away from me. It's like she has three parents instead of just one. You're a GREAT influence on her, especially since she really needs a father figure in her life. In short, I fully approve of this 'Daddy' business. It's a little weird that she calls you 'Daddy' instead of 'Dad,' but whatever. As long as you're okay with it, so am I."

"That's great to hear," I said. I was very pleased. But at the same time, I felt guilty. Cindy thought I was a "great influence" on her, when I'd started fondling and kissing her, and I was planning on allowing much more "unfatherly" intimacy. There was no way I could tell Cindy about that, nor could I go back on the seemingly unstoppable "sex train" racing down the tracks. I told myself that, all the sexual fun aside, I would try my hardest to be the best possible father figure for Ruby that I could be.

Cindy cut the phone call short, saying that Ruby was calling for her. She ended the call by telling me, "Dan, whatever you did to her today, keep doing it! She thinks you walk on water. If you'll willing to take more of a fatherly role with her, you have my full approval!"

That left me chagrined and even more guilty. After I put the phone down, I thought, "Whatever you did to her today, keep doing it." How ironic. If only you knew the truth! I feel like a cad. How much of her joy is over the "Daddy" thing and how much is about the kissing and touching? But it's what she wants. It's what I want. It's what Min wants. Dammit, I can't stop now! It's like some kind of sexual beast has been unleashed in me. I'm soaring on a tidal wave of lust. I have to see where this all goes!

I tried to get back to my book, but it was tough. I was wired, like I'd take uppers. I was brimming with confidence and sexual desire like never before in my entire life! I would think about Michelle or Ruby giving me a handjob, or blowjob, or titfuck, and I would have to stifle the urge to jump up and down and run around the room. It was just a matter of time before all of those things happened, just as soon as I deemed the time was right. There was definitely no going back at this point.

But still, ordinary life had to go on. Another hour later, Mindy and I were on our way to dinner at a restaurant. I was feeling fairly calm, although there was a certain excitement bubbling inside me that wasn't going away. We were making small talk while I drove our minivan, when Mindy said, "By the way, I spoke to Nicky on the phone a little while ago."

"Oh? I'm sorry I missed that. Why didn't you come and get me?"

"You were busy reading, and I thought you didn't need to be disturbed with more turmoil."

"Turmoil?" I asked. "Talking to Nicky is always one of the highlights of my week. Why should there be any turmoil? Especially now that she's finishing her first year at Berkeley with honors. And things with her boyfriend Steve are going so great. Wait, don't tell me something bad happened? Did she fail one of her finals?!"

Mindy chuckled. "Don't worry; of course not. Everything's fine with her. She had a final today, and she aced it. She's only got one more to go, tomorrow morning, and she's not worried about it. I'm talking about you. You haven't really spoken to her at length since things have gotten rather sexually wild around here. What are you going to tell her about that?"

That startled and disturbed me. "Well, nothing, of course. I'm mean, I hate lying, but how can we tell her the truth about what's been happening with Michelle and Ruby? She's so pure and innocent. She'd never forgive us!"

Mindy sighed. "It's a problem. That's a big reason I decided not to disturb you with the call. What if she asked a probing question and you seized up? I don't think you've thought things through."

"I definitely have not. I'm two steps behind. I'm still trying to handle the fact that what's happening is what's really happening. I have no idea what I'll say to Nicky!"

Mindy pointed out, "And yet we'll have to come up with something, since she's going to spending nearly the entire summer here. Tomorrow is her last final exam, as you know, and after that, nothing's keeping her from coming home. I've encouraged her to stay up there as long as she wants, and since we've told her she's going to have to get a job when she comes home, she's not exactly in a hurry to leave. But still, we can only stall for so long."

I felt a gaping pit opening in my stomach. "Shit! I'm fucked!"

"Not necessarily. Remember that she's going to be working quite a lot in whatever job she gets. So that'll give you plenty of fun time with the Gruesome Twosome."

I sighed again. "I suppose. Actually, maybe this is a good thing. Lately, things have gotten so crazy so fast. With Nicky here, we'd be forced to slow down and have a lot of 'normal time.' I need that to keep writing productively. But what if she catches us? That would be an epic disaster!"

Min pointed out, "Then you'll just have to make sure you're not caught. What if you have a spot for playing around outside of the house? Like, say, the McGrath house? Our house is the 'cool place to be' it seems, since Ruby practically lives here, but there's no reason why you can't have fun with the girls over at Ruby's place."

"There's the fact that Cindy lives there too," I pointed out.

"True, but she has to work a lot as well. Between Nicky's working hours and Cindy's, you'll have a chance to play around every single day. You'll just have to be careful."

I sighed. "I suppose so. It's just that the thought of Nicky finding out distresses me so much. That would totally break her heart. It would like her finding out we're secret Satan worshippers who sacrifice animals in strange rituals."

Mindy joked, "You mean we're not? When I told you tonight that I was so hungry I could eat a horse, I thought it was understood you were to buy a horse so we could sacrifice it to Beelzebub, Lord of Darkness, in our dungeon at midnight tonight. You know, like we always do."

I joked back, "Sorry, Safeway is all out of fresh whole horse."

The conversation turned to other things, but this talk about Nicky left me unsettled. Mindy seemed to think that Nicky coming home wouldn't be a problem, but I saw it as a big problem, and one with no good solution. Although Nicky wasn't planning on coming home immediately after her finals finished tomorrow, she was coming home soon, and we had to have a plan to deal with that.

Soon, we found ourselves at a local restaurant called Mama Mia's. It was a kind of generic Denny's-type place, except that it had more of a "mom and pop" ownership feel, and a slight emphasis on Italian food. When we left, the girls were still sleeping, crashed out on the floor where they'd collapsed. Mindy had left them a note on what to cook and where to find it.

I was mindful about where to sit, because I figured Mindy and I were going to discuss some very personal, sexual matters. I picked a booth that had complete privacy. It was the most remote booth I could find in the whole restaurant, in a smallish room near the back meant to be used only for the overflow at peak times. It was separated from the rest of the restaurant by an open doorway, and from where we sat we couldn't see through it, so it was like the whole restaurant had been shrunk down to just this small room for us.

Unfortunately, we'd come at a peak time, and on a busy night (Thursday), so a couple of the other tables in the back room were occupied. It was kind of strange for me to look around and see everyone fully dressed, even my wife and myself, considering that I'd seen so much nudity at home earlier in the day.

Perhaps because Mindy has to look classy every day at work, she likes to look classy when we go out too. In fact, she often even outdoes her usual work outfits, even if we're just going to an ordinary restaurant like Mama Mia's. Naturally, I had to follow suit, so I was wearing a blazer, dress shirt, and slacks (but no tie - I hate ties).

After we'd ordered our drinks, Mindy asked me, "So now that I've got you free from the clutches of the Gruesome Twosome, how are you holding up? Are you as floored as I am?"

"More. And I think I'm even more endlessly horny than you are too. Those two are like..."

She finished my thought for me: "Statuesque and stunning Daddy-loving nymphomaniacs?"

I looked around nervously. "Well, yeah, but even though we've got this private table, can we avoid using the D-word?"

"Oh. Right." She giggled like a schoolgirl to cover her embarrassment before admitting, "This is all so new to me."

"Me too. I'm still having a hard time adjusting. I can't get over the fact that you're really okay with this. Loving it, even."

She beamed with happiness. "I am! There's something about seeing you with another woman that turns me on like you wouldn't believe! Heck, even I'm having a hard time believing it. It's like I'm actually the one making love to you, except I don't have to do all the work to keep up with you."

I laughed at that. "We need to get you a remote controller then. Perhaps a PlayStation controller with the shaker feedback so you can really get the feel of being in on the action."

She mock-swatted at me with one hand, laughing along with me. But then she said, "No, seriously. It really feels as good watching as if I'm there taking part. Better, even. When it's just us, I know what I'm going to do to you next, but when you've got your hands full with another woman I don't know what she's going to do, whoever she may be. So I'm constantly surprised and delighted."

She continued, "Like today when Ruby did that thing with her toes, trapping you with them and giving it to you good. All I could think was, 'You go, girl!' I actually wanted to shake my fist in the air and cheer 'You go, girl!' out loud. I mean, yell-it-to-the-whole-neighborhood loud. She was getting you so excited! I could see the look of intense concentration and pleasure on your face. Her triumph was my triumph was your triumph! We were all having a great time... together! Do you know what I mean?"

"Well, yeah, I can kind of see that, I suppose. But I sure don't feel that way with you and other men. If I saw you giving a footjob to another guy, I wouldn't be thinking, 'You go, girl!' I'd be thinking, 'I wonder how many years I'll be spending in prison after I kill this guy.'"

My wife smirked knowingly. "That's because men are possessive. They want to make conquests and be controlling. It's a primal thing, a caveman kind of thing. I love you for the fact that you're possessive and that you don't want to share me. But women aren't like that. Or at least, a lot of us aren't, and we're not like that in the same way. There may be some sluts and cheaters out there, but we don't have this great biological imperative to spread our seed like you do."

"Oh great. So now I'm just a jerk who only lives to spread my seed?"

"Pretty much," she said with a serious expression. But then after a few heartbeats, she broke into a smile. "Kidding! You're not THAT much of a jerk, for a guy. If you were, you wouldn't have all these high school sexpots glomming onto you every time I leave your bed, dragging you back into it. And, you've generally kept your seed-spreading urges in check, except for all those times you stood on the highway overpass near our house and hosed down the passing traffic underneath. That was kind of embarrassing."

I guffawed at that. That was just her slightly twisted sense of humor coming through.

I said, "Sweetheart, that may be true, but you're playing a really dangerous game here. When you introduce other people into our sex life, things could get very volatile. Let's take Ruby for example. Imagine that something intimately sexual - er, even more intimately sexual - happens between me and her."

"Okay!" she said far too easily.

I went on, "We know her as well as we know our own daughters, so we at least know she's not going to get all psycho on us. But what if, say, her father finds out and HE gets all psycho? Then everything we've built together, our whole lives, it all could come crumbling apart. And for what? Just a little sexual satisfaction. I'm telling you, it's not worth it. Not for something so fleeting."

There was an excited fire in Mindy's eyes. "But don't you see? That's the thing! The daring! I crave sexual excitement, but I would never cheat on you. Never! It doesn't even fall into the allowable mental fantasy category because I know the very idea bothers you so much, after what happened to your parents. So maybe I can get my excitement from watching you play around. I know that sounds strange, but that's how I feel."

She added, "And besides, Ruby's father is long gone from the picture, and he was a wimpy spoiled brat, in any case. Did you know he didn't even bother to send Ruby a Christmas card this year? It's so sad, actually. The day he goes psycho over you is the day I sprout wings. That's what's so great about all of this. We can have our excitement without any real danger. By keeping it close. Keeping it in the family."

I looked around uncomfortably. Then I said, "Speaking of which, I talked to Cindy on the phone about an hour ago."

"Oh?" Mindy was very intrigued.

"I just wanted to clue her in about Ruby calling me 'Daddy' and me giving her okay to do so. That's ALL we talked about. I wasn't about to even give a hint of the other stuff. And I feel kind of bad, because Cindy was totally fine with it."

"Bad?! Why? That's great news!"

I winced. "Because we're being dishonest with her. She actually told me, 'whatever you did to her today, keep doing it!'"

Mindy clapped her hands once and smiled from ear to ear. "Oh my goodness! That's so precious! I love it! There you go, Hon. You NEED to keep playing with Ruby's naked body and let her play with the King in return. Even Cindy says so!"

I just rolled my eyes. "I'm not amused. I worry about her. What if she finds out the full truth?!"

Min waved a hand dismissively. "Cindy's a pussy cat. She's not going to go psycho."

I thought about that phone call with Cindy that Mindy shared with me. Whenever that came to mind, I'd get aroused. "Forget the going psycho. I'm just using that as an example of something that could go wrong. My point is, what are the bigger implications? If Ruby and I were to become intimately involved, how would that affect Ruby's relationship with her mother?"

Mindy arched a suggestively disbelieving eyebrow. "If?"

"Okay, granted, it's more a question of 'by how much.' But the point still remains. We're still so caught up in the moment here, in giving in to our lusts. Are you sure we're not making the greatest mistake of our lives? I mean, sure, we're having a blast in the short term, but what about the long-term consequences?"

My wife made a dismissive hand gesture. "Let me deal with that in a moment. But first, regarding Cindy, she's really the only loose thread here. And I've known her since forever! Since before I met you, lady killer. I've been her emotional rock all along. Who was there for her all those years, when her husband was treating her like shit? Who was her shoulder to cry on, and the one constantly telling her to ditch him? ME! She owes me, big time. Hell, I practically raised Ruby as much as she did. I'll have a talk with her and straighten her out, to make sure she's okay with this, all of it. Heck, now that I think about it, she's coming over for dinner tomorrow, so she and I can have a private talk right after that."

I looked around to make sure the coast was clear, and then leaned forward and dropped my voice. "So, what are you going to tell her? 'Ruby wants to be Dan's "sex toy," and Dan and I are all for it, so tough? Oh, and by the way, we're going to be her parents now too, along with you?'"

She gave me a wide grin. "Yeah, basically." But then she rolled her eyes and looked at me as if I was being silly. "Obviously, I won't put it quite THAT way, and not all at once. This'll be a tough project, for sure. But don't worry, I'll take care of it. Us women, we work in mysterious ways." She put on an air of being mysterious and inscrutable.

I sat back, mollified for the moment by that response. "You do have mysterious ways that shall forever remain beyond the ken of mortal men. I still think that all the time women spend in bathrooms together is one of life's great mysteries. You should see what it's like in a men's room. Nobody talks, ever."

Mindy giggled, and then shared her thought. "Yeah, I can just imagine you standing there at a urinal, with the stranger at the urinal next to you holding his hand out for you to shake and saying, 'Hi, my name's Bob. While I'm holding my dick in my other hand, I just thought I'd introduce myself. My, that's quite a big cock you have there.'"

I laughed. "You see? It doesn't work. I could even get in trouble just for having too wide a stance! What do you women talk about in there?"

"Well, take Cindy and me. I'll be sitting in one stall with Cindy in the next, and I'll grunt in pain, 'Oh God! It hurts! It actually hurts to pee! Dan fucked my pussy raw AGAIN! I swear, one of these days, he's gonna fucking split me in two!' And then Cindy'll say, 'There you go again, always going on and on about Dan and his big cock.'"

I cut in, "She doesn't really call it that."

"She does! I swear! Believe me, she knows it's big. I like to brag, when it's with a close friend like her. Anyway, I'll reply as I start to pee, 'Maybe I am, but it's the God-honest truth. Dan is too much man for me to handle. Cindy, since I do so much for you, can you at least lend me your hand to deal with him... or better yet, your pussy? If you could just spread your legs for Dan and let him royally fuck you, say, two to three times a week, my red and puffy pussy would really appreciate it.' Then I'll start to hear sounds of moaning and arousal coming from Cindy's stall, and all the other stalls too, as other strange women listen in. Emboldened, I'll describe in intimate detail all the things you'd do to her."

She continued to explain, "Eventually, we all stagger out of our stalls after having our climaxes, but we'll still be far too horny. So Cindy and I will make out for a while and that usually turns into a full-on lesbian orgy. By the way, in all ladies' rooms, there's a special room with beds in the back for these types of activities. Finally, we have to find our clothes and put our make-up back on, and try to walk out looking at least semi-normal. That's why we take so very long in there. It's those lesbian orgies."

I laughed. "Yeah, right!"

She laughed too, but then said, "Don't tell me you haven't thought along those lines at some point while waiting for me. I know your active imagination. Besides, part of it is true."

"The lesbian orgy part?" I joked.

"No, the 'bragging about my husband leaving me too well-fucked to walk' part. I do that ALL the time. My friends are all sick of it."

"Come on. You do not."

"Do too! Especially with her. You heard that one phone call between her and me. That wasn't staged. That was typical. Women are not afraid to talk about sex with each other, believe me, and I LOVE bragging about how WELL you abuse my poor pussy. Think about it: if your wife is cheering you on and even sucking your big fat cock, while two nude teenage sex bombs in heat are crawling all over you, is it suddenly such a big stretch to imagine I like to brag about how incredibly good you are in bed?"

"Well ... if you put it that way, I guess not."

"Remember a year or so ago when I kept bringing up the threesome idea? Believe me, I was putting a lot of feelers out about you and getting many positive responses. But I was hyping you even before that. I'm PROUD of what a big stud muffin you are. I want everyone to know!"

I had gotten very aroused from this conversation and found myself feeling particularly wild and crazy. These were new feelings for me, or at least new in that I didn't just sublimate them into my novels. I looked my wife right in the eye and said, "Is that so? Then prove it. Put your panties on the table."

Spooked and surprised by my request, she timidly looked all around. It was a lucky thing that we were being served by a waitress instead of a waiter, but she was still freaked out. Finally, she said, "Honey, I can't do that. For one thing, I'm wearing pantyhose. Practically speaking, I can't just pull my panties off."

"Sure you can," I replied, as if this were no problem at all. I don't know what came over me, but I said boldly, "I want you to go to the ladies' room right now, take off your pantyhose, then come back here with your panties in your hand. I don't care what you do with your pantyhose, but get rid of 'em. In fact, from now on, I'm making a new rule: no pantyhose for you at outings like this. For one thing, you don't need 'em. Your legs are absolutely gorgeous, woman of mine. For another, I want, expect and demand better pussy access when we're out in public."

Mindy had already aroused herself a fair deal with her ladies' room story, but suddenly her face was flushed and her chest was heaving. "Oh, so now you're just gonna boss me around, are you?"

"Yep! If you don't like it, you can take it up with the King. File an official petition for his royal staff to review."

That seemed to double her arousal in a flash. She looked ready to throw herself across the table, sending everything crashing to the floor in the process. She joked, "Screw that. I wanna get up close and personal with the royal staff, if you know what I mean."

But she was still struggling, trying to play it cool. She complained more seriously, "I like the idea, but I can't do that. I need those pantyhose. My legs are too pale. They're like white sticks."

"You can wear them all you want at work, but that's it. Personally, I love every inch of your 'white sticks,' which aren't even close to white, and certainly aren't sticks. Besides, now you have more motivation to work on your tan at home."

"Flatterer. Okay, no pantyhose from now on, when I'm with you. Now that that's settled, shouldn't we order some appetizers?"

I smirked. "A-ha. Think you can change the subject that easily, huh? What happened to the wild wife who's been giving the thumbs up to every kind of sexual debauchery imaginable? You're not so wild anymore, are you?" I figured she couldn't resist a challenge like that.

My wife of twenty years looked around a bit and seemed reassured at how remote the small room we were in was. She slowly stood up on wobbly legs. "All right, buster. Have it your way. But I'm not happy about this." She hurried off, but could only go so fast in her high heels.

I felt great. It was like a Eureka moment. I'd had hints before that Mindy had a slightly submissive side, even though she manages to get her way much of the time anyway. In retrospect, they were pretty obvious hints, and I'd been too oblivious with my moral blinders to notice. But now that I was starting to let myself go sexually, I saw things in a new light. Besides, since I'd started sexually spanking Mindy recently, and what with the girls talking about how they were "at my command," my dominant side was now coming into full bloom.

This is brilliant! I almost feel like an idiot. Something like telling my wife to take her panties off in a restaurant is such a simple thing. Why didn't I do this kind of thing before, years ago?!

I was surprised at how quickly Mindy came back to the table. The expression on her face was cute - she looked like she was just coming back from robbing a bank. The guilt and worry on her face reminded me of how I'd been acting and feeling myself far too frequently of late.

She had her panties tightly scrunched up in her fist in such a tiny ball that I couldn't see any fabric at all. It's amazing how small panties can get at times, I thought.

She silently sat down and handed her panties to me with both hands. She was trying to pass them directly into my hands in such a way so that no one would be able to see what I was holding either. She was trying to act calm and collected, but her face was flushed and her breathing was heavy.

I played along, and took them away after she'd double-checked that I had them safely balled up in my fist. I furtively brought them down into my lap, and she let out a big sigh of relief. But then I immediately brought them back up to the table and left them sitting right next to my dinner plate, as if they were a used napkin. As a matter of fact, they were so soaked that they looked like I'd used them to mop up a prodigious drink spill, except that the table cloth was (of course) completely spotless.

Mindy's eyes went wide and she gasped out loud. Her hands immediately flew forward to cover her panties lying out in the open, but my hands intercepted hers, grabbing her by her wrists.

"YOU BASTARD!" she hissed. It was loud enough for me to clearly get the message, but quiet enough so the other customers didn't notice.

I was really getting into this. Throwing her for a loop, I asked, "Is that an expensive dress you're wearing?"

"As a matter of fact it is, but don't try to change the-"

I cut her off. "And your pussy is probably leaking like a broken faucet right now."

"You know it is, you evil bastard!" She struggled to free her hands, since I was still gripping both her wrists. She was staring daggers at me, even though I knew a part of her was also loving every moment.

I continued, "So, unless you do something about it fast, you're going to ruin that lovely dress. You'd better pull your dress up so that you're sitting bare-assed on the seat. Now."

I let go of her hands, and she looked like she was pulling her hands back, but then she made a sudden effort to again lunge for her panties. However, I was able to grab them first, easily, since they were so much closer to me.

I chided her, "Un-uh. If you try that again, I'm going to hold your panties up for anyone to see. Maybe I'll even wave them around to get the waitress to come over."

Her blush turned a deeper shade of red. "You wouldn't!"

I leveled my gaze on her. "Try me."

"Shit! I've created a monster." But she brought her hands back and I could see her rearranging her dress.

I felt triumphant, like a new man. This wasn't just about the panties; I was getting in touch with a side of myself that I'd repressed for far too long, and it felt great. "How does that feel?" I asked when she was all done.

"Weird, you evil bastard freak of nature ass!"

"No, seriously, tell me how it feels. In detail."

She leaned forward, giving me a great cleavage shot. She whispered, "Weird, I tell you. Freaky! I can feel... everything! It's like... I'm naked all over! In the middle of a damn restaurant!"

"You say that as if it were a bad thing, Sweetheart."

She looked around the room for what was about the tenth time since she'd returned to her seat. "Dammit, I feel so exposed! My ass cheeks, my pussy, everything, so... out there! And worse, it's making my pussy that much wetter! I'm gonna be sitting in a LAKE here, before long!"

I joked, "Well, that'll be good for the alligators. They'll have a chance to swim around, get a little exercise..."

"Fuck you and your alligators," she hissed. "I'm so screwed! The waitress is gonna know for sure!"

I saw the waitress nearby, clearing off another table. I closely checked her out for the first time since we'd come in. She seemed to be quite a hottie, although maybe not on the level of Ruby or Michelle. Still, to even get close to that sky-high standard made her a ten on a one-to-ten scale. It seemed a shame that such a stunner would have such an ordinary job in such an ordinary place.

Intrigued, and brimming with sexual confidence from everything that had happened lately, I decided to give her a much closer inspection. She had shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, a cute button nose, nice tan, and very toned and muscular legs. I couldn't tell much more though, because of her unrevealing pale blue uniform. It didn't even show much cleavage.

Feeling emboldened and inspired, I waved her over.

Mindy was burning a hole with her eyes into her panties sitting on the table, she was staring at them so intensely. But she tried to play it cool as the waitress got nearer, and forced herself to look away.

"May I help you, sir?" the smiling waitress asked.

"Yes," I replied. "I hate to impose, but I promise you'll get a huge tip if you play along with our craziness." I held up my wife's panties gingerly with two fingers.

The waitress hadn't noticed them before, but now a look of shock crossed her face.

I quickly added, "My wife's panties are completely soaked, so she doesn't need them. Can you please take them away?"

Our waitress stared at Mindy with total amazement. Obviously, she'd never faced a circumstance like this.

Not surprisingly, Mindy was the dictionary definition of "wanting to crawl into a hole and die" at that moment. I'd never seen her turn such a dark shade of red.

Hell, even I was astounded by my brazenness. I was riding such an emotional and especially erotic high that I felt like I could do no wrong. I was pushing just how far I could go with this domineering and aggressive approach.

But then, after recovering, the waitress said in a friendly voice, "Certainly, sir." She let me drop the panties onto the tray next to the dirty dishes. She said to me, "Enjoy your meal." Then, making eye contact with Mindy again, she said, "I'm sure YOU will," and she winked.

Mindy replied at her with a smile, but it was the fakest smile I'd ever seen. I'm sure she was thinking, Please go before I literally die of shame!

The waitress walked off, obviously more amused than anything, now that she'd gotten over her initial shock.

I thought, Cool! It looked like we'd gotten lucky with a waitress who wasn't uptight and could roll with the punches. Our waitress is a total babe AND she's willing to play along. I'm going to see just how much fun I can have with this!

Mindy stared at me like she'd never seen me before. "Daniel Cooper!" she hissed quietly. "Are you fucking mental?! What the FUCK?!"

"Watch your language, people might hear." I looked around.

That forced her to look around again as well. She shrank back deeper into her seat.

She paused to collect her breath. She closed her eyes and probably counted to ten in her mind, because that's what she does in those types of situations. Then she looked right at me and said in a quiet voice, "Okay, you've had your fun, you sick and twisted evil FUCK! Can we go now?"

"No. I haven't eaten yet."

"I'm not asking you. I NEED to go now! I need you to take me home and fuck me like the total stud you are, or I'm gonna die! Hell, forget going home, I'll be lucky to make it to the car! I want you to DRILL me with the King! Drill me! Pound me! Nail me! Honey, fuck me NOW!"

I definitely had a raging erection by this point, but I wasn't about to leave yet. "Nope. Don't worry, I'll fuck you soon enough, but I'm hungry. Did you know that I didn't even eat lunch today? I plain forgot in all the excitement."

She looked like she was going to reach across the table and strangle me, and her whole body was twitching with excitement. But somehow she managed to just sit there and not totally lose it.

I was silent for a minute or two, letting my wife adjust. Again, I was thinking, What's come over me? This is so not like me, but I love it! I think what happened with the Gruesome Twosome earlier has made me feel kind of invincible, not to mention off-the-charts horny.

Finally, noticeably calmer (but still obviously aroused far beyond normal), she muttered, "I really have created a monster. What's gotten into you?"

"I've been asking myself that question. To put it simply, I had an epiphany a few minutes ago. I've done the 'right thing' for far too long. It's time to walk on the wild side. Tonight, I'm going to dominate you the way you've needed to be, and the way you deserve to be."

She looked at me strangely, and then said, "If you don't shut up and stop exciting me, I'm gonna have to fuck you here and now. Right on the table!"

From the lust-crazed look in her eyes, I could see that she wasn't just saying that. She really was reaching some kind of lustful boiling point. I had to do something fast or her fingers would be attacking my zipper whether I wanted her to or not. She was that far gone.

I was getting pretty close to a boiling point too, and my erection was so hard and needy that it was painful. But I masked my raging lust as best I could, and said, "So. Tell me some more about what Cindy's been up to. How's she getting on in her job?"

My wife stared at me incredulously. "You want to know about Cindy's part-time job?!"

"Sure, why not. I haven't talked to her in a couple of weeks, aside from that very brief call earlier. I didn't get to catch up on things. How are things with that creepy boss of hers?"

She was still staring at me like I'd pulled at my hair only to reveal that my face she knew so well was a mask and I was really a giant lizard. Her bountiful chest was heaving so much that it looked like she was about to hyperventilate at any moment.

So I said reassuringly, "Sweetheart, you're too excited. You've simply had too much excitement today. Don't think about sexual stuff. Calm down. Focus. Think about Cindy's job or something mundane like that. That's why I changed the subject. Relax. We're not going anywhere just yet, so calm down."

She took some deep breaths. For about a minute she kept her eyes closed and simply breathed. Then, with her eyes still closed, she said to me, "You know, that waitress, she knows EVERYthing now. She knows I'm sitting here with my bare ass on their nice seat. She knows I'm sitting in a puddle the size of Lake Michigan. Hell, she probably even knows about the pussy 'gators. I can't face her. I'm gonna die of shame!"

I quipped, "I didn't know they have pussy 'gators in Lake Michigan. Isn't that too cold for the little fellers?"

She shot me an "I married a moron" look.

I suggested, "Okay. Tell you what. I'll get up and order for both of us. I'll make sure that she's cool about everything. Then, when I come back, I expect to hear all about Cindy's job and what she's been doing about that boss. Okay?"

She sighed with resignation and frustration. "Okay."

"What do you want to order? King Crab? I know you like that."

She growled lustily, "King Cock, all you can fucking eat, slathered and dripping with melted butter, so my hands can slide all over it! And I'll need a bib 'cos I'm gonna get cum all over my chest!" She was so turned on that she actually mimed with her hands what she'd do with my erection, right over the middle of the table.

I had to suppress a hearty laugh so as to keep up my cool exterior. "Okay, I'll pick something out. You need to eat. You'll be hungry later."


As I got up to go, her hand suddenly reached out and grabbed my wrist. It was a neat trick, because her eyes were still shut tight. She whispered, "Dan?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, Sweetheart."

"I know, but I mean I really, really love you. As in, I just wouldn't be able to function without you. I'd die. And this domination thing?"


"I love it too. Gaawwwd, I can't even think about it or I'm gonna lose it. I'm gonna totally lose it!"

"Just chill, woman. I'll be right back."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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