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Chapter 19

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy was still trying to relax with her hand fiercely gripping mine when our waitress returned.

I'd been so absorbed with my wife that I hadn't been paying attention to anything else. Mindy's eyes were closed tight in a futile attempt to deny the existence of the outside world. As it turns out, our waitress had been standing right next to our table and watching us for a while without either of us being aware of that fact.

Our attractive waitress solicitously leaned over our table and spoke gently to Mindy in a slight Southern accent. "Miss? Excuse me, but... Please don't freak out. I think what you're doing is fantastic! I've been listening in for a little while and I can see how much y'all love each other. I think what you're doing, getting daring in public, it's great! I'm so envious. I wish I had a man like yours." She briefly looked my way. There was a flash of sadness in her eyes.

Mindy's smile nervously returned after hearing that confession. Her death grip on my hand didn't slacken, though. She asked the waitress, while still keeping her eyes closed, "So... You're not... mad or anything?"

"No. I mean, obviously you're not supposed to be doing that kind of thing here, but don't worry, I'm not gonna run and tell my manager. Y'all are way off in your own corner and you're not bothering anybody. Obviously you're both new to this and it's just so ... exciting! To be honest, I'm kind of ... uh ... you know." One could easily hear the shame and embarrassment in her voice.

Mindy grinned knowingly, pleased that even the waitress was aroused by what we'd done. "I know. I feel like that times a zillion!" She finally opened her eyes and looked up at the waitress. She was relieved to see the waitress smiling back at her. They appeared to be sharing a moment of comfort and understanding.

I said, "Miss..." Then I read her name tag. "Sue Ellen... thanks. Thanks a lot. I think you just won a monster tip and the 'waitress of the year' award. I was seriously thinking of leaving because my darling wife here was getting too freaked out, but you've helped save the day."

I had to admit, seeing her demure embarrassment at being so complimented was stunningly fetching.

"Thanks, sir..." she murmured appreciatively.

I'd checked her out a little bit earlier, but now I was really scoping her out. She was definitely a hottie. She had good breast potential, although all I could see was a vague pair of lumps in that region, thanks to her horrible formless uniform. She had a very cute and cheery face that went well with her adorable slight Southern accent. I said, "My name's Dan. And this is Mindy."

Sue Ellen's toothy smile widened. "Thanks, Dan and Mindy. I wish I could talk to y'all forever. You're the most interesting thing to happen to me here in weeks. But I've gotta go help the other customers. I'm not just saying that for a tip, either; I really like y'all. And Mindy, you go, girl!" She brought a fist up to her shoulder and gave it a quick pump of support before starting to walk away.

Then I remembered that we still hadn't ordered, so I called her back. By the time we were done with that, the three of us were chatting like old friends. Mindy was also much, much calmer, and much happier.

When Sue Ellen finally left us at least five minutes later, Mindy was almost serene and mellow. The approval of the waitress on our brazen behavior was huge. Had our waitress threatened to call the cops or something, that might have frightened her off of any sort of getting sexually daring in public for a long time to come.

My wife said while watching Sue Ellen walk away, "My goodness! Isn't she just the sweetest thing? What a doll. And what a looker!" Then she turned my way and smiled at me almost wickedly. "You sly dog, you."


"It's not enough for you to bone two stone teenage foxes who are practically drooling over your pocket monster; now you've got to make it three!"

"Who are you talking about? Lisa?"

"No, not Lisa, although she's worth talking about. I'm talking about Sue Ellen. She's totally crushing on you!"

I honestly found that idea absurd, and told my wife just that in no uncertain terms. "She is not!"

Mindy just put on an air of serene superiority. "Hey, women know these things. And she's very fuckable, don't you think? She's one of the sexiest waitresses I've seen in a long time. What's she doing in a relative dump like this? I'd do her, if I were in your shoes."

"What, are you trying to set us up, now?"

She grinned mischievously. "Maybe. Seriously, what do you think of her?"

"I've been a bit preoccupied, to say the least. But now that I think about it, I'm pretty floored that she just stood there watching us for who knows how long. You'd think she'd either have freaked out or given us our privacy. But she was standing right there the whole time!"

Mindy grinned knowingly. "I think that just proves that she's curious. Extremely curious. About a man who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. But you didn't answer my question. What do you think of her? Physically, I mean. Sexually!" She leaned forward and said this last word in an excited and breathy whisper.

"Um, I don't really have much to go on, do I? Not with that polyester outfit that's like a reject from a few decades back. Yeah, she's got a face that's both cute and sexy, But other than that all I can see is her arms and a hint of cleavage."

"Oh come on! She's totally fuckable and you know it! You said she deserves a big tip. How 'bout the tip of your cock sliding into her tight teenage twat?"

Her eyes opened wide, as if she was pleasantly shocked by her own proposal. "That's a huuuuge and bulbous tip, believe me. She won't soon forget getting THAT tip shoved her way!" She chuckled gleefully.

I was throbbing with arousal all over, and my erection in particular was demanding attention, but still I tried to bring her back to Earth. "Now you're the one talking crazy. Let's not even go there. Talk about opening up a dangerous can of worms."

"But you admit that she's fuck-worthy, don't you? She may not be quite as stacked as your two... girls, but she's got a lovely face and I'm pretty sure there's a smokin' hot body underneath that baggy uniform of hers. And she's what? Twenty-one, tops?" She leaned forward and whispered to me conspiratorially, "I think she's ready for the King!"

"Sweetheart, seriously, let's not even go there. Especially since she might walk by at any moment."

"Okay, but I just want you to admit that you'd be more than willing to take her into the ladies' room, lean her over a sink, pull up her skirt, and RAM the King home!" She made a dramatic gesture with her fist as she said that. "Nail her slutty ass over and over and leave her panting there, huge gobs of cum dripping out of her saucy hot snatch! Then you'd calmly zip up and come back out here to finish your dinner."

She sat back and smirked, almost like she was enjoying a post-orgasmic moment after directly experiencing all that.

I don't know where this stuff comes from with my wife. I was beginning to gather that she could be more into women than I am, although obviously from the angle of getting ME into these women rather than keeping them for herself.

To humor her though, I rolled my eyes and mock-surrendered. "Okay, okay! I admit it! She's a hottie. And not just a run-of-the-mill pretty waitress. She really is something special. Now can we change the subject?"

"Only after you admit that she deserves a serious plowing and you're just the man to do it! That you're ready and willing to royally fuck her like a superman!"

"Fine, already! She's seriously fuckable. There's no way to deny that. But what's gotten into you?"

"What's gotten into me?! What's gotten into me?! I've never been so God damned horny in my entire life, and all you want to do is sit there! I swear to God, if any of my food turns out to be even vaguely phallic-shaped, it's gonna end up sliding between my legs!"

The look on her face was wild and animalistic. I knew I had to calm her down before one of us ended up doing something to get us in trouble, especially because I was feeling nearly as horny as she was. Trying to keep things light, I joked, "What's the difference between a regular fucking and a royal fucking, anyway? Is there something like a 'Her Majesty's Royal Shagging Society' that gives an official stamp of approval to certain fucks?"

She looked at me like I had two heads. Finally, she replied, "A royal fucking is what you're gonna get just as soon as you take me back to the car. Or hell, to the bathroom. Or under the table!" She was panting hard.

It took some cajoling and skillful parrying on my part, but I finally managed to get Mindy onto a non-sexual topic. I needed to cool things down because now I was overheating almost as much as she was. I hadn't really noticed Sue Ellen when I first came in, mostly because I only had eyes for my wife. But now that she'd pointed her out to me so blatantly, and given me her approval to check her out, I had to admit she was pretty damn foxy. This was no ordinary cute waitress, that's for sure.

Upon closer inspection, I could see some serious curves despite the ugly uniform she was trapped in. What's more, she just radiated health and fitness somehow. It wasn't like she was bulging with muscles in an unattractive way, and in fact she gave off a very demure and feminine aura, but she looked like she could kick ass if need be. I really liked that. So, if my wife wasn't radiating enough heat already, just looking at or thinking about Sue Ellen kept my motor running in overdrive.

Thankfully, the food came eventually and we were able to eat. I noticed that each time Sue Ellen came by our table, she stayed as long as she could and talked with Mindy on very friendly and even intimate terms. Mindy seemed to be on a charm offensive with her. They'd even traded phone numbers before we'd finished our main course.

All through eating dinner, even though the sexual tension had come down from its frenzied peak, my erection didn't show any signs of going flaccid. Just knowing that my wife was sitting there on her bare ass kept my erotic buzz going, especially since we both knew that Sue Ellen knew that fact and was keeping an eye on us.

In fact, when Sue Ellen came by to take our dishes, she asked out of the blue, "Mindy, I feel really embarrassed to ask this, but how does it feel? You know, your... seating arrangement?"

It hadn't been that long ago when Mindy was too ashamed to even open her eyes with Sue Ellen near, but now she took the question in stride. "It feels GREAT! I feel so liberated. I can't even begin to describe it. Have you done anything like this before?"

Sue Ellen blushed immediately, which made her look especially cute. "Me?! No. No way! I'd die of fright and shame! That's why I'm asking. Does it feel... sexy?"

Mindy laughed loudly. "Sexy! HA! Let's put it this way: if I felt a smidgen more sexy, I'd pass out!"

Sue Ellen practically swooned. "That sounds really sexy. I wish I was you."

I don't know what got into me, but out of the blue I said, "Sue Ellen, it can be you. In fact, it will be. I want you to go into the bathroom right now, take your panties off, come back, and hand them to me."

She stared at me with absolute shock.

For a moment I thought I'd badly miscalculated. I could feel some kind of sexual harassment suit coming on.

But then she said, shyly, "I don't know. No. I couldn't." Her blush deepened.

Fortunately, I've been around my wife long enough to know that when a "no" is said in a particular tone of voice by a woman it really means, "I want to say yes. Convince me."

So I said to her, "Why not? Who's gonna know but the three of us, and we won't tell. What's the harm? Come on, you only live once."

To my great surprise, Mindy chimed in, "Do it! You'll feel so sexy and alive! You HAVE to do it! Please?" She reached out and took Sue Ellen's hand. "Honestly, I've never done anything like this before tonight. Let's do it together! We can be brave together!"

Sue Ellen's doubt faded and a smile crossed her face. "Okay! I'll do it! It's true, you only live once. My life has been so boring lately."

She looked around the restaurant furtively. "This sucky job. Who's gonna know? Y'all are so much fun, and..." Then her doubt came back. "No. No, I can't. My heart's beating too much... just thinking... Y'all have me just about ready to pass out! And the other customers..."

Still holding Sue Ellen's hand, Mindy stood up.

I was surprised by that. I thought she wouldn't get up for the world, since she'd very carefully arranged her dress to hide the fact that it wasn't under her ass. Luckily, her dress immediately fell down and covered her bare butt.

But Mindy said, "I'll tell you what. I'll go with you. I'll be there to support you. Besides, I've got to clean myself up a bit."

They laughed at that, both knowing exactly what part of her anatomy needed cleaning.

Then they walked off to the ladies' room together, still holding hands. Right as they reached the open doorway leading out of our nearly private back room, Mindy turned back to me and winked.

Sitting there alone, I could only shake my head in wonder.

They were gone a long time, and I do mean a really long time. Ten minutes at least, but maybe more like fifteen. All I could do was sit there, growing increasingly annoyed.

One big problem was that I was getting outlandish visions of Mindy and Sue Ellen cavorting together on the beds in the back of the ladies' room, partly because of Mindy's crazy story from earlier. They were such ridiculous fantasies though that I wasn't getting excited by them so much as distracting myself while time passed.

I must admit that my dick stayed fully erect though. I couldn't wait to find out what happened when they got back. I was having wild ideas about just how far I could take this. I felt like a new man, with enough sexual confidence for an entire army. Anything seemed possible, if I just asserted myself.

Finally, they came back together. Mindy led the way through the open doorway, and more or less pulled a still very red-faced Sue Ellen along.

We watched as Mindy very carefully sat back down, making sure to arrange her dress in just the right way so she could sit on her bare ass without flashing any skin to surprised customers in the process. Then she nodded at Sue Ellen.

Sue Ellen turned to me. Her hands were trembling, and in fact her whole body was trembling. She whispered, "Here you are, sir." She had her panties balled up in her fist, just as Mindy had earlier, but she simply dropped them onto the table in front of me and rushed off.

Mindy immediately told her, "Good! Very good! You did it!"

But Sue Ellen was overwhelmed by fear. Mindy and I watched as she hurried out of our little room and straight back towards the ladies' room.

Mindy started to get up. "I can bet where she's going. I'd better help her."

But I said as I reached out to hold her hand and stop her, "Hey, what's the deal? You two were in there forever, and now you're going back?"

"She needs me. It's important girl talk stuff." She stood up, but then turned to me and winked. "Plus, of course, the lesbian orgies. Just keep your mind in the gutter. Focus on the lesbian orgies, and I'll be back in a jiff."

"But-" I complained as she let go of my hand and started to walk away. How did she know I'd been having fantasies of lesbian orgies in the ladies' room? I paused, and then continued in a quieter voice, "Talk about blue balls, I'm suffering like you wouldn't believe. I haven't had a continuously hard yet untouched erection this long since, well, ever!"

It seemed my wife was going to walk away despite what I'd just said. But she only took a step or two before turning back to me and whispering conspiratorially again, "Patience. If we're gonna break her in so she can join your stable, we have to take this step by step. Patience!" Then, with another wink, she was off.

So I was left alone again, but at least I was left aroused and with a lot to think about. I obviously don't have a "stable," so we can hardly add to it. And what the hey? "Stable?" Since when has she talked like that? She's always saying outrageous stuff to get my motor running, and she usually succeeds. I'm sure that's all this is. Obviously, I'm not going to have sex with some strange waitress from Mama Mia's that I've just met.

Although, now that I think about it, since Sue Ellen's so easy-going and understanding, maybe we can have some more fun with this, for real. Why not try?! My idea about taking her panties did work out pretty well, after all.

I nearly laughed out loud as I looked at Sue Ellen's pair of panties sitting in the middle of the table. I picked them up and noticed they were very wet indeed. I resisted the temptation to bring them to my face and give them a good whiff.

Well, at least I did at first. Time passed and absolutely nothing was happening. Eventually, I picked them up and gave them a quick whiff. My God! Strange pussy! That's so intoxicating!

I quickly put the panties back in place. But smelling them emboldened me further. Why not push this as far as I can? Why the hell not?! You only live once, like she said. I'm gonna go for it!

Mindy came back to me about five minutes later.

Sue Ellen also left the bathroom, but she only peeked her head into our room and looked at me once, quickly and furtively, before she went to deal with other customers.

As Mindy sat back down, carefully arranging her dress again, I asked her, "So can you finally tell me what that was all about?"

She was pleased as punch. "Don't worry, Honey, she's halfway to becoming your slut. Or should I say one of your sluts? Gaawwwd, what a great day!"

I sighed in exasperation. "Could you start making sense?"

She leaned forward, knowing that would give me another great cleavage shot. "Okay, it's like this. Turns out that she's naturally submissive, although she's not really consciously aware of that fact. She's finding out for the first time that she loves to obey a naturally dominant man like you. It gives me - uh, I meant her - a thrill like you wouldn't believe! Hell, I'm sure it does things to both of us. It's so great to be able to share this experience with her, but she needs to come along with baby steps. She came out of the bathroom after a few minutes to get one of the other waitresses to cover for some other customers. Then I could talk to her without worrying so much about the clock. Naturally I did what I always do in ladies' rooms!"

"Which is?"

"Rave about you! And the King, of course." She winked. "She already thinks you're practically some kind of living sex god, after I finished talking to her. I can be very persuasive in describing your sexual skills."

"Well, that's er, interesting, but don't you think you should have asked me before you... Oh shit!" I was keeping my eye on the open doorway, and saw her come through it.


"She's coming our way. Shush it."

Sue Ellen walked right up to our table, trying her best to act calm and collected and not entirely succeeding. She glanced at her pair of panties sitting on the table, and then looked away in great embarrassment. "Hi, y'all. Hi, Mindy. Hi, Dan. Sorry for running off there earlier, but I... well..." She clicked into a professional waitress demeanor. "How is everything?"

I replied, "That's what I'm asking you. How do you feel?"

She'd been red in the face already, but she started blushing even more profusely at that. She turned her head down and appeared too shy to respond.

But Mindy prodded authoritatively, "Sue Ellen, Dan is asking you a question."

"I'm sorry, sir. It feels... good, sir! Exciting!" She reached her hand out towards Mindy, who immediately gave it a reassuring squeeze and then kept holding it. Switching back to her professional mode, she asked us, "Can I get y'all something for dessert?"

I said, "I want your panties."

The blush started to spread down her cleavage. "You already have them, sir." She glanced again at the pair of panties on the table.

Of course I knew that already; I'd just wanted to remind her of that humiliating fact. Another inspired idea came to me. "Okay, then I'll take a slice of cheesecake and your bra."

"Excuse me?!"

"I said, 'I'll take a slice of cheesecake and your bra.' Go to the bathroom, take off your bra, then come back and give it to me. I'm starting a collection of your underwear."

Sue Ellen was trembling with excitement. One could see her chest heaving wildly despite her baggy uniform. She looked over at Mindy.

Mindy replied with another hand squeeze and a sympathetic expression that basically said, "Hey, what can you do? He asked you for your bra. You'd better go give it to him."

Bowing her head down, Sue Ellen mumbled, "Yes, sir." Then she shuffled off in a daze.

As soon as she disappeared out of sight through the doorway, Mindy bent forward and hissed, "Gaawwwd! I'm too hot! I'm on fire! That girl is so fucking hot for you! She'll do ANYTHING you say! I'll bet her pussy's even more soaked than mine is, and that's really saying something. You could follow her into the ladies' room and take her right now!"

"Maybe," I admitted, "but you know I'd never, ever do something like that. Just the STD danger factor alone..."

I looked around. The last of the other customers in our surprisingly private back room had left not that long before. So, with my heart pounding fast, I said as calmly as I could, "Besides, I want you. I want you to stroke my cock. Right here. Right now."

I expected shocked surprise and a lot of gnashing of teeth from my wife at that, especially since she'd been so resistant to taking her panties off. But instead, she eagerly said, "I thought you'd never ask!"

We were sitting in a booth with one curved seat stretching from one side to the other. Mindy simply slid her way around until she was sitting right next to me. Then she eagerly unzipped my zipper. Her hands were so nervous with excitement that I had to help her with it.

No sooner did she take my stiff erection in her hand and start stroking it than I saw Sue Ellen heading back to our table. "Look who's coming," I said with some concern.

"You, and soon!" Mindy panted excitedly as her hands slid around my erection in a corkscrew fashion.

I liked that answer, but I said, "No, I'm talking about Sue Ellen. Here she is." I decided to let our waitress see what Mindy was doing with her hands, and damn the consequences.

Sue Ellen was surprised to see Mindy sitting in the new spot. She obviously suspected some kind of new hanky-panky before she even reached the table. But she was totally blown away when she stood right in front of me and looked down.

Mindy was making no attempt to hide what she was doing from our waitress. In fact, she held my erection out at a forty-five degree angle and positioned both of her hands on it in such a way that Sue Ellen could see most of it. One hand was buried near the base, and the other was lightly flitting back and forth near the head.

Sue Ellen gaped and gawked. "Well, shut my mouth!" Then she whispered with breathless awe, "It's so BIG!"

Mindy explained in a matter-of-fact voice, "We just decided to take our public flirtation to a new level."

"I'll say!" Sue Ellen practically shrieked. "Y'all are just... too much!"

"Are you cool with it?" I asked.

Sue Ellen gulped nervously, but nodded her head. Her eyes were the size of saucers, and I could only imagine how wildly her heart was thumping. She stared at Mindy's hand sliding up and down my shaft like her life depended on it.

"Good. Then I believe you have something for me."

Sue Ellen seemed to completely miss that. Instead, she muttered once again, "It's so BIG!"

Mindy brought a second hand over to my crotch and began stroking with that one too. "Yes, it sure is. I didn't lie or exaggerate at all, did I? Eight inches long, and almost too thick to fit in your mouth! And I didn't lie about any of the rest either. It's ALL TRUE!"

Our waitress seemed on the verge of swooning. "Good Lord!"

Mindy continued to show off my erection and her stroking skills, knowing that nobody else but our gorgeous waitress could see. She boasted, "Look! It's so big that even my two hands aren't enough! Anyway, you missed what I said. I'll repeat it: I believe you have something for me."

Sue Ellen was so stunned by what she was seeing that she'd forgotten she was holding her own bra. She looked down at it like she couldn't figure out how it had gotten there. She was lost in an erotic fog, to say the least.

Mindy asked her nonchalantly, "Aren't you going to hand your bra to my husband?" Obviously, she'd used the word "husband" to shock.

Sue Ellen knew we were married already, but the reminder jolted her. She dropped the bra onto the table like it was on fire. Then she looked around to see if anyone had seen what she'd done.

No one did. In fact, since Sue Ellen had started to get drawn into our sexual games, she'd been attempting to clear out the room we were in of other customers. The room was already cleared out, so she didn't really need to worry. That was also why Mindy could boldly give Sue Ellen a good view of her hands stroking my raging hard-on. But we didn't have complete privacy, because there was a slight chance people could always wander by for whatever reason. We would just have to be vigilant about people coming near.

Seeing Sue Ellen continuing to gawk at her hands sliding up and down my shaft, my wife commented with pride, "It really is a big one, isn't it? Much bigger than any one you've ever seen or touched, right?"

Sue Ellen just nodded, never taking her eyes off it. Then she gulped.

I was unbelievably excited. This public exposure and danger of getting caught was almost more than my overheated brain could take. Yet I remained curiously calm, at least on the outside. And despite the intense arousal, I wasn't afraid of cumming just yet. It was awesome!

Holding up Sue Ellen's bra, I asked her, "What's your bra size?"

She looked up at my face ever so briefly. "Um, C-cup, sir."

"Nice. How's the cheesecake coming along?"

That kicked her back into professional mode, mostly. "The cheesecock?" She blanched at that slip up. "I meant, uh, the cheesecake? I'll check."

But before she could go, I said, "After you do, I want you to go back into the bathroom and masturbate yourself to orgasm. Can you do that for me?"

She nodded, wide-eyed. Then her eyes drifted back down to the handjob taking place in my lap. She looked like she was on the verge of hyperventilating.

Mindy added helpfully, "You might want to take your break before you do. He said you have to cum at least once. That makes it an order. No restrictions on cumming more than once though, so knock yourself out."

Sue Ellen, as if in a trance, merely nodded her head more vigorously while keeping her eyes on Mindy's hands stroking my erection. She seemed content to just stand there and stare at it all day long.

Mindy asked as she continued to jack me off, "It's a nice one, huh? It's not just that it's so large; it's got a great shape. Just a slight bend. Smooth, not too veiny. So easy to stroke. And check out his bulbous cockhead." She ran her fingers all over that part of my erection. "Don't you just want to cram it into your mouth and suck?"

Then she confided slyly, riffing on the old Miller Lite commercials, "Tastes great. AND more filling!"

Sue Ellen simply nodded again. She looked frightened out of her mind, but also insanely horny.

"I'll bet you're really wet right now," Mindy added. "You can probably feel the cum rolling down your legs."

That got another nod.

But just then, Sue Ellen saw or heard something that spooked her. Perhaps one of the other waitresses was calling for her. She jerked her head up and rushed off through the open doorway without saying another word.

I said, "Uh-oh. You think we pushed her too far?"

"Not a chance," Mindy replied confidently. "Now that the room's emptied out, besides us, I can breathe a lot easier. I don't think anyone else is going to come back here, except for her. She's totally hooked. Just you wait and see. She'll be spending a long time in that bathroom once she gets you your cheesecake - if she can last that long."

"My God, I need to cum!" I blurted out. The totality of this highly arousing situation was finally getting to me. I realized I'd been holding back while Sue Ellen was there. Since she'd gone, my boner wanted to blast off with a climax to end all climaxes.

"Me too!" my wife said emphatically. She was continuing to jack me off with both hands, seemingly unfazed about our public location.

"Yeah, but you can anytime, and I'm sure you have." The bashful look on her face confirmed that she had. "But what about me? Your handjob feels great, but it's torture too."

I paused as I struggled to control my lust. I repeatedly clenched my PC muscles hard, which was a trick I knew to help stave off climax. Finally, I managed to say, "I'd cum so hard right this instant, like a fucking fire hose! Except what about the mess? I can't just explode under the table. You'd better stop. Now!" My voice was shaky with need.

Thankfully, she did stop. It seemed she was overwhelmed as well, because she let go of my shaft altogether and sat back, panting and gasping for air.

I slumped down into my chair and recovered for a minute or so. My erection was still lewdly throbbing and pointing straight up, but at least I wasn't going crazy with the imminent need to cum anymore. I decided that I'd sneak off to the men's room to relieve my balls just as soon as I'd pulled myself together enough to get up and go there.

But while I rested, I asked, "Where are you going with this, Sweetheart?"

She shrugged in what seemed to be genuine confusion. "You got me. I honestly don't know. I should ask where are YOU going with this? You're the one demanding her bra and panties."

"True. I'm definitely surprising myself. But I know you and that smirky-smiley look of yours. You seem to be formulating some kind of plan."

She shrugged again. "I don't really have an end goal, and it's not like I planned any of this out in advance, any more than you did. I love the idea of you fully seducing her, but we'll see what happens. I'm just having fun pushing her a little bit further each time, just like you're pushing me."

"I see. Speaking of pushing, I've been thinking while I was waiting for your 'lesbian orgy' in the bathroom to finish. You're REALLY into seeing me have sex with other women, aren't you? Way more than I'd realized."

"Yes. Yes, I am." She looked slightly embarrassed to admit that, although it was hard to tell since her face was so flushed already.

I said, "That's making me see things in a new light. Michelle's heavy flirting with me started about three months ago, but it was going on in a subtler way long before that. Ruby's too, but we both know that Shelle's the ringleader of those two. So what I want to know is, who really started it: her or you? Specifically, did you kind of push her and encourage her into getting the hots for me?"

Mindy blushed. "Shit. You got me." She bowed her head down. "Yes, I kind of did. I think. I was kind of subtle about it though. If she'd give you a particularly affectionate hug and a kiss, I'd come up to her later and say something like, 'It's so good to see how affectionate you are to your father.' Even when she started to kiss you on the lips and blatantly rub her huge bikini-clad breasts all over you, I'd just say how great it was that she was being affectionate."

She continued, "And a couple of times I caught her acting a little more forward when she thought I wasn't around. But instead of berating her, I encouraged her with comments like, 'I'm glad to see you're so at ease dressing casually around your father. I bet you'll make his day with that outfit.' That kind of thing. I never really fully came clean with my feelings to her until yesterday morning."

I slumped further down my chair as my energy seemed to leave me. I was sweating bullets and was too tired to even stuff my still very insistent erection back into my fly. "Dammit, Sweetheart. That really pisses me off. How many times have you told me that we need to have complete honesty between each other? But you went behind my back to set this up for at least the last three months!"

"I'm sorry, Honey. But it's not an easy thing to bring up. Look at how long it took you before you came to me. The girls were practically fucking you while standing up by then."

"Touché. But still, this is distressing."

Her fingers started to wander up my hip, "walking" their way over me towards my erection. "I know, but it wasn't really a conscious thing. Besides, who was leading who? It's like me trying to talk you into eating rocky road ice cream. It doesn't exactly take much pushing. Those two were pulling to get at you as much as I was pushing. More, I'm sure. You know how manipulative and willful Michelle can be."

"You were talking to Ruby too? It sounds like there's been a conspiracy against me."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. We've been a little sneaky here and there." She grasped my hard-on again as she said this. "But I don't feel bad at all because it's all for your benefit. We're basically conspiring to get you so you'll be constantly horny and cumming a lot. Is that such a bad thing?"

"Uh, no," I admitted, even as she brought her second hand back to my boner.

"Just look at me now. Look at my hands!"

I looked down at her hands, which had just resumed jacking me off. She'd resumed doing it corkscrew style, because she knew I really enjoyed that. It felt so fantastic that I felt like I'd fly to the sky.

The only problem was that I hadn't gotten enough of a break since she'd stopped a couple of minutes before, so I was already pretty close to cumming again. And once more I had to wonder what would happen to the cum if I shot off. Would Sue Ellen have to clean it up from the underside of the table? That wouldn't be very nice for her, to say the least.

I had vague notions of going to the men's room or telling my wife to take it easy for a few more minutes. But just then, Sue Ellen started walking back our way through the doorway.

"Here comes Sue Ellen," I warned my wife, since most of her attention was focused on sliding her fingers up and down my erection. I sat up in my chair and wiped the sweat off my face, but I didn't attempt to dissuade Mindy from her stroking. In fact, I could hardly wait to watch Sue Ellen's reaction again.

I noticed that Sue Ellen's breasts were swinging freely underneath her uniform now. I'd already been able to see her hard nipples a little bit when she'd had the bra on, but now they were blatantly obvious. It was still hard to judge the exact size of her breasts, but one could tell they were big. They seemed even bigger than C-cups to me.

She was carrying my dessert, and shyly slipped it on the table. "Here's your cheesecake, sir." She didn't make eye contact with me or my wife, and she avoided the sight of her panties on the table too.

But she had no trouble taking a step over and then staring down into my lap! She smiled from ear to ear as she saw that Mindy was still jacking me off with two hands. Her eyes went up and down in time to the stroking of my wife's hands.

Thankfully, Mindy seemed to sense I couldn't take much more stimulation and was stroking nice and slowly. She also was doing it in a way to show off as much of my erection to Sue Ellen's eyes as she could.

Bringing up Sue Ellen's earlier verbal slip up, Mindy joked, "His cheesecock?"

That turned Sue Ellen's face a deeper shade of red. I loved how this girl could appear so virginal and innocent on the one hand, and yet look like an eager slut on the other.

Apropos of nothing, Mindy asked Sue Ellen, "So, did you know that Dan here is a world famous author?"

I immediately protested, "Hold on. That's not true and you know it. I make a respectable living writing books, and that's it. There are thousands of others who do the same."

Sue Ellen asked, while still watching every last move of Mindy's hands, "You're an author? That's great! What kind of books do you write?" She licked her lips hungrily.

"I guess you could say that historical fiction is my specialty. I have a series of books set in the Roman Empire that's probably my most popular, but I don't limit myself to that. For instance, I'm writing a rollicking ocean adventure right now that's, uh..."

My voice trailed off because I couldn't think straight in the face of Mindy's two-handed cock "attack," plus Sue Ellen staring at it and actually repeatedly licking her lips!

It dawned on me that Mindy had brought up my career just to give Sue Ellen an excuse to stand around and watch the handjob. It occurred to me that Sue Ellen did have somewhere to go. I asked her, "So, have you gone to the bathroom yet?"

"No," she said sadly. "But I'm gonna go in a minute. I just got my break. I can hardly wait! Sorry about the delay with the cake."

"You can make it up to me," I said, still brimming with lust-fueled confidence. "I liked how you look just now, walking towards me with your tits freely bouncing around in your top. I want you to walk back and forth in front of me right now and really show me what you've got."

She bit her lip and looked in the direction she'd just come from. "My manager-"

"Is not going to know," I said firmly. "You're going to be careful, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir." She looked around again, double-checking that the coast was clear.

She started walking, but it was more like nervous stumbling. It wasn't sexy. She stopped, frustrated. She was distracted and frazzled. It looked like she was much more interested in watching the on-going handjob in my lap than having to walk.

However, Mindy came to her rescue. She suggested while her fingers gently danced up and down my shaft, "Sue Ellen, walk the way models do on the cat walk. Put one foot directly in front of the other so your footprints will make a perfectly straight line. It makes your hips sway more. Oh, and hold your head high and move your shoulders back and forth. That helps make your tits shake the way he really likes."

So Sue Ellen tried again. She walked directly away from us about fifteen feet or so until she reached a wall. The room we were in wasn't that big. One could see her gaining confidence as she went, because the sway in her hips grew with each step. Then she stopped and spun around on one heel. She was positively getting into it now.

Mindy said, "Better! Much better! But you can do better still. Think about Dan, such a powerful, dominant man. Think about how much you'd like to please him. His huge cock is throbbing with pleasure! He'll enjoy my handjob that much more if you really wow him with your sexy walk. Show him what you've got! You're sexy and you know it! Show him!"

I worried that my wife had gone too far. After all, Sue Ellen didn't even know we'd existed half an hour ago. But it seemed she'd said the exact right thing. One could practically see renewed confidence and determination transforming our waitress's posture as those words sank in.

A smile was threatening to break out on Sue Ellen's face as she started walking back towards us. She was really moving her shoulders, almost too much, but it was doing wondrous things to her chest. It looked like two kittens were having a fight in there.

By the time she got back to our table, she was nearly breathless. Her eyes immediately zoomed back to my erection and the two hands languidly sliding up and down it. "How did I do, sir?"

I was tripping on total erotic euphoria. "Well. You did well."

She smiled so brightly that her face could have lit up the entire restaurant. She looked totally adorable, and yet extremely sexy and lusty. She stared at my cockhead like she was ready to engulf it and start bobbing on it!

Mindy asked her, "It feels good to obey a command from a dominant man who knows what he wants, doesn't it?"

Sue Ellen nodded as she kept on gawking and licking her lips. Somehow, she was exuding sexual confidence while still looking frightened, red-faced, and shy.

Mindy elaborated, "My husband really has all the power here, doesn't he? Look what he's making me do. Look what he's making you do. He's knows that we're so hot and horny that we can't say no to him. Can we?"

Sue Ellen didn't verbally reply to that, but she did shake her head slightly. Her eyes were still fixed on the handjob. She licked her lips for what seemed to be the thousandth time as she watched my pre-cum drool down onto my wife's sliding fingers.

"How wet are you?" my wife asked her.

"So wet!" Sue Ellen replied quickly and emphatically. "Even when I'm serving the other customers, with the way my breasts are bouncing around, I keep thinking that they're gonna know! And the... stuff... The, you know..."

"Your cum," Mindy elaborated for her.

Our waitress nodded shyly. "I can feel it flowing down my thighs! And as I walk, I can feel the breeze on my, my..."

"Your pussy," Mindy breathily finished for her.

The sexy waitress nodded. "I feel like I'm totally naked!"

My wife purred, "You say that as if it were a bad thing."

Between Sue Ellen and my wife's hands, I was getting too excited again. Way too excited! I didn't want to cum with Sue Ellen standing right there; I figured that would freak her out, plus I still had the problem about what to do with the mess. So I said to Sue Ellen, "That's good. You can go now. Go fuck yourself in the bathroom."

She nodded, and rushed off straight to the bathroom. She was as wide-eyed as ever.

Mindy said gleefully while still stroking me, "She is so yours! Do you see the hunger in her eyes? She'll do anything you say!"

Frankly, I wasn't sure Sue Ellen was out of hearing yet when Mindy said that. It almost didn't matter though, because she was turning out to be so totally obedient and eager.

I just grimaced, because I was too close to a climax. "My good wife... Please... Stop... Too close!"

She immediately stopped her stroking, and even let go of it altogether again. However, she left my dick poking out of my slacks at an obscene angle, no doubt in hopes of having more fun with it soon. "So, what are we going to do next?"

I took several breaths, and then looked around. I was somewhat amazed that we hadn't drawn a crowd. In fact, there was nobody to be seen, since we were in our own room towards the back. That was a relief.

I refocused on my wife. "I am going to eat my cake."

"Awww... Is that all?"

I pointed out, "Yes. I need to calm down some. I can't squirt out a load every five minutes like I'm some kid. Let's just relax and talk for a while. Then we'll see."

She liked the sound of "Then we'll see," and seemed satisfied with that for now. She settled back in her seat and gave me space to breathe and come down from my most recent orgasmic close call.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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